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Attack of the Dictator 2 Son of Dictator! Dictate Harder!

You are Generalissimoito, first and favorite son of El Presidente, your father and the glorious leader of your country. For your safety and education he has sent you far across the world into gli Alpi. You are one of many students at the Academy of Betterment for Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, or more commonly just “the School,” or “the Academy.”

Your circle of friends are Strauss, a German noble and scion of the Saedar-Krupp fortune, Alexis, heir to the newly merged Hermes-Luxottica monoply, Trafalgar, who lives a life of international mystery, and Hamish Saud royal bearing a noble pedigree.

Missed a thread, need to catch up, new to the quest, or just want to reread? http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Son%20of%20Dictator%20Quest for all your dictatorial needs.

You take a sip of your…

You furrow your eyebrows in a cross between puzzlement and confusion. Wine has never been quite to your taste, but Presidente enjoyed it and has attempted to explain its finer points to you, but that “acquired taste,” has so far eluded you. Your two European friends and Trafalgar, however, seem to be enjoying whatever the wine is named. How enthusiastic they become.

You put it back to your mouth and swallow down a polite toast to Hamish’s good luck with Alia this winter.

Your father has been...encouraging...you to consider some of your classmates in a more romantic light. He has made several particularly unsubtle (“)jokes(“) about you and Alexis, but so far you have managed to deflect them, although with less and less poise every time. He was quite brusque about his expectations for you earlier this year at your sixteenth birthday, though…

You look to your left and out the window towards the Alps as you chew on the inside of your cheek. Surely El Presidente wouldn’t do anything...drastic, if you failed to meet his expectations.

Something to, at the very least, consider moving forward. You and Alexis have been friends for so long now, could yo-

Your shin is kicked under the table by a well pointed shoe, and as if that wasn’t enough, your leg jerks and your knee slams into the underside of the table.

Thankfully it’s old growth oak and it doesn’t make much more than a dull, muffled thud, but you can see quite clearly as you leave your own world and return to the one shared with others that you have been the object of some observation for at least a few moments.

“Ground control to Major Tom!”

You re-enter the present. “Huh?”

For less than a moment there is...something, on Alexis’ face. Something dark, although it was too brief for you to understand any of the nuance. Perhaps there is value in the intelligence classes. “I SAID, what are you planning for that week in November we have off? Apparently they hire enough Americans that it’s just easier shut the school down for a week…”

>She’s referring to, of course, Thanksgiving week, which none of your combined peoples celebrates. You have given it some thought, but so far you have not committed to any one particular plan.

>Perhaps it’s time to consider?

>South American Dictator
>Probable Ex-Nazi


I've always wanted to see the Alps.
File: 1386823210558.png-(162 KB, 254x479, makoto.png)
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162 KB PNG
>mfw I have a post

Seconding this one. Is it ski season yet? If not, can we make it ski season?
It's the third week of September. There's snow on il Cervino and the highest peaks, but that's going to be hardpack/ice.

There won't be any powder until mid November, at the earliest. (barring any sort of unseasonal storms, of course, but you're pretty sure the rumors of a ESA weather control satellite was just some tin foil hat stuff).

Anyways, starting to >write

> weather control satellite
> tin foil hat stuff

Time to shoot some of our dad's scientists, pour encourager les autres.
Should be in Spanish. Generalissimoito and El Presidente rule in Latin America.
“I think I’m going to be staying here in Switzerland. There isn’t much for snow in my country, and I thought I’d try this “skiing,” thing I see so much of.”

You recognize the expressions on her face this time, though. She’s slapping her little excited claps and her eyes could replace the old lighthouse beacon El Presidente keeps burning as a reminder of the old ways.

She only gets as far as “ohmahdiei miei dei,” before it just breaks down into an excited sort of squeal.

>Oh my. It seems that’s settled...is it?

What about all the rest of them? Hamish is off skirt chasing, Strauss is doing what Germans do I suppose...

What else is there to do right now, after lunch and drinks? Ask Alexis more about skiing. What gear needs buying? Her company makes a lot of that shit I bet.
Fuck me, didn't see your post until just now :(. Soz.

After lunch you're scheduled for your final class of the day, Advanced Intelligence Studies. Afterwards you're on for your PE period.

All your other questions are better handled as questions. Feel free to suggest dialog.

I say we ask her those things. "Maybe it's time you started working like you're in a luxury firm. Sell me some stuff please, ma'am, what have you got for a discerning, handsome, brilliant, intelligent, handsome, dashing, handsome, sharp, handsome customer?"

Who else is in Advanced Intelligence?
Ask what Alexis is doing, see if she wants to go skiing.
Sure thang.

AIS population and content are REDACTED.

What sort of tone did you intended to ask your questions in? Alexis seems very excited at the idea of you two spending a week together in the snowy alps, but does Generalissimoito feel the same way?

I think it's pretty clear we're turning on goofy charm mode there.

Not sure if excited... ask her if we *are* spending a week there, what sort of accommodation she's got. A lodge, perhaps? It's too cold for mosquitoes, right? Dying of yellow fever in Switzerland would be so very unfashionable.
I like the idea of "Goofy Tropico Charm."

Too cold for mosquitos, but also importantly, too dry.

>Writing now, but I also gotta take a shit.

You dead?
Sorry for this taking so long...Jesus. Not holding my focus like I was in the afternoon.
You reflexively squeeze the knife you’re holding in your right hand a few times. Enthusiasm means something different in your country. Something very different.

You breathe in, exhale, and let go, placing the knife and the fork in your other hand on the edge of your plate before wiping at your mouth with your napkin, and, in a moment, you’re back to your radiant smile with those pearly whites of yours.

“I don’t imagine you wanting to babysit me. I think this will be my first time in real snow. I could fall and get lost in a snowbank.”
She laughs, mostly to be polite, but you think you hear something more meaningful underneath the layers.

“Then I will have someone dig you out, and then I will wrap a blanket around you and sit you in front of the fire at my chateau.”

“Dios mio...seems you’ve given this some thought, hmm?”

She was leaning forwards, although her not being a particularly tall girl and it being a large table meant there wasn’t much distance for her to cover, but pulls back like a startled rattlesnake and immediately and profusely starts blushing.

She leans back and covers her face with both hands for a moment before taking a large drink of wine.

“I-i-it’s just the wine, ok? It’s not like that!”

The table laughs, and from the looks of things it won’t be long until her cheeks are the color of her wine.

You sigh, exaggeratedly. “It seems I’m going to be there, whether it’s voluntary or in the trunk of a car…I’m going to need to need to go shopping before that, though.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll have everything you need ready when we get to the estate, I already know all your measur-”

She quickly clamps both hands over her mouth, but it’s already far too late for that.


Much more laughter follows. It’s a long time before she pulls her hands off her face, and drinks much more wine.

It doesn’t seem to be helping.

>Well then, that grew well and truly out of hand. Looks like you have plans for your week off, though!
>Save Alexis from herself, drive her into the ground, or a new conversation line entirely?

>Save Alexis from herself

Seconding. Pull her in, cuddle.

"This is how we do interrogation where I come from. Lots of love. Then they talk."
looks like it's just you two, so, >writing.
You push your feet under you, and slide your chair across the marble floor. Damage control seems prudent, now, after that...display(?). Standing up, you grab the small stand that’s holding the...yeah, that’s definitely not the same bottle that was there when you started. It doesn’t take an expert to recognize that wine doesn’t just change colors from white to red. You pick it up and walk it well out of distance, calmly return to your seat.

Sliding your chair closer to Alexis’ and herself, you slowly wrap an arm around Alexis. She attempts to bat your arm away, but between the feeble resistance and confession earlier, well, it’s a brief show.

Pulling her closer into you, you say, ‘Incidentally, this is how we now do interrogations in my country. We kill them with kindness and love. Torture for information is so passé these days. But for entertainment…”

You smile with nostalgia. INTERPOL has been much more wary of your family.

Alexis admits total defeat and lays her forehead on your collarbone. Not an unpleasant situation. You rub your nose once before realizing...oh, it’s Alexis’ perfume. Huh. You were expecting something floral, or maybe something that would hang on to the last bits of summer, maybe a citrus. Instead it’s a smell of fresh rain and thunderclouds.

You didn’t even know that was something that could be bottled.

>Certainly not an uncomfortable spot. How to proceed, though?

'So... tell me what my measurements are. I'll try to keep them that way.'
Gonan win or lose this game of dota then I'm writing
Our carry threw so we lost.

Did you want to say that at the table? She's pretty well sloshed right now, excusing yourself from the table would be acceptable.
Rolled 33

Give her a kiss, tell her your happy to spend the winter break with her, leave
Son of Dictator uses a 2d6+/- dice mechanic, if that roll was intentional.

That said, I'm really uncomfortable with a lone anon making a decision that big without even at least one or two other votes of consent/negation/etc.

Maybe put it on hold for another thread or two?

In case I was ambiguous, I meant excusing yourself from the table to walk her back to her room.
How about we keep giving her more alcohol instead?
It'd look pretty inconsistent to the table.. Y'all did just vote to save her from herself as well.
Give her alcohol while walking back to her room?
You'd be out of the public eye, so it then comes to Generalissimoito's self-perception/the man he wants to be, his consideration of Alexis' image of him, and Alexis herself.

She's pretty buzzed, and it looks at least a bit tipsy, but she's not incoherent. She's also very European.
>Walk her back to her room.

You run a hand through your expertly quaffed, well styled hair a few times. This only adds to its allure, and now your hand smells very faintly of pine and cocoa butter. You grin lopsidedly at the rest of the table.

You produce a long uhhhh...sound before managing to say “I think I had better take care of this.”

Pulling her gently off of you, you lean her against the back of her chair as you stand up, and then pull (gently!) her to her feet.

Alexis tries to reach for her jacket and purse but only manages to get halfway to both before you cut in. Helping her back into her jacket, she holds onto her purse and you two make your way out of the restaurant area, back into the elevator, and eventually out of the building and back towards the residential areas.

...until she makes it a few steps into the (colder than you remember it being just a hour or two ago) air. She shivers through her jacket and wraps her arm through yours and pulls you closer into her.

She looks up at you (even in her heels she’s still around five cm shorter than you) and smiles.

Oh my.

>How do you react?
>Conversate on the way?
That was me, obviously.
Try and kiss her. (Move face close to her slowly, and only if she seems receptive etc)
If you want to go for it, roll 2d6.

You want anything but snake eyes.

Uuuuh, we should get her back to her room.



Seriously though, this is moving a little quickly, at least wait until we're in the Alps.

Supporting >>28816216

Ready to write once I get squared away with what you want. Walk in silence? Or attempt to redirect with conversation?
Talk about what's there to do in alps
Talk about what she has planned for the Alps.

This'll be the last post for the night. Hella late here in California.
You look away towards the mountains as you blush, the blood both warming up your face and being instantly peeled away by a stiff breeze that’s formed. Alexis has wrapped her other arm around yours as well.

You cough, once, awkwardly, and ask, “So...what do you do when you spend a week in the Alps?”

She watches some goldenrod colored leaves blow by the walkway you’re on with interest and replies, “Well, we usually wake up late and then drink a lot of coffee and maybe eat a little. Then we get all our gear on and I put my hair up in a bun like thi-”

She tries to pantomime the motion before she realizes her arms are squarely locked in your right arm. She blushes again and continues, “and then we get our gear on and we get into the helicopter and that takes us to the top of the slopes. We ski until one or two, then we have a light lunch and then keep going until sunset. Then we head back to the chateau, shower, change, and then heat up some spiced wine and relax.”

She puts a finger to her mouth, “Although...you said that you’d never done this before, so...who knows. We might have to spend a lot of time indoors together ~”

“Sometimes if the clouds are gone or just right I like to watch the sunset on one of the slopes,” she looks down towards the ground and you can see her blushing again, “maybe we could, you know, do that, I mean, if you want to…”


Thanks for playing everyone! Today’s thread has ended, but Son of Dictator will return. Follow me on twitter @MarklonW to stay up to date on quest news, and feel free to tweet me whenever with (almost) whatever.

I’ll be around for a little bit to answer any questions/et al here in the thread. Thank you again for dropping by!
cya then!
Thread's been archived.

At a glance (and from my seat) felt like there was a pretty significant improvement in terms of quality between 1 and 2 and here in 3. Hope you all feel the same.

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