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Last Thread : http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/29129622/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/81DEsW1xz4N
Rewrite : https://docs.google.com/document/d/16yQyqDnTPBC-HrWSpcr9L22I0VfYnMJIIYqzZBbzl2A/edit?usp=sharing

Last time on EDEN City Blues,
You are Sergeant Warrick Locke d’Angelo, MC1309018, on indefinite medical leave from UNAAF and today is the worst day of the month. As a mandatory part of the draft, you were given a neural implant to interface with communications. Yours doesn’t work properly, and the powers that be decided you make a better case study than a soldier. They gave you an apartment up in Beta, which you now share with an old friend, welfare stipends you spend on pain killers and hookers, no way back into the service, no way outside the walls of EDEN again, and nothing to do with your life.

After escaping false charges of treason, the AI known as Fenix offered you a deal, only to trap you in a simulation called Terram Novum. He destroyed all of your ripper codes, planted a kill code in your head to keep you logged in, and left you to die in the depths of Epsilon with a cyanide pill in your gut.

He’s been doing as he pleases for too long. It’s time to kick back.
And now for tonight’s installment of EDEN : A New Earth,
The ivory spine is still vibrating in the pillar, it would probably be bad to get hit by one of those. But the beast has shed its armor. It stands before you as strips of flesh stretched across its gaunt skeleton. Spines and bones stick out of it at every angle and a miasma is dripping off of it and filling the room. Getting crushed by the chandelier seems to have not done enough to it.

You grin and crack your neck. You flip the blade of your Arm of War into your hand.

Garam, Unleashed : Level 3 Demon.
72/? damage measured.

Warrick Locke d’Angelo : Level 0 Lancer.
0/80 damage measured

What is your battle strategy?
This is the stuff we need to jump on.

>remote release poison capsule?
Fuck that, hack it, disarm the safeties that keep it inside us, shit it out. Save it and give it to someone else if we're feeling vindictive. (oops, sorry, you sent the killswitch command? Sorry, enjoy suicide!)

> snarky comment that they would kill us if we made hackscripts for the kuzuri? Realise someone else already has?
Fuck that, make our own, get army for the investigation AND cockblock other people's control of it.

>Landmaster compromised? Someone else impersonating us? Authorities unhelpful? Tip dropped about being impersonated due to our ripper scripts?
Fuck that, take a page out of their book. E-impersonate someone elses 'ware, get what we need because, damnit, we're still a hacker, and we can use old fashioned tricks to get what we want just fine.

>Dr chase and generalfuckface being uncooperative?
Fuck them, we've got landmaster and EVE admin access. If they won't be helpful because its the right thing to do, or their jobs, then blackmail will do. I don't think anyone's more qualified to dig that shit up than we are.
I should probably include a description of the area for those who missed last thread

You are in Terram Novum, a strange and incredibly detailed simulation created by Fenix as a front for whatever it is he plans to do once half a billion people log in to it. What happens if you die in the game is uncertain, but it is inadvisable to test. You are currently in the main hall of a castle, hiding behind one of the many great pillars along either side. Garam, Unleashed is pulling itself out of the wreckage of an iron chandelier you crashed down atop it and has climbed atop the throne pedestal.

There are many side passages connecting around the main hall, and opposite the throne are the large doors leading back out to the plaza where he was dropping chunks of rock on you.

Whatever your decision, you'd best be quick before he presses the assault
fucking hell
This looks like it would be a fun quest, interesting if not very newcomer friendly at all.

If I could say more than just "attack" I would.
Rolled 100, 75, 21 - 50 = 146

With your stats, charging in and cutting it down is perfectly viable

I'll need you to roll the same thing I just rolled. 3d100, highest roll, roll under, your sword fighting stat is -50

Also, I've tried very hard to make this newcomer friendly. The OPs of the last three threads are all massive recaps of the events thus far. I can answer questions, but if there's something I can do to make it more new player friendly, speak up
Rolled 62, 23, 35 = 120


I would say that giving choices of actions and clearly outlining the immediate goal, while touching on on the overarching goal, for players to choose would improve player contribution or interest.

It would lose it's critical thinking and become more like a story, but then even people not remotely familiar with the quest or history can at least join in.

>Right now, you are trying to reach X in order to Y
>there's a demon/robot/enemy in our way, an enemy which can [insert enemy abilities here]
>We're currently armed with [weapons and tech] which can. . .

>Use our laser gun/sword/whatever, we can probably hit it
>Try to run through a nearby alleway
>Attempt to distract it and go around
>Some other choice

Then when people know what we can do, innovation and creativity might come up

I am just a humble anon whose word may not mean much, but this is just my two bits.
>12 vs 50 43 damage added
The air burns, 5 damage added

“Stinking, rotten, disgusting human filth. Do you have any idea how much this hurts me? This very air is putrid and burning and you forced me into this, so I shall rend your flesh off and devour it as retribution,” Garam roars as he stomps forward. The ground shakes as he walks, but you can tell he’s much lighter than before.

When he’s close enough, you dash out from behind the pillar, dodging three more spears as they’re launched. You burst into the smoke dripping out of its mouth and start cleaving. When he tries to grab you, you step in and cut through its arm, ripping it off near the elbow. You spin and slice into his chest, but the cords of rotting flesh grab onto your blade, holding it in place as more miasma spills out and seeps into your lungs.

The poison burns.

“You will die before you destroy me,” Garam grumbles as he picks up his fallen arm and puts one end in his mouth. He growls and rips the flesh off of it, revealing the jagged bone beneath as you free your blade.
You are armed with the Knight Weapon Arm of War (+5 damage, +20 defense from melee). Elsewhere in the castle is likely to be various stores of weapons for the garrison, a royal armory even, and out on the walls are various siege defense machinery, namely balistae. It is unlikely that you’ll find another weapon that will protect you as well as the Arm of War.

In this simulation, it is unlikely that anything other than classical physics has been modelled, but the granularity of the system allows for you to perform super human feats if you get your stats higher. Until then you are limited to what you can more or less accomplish in reality, but as a trained soldier, that is a great deal beyond an average citizen of EDEN.

Fenix said, when he trapped you in here with a kill code in your skull, that if you wanted out, you’d have to beat the game. While that’s one way, there’s certainly other ways out if you can get around the kill code. Any path you choose must come after defeating Garam, else he’ll kill you while you’re not paying attention. He destroyed your hacking capabilities, so you can’t just destroy the simulation unfortunately.

>Press the Attack (3d100+-77, 3d100+-50)
>Retreat (3d100+-55)

Rolled 93, 23, 56 = 172

>>Press the Attack (3d100+-77, 3d100+-50)
Rolled 12, 100, 62, 54, 70, 1 - 50 = 249

feel free to get a bit more creative with how you do these choices

Your first 3d100 is for dodging, the second 3d100 is for the attack
Something came up, small delay

Still need the other set of 3d100 though
back, it went fast
Rolled 75, 19, 36 - 50 = 80

sorry this took so long to roll
no problem

>26 vs 50
>25 vs 20

>26 vs 50
>25 vs 20
The miasma burns
10/80 damage accumulated

Garam rears back on his hind legs to stand in front of you and holds his severed arm like a club. He swings down, cracking the stone where you stood a moment before. Again the club crashes down, chasing after you, but you stay faster. When the club gets stuck, you dive in, but he rips it out of the ground and jumps back before you can land a blow.

“Like a cockroach you are, so good at running away,” he spits at you as he raises up the club to strike again, but instead he grabs your ankle with his tail. The room flips backwards and your head cracks against the stone as he yanks you forward and raises the club higher.

>Roll away
>Block the attack, Arm of War is designed for this
File: 1388459829755.gif-(82 KB, 300x100, 249.gif)
82 KB
File: 1388461117435.jpg-(41 KB, 400x399, Plot Holes Everywhere.jpg)
41 KB
>Why didn't Fenix kill us right after he got the ripper codes?
>Why didn't the government find where the simulation is hosted?
>Why doesn't the government know everyone capable of creating this kind of AI?
>Why isn't Warrick in back end logistics if he wants a job so badly?
>Why is some random shmuck allowed to be his roommate in a government apartment?
>Why is everyone blindly collecting Twilight Keys?
>Why haven't the players put any forethought into their actions?
>Why is a random game monster supposed to be high tension?
>Why did people abandon ship immediately after complaining?
I'm bumping because I know at least one person is in some wonky time zone with something to say
>>Block the attack, Arm of War is designed for this
I'm not continuing this thread tonight.

Maybe never. If people drop before they give me time to correct for things they complain about, that's a pretty stacked game.
might want to say that a bit earlier, otherwise you get latecomers like me getting their hopes up

also, a thought on getting new players, the barrier of entry for new readers is pretty damn high on this, mainly because of the amount of info needed to gain context on current events, the recaps helped but still don't cover a large amount of what the MC can mechanically do, gameplay wise, maybe adding a bit more of Warrick's mechanical 'abilities & stats' to the OP or a 'character sheet' might help new readers get up to speed, the current OP does a lot to give the reader a good grasp on the overarching story and Warrick's current situation, but not a lot in terms of getting to know they character they will be playing
I never know what information to include or exclude on those things since I don't want to browbeat with nuances that only matter in certain circumstances.

For example, your implant was previously able to crack through any firewall and give admin rights or more.
You also helped program a large amount of the codes. But the rest were procedurally generated.
But the more places you hack into, the more codes you accumulate, and the more powerful of a hacker you become.
You could probably take down the nuclear defense walls if you wanted to.
But you can't until you put in the time to develop the codes. Once you have them, you can use them incredibly quickly.
But, the military isn't going to let you walk around with keys to nukes stuck in your head.
Furthermore, you may have already crossed lines in what you're allowed to do.

Cutting that down to a character sheet, or not, is a pain in the ass because all of it will matter, but if I don't cut it down it'll end up as long as a Dwarf Fortress manual and break under it's own weight.

So I prefer to just answer questions as they come up
forgot to mention, hacking things usually irreparably destroys them afterwards. That comes up so infrequently due to the rate at which you people hack shit that even I forgot it happens.
Seconding blocking the attack

Everyrime I want to play this quest it is like wayyy late in my timezone
Is anyone here right now?
I have become 404, killer of qtg, reaper of threads. Dare I use my power again
I can resume this if there are people
Here's the thing.
My time schedule and your time schedule are very much not aligned. I cannot speak for other players, but I can bet they have a similar situation.

By the time you respond or continue this, I will probably be elsewhere.

If you can be content with running this thread on a daily basis, checking up every few hours, something I would not expect you to do, that may be what the survival of this quest will have to settle for.
If you people would tell me your time schedules I could adjust

That said, I'm just going to do other stuff while I catch the rewrite up to where the quest currently is and hope that when I achieve that people will be able to read through it, since it will presumably be well written and engaging and thus something people would want to read, and continue.

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