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Is there any tabletop game that would play similarly to Guild Wars? Ideally a small war game/skirmish game?

Has anyone tried adapting Guild Wars to a war game or anything?

>Also dream game thread
>Describe a game you want and others point you in the right direction or depress you by saying there's nothing out there for you.
god damn I loved that game. The sequel could have been so good too...
There used to be guild wars drafts.

Check http://www.guildwars.com/competitive/sealedplay/cardsdownload.php

A team would open a booster and build a PvP characters with the drafted skills before playing hte tournament.

The more you know.
File: 1388760168714.jpg-(250 KB, 1190x1200, 'C4_Dervish_texture_(...).jpg)
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250 KB JPG
I actually had an idea for a GW2 based strategy game, technically an RTS though. But basically it went:
>Charr had the most balanced army though they minorly excel in the armor/HP values of their vehicles
>Humans rely on mobility, stealth, and skirmishing tactics
>Asura are versatile but each unit is painfully specialized, but in the end they have a decent counter to just about any type of unit
>Norn are the super elite "Army", you'd only be able to field them in small numbers but those small numbers would wreck everything's shit
>Sylvari used status effects and synergized incredibly well together

It was only a rough idea, the original RTS concept would have involved a parallel but alternate personal storyline resulting from what would happened if asura gate technology got improved and leaked and suddenly everyone could deploy decently sized armies nearly anywhere a gate could (rapidly) be set down.

Someone else pointed out that it might work better though like Warhammer 40k or Warmachines with the several smaller factions like centaur, Flame Legion, Inquest, Military Orders, etc.
I was thinking about making a skirmish game built around D&D combat rules and just adapting GW skills and scaling Health/Energy and Recharge/Activation times where each character has a "6 second" turn. Then attacks of opportunity could be added in as well, and preparing against other characters skills for counterspells and such too.

>Or just a Final Fantasy Tactics skirmish game, either will work for me.

>Norn are the super elite "Army", you'd only be able to field them in small numbers but those small numbers would wreck everything's shit

One of my minor annoyances with GW2. I actually am happy that they toned down racial stuff so that everybody is the same, but I miss GW1's part of 'Oh shit, it's a Norn. Everybody stand still and don' look threatening' along with 'oh, going to kill a giant evil monster thing and need serious help? Three of us is all you need'
File: 1388762732021.jpg-(116 KB, 585x600, 1383821773096.jpg)
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116 KB JPG
I don't know how well DnD rules would work for a mass combat game, to be honest. Though maybe you mean like 4e or something because, well, stuck as I might be with 3.5, seriously, the thing is kind of crappy without serious mod work.
In to be fair to the Norn, they did get their asses horribly kicked by Jormag and watched Jormag KILL ONE OF THEIR GODS. That probably humbled them in a pretty bad way, whether they want to admit it or not.

Though I kept the idea of them being unstoppable elite warriors to give them their own niche in gameplay.
>Do you like one guy plowing through whole fields of other guys?
>Do you not like having to micromanage a big army?
>Do you enjoy wrecking shit?
>Have we got the army for you!
I have a lot of grumbles about the sequel, still a fucking amazing game but a lot of things i dislike regarding the lore to make all the races somewhat relevant to the story and playable.
GW1 had humans only and even then the other races fit in, GW2 has everyone vying for spotlight and as such no-one was special except the Sylvari and their Mary-sue bullshit.

That is up until Orr where they had some pretty awesome story missions regarding the Orrians

That said i want to run a GW campaign based during the Guild Wars or during the main games story, as characters in the background to the Main Game's storyline.
>play as one of the guilds defending Ascalon before being pushed into the Shiverpeaks.
>Defending Deldrimor outposts from the Summit. taking the long way through because of the frost gate being fucked up due to the GamePC's.
>Defending Ascalon settlement from the retaliatory strikes from the Mantle after the GamePc's wrecked the Justicars on the bloodstone before being press-ganged into service by the Shining blade up until the Mursaat show up to wreck your shit
>Holding of the Mursaat as the rest of the shining blade flees through Kryta to Deldrimor

Would run it as close to Lore as I could, make Mesmer illusionists deadly as hell and Dervishes literally channeling power from the 6 Gods.

Fuck it I'm adding this to my to-do list.
File: 1388763359651.jpg-(170 KB, 617x888, 1367332682645.jpg)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
>the 6
Brother, you best be counting Abaddon cause Kormir ain't no god of mine.

I know I personally wouldn't mind doing a GW2 based campaign, naturally changing a hell of a lot of things up. And trying to let the Orders actually show off their specialties better.
and inexplicably give Kryta Da Vinci style glidercraft.
Damn it Jora. Stop being so attractive.
I was actually already on the way of creating a WotR system based GW2 themed skirmish game (I know it sounds like mashed potatoes of all different kinds). Perhaps we should get together and get shit done like the olden days.
File: 1388763794197.jpg-(283 KB, 700x990, 1357436829331.jpg)
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283 KB JPG
Would thick Jora help kill your boner?
No sir. It would not.
very cool, although I would add something like this:
Charr: bonus to attacks and engineering
Hunam: bonus to defenses and magic
Asura: bonus to magic and engineering
norn: bonus to attack and tracking (something to show their hunting skills)
Sylvari: bonus to magic and magic resist (to show their resistance to dragon corruption)
I'm talking Flameseekers era man
Before the invasion of Kourna even happened
Your damned right its an Avatar of Abbadon
Spinning Madness for all, and Devouring the eyes of your enemies
I'm gonna make a page for this on 1d4chan, I shall return!
I did GW2 race rules for DnD3.5 and finished that... should look it up where I archived it, so this should be easy to create.
Hold up man! Are you sure we can't do GW1 instead?
One of hte ideas I had for a GW2-era game was to have a cult bring back Shiro Tagachi as 'the hero humanity needs', which of course backfires on them
why can't I do both you say! It shall be so. GW1 rules and GW2 rules

GW1 based only around human classes (pre Searing guild wars) or should I include other races as well?

GW2 will have all races, classes and minor race mercenaries.
File: 1388764299720.gif-(2.94 MB, 215x467, 1386576927303.gif)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB GIF
I think I have a good idea how tracking could work in a tabletop wargame:
>Once per-round you can have a unit designate an enemy or friendly unit as 'tracked'
>Tracking unit gains movement speed bonus until they are within x inches of tracked target but lose equal amount to move to anywhere else on the map (path must be as straight as possible)
>upon either dismissing the track or completing it you must wait two rounds before beginning another track

Used on enemies, it would allow you to close distance or give chase
Used on allies it could allow you to quickly mobilize support for a beleaguered unit.

I actually don't play table top war games too much so. So I apologize if this sucks.
have some non-Jora norn ass then.
Include all the races! Also, there's ton of cool and creepy creatures across four whole campaigns to draw from.
File: 1388764357601.png-(530 KB, 518x457, barks internally.png)
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530 KB PNG
>never finished Gate of Madness
File: 1388764397399.jpg-(490 KB, 992x864, 1376166046571.jpg)
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490 KB JPG
Excellent, I would have also accepted "Dhuum".
sorry: to clarify: it includes guilds and factions like the olden times. Ascalon, Kryta, but also Luxon, Kurz, Kournans, Vabbians etc. All different human estatics, but nevertheless a human game.
Or I can do that and include enemies like centaurs, charr n shit, but with generic stats rather than classed etc.

Or should I class up the factions so you have 1 human faction with all the calsses split up amongst guilds/subraces that define them
Why DnD3.5 for Guild Wars?
Staying in DnD, seems to me like 4.0 would fit better, what with more uniform active abilities and a limited selection of them
Is that the one with Shiro's rematch? That one is rough
File: 1388764555825.jpg-(175 KB, 1147x720, 'Shiro'_concept(...).jpg)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Ah, shit man, I remember you. Gotta admit, Shiro sure kicked a lot of ass.
Even if Pain Inverter and Empathy fucked him over hard.
I had a 3.5 campaign in the GW2 setting. Turned out to be really cool. Plus 3.5 is better that 4.0. Period.
Shiro AND Lich. Shiro doesn't do his meditation of death, at least. He sure as shit still does Impossible Odds though.


I know it'll never happen, but I love those guys so much. Rata Sum being an anagram and then no payoff was kind of annoying. I'm secretly hoping that they'd add that in as a new fractal, 'Secret Mursaat Facility', and have a bunch of them going 'oh fuck how did anybody get in here?'
It shall be made so.

Generic profile per enemy species, because an army of Wurms with necroes, eles and warriors seems to me to be a bitch to model and paint.

If you give me a moment I'll try to mashup a working place for this project on 1d4chan.
Who's in with me?
File: 1388764722253.png-(37 KB, 285x429, eat the bullet.png)
37 KB

I once made the mistake of going into that as a Dervish with Grievous Wound and a condition Ranger.
The first option. I'm kind of sad you can't pick non-human, but it's your choice my friend.
File: 1388764942343.jpg-(68 KB, 404x328, hope is a lie.jpg)
68 KB

Lich is EZmode. It's Shiro that gets everyone wrecked.
File: 1388764999282.jpg-(129 KB, 597x609, 1378500948858.jpg)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Also, kind of surprised the Cult would be shocked Shiro would fuck them over. I mean his title is The Betrayer, what do they seriously expect?

Also, creepy enough, I was going to mention your campaign, even using your wording of "Shiro is the hero humanity needs".
Creepy, huh?

Also, I keep wanting to spell his name Shirou. (Which feels oddly appropriate to some degree)

Get heroes with interrupt, mesmers with Empathy, and play Eye of the North enough to get the asura skill Pain Inverter.
The end result is that when Shiro does his whirly death kill skill, he'll basically end up committing sudoku.

>gw2 minor race mercenaries

Stop this, anon. I'm trying to now figure out appropriate rules to bring a skritt contingent onto the board. Like every skritt provides a refreshing number of intelligence points to the board, and they have various abilities that cost them X points to use, so the more skritt you have the more dangerous they are.

Also Norn army with Baroosh/Quaggan support.
>why do you have another entire army of models over there?
>no reason.
The last Mursaat is still around and kicking somewhere, I have a feeling he will show up in one of the expansions as a dragon Champion

Personally I would find something more rules light than D&D

A lot of the skills from the games could be simplified down and it does not explicitly require stat-lines or feats
Let us coƶperate. Some minor races might give some bonusses like your Skritt idea, but not all
This has my full support. I can't offer much other than that, though. And an encyclopedic knowledge of Guild Wars (1).
I will provide with a link. Someone archive this thread for reference.

>Mursaat Dragon Champion
Augh, I hope not. I also hope that the last Mursaat isn't scarlet. I'm all for the elder dragon stuff, but I don't like them taking over every single possibly antagonistic thing ever.
File: 1388765447380.jpg-(125 KB, 940x870, M.O.X.jpg)
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125 KB JPG
Uhhh... About that. Anet says they have no plans for anything like Factions and Nightfall. They also deem all the temporarily release "living story" crap as 'full expansions over a year'.
Would we also need to come up with new units for factions? I've got a few great ones for sylvari? Asura kind of write themselves though.
>Bigger golem
>More advanced bigger golem
>Magitech Jaeger-Gundam hybrid

And how do necros and their minions factor in?
To the guy looking a Final Fantasy Tactics game, try Krosmaster Arena. Can't think of anything as similar. You can play it online, too.
>Anet says they have no plans for anything like Factions and Nightfall. They also deem all the temporarily release "living story" crap as 'full expansions over a year'.

Living story was cool for a while. But now it's just them adding a few new weapon skins, adding content which becomes redundant in a few weeks, making only really minor changes in classes and generally adding nothing of substance to the game. It took them over a year to add ONE new skill to each profession. I love tinkering with builds and I'm chaffing for variety here.

I'd rather pay a hundred bucks for a proper expansion than sit through this living story rubbish. Give me a new setting, new skills, new races and maybe more than some vague paragraphs about what's going on in the rest of the GW world.

This has all of my yes, but I'm gonna have to say right away that I only get about a day/two days a week that I can really procrastinate and do this kind of stuff on.

If we're doing the GW2 tabletop thing, I highly recommend that first steps be:

1. Determine mechanical framework of the system
2. Determine mechanical theme of each race/faction.
3. Then begin determining specific fluff bits for each type to fill those roles.

Back to ideamongering speculation:

My own personal head canon is that any asura in heavy armor is basically cheating and is effectively wearing an iron man suit underneath the skin of the armor.
Haven't made an IRC yet, someone do that. Anyone that wants to work on this project, let's rally up in here:


I should make a tripcode... Priorities... Not one of them yet
I kinda the latest ones, the toxic alliance story lines. It was cool to do something with the Krait without resorting back to Orr

I'm torn. Living story has shown to actually make changes to the world (see Kessex hills, etc.), but also appears to be suffering between the storytelling team and the marketing team. I know that they must be making dosh off the game (see the super adventure box actually being allowed to make a 90s commercial bit), and that Cantha apparently offended NCSoft or something stupid, but expanding to one of the other dragons would be nice. especially with decent story scenes like we get now, and not the stupid 'stand in front of a painted background and only use three animations' that makes the personal story seem pretty 'eh'.
Hmmnnn my thoughts:
Ascalon: Higher damage, better fortifications
Kryta (Lionguard): Generic All rounders
Kryta (Mantle): Great casters
Orrians: Better equipment, Great casters (if during the Guild Wars, else they dead)

Imperial Cantha: Numerous, Better equipped, low mobility
Luxons: Higher mobility, great siege
Kurzicks: Highly resistant, great melee

Istani: Less numerous, Great support
Kourna: Great formations, lots of troops
Vabbians: Better equipped, Bad support

Could extend this with their backers, like Mantle getting the mursaat and lionguard getting the shining blade, Kourna getting margonites.

I'll have to get myself a log-in there sometime today or tomorrow. I don't have much particular wiki experience.
get into 1d4chan, we'll make something out of it.

Getting shit done.

Also, is this the point where GuildWars is getting /tg/ approval?
File: 1388766166849.png-(292 KB, 1024x575, 1381388695859.png)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
Agreed. They talk about something big coming this year, but they said 2013 would be a big year too and the only good things to me have been the return of The Mad King and completely kicking his son's ass (verbally) for his tryhard edge-lord-ness.
Well, since the MMOs cover RPG and war IS sort of a big deal in Tyria, I ultimately motion for a War game like WH40K, Warmachine, or Dystopia Wars. It also allows us some creative elbow room to make up all kinds of units.

Also, we could even expand factions back and forward along the time scale.
>Hero Unit: Koss
>Seriously, why would you not want this guy in your army?

On the second part of your post, that's not entirely headcanon, the names for the cultural heavy armors strongly imply Magi-tech is in full effect there.
I know they have said that but they also have too much lore in Cantha and Elona to not continue there EVENTUALLY

Besides Living story is bullshit, i mean new content is cool but i play the game to kill dragons. i could care less about a stupid Sylvari Terrorist who the only reason is not dead is due to plot armor

>captcha: helpht Hope
Hope indeed
I'm going a head and archiving the thread, we'll need this later on in the design process
Be sure to vote on it

All right, signed up, but I'm probably going to have to read how to do wiki stuff properly
File: 1388766786007.jpg-(428 KB, 1244x1600, 'Dervish'_conce(...).jpg)
428 KB
428 KB JPG
Thank you KhorneFlake. Have some bra busting Dervish Concept Art.

Yeah, I figured it'd be a wargame-skirmish game style thing, but I figured there needs to be a general agreement/core rules type set in place, even if we're just stripping mechanics from another system. My previous experience with those types of games is Mageknight 1.0/2.0/dungeons/conquest, Monsterpocalypse, and Mobile Frame Zero.
Get up in the page mang
File: 1388767026301.jpg-(449 KB, 1920x1200, 1369657545584.jpg)
449 KB
449 KB JPG
I see.
I'll be happy to help contribute concepts but my experience with actual wargames is limited. But wherever I can be of assistance, I will be keeping an eye on this line of topic, for now, I need to sleep.

That's so fucking stupid. What's to be offended about? A fantasy game that actually takes us to other cultures, thus creating a well rounded world with greater depth than your average Tolkein/Celt/Nordic myth based game?

I was so looking forward to seeing Tengu and Djinn fight side-by-side with Norn.

I put a little 'hey, here I am' thing in the talk section. Am i looking at anything else right now?
We're going to have to brainstorm.
How are we handling GW1 classes and GW2 race/class/backgrounds and how are we going to streamline this into two systems based on one lore.
Are we going to make 2 seperate rule sets or are we making 1 gigantic book with a pre Dragon rise and post Dragon rise rules so the armies available and tech available will depend on the scenario?

Off the top of my head, I feel like making separate GW1/GW2 systems might be best. I'm thinking we should probably keep the same universal rules to start with, intend to keep them seperate, and then merge them/make them interplayable if such a thing seems feasible.

My general concern is that with GW1, you have a lot of individual human factions, and in GW2 they basically all get rolled up into one. I'm worried of accidentally turning the various races of GW2 into just copies of a human GW1 faction.
But that... is what happened sort of.

Humanity IS Kryta at this point, with the LA pirates being the only notable exception. Until/Unless we ever hear from Cantha or Elona again, that's kind of how it is.
I think human factions GW1 style might even be transferable to GW2 style backgrounds.
I mean a Charr is a Charr and a human is a human, but Blood Legion isn't Ash Legion and Kurzich isn't Ascalonian.

Right, lorewise, I understand that. But mechanically, it's a bit weird if say (hypothetical example) take Luxon seige abilities, take them from the humans, and give them to the Charr. My personal thoughts are that we shouldn't just reskin most human factions to be non-humans if we do a unified GW1/GW2 style thing.
well they do get shipwreck survivors from Cantha now and again... the country just became extremely xenophobic and isolationist.

And Elona is still there as well, with some humans still possibly alive (just under control of the litch Palawa Joko) but they could all be dead by him, Zhaitan, or Kralkatorrik

argh. Mean to quote >>29254517
write it down, archive it and post this on the wiki. I'm done at work and have to be able to reread this at home.
Luxon siege differs from Charr siege on a lot of points.
You could say Charr sieges from GW1 did more of a burn and char rather than a beatdown (unless Jade slabs now suddenly also inflict burning rather than knockdown/knockback).

Subtle differences.
Let's both work on this and compare notes.
For anyone that wants to join in, feel free to do so.

Kleeve, if you are able to, can you perhaps set up an IRC and post details on the 1d4?

Additionally, I guess I also see better divisions in the GW2 races in my head, which makes for easier attribution of mechanics in my head.

I see humans being close to the standard traditional fantasy army so far. They've got a little bit of tech (watchknights, for example, and some of the fancier things you can find in divnity's reach. Also do have guns), but they still seem to keep the connection to their gods, even if they've all faffed off of Tyria for good. No real cavalry though, because this is Tyria and what are horses. I'm thinking possible blessing and the like that could be used to grant various bonuses, generally defensive/protective in nature.

Asura: Magitech and golems. Probably need to figure out what we inted their 'niche' to be, unless they're thing is going to be highly specialized units that get hosed by something else. If we do equipment rules, possibly higher point, higher bonus things. Or equipment that boosts golems specifically.

Norns: Elite units that are high endurance and high point cost. Ideally getting some sort of spirit blessing either allowing a shapeshift or a bonus/ability.

Sylvari: Jack of all trades, possibly regeneration, or some sort of ability of the dream, depending. I'd like to explore more of their plant-bending stuff that they pull off with their racial skills.

Charr: explicitly cannot use blessings. no-frills equipment that are efficient point-cost/bonus stuff. Probably hammer in the warband/legion system.

I won't be able to right now; I'll be heading out shortly and this computer doesn't have an IRC thing on it. I will dump stuff over into the page though to make sure it's still there.
Yes, but that's hardly a meaningful representation of those factions. When those Canthans arrive, they get absorbed into either Kryta or LA.

Both of those Empires are basically untouchable right now. We have no idea what's going on behind the Jade Curtain or the Bone Curtain.
What a GW TT game really needs to capture the experience of playing the video games is a referee who can arbitrarily change the rules or the games and strengths of the units for the worse at any given time. The referee should be referred to as the "Balance Master" and should make a dice roll each round to see if he attempts to ruin the balance of the game, and if so, how much he ruins it.

Hey there, pvp guy!
Living story is kinda crap, yes.

My biggest problem is how A bunch of random, misplaced humans and a random strike team of charr definitely kill a guy played up to be nearly a god of fire and rage by dodging his stupid rolling fire boulders and running up a hill at him.
Sounds just as lame as how the endgame boss died.
>Plus 3.5 is better that 4.0. Period.
>Shots fired

3.5 a shit, 4e 4lyfe

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