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Today we have Rumiko vs Ami and Ritsuko vs Aura. The thread/fight wont actually start for a few hours yet, as it seems most people start showing up later. Just starting the thread now because one or two do show up about now
So, when are we going to start? I've been sitting her waiting for an hour, already.
I went to play civilization while waiting. You know, one more turn and all that

If you are still here after one more turn, and noone else shows, we'll just start
Okay, I've been reading through the archives and am at thread 35 (I would've been farther if your posts in the archive didn't make reread Gate - JSDF all over again.) And I just want to know what happened to our silver fighters, and Exploding Feather dude. They didn't get mentioned at all last thread, I think, and for the life of me, I can't remember what we did with them.
ah, btw, I recently finished helping with the proofreading of the scripts for chapters 31 and 32, and uploading them on the ak site, if you wanna stay up to date on those

I honestly forgot about the winged guy. I swear to God it wasnt on purpose, but if you can refresh my memory I would be grateful. Same with the other guys, tho since this was a very big event, it wasnt a big problem (yet)
I think we left them at home training with Ami's sister (or left to their own devices) for the duration of the Japanese exhibition saga. Could so easily be wrong about that though...
Refresh your memory about what? If it's what he's doing, I have no freaking clue.

Basically Okaba is the straight-laced Ethiopian dude who Aura's constantly flirting with
Ah! okay it all came back to me now. That's all I needed, thanks.

That sounds about right.

Ill just go to tend nature's call and be back to start
...We're back? The only /tg/ Quest Thread I ever really participated in?


What did I miss?
Not too much so far. We're still doing the exhibition fight in Japan (I think we finished all the pre-fight business last thread) have so far set up a number of successful endorsements by our fighters and met their opponents. OP also opened up a music group (think metalocalypse) potential side business for us to break into, but we're waiting to get back home before setting up interviews for the prospective artists.
Well we restarted a couple of days ago. Let me type you a resume

Went to Japan for the event with Brass, Python, Aura and Ami
Arranged some business deals to have Brass and Python represent energy drinks and rehydrating drinks, gym and box equipment, respectively. Ads were hugely successful

Got Aura and Ami to do gravure shots for fanservice. Of course, they each did it in their own style, with Ami getting "beautiful and embarrased" to be a fashionable thing, and Aura becoming the poster (literally) idol for sensuality. The girls also did bike ads for Toyota and Accura.
Had dinner with the japanese fighters and checked the building of the giant arena/ring/platform in tokyo bay where the fights would take place
Discussed about having, as a new project, a musical group/band with nova musicians and stars. The last 2-3 threads have their descriptions in detail.
Today the fights start, with the girls first and then the guys (probably tomorrow)
King, would you mind reporting the links to our fighter's character sheets? Can't remember what everyone has to work with at the moment.

I was not the one who made this originally, tho. I wish I could remember who it was to thank him/her

So, can we confirm the card for Big In Japan? We had Reaper vs Godzilla as the main event, but I don't recall what else

Also: Didn't we agree that we'd have a tournament for our Silver guys as mid-card filler matches, in between the headline bouts? ISTR we put inclusion in the Video Game as DLC as the prize for the winner
Let me type a short resume of each of the fighters, I guess. It can't hurt

Ami: Super strenght/Agility type hybrid, extremely powerful forcefield, immolation. Able to create up to 2 temporal clones. Clones are perfect copies without the clone power. Clones and original (referred to as "Host" by the clones) all use the same quantum pool, so when they use any power they use Ami's pool. This is the way clones work as of the latest aberrant errata.

Brass: Super strenght/tank type. Can absorb energy to become stronger, larger and tougher. No "flashy" super powers other than that. Very traditional super strong/tough guy type.

Python: Super speed type. Former world boxing champ on 7 different weight classes BEFORE being a nova. We raised his speed even further, and is able to grow a extra set of arms for combat

Aura: Finesse/Debuffer type. Through pheromones, sound and light, she can "seduce" targets to drastically lower their mental abilities. The idea is "I don't care if you are the most powerful super strong fighter in the world, I can make you into the most powerful, super strong chair/table in the world" since once you drain someone's mental stats low enough, they become vegetables. Effect is not permanent. She can also use these drained points to boost her own attributes (strenght/appearance/charisma) on a 1:1 ratio

Okaba: "Classical" low-power super. Think spider man in terms of strenght and speed. Can fly, and project feathers as "missiles" from his wings. Highly ethical and concerned about setting a good example for people around him. Gets teased by Aura a lot. Immune to attribute loss and mind control/illusions. It isint clear if Aura just likes his honestly heroic ideals, or is just toying with someone she can't drain for the extra challenge.

Eldric: Mastery of wind, can create "solid" barriers and weapons with it, tho he has never used it to create lethal weapons during a official fight. Was in the army, and learn to use his powers there.
Your memory is better than mine, but I think we didint had actual sheets for the silver guys. We were just freeforming their fights, and using narrative until one of them seemed special to us and we wanted to give it "main character" treatment/status.

So lets do the Japan event, then head back to the US and start doing the musician's interviews while the silvers have their tournament in the background? For now, they can be training at Mai's and Quantum Labs. Okaba may simply be MIA because of Utopia business (tho really is because I forgot about him. Feel bad about it, sorry)

Yeah, Silvers tourney in the background. They're just NPCs for now, really, filling in the roster on the TV show (which people mainly watch for Aura)
pretty much
Yeah, the Aura-Okaba interaction is just about as lewd as it is cute, IIRC

by the way, I think we should determine how that has gone, in terms of ratings. I dont think a business roll would be fair for it, tho. Maybe some charisma rolls from the participants?

Anyway, let's get started with the Ami vs Rumiko fight.

Rumiko is a tall (for a japanese) young woman with long black hair and wide (but not unfeminine) shoulders. She is known to be playful and prone to fanservice during her matches, either with herself as the protagonist of such, or using her opponents for it once she had them immobilized. Silly as her style seems, it is however highly effective and she is just as technical as she is showy.

Ami is technique and wits and power. Rumiko is technique, the unexpected, and cheaty. If it comes down to a floor match, it is bound to become a highly technical and showy event.

After Ami's gravure shots, almost all the japanese wrestling fans are counting on Rumiko to deliver Ami fanservice, wether the redhead wants to, or not.
It took me all of 2 seconds to decide a Ritsuko/Aura fight was a bad idea.

Brb going to grab an orange or something, got sligthly huntry. Can someone post a resume of the musicians meanwhile? back in 5 minutes or so
Wait, I thought Paladin was the greek farmboy, and the army guy was the silver division guy who looks fuckhueg but is only as strong as Python?
The greek kid (Eldric) arrived to the US as a kid. He did military service in the US to get the army to pay for his college.

The fuckhuge guy was californian and ALSO did military service for the same reason. Also, he's a very good architect of nova intellect. But is hard to convince people you are a great architect when they meet you and run into a guy that looks like he is into steroids
are we starting yet?
yes, i was typing
Johnny Gomez: "Welcome everyone, to the especially built XWF island ring on Tokyo Bay! I'm Johnny Gomez, and to my left, my friend and colleague, Nick Diamond!"

Nick: "Thank you Johnny! we have quite the fights for all two billion paying fans out there tonight... today... it depends on timezone, really."

Johnny: "Don't forget the folks in the moon and space bases, either. They don't run on day and nigh cycles like we do"

Nick: "How could I? Just knowing the folks up there on the space bases keep us all safe with their giant death rays aiming down to make sure we all behave keeps me warm at night!"

***Johnny looks up, somewhat worried***

Johnny: "Really?"

Nick: "Hell no, but I'm not going to say that to them" -covering the mic, inneffectively-

Johnny: "So, the fans have said that it feels like the three-week wait was almost a year long, eh? Well, tonight we have a clash of the east vs the west. The sun rises here, but who will be the victor to bathe under its rays in the end?"

Nick: "Yeah, that sounds awesome" -as he plays with a powerful camera-

Johnny: "Nick, what are you doing...?"

Nick: "You know the girl's are fighting first, right? I want to make sure I get good pictures."

Johnny: "Nick, we can't... we are meant to narrate the fight. You can get a holo after the fight, same as everyone else. Will be gloriously realistic and so much better than any pictures, anyway"

Nick: "Yeah, you are right, I dont know what I was thinking." .throws the camera away"
Johnny: "Nick! that camera was an antique! you didin't had t- "

Nick: "Oh c'mon, that old thing? how much could it be worth nowadays. It doesn't even has surround images."

Johnny: "Well... according to the OPNet..." -shows him some numbers-

Nick: "Mother of---" -jumps back to try to piece it back together again-

Johnny: "Well, the lights are going down so the fighters in tonight's first match can come out in style, and the fans are already popping as the music tells them that miss Rumika "Yuki" Sakuma is about to make her entrance, and here she comes!

**The lights focus on the eastern entrance to the arena, with the giant, floating screens showing the smiling beauty waving and greeting her fans as she walks towards the ring. She is dressed in a two-piece eufiber suit, which looks like a set of a sports bra and thong, all of it on bright black, her superhumanly attractive curves in open display as she seems to glide towards the arena***

Johnny: "Miss Rumika is known here on her native Japan as a flashy and powerful fighter. The fans expect to see a lot out of her tonight, and... what are you doing?"

Nick: "It still works!" -only the extra, super zoom lens had fallen off, and he seems to be trying to place it back-

Johnny: "Im glad for you. Miss Rumika's abilities include creating super dense, concrete-class durability ice sculptures which she has been known to use as vices and weapons throughout her career.
Johnny: "And here comes her counterpart for the night, Red Jane! Despite her being marketed as Red Jane on all official XWF merchandising and accessories, the public is used to calling her by her real name as a token of affection an-- what are you doing now?"

Nick: "Yeah, she's really cute" -taking pictures-

Johnny: "You really had film for that thing?"

Nick: "Yeah!"

Johnny: "Original film... basically you are burning 8 grand per picture"

Nick: "Oh, that part I knew. She's worth it"

Johnny: "Well, that seems to be the general opinion shared by most fans. As a newcomer, she probably expected a much colder reception, but the crowd is popping for her! We can see many signs being held high, and a few fans are throwing flowers at her. It is such a nice sight, seeing how organized, healthy, organized super violence can join the whole world in peace, isin't it?"

Nick is also holding a "Marry me" sign

Johnny: "...right. And the bell has sounded, marking the start of tonight's first match!"
Want me to roll things and just offer the options for moves and such, or do you want to make all the rolls here? IIRC that way is considerably slower since combat in aberrant is

A: Rolls attack
B: Rolls defense + soak
A: Compares attack to defense roll, and if successful on attack, rolls [attack damage + extra dice from overcoming the defense roll of the defender - defender's soak roll]

Either way, Ami has mega wits 5 so she's going to automatically win initiative vs Rumika, thanks to enhancements.
God, I love these two announcers, they should be a permanant thing.
you can roll.
Honestly, I would prefer to keep it sped up without having us roll 20+ dice every round, but if the others really push for it, I'll acquiesce.
We use them on all big events

Alrighty. Noone feels different?

Guess that's what we are gonna do, so I'll type options

Roll 14d10 + 5d10 for how good Ami sells the first 20 minutes of the fight, How realistic it looks. Since it's a single roll, it should be fast enough I dont have to do it (It doesnt cost me anything to do it, but I prefer to roll as few times as possible. This isint a story thread, after all)
Rolled 1, 10, 9, 9, 3, 4, 7, 5, 5, 10, 3, 7, 6, 10, 1, 8, 7, 9, 10 = 124

File: 1388856172067.jpg-(80 KB, 639x480, OH MY GOD!.jpg)
80 KB
So that's 19 successes if I'm reading that correcting? Shit we that's equal to our dice pool.
Rolled 9, 7, 10 = 26

Alright, the first 14 dice are normal ability dice and thus can explode
7 successes with 3 explodey dice
The last 5 dice are mega dice. Any success counts double, any 10 counts triple
4 successes, one of which was a 10, so 9 successes on mega dice alone.

Rolling the explodey dice on this post
Rolled 9

Oh gees, I left dice in the email field, said 'correcting' instead of 'correctly' and quoted the wrong post, that's like a trifecta of failure.

Rollan for explody dice

Let's keep it speedy, we'll let you roll... Saves us all fighting about whose dice array we use when more than one of us rolls.


They are. Have you never seen Celebrity Deathmatch?
3 more successes, and of the exploding dice exploded again.

20 successes total. To notice they are not really fighting, someone would need 20 successes on a perception + awareness roll, so it looks 100000% real to everyone who's not "in" into it

>Evil GM Time
>Ami makes the fight look so real, that everything else looks fake in comparison, every viewer becomes disillusioned with reality and commits suicide.
I miss that show. OP writes Nick and Jonnhy amazingly well.

You should. Its healthy and super violent humour

Also, you have been reading the SPC archives haven't you? "Get me the best drink ever" to magical drinking machine ends with the guy suiciding afterwards with a "I'm sorry but by now, everything is just a big letdown" note

With 20 successes, even the Smart Marks think it's legit
Nah, just those jerkass DM Nat 20 threads.
>Nat 20 on Jump
>You jump so high, you clear the atmosphere.
And so does pretty much every martial arts master in the world, nova or not



Johnny: "And "Yuki" Rumika has "Red Jane" Morgan against the ropes, literally, as she has filled the entire ring with a massive ice sculpture and pushes the redhead fighter almost completely out of the ring!"

Nick: "It has been a brutal match. Fire against Ice is a classic theme... we should make a musical out of it, "A song of-"

Johnny: "Actually, there's a series of books called that way, Nick"

Nick: "Books? that's the stupidest thing I've..."

Johnny: "Oh! and it looks like Red Jane has had enough of Yuki's cold tricks! She's flaring up and jumping up and... YES! It's a J-bomb special as she burns up and metls the ice sculpture from the top to the bottom in a single fiery slam against the ring from on high! this has completely resetted the match, and given them a clean ring to start the fight from zero!"

Alrighty round 1 of the real fight. Ami is going to win initiative automatically unless she is delaying to do a special move.

Do you want to try and
Submission Grab
Strangle Hold
Clone yourself

Remember you NORMALLY can do more than one thing, but you lose an amount of dice from each action, starting with as many dice as actions, and then losing one more on each action.

So if you do four things, the first thing would lose, 4 dice, the second 5, the third 6, and the last 7.

BUT Ami has special training/traits/enhancements that deny all those dice loss if she can get at least one success on a free wits + megawits roll (5d10+5d10)
clone first

Roll Wits for the free action, then
1) Go for the Clone
2) Double-Team tactics (classic 'arms pinned, standing hold while other fighter unloads punches' maneuver)
[5d10] => [6,6,5,2,4] result of a failure + [5d10] => [3,9,2,5,6] result of (1) success
Wow, I suck at rolls right now, but she does get at least 1 success anyway so she doesnt gets a penalty with up to her megawits (5) in actions

Tackle [14d10] => [4,7,6,4,6,3,3,3,6,2,9,8,1,5] result of (3) success + [5d10] => [2,9,1,4,6] result of (1) success
Dodge [12d10] => [3,8,5,9,7,3,1,4,5,4,3,5] result of (3) success + [5d10] => [3,9,3,9,8] result of (3) success


Johnny: "Red Jane lands with a double explosion! One beauty made the jump, but two have landed, and they circle Yuki looking for a chance to pounce!"

Nick: "I don't know, Johnny. It is very rare to see Ami using her clones on a fight. She must be really serious about this!"

Johnny: "She... one of she charges at the ice queen, but the japanese fighter is too nimble! she dodges the clone and gets ready to counter attack!"

Nick: "How do you know it was the clone?"

Johnny: "Just guessing, really"

Nick: "Yuki is warming u--- cooling up for an ice blast attack, and here it comes!"

The air above the japanese figther seems to crackle, and visible frost forms over her body from the top downwards as two massive pillars of ice shaped as eastern dragons fly against the redhead!

ce Blast [14d10] => [3,5,3,8,3,6,1,10,2,2,5,7,4,7] result of (4) success
Ice Blast [14d10] => [6,2,2,4,10,3,3,7,3,5,9,5,7,1] result of (4) success
Block [14d10] => [4,1,9,1,10,4,7,1,6,2,2,5,8,7] result of (5) success + [5d10] => [6,5,7,6,10] result of (2) success
Block [14d10] => [6,10,6,7,6,2,8,2,5,2,1,5,10,2] result of (4) success + [5d10] => [4,1,10,4,10] result of (2) success

Johnny: "And the redhead takes it head on! a wall of fire and quantum power crackles with a roar as it meets the dragons onslaught and turns them into myst!
2nd round
Want to do multiple actions? how many?
Options are
Submission Grab
Strangle Hold
Clone yourself
Punching, lots of punching
Alright, let's say 5 from each clone, to maximize her megawits use

Roll extra actions first, to see if we succeed

If we do, 5 actions at no penalty, so self-immolate (to do damage on contact; I think Ami can do that) and keep on trying for a tag-team grapple, which will be turned into a slam (eg Double Powerbomb) of some sort (which will have the added benefit of looking fanservice-y, thus making the fans go wild
yeah but that's the thing. You have to declare the number of actions BEFORE rolling to see if you have the penalty or not. Otherwise it would be just too convenient

So, want to go with 5 actions per Ami? Could also go with 1 from Host and 5 from Clone or any other combination

5 from each, but let's not just punch. Throw in some other strikes (clotheslines, crossbodies, dropkicks, etc)
(0) : [5d10] => [8,6,9,10,2] result of (3) success + [5d10] => [10,3,10,2,8] result of (3) success
(0) : [5d10] => [5,5,4,8,5] result of (1) success + [5d10] => [2,7,8,9,10] result of (4) success
Both Ami get 1+ successes so they get no penalties for (up to 5 each) multiple actions this round. Rolling for actions now

Tackle -> free grapple --> free hold +4 actions
If Ami tackles someone succesfully she can start a free grapple. If she grapples someone succesfully she can start a free hold
Lets do it then.
Nick: "This is amazing Johnny! Ami is doing a double team attack on the Ice Queen... and it pays off! she has Yuki on a hold, and its double teaming her into icecubes FAST! A tackle into a hold into a submission move into a continuous series of submission moves!"

Johnny: "This is super human violence of the best type, the technical type, and everyone knows that being technically correct is the best kind of correct!"

Nick: "And both Ami are on fire! I mean that. Both redheads down there are lit on fire as they pounce unto the ice queen!"

Johnny: "But miss Rumika is not to be outdone. She too turns on her aura of deadly cold, and you can see the crackling down there as Ice and Fire duke it out for supremacy!"

Nick: "You know johnny" -he wears glasses as he comments and reads something- "It says here that all that showy flames and ice consume power from each of the fighters"

Johnny: "I would imagine so. And?"

Nick: "Well, if Ami is burning on both ends, won't she run out of juice first?"

Johnny: "Maybe, but she is also dealing a true ton of damage unto her opponent, and getting only as much damage back herself. If she burn longer than Yuki can stand her to, she will win!"

Nick: "So it's a battle of endurance now?"

Johnny: "It looks like it"

We dealt 26 damage to Yuki our of her [unknown] hp pool, and burnt through 12 out of Ami's 38 quantum points.

Yuki dealt 13 damage (out of to Ami's 19 hit points), and burnt through only 6 of her [unknown] quantum points.

Normal Novas only have 7 hp. Both Ami and Yuki are exceedingly tough. Want to change tactics in the next round or bet on Yuki fainting first?
File: 1388861867822.jpg-(180 KB, 751x922, 2nd gen nova exp costs.jpg)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
That reminds me we got 10exp we haven't used on the guys/girls, and 5 more after this fight.

Ami, Aura and Eldric use this, cheaper, exp cost table. Anything not mentioned here is priced the same for 1st or 2nd generation novas
I'm betting on her losing first, I highly doubt she's got 52 hp.

I kinda want to buy Ned level 1 dormancy to hide his quantum signature, and mental immunity.
File: 1388861973184.jpg-(350 KB, 769x1418, exp costs for 1st gen novas.jpg)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
This is the table for 1st gens. Brass, Python, Bomber Lord, etc. Pretty much all novas over the age of 20. That age is not a hard rule, tho
...She took 26 damage? Holy crap. Continue current tactics I guess.
Well, Ned has a lot of exp he hasnt used since he gains exp from deals rather than fights, and we have been making a lot of good deals lately

Alright, let me see... short of a miracle, Ami should win now since she is doing immolate x 2 pretty each action.

Also the absurd amount of rolls involved convinces me that this way is the best way, It would have taken well over 30 posts to roll everything we needed to roll here
Johnny: "And it looks like it is over. Red Jane is holding the japanese Yuki Onna in a full Nelson, but neither one is moving. They both seem out of it as steam starts dispersing from the arena!"

Nick is taking pictures of the wet and shiny, worn out fighters

Johnny: "Nick, I don't think..."

Nick: "Just keep narrating, I'm busy!"

Johnny: "Fine. All fighters continue locked in place. It looks like all three of them are.... the clone is fading away, it looks like Red Jane ran out of juice first...!"
Johnny: "Red Jane let's go of Yuki. The japanese fighter is movi-- no! she's FALLING forward! she falls flat on the arena, she's unconscious, if Red Jane can stand she will be the winner, but it looks like she too is about to faint!"

Nick: "Nonsense, that's a tough girl you are talking about, Johnny!"

Johnny: "I don't think you have an idea of the amount of damage they did to eachother through this fight, Nick... but look, one of them is getting up, and.. it.. is...!"

**Nick restarts taking pictures**

Johnny: "This really is not the time for that, Nick!"
Nick: "Quiet now, I had to record Ami's homecoming win in Japan! Look at her go, she's up and smiling and waving at the crowd as she jumps victorious!"

Johnny: "And here comes XWF Japan's medical staff, to make sure the fighters are-- she's collapsed as well, Red Jane is down, right after being declared the winner and greeting the crowd!"

Nick: "I knew she was going to win. So, each of these pictures is 8 grand, right? How much do you think they are worth now for the fans?"

Johnny: "I think that camera's film is worth thousands of times it's weight in gold, Nick"

Nick: "I love that girl"

Johnny: "And so do the fans, Nick. So do the fans"


Want to finish here for today and have Aura's fight on monday? I didint even notice today was saturday. I have to GM an aberrant game on openrpg in a couple of hours
fine by me. Also, nice trolling.
Monday sounds good. Thanks for running King!
Cya, and thanks for running. Now if you don't mind me, I'm going to crash now. Bye.

Heh, alrighty. Want to use Ami's 15 exp in anything or wait? anyway as usual im gonna keep checking the thread but im going to archive it now.

Thinking about restarting the catgirl's have rights too thread on /a/ tomorrow night since friends have been asking about it

take care

Just checking in to apologise for vanishing, say it's good to be back, and mention that I'll see you on Monday. What time are we planningnto start? Same as today?
I think that at the time of this post
should be a fine time to start the thread?
Im linking to the post because I think it shows a timestamp based on each person's checking it, so we can all say "aaah, that time" without getting complicated about time zones
This is super cool, I'm a big pro wrestling fan and all, but honestly, I couldn't understand what was going on here for shit. Do we make our own wrestlers or do are we just managing?
We are just managing, but Im not against making new wrestlers. Is just that you would need to learn the system and usually thats a lot of work.

The books I used to make the characters are Aberrant's dore rulebook, Aberrant's Player's Guide, Aberrant XWF (of course), and Aberrant a Breed Apart for the younger (2nd generation) fighters
However, if you are familiar with Exalted, Werewolf, Mage, Vampire, or any other game which uses the same system, it is pretty fast, really

Or we could make a guy by you giving me ideas on what you want to do and picking options from what I come up with based on that

For example, 1st gen novas have to pay a little more exp for most stuff, BUT they can buy things at 1/2 exp cost, while taking some "taint". Enough taint and you start getting mutations and/or mental illnesses, since you are basically making a human being who somehow gained a whole new organ on its brain, which allows it to handle the basicl forces of the universe.

The 2nd generation novas are their sons and daughters. They CANNOT buy anything at 1/2 price, but they take less taint damage.

So, do you want to grow in power the quick and dirty way, or work for it? there's also a mythical nova-only martial arts that teaches you to purge your taint, but noone has really seen the guru that teaches it
>So, do you want to grow in power the quick and dirty way, or work for it? there's also a mythical nova-only martial arts that teaches you to purge your taint, but noone has really seen the guru that teaches it
Which is in another fan book that closes some of the missing pieces in the game. What was that called again anyway?

Also, you forgot to mention Psiads, though they are pretty rare at this point in time.

I reckon Ned could find a way. Probably offer the guy $100bn of Ric Flair's money to work exclusively for the XWF (because fucked-up mutant mental-case fighters aren't good for business)

Oh, and the book "The New Flesh" carries the martial arts styles and maneuvers, beyond those in the core rule book

If you are still around, I would be happy to help you design a fighter.

There are three divisions on the Xtreme Warfare Federation.

Silver, for the light weights (think spider man or wolvering)
Gold, for those who have amazing powers but aren't quite powerhouses. Think Colosus from the X-Men or Red Tornado from the DC Universe
Omega, for those in the Hulk, Superman, Green Lantern, etc class.

Of course, the fans prefer to follow the Gold and Omega divisions since they are the most showy, but Silver still has some amazing sportsmen.

Final fights at the end of a tournament are NEVER faked, but in-season fights can be faked or not depending on if the company, managers and fighters are trying to build a storyline or not.

Even if the fight's outcome is not decided, the fighters typically fake "sell" the first few minutes of the fight to make the excitement last longer.

A explanation (minus the rolls) of the fight between Ami and Yuki would be like this

Ami has a "low power" (enhacement) which gives her the ability to use her incredibly mental agility to act before any opponents without similar advantages. People with super speed or the same advantage would be able to roll initiative vs hers, but that was not the case here, so she went first
File: 1388869003375.pdf-(2.91 MB, PDF, New Flesh Aberrant.pdf)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB PDF
Is in The New Flesh. I have no issue posting it here since its a fan book, so no rights are being infringed.

That's assuming the guru cares about money. Then again maybe s/he does, noone knows

After the fight started, since Ami has priority thanks to her incredible mental agility, she used the clone power to, well, clone herself and attack together with the clone

Yuki used a quantum blast (cold-based) to attack Ami and her Clone

Since Ami's forcefield is Very powerful, it has a Flaw. It is automatic. She cannot choose to turn it off. It automatically protects her against any attack

Since the clone and herself, both draw power from the same mana pool (so to speak), she had to pay the forcefield cost twice. Once for herself, and once for the clone

When she and her clone tackles Yuki, she turned on her own immolate aura (fire), paying the cost for both herself and the clone.

Immolate deals automated damage on each melee attack.

Since it was a TON of damage, it was probably worth it to pay the price twice, BUT since Yuki ALSO had immotale, and Ami's forcefield is automatic...

...Ami was paying for her forcefield TWICE each time she touched Yuki, to prevent damage both to herself and the clone

So Yuki was running on "economy" mode, while Ami was burning on "turbo"

Yuki spent only 3 points of Quantum to turn on Immolate
Ami spent 6
Yuki trusted her passive defenses to soak up Ami's massive damage
Ami had no choice but to pay for her forcefield x2 to protect herself from Yuki's damage

In the end, Ami won because her damage beats Yuki's hp pool, BEFORE Yuki's damage burn through all of her quantum points (lets say mana reservces), but it was really close.
>Final fights are NEVER faked

Yup, that's right. Nobody would ever script that. Nobody. Never. Not even the most genius manager in the history of the XWF, and certainly not because he has a masterplan to lead his #1 fighter to exact an epic revenge against the Omega Division champ who nearly ruined the guy's career by nefarious means

>Still gunning for the Bomber
So that means that Ami's clone power is a true double edged sword against attackers with area attacks or free, automated attacks (like immolate) since she has to pay the forcefield cost of herself and each clone each time they are hit

Only Ami is on the ring
She gets hit by an attack
Burn 3 quantum

Ami + 2 clones
They all get hit by an attack
Burn 9 points

If she has clones out, and they all get hit by even weak attacks, it can chew away at her power reserves very, very quickly
One would think that having a forcefield you don't even need to be conscious to activate would be a good thing, but there you go

Is there an enhancement to Clone that we can buy for Ami that lessens or removes the problem? Or perhaps something that reduces the Quantum cost of using the forcefield?
Is not a problem with clone
Is a problem with forcefield. To make it very, very strong, I bought it with a flaw. The flaw is that it is automatic. Normally it's not a big problem, but since the clones have all of Ami's powers and they use HER quantum pool, that means that they will automatically use forcefield when attacked. We would need to buy off the flaw, which is cheap enough (3 exp) but then pay the full cost of however much we had been saving with the flawed power. Let me check...
Ah, it would be 13 exp total to "perfect" her forcefield by buying off the flaw and returning the "saved" exp. Then it would not be automatic anymore. She can turn it on/off at will.

But then you have to worry about her being attacked by surprise or on her sleep or while unconscious... well, give and take, nothing is perfect

Sounds like boosting the Quantum pool would be cheaper. Or isn't there something that allows for Quantum recharge (other than Energy Absorb, which doesn't exactly work in conjunction with force fields)?
On 1st gen Novas, you can raise your Node background to get a faster rate of quantum pool recharge.

2nd gen novas' brains are technically, as a whole, a single large MR-Node, which means that they don't have an alien growth pushing up against their brain and causing mental illnesses, emanating quamtum radiation and causing physical mutations, and generally explains why they have a much harder time self-destructing by gaining power than 1st gen novas have.

Yes, in a sense, 1st gens have a "easy time" self destructing, and its thanks to the node, which is the root of their power.

2nd gens can however buy a enhanced node background, which greatly increases the speed at which they regenerate quantum. Let me check the books... I dont remember on which one it was
Alright, found it. It works like this
1st gen novas can raise their node background up to 5 (which causes 2 permanent taint). THEN they can start buying N-Stage Node Background, which is effectively a 6th point of node background.

This causes their MR-Node to be distributed evenly about their brain, "upgrading", effectively, to a 2nd Gen's brain/node and gaining increases quantum regeneration and the ability to use more quantum per turn.

2nd Gen Novas can directly buy a point on N-stage Node at a cost of 12 exp.

If a 1st gen starts buying MORE dots on N-Stage Node, his brain further upgrades, and begins reversing the damage of Taint, losing 1 permanent Taint in the process.

The legendary martial arts works similarly by allowing you to mix your chi with your quantum, to direct the growth of your MR-Node, but it also allows you to purge yourself from physical mutations.

This second point costs 14 exp

A third point costs 16 exp, it turns your entire brain into a huge super node, and allows you to channel 30 quantum points per turn, as well as lowering your Taint another point.

A final point in N-Stage Node is theoretically possible, but not even Divis Malis has one. It would turn your entire nervous system into a node, and you would technically be a huge walking Quantum reactor. And you CANNOT fail using your powers, as well as losing any taint from having a large node.

The difficulty to use "rapid quantum recovery" goes down by +1 just by hacing a N-Stage Node. And that's why I remembered the N-Stage Node, because it mentioned those rules and I didint remember where those rules where.

Page 150 of the core rules book. There it explains how to get quantum points quickly per turn.

Having a 10-stars node (node 5 and N-stage node 5) means you cannot botch rapid recovery rolls.
Example: Nova Ezekiel Mills, black-market paraphysician and closet breeder nova, has long sought a means to
remedy the mental disorders and Taint caused by the unrestricted growth of the M-R node. After performing an MRI
examination of the “distributed 6th instar node equivalent”
of his preadolescent True 2ndGen nova daughter Clarice,
Ezekiel hypothesizes that first generation novas should be
able to “redistribute” their M-R nodes into a similar configuration. Having already attained Quantum 6 and developed
his own node to the 6th instar, Ezekiel begins training in
a self-designed regimen of meditations and “node exercises”. After several months on the regimen (and spending 60 experience points), Ezekiel takes 4 dots of N-Stage Node. During a night of feverish dreaming, Ezekiel manages to transform his 6th instar node into a 10th instar node, eliminating all of his node-derived Taint and reducing his single mental aberration (pathological ailurophilia) to the level of a personality quirk. His wife Monica is pleased by this, as her husband’s insistence that all their home decor be feline-themed has become a thing of the past. Two years later, Clarice undergoes Apotheosis soon after puberty hits.
During the transformation, Clarice’s latent nova potential blossoms, not only raising her Quantum to 7 but also granting her 4 dots of N-Stage Node. Clarice pays a total of 10 nova points for her new 10th instar node.
I would like to mention, the GMs can give different levels of starting power to 2nd Gen novas.

Whoever gave Clarice so many points to burn that she could afford to "start the game" by burning 10 nova points to start with a 10 stars node is as shitty a GM as the guy from that goblins webcomic, giving a level 2 goblin paladin a fucking holy sword (axe) within the first 2 chapters of his "im so sad" webcomic. Hell

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