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Hey guys, sorry for starting so late. Laid down "for a couple of minutes" to rest while waiting to start the thread, and overslept
As Ned Salter, we are one of the best managers in the XWF, the Extreme Warfare Federation, where superhumans beat the daylights out of eachothers in the most popular pay-per-view events of human history, and billions are made after each fight on keychains alone!

Currently on Japan for a special event, we had Ami duke it out with Yuki on a fire vs ice fight which was won by Ami thanks to the hair's on a frog's back.

Now it's the turn of the western succubi vs the eastern war maiden as Aura steps into the ring
Time to unleash our inner troll.
Would that be something like this?

Or are you thinking in trolling the jap girl with Aura?

Anyway, waiting for the others
Hi. Lets wait for ONE more person. Again, sorry for showing up so late. If noone shows up, well do this fight tomorrow
Dammit, got here 3.5 hours ago, couldn't find a thread, and assumed it wasn't running today!
I mentioned we were going to start later from today on since it seems people gets here at this hour and people also mentioned that they are sleeping if i start the thread at the usual time
So anyway, you guys there and ready?
Sure, I guess.
Johnny Gomez: "For those of you..." -Johnny and nick stare at eachother-

Nick Diamond: "It's traditional"

Johnny Gomez: "Alright, we all know there's probably not a single human being who did not see the first fight of the XWF Big In Japan event, but tradition says that recaps are a must after commercials..."

Nick Diamond: "And here at the XWF, even the commercials are a experience that you can't miss, Johnny! I want to be that motorcicle!"

Johnny Gomez: "The one Ami was riding, or Aura's?"

Nick Diamond: "Yes!"

Johnny Gomez: "Well... NORMALLY I would say that is not a valid answer but..."

Nick Diamond: "I know, right? I would not mind if either one choose to drive m--"

Johnny Gomez: "Anyway! We are live in the amazing island platform built on Tokyo Bay for the Big In Japan XWF event, and we just had a cool, hotheaded first fight which left everyone hanging at the edge of their sits until the very last second!"

Nick Diamond: "I made a fortune on pictures!"

Johnny Gomez: "Yes... yes you did Nick. I hope that means you can pay me back now...?"

Nick Diamond: "Sure does, Johnny. I just need to get the film to development and our children's college funds and THEIR children's college fund will be secure"

Johnny Gomez: "I sure am glad to hear that. Now that the break is over, and everyone is back from the bathrooms, the souvenir booths, and from stretching their legs, we are ready to start the second fight of the night!"

The lights go down and the eastern door opens wide. Cool ice blue smoke pours like a typhoon for just a second before subsiding, the lasers and a delicately calculated set of fans making the smoke seem like powerful waves crashing against the side of the ring.

Pink petals fly out after the "sea", and a traditional japanese melody is heard as the japanese lady of war, Ritsuko Furukawa, makes her entrance.

Dressed in a traditional kimono and carrying a paper umbrella, the music scorts her all the way to the ring as her fans quietly clap for her until she reaches the ring, and then in a single gesture, pulls away the kimono to turn it into a eufiber battle suit faster than the eye can follow, with the umbrella becoming a naginata, the traditional weapon for a samurai wife.

Her battlecry swims and rolls over the audience, who reply with one voice as they pop for her!


Johnny Gomez: "What an entrance. Aura will be hard pressed to beat that, Nick!"

Aura: "Do you want to bet on that?"

Aura is sitting right between Nick and Johnny, dressed in a tuxedo.

She stands up and leaps easily and gracefully on top of the commentator's table, letting the fans turn around to get a good look at her (of course the giant screens floating over the arena broadcast her image in fully glorious holo detail and hyperreal definition, but noone can help but feel drawn to look at her with their own eyes) as she waves and greets the fans dressed in what looks like a casino dealer's uniform, complete with ultra short miniskirt, stockings, stilettho heels and showy white shirt.

She lets her golden hair flow free with a gesture, and it seems to obey her whims as it floats behind and to a side behind her like a flag. Rising an arm high, she asks

Aura: "Are you ready to see a fight, Japan!?"

The fans cannot help but to cheer and cry, despite her being playing the traditional "bad girl" role tonight.

Aura: "Are you ready to see a FIGHT!?"

The fans roar their approval!


The crowd pops, and xwf personnel lift the commentator's desk and carry it like the platform of a throne towards the ring, lowering it to allow her to descend into the ring with a short, graceful step.

Aura: "Cool trick you did there, but if I took these clothes off, I would have nothing underneath" -she says playfully to Ritsuko- "Then again, I'm sure the fans wouldn't mind"

The crowd pops all over again as it seems clear she is going to fight on her current clothes.

Aura adds a lot of new tricks to her arsenal, fighting against Ritsuko's traditional weapons with things you would see in a Las Vegas casino. Cards, chips and green bills clash against shurikens, arrows and swords for the first twenty minutes of the fight.

Unlike her japanese counterpart, she can't materialize them out of nowhere, but small platforms seem to rise out of the ring on command whenever she needs them to.

The both of them seem to dance as they fight, in what must have been a very carefully prepared coreography. Of course, YOU know both girls worked really hard preparing the first part of the fight together, both of them having a super human work ethic despite whatever differences in personality they may have.

Now roll for how realistic of a fight it looks, despite all the silly/goofy action taking place on the ring.

8d10 + 3d10 + 10d10
She has nowhere near the martial arts skills of most fighters, but she compliments the show side of the fight using her powers to broadcast the right feelings and emotions, so people pretty much don't give a fuck about the obvious goofiness. (We could and probably should MAKE her train her combat skills)
Rolled 10, 4, 2, 8, 5, 10, 8, 10, 1, 9, 8, 10, 1, 9, 6, 5, 3, 1, 2, 10, 9 = 131

She's a lover, not a fighter! Though in all seriousness that's probably a good idea.
Rolled 10, 10, 10, 6 = 36

11 successes so far. Rolling for explodey dice here since some of those were skill dice (which can explode) and others were powers dice (which dont)
Rolled 2, 9, 5 = 16

so the explodey dice pretty much all exploded? fuck me, rolling again
14 successes so far
Rolled 2, 10, 9, 5, 5, 1, 7, 6, 3, 9, 2 = 59

15 successes total. Of course, people knows it's a show, but it is literally the most entertaining show on earth!

(she has never lied on camera, and has plain upfront admitted she doesn't knows how to do a suplex, but she promised "to give them the best damn show they had ever seen, every single time")

Roll initiative for the fight start now. Im rolling Ritsuko's here

Aura's is 8d10 (she really needs to work on her combat stats)
Rolled 3, 5, 8, 5, 1, 5, 1, 8 = 36

I've been reading the archives and am pretty interested, but I'm a bit confused as to a few things. I get that a baseline is a normal human, but what's are novas, superiors, psiads and psions and what's the difference between them?
Okay, Novas are basically superhumans, while superiors are a lesser version that are artifically created.

The last two, I have no freaking clue.

Nick: "And Ritsuko thrusts viciously with her spear! it tears off the left side of Aura's clothes under her arm. Looks like a close dodge to me...!"

Johnny: "It's a Naginata, Nick"

Nick: "No, I am pretty sure it was a thrust!"

Ritsuko spins her naginata about herself, and slams it's butt firmly on the ground, the signals they both agreen on to mark the start of the real fight. Aura blinks and gets ready

(0) : Thrust [12d10] => [1,2,8,3,5,7,4,6,4,4,6,5] result of (2) success
(0) : Thrust [11d10] => [4,2,2,6,8,8,6,2,1,4,9] result of (3) success
(0) : Thrust [10d10] => [5,9,1,2,4,5,3,4,3,5] result of (1) success
(0) : Thrust [9d10] => [6,5,8,6,7,5,5,6,10] result of (3) success
(0) : Dodge [12d10] => [9,10,2,10,2,7,8,2,10,8,8,1] result of (8) success + [3d10] => [3,1,10] result of (1) success
(0) : Dodge [11d10] => [9,5,1,10,6,3,1,1,9,9,7] result of (5) success + [3d10] => [4,6,3] result of a failure
(0) : Dodge [10d10] => [7,8,5,7,10,6,1,3,1,9] result of (5) success + [3d10] => [4,7,7] result of (2) success
(0) : Dodge [9d10] => [8,5,4,3,2,1,7,6,2] result of (2) success + [3d10] => [4,10,10] result of (2) success
(0) : Dodge success
(0) : Dodge success
(0) : Dodge success
(0) : Dodge success
>baseline is a normal human
>but what's are novas
Homo Sapiens Novus are people who acquired superhuman abilities under stress, shortly after a series of accidents and events in the upper atmosphere spread a unknown type of radiation all over the world, changing the balance of power everywhere since now you have supergeniuses on isolated african tribes, walking nukes in Paris, scheming evil geniuses who bend the laws of nature until they scream on the US, and people who can see the flow of probabilities and numbers as if they were tangible things, in Chile (suck it, Argentina and Perú. It's cannon)
Are human beings who have passed through a process to be enhanced into "low power" novas.
>psiads and psions
people with psychic powers. Much more lower power than novas, but with very little to no risk of mutation due to their powers

You also have 2nd generation novas, whom are MORE powerful than 1st generation novas, usually grow in power faster, are harder to corrupt and see less mutations, and are just starting to show up now. 2nd gens come in three varieties, but so far on the thread we have only seen the lucky "true" 2nd gens, the sons and daugthers of low-taint (taint = corruption) 1st gen novas
Since she went first, Ritsuko did four thrusts against Aura. Since she was forced to defend herself 4 times, she will do any action with a -4 penalty this turn. Do you want to wait it out and go first with no penalty next turn, or do something?

She has no "technical" combat skills, but she fights using her powers

Succubi's Kiss: Drains mental attributes and uses them to boost her own physical attributes
Pheromon Blast: Dazzles the enemy to sharply lower its combat readiness
Sweet Talk: Limited mind control, can cause hallucinations
Somehow, I felt like I was describing a pokemon just now
>people with psychic powers. Much more lower power than novas, but with very little to no risk of mutation due to their powers
Whitley Styles would probably dispute this characterization, but he's almost a century old at this point and is considerably more powerful than other psiads. He's also immortal, despite the fact that psiads really aren't supposed to be able to do that yet.
go first next turn
Also forgot to mention that Nova mental defense powers don't work against psiads, which gives them a chance in combat.
Can he create/destroy universes at will, too? because (some) novas can. And immortality is also a thing they can do, even with what is basically a respawn cheat

Got killed? eh, I'll respawn in the place of my choosing, anywhere, within 2 hours
Lets wait.
>Also forgot to mention that Nova mental defense powers don't work against psiads

And viceversa. But its really up to the GM. We can go with "different but equal", where they can defend from eachother, or "transparecy" where they can't

Anyway, going first the 2nd round, do you want to use...
Mind Control

All of these attacks target willpower
I got a question, what happens if 2 Superiors have children?
It is not mentioned anywhere, but I think that houseruling that, since superiors are really just low-power novas, it depends on the amount of taint they have (and their affiliations, to some extent)

Well I guess I'll explain some about 2nd gens, now

You have the "true" 2nd gens. Ami, Eldric, Mai, Aura, etc... they are children from novas with a typically low taint score. They are highly resistant to taint, and are typically much, much more powerful than their parents

You have the trogs... the... things... that come out of a pregnancy where one, or worse, both parents had a high taint score. They typically don't look human, and some don't even look like humanoids. Worse, they are highly susceptible to taint, and can breed with eachother and other people. Tho typically most people would have to be forced to it. So if you want tentacle monster rape, they're your guys... girls... things, whatever

Terats. The children of novas subscribing to the terat philosophy thrive on taint. They literally burn it and add it to their stats, growing immensely powerful very, very quickly and cheaply. Also, accumulating mutations on purpose, but they see themselves as the next step of human evolution, and are broadly divided on three categories

Monster: I am not human, I am beyond humanity, beyond their concept of good an evil. Typically take physical mutations. Ever saw street sharks? those would be Terat "monsters". Intelligent but with heavy physical mutations

Portent: I am as far above humans as humans are about monkeys. Why should I let human laws and moral limit my self growth? Think Hannibal Lecter with SUPER powers, typically

I cant remember the third type atm...
Hard to say. The last time he openly fought was when he backed up Mercer against Divas Mal back in what, the 40's or 50's with the other society members. We don't have a statblock of him, but we do know he's immortal when other psiads aren't, so his power can go from high to on the same plane as Mercer and Mal according to the GM's whims.
You know, one of these days I may run an aberrant story anally devastaing the WoD where a FBI Nova Agent goes up against aliens, vampires, werewolves, fallen, mummies and what have you, just for the luls of seeing vampires try to fight a super human made of solar energy
(0) : Succubi´s Kiss [10d10] => [8,3,7,1,8,1,1,1,3,5] result of (3) success + [5d10] => [6,5,1,5,9] result of (1) success vs Willpower
(0) : Willpower [5d10] => [3,9,1,3,10] result of (2) success

Johnny: "And the blonde succubi puts on her game face as her horns come out and she latches unto the japanese war maiden...!"

Nick: "Isin't this a wonderful time to be alive, where we can enjoy both sex and violence at the same time in a wholesome family show, at the same time?"

Johnny: "You said it Nick. Two great flavors that go great together!"

Aura grabs Ritsuko by the suit on her chest and pulls her into a kiss, lights dimming for a second as the japanese fighter tries to overcome the draining touch of the succubi!

Aura drains 2 points of mega strenght and 2 points of perception (Ritsuko does not have mega perception), and gains 2 points of mega strenght and 2 points of perception. This effect will last 3 hours, and it costs her 3 quantum points out of her pool of 28
Now we've got to decide if the audience would rather see some actual wrestling, or two chicks making out, as Aura drains her powers.

Somehow, I think the choice might be decepitvely simple.
Rolled 3, 7, 4, 8, 5, 8, 10, 9, 6, 10, 8, 7 = 85

Aura: "I love japanese food. So dignified, yet delicious!" -she says, more for the benefit of the fans than anything else, knowing the mics and cameras will catch it despite her whispering it unto Ritsuko's ear

Ritsuko shoves her off, and lights up her Naginata with quantum power, getting ready for a single, poweful strike!

(0) : Quantum Weapon Strike [18d10] => [2,2,4,2,7,5,4,5,8,9,7,8,7,7,3,10,7,8] result of (10) success
(0) : Dodge [12d10] => [2,2,5,1,2,6,1,2,3,7,8,9] result of (3) success + [3d10] => [9,9,6] result of (2) success
(0) : Soak [15d10] => [6,5,4,10,8,9,4,5,4,4,10,6,3,4,8] result of (5) success
(0) : Overspill of 5. 5 dice added to damage due to overspill, 5 substracted due to soak
(0) : Damage [9d10] => [4,3,1,7,1,3,9,5,3] result of (2) success

Damage of 2. Aura has 9 hp remaining (she is tougher than an average nova "civilian" but not very tough over all)

Roll initiative for next round. It's 8d10, Im rolling Ritsuko's
Rolled 6, 9, 2, 5, 8, 7, 1, 9 = 47

Ritsuko is just so much faster than Aura...

(0) : Quantum Weapon Strike [14d10] => [3,10,7,8,2,1,4,5,6,9,2,8,1,9] result of (6) success
(0) : Quantum Weapon Strike [13d10] => [9,2,2,8,1,2,8,1,8,10,5,2,6] result of (5) success
(0) : Quantum Weapon Strike [12d10] => [4,1,5,6,4,5,8,3,4,10,8,9] result of (4) success
(0) : Quantum Weapon Strike [11d10] => [2,8,10,7,9,7,3,5,8,5,3] result of (6) success
(0) : Dodge [12d10] => [7,8,9,7,5,10,10,3,4,6,1,5] result of (6) success
(0) : Dodge [11d10] => [3,2,10,8,2,7,8,3,3,10,10] result of (6) success
(0) : Dodge [10d10] => [7,8,6,9,8,10,6,7,7,9] result of (8) success
(0) : Dodge [9d10] => [5,10,2,3,2,6,5,9,5] result of (2) success
(0) : hit dodge dodge hit
(0) : Soak [15d10] => [6,4,7,1,8,9,5,3,10,1,8,10,7,9,4] result of (8) success
(0) : Soak [15d10] => [8,7,8,2,6,8,5,5,6,2,8,4,7,6,8] result of (7) success
(0) : Damage [9d10] => [1,9,10,1,10,5,2,8,3] result of (4) success
(0) : Damage [6d10] => [3,1,8,3,7,8] result of (3) success

Aura is down to 2 hp. You dont know how much strenght, mega strenght, or perception Ritsuko has, but if either strenght or perception gets to 0, Aura wins either way.

Nick: "And the japanese war maiden strikes with awesome fury! it looks like Aura will be either stripped clear of her casino suit, or drop to the ring's floor if even one more blow lands on her!"

Johnny: "She is down to rags now, but looking great in them, Johnny!"

Nick: "You'd think it was high fashion, really!"

(0) : Style [18d10] => [2,6,3,7,8,1,5,8,8,7,9,9,5,9,10,1,6,8] result of (10) success
(0) : [1d10] => [10] result of (1) success
(0) : [1d10] => [10] result of (1) success
(0) : [1d10] => [3] result of a failure

With 12 successes in style, she could make dirt look like high fashion! The rags of her cute little costume cling to her in a enticing, yet somehow perfectly natural way, giving her just enough modesty to keep the show on the air
Ritsuko's HP pool: 20 out of 20
Aura's HP pool: 2 out of 11

It is unknown how much perception Ritsuko has left, but it has to be a number lower than 4 (1, 2 or 3).

Aura's turn.
Mind Control
She had to defend herself 4 times this turn already so she has a -4 penalty. Do you want to take the penalty or wait until next turn?
My personal favorite twist is to have Whitley get recruited/brainwashed by the Doyen and turned into their "proxy prime" without the artificial restrictions on disciplines. He then interferes in the Divas Mal vs Caestus Pax fight by getting the drop on and almost murdering Divas Mal, then announces the existence of Psiads and Psions.
What are the limits of mind control again?
I dunno mang, if we lose initave next turn, we'll pretty much lose.

Aura can try and control a sentient target brainwaves. She must attack the
target´s Willpower. If she scores more successes, she succeeds in achieving
control. The degree of control depends upon how many successes she has left
after subtracting the victim´s Willpower successes, as follows:
After control has been achieved, the target affected by Domination
may roll Willpower; if he succeeds, he may then spend one point of Willpower to
decrease the attack´s effectiveness – the Willpower point reduces the
successes (and thus the command intensity) by one. For example, a dominated
target is told to shoot a friend. He makes a Willpower roll at normal difficulty,
succeeds, then spends a point of Willpower to reduce the effect to Major. The
Storyteller rules that she summons up enough strength of will to turn the gun
aside and shoot the wall instead of her comrade.
In order to use Domination, Aura must be able to communicate with
her target – Domination is not inherently “telepathic”. If the target is too far away to hear a command or cannot understand a command for some reason, even Total Control may be useless.

Notice that this may end the fight right now if she succeeds hard enough, but it may also go horribly wrong and leave her open for Ritsuko's strikes. So, want to skip this round to go first next round, or go for it this round. Ritsuko has 4 willpower left.
we effectively have one action left to hinder her so lets wait till next turn.
Alright, so I guess that means you want to go with another Drain (Kiss) then?
Unless Disoreint makes it harder for her to hit us and not just make it easier for us to win the initiative then yeah, I think so.
Quick question, can we upgrade Aura to also regain health levels when she drains people? Could be useful is all I'm saying.
It does. She'll just spend a willpower point to shake it off and then murder us though.
btw it doesnt HAS to be a kiss. Any touch will do, but it does give her a +2 on her power attack roll when it is. Jsyk

Disorient would would be 10d10 from Aura vs 4d10 on Ritsuko's side, and every success over ritsuko's defenses lowers ALL her rolls by that much for hours.

For example if Aura roll 10 successes (yes, would be huge luck) and Ritsuko 4 successes (yes, that too would be huge luck), Ritsuko would take a -6 to EEERRYTHING for hours.
Right. Drain it is I guess.
Yeah but you buys seem to forget you CAN use a power more than once per round. Ritsuko is using quantum weapon 4 times per round, for example.
Aura ALSO can use her powers more than once per round (she can pay up to 12 quantum points per turn so she could use her powers...

Dissoriant (Pheromone Blast ) up to 6 times per round
Drain (Kiss) up to 4 times per round
Domination up to 6 times per round

It can erode a target's mental defenses very very quickly, since each time you defend yourself with willpower, you effectively lose one willpower due to exhaustion.

For example, Aura could use pheromone blast 4 times, with a
penalty on each attack, burn 8 quantum points off herself, and 4 willpower off ritsuko, regardless of if she wins or loses the attack vs willpower rolls.

(yeah, Aura is actually very, very efficient when used right. She was a utopia agent after all. There's a reason she never bothered to learn combat skills. It just wont be very showy if she just blasts Ritsuko with her scent 4 times unless you guys can come up with a good description?)
If we're doing a drain (and somehow succeed without dying) switch it to Drain (inappropriate clinging) since we're playing the bad guy and don't want to get repetitive.
Oh, want to use drain once or more times? Ritsuko cannot have more than 3 perception left. Aura rolls to drain between 0 and 10 each time she uses the power.

Want to take a -2 and -3 penalty to use it twice, or just once? if you guys can come up with a exciting description, i'll give you a bonus on the roll
use it twice. Kiss her hand like they do in those weird social situations thingies, then once her "guard has dropped" do a highly inappropriate mouth to mouth. may or may not involve groping. Once done we gently Aura gently lowers her to the ring, still kissing her the entire time.
>posted just as I'm about to leave
Sure on double use. Play up our showy bad girl angle. Slip under her guard and grab her from behind, whispering in her ear how deliciously pure she looks as we drain her, caressing her cheek and spinning with her as she tries to come at us. Grab her dominant hand on her sword and slowly lick (or nozzle if that's too inappropriate) our way back up her arm to her neck and finally mouth. Kiss her passionately (with tongue) and hopefully into unconsciousness.

Best I can do with limited knowledge of the system and behavioral limits on the characters.
>Also could work
If she grapples and throws us, clinch and take her to the ground with us. Whether she lands on top of us or below, pull her into a kiss for the kill.
eh is okay. Just needs physical contact, so whatever description works for me since she doesnt has super speed or a inengible form or something like that to prevent contact

(0) : Succubi´s Kiss [8d10] => [6,10,1,2,4,9,5,5] result of (2) success + [5d10] => [8,3,3,1,10] result of (2) success vs Willpower
(0) : Succubi´s Kiss [7d10] => [8,1,2,3,4,6,4] result of (1) success + [5d10] => [5,4,3,9,4] result of (1) success vs Willpower
(0) : Willpower [4d10] => [9,5,7,5] result of (2) success
(0) : Willpower [3d10] => [1,10,3] result of (1) success

Down on the first kiss, even without any bonuses.

Johnny: "Well, that really is... something, alright"

Nick: "Alright, I'll be right back, Johnny"

Johnny: "Where are you going, Nick? the fight isint o-- alright I guess it is, but we still need to offer some comments on it"

Nick: "I'm going to be first in line for the fight's holos, of course.."

Johnny: "... get me one, would you?"

Nick: "Sure, Johnny"

In the end, Aura is holding Ritsuko on a surprisingly gentle kiss until the medical units arrive to take care of her.

The dark haired japanese beauty seems unhurt, while Aura looks like her clothes went through a woodchipper, but the fans seem more than sattisfied with this result!

Aura: "Thankyou Japan, thank you!" -she happily waves at the crowd, trusting her uncanny look and style to keep her presentable no matter what.
Probably too late to vote but regardless of who wins the last blow needs to completely shred Aura's top leaving Ritsuko to preserve her modesty with herself or, if Aura somehow pulls it off, have our fighter carefully (strategically) carry her opponent offstage.
Ami: "We need to teach her some wrestling moves. That is highly innapropiate" -she says, beet red

Samuel: "Would you volunteer for it?"

Ami: "...maybe no"

With that, its 2 wins 0 losses for the western team so far.

Tomorrow we'll have Box vs Judo when Samuel "Python" Rodriguez goes up against Yuito "Iron Man" Nui.

Im going to archive the thread, and as usual, keep it open for questions and comments.

Someone asked yesterday about making a new fighter, I think
Aww... it was too late but a fun idea. Something like Ritsuko lying down under Aura and as Aura sits up, Ritsuko covers her breasts -gently. with her hands. Well, we can assume it went that way, I guess.
How much XP does Ned have again? Also, how do we raise our various backgrounds, RP or XP?
Ami 15
Aura 55 (haven't used any, yet)
Python 0 (used it all. Will be 5 after tomorrow)
Brass 3 (will be 8 after tomorrow)
Ned 20
>how do we raise our various backgrounds, RP or XP

We are going with common sense right now. Which I guess means RP
we use the 1st gen table except we can't purchase quantum right?
no, only Python and Brass use the 1st gen table. They can buy things at 1/2 price (and get 1 taint) and the younger fighters cant
Wait, does that mean we can increase our quantum?
Superiors only get as high as quantum 2. I didint got you meant Ned when you said "we".

Yes, Ned uses the 1st gen tables, and he cant raise quantum higher than 2
Random comment: I like to imagine the aberrant story happens in the WoD and all the supernatural creatures are like "oh shit" the whole time
Okay then. I suppose Ned will spend 15 XP to move from Mega-whits 1 to Mega-whits 3. If I'm reading this right we can't raise any mega attribute higher than three due to quantum restrictions. Also don't think we can buy any computer related powers at all like someone suggested earlier because Cyberkinesis requires 4 quantum.
Aura should boost her hand to hand abilites and drain.
Agreed, though with Aura I'd almost rather focus on getting her to win the initiative.
>Okay then. I suppose Ned will spend 15 XP to move from Mega-wits 1 to Mega-wits 3.

Sounds fine, but im somewhat surprised we arent raising manipulation or charisma

Also remember that gives us "free" enhancements. One for each point we are getting. Anything in mind? I usually am fine with those from the fan-books but would like a book name and page number so I can check them before saying ok

>hand to hand and drain
Will need to wait until after the event is over so she can train, tho
Oh, the mega social attributes are next. I was just maxing out our business rolls first. as for enhancements, synergy and Lie detector I think.
Sorry I'm being indecisive today, but is there any chance you could lift the free enchancements we can pick from for Wits, Manipulation and Charisma? I need to learn a lot more about aberrant quickly...
will be a bit of work. Should take me 10 minutes if you are willing to wait while I cross reference several books? will start with mega wits
I'm happy to wait but if it's too much I'm fine trusting bookie for now. Knowing what "Synergy" is would be nice though.
Artistic Genius
A nova with this ability possesses an intuitive artistic sense and skill. He knows what "works" artisitcally, what doesn't, which colors complement each other, and where and how to knock a chip off a sculpture here and there to turn a pedestrian piece into a masterwork. He may also be a skilled writer, able to express with a single sentence or paragraph what it takes others page and pages to say. Novas who are Artistic Geniuses are often the darlings of the highbrow art scene.

System: Whenever the character is attempting to create or analyze art, literature, cinemo or similar works or subjects. the player may make a Wits roll. For each success achieved, he receives one automatic success when making Art rolls and related rolls. This enhancement is always in effect and it costs no quantum points to activate.

Enhanced Initiative
Reacting in combat isin't just a matter of physical reflexes - It's a matter of quick thinking and mental reaction time as well. Someone who is able to comprehend and analyze a combat situation quickly - such as a nova with this enhancement - has a definitive advantage over combatants who react more slowly.
Syste; You may pay one quantum pojnt to add five points to your initiative rating. This bonus lasts one turn. If the nova wants the bonus again, must pay another quantum point next turn.
A nova may purchase this enhancement more than once, thus gaining +10, +15, etc to initiative
File: 1389040818115.jpg-(319 KB, 888x970, lie detector.jpg)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
bah I just remembered I can copy paste the text from the book into a picture. Pic related
File: 1389040970637.jpg-(298 KB, 891x920, Ami has this one.jpg)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
Ami uses this one together with another one and a martial arts style to deny all penalties in the end
File: 1389041058116.jpg-(556 KB, 891x1637, natural empath.jpg)
556 KB
556 KB JPG
File: 1389041318651.jpg-(736 KB, 888x2143, quickness and synergy.jpg)
736 KB
736 KB JPG
File: 1389041551938.jpg-(542 KB, 880x2170, players handbook.jpg)
542 KB
542 KB JPG
The following three enhancements are from the Aberrant Player's Guide
synergy would seem to apply to whenever our fighters are making rolls in any business we helped set up, or following our plan for a fight.
>surprise related penalties. This enhancement does not cost quantum to use

Checking other books now
sounds like it, yes
The nova with this enhancement has a mindset that is particularly suited to the frenetic world of financial trading. When involved in fast paced financial transactions, the nova with this enhancement can utilize his Mega-Wits to keep track of trends and uncannily predict the markets outcome.
System: When using this enhancement the nova gains three extra dice in their Biz dice pool when dealing with fast paced finacial
markets. These markets include; stock exchanges, commodities and precious metals markets, and currency exchange speculation. Other types of investments may be allowed but must be approved by the
Storyteller. The Financial Prodigy enhancement from Mega-Intelligence
is culmulative with Daytrader.

Some people can really get under your skin. They just instinctively
know what buttons to push to get a person riled up. Novas with this
enhancement have this talent down to an artform. Their barbed remarks
are so finely honed that only the most unshakable of opponants can
avoid becoming flustered.
System: The nova spends a quantum point and makes a contested wits roll against his opponant’s willpower. Every success the
nova scores over his opponant allows him to subtract a die from either
his opponant’s dice pool or initiative. The opponant may counter this
effect by spending willpower on a one for one basis. Be warned, however, that if an opponant exhausts his willpower defending against this
enhancement he may very well attack the offending nova.
The Taunt enhancement remains active for one scene, but any
willpower spent to resist it must be regained normally.
Taunt seems like a "lite" version of Aura's Dazzle power
The nova with this Mega-wits enhancement seems to be able to
stay rational and calm at all times. It is almost impossible to surprise
or impress him with anything. Although this can seem like the normal
effect of having a superb wits this enhancement will provide the nova
with special defenses.
System: For example, the nova can resist any mega-social
enhancement which tries to impress or scare him. To do so the nova
rolls his Wits and adds one automatic success for every level of Megawits he possesses - if he beats the ‘attacking’ power he is unaffected
by it.
This enhancement will specifically protect against enhancements such as Awe-inspiring, Face of Terror, First Impression and Commanding Presence and against quantum powers such as Empathic
Manipulation, Mirage and Strobe. The storyteller will have to determine whether it protects against other enhancements and powers as
well, on a case by case basis.

Commanding Presence and against quantum powers such as Empathic
Manipulation, Mirage and Strobe. The storyteller will have to determine whether it protects against other enhancements and powers as
well, on a case by case basis.

Commanding Presence and against quantum powers such as Empathic
Manipulation, Mirage and Strobe. The storyteller will have to determine whether it protects against other enhancements and powers as
well, on a case by case basis.
File: 1389043316229.jpg-(239 KB, 626x716, foresight.jpg)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
uh apparently i cant select the text from this one book so i had to screenshoot it
File: 1389043429320.jpg-(269 KB, 622x792, hypercognition.jpg)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
File: 1389043639466.jpg-(263 KB, 632x724, mind over matter.jpg)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
I am less than impressed with this one, but im adding it for completeness sake if nothing else
File: 1389044073634.jpg-(195 KB, 627x558, unfazeable.jpg)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
I can see this one being very useful in dealing with two certain drummers, and, sure, with Aura, for example
and those are all I could find, but i remember there were a few more somewhere
Synergy and Lie detector seem the most immediately useful. Also, could you finish our backgrounds stats at some point? I'd like to see what we have in all of those.
File: 1389045315915.jpg-(247 KB, 842x844, now this is useful.jpg)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
aaaaand found the last book i was looking for after saying that, of course. File name says it all
Sure, but probably not right now or tomorrow. I think im gonna go lie down for a while. Will check this thread again from time to time, tho.

Also need to finish Okaba's sheet properly, I think
That, given that we're always going to be a small fish in the deep ocean (power wise), could be very useful indeed. Not sure if we absolutely need it though. I'm personally leaning towards Hypercognition and Synergy, but I see why Bookie wants Lie Detector.
Armoring ourselves against mental attacks is actually one of the few things we can do effectively. Mind you, I don't mind that Ned isn't an effective combatant (he isn't and shouldn't be), but the quantum restriction limits our mega-mental and mega-social attributes and keeps us away from most of the interesting support powers.

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