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Thread X:
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Lamia%20Legacy%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LamiaLegacy
Opening Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCQmQwKEEOM

Apologies on the delay, but I am now relocated in an area with reliable internet, AND fixed my computer troubles, so things should go far better now.

You go to hand a weapon to Marie, only to see her produce a trio of fairly wicked looking knives from the inside of her coat. You give her a dubious glance to which she responds to something about a girl needing to be able to protect herself, before she wings off to her orbit above the cattle. You on the other hand, break off towards the corral, trusting that the ridge keeping these interlopers concealed will do the same for you. Despite the gravity of the situation, you find yourself giving silent thanks to Veles showing you proper posturing, you make it to the fence quicker than you thought you would and are low enough to the ground that you don't bother to mess with the gate, simply slipping underneath fencing itself.

McCain looks up at you knowingly, and nonchalantly barks an order to Tai who rides up to where you are standing.
File: 1389988207495.jpg-(294 KB, 645x900, YesIAmAwareISaidStandingL(...).jpg)
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294 KB JPG
"Miss Sasha," He begins, "Mr Matt told us to not be bringing attention the people coming, and to give your orders to me to bring to him. This way we won't be spooking them when they should be. Or something like that." He grins a little nervously, "Or at least, that's what I could make out. He seems to like to use his drawl more when things get serious."

>Marie has spotted the three interlopers from before once again, they are mounted on horseback and are inbound to where your foreman and hands are watching the cattle. As of right now, they are concealed in the valley leading up to one of the shallower portions of the river. You estimate they have yet to see you, nor are they aware they have been spotted.
>so things should go far better now
Done with coyote troubles too?

I hate to be demanding, but can you draw up an MS paint layout and relative positions of everybody? How much time do we think before they get to the cattle?
My first thought is to trail them far enough to be out of earshot. If we're behind them, they can't bug out so easily when we rush them.
Get into some kind of ambushing position where they can't see us. From there, we can either shoot them, or yell at them to ask what the HELL their boss is paying them to be worth coming back and getting shot at.
I don't mind getting up behind them, relative to our people, to set up an ambush. They'll get shot from two places. If it comes to that.
I'm okay with this plan. Trap them between two groups and threaten to kill them in a crossfire. I just feel that would be difficult to detain them at gunpoint since we only have two firearms between all of us.
yeah, I doubt we'll be able to get "detaining" down, unless we can get them to disarm and surrender using bluffs.
My goal is to get them to skedadle for real this time, preferably without shooting them too much. Make them doubt they are getting paid enough for this shit.
We should remember to get rifles for Tai and Marie next time we go to town. If we can afford them I mean.
How many Isens do we have left?
File: 1389991125905.png-(40 KB, 1443x859, Sitrep.png)
40 KB
Current situation. The wider parts are the fordable parts of the river. The one to the north is the one you used occasionally when bringing the herds to Riverport. The one inside the fenceline is the primary watering area for the cattle. I gave a rough contour lines. They are less mountains and more hills than anything.
After purchasing cattle? A neat 700 or so of spending money barring supplies
>they're way the fuck over there
Ah shit.
We need to MOVE to get behind them before the shooting starts. Move along the outside of the fenceline, I guess?
Guns for everyone is a fair idea. I also sort of want to get marie to stop flying around so high when hostile gunmen are around.

Not hard to shoot a bird, and it worries me.
What do they intend to do? Burn down the barn and house? I don't see how they could hope do that without being spotted. Did they come to kill us or McCain?

They can ford at two different points and we'd have to leave either McCain or the buildings undefended if we try to cut them off at either. Gimme a sec, I'm thinking.
their big goal is to drive us off the land. They're probably going to try to hurt one of us, or our farmhands.
Okay, I'm going to assume that their moving slowly and cautiously enough, and we can dash around fast enough to make this work. We keep behind the topmost hill hiding. If they ford that way we'll have the jump on them. If they cross the fence to the wider part, then Marie can keep us updated and we can come in behind them. Good?

Busy with stuff, sorry I took so long OP. Also I have to go, which really sucks.
a fair enough plan. hopefully things will go well
goddamn real life problems
Without that other guy, looks like things fall upon me for decisions come next update. Until more guys show.
File: 1389994874521.png-(976 KB, 900x643, NeedMoreColdLamiaPictures.png)
976 KB
976 KB PNG
"Chances are, they are going to try and ford on the outside of the fenceline. If I can move fast enough, I should be able to get up behind them and ambush them. That way they'll be caught in the crossfire. Let McCain know he'll be able to work with that." You wait until Tai nods before continuing, "Also, when this starts I want Marie out of the line of fire. Last thing I need is this turning into a literal turkey shoot."

With that you speed off to the north, slithering on the far side of the bushes, hoping they are far enough behind the hill to not see your frantic progress. Over your shoulder, you see Marie's lazy orbit taking her higher and higher. You worry she'll be an easy target or she might give the game away but you've yet to hear shooting.

You make your way toward the side of the hill, amidst dodging between hillocks and rocks you find yourself wondering why these three seem so dogged in their harassment. There's no way a cheapskate like that Karath fellow would have paid them enough to be this suicidal and attack you again, right? You reach the river in record time, and grimacing once, plunge yourself in swapping to your old stance to keep your upper half dry as possible. The river isn't bitingly cold, but it is close. On the upside, as you swim, the current drags you further downriver. You drag yourself out the other side and make your way up the hill.

I need two d20 rolls. One for movement +2 (+4 due to posture -2 cold), and one for scoping them out at a +1
Rolled 11, 18 = 29

Here are two d20s, but I can't append two seperate modifiers to them, so just pretend they have modifiers.
Thats fine, just making it clear what the modifiers will be.
I'm pretty sure we spotted them, but the movement thing may or may not be good. At least we didn't go into torpor in the river.
upon further looking I have no cold lamia pictures to contribute despite my collection
Rolled 2, 19 = 21

alright, I can roll.
LUK stat, don't fail me now!
iiiit failed you a little there bro
Rolled 4, 13 = 17

are we doing the three roll thing? Should I roll again?
Yeah, I try to keep it consistent, apologies if it was unclear
no biggie, you just might get a samefag roll from me every now and again.
Though the other guy helped out.
File: 1389998886687.jpg-(278 KB, 579x819, CallHerLambo.jpg)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
You trudge your way up the hill, the cold taking its toll and leaving you muttering curses that would get a look from your father. You make it to the top and go belly down behind a larger hillock. The wind isn't so bad up here thankfully and the sun is still out, breathing some life into your deadened lower half. You then check your rifle to make sure it is still functioning and it is. Bringing it up you scan over the hill and catch sight of the group of three, still making their way through the valley. You can still see Marie making the wide circles, but she's making a point to turn before it becomes obvious that she can see them. The three are tense, and their fixation is on her. That's when you see movement you hadn't accounted for.

Rising from underbrush the bushes, four more figures all on foot appear following the three mounted riders. The lead rider, who you identify as the elf that almost fried McCain, seems to be giving them orders. It seems obvious why they decided to risk attacking. Belief in safety in numbers. You figure it will be a good minute before they reach the shallows, and ergo have a clear shot at your hands.

aaawh megafucks.
And here we are without a single incendiary device.

If there was just the three of them, I'd call out and try to intimidate them into getting gone, but now they outnumber us handily.
Get to a spot where it's nigh impossible for them to see us, like behind a steep hill or a solid tree, then line up a shot on the elf in charge.

I think this might be a poor decision, but the only option I can see right now is to snipe him. Maybe the shot won't kill him, but we're firing bullets, so it probably will.
though, thinking more on this, can I ask how visible our gunshots are? Plume of smoke involved?
If we can fire without them seeing us, but only hearing us, we could then tell them to get on out of here before we make the next shot count. Most likely a pipedream on my part, as they'll just come back.
One shot would probably leave your position undetected. Any more than that and they'll easily get a fix on you position.
well, let's go for one shot and telling them they aren't getting paid enough.
If they continue, then snipe out the leader and engage battle.
Sounds like a good time for fire and maneuver. Pick off the elf in a surprise attack, then move to a different vantage point. Wait for them to keep moving, since that's the only choice that makes sense for them in that scenario, and pick off another from a different position.
this is a good battle strategy for when fighting starts.

Too bad we're still kind of cold, but our bonuses to slinking should cancel it out for the purposes of staying in cover.
If we don't land the first shot, we lose our advantage of surprise. If we announce our location, same thing happens.
hmm. well, I guess that's much more effective here.

I want to give them an out at some point in the battle though, if not at the start. Fair compromise?
I WILL point out that we let them go once and they came back with friends.
Hm. They'll probably send more friends regardless even if we do take them all out, but I see your point.

I guess the best I can shoot for is getting them to drop their guns at some point mid fight so we can take 'em to the fort for prosecuting. Optimistically.
So are you going to pick off the leader and call out or are you going to pick him off then reposition? Just need clarification here.
we're picking off the leader, I suppose. The other guy raises valid points.
I'll need a d20 roll then. +1 only, still cold. Best of three of course.
Rolled 8 + 1

well, I'll give a roll. And then probably another.
Rolled 15 + 1

aaand one more.
Rolled 12 + 1

fine, I'll do three.
The other guy only comes in sometimes I suppose.
Alright, here we go.
Gonna have to talk with McCain about this later. This shit is cutting into our exploration time.
File: 1390004299400.png-(603 KB, 1000x1200, ItBegins.png)
603 KB
603 KB PNG
Rolled 15, 3, 13, 12 = 43

>Pick off the leader

You line up a shot on the leader, the swaying of the horse making it too risky to go for a headshot at this distance, so you aim between the shoulderblades. As soon as the round lets fly you duck down lower. The bullet sails downrange. Unfortunately, with your cold condition you pulled too hard on the trigger nudging your repeater to the left. The elf topples off his horse as the other two look to the sound. The four on foot immediately go to ground as you relocate to another position, thanking the Light for your low profile.

The sound of gunfire alerts your hands, who immediately start making their way into a better firing position on the valley. Marie, now simple a spec, appears to be making around the hill south of you in a wide arc. For what purpose you cannot say, presumably flanking.

One of the riders at this point bolts back the way you came. You wager it was the one who took the hit from your rifle last time. If you'd hazard a guess, you figure that he doesn't want to deal with a repeat performance. Unfortunately the way he is running is dangerously close to your position.

Also give me 3 d20 rolls. They are for your subordinates actions.
Rolled 8, 10, 4 = 22

Let's hold position and nestle as close to our cover as possible, let that guy who is running by us pass.

After he does, we can resume shooting. Just give him a bit so he doesn't turn around and come back for us.
Rolled 13, 8, 10, 6, 11, 15 = 63

have a couple more 3d20s for expediency's sake. Unless it's not actually necessary here because it's a behavior deciding roll and not an action roll.
File: 1390006123600.png-(180 KB, 700x900, INeedMoreProperLamiaPictures.png)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
Rolled 9

You go fully against the ground as the rider speeds past, he is so focused on getting away that he doesn't see your form lying there. He also doesn't see the gopher hole that his horse steps into. You wince at the image of his form impacting one of the rocky outcrops. Even if he is still alive, it is likely doubtful that he'll be a threat for some time. You turn your attention back to the firefight.

McCain and Tai are providing fire, popping out from the southern hill and making the four people on the ground stay there. The last rider, seemingly rallys, and levels his rifle as Tai pops out. It here here you see a streak of red fly past him and he falls off his horse clutching something embedded in his thigh. Marie just dive bombed him, and you suspect she just sent at least one of those knives of hers flying as she did so.

Then you see the elf staggering up out of the underbrush and you glimpse the telltale sign of magic as he channels it into his shoulder. You try and get a shot on him but he notices you and dives into a small outcrop. Shortly thereafter you duck as bullets start flying towards your position.

>Also rolling to check something.
We gotta get him ducked under the rock instead of us. Try popping out the opposite side of our cover to fire a few shots on him, then when he covers, relocate.

Proud of our friends, I just hope they don't get themselves hurt.
File: 1390006590907.jpg-(148 KB, 650x805, I'mTemptedToMakeAnIR(...).jpg)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Rolled 12, 3, 1, 20 = 36

Give me a d20 roll, also 3 more for your friends.
Rolled 10, 11, 10, 14 = 45

so like this?
Rolled 15, 13, 16, 16, 8, 4, 20, 10 = 102

you know, we should switch to a one roll instead of a best of three for as long as we have a low population, I think.
File: 1390008614649.gif-(1.9 MB, 294x180, LikeAGameOfCatAndMouseOnl(...).gif)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF



>Special Event Roll

You bend back over yourself to pop out on the other side of cover, hoping to keep that elf from casting. Unfortunately he sees what you are doing and you instinctively duck back behind the rock as he fires on both sides of it. Not wanting to get winged yourself, you resolve to let fly another few rounds into the group. You can't tell if they hit, but between yourself and the fire of what you can only assume to be McCain and Tai, the chattering ping of ricochets soon die down and you risk a glance. As you do, you see Marie once again do a dive, this time, on the group of four. One falls, clutching his hand as you clearly see a knife piercing through it. The stricken man howling in pain and writhing on the ground. The second rider, the one that first got a taste of Marie's blades seems to be crawling towards the outcrop where the elf was.
File: 1390008701295.jpg-(145 KB, 700x525, GameOverForTheElf.jpg)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Rolled 10

It is at this point you once again here a bugle sound, one you know well from your little incident on the barge. It would appear the 3 uninjured horseless gunmen know it as well. They flee the sound of the Nitor Cavalrymen as you hear the steadily increasing noise of hoofbeats on the road. The elf frantically shouts orders to them before letting loose a shot that hits one of them in the back dropping him.

It is here you catch a glimpse of 4 cavalry riders circling the hill and practically leaping the fordable part of the river. You hail one and he nods at you, before all 4 of them begins unleashing a volley of rifle fire at the retreating group. You take a moment to regroup with your hands, Tai seemed to have gotten the worst of the exchange, a pair of rock shards imbedded in his left cheek from a ricochet.

Two of the riders press on towards the two fleeing men, whereas the leader, who you now recognize as Captain Keel and his Sergeant has the elf and his associate back into a corner.

You approach the two with your group.

I need a d20 roll.
Rolled 1

Damn officers, you showed up just in time.

I assume you were chasing those guys?
Rolled 18

well, hope that isn't -too- bad.
Rolled 1

and a third one if we're still doing that.
Though it's mostly for custom, since I don't think anything will cancel the 1.
File: 1390010357491.jpg-(42 KB, 376x304, YourForemanIsAsConfusedAs(...).jpg)
42 KB
Rolled 3


Even the voice of the elf is oily, "You think you've won haven't you." He sneers, despite the blood coming from his shoulder drenching his coat. "This is but the beginning, nobody does in Two Hands McCain. NOBODY."


It is here his hand shoots out and a brilliant white light appears. You shield your eyes from it, and by the time it fades both the elf and his associate are gone. The baffled cries of the sergeant, followed by roared orders to the two troopers who are leading the two still standing men back to the group. This bafflement is minuscule compared to your own and you look to your foreman. There is a mixture of confusion, tinged with a bit of amusement stamped on his features. He simply mutters "They didn't..." Your questions are pre-empted as Captain Keel addresses you.

"My apologies miss," He states, still in that soft voice seemingly undisturbed by the events that just unfolded, "Seems a habit of ours to show up right after we could have been of most use. A habit I most certainly would endeavour to break."

"Who was that?" You ask, the confusion evident on your features thankfully misunderstood as he continues.
File: 1390010417911.jpg-(224 KB, 478x514, AccurateRepresentationOfY(...).jpg)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
"If the Wanted Bulletin from the UFK are any indication, that was the notorious rebel and bandit 'Two Hands' McCain, he's been missing for a good 20 or so years, then turned up not 6 months ago, raiding convoys and hitting banks all through the mainland. Looks like he's slipped the net and made it here. Just making my work more difficult. We were patrolling this area on word from a harpy girl that outlaws were about when we heard shots. Again, apologies on our tardiness."

You are instantly reminded of that newspaper article you read back buying cattle in Riverport, a notorious outlaw that was known as "Two Hands." A simple blurb nestled between a master thief and a character piece on the Paladin Serpent. What doesn't make sense is if your foreman claims to be McCain, and that man does too, who exactly is telling the truth? You look to your foreman again, this time a look of incredulity on his face, but he mouths 'later' at you and gives you a knowing smirk. You turn back to face the captain.

"No lasting harm done," You say, "Just glad you showed up when you did."

"Anyhting yo ucan tell us about what happened here?" He asks, soft smile never leaving his face.
That guy seems like a fake if I've ever seen one.

"These men were the ones I reported trying to burn my barn earlier, and some of their friends. We were more pro-active in fighting them off this time. They seem to want to run us out of here, which I don't take kindly to one bit. Now, I'm grateful you turned up when you did, but can I ask if you have any way to keep those folks away in the future? I don't want to deal with a 'known terrorist' while I'm out fixin' the fence and such."

Feel free to muss that around as you like.
oh, and offer to get meals up to 'em if they're going to be patrolling nearby often.

I don't know if it's a bribe, but it's nice to have police about.
File: 1390011413557.png-(149 KB, 500x590, shiver_by_lizardbat-d6zatpr.png)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
you rang? Found it on DeviantArt.

This sounds good.
that's pretty fuckin' cold
File: 1390013735644.jpg-(695 KB, 636x900, NowPresentingSirNotAppear(...).jpg)
695 KB
695 KB JPG
You gather yourself up and give a clinical report of what happened. "These men were the ones I reported trying to burn my barn earlier, and some of their friends. We were more pro-active in fighting them off this time. They seem to want to run us out of here, which I don't take kindly to one bit. Now, I'm grateful you turned up when you did, but can I ask if you have any way to keep those folks away in the future? I don't want to deal with a 'known terrorist' while I'm out fixin' the fence and such."

He nods. "We were planning on stepping up patrols in this area. Most of the problems in Riverport have died down to nearly manageable levels, as such I've got a few extra troopers on my hands.'

"Well, if you boys are going to be around this way more then the least we could do is offer to water the horses and lets you stop in for a meal or two." You say, hospitality getting the better of you.

"I'd be much obliged miss, of course, We'd be sure to compensate you for your generosity.

"Oh that would be too much." You say

"Oh but I insist, regulations anyway, article 7 dash 5 under civilian relations. Otherwise it could be considered a bribe." Here you see McCain wince slightly and mouth 'Seven Dash Four'
File: 1390013799924.jpg-(263 KB, 650x856, QMNeedsArtBadly.jpg)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
You assist the soldiers in taking account of the wounded and dead. Two of the subordinate gunmen are dead, one putting up a last stand as the cavalry bore down on him. Surprisingly enough, however, despite having his head bent at a nasty angle the fleeing rider is alive, the same sadly could not be said for his horse, having broke its neck when it pitched over. The sergeant is surprisingly efficient in getting things in order, and it isn't long before he and one of the troopers are marching the survivors toward South Fork. All in all, of the 5 wounded, only two actually passed, though the one knifed gunman nearly had a fit when Marie finally landed, picking up her knives and stowing them in her coat.

With an armed patrol keeping eyes open, it is surprisingly easy for one man to take care of cattle, which is precisely what McCain does as Marie tends to the protesting Tai.

>Any action you wish to take as it is now late midday
File: 1390014137953.jpg-(158 KB, 900x1234, enjoying_winter_by_lieju-(...).jpg)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
what'cha lookin' for? I ain't got anything better to do.
Let's gather our ranch hands around and tell 'em they did a great damn job. Hopefully the lawmen will take over from here, and here on out the only thing our watchman will have to worry about are coyotes.

Then let's check the herd, fence, and houses for stray bullet based problems until it's time to sleep.
and special props to marie for her crazy knifework.
That's terrifically dangerous for all parties involved.
File: 1390016358668.jpg-(490 KB, 640x800, MainProblemIsIHaveNoWorka(...).jpg)
490 KB
490 KB JPG
You get your hands together and thank them for going above for a job well done, Marie looks particularly please with herself over this, wheras Tai looks a bit sheepish, muttering something about not expecting anything quite like this, but being happy to be of help. McCain just simply nods. After that, you make a point og going about and checking the property for damage. Thankfully given most of the firefight took place in the small valley, nothing appears to have hit the property or the cattle. You do, however, manage to find an abandoned single shot rifle, presumably owned by one of the fleeing gunmen. You hand it off to McCain to dispense properly, and he promptly hands it to Tai.

You head back and find that the venison has finished smoking, your altercation having ended and leaving you at least a small window to take the strips of meat out of the smoker before it gets too dry. You also have Tai break out what was left of the deer to make something for yourself and the Nitor troopers. He's gotten desperately low on spices, but he makes up for it with skill in cooking, and from the looks of enjoyments on the trooper's faces as they join you for the meal, you don't think your the only one.
File: 1390016444549.jpg-(66 KB, 258x408, HeNaturallyKeepsTheTatooHidden.jpg)
66 KB
McCain gets to talking with Captain Keel, asking a bit about the Nitor saying he used to be in it a long time ago. You are a bit taken aback by his boldness, even if what he said is technically true, but Keel seems to warm up to the subject, talking about rebuilding projects, and public works. You get the feeling that Keel and Veles would talk for hours on the intricacies of their little pet projects. It isn't long, however, until the Captain and his men bid their goodbyes, saying that they'll be stationed in the nitor posting office in south fork for a little while should we need them.

Afterwards, you sit by the fire, enjoying the warmth as it dies down. You put down the book you were reading as the clock in strikes midnight, and you head to bed. You don't know what the future holds for you, but you are pretty certain you've got yourself a pretty good start on whatever it is.

ARC 1: 'Breaking Out' COMPLETE

Going to call it here. Not sure when the next thread will be, but I figured this was as good a spot as any to finish this arc, as you've blown through everything I had planned for this arc.

On a related note, I got around to making an IRC channel on the suptg IRC. #LLQ should be the channel name. I figure that before I start going into some of the other arcs, I may as well get a sounding on what folks actually want to see. That and try and find a time when people will be able to participate.
Good session, canid, thanks for running. I don't know about the whole IRC thing, I never really use that stuff, but I look forward to more exploration, and getting started on meeting centaurs, or developing one of the finds on our land. Maybe getting some people actually interested in living here to settle up somewhere.

I think the centaur talk traderoute thing is the highest priority though, to be the catalyst for all the rest.
File: 1390018694558.jpg-(329 KB, 657x797, 1333339039772.jpg)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
Thanks for running! these threads always brighten my day.
Yeah, they're nice, even if they're kind of abandoned.
I'm dinking around in the IRC a bit myself.

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