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After a week of silence a new update has occured.
After the initial thread where the idea for the game was created (http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/29252276/) and the second thread where races were dicussed (http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/29318187/).
We now touch upon the subject of professions, better known as classes.

The project page(s):




There is a need for armour, weapon, subraces and gw2 classes powers suggestions.

Let's get shit (further) done, old school /tg/ style.
GW1 professions are up and ready for feedback.
GW1 Ranger should have spirits... or at least GW2 rangers should have it
Have you seen that skill list? adding more to the ranger would off the balance.
My interest is dependant on the amount of GW1-style painless multiclassing.
That might be a good thing to do... Have to figure out how to balance it though...
I think Elementalist is underpowered, that skill list is way too small
Put in a murder sword. S10 murder sword.
What.... that would have to cost... your entire army. That's a retarded idea.
No you're a retard. A murder sword is the best option here

Hold up. If you are even implying the WH40K murder sword pls go.
However, it occurs to me that a FDS might be useful. Anyone got ideas for stats?

For those unknown with the term FDS, use google-fu. FDS GW should get you there.
Wait where is the current list of profession skills? All I see is a pretty blank page...
Same here
have you clicked on the Page rather than the discussion? are you using an updated browser?

unless you're a retard with i.e. 8 or some shit like that you should be able to open that
Khorn, Do I see it right that scrubs don't get classes? In GW1 even the krytan peasants had healing signet.
the scrubs are the base profiles, subraces and professions are applied on top of that.
Well EXCUSE ME for being a retard.
So Maces, great swords and great axes exist in the GW1 version?
>Great axes are a thing in GW?
they are noncanon, but it makes for a more interesting warrior.
We all know and must acknowledge that when creating a homebrew, things may deviate from the canon
Ok, I'm here too.

I don't see how customizations and point costs of professions are added, but that's a minor issue because I still haven't seen any turn order rules written down.

Turn order is important.

Is it move-shoot-assault as in 40k?
Is it I-go-you-go as in chess (and maybe Epic 40k)?

How much does a profession cost? Is the cost different for every race? etc, that is detail that can wait until we have a game.
So how do the skills work exactly? How many abilities does a unit get?

Warriors should get a Shield skill.
Paragons should get a Spear skill. Possibly a sword skill if you're going non-canon because why not.

Should give necros a choice of a main passive to choose from, not all of them are MM's.

For the "Expend all U points" abilities, would it be worth it to set a minimum require amount of U that they have to use?

And lose, not loose.
I played this games last time, a WW2 wargame that had a very streamlined turn system. You put green and red dice in a bag for every model/unit, and blindly grab a die. the colour decides who goes, the player may then decide which model goes untill both players have ordered all their models around.

thinking of using that, combined with a movement/standard/full action system.

I saw your notes, gave some feedback, might clarify some stuff
every model has a set amount of U points in a turn. This number depends on race, subrace, profession, gear and temporary boosts.
Skills may be used untill your U points are depleted for that turn.

Shields get no skills, but warriors and paragons may buy a shield to increase Defence

Necros can also choose to be a debuffer, but some of their skills rely on Minions. Giving too much options might confuse players who are unfamiliar with the systems

a minimum amount of U points spent is a good remark. Some skills do require you to spend more U according to how many models you affect.

And thanks for the spell check. Most of the stuff is written while I am at work.
I was taking a blind stab at guild wars going by what I saw so far in the notes, so meh, and the turn order you describe is what I too had in mind, so it's all right I guess.

I actually thought of combining it (i-go-you-go) with an action point system, so at the beginning of a turn you hand out the dice for every model (easy in a 4v4 TA battle, a huge fucking mess when armies come to play as in the battle of jahai), with the die's face on the top representing how many APs the model has left. When all points are spent or the turn is forfeited (a.k.a. model does nothing), the die is removed.

If only because I felt that it would represent GW's tactical micromanagement well.

Does a model with a profession get a single U point automatically? Because a human monk can't do shit without it, unless she gets ganged on, but every smart player will just kill the other players as the monk can't do a thing without U points.
How many skills are you aiming for then? For each profession that is.

I think it would be nice if each weapon or GW attribute was represented by 3-4 skills.
I see you are more on the GW2 take with that, that will be developed later on.

We might do something with an AP system, but on the other hand, if everything has a limited amount of time, what use is the U point system and how can a warrior and a ranger set up a tag team where the ranger puts down a trap and the warrior hammer bashes the nemy right into the trap. Thats a bit of a problem. I do agree however that some weapons are a bit unwieldier than other, this is on it's turn represented by the Fight Value. Unwieldy weapons make it harder to maneuver quickly.
Protector's Defense (Shield) - You may expend a U point when an ally within 6" is attacked with a ranged weapon. [Roll Dodge/Block mechanic for reduced damage or damage negation]

Depending on how U points "refresh", the warrior could expend leftover U from the previous turn or borrow from the next turn.
No actually I'm all for GW1 but you made the less confusing comment. I'd really like separate attribute lines with each profession getting a decent amount of skills that they could choose from.
I have considered implementing this skill, but have not, seeing as:

1) U points are spent within the model's turn

2) dodge rolls against ranged attacks are made by 2d6 under Fight value checks

3) monks do this better

4) you can't act outside of turn (yet. and this would be something this tips the scales of the balance)


It might be made so (due to GW1 being mostly human) that certain subraces/factions might be able to utilize special skills that occur with the use of a certain weapon. However, bringing weaponbased ATTRIBUTES to the table might off the balance in favour of the more weaponfocussed professions (i.e. warrior and ranger) and leave spellcasters in the down area (seeing that they have a very... VERY limited weapon selection).
Stat improvements with better qualiy weapons and armour will still be implemented and with the current skill itteration, the warrior alread gets a skill based on their weapons and so do rangers. Not to mention that a twohanded weapon has it's own pros and cons opposed to a shield.
(And I'd be all for the Mesmer using a skill like that for any of their counter spells)

Power Spike - You may expend U points equal to 'U amount of target skill' whenever an ally within 18" is the target of a hostile spell. [Roll Will mechanic for spell negation]. Use only once per turn cycle.

Hex Breaker - You may expend U whenever an ally within 18" is the target of a hostile spell. That ally rolls an additional die for their Will Save and may take the best 2 dice. Use only once per turn cycle.
I didn't mean actually bringing the attributes in. I meant just for each attribute line, give the units the option of selecting 3-4 skills.
Good suggestion, will look into it.

Again I have to point towards the fact that too much freedom is bad.
If you have concrete examples, please do tell, otherwise I will have to take new players into consideration
An interesting point as I am reading through my notes. Some subfactions can create a formation if using the same weapon.
For example:

A group of Charr engineers with rifles of the Iron Legion may group together and form a firing line, unlocking an extra skill.

If you have ideas about such formations that depend on multiple factors I will happily take them into account
Boro, every model has U points. Profession brings U points, Weapons might give U points, Armour might give U points.

Oh and by the way, my shift is about to end, so I won't be able to monitor the thread, can you archive this thread as it goes?

I had this thought on organization:
>Single characters/Player Characters are pretty much like 40k Independent Characters. Lots of skills (e.g.: 8)
>Elites are like small warbands, 4-man paraways, smth like that. They move together and have fewer skills (4-5)
>Scrubs are the horde: Same equipment, same skill set for all models. 1-3 skills. They move in formation.
The design is a pure skirmish game. Every character has importance. you should think with a limit of 100 points for an average army.
sure you could fill it up with human scrubs (25 of em), and sure they can put up a good fight against a well formed group of 5... maybe 6 Norn who are kitted out with subrace, profession and perhaps a few specialised weapons, but is that how you want it to be? another game of hordes and hordes of dudes where development of individual characters is impossible?

(above statement is the current mindset of the balancing at game creation, point allowances might change with scenarios etc)
I just meant that, depending on how many skills are created, make a build for each Elemental line, each with 3/4 skills.

Phoenix - Expend U to deal 1HP damage, unnegatable. Expend an additional U to heal an ally within 6".
Flame Burst - Expend U to deal 1HP damage to a foe within 6". Expend additional U to target an additional foe within 6", max 3 targets total.
Glowing Gaze - Expend U to deal 1 HP damage to a foe within 12". [Roll Will Mechanic - gain 1 U]. Use only once per turn.

Water Trident - Expend U to deal immobilize target. [Roll knock back or knock down mechanic]
Conjure Frost - Expend U to enchant target allies weapon with Frost for 3 turns. When that ally attacks, [Roll Mechanic - foe loses X movement points next turn].
Frozen Burst - Expend U to deal 1HP damage to a foe within 6". Expend additional U to target an additional foe within 6", max 3 targets total. Expend additional U to immobilize all targets.

Then I'd personally prefer Necromancers be split up into 3 lines.

Order of the Vampire - Whenever you are attacked in melee, roll [Will Mechanic - that foe loses 1 AP next turn].
Whenever you are attacked by a bleeding foe, roll [Will Mechanic - gain 1HP].

Offering of Blood - Expend U and sacrifice 1HP. Target ally gains +2 U on their next turn.
Unholy Feast - Expend U to deal 1HP damage to a foe within 6". Expend additional U to target an additional foe within 6", max 3 targets total. If 3 U is spent in this way, heal 1HP.
Barbed Signet - Expend U. Target foe within 12" is inflicted with bleeding.

Shadow of Fear - Whenever you are attacked in melee, roll [Fight Mechanic] twice and take the best result.

Well of Ruin - Expend all, minimum 6 U. Opens a well in a small area. Foes take double wounds in the area of effect.
Price of Failure - Expend UU and hex target foe. Whenever that foe misses an attack, gain 1 U permanently.

>I gave Phoenix healz because I like that type of stuff.
It this khorneflake has a point. I used to play LotR and WotR and spellcasters would have all these schools of magic with all kinds of spells. Sure they all had their appeal, but in the end you'd end up using only 2 or 3 spells from the entire list because you were restricted in the amount of spells you could use (focus rolls were a bitch).

I do agree however that there should be some choice, perhaps make certain spells race exclusive?
fuckin hell... focus rolls... please don't remind me, I quit WotR a long time ago.
Race exclusive spells might offset the balance... But I'll look into it, we're still early in the game's development.

I see what you're getting at, I'll archive the thread anyway and perhaps at a stage 1.5 or so I might expand on the skill list after all... you never know.

Only time and playtests can tell.

Now give me some weapons, armours and subfaction ideas people.
>For completeness...

Mind Shock - Expend 2 U. If target foe took a Full Move last turn, deal 2 HP damage. [Roll Will Mechanic - deal additional 1HP damage]. If you are Attuned to Air roll it's Will Mechanic twice and take the best result.
Air Attunement - Expend 2 U. Become enchanted; for 5 turns, whenever you cast an Air spell, [Roll Will Mechanic - use 1 less U to cast].
Windborne Speed - Expend U. Become enchanted; for 3 turns, gain +2 Movement Points.

Earthquake - Expend all U, minimum 4. All foes in a straight line up to 12" [Roll knockdown mechanic]. Deal 1HP to knocked down foes. Immobilize foes that aren't knocked down.
Sandstorm - Expend 2 U. Create a sandstorm in a small area. Foes standing in this area at the end of their turn take 1HP damage.
Stoning - Expend U. Deal 1HP damage. If target is knocked down, deal 2 HP damage.

>Curses cont'
Lingering Curse - Expend 2 U. Hex target foe. That foe cannot be healed and condition duration permanent.

I'd be fine with the Necro as is for the Death line.
Well, I was not thinking of using scrubs for anything more than quest objectives (krytan villagers escorted to Loamhurst.)
Weapons can be attribute boosts. Wielding any weapon gives +1U
+1 D, +1 F.
+1 S,
+2 S, -1 D
+1 A, +1 F, -1 D
+1 U (to a total of +2
+1 D, +2 U (total of +3)

Off hand slots:
Shield: +1 D +1 F
Focus: +1 U, +1 W

that's kinda random, and not very well thought out.
work shift ends in 5 mins, someone archive this thread if more info is added
>I do agree however that there should be some choice, perhaps make certain spells race exclusive?

I made a comment in the previous thread about that kind of.

If it's a humans fuck yeah game:
Tyrian warriors use Hundred Blades/Devastating Hammer/Eviscerate
Canthan Warriors use Dragon Slash/Enraged Smash/Triple Chop
Elonian Warriors use Crippling Slash/Magehunter Smash/Decapitate

Same thing for all the other classes, pick the elite for that region. Then those regions also might have a bias towards their unique professions - the assassin/ritualist and paragon/dervish
I'm doing it.
bumpan cause we still aren't anywhere
also cause I mistyped my name.
Looks like KFM hasn't arrived yet.

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