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File: 1392662055131.jpg-(139 KB, 494x570, Nanoha Force Quest Banner.jpg)
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Across the worlds connected by the sea of dimensions, many magic-using civilizations have thrived.

The era of large scale conflicts and weapons of mass destruction have come to pass.

The Time-Space Administration Bureau has brought order and peace to the remains of the Belka.

However, even in this era of peace, conflict still exists.

It is the year 81 of the New Calendar, and a revolution is coming. A cursed poison threatens to destroy the foundation of the modern world.

It all started with a book and a ring; this is the fated meeting between the boy, Tohma, and the cursed girl, Lily.

The Gospel of the Silver Cross Incident begins now.

Between either your new family or your revenge, which will you choose to live on?

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Nanoha%20FORCE%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BelkanSniper
File: 1392662245069.jpg-(263 KB, 850x600, White Machine 3.jpg)
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263 KB JPG

>Reload from the Last Dead End!

>Tohma Hp 11->7/15

>VL: 110%

>Your virus is reacting to something...

Your name is Tohma Avenir, and you are getting killed. Before you stood Ricardo Joker, the while machine. He was a combat android? made to kill Eclipse Drivers like you, a true Mage Killer Killer.

You were injured, tired and now you felt that this whole battle was a whole idea, but you could not stop right now. These guys had attacked your hero, Yuuno Scrya and you had stayed in the temple to buy Isis, Mr. Scrya’s assistant, some time to help Mr. Scrya.

There was only one thing to do, you had to defeat this white machine swordsman fast, and then move to intercept the black machine. If you do not do that fast enough, then Isis and Mr. Scrya would be helpless.

The while machine readies his blade once again, taking a stance to prepare for your attack. You know it, if you fail this attack you will die.

This is your last chance to turn this around, you have to make it count.

Even though your body is not in optimal conditions and your friend’s life and yours hangs in the line, you decide to:

>You decide to shot it!
>You decide get out of the temple and try an aerial battle?
>You decide to try to swordfight again,
>Flee to Isis? [?????? Approves]
>Wait and Defend? [Einhard-sensei Approves]
>Try to use the virus in your blood and go all out! [C.Devil? Approves]
>You decide to Shot it!

>fighting a NOT DANN
We need to attack his support lines. What sort of weapons do we have/what mecha are we most like.
File: 1392662512164.jpg-(436 KB, 850x1859, Tohma Set Up.jpg)
436 KB
436 KB JPG
You are this guy, a viral powered combat soldier that is currently fighting human-sized Dann, which was made to kill your kind.

You already died once to this guy... and have to go rescue your friends.
>being touma
ugh we are the worst

We need to use the environment. See if he can handle rubble on top of him
I guess I can't blame you for thinking that way, but give him a try, at least help him save his hero, Yuuno.

So you want to shoot the temple ceiling and cause a cave in? Then you want to run away?

>>You decide get out of the temple and try an aerial battle?

Challenge him to a sky duel.
File: 1392663010788.pdf-(143 KB, PDF, Stat Sheet.pdf)
143 KB
143 KB PDF
Sure, roll me 5x d100 for Attack
DC is 45
> 50- 5(Viral Effect!)

Also here is the Stat Sheet.
Rolled 1

Well yes. If we kill him, we can rescue him. Then we need to find our friends and hide out on some backwards planet, non administered type.

>Critical Success.
File: 1392663958302.png-(436 KB, 1698x1200, Divide Zero.png)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
Fighting this guy in this small temple room is just plain suicide, your swordsmanship is not good enough to handle this white machine alone in CQC, no you have to play to your strengths.

Raising your gunblade, power gathers at the tip, a spell that brings ruin forms instantly, “Divide Zero!” With no charge, with no recoil, with no mercy, you fire a gigantic beam of destruction.

Not at Ricardo JOKER, but the stone ceiling of the temple. Your power drills through the structure and earth creating another exit from the holding chamber.

>VL: 110%-> 120%

“Reaction: What are you doing, Zero Driver?!” Right now the white machine did not matter to you, you had other things to worry about.
The stone structure started to shake, the damage from your attack was too much, soon this whole temple will collapse, just as you planned!

You fly at top speed towards the exit your bombardment spell just made, just barely scrapping by to avoid being buried alive in the temple.
The clear blue sky surrounds you, a sky so wide that you feel like it could almost devour you in blue.

This is the first time you had done this, flying so high under your own power, but there is no time to enjoy the sensation.
You have to save your friends.

There is no sign of the white machine, maybe it had no time to react and is now trapped in the rubble. This is the time to blast that temple up with your full power.

Isis should have gone to where the camp is, if you fly fast enough, you might be able to reach them.

The last option would be to try to intercept the black machine at the temple exit, and avoid letting it get near Mr. Scrya

>Go towards the camp.
>Go towards the exit of the temple, maybe you can intercept the black machine.
>Bombard the rubble and the white machine, there is no time to play!
>Flee, and leave Isis and Yuuno to fight alone, you had more things to worry about!
>Go towards the camp
We must have our friends. We fight for them!
>Go towards the exit of the temple, maybe you can intercept the black machine.

White machine is down for a while. Attack the other threat.
Will wait for another vote to break the tie, if not I will roll a dice.
Any way I could talk you into reconsidering leading the murderous war machines to our heavily injured friend?
>Go towards the camp
See. I'm
and the problem is, can we take on the black machine (which I will call mark 2) on?

We hurt the white one in conventional combat. No reason why his sister would be different.
Can we befriend her. If we can we need to. We need more friends, like big sister Subaru said. (I'm changing my vote)
So going to Isis and Co... Roll me a 4x D100 for Evasion!
DC is 25
>40 + 5(VL) - 10(Gunfight III)- 10 (Snipe Skill)
Rolled 73

Rolled 15

Oh joy, Black Imoto is shooting us in the back.
>Black Imouto... Ha!
>A certain Sniper is now sad!
as long as we have our cute new sister, I'm ok with this. We need to be like Big Sister Subaru and have our own hare er um family.
File: 1392665916611.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 270 KB, 850x1239)
Spoiler Image, 270 KB
270 KB JPG

You priority is getting to the camp, there is no time to waste on the black machine. You gather your power as you fly at top speed towards the camp.

You have to get to Mr. Scrya, and help Isis stabilize him. Maybe if you and Isis work together then you could manage to get a teleport spell going and…

Something in the distance catches your eyes, and in a instant you raise your left hand. A silver magic ring forms, and immediately afterwards the air around you burns.

Several consecutive shots meet your shield, but your defense is iron tight, no matter how much your attacker tries, with these weak shots they won’t get you!

Your eyes zoom in on the source of the attack, a girl perched on top of a nearby hill, and she is coming from a different direction than from where the temple was. This sniper reminds you of Vivio, but you think she is an Eclipse Driver.

The shells in her hands do not appear to be a Divider, so these attacks are probably not the best she can do.

She will soon attack, and you decide to:

>Continue towards camp, defending from the sniper!
>Shoot back at the Sniper!
>Rush at the sniper and get her!
>Look back to see if the killer machines are coming
>Check for more enemies, if the sniper is here, then this could be an ambush.
>Look back to see if the killer machines are coming

Grendels, huh? Well we don't have to worry about the Machine Siblings going after Yuuno now. Perhaps they'll take her off our hands.
>Head towards the tank

Also can we make a remark like "Nice breasts," or "Damn, you have an ass!" we should do that!
Will wait for another vote, before rolling.
>Also trying to cheat on VIvio... heh.
I like your courage.
Vetoing these OOC sexual harassment comments.
We obviously need to wonder out loud on why we always seem to be fighting such cute girls.
>Vivio not being homosexual, 0081 of the NOT UNIVERSAL CENTURY

(I want to play this Touma as more Peter Parker, rather than ANGST WOE IS ME I AM A CLONE OF SEPHIROTH/JAPANESE MALE PROTAGONIST ARCHETYPES)
So you want to rush towards the Sniper, too?
I will accept this, I just don't want the main character to go full ANGST. We don't have to be a 1-1 cannon clone thing, as long as we follow general rules.
...Have you even been following this quest before today?

Nope, still want to look for the Warmachine pair..
Eh, you feel that Tohma has been angsting these past few threads, or just this thread.

I have been trying to keep Tohma angst free for most of the quest. I like to think that I had not been failing.

>Also year 0081 of the New Calendar, not realizing you are in Vivio's harem.

So, let me count.
We have only one vote to rush, and another to look for warmachines.

If we do not get a tie breaker vote in five minutes, I will roll for it.
I'm like 90% sure that that anon hasn't been following this quest. Your characterization of Tohma is fine.

I'll agree to give a
Rolled 2


>The dice may decide your fate, but always know this, there will be cute girls on your path.
Rolled 49

Roll me a 4xD100
DC is
40+10(Gunfight I) - 10 (Gunfight III)- 10 (HeadHunter!)- 5 (High VL)
DC is 25 again, for the math illiterate!
Rolled 30


Hey, Belkan. Last thread I recall Ein saying that the Black machine fought like her.

Tohma would absolutely know what that means but could you explain it to us?
Rolled 57

Eh, no, that was Vivio, she said that White Machine fought like her, aka they were both defense types, aka the type that prefer to counter attack and then hit you when you are open.

But that is also true, Ein is also similar to Black Machine, both are the type whose power increase when they attack, thus you know what to do with them.
Rolled 96

Rolled 36

... Mild Failure
>A certain headhunter is happy!
File: 1392669945893.jpg-(280 KB, 724x1024, Tohma BK 1.jpg)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
>Auto-Skill Regen I is activated, three turns for the next activation!

>Tohma HP 7-> 8/15

“Why must it always be a cute girl…” At this rate, you think that every time you do something, you will meet a cute girl who will try to kill you.

You wonder if that would be such a bad fate…

Still, you spin in the sky to avoid the next barrage of shots from that cute sniper, and fly your body higher up, and then turn towards where the temple was.

There is no sign of disturbance on the temple site, thus the white machine has not freed itself yet, but there is no real sign of the black machine nearby. It is either hiding somewhere or In the camp, with Isis.

Not being able to locate those things worries you, but at least now you have the time to think how to deal with those two.

“Neck x 1”
File: 1392670026302.jpg-(714 KB, 1073x1500, Quinn 2.jpg)
714 KB
714 KB JPG
A silver flash streaked towards you, it aims towards your neck for a quick kill. You react with all your speed, but it is not enough.

Raising your left arm and your shield, you managed to avoid having your head taken, but the force of the sword swing was enough that you were sent crashing towards the ground.

>Tohma HP 8->7/15
Your body meets the ground in a painful impact. You are lucky that the black armor covered your body, but you feel that your protection won’t save you for long.

Still this gives you an opportunity to meet your attacker, a blond girl wearing a black school uniform. The weapon in her hand is a long curved sword… a katana, a type of sword that Su-chan’s father once showed you that came from his homeland.

Another cute girl has really appeared, maybe you are really cursed.

“Preparing to subdue the Zero Driver.” The voice is cold, but you feel that that coldness is faked.
The girl is not saying anything else, but you feel that she will attack soon, and you can also feel the sniper nearby.

What do you do?

>Face the Swordsman
>Try to find the sniper?
>Head towards the camp
>Run Away towards the temple
>Talk? Maybe they can be your friends.
>Rain silver light on everything!
>Talk, if that doesn't work, then retreat to the camp.
>>Talk? Maybe they can be your friends.
"Subdue? You could just ask me whatever it is you want. I'm not above helping a cute girl."

Is Black Imoto taking her sweet time or what?
You'd think all this action would bring her running. Curren too for that matter.
Black Imouto is currently cleaning shop...
>Talking to cute girls who are trying to kill you.
Living the dream...?
File: 1392671345064.jpg-(92 KB, 400x489, Black Machine 8.jpg)
92 KB
You do not want to fight if you could avoid it, so maybe…

“Subdue? You could just ask me whatever it is you want, I am not above helping a cute girl!” Yeah this should just seal the deal!

The black swordsman just stays silent… until she blushes, breaking the cold façade she had worn until then, “You beast, how could you say that to the deadly Front Attacker of the Glorious Grendel Family!”

[Octupus idiot, do not fall for his charms, that boy is the type to call every girl he meets c-cute! Just capture him!] Was that the sniper? Did she hear you?

“Roger, continuing combat!” The Swordsman went cold as she raised her katana and gathered energy, yet at that moment another person you had wanted to avoid appeared.

Clad in black metal, and holding a white rifle, she was the machine made to hunt your kind, a Mage Killer Killer! The one that had attacked Mr. Scrya.

“Buenas! Zero-boy, why did you not come to look for me! Estaba aburida esperandote! I had to waste time with those fleshbags we had prepared in our ship. Who are you, to make me, Victoria CHARIOT, have to look for you!”

The black sniper shoots without any hesitation, her destructive magic would have ended your life had not someone come to help you.

File: 1392671503705.jpg-(100 KB, 350x458, Isis.jpg)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
A flight of crows just entered the battle field, the black birds just flew straight towards the attack aimed at you and devoured it at the spot.

But that was not all, more black Birds darkened the area around the black machine, which then was engulfed in a huge explosion!

While the smoke around the black machine cleared you searched for your savior.

Clad in a black barrier jacket and wearing bracers with chemical containers on her arms, she was your new friend, the bodyguard Mr. Scrya had contracted. Isis.

“Tohma! You idiot! Why did you not come here to join us in the camp!”

Isis is now helping you, but now you had to deal with the Black Machine and the pair of Eclipse Drivers who wanted to capture you.

>What do you do?
>Attack Black Machine
>Attack Swordsman!
>Attack Sniper!


>Send Isis to fight the Black Machine
>Send Isis to fight the Sniper
>Send Isis to fight the Swordman.
>Ask Isis to do Other?

Also drawing a tactical map soon!
File: 1392671861322.jpg-(58 KB, 1024x1000, Ancient Rites.jpg)
58 KB
Sniper is outside the map, you will need a Main Action to relocate to where she is.
>Attack Black Machine
>Send Isis to find the Sniper

Ask the Swordsman to help since she really doesn't have a choice as Black wants to kill EC Drivers in general.
Also ask her name.
Indeed. We must have Glorious Co-operation (I follow this vote)

Mmm... First Roll me a Char Check! d100
DC is 30, that girl won't betray her family, but maybe...
Rolled 88


"So deadly cute Attacker of the Glorious Grendel Family. Would you like to help me not die today?"
Rolled 43

Oh before, this goes on, you only have 3 rolls for this, Leadership II is active, and gave you two dice penalties on this.
Rolled 82

Too bad we can't channel all those wasted 30's from when the DC is 25.

Suppose even the skills of a Liar Devil are no match for Leadership ll.

Man I want that skill.
Failure, but not that bad,
>That girl at least considered it for a moment.

Now, how do you want to attack the black machine?
>Melee, Crimson Slash!
>Shoot back, Silver Hammer!
>Divide Zero?
>Bombard the whole area, rain unlimited stars of death, Hundred Million!

That guy only salvation are his leadership skills. Even if he is an idiot, he is the type of leader that his followers will follow.

To be honest, you guys are due for another upgrade, but you had not had the time to rest for it.
>>Melee, Crimson Slash!

No way we're getting into a shootout with a Anti-Driver sniper
Belkan? Does our using Divide by Zero have a negative effect on us? It seems like everytime we use it we promptly passout or loose our minds afterwards.
Not really, you used it just fine this thread, but that spell increases the Viral Level you have by a bit much than other spells.

Those incidents have more to do with other factors, such as C.Devil or you know, being dead and refusing to die.
So no one will vote for anything else?
So roll me 5x d100
DC is
40+ 10(Gunfight!)- 5(VL Penalties)
>Warning, Viral Levels are High, Secundary Effects of EC Virus will be soon felt.
Rolled 34

Did we even have a way to lower our Virus Level? Usually we just die or get captured and it's back to normal when we wake up.
There are, the fastest one, might not be something you like.

But Curren might know something, she will also ask you to join her to help you.

Lily was meant to serve as that, but, there is a reason she is a broken reactor plug...

Moderate Success, unless you want to roll more to get a better roll.

Also choose a color for your fate...
Rolled 36

Well this is White devil route.
... White Devil was Pink.

At least it was not Blue, that one would have been cruel, very cruel.
Rolled 36



Eh, so I screwed up?
Damn color coded systems.
Sorry, it was one of those first pick things.

Nah, it was fine, at lest it is not blue, that one...
Just prepare for some another important meeting.
File: 1392675456934.jpg-(154 KB, 850x536, Isis Next.jpg)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
You can’t fight both the Black Machine and these EC Drivers, so you know what you must do.

“Can this deadly and cute attacker of the gracious Grendel Family help me not die today? That thing is a machine made to hunt other EC Drivers, so after it is done with me, it will kill you guys too!”

To her credit she pauses a second to consider it, but, “I am sorry, I have my orders, I must subdue the Zero…”
Yeah you expected that, that is why you take off towards the black machine before even letting her finish!

“…wait come back, Zero! I am not done with you, you dumbass!” Now she is angry? You did not really understand
You turn towards Isis, who is in the air, while maintaining the cloud of black birds that stop the fire from the Black Machine. “Isis, go find the sniper! We can’t beat this thing while worrying about the attacks of the other sniper!”

Isis seams to hesitate for a moment, but in the end agrees with your idea, “Roger, but I will try to keep my barrier on you while I can.” Good, if you had Isis’s help, then you could approach the Black Machine no problem. Isis takes a moment to meet your eyes, this is the moment you notice something important.

She is worried about you. “Be careful idiot. You can’t die on me, you hear me. I am a professional, so I can’t have the death of an idiot like you on my record, so you are not allowed to die, you hear me!”

“Yeah I understand.”

“Good, you are the first friend of my age that I have made in a long time, so don’t do anything too stupid, okay.” With this Isis leaves, and you turn towards the black machine.

File: 1392676431751.jpg-(46 KB, 1024x1000, Ancient Rites.jpg)
46 KB
With great power you charge straight at it, Isis’s black barrier protecting you against her attacks.
“No me jodas! Estos cuervos, I can’t hit you! I need to shift to-“

Each of the black birds explode on contact with the metal rods that the black machine shoots, and you slowly but surely clear a way and reach melee distance!

“Crimson…” You sword combusts, and the air combusts too at your will, thus a destructive power is born in your right hand, “SLASH!”

Your swords slices into the fake flesh of the black machines, you take pleasure in the feeling of the sword cutting the fake flesh, bisecting the black machine into two, paining the sky red and black. At this moment a part of you should feel sick, but the only thing you can feel is joy.

The joy of killing. The call of a true driver.

Victoria CHARIOT HP 40->31/40

>VL: 130%-100%, in the end, all you need is truly to kill.

If this had been a normal person, it would have died instantly, the thing just reforms, “Ah, good Zero-Boy, asi debe ser mi enemigo! If you are this strong, then I can have fun!” The black machine, the killer called Victoria, is still penetrated by your sword and can't disengage.

The white rifle transforms, and immediately, the black machine is holding some sort of white pistol, and is now aiming at you.


>Tank that Shot and use another Crimson Slash Burstamix Shift!
>Claw Attack the Gun Away Darkness Finger!
>Get Away
>Shoot from the Sword
>Divide Zero from Point Blank! Divide Zero Sword?

Press the attack!
Will wait for another reply, if not we will get to the rollan.
Well, let's go, Roll me a 5x d100.
DC is 40, a fair number!
Rolled 76

Rolled 40

Rolled 3

Good now roll me a 3x D100-50,
DC is 50, this is not really for you... but.
Rolled 59

Rolled 54 + 50

Rolled 48

Success, Writing!
Rolled 50

File: 1392678807597.jpg-(148 KB, 757x1056, White Machine 2.jpg)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
There is no time for fancy tricks, you hate to end this right here and now! “Here!” You furiously slam your head onto the black machine.

It hurts, it hurts to strike metal like this, but to this thing that calls itself as Victoria CHARIOT, it hurts more. The black machine drops its white gun, as the force of your headslam is enough to pull our of your sword and send it crashing towards the ground.
“Revealing: Not so fast, Zero Driver!” From behind you a voice comes, one that you also felt familiar, it is the voice of the other machine, the one you had buried underground.

The white machine is attacking you, and there is no way you can defend. [Expressing glee: Now die, pendejo!”

[No toques a mi hermana!] The white sword howls the name of the attack, as it takes a red color and comes to kill you.
However, something else came.

>Thunder Break Spieß
File: 1392679625695.jpg-(210 KB, 1280x1024, MIra.jpg)
210 KB
210 KB JPG

You know those words, you know the power of destruction that those words can bring. To you that spell is the ultimate weapon that can destroy without mercy… so it surprises you when the spear of pure lighting drills not into you, but into the white machine.

One second that thing would have killed you, and the next it was sent flying by the spear of death crashing into, no through a nearby mountain.

The destruction this spear brings is something known to you, a power that you hate, a power that you had destroyed once.
Clad in white armor and blue dress, a familiar form stands, you can’t recollect from where, but you know this person.

“So you dodged that one…” Eh, that wasn’t aimed at the white machine… no this person would never consider to help you.
This person is… someone you hate, and who hates you back.

File: 1392679705951.png-(383 KB, 576x661, Mira2.png)
383 KB
383 KB PNG
“I am Enforcer Mira Camrill, under the authority granted to me by the Special Duty Section Six and for the glory of our grand Saint Kaiser; S-Rank Criminal, Silberkreuz, you are under arrest. If you resit, I will be allowed to use force to subdue you.”

The enforcer points her cursed lance at you, the lighting fall spear, Gungnir. “Please resist criminal scum, I wish to show you the new power this 5th Generation Device Terminal, the new anointed spear made to kill you.”

You feel it, the air electrifies as black clouds gather in the sky. This is the one who rules over the dark clouds and lightning, someone who has already judged your existence and has found you wanting.

“We have recived the previous call from Mr. Scrya regarding you a few hours ago, and now have lost contact. Silberkreuz, did you assault Sir Yuuno Scrya?”

You do not know what to say, but you know only one thing.

She won’t believe you, no matter what you say.

She and you will do only one thing, fight.

Between you and her there will be no compromise and she won’t allow you to escape.

You feel trapped…

Trapped between those twin warmachines, those other Eclipse Drivers and now with the TSAB here, what were you going to do to survive?

Nanoha FORCE Quest Part 6 END

Next Time: Holy Crusader (II) and Black and White (I)
THis is the dumb shit I was afraid of. This feels like the thing that I scream at the TV when I watch Japanese dramas. If you would surrender, she wouldn't kill you. She isn't as bad as some of the TSAB rogues in A's or Strikers.
You are right, if Tohma gave up she won't, but Tohma has a bad impression of her... so he feels she will kill you, and being practical if she feels forced she will try.

God dammit man. You' got to be fucking kidding me.

Nah, it's alright, it my fault for picking white.
Besides, this wouldn't be fun if things like this didn't happen.

Awesome session Belkan, is there an afterword or is this it?

Then you can stop complaining and vote to surrender next thread. No one wants to hear you complain about something with no bearing.
I do not mind if he complains, I prefer to hear the things that you guys think I can improve, because in part I run this to become better at this kind of stuff.

There might be an interlude, just give me some time to think. Might do a wise up instead.

Choose a color...

Note that I have shifted the guys around this time.

One thing you should note that this is Tohma narrating, so he is a bit unreliable. Tohma has trouble with authority, so he distrusts the TSAB except for Su-chan and the other forwards, because he knows them.
Rolled 84

This again?

>I have shifted the guys around this time.
Screw it
Sorry not available, Sacchin the Summoner is not a character you know yet.

Hades incoming!
File: 1392680879034.jpg-(37 KB, 565x183, 1390651820640.jpg)
37 KB
Fuck it I'm done.
See you next week Belkan.

Oh, and just so I can be more upset, what was gold? Nanoha right?
No... that is about the birth of the complete 5th Gen Terminal-Excalibur and several other shadowruns.

Nanoha was blue and Vivio was Red, while Lily was Black.
Rolled 96

I'm just gonna say this while everyone's here.

I move for a vote to make Nanoha our waifu. All in favor?


>5th Gen Terminal-Excalibur
Not entirely sure what that is but I'm sure it'll show up and try to murder us eventually.
It is the first complete device that can fight Anti-Magic without using mass weapons, with little reductions of effect. A technology different from the MKK from the Twin Machines, other examples of these things is the improved prototype Gungnir the enforcer has.
> the improved prototype Gungnir the enforcer has.

See, I was right even before I said anything.
There is nothing in this quest that will not either try to kill or imprison us on contact.
What about Yuuno?
You mean the guy we met while his bodyguard was trying to murder us?

Not really the best case for a counter example.
Then the only example is Curren... and Vivio, but Vivio has not appeared in the quest properly.
File: 1392682013458.jpg-(11 KB, 180x280, Hades.jpg)
11 KB
[Yo boss, I sent my family members, to capture the Zero. They are currently engaging him.] That boy was sometimes useless, honestly you keep him around because his skills were hard to match, the survival rate of those infected by Eclipse was very low, and so you needed every driver you could recruit.

Even the Grendels.

“Good, we have invested many resources into stabilizing that young boy, we have no time to waste, and we need get him to the main HQ soon.”

[Roger boss, I will show you how professional the Grendel family really is. Once we take a job we never fail at it. Out!]

Honestly, you did not expect the boy to recover the Zero Subject now that it was awake, and from the information you had, the TSAB was soon going to hit that island. It appears that the opportunity to get that investment back was not going to come soon.
Well, there is nothing to be done.

The first rule of business is to know when to act and when to cut losses, so this time you will let that boy go free.

You are Hades Vandein, the CEO of Vandein Industries and the premier researcher of the EC Virus in TSAB Space (in secret).

What will you do this day?

>Visit your cute daughter?
>Check your research on the Divider Replicas?
>Spy on the Anti-Eclipse tech the TSAB is working on with your rival industry.
>Check on the Seed of Origin?
>Meet Strosek the First?
>Assign more collection of EC Drivers.
>Spy on the Anti-Eclipse tech the TSAB is working on with your rival industry.
Will be taking a short break, have to do something.

Be back in half an hour.
Take the time to ponder on this. This is a special interlude.
Rolled 100

Bring up the info on the anti-eclipse tech and review it on the way to see the daughter.
>>Visit your cute daughter?

I know this is a big chance to learn thing but I seriously need something cute right now.
Back, will wait 10 mins for another vote, or then will roll for it.

Also who said that girl is not plot important, after all you guys have met her already.
... This works, AEC tech data incoming.
File: 1392686745723.jpg-(394 KB, 688x1000, Stern Force.jpg)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
You knew what you wanted to do, just spend some time with your cute daughter, but sometimes it was business before pleasure.
Do it for her- you remind yourself of why you work so hard, to become an example for your daughter, after all how can you ask your cutie pie to be a responsible adult if you started to slack around in your job.

Your priority right now should be to review the stolen data you have about the Anti-EClipse (AEC) project that the TSAB was working on. The fight yesterday between your agents (plus the Grendels) and the TSAB special task force was evidence that the TSAB was gearing up to using weapons that could affect Eclipse users.

The basic idea of the AEC project was to create mass weapons that could be used only by mages. Part of the reason the TSAB relied so much on magic was that the most destructive magic was restricted to select agents in the TSAB.

Not every mage was a White Devil who could shot destroy a city with relative ease.

But when faced with the rampant use of Anti-magic technologies since the Saint Cradle incident six years ago, and recently with the reports of Eclipse Drivers in the frontiers of TSAB Space, the main branch was forced to reconsider their tactics.

If magic would not work, why not trying to use mass weapons again? Thus the AEC project was born.

It would have been easier to just use the old mass weapons designs that had been banned since the end of the Belkan Era, but the TSAB wanted to avoid creating weapons that anyone could use, so they came up with a simple solution.

>They would power them up with magic.
File: 1392687142186.jpg-(173 KB, 850x535, Nanoha Armed Cannon!.jpg)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
But so far they had not been too successful, the new equipment were basically failed prototypes that had poor battery life or had poor output problems that led to them being inefetive against anti-magic technology.

Well that is what happens when you try to use magic to power non-magical technology.

With magictech, like devices, magic was a wounderful power source, but using it to power any sort of non-magical tool was very inefficient.

That is why you studied the Eclipse Virus, because you saw the potential in the strange powers this thing gave humans, and the nearly limitless energy that lay in its study.

That is why you were interested in the ZERO-Effect and why you had been interested in the INIFINTY-Effect (and its Driver) so many years ago.

Currently these things were just design concepts, prototypes that are meant to gather data for a final product. But one day these things would improve, they would become functional weapons and then would be integrated to the main devices that the TSAB forces would use in everyday life.

When that happened it would be the death of the anti-magitech.

File: 1392687775438.jpg-(247 KB, 850x1206, Fate and her 5th Gen Bardiche.jpg)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
The other thing to worry about are the 5th Generation Device Terminals.

These was the other half of the AEC project the TSAB was undertaking, these were devices modified to work magic under Eclipse Divide condition. Normally the Divider or even the AMF (Anti-Magilink Fields) would delink the bounds (programs=spells) that tied together mana to from spells.

That was the basic of the anti-magitech technologies.

But these devices found a way to bypass that scenario, if magic could not work they would simply turn magic into something else.

A few percent of mages had access to Mana Conversion Affinities, or rather, had the natural ability to convert their magic energy into raw energy (at a 1:1 ratio), like fire, lightning or even light.

Thus these new devices served as a way to turn magical energy into a power that could still hurt EC Drivers.

If one day the TSAB managed to perfect these technologies…

Well that was a faraway scenario, if you could manage to finish your research in the Eclipse Virus, then all would be fine.

Well, gathering all this data has made you tried, so you decided to:
>Head home and met your cute daughter, you miss her.
>Meet your cute secretary, Strosek the First!
>Meet the first EC test Subject?
>See your greatest treasure, the Seed of Origin!
>Play with your new Divider!
>Head home and met your cute daughter, you miss her.
Cute girls over the plot... I can't blame you.

>Meeting the daughter!
File: 1392689235171.jpg-(54 KB, 1097x614, Daughter.jpg)
54 KB
Well time to go home, but first, “Dahlia, I am going home, take care of the office while I am gone, okay!”

Your white haired secretary just nodded while she continued to work, so diligent and to think she was the first Reactor Plug of the Strosek series you had completed and was a carried of a deadly virus.

Well sometimes looks could be deceiving.

The drive home is eventless, at this time there is virtually no traffic to hinder you, and thus you head home in record time.

Perfect, nothing in this world can separate you from your lovely daughter.

With a loud cheer, you open the door to your apartment, which is empty, save for the devices and maids you had taking care of your daughter. Currently it was vacation time, so she tended to stay home all day, unless you came to take her out.

So it is to no surprise that your cutie pie rushes at you, her hands are tied playing some game with thread (what was that thing?), but you did not care.

The fruit of your life was before you.

“Papa, Papa, here look at this, it is the hero I saw in my dream, a black knight with a sword and a book. The one with the silver cross!” Ah, so that thread thing is meant to from the Zero Boy… how cute (everything your daughter did was cute, no exceptions. Well except liking boys…).

So how do you respond to your most precious thing?
>Talk about her string made hero of the silver cross.
>Take her to the park?
>Eat lunch with her
>Hug her!
Rolled 53

>>Talk about her string made hero of the silver cross.


I am ashamed, must commit Sudoku! At least give me a chance, I promise a cute drawing of the hero of the silver cross!
File: 1392691103559.jpg-(69 KB, 1024x1000, Hero of the Silver Cross.jpg)
69 KB
>I can’t write cute…
Well there was only one thing to do! “HUGGGGSSSS!!!” You avalanche over your daughter, and bring her up your arms, as you spin around with her across your living room, “Whose is the best girl, you are!”

“YAY!” Your daughter jumps in your arms, and reaches your face with her hand, leans over to kiss you. “You are also the best Papa!” She smile in your arm, and you take her to the kitchen were food had already been served for the two of you.

“Papa, I want some carrots, I want them to grow big like Mr. Hero!” You can only laugh a bit at that, as you take your fork and feed her one of the orange pieces.

“Say ahhhh!” You move the fork towards her mouth, and you cutie pie makes a wonderful sound as she bites it.

How beautiful, several years ago this would have not been possible. But it is best to ignore that for now.

The meal goes like this, with you playing with your daughter and the food several times, and near the end.

“Papa, Papa, look at the table, this is my drawing! See, See!” She pointed at the table, and a sheet of paper she had there.

It was a drawing of the hero that she adored, the man with the Silver Cross…

So how was your daughter’s drawing…
>Cute, because she is always cute!
>The Best, because it was made by your daughter!
>Cool, like the hero he is.
>Ugly, you would not dare to choose this one, you monster
>>Cool, like the hero he is.

Because I don't think she'd appreciate us calling her hero cute.

And Belkan, I take it back. You can even make Crystal Devil and Hades cute. That's impressive as hell.
Rolled 83

Dat drawin so ugly it turn MEDUSA to stone.
Crystal Devil... who is that, that is only a cute girl who has a hero she loves, nothing more.

Don't laugh at my bad art... I feel sad.
Rolled 12

<3 You know we loves you, Belkan!
File: 1392692873508.jpg-(87 KB, 1280x720, Daughter Smile.jpg)
87 KB
There is only one right answer, and even though you hate the idea of your daughter liking any male other than you, you do it for her! Always for her!

“He is cool, sweetheart, the coolest hero just like you are the best!”

“Hehe, he is really cool Pa, he goes around saving girls, calling devils cute, and finding old caves and he wants to help his friends!” Your daughter wavers her arms and her drawing as she continues to describe the silly (but real?) adventures her hero had experienced.

“So you think he is the coolest, I guess you no longer like your Papa anymore…” You fake some tears, and then turn around. Just a few more moments and…

“Well, you are not as cool as he is Papa,” Those words, they hurt, “but you are still cool! You are my papa, Papa, so there is no one as great as you!” Such a sweet devil, she really knew your weak spots.

Still with those words, you hug your daughter to your chest and pull her up, and then continue to just spending time with her.

This time with her is a miracle, one that you obtained by becoming the devil. So you will treasure it as long as you can, and thank the Hero of the Silver Cross for giving your daughter back.

Interlude XXX- The Man Who challenged the World and Won END!
So how was the thread, did you guys enjoy my miserable drawing skills or my attempts at SoL.
If you have any suggestions, please tell me, so I can improve.
Also if anyone has a question, please give them to me.

Hail Belkan, maker of all things cute. If you made a SOL quest I'd read it every day.

As for question, Just how long did you originally expect the "EC killer Machine Arc" to last?

Oh and what would have happened if we'd actually passed the CHAR DC check against the Cute Assault Grendel?
Well, the Mage Killer Killer Arc is already ending, now we have the Big Meeting Arc, where several forces meet and the world changes. But if you mean killing the MKKs, well that is up to you. In the end, this situation should not last more than the next thread before things change enough.

If you had met the Cute Assault DC.... she would have helped against Victoria Chariot and the White Machine, and maybe even against the TSAB. If you had enough CHAR, you could have gotten the Grendels to like you and ask them to join you and make them spill all they know. Eventually that would have lead to someone important, one way or another.
Still, thanks for your words, at least I hope you enjoyed by bad SoL. If anyone has more questions, feel free to ask,before I turn to bed.

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