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I forgot one important detail all of yesterday
Can you see what's on the table?
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It's a computer and a bunch of papers
I guess the floor's covered in blood now. What does it feel/smell like?

Can we read the papers?
Feels dry and crunchy

Papers are just a list of patients coming in and out, an emergency treatment alert dealing with the flu, and the lunch menu.
So the snakes are capable of sight. That's convenient.

Do we recognize any of the names?

What treatment did they order for the flu?

What sort of stuff is on the menu? Food has to get here somehow; it could be a clue.

Are there any dates listed?
You guys still don't understand the snakes fully
You see Butch on there, they don't say what the treatment was, the dates are more than a year old, definitely in line with what Digby said but oddly alot older than what Axel and Grace said.

monday-meatball sandwiches, apple slices, and fruit punch
tuesday-fish and chips, fruit medley, and fruit punch
wedsday- pizza, oranges, and fruit punch
thursday- chef's special and fruit punch
friday- buffet
saturday- cold sandwiches, and fruit punch
sunday- closed
Quite an assortment of food, then. They must have had regular contact with the outside world, despite being on an island chain. That, or there were a lot of facilities on nearby islands.

Also, a lot of fruit punch. Maybe they put something in it.

Are there any open drawers on the desk, or anything behind it? Could we open a drawer by slithering into the handle and pushing it somehow?
Maybe the smugglers bring all sorts of stuff?

There's one drawer but you are unable to open it
One last question. How full is the water cooler?

Since there's nothing much to do here, let's move on to the next room.
Looks a bit dry

Just putting the finishing touches on the room as we speak.
File: 1393639889200.gif-(287 KB, 1100x1500, 520.gif)
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Ans there you have it
Are there any intact and/or moving bodies?

If it looks reasonably safe, then the first thing I'd like to check is the second bed from the bottom, on the right. It looks to have the blood trail headed under it.
Hold on, is a smaller version of us actually how we appear? Or is it just for simplicity's sake?
File: 1393641755556.gif-(23 KB, 352x260, 521.gif)
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Seems to all be skeletons....look like they've been here long enough to have dried up. The blood trail seems to have come from the skeleton on the first bed.

that would be the worm that Able controls when she's not walking around being conscious. seeing as how she went through a ceiling beam to get into the stairwell I don't think she's getting up any time soon.
Nothing's moving over here... Looks like all of these people died in their beds, and some of them are missing parts. Maybe they're failed hosts.

Check the beds one by one, starting at the lower right corner and working your way up. Can you see anything notable about the arrangement of the bones?
File: 1393642430138.gif-(16 KB, 326x171, 522.gif)
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there's no pattern to the bodies... and the trail looked like it doubled back from the hallway you entered from.
Or maybe... all of this dried blood is actually spilled fruit punch.
Looks to me like the blood came up out of all the bodies, gathered in the floor, then went into the cafeteria.

If there's nothing notable on or under the beds, then can we push open the Employees Only door?
Yeah, but why is it a porcupine, not a purple snakey thing? This is some psychic shit if ever I saw any.
high sugar diet?
Pretty much is some psychic shit right hure

You are unABLE to push the door...

I fell asleep at the keyboard again
lets go to the caf
Don't worry. I'll keep it going.
Ooh. That pun just hurt.

Also, I'm pretty sure psychic shit is how perceive things. Because that little snakey thing doesn't have visible sensory organs. Or a mouth even. It's gotta be some cosmic energy type fuckery.
Ok, I will see you all tomorrow...
Sweet dreams.
Bringing up again.

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