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File: 1393893754430.jpg-(50 KB, 500x375, Myth OP.jpg)
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>Archive (currently not searchable):



After awakening the ancient power of the Ulster Driver, [Clint Ackerson], faced down the fearsome [Redcap] in single combat, eventually ending the battle with a [Rider Thrust], the [Heart Piercing Strike].

Now, two weeks after the fight that marked the beginning of his tale, our hero is enjoying the apparent quiet...


Stretching as you walk down the sidewalk , you glance around.

Aside from a few people walking down the other side of the street, you're alone with your thoughts....

Over the last couple of weeks, you've been talking to Donny about fairy lore, and looking around on the internet for what you could find out on other things, as well.

Evidently, in Japan, there's a cult following of various superheroes who allegedly fight monsters, but no real evidence of them or their enemies existing...

Then again, there was no real evidence of fairies and... Whatever you became.

You sigh. Nothing much to do with the day...

Maybe you should head-

>To the park
>To one of the coffeehouses downtown
>Out for a walk in the woods
>Write in
To the library, gotta research fairies.
Going with this
>>>To one of the coffeehouses downtown
>To the park

File: 1393895203726.png-(280 KB, 900x900, 30403734_p2.png)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
There's a difference between offscreen research and onscreen research
Offscreen research is when Phillip learns everything about Takoyaki in one night, onscreen research is when Phillip zeros in on the information that leads to the Dopant.
So, let's head to the library for some onscreen research.
Rolled 1

Library it is.

File: 1393898561812.jpg-(880 KB, 1519x1037, 16496668.jpg)
880 KB
880 KB JPG
Bullshit, you're watching precure instead.
>To the library

Yeah. That makes sense.

More research on the stuff you're likely to be fighting can't hurt, you think, as you turn to walk to the local library.
Eventually getting there, you head to the mythology section, looking for their books on Irish folklore and fairy tales.

Settling down, you start reading about specific sorts of the fair folk...

Aside from the somewhat expected redcap, you find some interesting information on banshee, dullahan, several other types of goblins, and the puca....

Death-announcing shriekers, headless horsemen occasionally seen accompanying them, generally odd creatures, and shapeshifters often in the form of horses...

After a further glance at your phone shows a few hours have passed...

Standing up to stretch, you head towards the front of the building with a few other books you think could be useful... That book on old Norse folklore had some references to elves, which might fall into the whole "fairy" category, and that other one on general Western European folklore.

Checking them out at the counter, you step outside, looking around.

....Down the street, you see a pair of young women talking, one looking somewhat disturbed.

...In fact, on a closer look, isn't that Rose? The guitarist who plays down at the coffeehouse you visit sometimes?

>Go see what's up
>Go on to the park for a walk. It's a nice day, even after spending time in the library
>Write in
>>>Go on to the park for a walk. It's a nice day, even after spending time in the library
>>Go see what's up
>>Go see what's up
>Go see what's up

You shrug to yourself, walking towards the two.

"Hey, Rose. Something up?" You ask, catching their attention.

Rose- or, rather, Rosina Merlo- turns to look at you, nodding.

Yeah, she looks like she did last time you saw her- brown hair with a dyed pink streak, bright blue contact-lenses in her eyes, with a somewhat-pointy nose.

"Yeah," She says in a resigned sounding tone, patting the other woman on the shoulder. "Karla here thinks she's been being stalked by someone, but... No proof."

You turn towards Karla, concern on your face.

...She's fairly plain looking. Brown eyes, brown hair. Nothing about her really stands out much, to be honest.

"Really? That's not good." You start. "Have you gone to the police?"

She shakes her head.

"They wouldn't believe me." Karla says. "Whoever it is has been following me since last week, even into places they shouldn't have been able to get to..."

That's worrying...

>Ask her some questions? [Write in]
>Offer to see if you can do something about it?
>Apologize for not being able to help, and leave.
>>Ask her some questions? [Write in]

>Can you describe their appearance?
>Can you call me if you see him again?

I think immediately knowing what it probably is would be metagaming, even by KR standards.
Lets offer to see if we can help.
>Waiting another 4 minutes for votes.
>Ask to help

Damn the torpedoes, full waifu ahead
>Combine options

"Alright. Maybe I can help you out with this." You say, scratching the side of your head. "Can you tell me what they look like?"

...Karla pauses, glancing over to Rose.

"You aren't going to believe this, but... I haven't actually 'seen' them." She shakes her head. "I've gotten glimpses of something out of the corner of my eye, and I can, y'know... Feel them looking at me?"

...Could it be?

"What'd it look like, then?" You shift slightly, rubbing your chin.

Another glance between the two women, and Rose nods.

"Alright... It looks like some pale white person... With a big white scarf." Karla shakes her head. "And I mean literally white. In a creepy way."

She looks at you, as if expecting you to laugh...

"...Give me a call next time you see this guy, alright?" You ask, shrugging. "Sounds like you could use a hand dealing with him."

...From Karla's slack jaw, it seems like she was expecting a different response, but Rose just sighs.

"Sticking your head into someone else's problem again, huh?" She asks, patting her friend on the shoulder. "I'll give her your number for if she needs it, then."

"Thanks. Let her know I wasn't really kidding, anyway." You nod, shifting the books tucked under your arm.

>Offer to stick with them for a while
>Excuse yourself to drop the books off at home
>Write in
Alright, it's getting late and I need to be able to wake up BEFORE noon tomorrow. I'm gonna go to sleep for now. Please keep this thread alive until I get back.
Night OP
Thanks for the thread
File: 1393953516970.png-(267 KB, 550x433, 16461137.png)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
I believe in the (word)smith.
Gonna need a response so I can write.
File: 1393973423328.jpg-(517 KB, 800x768, 6063131.jpg)
517 KB
517 KB JPG
Offer to stick with them. Having a Hero nearby is good for almost anyone with good intentions.
>Offer to stick with them

Rose nods at you, tapping Karla's shoulder to get her attention.

"See? Not everyone will think you're crazy for that." She says, getting a relieved smile from her friend. "Now, c'mon. We were going over to pick up some new strings, remember?"

"Yeah. See you around then, uh..."

Oh. Right. No introduction.

"Clint Ackerson." You say, rubbing the back of your head. "Yeah, should have introduced myself first. Guess I was too caught up in the 'stalker' thing."

Rose just chuckles.

"Just like you, Clint. Get caught up in the big stuff and ignore the details." She says, shaking her head. "Anyway, we should get going. See you around."

The two give you a wave and start walking off behind you, evidently to a local music supply store...

Thinking about it... If it's what you think it might be...


"Hey, wait up." You say, turning around after a few moments, catching up to them."Mind if I go with you?"

Rose glances to Karla, who nods.

"Sure." She says.


After a while of walking and talking, you step outside with a sigh.

The two women are still in there, talking about different types of guitars...

You sigh, looking around.

...There's a "clank" from over around the clatter of the store. Like something- maybe a stray?- knocking over a trashcan.

>Wait here. It probably WAS a dog.
File: 1393979745601.jpg-(557 KB, 994x703, 27801244.jpg)
557 KB
557 KB JPG
It's either a Kaijin or some sort of toy related gimmick.
>>Wait here. It probably WAS a dog.

inb4 the woman is just schizo
File: 1393985515971.jpg-(279 KB, 670x900, Not-so-fair folk..jpg)
279 KB
279 KB JPG

You shrug. May as well check.

Walking over to the corner, you notice that the side parking lot is surprisingly clear of vehicles. Just that old, beat-up junker you've seen around town.

And holding its foot in pain by the trash can is-

...An ugly thing, cursing in some strange language.

Human-shaped and sized. Grey-green skin. Pale eyes. Squashed looking nose. Pointed ears. And wearing dirty-looking rags, including a cowl.

This thing looks like the kind of goblin you researched earlier.

It looks over at you, as though surprised to have been found, then drops into a readied stance for brawling....

>Time for a tussle
>Try and negotiate
>Write in
>Take picture

If we look like tough shit, it may be more amicable to talking
File: 1393986776164.jpg-(963 KB, 1000x1399, 41616711.jpg)
963 KB
963 KB JPG
Well, if it wants a fight, we can give it a fight. Try to pin it somehow so we can interrogate it.
I'm going to have to go with him as well
>Photo, henshin, negotiate

You quickly pull out your phone, jumping backwards as the goblin leaps forwards.

A quick snap and you've got a picture of it, angrily swinging at you.

Putting your phone away, you shift to a more defensive stance, and you feel your Driver form on your waist.

Like last time, you instinctually know what to do-

"AthrĂș!" You hear yourself say, as the belt roars.

Within a moment, you're standing there, that armor on you and spear in hand, staring down the goblin.

"So. You willing to talk, or do I have to do beat some information out of you?" You ask, rolling your neck and stretching a little.

...It doesn't seem that nervous. From the way Redcap was scared when he saw you, you'd think that a lone monster like this would be panicking now....

It's chuckling gutturally.

Wait... If there's -one- goblin...

You roll to your side. As you stand up, you hear a crash of wood against concrete.

Looking over, you see another goblin standing there, malicious look in his eye and holding a large club. A few more seem to be creeping out from various bushes around as well...

So, it's a fight, huh?

>How do you fight?
See if we can move in a narrow area to keep us from being flanked.
>With a spear
get out into the open where we can swing the spear properly
Fuck off for not using Quest in your bloody subject line, and have a good evening sir.
Hidden and saged.
Yes. You thrust with a damn spear, not a glaive
File: 1393992509867.jpg-(130 KB, 500x500, 41307937_p0.jpg)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
>Find a narrow place!

You glance around.

...THERE! Past three of the goblins, you can see an alley's opening. Must go behind the shop...

Springing towards it, you swipe your spear at the closest goblin.

It lets out a shriek of pain as sparks fly from its chest, and skitters away quickly.

The next one, armed with a club, takes the chance as you approach, and practically throws its weapon at your head.

...Which you duck under in a roll, coming up inside its guard and delivering a punch to its chest, sending it flying backwards into the third.

As they struggle to get up, you run past, into the alley.

Looking back, you see the half-dozen plus things scrambling into some order, and rushing towards you.

>How do you fight?
File: 1393992931868.jpg-(118 KB, 480x640, 39880330.jpg)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Poke them with the long stabby thing we have. They're all gonna cram in at once, so we can fend them off like this.
Use our blade-spear-thing! Play defensively!
>Stab them
>In the face

Adjusting your grip, you take a step back and brace for the tide you know to be approaching.

They pile in through the opening, forcing you to thrust somewhat wildly.

A few shrieks indicate you hit at least one, but-

There's a rush of wind behind you, and you look over your shoulder to see one standing up from a crouch. A glance up shows another on the wall, fingers dug into it.


>How do you fight?
File: 1393997019446.gif-(1.34 MB, 300x169, OP going to bed.gif)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB GIF
Alright, I need to get sleep. If this is still up when I get back from work, I'll continue. Again.


Yes, I know it's not Rider. But close enough.
Thanks for the thread.
Bamp for justice
Bump for exploding goblins.
Once more?
OP here. I'll try and continue in ~an hour and a half.

It's easier to do so if I have an set action to work from.
File: 1394057963672.jpg-(776 KB, 842x1200, 23208240_p0.jpg)
776 KB
776 KB JPG
Well then, If they're climbing, we need to move up too
It's an alley, it's either one story, which is nothing for a rider, or it's several stories, which means there's scaffolding.
So up we go!
Alright, back for real. I got an offer of a trip to near a buffet, and I took it.


You tense your legs, jabbing the butt of your spear into the goblin behind you.

As it bows over in pain, you see the swarm at the alley's entrance get closer, and uncoil into a leap.

Landing on the roof, you pause for a moment, before stabbing the green-grey hand that reaches up for a grip.

The howl of pain, followed by a crash and some grunting, brings a smirk to your face as you feel a cool breeze settle in. Sounds like they're in disarray.
>What do you do?
>Sounds like they're in disarray.
Finish it
Finisher. Group of moms, like this sounds like, should die easy.

Falling that, multilock attack
Mooks, not moms. Autopilot fail
Might as well go for this.

If this fails go for a Rider Kick.
>Finish the mooks

You grin, spinning your spear around and gathering momentum, wind whipping the few loose-flowing pieces of your suit in front of you.
...Wait. That was just a breeze not even a moment a-

Your instincts tell you to drop, and you do so, watching as a blade of... Something slashes through an antenna on the next building.

Standing and turning around, you see... A pale white, almost-ghostly woman, arm outstretched. Her pitch eyes are glaring at you, and her mouth is in a sneer. She looks to be wearing a gossamer tunic under a misty looking cloak...

Is this the stalker Karla mention? Whatever this is certainly fits the description...

"So, one of them is here, hmmmm?" She asks, looking you over. "I suppose those goblins aren't competent enough for you, then."

"Allow me to show you the way the wind blows."

Her arm goes back, and it looks like she's getting ready for another one of those slashes. You'd better-

>Get in under her guard!
File: 1394074650843.jpg-(2.22 MB, 2000x1429, 38642142.jpg)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB JPG
Get under guard, but stay aware. Might be a banshee.
>Under the guard!

You dive forwards as the slash of wind hits the roof where your feet were a moment ago. Rolling to your feet, you start with a thrust to this woman's torso.

She glides out of the way, sneering at you again.

"So you're like Redcap was, then?" You ask, shifting your stance to one better for deflecting. "Are you some sort of banshee?"

She pauses, looking at you, before starting to cackle.

"One of those death-seers? Please!" She laughs, gliding over the alley... "I'm of a more refined sort than that."

"Besides, have you ever heard of one with such masterful command over wind as myself?" The monster continues as a visible, heavy gale begins to billow around her.

Acting on instinct again, you raise your spear as a roar of air impacts your ears.

You can feel cuts and small sparks in and from your armor, but it looks like the worst of it was deflected.

She's still floating there, though looking a bit surprised at your endurance.

>Go for it!
>Keep on the defensive
>Keep her talking, maybe you can get more
>Write in
Talk and attack! Keep moving and attacking, so she doesn't realize we're milking for info.

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