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File: 1394058481671.png-(172 KB, 661x679, 1392604377259.png)
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The one where we do stuff
File: 1394059358649.gif-(332 KB, 2896x1632, 546.gif)
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You sneak downstairs making sure to watch your back. When you get down there you don't hear or see anything.
Check the rubble by the elevator.
Hmm... where could it have gone? The elevator shaft? I hope it's not on the ceiling.

That rubble looks different from before, doesn't it? Able might be through there.

That aside, which of these doors haven't we opened? Can we tell if they're locked without jiggling the handles or anything like that?
see if we can't open the door with the pink train coming from it with some of the keys?
File: 1394074283427.png-(5 KB, 320x120, digby kasshu.png)
5 KB
File: 1394077150638.gif-(339 KB, 2896x1632, 547.gif)
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339 KB GIF

It looks completely sealed off


So remember that time I was all prepped to run the game all night then suddenly I was selling my Nintendo and games on ebay and getting a phantasy star online 2 account? Yeah that happened
soooooo we're done for tonight then?
That would make for a very short thread.
We can extend it for another day.

Gunna do my best tonight to get it going
Okay, I'll keep it up.

Good cause the hard thing is, and this might be a stretch. The snakes are coming.
File: 1394145562797.gif-(31 KB, 825x712, 548.gif)
31 KB
You enter the room

funny story...this room was made first as I thought you'd get in here easily before anything happened
Close the door behind us.

What's in those barrels? Something flammable like gasoline? Be careful with the lighter around them. Check behind them, too.
File: 1394159019226.gif-(39 KB, 1017x604, 549.gif)
39 KB

oh hey there's somebody...sorry I didn't check in the last couple of hours cause it didn't seem like anyone was interested anymore... I'm partly to blame cause i've been flaking out.

Looks like nothing behind the barrels. The tops are sealed....definitely liquidy but it doesn't really slosh
do the barrels have writing or other kinds of identification on them?
File: 1394160444903.gif-(46 KB, 612x444, 550.gif)
46 KB

Nothing written they just look high def
So, something thick and slimy. Probably not flammable, then. Maybe it's the slime that the snakes make?

Let's keep going. That thing between the barrels and crates is just a corner, right?
is there anything beyond those boxes, or is this just a closet?
File: 1394161636915.gif-(35 KB, 725x576, 551.gif)
35 KB
just a sketchy corner it seems

yeah looks like this place was for some sort of storage...there's even a closet in this closet
open that locker
I'm worried that the skeleton might be hiding in that locker, but this room was locked before we came in, right?
It looks like there's a black thing in the back, past the locker. Is that just a shadow?

What about those things in the foreground? What are they?
File: 1394166157429.gif-(44 KB, 925x556, 552.gif)
44 KB
That would be a tire


Seems like the flimsy metal locker is locked
do any the keys work on the locker?
How flimsy are we talking here?
Is there any way a tire could be useful?
None of the keys work on the locker
like I bought it at ikea
you could be on a roll here...its problaby good luck to have it a round...this is definately the best place to get tired

I think I'm going to take my laptop to the cafe so i'll be doing nothing but sitting infront of it waiting for you guys for afew hours
Even as flimsy as it is, I think that breaking the locker would take too much time and make too much noise. Let's go to one of the other rooms we haven't checked yet.
File: 1394217607903.gif-(114 KB, 966x756, 553.gif)
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114 KB GIF
in you go
File: 1394220015966.gif-(80 KB, 924x662, 554.gif)
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You've discovered Narnia
heeeelllloooooo now I'm waiting here for you guys you have my attention....

i'mma go back to drawing my urban street sign knight

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