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All started with a fated meeting, between Tohma and Lily. The ring, the book and everything else all came afterwards.

Their meeting was not a tragic one, even if whole worlds could consider their meeting the start of a cruel fate; to those two, it may as well be a miracle.

Their powers may be ones that only exist to bring destruction and ruin, yet those two swore to turn those very powers have into their hope.

The past can’t be changed, but the future can be anything.

This is the record of their struggle.

These are the records that chronicle the Book of the Silver Cross Incident and everything that followed.

It is the year 81 of the New Calendar, the awakening of the black grimoire, the second volume of the Gospel of the Silver Cross, has been completed.

With the birth of the Zero Driver the world now truly spins into motion. The pieces are placed, the actors are ready and the stage is finally set.

All that is left is for you to act.

Having understood a bit more of the world around you, how will you choose to act from now on? What will you protect? What will you sacrifice?

Only a devil might know.

ARC 2: Soldier Dreams!
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Nanoha%20FORCE%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BelkanSniper
>How to roll:

NFQ uses the Simple Solo System, which means the quest uses a D100 as the base. I will count the first three rolls, unless stated otherwise and if any of them manage to obtain a number lower than the DC stated then it is a success.

100 is a critical failure and 1 is a critical success

>About them Write-Ins?

Note that often you will be given the option to write in when given choices, and it is something that I expect you players to do. Most of the time, the choices given are mostly the ones that come immediately when I write, but sometimes you players may opt for something else.

Honestly, I expect you guy to mostly do this, to reach the goals and endings you players really desire.

Do not be afraid to choose something outside the choices given, but at the same time I reserve the right to veto write-ins, in the case they break character or are too stupid.

New Devil Link Rank

>Your rank is Lost Devil
>A devil is someone who must always be sure of their path, yet you are one who is not.
>Without knowing yourself and your own heart, you will never be able to truly understand others.
>But sometimes all one needs is time… time to know oneself. One day you will know.
>Nanoha still has an extreme dislike of you, but at least it is not outright murderous hate.
>One day she waits your answer, how do you wish to live your life?
You live in the capital of the Administered World number 44, Liberta, conveniently named Liberty City.

To you the name has always been funny, it had been named after it had been conquered by the last king of the Saint Kaiser Alliance and placed the city under his iron fist.

He claimed he liberated the city from its oppressors, while he used his own power to oppress it himself.

But that was normal, before the Belkans this city had been under the hands of the Ostians, and before them the Gallians and so on… this place had always changed at the hand of the ones who conquered, and someday you were sure to change this city yourself.

To you, your name is meaningless, names are just meaningless words that describe people… what defines people are their actions… the marks they leave behind in history.

That is why your current name is not important, because one day you will make a name for yourself, a name that defines all you wish to be.

Still, a young girl like yourself has a name, so what is it?

>Write-IN a name? [Default: Renee Caprillis]
Bonus points for a Car pun, [Like the Avenir in Tohma’s name is a type of car]
No idea what to write in... how about Default?
Ren Spirior

My default for girls named was already Rem and Spirior Gives it a nice Honda callback.
Eh that works, will start writing now.
>Ren Spirior

Yes that is your name, the name you currently bear but one day you will discard when you build a [new you] that will be carved into the annals of history!

But how will you do that? What great dead will be what shows the dimensional sea your glory and make them understand who you truly are!

> You will change the world, overturn the rules of old and make your own?
> Like the Kings of the Past, you will also conquer this city!
> You will become the Strongest! A power that surpasses all kings!
> You will lift the heart of others, so they strive to the same greatness as you do.
> Other! This list is too small to contain your ambitions.

In a way your ambition is all you are, because one day it will become true.

You will become whatever you will yourself to be, and no one in creation will be able to stop you.

As long as you breathe you know this will be true.

But your ambition has a source… hate.

A hate deep enough to burn this world to ashes and cleanse it in the fires of destruction.

A hate strong enough to fight against injustice and evil.

A hate great enough to carry you for what is to come in the future.

For what is to come you will need great hate… so what is the source of those feelings, of that bitter fire that burns in your heart!

>Your lot in your life, all you have gained in this world is truly loss.
>Being weak, because the greatest sin is not being able to protect something.
>Injustice, because you will not allow the evils in this world to go unpunished.
>The current world, you hate how it has lost the former glory it has.
>Love, because you will burn all those who try to hurt those you love.

File: 1394147344790.jpg-(50 KB, 500x358, Tohma.jpg)
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Still, lately you do not dream of your grand ambition or the source of your hate… lately you dream of a single boy, a child clad in black, blessed by unholy silver and born out of hate, a bringer of disaster and salvation… a devil.

Someone like you, who has a strong ambition and hate deep enough to destroy the world.

Someone like you, who has a strong purpose and a love strong enough to protect the world.

To you his actions does not make sense, one moment he fights killer machines and the next he tries to avenge his family. Then he saves a girl he had no reason to save and the other he fights a devil filled with both love and rage.

To some a wild man like that devil might be called a hero, but to you, that boy was something simpler… someone with power.

A great power blessed by silver, a great power to destroy, a great power to hate.

A power that will change this world and many others.

But that does not cover what you think of the boy, to you he is…
>… a coward, someone who has ran away from his purpose.
>… a hero, a fool who fights his fate and brings only tragedy.
>… a great one, someone who you must surpass.
>… a lost child who does not understand the world yet.
>… a fool… but one you can’t hate.
>… other?


> You will change the world, overturn the rules of old and make your own?

>Love, because you will burn all those who try to hurt those you love.

>… a great one, someone who you must surpass.

I hope these three work.
> You will become the Strongest! A power that surpasses all kings!
>The current world, you hate how it has lost the former glory it has.
>… a great one, someone who you must surpass.

I really like the idea of someone constantly harassing Thoma for spars at the worst possible time.
Will wait for another vote some minutes or roll if no one else votes.
I will just take the two options
You hated this world, this world that had lost the splendor of the old, that had given up and just continued to stagnate, but at the same time you loved this word, you loved the glory it still held and the promise of greatness it still carried.

So you will fight for that world.

You will become the greatest, become an absolute pillar of strength that will surpass the tales of old, and with that strength you will change the world to bring a new world under your ideals.

That only left that boy… the one who is strong, the one who was blessed by cursed silver, he was someone you will surpass!

Under the name you bear, Ren Spirior you will one day surpass that boy, thus that night you dream of the day you archive your goal… and prove yourself stronger than that boy.

Still as the night passes, your dreams of your ambitions, your hate and even the dreams of that boy are washed away, no rather they are burned away.
By fire and crystals, you feel your blood boil and your body burn, and then you hear a voice.

>Please, help me!

It was a desperate cry, the cry of a lost one who had nothing. The cry of a weak one who had been abused.

The cry of a young girl.

>To whomever my voice may reach… I implore you, please help me. You are my only home, my only chance to change my fate. Please help me be free!

File: 1394150435647.jpg-(120 KB, 450x338, Ren Bed.jpg)
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120 KB JPG
Your head hurts, and suddenly you feel like information is hammered inside your head. Words like Eclipse, Silver Cross, Replica Divider, and Original Terminal all flash through your mind but fade away too quickly to make sense.

Your heads hurts, and you feel as if crystals were to suddenly grow out of you, and as if fire would burn you... it hurts too much and thus you wake up.
You are …. And you are now sitting on you bed in your one-room apartment. Your body feels hot and feverish and you hear your heart beat so fast that you feel it will burst out of your chest.

But now, as you gasp for air and calm down, the dream is over and the voices will not bother you.

>Please help me! Please someone answer my call!

At least you had hoped so….

It is late at night, and you are hearing a voice in your head, what do you do?

>”Very well, shut up”, you will go and help her!
>Ask her what she wants.
>Ignore her, go eat something.
> Other?

Please pick three of these skills for Ren.
>Gunfight II [Recommended]
>Inflight II
>Victorious Path [Recommended; successful DCs add bonuses to next roll]
>Leadership [Recommended; either this or Attack Again.]
>Attack Again [Either this or Leadership]
> Star of HOPE [Either this or ???]
>??? [Either this or Star of HOPE; the skill befitting someone who is the greatest of the great]
>Ask her what she wants.

>Gunfight II

I want the mystery box.
>Ask her what she wants.


Sorry it took so ling, had to look up what Attacker and Defender actually did.
File: 1394151867016.pdf-(388 KB, PDF, Ability List.pdf)
388 KB
388 KB PDF
Oh right... let me post the Ability Sheet.
Since, leadership's not on the list can you tell us what it entails, or is it a "wait and see" like Star of HEART and ???.
Star of Hope is in the list, it gives you DC bonuses when fighting with allies.
but Leadership is the skill that provides DC bonuses to allies and improves how much they trust you in fights. The most important skill in squad based combat.
??? is mystery box, so choose and see.
It was too late in the night, or rather too early in the morning to do this, but you might as well deal with this voice. You had work to do, becoming the strongest wound not happen by itself.

So… “Creepy voice…” Not exactly the best way to do this, “what do you want?” You weren’t sure that it worked, but after a few moments of silence, you found out you weren’t crazy.

>You… can hear me? You can! Come help me!

“You already asked for help, but what do you want, tell me?” It appeared that it can hear you talking… maybe this was some sort of spell?
It did not appear to be telepathy, or at least any telepathy caused by magic.

>I need you to help me, I am trapped, trapped and alone, and you are the only one who can break me out!

“Break you out?” You were not the type who minded doing some dirty work, but you had no desire to just go and help anyone.

>I need your help, this is my last chance, if you do not help me, I will never have the chance to escape!

Still the voice sounded desperate, and you could understand needing help… so you?

>Decide to help her out? A great one like you can stand to help those in need.
>Ask her what she can do for you if you help her?
>Decline, if she must become stronger and break out by herself.
>>Decide to help her out? A great one like you can stand to help those in need.

A captive means captors. We'll help the creepy voice and maybe find an opponent..
Captive means captors… you feel the gears on your head spinning as an idea bursts into your head. If you help the creepy voice maybe you will find a worthy opponent.

Plus, even if you find no one, you would make the creepy voice your follower and show her your path of success.

“Fine, I will hear you out, tell me what I have to do. A great one like me won’t run away from helping a person in need.”

>I need you follow my instructions, I promise that I will protect you as best as I can, but please hurry.

You should know better than to do what some random voice tells you, but the desperation in her voice drives you, and soon you find yourself in the sewers of the city.

Rather than just call these set of tunnels a mere sewer system, it would be better to call these an underground city, a set of old networks that connect the city and served in the past as a transportation network in case of invasions.

Sadly the new government lacked the manpower to explore every inch of this underground maze, so it would not surprise you that some person had kidnapped some girl down here.

As you near the limits of the area you knew of these tunnels, you start worrying. You feel like there is something near you, but what? Still the voice asks you to continue.

>Just walk some more, you will soon see a door, you have to feel it.

“Feel it?” In front of you is only a solid wall, there is nowhere you can go but back.

>Just concentrate. Your blood should be compatible so I am sure you will feel it, the cursed poison in the air.

You weren’t sure what she was talking about, but the great Ren Spirior would not fail to find that door!
>Roll Perception Check? 3x d100
>Turn Back? Maybe you heard something?
>Try to find it with your hands, this feeling thing sounds weird.
Rolled 3

>>Roll Perception Check? 3x d100
Welp Success!
You try concentrating, following the instructions the creepy voice whispers into your ears. You open you inner eye, the self that could sense magic and go beyond it!
You feel something in the air, a particle that was not magic- a particle that denied magic.

>That is Eclipse… the poison made to destroy mages. But congratulations, it appears that you are able to see the very flow of the Eclipse, you must have a great talent.
Of course you have talent, someone like you who would surpass all devils and kings would be the best at everything, even this particle thing.

The silver particles dance in the air, flowing out from the side of the wall. Pushing the stone walls carefully, you feel an opening and soon a door opens.
Inside is a concrete hallway, filled with electronics… and is that a camera?

>Do not worry about it, I already disabled it for you. Hurry up!

“Hey, if you can hack this thing, why can’t you escape yourself?”

>The system that has tied me down is too much for me to break, compared to that this camera is nothing, now get moving, we only have a small opportunity!
You continue moving down the dark hallway, taking care to not make any sound, you did not want to fight until you had found the creepy voice.

Still, right before the end of the hallway there as a small window, and from it came some light and some voices.

“… the seed… origin…. Divider…” You could not hear very well, but to you it seems like it was the voice of a young woman, not older than 30.

“You… bird… Huckebein… betray…” This voice was now a male, one that sounded in pain.

These two voices worried you, maybe it would be better to go near the window and hear what they are sneak a peek.

>No, you do not have time, come to me! If you waste time they will find you!
What do you do?
>Follow the voice, you had to save that person first before all!
>Get near the window, try to hear what is being said. Keep being sneaky!
>Get near the window, try to hear what is being said. Keep being sneaky!

Behold Ren Spirior, slayer of Kings. bane of Devils, terrible listener.
Sneaking Check, Roll 2x d100
DC is 30, quite high considering you are rolling against the best girl.
Rolled 62

>Best girl

Not if Ren has anything to say about it.
Rolled 3

Well, I guess you might be right, Ren might be able to contend to the title of best girl.
File: 1394158342702.jpg-(106 KB, 850x947, Curren Huck.jpg)
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106 KB JPG
You were too curious about this place to ignore these voices. So far you had only followed the voice blindly, but you weren’t the type to do that only!

You slowly creep near the small window, and stare outside the tunnel. You see a floor, and some feet and bodies, and suddenly you can hear the voices a bit clearer.

“This is your last chance professor, my family has now dealt with the rest of your security. So tell me the truth, what is the thing you have here?” The woman is a young… very young. Clad in black and holding some sort of saber at the second voice.

“You already know this, Curren Huckebein, what we hold here is the source of the Eclipse, the Seed of Origin.” The man… a scientist, at least judging by the white coat, continued to talk unfazed by the pointy thing at his neck.

What a brave man!

“Do not bother to lie to me, professor, I have been near that thing, whatever you have here might be similar to the original, but it is not the Seed. Now fess up, or you will force this cute Curren Huckebein to do something quite irreversible to you.”

“He, I guess it is useless to hide it anymore, but yes, the thing we sealed here is just what remains of the Seed, a hollow shell that is useless, except to draw out rats like you and those darkstalkers.” The man started laughing and while you weren’t sure what they were talking about, you felt that you had to hear this.
It was going to be important.

The black haired woman appeared to have jumped up at the last bit, “You mean… that the TSAB is going to arrive here? You used the fake seed to draw them in, right?”
“TSAB? Those idiots might want to call themselves that, but in the end they…” The scientist guy was interrupted by a loud explosion, as a wall suddenly was broken down!

File: 1394158406647.jpg-(17 KB, 200x400, Enma Fiat.jpg)
17 KB
A sudden flash of lightning blinded you, and suddenly a blond woman stood between the black woman-Curren and the Scientist. “Professor, are you still holding up. I am sorry to be this late, but those stupid ninjas were holding me back.”

The woman raised her two fits, clad in silver gauntlets as she faced Curren, walling the professor from harm. She looked like some monk from the Belkan Era.

“Do not worry, Ms. Fiat, I somehow managed to hold myself. How is Strosek the 3rd, is her union with you stable?” Strosek? What was this man talking about?

“You… must be the one who that man partnered with the 3rd Strosek unit, I guess that makes you a half decent driver, but you are no match for me. Come and move aside, I have business with that man!” Curren raised her sword in a stance, preparing to attack the monk woman, Fiat.

“Huckebein… I have heard you fowl birds. Do not think that I can’t match you, I will show you the power of the Driver that has reacted with a Strosek Series! Daliah, Release Restraints, Increase the production of EC Particles, Full Power!” The gauntlets on the hand of the monk shined silver, as if ready to crush the Huckebein swordwoman.

You felt the tension in the air, soon a fight between two strong ones will start.

>Get out, those two will destroy you if they find you. Plus I feel that something is nearing you, get out!

But you want to see this fight, no you needed to fight these two!
>Go in and fight? But that would be a suicide right?
>Stay hidden and watch the fight, maybe you can learn more about the Seed business?
>Go and follow the hallway, the voice needs rescuing.
>Go and follow the hallway, the voice needs rescuing.

We aren't mindless. Usually[\spoiler]
We will keep our promise and rescue the Voice and then we'll crush these two.
>Go and follow the hallway, the voice needs rescuing.

Voice first, then we can crush our Prey without distraction.
File: 1394159969199.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 120 KB, 850x478)
Spoiler Image, 120 KB
120 KB JPG
You weren’t just a mindless beast, you would keep your promise to the voice and then just come back to crush these two. You wouldn’t leave this place without fighting these two!

You run away from the window, continuing to entering deeper into the complex. To you this felt too easy, this secret lab just appeared to open up for you… was this something the voice did?

>Correct, using the chaos those intruders have caused, I have managed to hack the security system open. Please come fast, we do not have much time!

To you there wasn’t anything that needed to be said, and soon at the end of your tight turns and running, you arrived at a wide chamber.

This place was dark, with a heavy aura. It smelled of gunpowder and blood, and you could see several corpses and… pieces of corpses lying around the floor. But none of that drew your attention…

… because in the center of the room, was a violet crystal! Your blood boiled, your body burned, and you felt as you were drawn to it.

In an instant you found yourself before it… your hand almost reaching to touch it!

>Good, this is where I am sealed, just touch me, just contract with me! If you free me I promise to make your dream to come true!

Rolled 89, 63 = 152

>We bitchdevil nao
File: 1394160098963.jpg-(109 KB, 1048x762, Shadow 1.jpg)
109 KB
109 KB JPG

However something came from behind you, a shadow. A mass of moving darkness that was shaped like a person. “The Seed of Origin, and a test subject? Girl, if you value your life, get away from that thing. That monster is dangerous?”

The shadow thing drew up a sword, “if you do not leave this room now, I will be forced to remove you myself.” If you did not follow its orders, it will attack you

For all you cared it could try! If this thing tried to impede your path you will simply crush it will all your might!

>Do not waste time, just free me! Together we can crush that thing! Please help me!

You turned back to the girl in the crystal, the poor thing. You had to help her, but you notice that the voice sounded quite desperate, but in a way you could not blame the girl, after all it was just a step away from being freed.

You were moments away from freeing the voice… what do you do?
>Fight the dark shadow yourself… the voice could wait?
>Free the voice? You were here for a reason.
>Talk to the shadow? Maybe it had a reason to want you to go away?

"Why do you want me gone? What is it?"
>Talk to the shadow? Maybe it had a reason to want you to go away?

Not mindless or stupid.

"Alright creepy Shadow, tell me why I shouldn't beat you to a pulp and rescue the creepy Crystal girl?
I'm all ears."
File: 1394161605072.png-(139 KB, 500x403, Echidna.png)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
You wanted to help the crystal girl… but you are neither mindless nor stupid. “Alright creepy shadow, why do you want me gone? Why shouldn’t I just beat you to a pulp and rescue the creepy Crystal Girl? Come tell me, I am all ears?” You hovered you hand near the crystal, if that thing dared to even move, that girl would be freed faster than the shadow could react.

The shadow stayed silent for a few moments… before it talked, “Echidna… that thing’s true nature is the same as the Echidna, the legendary mother of all monsters. It is the source of this place, the source of the research in the cursed poison that might destroy this world. That is why we must destroy that thing right now.” The shadow looked like he wanted to say more but he stopped himself, “Young girl just turn away right now, it is still not too late to avoid cursing your blood in that poison!”

You turn to the crystal besides you, and to the girl trapped within, “A monster?” You found it weird how this girl had contacted you randomly and had basically led you here so simply, but a monster? Could you believe the shadow?

>I can’t deny what he says… a long time ago, part of who I once was, my original self.. she was used as a test subject and from her was born tools of much pain and destruction. But that is why I must be freed, I can… no I must fix what was born out of my old self! I need to find both that girl and Silberkreuz! That is the only way to fix this!

She wanted to repent?

>Please, I am no longer that thing… this is all that remains after she tossed me away… you are my only hope. Please help me live. I can make this right! I just want to fix this, to be whole again!

You did not know what to do… Do you free the girl?

>No, leave as the Shadow told you.

"The strong put their lives on the line for their dreams. Even if it turns out to be mistake, I won't let you crush that dream without a fight."
To you there was only one option, right? This girl needed you help, and you… half turn towards the shadow, meeting its red eyes.

“The strong put their lives on the line for their dreams, just like this girl. Even if it turn out to be a mistake, I won’t let you crush that dream without a fight!” Without hesitation your hands meets the crystal, and the girl breaks free.

“Thank you!” In a single action the newly freed crystal girl reaches out with her right hand to your shoulder and whispers to your ear, “Engage!”


>Divider 996 Replica Origin-Reacted!

>Actualizing Silver Cross Replica!



Your blood boiled, your body burned and in a sudden flash you suddenly were a knight clad in black armor, just like him.

Your right hand held a sword that brings destruction to all, just like him.

Your left hand a book that contains secrets from an era bygone, just like him.

In that instant a new you had been born, a being that now surpassed humans.

This is the new you, the strongest one that would never be defeated or matched.

This is the new you, the one who now held the power to change the world.

>I am sorry, this is all I can do for you now… these fakes are all I can give you.

It did not matter, because they were enough. You now were strong.

In an instant the flash had passed, and now you turned to face the black shadow, “Little girl… you do not know what you did!” The shadow lunged at you, ready to kill you before you became a true monster!

“I do not care, I know I did the right thing!” The girl is behind you, you had to protect her!

>Roll a CQC Roll 3x d100!
File: 1394163598798.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 268 KB, 2550x3507)
Spoiler Image, 268 KB
268 KB JPG
Here is some art of Ren Reacted... just do not laugh at it, too much.
Rolled 25


I serves it's purpose, not that bad.
Well success...
File: 1394164827703.jpg-(1.24 MB, 1920x1080, SHadow 2.jpg)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
The red hot sword meets your own gunblade, and with great ease you stop the shadow on its tracks, “Little girl, no Eclipse Driver, you have now become a monster that will bring ruin to countless worlds, just like Silberkreuz!”

The shadow jumps backward, narrowly avoiding your counter slash, as it seems to want to keep some space from you. “Eclipse Driver, do you realize what you are doing, if you protect that thing, this city will only meet ruin!”

“I do not care, I promised to save her. Plus, now I am the same as this girl, so if you wish to hurt her, coma and kill me first!” You flash a grin as you feel your new powers, silver particles dance around you, and suddenly you know what you can do.

“You can call me a monster, but I haven’t changed shadow, I am still myself. The strongest one who will now crush you!” You now had the opportunity to go on the offensive, but you had to protect the crystal girl behind you!

How will you fight the shadow? You now had the opportunity to decide how this fight will go!

>Defensively, summon your EC equipment- the Absorb Coat!
>Offensively, go and sword it!
>Just finish it, Divide Zero! Even a copy is enough to finish it!
>Crush it! The methods do not matter!
>Defensively, summon your EC equipment- the Absorb Coat!
File: 1394167460730.jpg-(51 KB, 500x638, Absorb Cloak.jpg)
51 KB

There is no need to rush, to you this battle was already won, you just had to bring it to an end! “Come Silver Cross!” The fake black book hovers to your left hand as it opens, “come and grant me my true armor! Come coat of midnight!”

>EC Equipment Manifestation= Absorb Coat Online!

>Energy Stored 0/100

In a flash your body was covered in a coat of black, and thus now you were truly invincible. Slowly you steeped towards the shadow, who raised it heat sword as it prepared to attack!

“Ignition Sparks!” It swung the sword it wielded at you, showing you with a rain of fire arrows from a distance. It probably thought that it would be safer, attacking from range, but it was wrong!

The arrows never reach you, before they even near you, the heat attacks are stopped by the coat around you. This is not a real divide, not like the divide that boy used, but something that surpassed it in a way, this was absorb, the power that was born out of you!

>Energy Stored 23/100

The flames died in an instant, as the shadow’s energy was converted into EC particles and stored inside the coat in an instant!

“You… what did you do! This is not magic, how can you divide it!” It appeared the shadow was panicking, but to you it did no matter!

In an instant you appeared before the thing! “I will now crush you, shadow!” Eclipse particles gather on your left hand, as it shines with an awesome power, “Discharge! Eclipse Knuckle!” Your left fist broke into the shadow, crushing its defenses in a single attack!

The thing was blown away, crashing into a wall and breaking through it and ending up in another room!

File: 1394167597815.png-(285 KB, 687x385, Crystal Devil.png)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
You now turn towards the girl, ignoring the shadow. To you this was enough, the thing now probably could not move, so you now were free to do what you needed to do.

“Come, let’s go! I am sure I can get you to explain everything to me slowly somewhere else!” You wanted to leave, you had no desire to stay here, and thus you give your hand to the girl who lied since she had freed herself from the crystal.

>Thanks you!

The girl smiles as she gives you her hand and you pull her up. In that instant, your body feels heavy.

>and sorry, but I must not involve you anymore… I have to find him, the Silberkreuz! I must kill him!

Your world is darkening… and soon the only thing you see is the sad face of the girl in crystal.

>I am sorry I gave you this fate, but I must do this! But do not worry I will make sure that you are alright! It is the least I can do for you, the kind person who saved me!

The last thing you heard was the name the girl mentally shouted to the world, the name of the person she hated the most!


Her heart was filled with rage, with pain... and in that moment you felt pity for this girl that had been trapped in crystal. The only way it could correct it mistakes... was by killing a that boy.

How sad...

This was another fated meeting, between a fake Zero Driver and the Fake Reactor Plug. These two one day may find the power to change the destiny of all Eclipse Drivers, but equally importantly this meeting marked an important event in Tohma Avenir’s life… the start of the Liberty City Eclipse Outbreak and the chaos that followed.

>Nanoha FORCE Part 11: Set Up (II) End!

Next Time: Before Crisis (I) and Crisis Hunter (I)

Also I owe you guys a HOLMCROSS INTERLUDE!

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