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All started with a fated meeting, between Tohma and Lily. The ring, the book and everything else all came afterwards.

Their meeting was not a tragic one, even if whole worlds could consider their meeting the start of a cruel fate; to those two, it may as well be a miracle.

Their powers may be ones that only exist to bring destruction and ruin, yet those two swore to turn those very powers have into their hope.

The past can’t be changed, but the future can be anything.

This is the record of their struggle.

These are the records that chronicle the Book of the Silver Cross Incident and everything that followed.

It is the year 81 of the New Calendar, the awakening of the black grimoire, the second volume of the Gospel of the Silver Cross, has been completed.
With the birth of the Zero Driver the world now truly spins into motion. The pieces are placed, the actors are ready and the stage is finally set.

All that is left is for you to act.

Having understood a bit more of the world around you, how will you choose to act from now on? What will you protect? What will you sacrifice?

Only a devil might know.

ARC 2: Soldier Dreams!

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Nanoha%20FORCE%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BelkanSniper
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Your name is Tohma Avenir… and the white devil just told you that while you had been in quarantined by the TSAB an Eclipse Outbreak had occurred in AW# 44, Liberta. To make things worse Su-chan and her team (aka Tea-nee, Erio-Sempai and Caro-who never got a cute nickname from you, except Erio-sempai’s girlfriend) were trapped there investigating the Eclipse.

But that wasn’t the worst of it… your most important friend, Vivio, and Einhart were also coincidently in the city, attending some sort of tournament that you totally forgot to attend.

VIvio was probably furious about that, but you would prefer her being mad at you than having to see VIvio die in some random planet.

Thus you were now sitting In Commander Yagami’s Office on board her personal warship, the Wolfram en route to AW# 44, along both Mira and Lily (who you had to release from some magic binds before coming with your divider, that white devil did not play around).

The Walking Lost Logia sat on her desk, as her union device- the little white haired fairy girl- Reinforce floated around behind her. She turned towards both of your companions, “Lily and Enforcer Camrill, good to see you here, please take a seat,” before turning to you.

“Nice to see you Tohma-kun, I am glad that you have decided to join us. Please do not worry about what Captain Tamakachi (that is the white devil as you like to call her), I will make sure to reprimand her later, but we do not have the time to talk.”

You just remained in your seat silently, while both your companions did the same besides you, you honestly also wanted to rush this.
Every moment you wasted was one more moment where someone precious to you was in danger!

“Still I think we have to wait just a moment, the last member for you team has just arrived!” The Commander turns towards the door of her office, where two new mages enter.

File: 1394493972703.jpg-(162 KB, 850x1200, Isis and Nanoha.jpg)
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The first is one that you know, the white devil that almost killed you earlier today, thus ignoring her was something you did automatically and flawlessly.

The second one was someone you did not expect, “Hello Tohma! Nice to see you! The cutest merchant mercenary, Isis, is here!” The young bodyguard that had been with you protecting Mr. Scrya just entered the office and took a seat besides Lily.

“Do not worry, Miss. Yagami was so kind to hire me to help you out on your mission, plus I do not mind helping my friends!” At the last part, she points at you, and some part of you feels glad this girl considers you her friend.

You felt the same.

“So from now on you will have this cute bodyguard protecting you <3!” Isis made a victory sign at you, and suddenly you felt that maybe this was not going to be a good idea.

“So Miss. Eaglet, would you consider giving your friends a discount for helping protect him during this mission?”

“Sorry Miss. Yagami, but that is my business with Tohma, and this is our business, I can’t just give you some random discount Miss. Raccoon, but I am sure if you want we can work this out!”

Wait what is Isis even doing here, shouldn’t she be with Mr. Scrya? She was his bodyguard still right?

>Ask Isis what she is doing here?
>Ask Hayate to start the meeting, you had no time to waste!
>Ask Isis to give Hayate a discount!
>Ask about Mr. Scrya, where is he?
>Talk to the White Devil? Can you even talk to her after last time?
>>>Ask Hayate to start the meeting, you had no time to waste!
File: 1394496394812.jpg-(119 KB, 850x680, Hayate 2.jpg)
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119 KB JPG
Part of you feels glad that both the Commander and Isis can keep being cheerful while this is happening, but you have not time to spare.

“Commander, I think we can work those details later. The more time we waste getting ready, the more people will get hurt.” You also were worried for Vivio and Einhard, if anything happened to those two… you did not want to think what you would do.

Both Isis and Hayate Yagami stopped mid track, each of them having raised a finger at each other, ready to continue to haggling the price for their services.

Surprisingly, the one who stepped up was the white devil who sat on the back, “I agree with this Lost Devil, I do think that we should try to get to the point of the meeting Hayate-chan.”

The Commander composed herself fast, as she returned in an instant to being the proper image of a TSAB Colonel, “I guess we do not have the time to waste right now, so then we have several points to discuss in this meeting.

First, we can go over the events that we know so far lead to the Outbreak, maybe you can find some useful information in these events.

Second, we can go over the sectors of the city and the scattered reports we have on how each sector is handling the crisis. This will help you decide where you want to land and what objectives you will pursue.
File: 1394496483359.jpg-(10 KB, 176x276, index.jpg)
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And speaking of objectives, we can talk about the general objectives we, the TSAB, wish you to pursue while on the ground.

The last two things we must get to are the Flight Formation your team will have, and to discuss any ideas of what to do with the infected… I guess these are the main points to prepare for our operations in Liberty City, Tohma-kun, do you have any point you wish to tackle first?” The commander is very kind to give you the opportunity to choose where this meeting will go.

So you decide to…

>start with the events that started the outbreak
>Give me a layout of the area, we might need it.
>Give me the general objectives, I need to know what to do.
>Lets organize a flight formation for our team, it will make things easier.
>Discuss infected and EC Drivers- what can your team do with them.
>>>Give me a layout of the area, we might need it.
File: 1394499031177.jpg-(218 KB, 850x1202, MIra 5.jpg)
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“Please tell me about the city, if we know to get around the place better, I am sure we will be able to plan better.” As an adventurer knowing where you were was one of the basics, knowing how to get around the place is always important.

Mira besides you stands ups, as a holo screen appears on the wall in the front, “Very well, Tohma. From now on I will go over the data we have on the layout of Liberty City, and the important objectives that reside on each of the five main areas of the city.”

A map quickly appears behind the knight Enforcer, as Mira pointed at the northernmost part of the map, “Like many Belkan Cities of the time, the city is divided into five sectors. First the Northern sector, a commercial zone where most of the modern workplaces are located. This was probably the second worst hit sector, and were we believe that the second largest number of infected are concentrating in. It also hosts the main stadium where the Inter-Middle is now being hosted, so Lord Tohma, if you are worried about her Majesty and her companions, this area should be the one where you place your objectives.”

It looks like the white devil wants to object to Mira calling you her lord, but the knight continues on with her presentation, now pointing out the southern part of the map, “Second is the South Sector, where most of the military installations are housed, it is the place where the TSAB has managed to hold their ground the best and where all survivors of the outbreak are being moved to.

File: 1394499095351.png-(22 KB, 494x570, Liberty City 2.png)
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I am sure Miss. Subaru Nakajima and her team should be in this area. If you decide to land there, I suggest for you to concentrate on helping the TSAB regain more ground. The faster the city is cleared and under control the better.”

Mira then pointed to the eastern part of the city, the one which was not covered in orange, “Then is the Eastern Sector, the residential sector. From our limited information, we believe that for some reason, the spread of the infection is being halted for a reason. We believe that some local mage is managing to fight the infected and protect the citizens with help from local TSAB forces in the sector. It may be prudent to reinforce the area, and help break through to the central area. The only data we have received that there is a red wind in the area, but we do not know what it might mean.”

“The 4th sector is the Western sector, which is the one which held the main industrial complexes of the city and where we believe that the main source of Infected are, this is the most dangerous sector but this is were we believe that the source of the outbreak was released, and thus if you so desire it, it might be wise to dare to blitz the area and capture the one who released the virus.

Finally is there is the central area, which holds the main administritative areas of the city, last I heard Enforcer Tess-“ However Mira did not continue what she was going to say, because the white devil interrupted her again….


How rude!

“There is no need for that, I will handle central myself, so this Lost Devil can concentrate on the other areas.”

Mira just turns towards Commander Yagami, who gives her the okay, “Very well, Captain Takamachi.” Mira turns towards you, “These are the four sectors where we can land when we launch for the Wolfram in sub orbit, thus deciding on one of them right now might be a good choice. But also waiting for the meeting to progress some more before choosing a landing point is also a prudent choice. It is up to you my Lord.”

Mira is asking you where do you want to start the deployment when you arrive at the city?

>Land in the North, Vivio is your priority!
>Land in the South, with Su-chan at your side, you will be able to breakthrough!
>Land in the East, the red wind is something familiar… a white machine?
>Land in the West, find the source of the outbreak first!
>Ask Nanoha to tell you about Central!
>Ask for some advice from someone. (Write in Who)
>Hear some more info before making a choice.
If so continue with what?
>start with the events that started the outbreak
>Give me the general objectives, I need to know what to do.
>Lets organize a flight formation for our team, it will make things easier.
>Discuss infected and EC Drivers- what can your team do with them.
>Discuss infected and EC Drivers- what can your team do with them.
>Ask for some advice from someone.
File: 1394501287031.jpg-(384 KB, 850x1859, Lily Set Up.jpg)
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You did not wish to rush your decision lightly, you feel that your opinion will weight heavily in this meeting, thus you must be careful with it.

Plus before deciding on where to do, you needed to know what you could do, “I think we can choose later, but now we need to work on how to deal with the infected. If they become EC Drivers, then they will probably become aggressive and not hesitate to attack. Plus they will probably have Dividers, right?”

Mira takes a seat, as the one to answer this is not surprisingly Lily,“I… I… I hate to say this, but I do not think that you should worry about the infected becoming EC Drivers. Just becoming infected with the virus does not turn you into a Driver… I know that well.” To Lily, talking about this was hard. It reminded her of red… of red flesh and death.

“Most of the ones infected are probably dead by now… their bodies… did not adapt to the virus and they probably died shortly… “Lily wanted to say more… but she that was something that Tohma, and only Tohma could hear.

“What!” You… probably knew this already, if not in your body, then in your blood, but to hear it from Lily… it shocked you!

“The chance of a random person becoming a EC Driver is too low, so I doubt that in the city even more than 10 persons managed to become Drivers, and even then they would not have Dividers so they would not have the power to negate spells.” That made sense, the one who gave you your divider had been Lily, and you doubted those gunblades grew on trees.

“But we must be careful of those infected whose bodies managed to adapt to the virus, while it may not stabilize into real Drivers, they may manage to modify their body via viralizings.

Their bodies would constantly mutate and gain powers, while their bodies continue to expel EC particles randomly and the virus would drive them to attack others.

File: 1394501389338.jpg-(196 KB, 850x1197, Commander Hayate.jpg)
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196 KB JPG


They would do so until they died…” So the only fate for those infected by EC was death.

“Then Lily, how can we deal with them? Is saving them possible, Lily?” Commander Yagami probably hated to consider this an option too, but...

“I… there is no cure for the virus, and once infected, those unsuited will continue to mutate and lose control of their bodies until they die. As much as I want to save them, it might be better to just avoid them and…” Lily hated what she was saying, but this was the cruel reality of the Eclipse, “… the only thing we could do is to try to end them and stop them from suffering.” Lily was crying right now, even as she said such sad things she was crying.

It tore your heart… but what would you do? If Vivio was infected? Would you have to kill her if she did not become a stable EC Driver?

“I think I understand, it pains me to say this, but the TSAB, currently has not analized Tohma’s samples enough to even try to make a vaccine for the Eclipse… it looks that so far we will not have a choice.”

Commander Yagami is really considering to order to kill the infected, are you right with that choice?

>Yes, we should save them this way, it is the only way we can.
>No, I… I know we can stop them, there should be something that can help us.
>Stay silent, you do not know what to say.
>Ask Hayate to try to contain the infected, you will work to come up with something! If you find the source, maybe something could be done?
>Ask Curren? Doing it later might be too late, so you might be forced to use the Silver Cross in front of Commander Yagami and the White Devil
>>Ask Hayate to try to contain the infected, you will work to come up with something! If you find the source, maybe something could be done?
File: 1394502856557.jpg-(141 KB, 850x850, Hayate Smile.jpg)
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141 KB JPG
You do dislike your choices… but you dislike even more to even consider abandoning people! This was something you would not tolerate, least of all from the these people! The ones Su-chan admires! d

You stand from your seat, shocking everyone around you, except for a devil in the back, and walk towards the leader of your group, slamming your hands on her desk!

“Commander Yagami, please try to contain the infected when you can, I know this might be too much to ask, but I can… no I WILL find a way to help them! If we find the source of the infection, I know we could use that and Silver Cross to help them somehow!”

Commander Yagami takes a moment to consider your words … and finally lets out a sigh of relief. After a few moments she finds the words to continue, “Thank you Tohma Avenir… I detested to even consider suggesting that order to main command. To even think of harming civilians is something that the TSAB should never accept, so I thank you for giving me an opportunity to save them.

I know it might be too much to place all my hopes on you, but nevertheless I thank you!” The Commander…no Hayate Yagami then gives you a warm smile, a beautiful smile filled with hope.

So beautiful….

Still, that meant that you would have to rush right away towards the source of the virus if you wanted to have a chance of saving the infected… and that meant that you would not be able to go secure Vivio or Su-chan.

It would mean choosing between your loved ones or some strangers… it was the same question the white devil had asked you a few hours ago…

File: 1394503027566.jpg-(829 KB, 1073x1500, Second Arc- Tohma and CO (...).jpg)
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829 KB JPG

Still the meeting must go on, and thus you decide to talk about….

>Decide on a Landing Point:North, East, West, South?
>Ask about Central?
>Start with the events that started the outbreak
>Give me the general objectives, I need to know what to do.
>Lets organize a flight formation for our team, it will make things easier.
>Wait, what can Isis and Mira do against EC Drivers, even if they won’t be too many, the EC particle count will make magic very hard to use, similar to the Anti-Magilink Fields from the incident six years ago.
>Ask for Advice
>Call Curren for help… can she help you really?
>Ask the other person in the book… the one who offered to break you out!

>Think about how cute the commander was? Is this the time for thinking about these things!
>Start with the events that started the outbreak


>Think about how cute the commander was! This is exactly the time to be thinking about these things!

The world may change but we'll always be a devil.
File: 1394504332747.jpg-(248 KB, 572x800, Hayate 4.jpg)
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248 KB JPG
“I think that we might take the time to answer how did this incident start, what does the TSAB know?” Honestly, you really did not care how this started, but you needed something to draw the Commander’s attention.

You did not want her to notice you staring at her.

So while Hayate Yagami starts to lecture on the information the TSAB has, you take a seat,

“Here is what happened, some 18 hours ago the TSAB lost contact with the capital of AW#44, Liberty City via magical means due to the sudden appearance of an silver-like particle in the area, which was later confirmed to be EC particles based on the data recovered from you, Tohma-kun. We think that this originated from the Industrial Sector of the city, based on the way the particles dispersed across the city. ”

That was truly problematic, on high concentrations of EC particles, most of the civilian equipment that worked on magitech would not work, and that meant that the city was practically shut down.

From what you understand even the normal infected would release EC particles, so if even 10% of the population of the city, which was around 20 Million was infected…. It would lead to horrible things and super high concentrations of Eclipse Particles.

Still you liked how the cute commander talked, she really could keep your attention.

“Some hours later, we confirmed via optical satellites several fires starting in the city, as the local authorities received reports of what we believe to be Eclipse Drivers rampaging around the city, especially around the Industrial District of the city. We received this information by reestablishing non-magical comm lines that the Bureau had saved from the Belkan Era… who knew that old technology would help in this crisis.

File: 1394504416315.jpg-(207 KB, 850x1110, Hayate Raccon- Tohma Fant(...).jpg)
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207 KB JPG
Because the current high particle density, the TSAB forces had problems coordinating to fight the infected, and much of the city turned into a battlefield. To make matters worse, there appears to be something shooting down all air-ships in that approach the city with Eclipse based technology, which bypasses the shields normal ships have and basically sunk them with one shot.

Because the Ground Forces had been sustaining heavy losses, the Main Headquarters had decided to quarantine the area, walling the infected districts while the TSAB forces concentrated on the Southern District to try to break into the rest of the city to work on the relief efforts.” So that was why Su-chan probably was there, your sister was probably concentrating all her strength on finding ways to save people!

“That is how we arrived at the current situation, and our mission would be to work with the regular forces in the city, and try to find out a way to contain the outbreak in the city before the TSAB Navy is forced to fire at the city.

That is why we will be sending you down some drop pods down the city, and use them to insert you at a key location for you to act!” The commander’s voice sure is cute… you really like it!

File: 1394504529530.jpg-(102 KB, 447x800, Hayate swimsuit- Tohma Fa(...).jpg)
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102 KB JPG
You better stop thinking about these things, before you do something stupid and get Vivio mad! Still Hayate goes on about how the TSAB forcers have managed to keep the Southern District, but the last part was a blur to you.

The commander was too good at keeping your attention, so good you paid more attention to her than to what she was saying… still did she say that you were going to be orbital dropped from space to the planet! What where you, some Fall Guy?

Still this information feels too vague… it does not give you anything concrete on what happened.

>Wait… how are we going to be orbital diving down to the city? And Why?

>Decide on a Landing Point:North, East, West, South?
>Ask about Central?
>Give me the general objectives, I need to know what to do.
>Lets organize a flight formation for our team, it will make things easier.
>Wait, what can Isis and Mira do against EC Drivers, even if they won’t be too many, the EC particle count will make magic very hard to use, similar to the Anti-Magilink Fields from the incident six years ago.
>Ask for Advice
>Call Curren for help… can she help you really?
>Ask the other person in the book… the one who offered to break you out!
>Ask the commander on a date… Vivio would kill you, right?
File: 1394504696547.jpg-(607 KB, 800x1131, Hayate Beer- Tohma's last(...).jpg)
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607 KB JPG
A bonus Tohma Fantasy!
>>Lets organize a flight formation for our team, it will make things easier.

>Fall Guy

Never let it be said you aren't awesome Belkan.
File: 1394506434357.png-(412 KB, 980x1422, Two team formations.png)
412 KB
412 KB PNG

Better to stop thinking about the cute commander, you will have time for that later… “I think that we should organize a flight formation, right? I mean our team is made of 4 members, so we have to decide what we will do.”
If this was going to be only a Flight, then the positions would be:

>Front Attacker- the head up attacker that would spear the formation, back in the day they were called Storm Vanguards. Example: Su-chan!

>Wing Guard, who would support the flank and whose speed would help the Front Attacker, they serve to prevent others from attacking form the sides. Example: The Speedy knight Erio!

>Center Guard: The ones who protects the center of the formation, uses shooting techniques to make way and protect the Front Attacker. They control the battlefield with the use of their spells. They shoot at the enemy at full power: Example The sniper Tea-nee!

>Full Back: Support mages that protect the rear, and help allies with boosting spells (buffs) and shields. Also would help the team with massive castings such an Ancient Belkan/Eclipse Castings or Grand Summoning Rituals. Example: Caro!

You felt that any of your team could take any of the positions, but if you had to think of it, Mira probably could be a good Center Guard, with her Thunder Spears… or could work as a Wing Guard, she was good enough to help with that.

Isis could be a Full Back, and support the team with her explosions clouds, a Frontal Attacker, and lead the team with her melee skills or be a Center Guard, and blast things down with her explosions. Hell Isis was fast enough to even go for a Wing Guard position and handle it well.

This girl was that good.

File: 1394506504170.png-(492 KB, 1024x1506, Lines.png)
492 KB
492 KB PNG

With Lily and you, it was probably better to keep Lily in the back, either as a Center Guard or as a Full Back. In your case, you
were used mostly to leading from the front as a Front Attacker, but you also could go Center Guard and try Dividing Zero all enemies.

Still you did not know where to place your teammates… “I think I have an idea of how we can prepare ourselves…” You could suggest your team or ask for advice.

What do you do?

>Ask for Hayate’s opinion?
>Ask the White Devil?
>Write in a Front Attacker:
>Write in a Wing Guard:
>Write in a Full Back:
>Write in a Center Guard:
>>Ask the White Devil?

This is what combat legends are for.
You really want to trample Tohma's Pride, don't you?
Eh? Fine.

>Front attacker: Isis
>Wing Guard: Tohma
>Center Guard: Mira
>Full Back: Lily

Ask Nanoha what she thinks of the formation.

If it'll bring us even a little closer to saving Vivo, Subaru and the others we'll throw our pride away.

Besides with what we're used to doing 'shameless" might actually be a good way to describe us.
File: 1394507855331.jpg-(83 KB, 419x600, Lily and Tohma together.jpg)
83 KB
The team you had in mind was placing Isis in the Front, while you Wing Guarded and left Mira in the Center and had Lily Support from the back, that way you and Isis would concentrate your power to break through!

You needed some help, you hated to admit it but the best person to ask was… the White Devil. She had more combat experience in her pinky than many career mages, so she would know best, right?
Thus you ask her opinion on your team!

Thus you change what you were going to say… “but I want to ask the White Devil her opinion before anything.” It literally pains you to ask this woman for help, but you will do it, for Vivio, for Su-chan, for the helpless infected who need your help!

“… you really overvalue yourself idiot! You are not fast enough to handle the speed needed to be a Wing Guard. You would need to abuse those fast steps you used earlier today to even keep up, and I believe your body would not be able to keep up with the position.

Other than that, it was a good idea, I can see it working, Mira can use Gungnir to make deal with the enemies and Lily is good enough to shield you guys from attacks.”

File: 1394507952533.jpg-(354 KB, 850x1853, Tohma and a person who wi(...).jpg)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
So bad eh… “So what do you suggest instead. Tell me!”

Nanoha takes a moment to stare at you, before giving her opinion… “Place Mira at Wing Guard, she is fast enough to make it work, plus if she fights an EC Driver, being free to enter melee would help her 5th Gen Device work best.

As for Lily, take her as your Center Guard, her shooting skills were trained by me, so I can vouch for how good they are. They will serve you well in controlling the battlefield.

Leave Isis on the back, she is skilled enough to handle supporting you with her explosions or creating curtains that stop projectiles. Plus her melee skills are great enough to be able to handle the rear in case an enemy attacks from behind.

I think I do not need to tell you where that leaves you, right Lost Devil. Your skills in melee are probably the best in your team, and you are a tough bastard, so I am sure you will be able to shield your team from harm. To be honest I think that is the best way that you can make this team work. You guys are too inexperienced working together to be able to handle other roles effectively.”

It hurts to think it, but she is probably right.

>Ask for Hayate’s opinion?
>Go with Nanoha's opinion.
>Write in a Front Attacker:
>Write in a Wing Guard:
>Write in a Full Back:
>Write in a Center Guard:
Also... shameless, how can you say that? I have always believed that Tohma has been behaving like a 15 year old in his position should.

>Ask for Hayate’s opinion?

Time to earn our Shameless Devil title.
>Writing, and if you wanted that sort of title, you should have really asked Hayate out...
>Implying teasing Nanoha isn't more fun.
File: 1394509971709.jpg-(450 KB, 850x1249, Random Cute Picture with (...).jpg)
450 KB
450 KB JPG
You needed another opinion, so you turn to the commander, “What do you think, Commander Yagam? Please tell me she is wrong, please! ”

Hayate laughs a bit, but responds without hesitation, “Sorry Tohma-kun, the Capitan’s opinion was spot on. Her formation is probably one of the best ones you can take with your current level of training and lack of teamwork. To be honest, I do not know how much use you guys will get out of a formation, but I think that as long as you guys manage to keep a strong frontline to keep enemies at bay, you will manage just fine.”

The commander looks at her wrist watch, before speaking, “Guys, I think this meeting has dragged for a long time, so I suggest for us to take a half an hour break before we continue, I need to check on the new reports that we are receiving from Liberta. Come back in half an hour guys.”

The cute commander stood up from her desk and left the room with her white fairy trailing behind… leaving you in the room with Mira, Isis, Lily… and the White Devil.

You had some free time… what do you do?

>Talk to Isis? She said she was a merchant right? Maybe she could tell you about her job as a mercenary.
>Talk to Mira, she should know how to lead a Squad, right? You need better Tactics
>Talk to Lily, she should know something about the Outbreak, can you and Silver Cross really do something? Can’t you do something for the infected.
>Talk to the White Devil, ask her why she felt the need to bring you here, there is something fishy going on with this mission. Plus you also feel worried for Vivio, like her.
>Look for Hayate Yagami, you need to work on your contract with the TSAB. Maybe you can ask her to pay you all as a single contract aka make your team a mercenary team.
>Just leave the room and spend some time alone thinking about Vivio and Su-chan [Random Encounter]
>Contact Curren, assuming it's not too late.
You really want to call Curren eh?
Well roll me a Viral Check 3x d100
DC is 30
>Someone else wants to meet you first!
Rolled 57

Rolled 99


Lost Devil calling Best Girl!
Come in Best Girl! Do you copy?
... just a single digit.
Rolled 66


What would even happen if we nat-100 that?
How do you critfail using a anti-magic phone?
You would have ended in hell again... and missed the drop or something. But hey, some more Cute Devil would make for it, right?

>You would have ended in hell again

No, not my EXP!
I need that for teasing cute things!
Oh, I mean that you would have ended in the original hell where Cute Devil and C. Devil live... not in a Dojo. You would have been mindjacked and stuff. I will never kill you guys over a single roll. That would be unfair, right?

Plus you do not need EXP to tease cute girls, you just need to be brave enough to do it!
File: 1394512191057.jpg-(173 KB, 850x600, Crystal Devil 3.jpg)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
You needed options, more options than the information that the TSAB currently had could give you.

This this left you with only one choice… or rather only one person you could turn.

Miss Curren Huckebein.

She knew more about the Eclipse from all the contacts you had, and she had never hesitated to help you before.
So maybe if you asked her, she might tell you of some way to help the city.

She was your last hope.

Thus quickly you leave Commander’s office and move to a random room that you believe to be empty and open the Silver Cross.

But this time rather than merely writing, you concentrate on the other white book, and will your black book to call its counterpart.

“Come on, Miss Curren, I need you now…” But the holo screen that you book made never materialized in the image of Curren Huckebein… rather than the black bird appearing… something else appeared.

A devil.

A devil made of violet crystals...

File: 1394512257193.jpg-(104 KB, 1280x720, Crystal Hug.jpg)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Seeing her made your head hurt, hearing her voice made your head bleed, being near her form made your blood boil. Just existing in the same dimension as this thing made your body burn!

This was the devil from a hell you did not remember, but nevertheless your heart knew this person… this was the devil made of crystals, the one who had tried to destroy your heart once.

The Crystal Devil smiled at you from her image in your book, “Oh… so it is you!” Her smile widened as her holo image raised an arm… which almost touched your check, “It has been a long time Tohma Avenir, such a long time.”

The eyes of this girl shone with madness and hate, this girl, who was she? “I had been lonely you know, I missed having you by my side. Even though you threw me away, I still missed your company. But now we have met each other again!” Her eyes were filled with both love and hate, as if the madness of her heart had turned the two emotions into a single blend.

Her light hand moved to touch your check, but you felt nothing, still it felt very intimate. Somehow, someway you know this girl, but why? “I really have so many things to tell you, so much has happened, I have met many new friends… but there is something I can’t wait to tell you.”

The hologram moved out of the book, and leaned forward, until her face was almost touching yours. In a low voice she whispered, “Tohma Avenir…” Her voice was passionate, her voice was lovely, her voice was wonderful…

Her voice was filled with hate, righteous hate for the one who had denied her world and her love, “I want you to die!” It almost felt so intimate, almost like a confession…

and once again you wonder why every cute girl you met wanted to kill you.

Nanoha FORCE Quest Part 12 END
Next Time: Break Crisis (I) and Crisis Hunter (I)
This marks the end of the current thread, next time we deal with crazy, finally land, and maybe get some more Ren and White Machine if we have time.

If you guys have questions, please ask them now, I am willing to answer them.

Also if you guys have some comments or suggestion, I am open to them. I like hearing what you guys think of this.

Thanks for running Belkan

I wanted to ask, just how important is sticking to our time table on this mission going to be?
You're not going to kill Vivo and Su-chan off if we take too long are you?
First let me add this...
>45 Hours until the Destruction of Liberty City.

I forgot to add the timer for you guys.

Well, the timing is important, the infected do not have long to live. Most of the ones who were not compatible with the virus are already dead or near dead, like Lily said, the ones who survived are the ones who are somewhat compatible and are going crazy while mutating or have turned into complete EC Drivers. So if you want to save them you need to hurry up.

Su-chan and Vivio can handle themselves for a while, but if you take too long and/or leave them in the city when the TSAB nukes it or the city is overrun by infected... well they will die.

Generally speaking, the faster you move and do stuff, the better.

You do not have too much time to waste. 48 hours is too little. Just do not rush into doing stupid stuff, that hurts more than it helps.

To be honest, whether they survive or not depends on how some things are handled in the mission. Because of how many factions are involved in this mess, it is kinda hard to predict how it will end up. But in a way, it depends on what you do, and how you choose to prioritize your actions, depending on what you choose to do, completing certain objectives will be easier or harder.
Oh, the thread is up... then I will bump this to update later. I will try to keep updates going throughout the day, so keep checking the thread for them.

I will update this thread when I get back from class in two hours or so.
File: 1394548013960.jpg-(114 KB, 850x600, C. Devil? and you right now.jpg)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Extra Record: Break Crisis (I)- Another Devil is with me.

“Tohma Avenir… I only have one thing to ask of you. Die for me!” The voice was seductive, its call so strong that you almost felt that you felt that you would be willing to bring your sword to your neck if it would make this girl happy.

Your name is Tohma Avenir, and you are now speaking to a hologram of the Crystal Devil (where did that title come from?), a mysterious girl who hijacked the call you made to Miss. Curren and appears to want you dead.

You were on the floor, and the fake body was hovering over you, almost pinning you to the surface. She was not there, but the intensity of her mere presence just froze you in place!

“Come do not be silent, after all you have done to me, you have no right to ignore me, Tohma Avenir!” Her eyes were too intense, you felt that she would confess her love to you in one moment, and then kill you in the next.
You weren’t sure this girl was all that sane.

Still you couldn’t just ignore her, right? If she has managed to hijack your call from the Silver Cross, that means she must know something related to Eclipse… and she seems to know you?

So what do you tell her?

>Sorry, but I do not remember ever meeting you.
>I promise to make up for whatever I did to you… just help me!
>Go Away! I can’t die right now?
>I… know you right? But, I can’t remember…
>Answer me, who are you?
>Just stay silent, and close the book. You will not speak with madgirls.
Rolled 3, 43 = 46

>Stay silent, close the book. Don't stick your dick in crazy, brah.
Whoops, forgot to remove this stuff.
So you just want to close the line to a possible source of information... well that is fine too.
Bro. She cray.

Totes cray.

We got enough cray, thanks.

>C.Devil finally shows up.
>Refuse to talk to her.

Dammit guys all I did was take a shower.
How'd you fuck up this quickly?
File: 1394550118200.jpg-(41 KB, 720x372, Tohma Curled up.jpg)
41 KB
You are tired, tired of dealing with cute crazy girls who want to kill you, tired of dealing with killer viruses, of having to kill people, and being a danger to your friends… you honestly are too tired of all of this.

So wordlessly you simply close the book, and cut the connection. You do not care who this girl is, why she hates you or why you feel you knew her.

Your name is Tohma Avenir, and so far these past weeks have been too crazy for your taste… you honestly feel that you can’t deal with this anymore.

At this point, your only desire is to hide away for a moment. In the dark corner of the empty room, you just curl up, you will rest there for a moment, just a moment, because you really feel that you wouldn’t last if you didn’t.

You honestly feel like crying…

But you don’t, because you can’t allow yourself to cry, you have shed all the tears you had left seven years ago.

“Tohma…” You hear a faint voice calling you… it is Isis. But unless you call the girl, she probably won’t find you.

Do you call her out?

>Yes, you could use a friend right now?
>No, I just want to hide.
>”…” Go to sleep, dream of happier times…
File: 1394550400620.jpg-(79 KB, 500x271, trynottocry.jpg)
79 KB
Pic related.

Seriously, this kid has NOT actually dealt with enough emotional baggage to be prepared for all this without breaking down.
>Yes, you could use a friend right now?

I'd love to dream but that's probably going to make us late for the rest of the meeting.

But I really want to.
>>Yes, you could use a friend right now?
Eh, supporting this.
Writing... Tohma can't cry right now, he promised to never cry again.. on the ashes of his hometown.

Will you make him break that promise anon?
It'd make him seem more human. Frankly, given where we are, seeming human is one of the best things we could possibly do.
We can cry once Isis is around to give us a pep-talk.

First rule of emotional breakdowns is that you use the buddy system.
File: 1394552116707.jpg-(39 KB, 427x231, Cry aka reusing a pic bec(...).jpg)
39 KB
You want to stand up, clean your dirty blue suit and soldier on. You had things to do, a city to save and people you had to protect. You couldn’t afford to stay in that corner and cry.

But you do not stand, you do not find the strength to move… the only thing you can do is to try to not cry.

You fail.

You cry for the first time in years, for your hometown, for Su-chan who was in danger, for Vivio and Eins who were in the middle of the outbreak, for Lily who had be dragged now with you into more battles… and above all for yourself.

Holding down your voice, you try your best to hide your sobs… but you fail, because suddenly a light shines into the dark room, and a single person enter.

It is Isis.

What do you do?
>Hide your tears, it is shameful to cry.
>Turn around, you do not want to see her.
>Pull Isis beside you, you need someone. [May Include Hugs]
>Just stay still, you want more time.
>Tell her to leave.

Sorry guys, Tohma hates doing things in a proper order.
>Hide the tears, dammit!

>Apologize. Smile and ask her if she needed us for something.
>Poorly attempt to hide our tears.
Wipe the tears away before looking up, smile like nothing's wrong. Brave-face is a go.
Operation Brave-Face is a go!
File: 1394553674120.jpg-(2 MB, 2939x4206, Isis and Lily Love.jpg)
2 MB
Crying is shameful… damn it! You are a man, you shouldn’t just break down and cry like nothing!

“So you were here, eh. You left the office so suddenly, and that girl and the knight went looking for you,” Isis takes a moment to stare at your form on the floor, “Tohma.. Are you all right?”

Worried, Isis walls towards you. There is not much time left, you have to act fast. You have to hide these tears, dammit!

Wiping your face with your left sleeve, you stand to meet the bodyguard, “Sorry, I am fine. Do you need me for something?” You stare at her face, smiling the biggest smile that you can.

There is nothing wrong with you, this brave face you made will surely hide those tears.

Sadly it does not work, Isis nears you… and pulls you into a hug! “Tohma, you idiot.” Her body feels warm… and you suddenly feel like crying again. “You think that you can hide those tears from me like that?”

It has been so long, since someone held you like this.

“I do not need you to tell me anything, I can understand how you are feeling. You must be sick with worry for your friends in the city, right?” Isis just squeezes you tighter, as she tries to give you support.

That is part of the problem you have, but…
>That is not all, I am tired of this.
>Yeah, I am worried for them.
>Not really, I know I will save them, thanks for the hug.
>I am not crying, dammit! Leave me alone!
"I'm...I'm not a killer. I thought I was...the man who burned my village...I just don't want to KILL anymore..."
>>Not really, I know I will save them. I am just tired of this
Just for the record,
>That is not all, I am tired of this.
This option will make you talk about your problems... and get Isis to talk about herself too. It will probably end up as a hugfest, if that is your kind of thing.
No hugfest. I'm doing a little something to make Nanoha somewhat sympathetic~
Anon... Nanoha is not there... under my authority as a QM I can tell you that.
>She went after Hayate.
I'm good with the hugfest. Isis is a Bro who's had our back since the moment she stopped trying to kill us.
Irrelevant. If nothing else, this is possibly the biggest hugfest moment we could have with Isis, and this will set our lazers to maximum hug.
>Writing. Some backstory times and HUGS, the best thing for all MCs who are dealing with shit.
File: 1394555142177.jpg-(32 KB, 500x375, Hugs.jpg)
32 KB
You are tired of lying too, if only to this girl… you want to tell someone everything. “I… That is not all… not really, I know I will save them, I can’t allow myself to not save them, but… I am tired of this.” Isis tightens her hug at your words, and motions you to continue.

So you talk, you talk about that small village you lived in Vaizen, where you lived with your family digging the earth with your drill. You talked of that day when your village was consumed with gunpowder and blood, you talk of how you buried your family with your own hands and then started training to have your revenge.

You tell her of the years you spent training in the wilds to become strong enough to avenge your family... and then you tell her of Su-chan. About your older sister who saved you, and gave you hope. About your most important friend Vivio who taught you to love again, and about your best friend Eins who understood your heart.

You then talk about you trip, where you were going to burry your past and move on with your friends. About hearing the voice of a helpless girl, and how you ended killing those guards to save Lily. You tell her how you met the man who destroyed your hometown… and just failed to kill him.

You tell her about everything that happened to get you here… and in the end, you feel tears flow down from your cheeks. "I'm...I'm not a killer. I thought I was...the man who burned my village...I just don't want to KILL anymore..."

You were tired of this stuff, of this crazy adventure you had… you hated the fact that you had killed, and that in the future you probably would be forced to kill.

File: 1394556240670.png-(399 KB, 536x799, Hugs 2.png)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
This was probably meaningless, but it felt good to tell this to another human… to your friend, Isis.

But at the end of your tale, Isis just stays silent, just holding you tight until she dares to speak, “I… I understand what you feel, Tohma, if you really hate this so much… why don’t you just leave?”


“I did the same, back then I hated how my life had ended up, so I just decided to run away from my family and my home.” Wait, why would someone like Isis run away from home? “Heheh, I can see the confusion in your face, so I guess I will also share my story. That is only fair, right Tohma?”

“I did not tell you this to force you into anything… I just wanted someone to hear me…”

“Do not worry, you silly boy, I also want you to hear me…” Isis smiles as she takes your head in her hands, and moves you to face her, “I… my family has always worked in the security sector as a PSC… a private security contractor. You know how much manpower the Bureau lacks in the frontier worlds, so my family worked as bodyguards protecting people who felt that they could afford the extra protection.

What a lie. In the end, we were nothing more than another PMC, we were just hired to kill defenseless people or to end battles with our magic. In the end, we were nothing more than killers.” Isis is now the one who is crying, “That was how I grew up as a Child of the Eaglet Family, as one of their Machinery Children. Since I was seven, I grew up moving from battlefield to battlefield, one day guarding princesses to then move to killing them the next… I worked as a mercenary for a long time, until…”

Isis stops, to her it must pain her to say this, but you still hold her tight yourself, “Until I grew tired of this all, of the killing, of the hate, of the paranoia… I hated being a mercenary.”


You hesitate to ask her, but you feel you need to, “Then, what did you do?” You knew the answer, but you felt that this was something Isis had to say herself.

“I… I ran away. From my job, from the battlefield, from my family. I just ran away from everything! I then became a merchant, and just wandered the worlds selling my stuff… and then you know what happened with Yuuno and the Island.” Isis is crying now, and you cry with her.

“I understand, Isis. Thank you for sharing this with me, thank you...” You really were grateful, that Isis had willed to share her past with you like this.

It was a sign that she really trusted you... a trust that you wish to pay back.

The time for the restart of the meeting has probably passed, but you still do not move, you only want to hold this girl in your arms.

You want to continue crying together.
>Stay together... until both of you are ready.
>Stand up, you and Isis both have something to do.
>Hug Isis tighter, tell her she is a good friend
>Tell her that you can’t run, you have face everything, but her words have given you strength.
>Just smile, comfort Isis some more… you also need to cry more.
Hug Isis.

"Isis...they keep wondering if I can control myself...I wonder too. Promise me, whatever happens...promise me you won't let me-" *Choke on the words* "Lose myself." *easier to say*

Also, to answer he question, "I would do anything to protect those who I cared for. My friends...my family. I would sell myself to keep them safe."
>Tell her that you can’t run, you have face everything, but her words have given you strength.
File: 1394558888568.jpg-(6 KB, 171x295, Isis 1.jpg)
6 KB
You take everything that this girl has told you… and you break away from your hug, holding Isis by her shoulders and meeting her face. “You… told me that maybe I should run away… and maybe you are right. The TSAB think I might be dangerous to my friends; that I might lose control of the virus in my blood, and I wonder sometimes that they may be right.

But… I can’t just run away.

I have to help my friends, to face everything that will one day come, because for them, for my friends and my family, I would sell myself to keep them safe.” You smile sadly at Isis, who now looks like she will cry even more.

You have to fix that.

“But even if I would lose myself… I won’t give up. Your words have given me strength to move on, and… I now know that if something happened to me, my friends, like you, would come to help me.”

You free one of your hands to wipe Isis’s tears, as you continue, “I can’t run away… so all I have left is to be strong, and face my fears.” Isis just falls silent, as she takes a moment to think on your words, before she answers you.

“If you won’t run away, then I can’t… say Tohma, you are working as a contract mage for the TSAB, right? From now on, I doubt that the TSAB will allow you to just leave their offices, so then, how about we fund a PSC? Most private security contractors are nothing more than nicer looking PMCs, but I want to make one that really works, a group that can really go and help others… what do you say?
File: 1394559015097.jpg-(143 KB, 443x640, Your team as merc.jpg)
143 KB
143 KB JPG

You want to help others, and prove to the TSAB that you are not merely a monster, I think that this might be the best way to do it! Tohma do you want to form a PSC team with me?” Isis now smiles at you, as she gives you a hope, a way to live differently from before.

But a private security contractor team? Can this really help you? Do you really want to continue fighting with Isis, but this time to protect people?

>Yes, tell Isis that you like the idea.
>No, you do not want to fight anymore.
>Maybe, you need more time to think. Tell Isis to ask after the mission.
>Ask Isis more about what she is asking (Write-In Question).
>Go back to the meeting. You are late.
Maybe...we'll discuss it after the mission.
>Yes, tell Isis that you like the idea.

And thus the Aviner Family was created.
Bah Avenir, I hate this phone.
Sorry guys will have to continue next thread, too tired to really continue right now.
Sleep Belkan, you've done more than enough.
Right, I will check on which vote wins next thread, or will do something if it is tied...

See you guys next thread.

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