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Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Random%20Dimensional%20Quest

You are Nick Trimmers. Peasant Barber with recently awakened Dimensional Mystic, poking at random dimensions while learning to use his abilities, and learning more about the greater megaverse around him.
Currently you reside in an apartment in Arsenal, a pocket dimension serving as a permanent arms expo and gun show, attached to a larger universe of aliens, magic, and technology.
(Continuing from last choice point)

Slowly, Splak begins to cautiously calm down in response to your words.
"Yeah.. I guess she can be pretty scary.. but you better not be lying about Jana! or I will-" He waves a tiny fist in your direction, you think he's trying to be threatening.
He glances toward the still open portal and seems to give an 'okay' gesture to others that you can't see.
"Okey dok then. We should go see her now! Let's roll tub-o!" Hey you aren't fat, you're just bigger than him. Maybe he's posturing for the others.
Eitherway, his spell is still leaving you feeling a bit drunk, you aren't quiet sure about heading out like this.

>"You sure you want to go right now? There's a lot of people out there. And I'm feeling a bit tipsy from whatever it was you did."

"Hehe! Got you good with that one, did I?" The diminutive sprite goes through a number of flex-poses and shadow boxes a bit. "Alright, I'll cut it short, but watch yourself big guy, or I'll give you the whammy again!" You guess he considers that a potent move, though after spending a couple days surrounded by weapon demos, you can't rank it that highly.
Splak concentrates for a moment, then dramatically snaps his fingers at you as the effect lifts from your mind.
"There ya, go, good to go! Now let's go to Jana!"

>"Alright, alright, keep your lack of pants on.."
>"Hold on, be careful out there, it is a whole lot different than your little island.."
>"Hey, hey, cut the bossing around out, alright? We're on my turf now.."
>"Look Splak, sorry again about that mess and trashing your beach and all. Look, I even got you more cheese as a peace offering."
File: 1394667173654.jpg-(97 KB, 500x333, archway portal.jpg)
97 KB
>with recently awakened Dimensional Mystic
Dat opening typo.
>and recently awakened Dimensional Mystic
>with recently awakened Dimensional Mystic powers
You get the idea.
(As usual, feel free to ask any questions about anything or make comments as we go along)
be careful out there, it's a whole lot different
Rolled 20, 94 = 114

"Hold on, be careful out there, it is a whole lot different than your little island, Splak. A lot of dangerous stuff, dangerous people, and worse yet- salesmen. So stick close, alright?"

Splak frowns and looks thoughtful for a moment, and casts a glance toward the still open portal before puffing up his chest, "Okey-dok, Nick. I shall allow you to serve as my guide on mt noble quest! Onward!"
He flutters toward the door to the closet as you shake you head and rub your temple for a moment. This should go fine.

You spare a glance of your own at the portal it will close soon on its own, but you will it to close now rather than leave an unattended portal alone with sprites around the other side.
Splak glances over, "Hey, we're gonna want to go back!"

"Don't worry, I'll get it open again." After a bit of rest.. and hopefully hitting the right place on the first try this time.

He eyes you back for a moment, then shrug, "Alrighty, so we good to go now?"

Nodding an affirmitive you move past him toward the correct door, and out into Arsenal..

(Rolling some things..)
Remarkably, the adventurous sprite manages not to go flying off in every direction as you move among the locals and shoppers.
Though he does gawk around at things, eventually opting to sit on your should so to have and easier time looking around and asking questions without running into people.

>Do you choose to answer his questions as best you can, or ask him to shush and hurry along to the Medical Pavilion to see Jana?
Rolled 38

A combo of both, answer his questions, but remind him we will go faster if he STOPS. TALKING.
You try to answer some of his questions, but remind him that you will get there faster if he isn't distracting you with questions.

He frowns a bit when you mention that, but tries to cut down on his outbursts.
You would say this course of action has not upset him or pleased him, while not costing you much time.

A few curious glances are spared for your little friend by others as you make your way toward Medical, but for the most part you are still largely ignored. At least up until you are passing along the last main thoroughfare before you reach the Pavilion..

"You there! Ten thousand credits for it!"

Turning, you find the deep sibilant voice belonging to a large and strangely proportioned creature gesturing a talon at your head.. no, not your head- at Splak on your shoulder.

The addressing creature is a good foot taller than you, but half your width at the waste and at least twice it at the shoulders, with long arms and legs. Clad in, or naturally has, a full covering of carparce-like armor that glistens like an iridecent beatle's shell in the like, covering even where a face should be.

>"Wha- what?"
>"Who in the name of the Lords & Ladies are you???"
>"Wait, what? Splak? He's people, not a pet!"
>"What? No, just no. Piss off."
Rolled 8

Just ignore him.
Rolled 12 + 2

(I am having the worst computer luck while running it seems.
Power flickered and my Bios settings are gone.
Had a post about done, but now you get the abridged version while I resetup things)

A squeak from Splak gives you the warning you need to try to avoid the creature trying to grab your shoulder and/or Splak.
> Roll 1d20, roll high.

"Look here, mammal, I care not for your hard bargain nonsense. Sell the beast to me at a reasonable price and be done!"

The disruption begins to draw an audience..
Rolled 8

While you do have a decent idea of how to open a portal to Hades now, after opening two portals in a row previously you will need to recover more energy before attempting a task that large.
Much to the fortune of the crowd around you.
Rolled 5

I know, it was dialogue for a roll post. Sorry if that confused you.
There is nothing quite as confusing as seeing your Windows 7 machine try to boot into Windows 98.
After the second reboot I remembered the old hard-drive plugged in through USB adapter that was taking boot priority.

Ah. Well, it is a thing that could happen, so I can't be too careful.
Almost have the desktop running again, post coming soon.
Just one more 1d20 while I bring everything back together.
Rolled 14

The taloned hand grasps your shoulder as you attempt to jerk out of the way, and rudely spins you around to face its owner.

"Fine, huuman. Ten and five thousand. It has been too long."
The voice sounds.. wetter? Your linguistic ability seems to thing that sound is equivalent to drooling.

You do notice some members of the crowd either slowly reaching toward weapons, and a few actively checking their loadout.
This could turn a bit rough soon.

>Try to talk him down and explain that this is not a sales tactic, Splak is not for sale. (Roll 1d100, roll low)
>Try to talk him down with threats and indications of the armed people around you. (Roll 1d100, roll low)
>Kick it in the groin and run. (1d20, roll high)
>Point behind it, "What in Hades is that?!?" Then run. (1d100 roll low)
Thank you for your patience.
Rolled 97

Listen, I'm in a hurry, find me later. I really need to go, and I doubt you have the money on you.
The creature gives a chortling hiss of its laughter, "Warm blood will run cold if you continue to toy with Rasssail. Perhaps I will give you better offer.. give me the delicious bundle and I give you your life.."
He takes a step toward you, pulling a long and taloned arm back for a strike-

Only for that arm to be gripped by a larger metallic hand.
-[Rule 13: There will be NO threats of violence against any merchants, representatives, customers, clients, or operational personnel. This is your first warning on record. There is no second warning. Do you understand?]-
You've seen them here and there, but this is the first you have seen an of the 'Security Personnel' in action. This one seems to be a larger than life man of metal, but you do believe there is a mind in there. As you've learned, your linguistic ability is useless with machines and drones.

Rasal, or however many 's's it prefers, struggles violently for a moment, before it looks properly at the one grabbing it, and seems to deflate somewhat. Relaxing and holding it's other hand up in supplication for a moment before being released.

-[Good. Now BEHAVE.]-

Rasal looks once more at the security borg, then a glance toward you, one you instinctively know as a 'not finished with you' sort of look, before slinking away with his equivalent of a huff.

Splak glances at you, "What was all that yelling and hissing about? That was scary!"

Rolled 2

That thing was drooling. I think it wanted to eat you. Want to thank the nice security person for saving you?
>That thing was drooling. I think it wanted to eat you. Want to thank the nice security person for saving you?
Splak's eye go a bit wide, and he glances from you, toward the large metal man, and in the direction Rasail went several times in random.order.

The sprite launches into action, flying over and full-bodu hugging the faceplate on the borg.
"THANKYOU! Thanks for saving be from the big scary creepy guy Mr Big Scary Metal guy!"

-[Ugh]- states the security guy as he shakes his head to dislodge the sprite. -[Er.. you are welcome, small flying.. thing. Please enjoy your shopping in peace. Carry on.]- he states as he tries to wave off Splak and return to his post hurriedly.
You imagine it would be less awkward if sprites wore anything.

"Well, for a scary guy that save sprites from being lunch, he seems kinda nervous around people. You should buy him a hat! Hats cheer big people up right?" comments Splak as he returns to your shoulder.

>Anything else before resuming your journey to the Medical Pavilion? You have nearly reached your destination.
Rolled 48

No, it's just that sprites and apparently everyone else have different customs.
Whoops, dropped my trip.
"Not much for hats myself, so yeah, I guess we are pretty different," agrees Splak as you resume your journey to the nearby Medical Pavilion without further incident.
Passing by others in the waiting area, you inform the reception-holo that you are here to see a patient, and after a bit of back and forth you are escorted back to the room where Jana was being treated...

(Short break while I grab a bit of grub, back shortly)
Be sure to intruduce Splak to the doc, without letting him face-hug.

[Spoiler] At work for two more hours
Back, writing resumes shortly.
May need to turn AC on, downstairs neighbors must have their heat way up or something.
Shortly took longer than expected. My apologies.
Resuming now.
Rolled 33

Entering the room, you are met by Thrickett. Beyond whom you can see Lialla (dressed decidedly more conservatively than you are used to in a Medical jumpsuit matching Thrickett's) standing with a look of concentration with her hands resting on Jana.
"Ah, friendtrimmers, visiting faejana? Timing-good. Healerlialla is spending break time with off-books effort. Shush." he ends with an imitation of a human 'shhh', complete with waggling a finger in front of his mandibles.
At which point, Splak catches sight of Jana and launches himself at her, "JANA! Areyoualright, whataretheydoing??"
Jana for her part rests peacefully, but Lialla cracks open an eye at the noise, "Quiet there little guy, I'm trying to help here.."

Splak inquires at to what everyone is saying, and after a couple moments of explanation he visably calms, though he looks at Jana with concern still.
"Is she going to be alright?"

After relaying the question Thrickett looks over the charts and clicks happily, "Yesyes, you can tell you-friend that faejana should be well. Mushroom feeding and healerlialla have had great effect together. Would not be surprised to see her wake soon, maybe a day at the most."

There is discussion for a few moments, with Splak adamantly insisting that he be allowed to stay here until Jana is better, Thrickett trying to explain visiting hours, and Lialla offering advice on sneaking around those limits.

All this is interrupted when a small voice coughs weakly around her feeding tube, which Lialla swiftly and expertly removes, along with some psionic assistance to dull the pain.
"*cough*cough* Wha- where..Splak?" is all she manages to get out before the other Sprite envelops her in a tackle hug.

"Janajanajana!" he yells happily as he spins her, knocking loose leads and sensors as he goes.
Thrickett calmly silences a few sensor alarms that start dinging.

"What.. Ah! look out it's the magic-strom demon! I'll protect you.." Jana catches sight of you and weakly struggles in Splak's grip to get between you.

"What, big guy? He's ok now! He's sorry and he brought cheese!"

"But he said he was going to burn everything and there was a storm and lightening and.. where am I? ..Grr! Just don't trust him so easily again!" she glares at you, and even Splak look thoughtful for a moment and glances you way.

Rolled 34

I'm sorry. I was scared, and I was still VERY new to magic. That storm was basically me going 'PANIC, MAGIC THE SCARY WOMAN AWAY!!!'. I was running on instinct, not smarts or emotions. I am truly sorry.
"I'm sorry. I was scared, and I was still VERY new to magic. That vortex was basically me going 'PANIC, MAGIC THE SCARY WOMAN AWAY!!!'. I was running on instinct, not smarts or emotions. I am truly sorry." you say apologetically, hoping to mend this fence.

Splak adds, "She IS scary, you know."

Jana purses her lips and wriggle her nose a bit in thought.

You add, "And while I am sorry about what happened, that storm we landed in wasn't me.. though it was my fault that we ended up being dumped somewhere to in the first place."

"So the bad lightening wasn't you?"

"No, that was already going before we got there."
Though you suspect the storm activity helped draw the endpoint of the chaotic vortex you inadvertently created.

She sighs, "..Alright, if Splak is willing to give you another chance, I guess I will too." She shakes her head and visibly relaxes once that decision is made.
"So.. where are we?"

After that a decent span of time is spent explaining and introducing your friends to each other.

Thanks to Lialla's efforts, your financial worries regarding the extended care have been cut much shorter than feared, and Jana seems well enough to travel now.

>Do you have anything specific you would like to say to and ask any of them during this time? Write in.
Find out if Thricket or Lialla has anything they want to ask the sprites, and vice versa. Then see about setting up 'shroom commerce with you as the middle man between the sprites and Lialla.
Hm, give me a bit to look through some things.
Feel free to add more questions or comments while I work.
Translating between everyone you facilitate some questions and answers between your Arsenal friends and your sprite friends.
Thrickett for his part mostly listens and asks the occasional clinical question, but Lialla is all in, asking about various substances, nature, pranks, and similar topics. At times it gets a bit disorienting swtiching back and forth between them, but you learn a bit yourself in the process.
At one point you eventually interject the suggestion of working out a way to get more faerie foods from your small friends. Lialla admits that she couldn't afford to pay as much for a regular supply, and Splak that they can't spare a whole lot right now.. but that he could probably spare items from time to time in exchange for other interesting foods or the occasional favor.. if you would be willing to agree to help them out from time to time.

During the impromtu negotiations Lialla laments gate fees adding to the costs, then notes you looking at her blankly. She raises a brow and looks at Splak, then back to you, "Wait.. you didn't have to use the Gate Area?"
"What's a Gate Area?" Play it cool, but work around to finding out if what we do is illegal in any way. Do not fulfill a request for a demonstration here, or now, but remain open to doing it later.
You are know that most traffic in and out goes through that area, and you are aware through your abilities that Arsenal was made such that normal dimensional travel magic in and out is set to work only in that limited area by this realm's creators. However, you are not limited to such artificial constraints, much like you surmise that others like yourself or the contributors to this place are not.
Questioning her about it eventually yields that typically people pay and entrance or exit fee to use the area or access the existing permanent portals.
Nothing specifically about other means of egress, outside of a fine and possible expulsion for smuggling people in.

Fortunately you are tagged in the system as "Nick Trimmers & a sprite" such that on a glance in the system, one sprite being with you wouldn't seem odd while walking around.
How is one entered into the system? We will, soon, be Nick Trimmers and two sprites, after all. Also what is this system thing?
Entry log. Fees were waved due to your accidental arrival. Since Jana wasn't conscious, her proper name and information wasn't entered beyond a simple description tagged onto your entry.
Adding a second sprite would involve explaining how it got here.

Entry logs are viewable by all operational and security personnel.
Well, then I guess it's time to find out if and when Splak and Jana want to go home. Today might be a little hard, but tomorrow is certainly feasable. Also, break out the cheese. (Unless we did that already, I can't recall.)
Overall they are eager to return, this whole place is a little unnatural and dry for their tastes. Cheese awaits back at the apartment.

Friendly goodbyes are shared between Jana & Splak and Lialla & Thrickett before heading out.
The trip back should be uneventful, but give me a 1d100 please.
Rolled 90

See if either of them is willing to hide in our pack, just in case.
Jana appreciates being able to rest more, Splak joins in to keep an eye on her.

Which is fortunate as is seems you do pass by a number of security patrols on your way home. You aren't sure what they are looking for, but despite being looked over like everyone else as they pass, it doesn't seem they have any interest in you.

Arriving at home a brief cheese part is held, with Splak putting away a surprising amount on his own. You are honestly unsure where he puts it all, you don't detect a pocket dimension linked to his stomach or anything.

After a bit of activity, followed by a few hours rest, you believe you can once again attempt to open a communication rift to their homeworld, or a full rift if you wanted to risk it.
In either event, I will need 2d100.
Wait. Just 1d100 first. We only need the one two if things go astray.
Getting ahead of myself.
>the one two
>the other two
Rolled 30

Ask them to wait in the kitchen, in case things do go awry.
They do so, taking cover in the cabinets as you focus on ritually opening the portal for several minutes. Slowly but surely the energy builds and coalesces, forming a small and stable hole onto a familiar beach.
As the sound of surf echos in the room, Jana and Splak exist the cabinets and fly over to you, peeking over your shoulder at the portal.

Splak gives an excited "Hooray!" and Jana looks very relieved to see her homeworld again.

They take a moment to bid you farewell before heading through, cheese in tow.
"Thank you for helping get me healed, I appreciate it." Jana's sincere thanks stings slightly with the memory of your fear and self-preservation keeping you from helping her before she was injured so. At least she does not seem to aware of that aspect of your arrival.

"Hey man, thanks again for the cheese, I'll try to get things smoothed out with the others.. Oh hey, lemme see if I can get you anything before this closes- be right back!" And with that he zips right through the portal.
Jana takes a moment to give a litte bow to you before following him out.

After a few minutes, and a number of furtive glances by other sprites, Splak zips back into view and tosses something through the portal to you before it closes..

>Roll 1d100 for random faerie item!
>Any parting words of your own?
Rolled 38

Stay safe, and tell the scary lady to be less scary. I'll check in on you guys in a few days, I hope.
You receive: a slim bottle of what looks like wine as the portal closes.

Would you like to chug it all now and see what it does?
>not that foolish
Really? Yeah, probably.

Alright team. You have successfully accomplished several of the goals you set out for yourself.

Paid Thrickett back.
Sold Mushroom.
Tripped balls.
Trimmed a dwarf.
Got Jana healed.
Made peace with the sprites.
Got Jana home again.
Got an apartment.
And if the message waiting on your communications panel is any indication, your request that Axmel direct folks interested in a trim your way is starting to pay off as well.

Congratulations, and nice work.

Also, welcome to level 5.
Oh, messages. Check on those.
Does level five actually mean anything?
Skills get better, more Hitpoints, more Energy, more spells, better duration/range on most spells.
Good stuff all around.

Two messages, one from a different dwarf who isn't looking too shabby that is interested in a trim, the other with two humans (or close enough) whose facial hair is looking a bit rough and are interested in 'making it look good too'.
With your permission, at this time I would like to preform a bit of a time skip, in which Nick works hard and practices things, and follows any particular directives that you set.
More importantly, he will evenutally realize that the pile of magical knowledge shoved into his head his spurred a relatively brief spurt of enhanced learning, picking up in months what would normally take years.

(Which would also conveniently give him access the amount skills he should have in his new class)
Let's set some appointments up then.
Oh, that would work too. My goals include barbering, salesmanship, and the opening of numerous small portals that leave very little trace of their presence. Also tripping balls with Lialla, she chill. The eventual goal is to get exotic goods into arsenal for reduced costs.
Indeed, friendly appointments set for Tone and Dial, twins who insist on trying to explain why their parental units thought those were clever dames.
And Glaive Crystalhome, successful business dwarf who left with trim kit on another planet and an important meeting coming up.

>Directive Question: Do you stick to making housecalls, or make customers come to you?

Excellent ideas.
Housecalls. Allows us to be discrete with the other buisness, makes the whole thing more personal, and our apartment is crap.
Good points all around.

>Next Directive, Pricing: In general, do you wish to charge a premium for the service you might be the main local provider for, stick to a reasonable flat rate (charging more for more elaborate work of course), or trying to guess what eat person can afford and charge them that?
Flat rate. Ask amoung our friends and clients to set a fair base price. Be sure to state the baseline and a general list of additional costs to customers before service is rendered (obviously they would pay after).
Any issues with occasionally bartering services for a bit of training/explanation of technical skills/items?

Also, your charismatic personality won't go unnoticed, and a number of offers may come through for you to help with sales or demonstrations. First among them offers in Axmel in gratitude for your advice and trimming helping turn his business around. Other include general sales, offers to be the 'regular untrained guy showing how easy it is to use product X'. You can take up to two gigs regularly without giving up the barbering, one without impacting your time too heavily. Though depending on the job it may pay more steadily and offer side training/experience.
While Barbering time nets you more contacts and gossip and random opportunities.
Nick loev barter. As for the jobs, only one, and only if it's a profuct that can be picked up and used by us on the first go. Trying to build a rep for honesty.
Sadly, it was an early day yesterday and it seems my second five hour energy have run its course.

I have more ground I want to cover on this subject and get things in place by next time,
If you like I'm @RandomDimensional on twitter, and/or we can see if this thread is still live later to continue fleshing out choices.

I'd like to thank you for your participation so far as well, I appreciate it.

Alas it is only downhill from here until I get some rest.
I'll be asleep myself soon, so no worries there. I have no twitter, but I do watch yours.
Have a good night/morning then.
If you ever pick up a twitter, remember to say 'hey', 'cause feedback is always good to have.
I live.
I think.

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