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Thread 13 Before Crisis (II)- More Preparations and Guilty Spark (I)- More Ren!

All started with a fated meeting, between Tohma and Lily. The ring, the book and everything else all came afterwards.

Their meeting was not a tragic one, even if whole worlds could consider their meeting the start of a cruel fate; to those two, it may as well be a miracle.

Their powers may be ones that only exist to bring destruction and ruin, yet those two swore to turn those very powers have into their hope.

The past can’t be changed, but the future can be anything.

This is the record of their struggle.

These are the records that chronicle the Book of the Silver Cross Incident and everything that followed.

It is the year 81 of the New Calendar, the awakening of the black grimoire, the second volume of the Gospel of the Silver Cross, has been completed.

With the birth of the Zero Driver the world now truly spins into motion. The pieces are placed, the actors are ready and the stage is finally set.

All that is left is for you to act.

Having understood a bit more of the world around you, how will you choose to act from now on? What will you protect? What will you sacrifice?

Only a devil might know.

ARC 2: Soldier Dreams!
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Nanoha%20FORCE%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BelkanSniper
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This girl stares at the lost boy before her, her eyes meeting his still crying ones intensely as she lays her proposal. This is her salvation, her hope, the only way she feels that she can turn around the curse of her past and move on.

This is the only way she feels that one day she will stop killing that little girl and her dog in her dreams….

So she speaks clearly, concisely, and tries to connect to the boy before her. She feels that he also needs this, to find something to fight, to make a place where he can belong, and to make a place where he can fight for what he believes.

Just like her.

Thus for the first time in many years, Isis Eaglet truly considers to return to the battlefield… along her friend, the Silberkreuz.
If, she had to say why she wanted him to join her, it was because she liked his loyalty.

On that Island even though he had every reason to leave her and Mr. Scrya, the boy had fought for their sakes, staying behind to fight those killer machines and those stupid thieves to protect them.

That was why Isis wanted to repay him…

And also she was lonely, she wanted to be around people her age.

Thus she will start with this boy, because to her, this boy was probably the closest thing she had resembling a friend in a long time.

So she wanted to help him, before he ended like her.
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“You want to help others, and prove to the TSAB that you are not merely a monster, I think that this might be the best way to do it! Tohma do you want to form a PSC team with me?”

Your name is Tohma Avenir… and right now a new friend has asked something very important to you.

She wants you to become a mercenary with her… no to become something more than that, to become a private security contractor.

She wanted to clean her hands from the blood of fighting wars, she wanted to fight to truly protect people… to escape from the battlefields where the only thing she had done was to kill and a part of you understood that, because you felt similarly.
You wanted to escape the instinct that drive your blood, the call of that poison in your body that screams for kill.
You hated the thought of becoming a mindless killer that was why you wanted to fight, because you wanted to prove to yourself that you were above such things…

But really, becoming a private security team? Can this really help you? Can you really think this was the right option?
If it was just to help people joining the TSAB probably was better, working solo would mean that you would have to handle the costs involved in the work, from transportation, to training, to supplies… part of you felt that this would not be easy to do…
But still you liked the idea of working for yourself… but that will have to wait.

Isis is staring at you, waiting for your answer. What do you tell her? Part of you wants to just ask her to give you more time to think, but somehow you think that this is important, important enough that it would be best to define it now, before it is too late.

>Yes, tell Isis that you like the idea.
>No, you do not want to fight anymore.
>Maybe, you need more time to think. Tell Isis to ask after the mission.
>Ask Isis more about what she is asking (Write-In)
>Go back to the meeting. You are late.
The best time of the day has come! FORCE Quest time!

>>Yes, tell Isis that you like the idea.

Everyone else seems to have a family mafia, why not us?
This is a vital choice... thus I will give it some more time...
Fine, how about
>Maybe, you need more time to think. Tell Isis to ask after the mission

We need to ask Lily and Mira what they think after all.
Wait, did you change your vote?
We'll you did make me second guess my vote.
So yes.
Oh, I meant Vital as it will shape the story in the future arcs, including the mission. Choosing to either form the group now or after the mission will have consequences, both good and bad.

For example, After the mission you might not have the chance to recruit Isis, because she might die in the city due to something.
Ah if that's what you meant the I look the instant acceptance answer better.

I don't think Lily or Mira would particularly mind it and I think everyone else should have expected something like this from our negotiations.
I LIKE the acceptance answer better.

So that's a >yes

I'll stop posting now.
At this point, I guess there is nothing more to be said...

Congrats.. you turned the next arc after this one into something like Mass Effect 2.

Downloading at the speed of light.
File: 1394840159994.jpg-(3.29 MB, 2935x4208, Force Trio 2.jpg)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB JPG

You are not totally sure about this, and you do think you could work this out better with Isis, but nevertheless you like the idea.

To you, Tohma Avenir, the idea of living and fighting along this girl does not sound that bad, so the answer is simple, “I think… that that yes, I want to make a PSC with you.”

Somehow, you feel kind of nervous about this, your heart had not been so weak since the first time you had asked your important friend to a date.

Isis takes a moment to take in your answer, before she bursts into motion, she then starts talking about the ideas she has for the uniforms, for the contacts to get clients, to the friends she has to get supplies, to the best ways to get contracts.

The girl talks so fast she kinda overwhelms you… thus before you are totally lost, you counterattack!

“Isis, we first need a name!”

“but then the photo… a name?” Isis takes a moment to think… before starting again, “Right, we need a name, a catchy cute name that will make everyone love us! You are a genius Tohma!” It looks like your distraction did not work… but at least Isis now is handling a single topic.

“Right, so what do you want them to call us, Isis?” Isis was the one with experience in these things, so you might as well let her choose the name.

Plus girl were good at these things, right?

Isis takes a moment to stare at you, before an idea flashes into her head, “How about the Silver Crusaders? Or the Silver Platinas? Hey we could even ask that Knight girl to join us and we could call ourselves the Knights of the Silver Cross?” What? “Tohma, you are the most famous member than me, so it might not be a bad idea to use you as our main name.”

But those names, “Isis that sucks…” really they did.

File: 1394840223743.jpg-(6 KB, 171x295, Isis 1.jpg)
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“Then come up with something better, you will see that these things do not come up so easily!” Oh, so she ran out of ideas so soon?

“Then how about something like Calamity Raven? We will be birds that are drawn to the chaos of conflict, and will bring hope to those who do not have it!” If you thought of a mercenary, the first one that came to your mind was Miss. Curren, maybe basing your name on hers was not a bad idea.

“Ha, you want to copy that Huckebein militia; if you want to use that sort of name lets call ourselves something like MAVERICK, or Boundless Soldiers, try at least to be a bit original, Tohma!” Isis did not have to get that angry about this, your idea was good!

“Then how about Miracle? That sound nice, right?”

“Uhh… might as well go with something like Unknown Savers, those names sound childish! Still, Tohma we are partners, so I will let you decide on the name. I am tired of this, so I will leave it to you! Just pick something that will not make everyone laugh at us!”

Isis looked at you expectedly, waiting for you to pick a name…

Go with Calamity Raven!
>Go with Knights of Silver Cross
>Go with something wilder still, like the Silverstar Crusaders!
>Go with something cliché, Boundless Soldiers sounds decent enough.
>Let’s go back to the meeting, this can wait until latter!

>Let’s go back to the meeting, this can wait until latter!
Coming with a good name is hard, you feel that for now you really can’t do it. Thus you just decide to turn back to the meeting!

“Tohma, come back, we need to talk about this stuff!” Isis runs after you and in a mere minutes you are standing before the office of the commander.

“Wait for me!” Isis catches up to you, as she too stops before the door. Right now half an hour has passed since the meeting has started.

You just blew up the meeting to save your friends and deal with the Outbreak…

"So, Tohma what are we going to tell that Racoon woman, I do not want to admit to them we just wasted the last hour crying, and I hope that you also don't." Isis drives a good point, you feel that that moment you spent with Isis was special, something you did not want to share with others.

Plus you are sure that someone in that office will tease you if you ever said you cried...

Thus you must get creative, you need to make a good lie.

Unless you wanted the cute commander to kill you, you needed to make up some good excuse, but what?

>Tell them you got attacked? Crystal Devil.
>Tell them you felt sick… your blood burned?
>Tell them you got lost. This base is confusing.
>Just tell the truth... endure the teasing of your mortal enemy.
>Tell them you fainted and Isis helped you.
>Just enter normally, you can’t help being late.

>Silber Engel

The best
Give no excuse. Offer to take her out for ice cream as an apology.
>Tell them you got lost. This base is confusing.

We are the SilberKruz, we fear nothing.
Will save that name for the next round... sorry.

Only these two votes...
will wait 10 mins until I go and roll for it.

Sorry for making you guys wait.
Rolled 1

1-No Excuse
2- Lost time, make yourself feel stupid!

Let the dice decide your fate!
Writting... hope you guys love some hate.
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Just ignore everything!

You will just enter that room, and just deal with it. You really have no real excuse to give Commander Yagame to explain why you were late and no way would you tell her that you were crying.

No way in hell.

So you open that door and walk in, interrupting Hayate as she was pointing at the map of the city making some observations.

On the map had changed slightly, with more areas now being overunned by the orange eclipse lines than before… but there were two things that drew your attention.

A blurry picture of the white machine… and a photo of that woman, of the crystal devil!

Why… but those thoughts could not fully form before, the commander turns to you, “Tohma-Kun, Isis, I see you have joined us, the meeting is almost over. Do you have an excuse as to why you are this late, Tohma-kun?”

Why were you late… “Nothing, I have nothing to say…” You feel somewhat dumb saying this, but this is the most honest answer you can give the commander.

Commander Yagami looks like she wants to reprimand you, until a person speaks from behind you… as in from outside the meeting room.

File: 1394852697283.jpg-(127 KB, 850x899, The FORCED devil on your back.jpg)
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127 KB JPG

“Do not worry too much about him, Hayate. I am sure this Lost Devil and the girl had an important reason to be delayed... I will make sure that they do not ever do it again.” Your body stiffens… and you do not have to turn around to know who was behind you. “I am sure this devil is just being shy about his resent connection.”

This glare was familiar, this dislike was familiar, and this presence was familiar.

Even if all dimensions changed and the world changed, you would still know this person.

The White Devil.

To make things worse… you could feel she knew. She knew you had that outbreak in the dark room… and knew that you cried with Isis.

You feel like you could die right there.

Still luckily the commander bails you out, “I see, then I trust your judgement Captain. Tohma-kun, I will save the need to reprimand you two, so please take a seat.” You feel horrible having to be helped by this person...

It is not like will you feel glad that she helped you or anything.

Really she shouldn't have bothered!

You and Isis take a seat besides Lily, as the meeting now continued, “Tohma-kun, while you were gone, we decided on Flight Positions and a list of General Objectives, plus we have received some dire breaking news. Tell me what do you feel we should go over first, or are you willing to wait until the meeting concludes to review on everything?”

What do you do?
>Go over the flight formation
>Go over the objectives
>Go over what changed… it is probably related to the two pictures
>Tell her we have no time to waste, they have no time to waste.
>Stare at cute commander some more?
>>Go over what changed… it is probably related to the two pictures
>Subtly glance at White Devil

Stupid helpful Nanoha
So Tsundere... I like it.

No prepare for a challenge letter.
Closing that book had consequences!

You feel like you should move the meeting along, you have no time to waste, not right now! “Commander Can we go over what we changed, the list of objectives and squad formations are probably not that different since last time.”

Hayate takes a moment to process you request, before a larger picture of the white machine appears on the holo screen behind her. “We recently got one of our satellites to work. It somehow managed to pierce through the density of the particles in that area of the city and took this picture.”

Because special cameras like military satellites used beams of magic to capture images from far away objects, so when they interact with fields of high EC particle density, they tend to not capture good images.

In other words EC particles can make the magitech sensors blind.

Still you stare at the picture of the white machine, it looks like it had been surrounded by a red wing.

Does this mean it had been using the red mode it used against you.

“We believe that this robot has been fighting in the residential district along the soldiers there, what makes it special, is that it appears to have be
en cleansing the area of EC particles… meaning that if it continues it may allow us to communicate with the Easter Sector and coordinate better with it.” While the commander was speaking you subtly glanced to her side, where the White Devil was now standing, beside the holo screen.

Stupid Helpful Devil…

File: 1394855462689.jpg-(173 KB, 850x600, Girl on the Video.jpg)
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173 KB JPG

You honestly did not want to see her, so you just turned your focus back on the cute woman giving you a lecture. “ Still the cleanse effect does not have a wide area, nothing bigger than the immediate area surrounding it, but it is helping. ”

So the White Machine was fighting to protect the city? No, it could only be there to hunt EC infected.

Still it might not be a bad idea to try to land in the Eastern Sector first, if you managed to get the White Machine to help you, maybe you could manage to fix the city faster?

The commander passed on the next picture… this one made your blood boil. It was the crystal devil… the girl who appeared in your book. “We received a message from this person… the thing that worries us is that it was meant for you, Tohma-Kun… do you wish to view it? We believe her to be in the site of the outbreak… and that worries us.”

Hayate is giving you the choice to decide on whether or not see the video?

What do you do?

>View it, she wants something from you?
>Do not bother, nothing good will come out of this.
>Just ignore it, continue with the meeting, and talk about asking the White Machine for help
>Ask someone a question, like Lily, does she know this woman?
>View it, she wants something from you?

Time to repent for our sins.
Do you think you can carry that weight?
There is really nothing else to be said… this girl tried to contact you before through the Silver Cross, it does not surprise you she bothered to try sending a message through the TSAB.

What bothered you was that she could find where you were? Wasn’t the TSAB keeping your location a secret?

“Just play it… I need to see this.” Soon the video of a girl in some sort of cave appears, she is surrounded by crystals, like she had transformed this place into a lair suitable to her true nature.

“Good day Tohma Avenir. Even though I have not forgotten your dude behavior the last time we met, but never the less I have chosen to be the mature one here, and forgive you.” Mature… her? Can a crazy woman even call herself mature?

“I won’t waste time, I know you are coming here, you and I both know it, so I will lay it out for you. Come to me! I will settle our score in this city, and I will recover all you took from me, you cruel monster!”

The girl on the screen twirls around once, as if dancing in joy, and then curtsies at the screen, at you! “This city is divided into four sectors… correct. Then I will wait for you in what is called the Western Sector, in the place where everything began, at the source of the poison called Eclipse!

Tohma Avenir, come and face me, I promise you that I will end your miserable fate! You and I have too many things to settle, so come and die for me!

But if you still feel that you need more reasons to come, then if you come, then I promise to tell you the truth about your condition… and what is happening in this city. I will even tell you how you can fix this problem. I believe that you are interested in that information, am I right?” Was she promising to tell you how to cure the infection in the city? Can it even be done?

Something about this girl… made you feel weird.

It was hate.

File: 1394858839349.png-(285 KB, 687x385, Crystal Devil.png)
285 KB
285 KB PNG

“Come, Tohma Avenir, I am anxious to meet you! Do not leave me waiting for long.” The girl pauses here, as she raise her right hand at you. Your blood turns cold… as she finishes the video.

“I, your true REACTOR PLUG, shall be wait for you!”

You do not hear those last words, no you refuse to understand it. The moment you hear those sounds come out from her mouth, your vision goes red. The only thing you know is that when you come to reason, you have drawn your divider… and are pointing the gunblade at the screen, ready to shoot it!

Everyone in the room is quick to act, Nanoha summons her railgun cannon, while Isis and Mira both draw their device ready to stop you.

But Lily is quick to stop you, her hand touching the silver ring on your right arm, and lowers your gun down.

However the commander did not move, even though her small union device had moved to shield her, Hayate Yagami only met your eyes as she asked you one important question, “Tohma-kun, do you know who that girl is?”

Who is... she?

>The root of Eclipse?
>A fake, a failure that should not exist?
>Someone like me, a monster?
>Someone who threatened my loved one.
>Someone who shared my fate?
>A person who lost their purpose
>A devil… made of crystals?
>Evil… an evil you must defeat?

>Someone like me, a devil.
>A devil who's lost their purpose
This choice... ha, I like it!

File: 1394861932910.jpg-(31 KB, 640x360, Crystal Close up.jpg)
31 KB
Who is that woman she asks, well that was what you wanted to know too. You just had a vague feeling, something that felt familiar.

“Someone like me, a devil.” Someone who stood above the world, above it laws and ideals… “A devil who’s lost her purpose? I… I do not know, not really.”

You do not know from where those words came from… but somehow you feel they were right. That girl was probably someone similar to you someone who had

Her circumstances were probably unfair, she probably was desperate enough to feel she has to act this way, but you can’t forgive her.

She probably knew about what was happening and how to stop it... if she had the power to stop the outbreak, why did she not do it?

The commander just takes your words, and nods, “I see, I am not sure I can understand what you mean, but Tohma-kun, that girl is probably in Liberty City, in the western sector that was recorded as the source of the outbreak. Tohma-kun, I hate to ask this of you, but it might be vital that you meet her. So please consider it on the field.”

Meeting her… well there was way you would allow yourself to not meet this girl, in a way you knew that if you tried to avoid this girl she would run and look for you herself.

That devil was that desperate.

Sensing your confusion about that girl, the commander chooses to move to the next topic.

“I am glad that you at least look like you are considering it, so to finish this meeting, Tohma-kun, do you know where you wish to try to land. We are dropping your team via an orbital drop to avoid attacks from whoever is shooting down the airships in the area, and thus you must choose your target sector well.”

Depending on what you chose, the mission might change. You had to chose based on your priorities. What did you want to exactly focus on?

File: 1394861996808.png-(22 KB, 494x570, Liberty City 2.png)
22 KB

To the South was the bulk of TSAB forcers and Su-chan, if you worked with them, then retaking the city sector by sector might be possible, or at least you could count on greater support on taking another objective.

The white machine was to the east, and it looks like it was handling the defense of that sector. If you tried to talk to it, maybe you could get it to cooperate on dealing with the outbreak?

But Vivio and her group were to the North, with the second greatest concentration of civilians, you feared if you did not help them, they might suffer at the hand of the EC Infected and the Wild Drivers that could be in the area.

Finally the Crystal Girl was to the West, along the source of the outbreak… while that might be tempting to tackle first, did you have the total firepower to go there first? That was the area where the most infected were, and whoever released the virus probably was there.

Finally there was the central area, and whatever had Nanoha so worried about it… maybe you could push to get some info on it? It would depend on how much you managed to convince the White Devil to allow you to help her.

So what do you choose?
>Ask Nanoha to tell you about Central
>Ask another question
>Ask Nanoha to tell you about Central
Ask if crossing the city through central is possible or if we'd have to go around.
You do not know, the current state of the city is currently unknown, but Central is the fortified center of the city, you might not want to pass through there if you can, if only to avoid angering Nanoha.

How you move depends on how destroyed each sector was, but generally moving through sectors will be very hard to do, so the order you choose to go to places matters.

You can pass under Central through the underground tunnels, or fly over it, but those choices bring their own set of problems.

The general idea is that your group will be forced to fight near ground level, using the buildings as cover to protect themselves from the laser thing.
>Wait and see but probably not.

Got it.
Right so asking Nanoha... please roll me a Char Check a 3d100, will take the best roll of these
DC is 15, she really does not want to tell you this.
It is for your own good.
Rolled 41

Rolled 53

Would telling her that we plan on crossing through central unless there's a reason not to improve our rolls?

>Would telling her that we plan on crossing through central unless there's a reason not to improve our rolls?

No, she is... she has her reasons, part of it is that you are not worth the trouble.

You literally would make things worse, in her opinion.
Rolled 67

Knowing us that probably true.
But well she is trusting you to do stuff, she is allowing you to go rescue her daughter, Vivio, and trusts you to handle things fine yourself.

It is just that in this situation is too delicate for you to get involved, at least not as you are, a contract mage for the TSAB. (If you had joined the TSAB at the start, Nanoha could have changed her opinion by then.)


Choose another of the choices here 4

>If you had joined the TSAB at the start
Feels like that one's going to haunt us forever.

Grab Roberto for team based firepower and then break west to stop C.Devil.
Well, there are other choices that will haunt you, like if you had ignored Lily at the start, you could have woken the Holmcross Machines better and added them easier as party members.

Also you wouldn't be able to start your merc business if you had joined the TSAB fully. Isis probably would have not asked you to right now.

Also please choose an option from these >>30845047, except the one about central.
If you feel lost, then ask Nanoha or someone else for their opinion on what to choose.

Maybe hearing their reasoning might be useful.
Ask fit stratification advice from Commander Cutie and the White Devil.

Really the least she can do not trusting us on central

it's probably Best Girl
>fit stratification
Sounds like one of chaptcha!s prophesies.

Meant "for strategic".
>>it's probably Best Girl
No, Best Girl was seen in Ren's char gen, remember that happened yesterday. Nanoha is thinking that this might be a sour spot for you...

So asking questions first? Is that what you want?
Yes please
Right... writing.
File: 1394866857496.jpg-(173 KB, 850x850, Hayate 5.jpg)
173 KB
173 KB JPG

For a moment you consider asking Nanoha to tell you more about what is so important about the Central Area that you should avoid it, but you fell that you would not gain anything from that… instead you take the opportunity to ask the two older women in the room a question.

“Commander, White Devil… where do you think I should go? I am not sure where to go.”

The two women take a moment to think of it, before the cute commander speaks first, “I believe that you should go to the West Sector first, Tohma finding a cure or at least a way to contain the infected is the top priority.

That girl might know something, and even if she doesn’t that area was the source of the outbreak, you might find something there. The TSAB Forces in the South will be reinforced by me and the Wolfram, so I believe that we will be able to secure the other areas if we play our cards straight.”

The commander drives a good point, time was vital here, but could you dive into the thick of things right away, were you strong enough to fight several Eclipse Drivers head one?

The commander probably had not considered talking to the White Machine because you had hidden most of the information on it from her. She probably did not know that it hated EC drivers?

File: 1394866998377.jpg-(120 KB, 445x640, TOhma and Nanoha.jpg)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Still what about the white devil? “I… I… I think you should go north. That area hold the least TSAB forces and contains the most defenseless civilians, but above all Vivio is there. Tohma Avenir, I know this is selfish for me to ask of you, but I would prefer if you protected my daughter. I can’t do it, so I… I will trust you to do it.”

You feel that it pains her to admit that to you, and in a way it pains you too.

You hated that she had to ask this of you, no you hated that she asked this of you.

Because it made you care somewhat for this devil…

“The TSAB can handle itself if you carry some of the burden of dealing with the Northern Sector, and the possibility of a cure is something unknown right now, plus I do not think you should go and do what that girl wants of you. Lost Devil, you have to be more careful, that girl probably wants you to go to the Western Sector for a reason! ”

This white devil… she was placing her personal feelings above the mission, but was such a thing really bad? You also wanted to protect Vivio above all.

But you also believed in Vivio; as long as she was with her friends, you knew your precious friend would survive no matter what, or at least you hoped so.

Still you had to make a choice… Isis, Lily and Mira were still silent, it appears they were waiting for you to give your opinion to make their own choice…

So where should you go?

>Ask another question (write in?)

Gah, I hate these decisions.

I want to save Vivo but not going after C.devil is basically sentencing the rest of the city to death.

We're still not strong enough so we'll ask the White machine to help end this quickly.
So you want to gamble things on a Char Check? Well I do not hate that sort of gusty attitude.

But this is meant to be a hard choice, one that has consequences, so I do not blame you if you feel like that.
Actually one thing to clarify, part of the city has already died, the ones who were infected originally and were not compatible died instantly. The ones Hayate wants to save are the still living ones, the ones who are infected and are in danger of dying right now because of how unstable they are.

Also there are still survivors that weren't infected, people who were underground when the initial outbreak happened, where in buildings or just weren't in the sector the virus was released.
Will be going to sleep, will be counting the votes in the morning and continuing from this thread. I hope everyone votes as they consider the pro and cons of each situation.

The tip here is to think how concrete each action can be, think how likely it is for you to accomplish your objectives if you go to a specific zone.
"If she managed to send a message to this location already, I believe it is possible for that Crystal Devil to track my location once we land. If so, I don't want her getting anywhere near Vivio. I will attempt to persuade the Machine to assist us in quickly ending this outbreak."
Alright, thanks for running.

Also it's Nanoha's birthday today so... Congratulations I guess?

FORCE Quest is best quest.
Good point, I like this reasoning.
File: 1394892115661.png-(28 KB, 494x570, Tohma's routes.png)
28 KB
This is a hard choice, but you have to think of the best choice for everything. “ I am sorry, but the best choice is neither the west or the north. Commander Yagami, please allow us to land on the Eastern Sector!”

Everyone around you gasped with shock at your revelation, and you could almost feel both the commander and the white devil moving to question your choice, so you continued with your thoughts, “I am doing this because of that girl… the one in the video. If she managed to send a message to this location already, I believe it is possible for that Crystal Devil to track my location once we land.

If so, I don't want her getting anywhere near Vivio. I will attempt to persuade the Machine to assist us in quickly ending this outbreak. Plus from there we can either turn towards the Northern Sector or just go to the west directly through the underground tunnels."

The white machine was strong, at least strong enough to be able to fight EC drivers equally, if you had it on your side, it would improve the chances you would have of dealing with this quickly!
“I know that this is a risky gamble, but I feel that this is probably the best way to handle things!”

The white devil however was quick to point out the flaws in your plan, “Lost Devil, how sure can you be that the person will understand you? If you fail to convince him it may lead you to turning the whole eastern sector into a bloody battlefield, are you sure you will not fail?”

What, this was not something this devil should doubt in the first place, “I won’t, because even if he denies me, I will just keep trying! If he really does not get it, then I will have to be selfish and use my powers to make him understand me!” I was talking about forcing him at gunpoint, but I did not hesitate to answer, you knew that if you just pushed enough you would get through the white machine!

File: 1394892382319.jpg-(330 KB, 850x1241, Lily and her many faces.jpg)
330 KB
330 KB JPG


The commander laughs a bit at your words, “Just like Nanoha…” Eh, do not say something like that, “also girls, do you agree with Tohma’s plan, I think that it might be risky, but I does not sound too bad on paper?”

“I am fine with it, I just can’t leave my business partner alone right now, can’t I?” Isis… thanks.

“I am not one hundred percent in accord with it, but I will trust Sil- Tohma… I want to believe that those two machines might be able to help us. I have seen their power, and I believe that it would be a welcome addition to our group.”

“I… I do not agree with it? I feel that Tohma is just gambling trying to get the that white machine to help!

Tohma if you fail to convince him, you will waste time getting dragged into another fight. You barely managed to handle that thing last time, and if you waste too much time, what do you think will happen?

You will fail to protect your precious people? Are you fine with that! Just go to the north, first!

Besides, I doubt that the monster is telling you anything concrete, Tohma do not forget what you have to save first! If you lost one of your friends because of this... I do not want to see you cry, Tohma!"

Lily… she is doubting your plan... no she wants to protect you, but this is no good.

What can you tell her to get her onboard with it?

>Nothing, you already have majority, the plan goes.
>I… I think this is the best way to save more people, I do not want to just protect my friends, I want to protect everyone!
>I trust Vivio... she is strong, so I will believe that she can pull it off.
>I think that the white machine will agree with me, I just feel it. Please trust me, Lily!
>This is the best plan I have, and we know that the western sector is where all started! Lily we will have to face the crystal devil sooner or later, and if I avoid this issue, I am sure that that girl will come to us instead!
>>I… I think this is the best way to save more people, I do not want to just protect my friends, I want to protect everyone!
>>I think that the white machine will agree with me, I just feel it. Please trust me, Lily!
To you this was obvious, there was no time to change your plans, but you want to reassure Lily, “I.. I think this is the best way to save more people. Just not my friends but also the people in that are infected in the city! I do not want to see anyone else die!” You turn to your side, until you are facing Lily. She looks worried, worried for you.

It pains in a way that this girl cares so much for you, because in some way you feel you do not deserve it.

“Lily, I think that I can get the white machine to trust in me, I just feel it. Please trust me in this, Lily!”

Lily looks like she wants to argue more, but she is interrupted by the commander, “I am sorry, Lily, but I now agree with Tohma, if he can get that machine to work with him, then it might be possible to deal with this quickly.”

The commander then turns to address everyone, “I feel that this covers about everything, so I will conclude this meeting for now. Please take some time to rest before the mission.” The commander now meets your eyes, “Tohma, before we land I want to talk with you, and Isis you said you wanted to speak with me, right?”

“Yes Miss. Yagami, I have something to talk with you, about a certain deal…” With that everyone leaves Yamagi’s office, leaving Mira, Lily and you in the hallway.

The white devil silently left the hallway, since you had announced your plan she had just stayed silent… you were now worried for her. Was she this worried for Vivio, or was she just angry that you had decided to do something else?

Still you have some free time before the Wolfram arrives at the planet, what do you want to do?

>Look for Isis? She said is probably negotiating with Hayate about your merc group, you should help her.
>Look for Mira, she should know how to lead a Squad, right? You need better Tactics
>Look for Lily, she should know something about the Outbreak, can you and Silver Cross really do something?
>Look for the White Devil, ask her why she felt the need to bring you here, there is something fishy going on. Plus you also feel worried for Vivio, like her. The way she reacted to your plan worries you.
>Other, just spend some time alone thinking about Vivio and Su-chan [Random Encounter]
Rolled 3

Rolling because indecision.
Rolled 4

>Look for Lily, she should know something about the Outbreak, can you and Silver Cross really do something?
You have some free time… so now is the time to talk to Lily. Isis can handle the negotiations with Hayate over your group, and while the white devil worries you, this is not the time to think of her.

Lily is the one who needs your attention.

You feel she is acting weird because she knows something, something to do with the Silver Cross and the Crystal Devil.

“Mira, I need a moment to talk to Lily, can you give us some time alone?”

“Understood, but do not go far away Tohma…” Thanking Mira mentally, you take Lily’s hand as you make your way towards the closed room you had been in half an hour before…

Lily makes no sound until you arrive to your destination, because it is there where she takes action! Quickly she turns the tables on you, and pushes you against the wall, “Tohma… is there nothing I can tell you to change your mind, to stop you from doing this?”

Is she talking about going to the white machine… or something else?

“No, Lily… I… I want to use the Eclipse to help others, this is the only way I feel I can become something other than a monster, the only way I can say that I will live like I want. I want to save others, to help them just like I was helped once…”

“I undertand that…” Lily lowers her face, her eyes avoiding you, “I understand why you want to repay a debt like that, but… Tohma, are you sure you would be willing to pay the price?” Lily now raised her head, her eyes glaring yours.

But in the darkness of this lonely room, you notice something… Lily looks like she might cry.

Is this all you are good for? To make this girl cry?

File: 1394897413746.jpg-(130 KB, 850x540, Tohma and Lily BK and Eng(...).jpg)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
“Lily… I am sorry, but you know something right, a way to help the infected, right?”

“I… Tohma, would you be willing to do anything to save those you do not know? Are you willing to save the lives of the infected… even if it meant that you must become a monster in turn? Tohma, are you willing to die to save others?” She hugs you, trapping your body between hers and the wall, but the only thing you feel is how Lily shakes.

Her small frame shakes agaisnst yours, she is crying, she is crying for you!

Still her words capture you, trapping you into the evil called hope. Becoming a monster… does she means to give in to the madness of the Eclipse?

But if it meant saving the infected... was whatever this method something worth gambling on?

What can you tell her…

>Yes, I must do that.
>No, I can’t give myself to save others
>Lily, tell me what you know?
>I do not know, but I can’t stand seeing people die!
>I do not want that tragedy to repeat, I do not want other people to end up like me!
>I do not want that tragedy to repeat, I do not want other people to end up like me!
Hoho... I guess this will make an interesting update.
File: 1394900853818.jpg-(418 KB, 830x1200, Lily and Tohma Duty.jpg)
418 KB
418 KB JPG
“Lily, I do not want that tragedy to repeat, I do not want others to end up like me. I know this is selfish but I know that I must do it, please Lily tell me how I can help them!” Lily just stays silent, taking a moment to judge you. She tries to understand your determination, your hopes, your actions… and she fails.

But nevertheless she now knew that she could not stop you, thus she raised her left hand, until it covered your right, forcing the two silver ring on each of your arms to touch. “Silver Cross- Unlock Program #007- Dominion Cry.”

>Command Received: Execute!

In a flash the black book, the book shared by you and Lily, appears in the air as it flashes and opens to a select page.

“Tohma, you probably know this, but I am your reactor plug, a system that works along with that driver to take control over the Silver Cross. The reason for this is because the Silver Cross that you have… is the vehicle that is used to spread the infection.

As long as you have this book or one of the replicas similar to it, anyone could cause an outbreak like the one that just happened.”

The Silver Cross is the source of the virus… does that mean that if you wish for it, you could infect others with the Eclipse.
“Of course you can infect others via other means, but do you know what makes this Silver Cross so special, Tohma? The power of Dominion… Tohma with Silver Cross you can take control of the infected and stabilize their conditions… by taking over them!”

File: 1394900934151.jpg-(153 KB, 850x538, BK Tohma.jpg)
153 KB
153 KB JPG

Lily is now crying, it really pains her to tell you this. If she could have chosen, she would have never told you of this function, “Tohma, do you get it. You can save some of them… only if you are willing to break their hearts and turn them into your slaves. Tohma are you willing do that, to save them by destroying their free will? Are you willing to make them your slaves?”

Lily… what are you saying?

>But I can just save them and let them go, right? That Dominion does not have to be permanent, right? Right?
>So the true purpose of the Silver Cross… is to cause an outbreak and use the soldiers gathered to fight? Is this book a command terminal to gather more Drivers?
>I… you are lying right? That can’t be... taking over someone freedom is… should never be accepted.
>This is cruel… too cruel? What should I do Lily?
>Say nothing… you have no words.
>Understood, I do not mind that, better to become a slave than to die?
>So the true purpose of the Silver Cross… is to cause an outbreak and use the soldiers gathered to fight? Is this book a command terminal to gather more Drivers?

>But I can just save them and let them go, right? That Dominion does not have to be permanent, right? Right?

Desperate naive pleading seems very Tohma like.
I will always vote against this, and the use of this ability.

Is what I want to say, but since I work 7 days a week, someone will inevitably screw this over when I'm just not around.
Can't say I blame you, but remember that the Silver Cross and Eclipse are both bad guy weapons... the cruelest weapons of war from the ancient era that was filled with cruel weapons.

There was a reason the two machines were crazy to kill you and called you a horrible monster.
Relax, no one's advocating we use it. Just want to know how it works.
Well writing...
File: 1394904516525.jpg-(280 KB, 724x1024, Tohma BK 1.jpg)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
“So the true purpose of the book… is to cause outbreaks and make more Drivers… and use those who fail to become drivers as disposable slaves?” You knew that your book was a horrible weapon, a weapon of destruction, but this?

This went beyond what you expected, such a cruel disregard of life was truly horrifying.

“Yes… at least that is what the Silver Cross has recorded over the years. In the past, its users targeted enemy cities and released the virus, killing the populating and taking over the unstable infected as slaves… at least while the infected are stable enough to fight. If anyone is luckily enough to become a full stable EC Driver… then they were recruited, using promises for a cure as an incentive.”

You did not need to be too smart to know how that ended, those Drivers were probably used until they were disposed of, until they were no longer needed.

“That is the bloody destiny of this book, and something that anyone who wields this book can do… even you, Tohma.” You could do that… you feel sick, nevertheless you keep asking Lily, you need to know.

“Lily… can I just save them and let them go, right? This Dominion thing does not have to be permanent, right?” You grab Lily’s shoulders tightly as you feel desperation fill you heart, “Right?”

File: 1394904697338.png-(139 KB, 500x403, Echidna.png)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
Lily only turns her head to the side, avoiding you, “Tohma, I am sorry, but even if you tried to not order them and stabilized the infected enough so they could regain their sanity… they would still be yours. The programing would still be there, and would call them to serve you.”

Lily… Why? Why did she have to say such cruel things. The least she could have done was to lie to you… no, Lily would not lie to you, because she believes in you and thinks you deserve the truth.

“Lily… so there is no way to use Dominion to just save them, right?” Your voice feels weak, you feel weak… you feel like crying again.

“I am sorry, but with how damaged the book is right now, we… can only do that much.”

So to save them using Dominion... you would have to turn them into your servants; to make them into your living slaves.

The Silver Cross is horrible, a horrible weapon that could only give birth to monsters... was this the weapon you told the White Machine that you would use to save people? What were you thinking?

Dominion is a wicked power, one that you would prefer to never use, but…

>If this is the only choice, then so be it. I will bear the sin, better to be a slave than dead.
>No, I must think of another option! I must not give up!
>I will just have to go with the original plan, the C. Devil must know something!
>Just leave, silently, you have to think some more… alone.
>Just hug Lily, you need to cry some more.
>I still feel that I am not wrong, this Silver Cross can save others, I will prove it.

Belkan, clarification please.

>even if you tried to not order them and stabilized the infected enough so they could regain their sanity… they would still be yours

So we can save them, the'll just have no choice but to serve us even if they retain their sanity and personality? Is that what she meant?
Regaining Sanity of the Infected is only possible depending on how much you managed to stabilize the virus in each carirer. Right now they are mutating rapidly and will die because their regen powers are running crazy and the killer instict of the virus forces them to attack others.

But if you dominion them you can force to calm down and maybe even get them stable enough so they regain their sanity, but yeah, if you reach that case they may be able to regain their sanity and personality. How much depends on how stable you force the virus in their bodies to be. Do note that stabilizing the virus for a single person is very hard, and is not something that can be done en masse.

In the past no one really bothered with that, it was just easier to get your zombie viral soldiers, use them and then dispose of them.
>I still feel that I am not wrong, this Silver Cross can save others, I will prove it.

The Silver Cross is bad because it was invented and used by genocidal maniacs. We will redeem this power.

Another thing we can ask Roberto. He'll probably be violently against it even before considering it but at least he has first hand knowledge.
Sorry, kinda tired right now... will continue next time... sorry guys.
No worries, thanks for running two days in a row Belkan.
Seconding this.

Thanks for running, enjoy your rest.

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