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All started with a fated meeting, between Tohma and Lily. The ring, the book and everything else all came afterwards.

Their meeting was not a tragic one, even if whole worlds could consider their meeting the start of a cruel fate; to those two, it may as well be a miracle.

Their powers may be ones that only exist to bring destruction and ruin, yet those two swore to turn those very powers have into their hope.

The past can’t be changed, but the future can be anything.

This is the record of their struggle.

These are the records that chronicle the Book of the Silver Cross Incident and everything that followed.

It is the year 81 of the New Calendar, the awakening of the black grimoire, the second volume of the Gospel of the Silver Cross, has been completed.

With the birth of the Zero Driver the world now truly spins into motion. The pieces are placed, the actors are ready and the stage is finally set.

All that is left is for you to act.

Having understood a bit more of the world around you, how will you choose to act from now on? What will you protect? What will you sacrifice?

Only a devil might know.

ARC 2: ????, The Future has changed?

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Nanoha%20FORCE%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BelkanSniper
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Today you were born again… yes that was the way it should be said, today you were born again. You had been wandering this world for a full week, seeing how the humans had advanced their world, how the dimensional sea recovered from the scars of the ancient wars.

To you it was pitiful, all had been lost, all had been destroyed, from the empires that had spawned countless dimensions now only one single force remained, one that barely could protect its borders.

How sad.

Compared to the former glory of your people, what this so-called Time-Space Administration Bureau claimed could do was sad, and part of you almost wished to try to revive your empire once more.

But that does not matter right now, you are the Arcana Series Unit # 00, codenamed JOKER, but you preferred to be called Ricardo (and no… you were not named Roberto, no matter how much your cute little sister liked to call you that, you will not change your name).

You were made for a single purpose, to defeat evil, to kill the ones who kill mages. You will never forget your duty, your hate that is why right now, you are on a mission.

The true purpose of your life, the only thing you live for… to defeat Eclipse Users

Originally you had arrived to this mud ball to recover the Second Unit, the MAGUS, along with some Auxiliary Equipment (the CAS Units), but something had taken you by surprise.

A foul poison had invaded this world… the venom called Eclipse. Someone had dared to release the virus… to use the power of that cursed book, and just like your homeland, the living beings of this small city now would become monsters, but that was fine you would deal with it.

File: 1395084361432.jpg-(27 KB, 400x210, Bloody One.jpg)
27 KB

You… wouldn’t allow the Eclipse to destroy the lives of these humans, even if they were not your people, you exist to destroy evil, that is why you will not allow Eclipse to do as it pleases.

The current sector you were in was the one which housed the most of the civilian population of the city, and that is why you were concentrating your efforts to hold these monsters at bay.

Just like the thing before you… it had once been a man, it once wore clothing like a man, but it was no longer a human.
All its body had turned into a killing machine.

It muscles had grown in strange proportions, it skin had turned red, its teeth had turned into fangs, and it’s spayed its blood to burn everything.
It was just a killer.

A failed Eclipse Driver… an infected who had failed to stabilize the virus in its body and had started to mutate due to it.

“KIIKIIKIKIKKILLKILL<IILLKILLLKILLLKILLLKILLLLLLKIIIIILLLLLL!!!” Its shrieks were inhuman, inhuman even to you who was made of steel and hate,

It had long lost its mind to the call of the virus, to the impulse to murder.

Right now all it needed was to kill.

“Oh, all you want is to kill eh? That is fine, I think I can even understand you… I am the same, you know, ” You raise your sword pointing it to this monster, “Right now, I only live to kill you, monster. I can only think of how my sword will slaughter your kind, at this point I only care; no, want for one thing ... all I need is kill!”

At calling its name your sword shinned white… and as your holy winds gathered around you… you moved to follow your prime directive!

“Come monster, let’s see who can kill the other first!”
Interlude END!

Dominion… the power to take over the infected and make them your obedient servants, no the power to destroy their soul and make them your slaves… Lily had just told you that you could try to save the infected in the city with this evil power.

Your name is Tohma Avenir… and you had to make a hard decision.

The Wolfram will soon arrive in Liberta, and you had to find some way to handle the infected. Unless you found a cure in the city, your only choice would be to use the power of dominion to make the infected your slaves, or they will die.

You honestly hated both choices… but there is something you had to say first.

“Even with all this Lily… I still feel that I am not wrong about the Silver Cross. I know this book will save the others, I just have to prove it!” You raise your right hand and summon the book to your side, this thing was made to infect others and use them as monsters… but you wanted it to be more than that.
You needed it to be more than that!

“Lily… this Silver Cross has done many horrible things because, it was made and used by genocidal maniacs… but that does not mean we have to do the same. We can redeem this power, we just have to use it correctly!” You are not sure how right you are, but you try to convey your feelings to Lily, you wanted her to believe in this, because this also applied to her. “Just like you, even if you feel your powers have hurt others, you can change that. The fact that you saved me is proof of that Lily.”

File: 1395084587214.jpg-(829 KB, 1073x1500, Second Arc.jpg)
829 KB
829 KB JPG


She was not a vector of infection or just a reactor plug made to control the Silver Cross, to you she you friend who can use her powers to help others.

Maybe if you said this enough to Lily, one day she might hate herself less. Lily takes a long moment to think… and then she replies, “I think I understand, thanks Tohma.” Lily smiles as she starts to leave the room, “Tohma, I will leave the decision to use Dominion to you. If it is you, I think that you will make the right choice.”

With that last remark, your reactor plug leaves you and the Silver Cross in the dark room. This girl… she really believes in you, she trusts you completely.

It was a bit humbling, the level of absolute trust and devotion Lily had for you. You feel that you did not want to disappoint that trust, just like how Su-chan had guided you when she had saved you, you wanted to also guide Lily.

To allow her to become a person who can love herself. Who can forgive herself for what she is...

But does someone like you has the right to ask that of this girl? How can you talk when you haven't even forgiven yourself?

Anyhow, you still have some time left until the operation starts, what will you do?
>Go to sleep, you are tired? Dream of something nicer?
>Find Nanoha, there is much to talk about.
>Find Isis and Hayate, you need to negotiate with them, plus you had an idea for the name of your group: Silber Engel.
>Find Mira, does she have some tips on how to fight as a group (Tactics), and you also need her to tell you what you missed on the mission.
>Find Mira, does she have some tips on how to fight as a group (Tactics), and you also need her to tell you what you missed on the mission.
>Find Mira,

Both the Isis and Nanoha options are great but I'd rather not have out team get slaughtered.
File: 1395086868383.png-(211 KB, 500x271, Ice Cream Mira.png)
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211 KB PNG
Right, you had some time to kill still, so it was better to find Mira now. Mira was a Knight of the Church and had also lead a squad as an Enforcer (the fact that that squad almost killed you was something you wanted to forget), so she might know something of how to handle your group on the mission.

But where was Mira?

You take a moment and concentrate, expanding your inner eye and feeling the world. To mages this was the most basic of skills, to feel the mana shifts in the area surrounding a person, but you looked for something else, you looked for a person.

You did not find Mira’s mana but somehow you felt her… and it took you a mere ten minutes for you to arrive where she was… in the cafeteria, now to find Mira.

Seating in a corner of the empty room (the time inside the ship was set to night right now) was Mira, holding… a cone of ice cream? Vanilla flavored ice cream?

“Ice Cream Banzai!!! Ice Cream for the Ice Cream King! With a cry of glory in her mouth, the brave knight challenged the snowy peaks of Vanilla Mountain! This was a true test of skill, of the power of a true knight.” Mira swung the cone around, as she continued her narration until she brought the cone to her mouth, “It was a hard challenge, but the brave knight had an ace in the sole, a special hidden skill! [The Bite!]”

When she said it like that it sounded so cool, like the power of a great hero!

Mira then took a merciless bite out of the white maountain, like a god of ages past she changed the snowy peak and reduced it to almost nothing.

How merciless! You never expected this... she could have at least shared some.

Wait, this is not the time for this; what was Mira doing?

>Leave Mira alone… she needs her alone time.
>”Its ace in the hole, right?”
>”Mira, do it again, you are so cool!”
>I want some. [Take Mira’s cone]
>Ask for some Ice Cream
>You are here for a reason, ask her to help you.
>"And thus the tale of the brave knight who banished the dreaded Ice-cream hordes became a legend for all time."

>You are here for a reason, ask her to help you.

Is also fine.
You had already started narrating her actions in your head… so you might as well join her.

“And thus the tale of the brave knight who banished the dreaded Ice-Cream hordes became a legend that lasted for all of eternity.” You try to deliver the line the smoothest way possible, like how your old grandfather did on the few times he told stores at the campfire in your village.

To her credit, Mira reacted extremely well, she merely jumped a couple of feet into the air, twisting around to land facing you!

“Did you see?” Is this really what you should ask, Lady Knight?

“Why yes, why do you think I made that wonderful narration to close your epic quest?”

“Did you really see?” Mira was really panicking, you think that if this continues she might cry… maybe you should stop doing this?

Nah, there already was a point where you could have stopped, and you had clearly passed it. Now you had to see how this ends!

“Why yes, I must say that your tale was a wonderful example of Belkan bravery! Worthy of the Saint Kaiser herself!” You feel a bit mean spirited, so you must continue to tease her a bit!

“My Lord!” Your knight’s face now blazes a deep scarlet, as she tried to avoid looking at you and thrusting the remains of the cone of ice-cream at your face in panic. “W-what do you want?”

She is trying to ignore the fact that you saw her, how brave!

“The brave knight tries to keep her façade, to not allow herself to admit anything about what just happened, but she failed. Once an event has been observed, it becomes a fact that is preserved for future generations! ”

The ways her body shakes nervously betrays her, and you can only think this side of hers is cute!

Her red cheeks are really cute! Hehe!

File: 1395089921424.jpg-(206 KB, 850x1133, Mira Blush.jpg)
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206 KB JPG

“Tohma!! Stop! Or I will force you on my honor as a Knight. You idiot!”

Oh you better stop, or Mira might really kill you again… and you came here for a reason…

Still an angry Mira is too cute!

>Give me some Ice Cream [Take Mira’s cone?]
>Tease her some more [What can go wrong at this point!]
>Ask her to tell you what happened on the meeting
>Talk to her about Tactics, how you can lead the squad on the mission better.
>Ask her about something else [Write In]
>Ask for some Ice Cream… it is a vital tool for Devil Busting!
>Forgive me, I promise to make it up to you? Just ask me something.
>Sorry, you just looked so cute, I couldn't resist.

>Sorry, you just looked so cute, I couldn't resist.
>Talk to her about Tactics, how you can lead the squad on the mission better.
File: 1395092872866.png-(711 KB, 650x1187, Mira Casual.png)
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711 KB PNG
“Sorry Mira… you just looked so cute that I couldn’t resists! I promise I won’t do it again.” You really need to stop calling all cute girls you meet cute… because at this rate it might become a habit.

“I see… I was being cute, good!” Mira nods as she processes this logic, as if this made complete sense, “Tohma that does not make sense! I am not cute... I am a knight!” Mira now glared at you, but you just rolled with it.

Still you almost wanted to point out that knights could be cute, but you will save that for another time.

“I need your help, Mira can you teach me tactics? I feel that I do not know how to guide a team… I fear that if I mess up I can get everyone killed. Mira, you were an enforcer who lead a team, can you help me?”

Mira takes a moment to think, before she answers, “I feel that such a thing might be quite hard for you. Had you come right after the meeting, I would feel confident that we could cover the basics of tactics for this mission, but with the time we have left, it would take too long to cover all the material, I would fear that you would not have much time to rest before we have to deploy?”

“Can’t we just rush it, I need the basics. Tactics are based on logic, right? I know how to fight already, I just need the concepts to think on the group level instead of just myself.”


“I do not wish to doubt your abilities Tohma, but if we tried to rush these lessons I feel it would take much effort from your part; are you sure you can keep up? Once you start I won’t hold back, I will teach you tactics how the Belkan Knights do.”

Was she asking if you were determined to do this? She should know better than to doubt you!

How do you answer her?

>>>You have 30 EXP from past threads
>Take it normally, you might start the mission a bit tired but you will know what to do. [20 EXP]
> Rush this, work harder to have some time to rest [30 EXP]
>Ask Mira to just tell you the tactics to use in the Mission, you won’t be able to handle them for this mission.

Also instead of studying you can:
> Ask Mira something else, what happened while you were missing in the office.
> Just spend some time talking to Mira: What was she doing with the Ice Cream? That did not look too knightly.
> Ask Mira about herself, who is she? Ask her about herself. [Write IN if needed]
> Just ask her to eat some more Ice Cream with you, you need to unwind a bit.
>Go to sleep.
Belkan, do the two separate training options give us the same returns?
They will give you the same Tactic I skill yes, but one will leave you tired from studying for the mission, in the other your experience in the battlefield makes up for the rushing you will do and you finish faster (hence the EXP penalty).
Alright then.
> Rush this, work harder to have some time to rest [30 EXP]
File: 1395095355259.jpg-(206 KB, 850x1202, Mira 6.jpg)
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206 KB JPG
“Come, let’s go, if I just have to work harder then that’s fine, I am used to that. Mira, show me how easy knights have it when they learn stuff!”

“Good, I did not expect anything else from you, Silberkreuz, come lets start” Mira now smirks at you, you had never expected this sort of expression form the knight, maybe she was still angry about the whole teasing you did before.

“SET UP GUNGNIR!” With a cry the holy spear shines once… and in an instant you find yourself in a new world.

Around you is the boundless sky, a endless blue that is covered in white, here there is nothing except the knight except the knight and you. “Tohma, this is a simulation generated by this holy spear, we do not have time to go over the theories of battle, the best we can do it to teach you by experience.”

Mira waves her holy spear, and three green dolls appears in front of you. One is wilding a sword, the frontal attacker, the second a spear, a wing guard, and the last one is wilding a rifle, the center guard.

“Thomas these will be your tools of battle, the rules are simple, you will command those dolls to fight me. You yourself will not be able to act in this battle except to order your soldiers in battle.”

Wait what? You wanted to ask some more questions to Mira, but you had no opportunity, in an instant the Enforce moved to attack you and you willed one of your soldiers to defend, and thus the battle was waged.

Mira was a tough opponent, she was fast and strong and better than any of your pieces. She took the time to destroy your pieces when you attacked with only one, and was careful to not be tied down in pincer attacks and avoided being pinned down.

File: 1395095503099.jpg-(127 KB, 850x899, Nanoha in Force.jpg)
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127 KB JPG
She was truly good, but still by the 20th match you felt you were doing better. Handling each piece was easier thinking about what you would do if you were the piece.

If going by that logic, then you felt that plans came together as you learned what each piece could do and how to use them together.

>You learned Tactics I Skill. You can lead a FLIGHT of 4. Congrats!

Still the matches went off until you felt tired… and soon your world went dark.

“Lost Devil Wake up!”

Your name is Tohma Avenir, a man chosen to be the Driver of the unholy Silver Cross, and the next day has come.

The first thing you notice was that you weren’t in your room, first you were resting in a metal table (which was very cold and hard), plus your cute girl radar detected a cute girl resting on the other side of the table.

“Tohma Avenir wake up, we do not have time to rest.” The last thing that gave it away… was the fact that the White Devil was trying to wake up.

You were proud you found all this without opening your eyes, now you could fake being asleep like a pro!

Still, you could feel her losing patience, but you do not feel like opening your eyes…so what do you do?

>Wake up and greet her? Where are you?
>Stay Sleeping, you are tired Just Ignore her.
>Peek at the cute girl in front of you.
>Ask her to leave you alone, you want to sleep.
>Ask her to sleep by your side, she could use the rest.
>Wake up and ignore her, go to your room.
>Vivio do not wake me up, it's too early. If you do the White Devil will come.
>Ask her to sleep by your side, she could use the rest.
>White Devil do not wake me up, it's too early. If you do Vivio will come.

I want to be brave!
How is this brave, anon?
Fine, less brave more suicidal.
Well, will wait 10 more mins for another vote or I will roll for it.
Rolled 2

1- Ask her to sleep by your side.
2- Plan Dead End...

The dice will pick 2 won't they?
Should have known...

Roll me a Char Check... try not to die 3x d100.
DC is ???? Because the real number is too depressing.
Of course they would.

So are you using the original or anon's modified (probably slightly stranger) suicidal answer.
Rolled 96

One would have been cute... the other is a bad end... this is the bad end, what do you think?
Rolled 35

do we even have any EXP to lose if we die?
This thread's EXP.
Rolled 15


Not even White Devil routes ungodly char roll powers can save us now.

Also tell us what the DC was after we fail please.
>Failure... DC was... 10 to survive... 1 for White Devil Route!
>Have a Happy Dess!
You are too tired for this… stupid cute devil, she knew that if she came this early to your house mother would also come after her, “White Devil do not wake me up, it's too early. If you do Vivi-“

Eh… you messed up.

You never got to complete that sentence, even though you had only messed up the order of the two subjects you never completed it.

A headless body can’t complete anything.

Sorry Vivio...


No King is willing to give you advice.
No Raven is willing to give you advice.
No ????? is willing to give you advice.

The only one whose voice reaches you is a devil,
a devil that wishes you to die!

Do you reach out to her too?
>No [Reload]

Haha, oh wow.
Well that was both horrible and funny.
Let's see what C.devil is up to.
File: 1395099775186.jpg-(161 KB, 850x540, Nanoha vs Tohma.jpg)
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161 KB JPG
Did you expect some True Devil Romance Route DOJO, sorry it is only me here.

This is a strange corner that connect the world of NFQ and the world of /tg/, a place where [DIVINE BUSTER!!!!! ]

A pink beam of light destroyed the narration, the wrath of a devil crushed the intro narration to shreads. This was absolute power, absolute destruction, the power of the one they call the ACE of Aces, the White Devil!

Who wanted to kill Tohma Avenir again!

“Tohma Avenir!!! Where are you! Come, I will find you!!!” Like a legendary blood hound, the wicked devil searched for her target, her one and only enemy!
But Tohma Avenir never intended to hide, he had a goal, a mission, and this was the only way to obtain it! “Come White Devil, today we settle the score! Come let’s see who will win the true battle! The LOVE Battle!”

The White Devil could not believe this idiot! “CHEATING DEVIL, why can’t you understand that I AM Married, I have a cute WIFE, a cute DAUGHTER who is YOUR girlfriend! Stop hitting on me, Idiot!”

“Sorry, can’t do. Don’t you understand that this is the call of love… the true route awaits us, White Devil! /TG/ has said so!”

“YOU IDIIOT!!! RAGING HEART FULL POWER BLASTER 5!” Tremendous magical power gathered in a moment, this was the strongest devil in the dimensional sea, the strongest in the TSAB, ready to kill this boy.

“Accept my Love! Silver Cross Blackout Shift! Full Drive! Zero Extreme!” The Silver Cross opened all its pages, releasing all the arcane spells and the full potential of the ZERO effect for Tohma to use!


File: 1395099955803.jpg-(51 KB, 358x500, Lily Smile.jpg)
51 KB
What happened next was too violent to show on a Christian image board like /tg/, please make do with a random Lily!

“Hi guys… I just have to say that love is a really precious emotion and you must take care of it! Do not go for that NTR thing that is so popular these days, you guys are better than that, right? Especially a double NTR like this… whatever NTR means, the producer told me it is bad and it will make me sad!” AT this Lily almost wanted to cry, but she persevered, she had to be strong for Tohma now, before he ended in Double Hell. “So do it for me, anons!”

Lily tried to smile her hardest, to save Tohma.

“Well, the only tip for now is to not be so stupid… Hope you had a nice dess!” Lily smiles as she waved, and the curtain to this bloody battlefield closed.


Never come back!

Do it for Lily, at least?

Do you reload from the last save point?
I'm rolling from this.
I can't breathe

Okay, back to saving the world.
Actually, I can logic out our reasons pretty well as to why Nanoha is the best choice to put our affections on...IF you're willing to sit through it.
Really, please do tell? I am curious.


Still, you could feel her losing patience, but you do not feel like opening your eyes…so what do you do?

>Wake up and greet her? Where are you?
>Stay Sleeping, you are tired Just Ignore her.
>Peek at the cute girl in front of you.
>Ask her to leave you alone, you want to sleep.
>Wake up and ignore her, go to your room.
>Vivio do not wake me up, it's too early. If you do the White Devil will come.
First, and foremost, we are an extremely dangerous individual. Not just to ourselves, but to everyone else, friend and foe. All it'd take is a brief lapse of control, and half our prospective waifu is lying in a puddle of blood oozing out of where the other half used to be. Nanoha is one of the few, the very, very few, individuals who will always be able to handle this. None of the others could handle Tohma out of control (unless Vivio or Su-Chan turns out to be ludicrously powerful). Huckebein MIGHT be able to, but she's going down the bad route, and whatever plans she has we're avoiding in favor of being honest to our promises.

Supposing we really do care about Vivio, favoring her mother over her is the best thing we could do for her.

We can't pick Isis, because we're planning on being business partners and a fight with her could lead to losing the entire business, Mira has too much temper to NOT try and kill us, and Hayate might try and kill us on principal. The angel chick is hardly a match for us, Lily is our reactor plug and that'd feel like dating your Sister to me, and while I wouldn't mind Ricardo, I don't think the others would like a gay romance.
>Peek at the cute girl in front of you.
The premies has valué but the reasoning needs work.

Also did you vote yet?
Nah, let's peek.

Also, screw you, American Pigdog!
>American pig-dog
So more cute Mira?
Yay, maybe this waifu thing is working?

File: 1395102485766.jpg-(109 KB, 1024x819, Mira Sleep.jpg)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
You were tired of dealing with the White Devil, wasn’t her almost killing you yesterday enough for her?

You needed some time to rest more, something to drive away the bad karma and the evil devils… you needed to see something nice.

You opened your eyes and stared in front of you, your chin still touching the table and ignoring the evil existence to your back.

There, sleeping, was Mira Camrill, Knight of the Holy Church, an Enforcer for the TSAB and now the girl who had declared herself your knight…

and she looked very charming. Her sleeping face looked unguarded and soft, serene even; like she had dropped the iron mask she wore to protect herself from reality.

Honestly, if she tried to relax like this when she was awake she would be very cute… like yesterday when she did the ice cream play.

Truly this is relaxing, seeing Mira’s sleeping face makes you want to sleep too. Maybe you should find who it works and copy it, and spread dimensional peace by using Mira’s serene face!

“TOHMAA AVENIR!” The White Devil is now angry, do you continue to ignore her?

>Answer her, you do not want to make her angry.
>Ignore her, keep sleeping and dream!
>Think of something else, maybe she will leave?
>Wake up, and ask her to go to eat with you. You are hungry.
>Ask her something, confront her on your terms [Write-Ins]

>You have unlocked a part of your 10 step plan to dominate the WORLD for the EVIL Route.. STEP 4: MASS PRODUCE SLEEPING MIRAS
>Wake up, and ask her to go to eat with you. You are hungry.

B-but sleeping Miras are a source of pure goodness. They could never be used for evil!
but anon, the normally the forces of evil twist good into being their minions, that is how it works.
File: 1395103967983.jpg-(266 KB, 850x1195, Nanoha.jpg)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
Staring at cute girls makes you hungry.

So there is only one thing to do, you quickly stand up, and turn to face your mortal enemy, the White Devil (but making sure to protect the important resource that is a Sleeping Mira- You need it for the future). “Good Mooring, do you want to have breakfast with me?”

Then you smile, the greatest and most ladykiller grin that you can do, the smile that has been passes through your family through generations and is sad to charm even the Kaisers of Ancient Belka…

Unsurprisingly, it fails. There is no victory in the cruel battlefield in which the White Devil lies…

So not even bothering to wait for her reply you go to the more filled part of the ship’s cafeteria, where food is already being served. It appears that someone took pity on Mira and you and had left the lights off.

Thus in a few moments you find yourself eating with the white devil on an empty table. You can feel the tension in the air, she wants to talk to you about something?

Whatever it may be, it must be important, but…

>You want to just keep eating, just ignore her.
>Let her ask first
>Ask her something else, change the subject?
>Call one of your friends if you see them, you do not want to be alone with this devil woman.
>Stay silent, wait until she wants to speak to you.
>Talk about something you both like, tell her a story about Vivio? Maybe it will make her happy.
>Find Cute Commander, you need an Adult.
>Let her ask first
>Thank her for helping you at the meeting.
We can still hate her. Even if we're a little grateful.[\spoiler]
>>Thank her for helping you at the meeting.
>We can still hate her. Even if we're a little grateful.[\spoiler]
>Not getting an extra piece of cake for her

We have a promise to give, remember.
File: 1395105868769.png-(671 KB, 755x1056, Nanoha Casual.png)
671 KB
671 KB PNG
You hate to do this… but you want to be fair to everyone, even to this white devil, “I-I w-want to thank you… for yesterday on the meeting. You helped me when you had no reason to help me… thanks, but I did not need you to help me, okay.”

There you said it, you said your piece. Even if you hated this woman, you were a fair man, and would pay your dues to her.

“I… Tohma, I did not help you expecting you to thank me, and I expect you to stand on your own and now need me to help you again.” She wanted to say more… to but, it was hard. Talking with this boy was hard, she had to control herself or she would say something she did not mean very easily. “Still, you are welcome, Lost Devil.”

She knew what this boy was capable, better than anyone else. That is why she knew he could easily become the greatest monster of all, or he could become an ace that could protect his friends.

That is why, even if she hated this boy, she still respected him, because she knew full well what he could be… even though to her he would always end on one path, the path she hated.

“But I am not here to talk about that, I want to ask you for one last time, won’t you reconsider your landing point? I…” here she paused and to you this was something you never expected to see, but the White Devil is showing weakness, “I am worried about Vivo, and I want you to go and get her back. It would not be too hard, just find her and her friends and take her to the TSAB forces in the Southern District. Tohma Avenir, don’t you feel the same; aren’t you worried for Vivio?”

File: 1395105979558.jpg-(248 KB, 850x1216, Nanoha Smile.jpg)
248 KB
248 KB JPG


Nanoha normally was the sort who believed that people should be self-reliant, that they should stand on their own legs. She had raised Vivio on that principle… but this was something outside her little girl’s level, and thus she worried.

Was it evil of her to ask this boy to save her daughter first? Only this once?

The White Devil is asking you to change the Landing Point? What do you say?
>I feel the same, I will protect VIvio first. I will land on the Northern Point.
>I can’t change the mission, this is the best way to protect everyone!
>That girl will come after me, I do not want to endanger Vivio.
> Then come with me, help me get to Vivio fast and then move to another mission.
>I do not know what to do… can I place my friends over others?
>Offer the Cake for the White Devil… then Cry.
"The way I see it, the safest place for Vivio is as far away from me as possible."

Commence cake offerings.

(Also, phrased like that, it can refer both to Nanoha's beliefs and the C Devil)
Fuckin trip.
File: 1395108054243.jpg-(5 KB, 113x150, Bib Not like you or anything.jpg)
5 KB
You hated that she asked this of you… this was unfair. So unfair… You want something to distract yourself, so you go and get two slices of cake… one for you and one for her.

“I hope you do not mind… I am just keeping a promise.” You did not know why you had this urge, but you had to do this, for that cute devil.

“No… while it is early for sweets, I can make an exception once.”

“Gee, I am glad.” You feel like crying right now… why? You better get back to the topic, “Still, the way I see it, the safest place for Vivio is as far away from me as possible?”

The white devil responds fast, but in a way you did not expect, “Tohma Avenir, do you mean just for this mission or… for your whole life? Do you want to leave Vivio? Are you trying to push her away?” What? Why was she asking this? Plus, shouldn’t she be the one trying to root for you to get away from her daughter?

“Why do you ask? I thought you wanted me as far from Vivio as you could?” You lean back on the desk and try to not look at this devil. It was not that you wanted to push her

“Just answer me Tohma Avenir, are you intending to leave Vivio? Is it because of your circumstances? Because of what you think you might do? Answer me? Do you intend to do the same to Subaru?” The white devil was now glaring at you, was she angry? Over this?

"Do you intend to sacrifice yourself to protect your family?"

Why was she asking this?

>Why do you care, you never liked me! I know you would be happy if I never talked to Vivio again, so why do you fake caring.
>I am a walking time bomb, the father away those two are from me the better.
>I… do not want to hurt them. If I lost control of myself and attacked them, I would never forgive myself.
>Its only for this mission, I will never give up on Vivio nor my family.
>I love her… for many reasons, and that is why I want to protect her.
>No, I have tried to do that you know… me and Ein have tried to protect her since long ago, but Vivio is strong, she does not need me to protect her. I believe in her to be able to handle not being rescued by me first.
>I want to rescue her first too, but I am sure you understand too, that Vivio would not be happy if I stopped saving others to protect her only. She hates that sort of selfish actions.
>No!! I care too much for them to try that! Don’t you dare say that, white devil.”
> Shut Up, I know, I know this is stupid, but it is the best way to protect them. I do not hear you saying anything better?
>Then, what should I do, White Devil?
>Yes, if I could give my life to protect them... I would gladly do so.
>I… do not want to hurt them. If I lost control of myself and attacked them...I can't let that happen. I'll lose myself to protect them, and then I might hurt them.
>>I want to rescue her first too, but I promised that I would confront this curse and that I'd save everyone. I can't just throw that promise away and save only Vivo, She'd never forgive me.

I'd never forgive myself.
File: 1395110711279.jpg-(187 KB, 600x487, Cool Vivio.jpg)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
“I… do not want to hurt them. If I lost control of myself and attacked them...I can't let that happen. I would not mind to lose myself protecting them, but I can’t stand the thought of hurting them.” There… you did not want to say that

“Stupid Saver Devil, so you are going around saving everyone without saving yourself first?” Saving myself? “So you are going to protect everyone while sacrificing yourself? What a conceited load of crap, who do you think you are? You think that this will make everyone happy? Tohma, you can’t make anyone truly happy, while crying inside yourself, because the ones who care for you will also suffer.

The only thing you will end up doing is making everyone sad, starting with yourself.”

The white devil was angry at you, but somehow you weren’t scared or rather you could not turn yourself away from what she said.

“And you are right, I do think you are dangerous, I think you could lose yourself very easily, look at yourself now, even when trying to help someone you are losing yourself! But I also believe in Vivio!” Vivio? What does she has to do with this? “She told me that she believed in you, that she saw something in you that was worthy of being loved by her… and I want to believe in her. “

“Lost Devil, I do not trust you, I do not understand you, and I find it hard to believe in you who seems like he does not understand himself… but I believe in Vivo. I believe in my daughter who believes in you.” Believe in Vivio who believes in me… ha that sounds stupidly sweet.

She is really a good friend. Vivio…

“Tohma, no one can carry all the burdens of the world by himself… I should know.” She touched her left rib, the one she had almost lost in that incident in that snowy day so many years ago… “If you try to take everything by yourself, you will only end up destroying yourself.”

She makes it sound so simple, so easy. But she did not understand.

File: 1395110811739.jpg-(120 KB, 445x640, TOhma and Nanoha.jpg)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
“But what should I do? I want to rescue her first too, but I promised that I would confront this curse and use it to save everyone. I just can’t throw that promise away and save only Vivio. She’d never forgive me

I’d never forgive myself.

“Then do both!” Eh? What… “You should really learn to trust in your friends more. Just like Mira and Isis, they are not so weak that they need to be only protected by you. Rely on them, ask them to support you, just as you want to support them.”

To you, this was probably the first time you could understand this woman… right now she reminded you of Su-chan, or rather Su-chan had always tried to imitate this woman when dealing with you.

You could see why Subaru admired this woman, this white devil.

“But Vivio? I do not want her to be in danger! She…” is the first precious friend I made, if something happened to her.

“Do not worry about Vivio, my daughter is a strong girl. I am sure if you are by her side, she will manage to pull through. Trust in her, Tohma; just like she trusts in you.”

Nanoha had forgotten that too, she had been so used to protecting Vivio that she had forgotten that Vivio was her own person, a strong person who had people she could rely on.

She knew that her daughter would pull out fine from this disaster, just as she had pulled out of trouble when she had been Vivio’s age.

…Trust eh?

File: 1395110967555.jpg-(143 KB, 443x640, Main Trio -The friends yo(...).jpg)
143 KB
143 KB JPG

>Warning! The Wolram has reached Liberta’s Dimensional Space. Operation Silver BREAK will commence in half an hour. All men ready their combat stations for the operation. All mage flights prepare for the orbital drop.

“I guess this is the point where we separate… Lost Devil, please think about what I said.” She now sounded calm, different than before, like she had arrived at some important conclusion. “Also, it does not matter if you want to leave Vivio and Subaru behind… I won’t worry anymore about that, because even if you dared to do that, they would never let you leave them.”

That is right too, if you dared to leave, those two would just find you and drag you back… you felt like crying, but you won’t, no in front of this woman.

>The Drop will start soon, this is the last chance to reconsider the drop… will you hear the words of the White Devil? Will you dare risk your friends and trust them to pull through with you?

Could you trust them to help you here? Could you trust yourself to place them in danger?

Choose a landing point.
>North, fight alongside the Vivio that trusts in you.
>East, the White Machine is there… you need to face it.
>West, Hunt the enemy directly. There is someone like you there.
>South, Fight alongside Su-chan and her Friends
Go east, first, but we're going to loop northwards. It will take a very, very short amount of time to clear the districts with Ricardo by our side. If we can convince him, we can make a beeline to Vivio Su-chan, and then send them south. Make sure they are safe. After that, it'll just be mopping up north and east districts, and by the time this is all done we can rondezvous with Nanoha to just completely level West.
>North, fight alongside the Vivio that trusts in you.

North - East - South - West

We grab Vivio and Ein.
We grab Ricardo
We drop off Vivio and Ein
We meet C.devil
I'd rather not do the Ricardo incident with Vivio in tow. He's just too cute, after all
If you guys are really going to recruit Ricardo, I recommend that you prepare a good speech, and prepare that arm of yours. You will need to shatter his illusions a bit more.
Just figured surrounding him with a critical mass of adorable might make him more willing to help

He's gonna get befriended so hard!
Prepping the Tohma cannon.
Well, I am going to sleep. If the thread is up, I will continue tomorrow, just like last time.

Next Time Silver Break starts and we get another Ren Interlude- You get to decide her fate.

Also can you guys decide the route for the trip, or at least the place where you want to land? North or East? Please chose one.
I'd prefer east. Make out with Ricardo in private.

But going East pretty much guarantees we aren't going to see Ein or Vivio.

Making a beeline to Roberto doesn't make sense if you're going to go everywhere else before going to the west district, and bringing V and E along to fight C.Devil just isn't going to happen.
Actually, start in east, head north, take tunnels south, use reinforcements from Su-chan and TSAB to spearhead a push into West.
File: 1395116209272.png-(28 KB, 494x570, Tohma's routes.png)
28 KB

So it's either

1, N > E > S > W
2. E > N > S >W

1. Pros:
Listening to Nanoha's request.
Avoiding the tunnel system.

Might have to work the Domination system out before talking with the White Machine

Plan 2: Pros:
Meet White Machine at start

Brushing off Nanoha
Taking chances in the tunnels

If there are any other pros or cons let me hear them. Right now the plans are similar but I'm all for staying out of the tunnel system and scoring points with the White Devil.
Forgot the final assault. I'm assuming the C Devil is dug into the West district. Hitting it will in itself be a battle, and having more backing than just a flight team would help immensely.
>Forgot the final assault

Not really. Both plans end up with us going from the military district (where the TSAB is) to the west district. So even if we assume C.Devil managed to put together a huge EC force there both plans put us in the same place.

Something I just thought about is what about the East District after we get Roberto to come with us? We could conceivably drag the residents from the east to the south if we go that way but what they do if we go North instead is anyone's guess.
And if we go north, first? The tunnels are going to be relatively easy to clear out (lots of choke-points), so I'd not be worried about them really.

If we go North the we'd break through the relatively thin infection wall (see >>30905366 Map) into the mostly clear East District and the from the east into the TSAB controlled South where we meet up with the military. We could even clear a path for the East District survivors.

Besides Belkan said that there were some pretty nasty things in the tunnels so I'd rather not go into them unless we have to.
But then we can't have hot makeout session with Ricardo
Well we can always ask for a minute alone while we "negotiate".

Oh and If you keep saying that I'm adding him to the harem
...I accept your conditions.
File: 1395118357049.png-(162 KB, 482x600, 1391029728557.png)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
Lewd Diplomacy saves the day once again!
File: 1395123129599.gif-(1.86 MB, 306x230, 1364594765677.gif)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB GIF
You really should think of this part, Ricardo is the only thing keeping those guys alive, if you take him... well.
Will, continue in 3 hours or so, so get set for the next update.
Will start writing, but for the record, after this, do you guys want an Interlude or to continue with the Mission?
Interlude please, knowledge is power.
Good, that way we can have more Ren...
and we can save the Flower Wars for another thread.
Also, did you guys choose North, right?

Yes, seems that way.
File: 1395154612011.jpg-(409 KB, 850x1861, Isis Set Up.jpg)
409 KB
409 KB JPG

You arrive in the drop pod with minutes to spare, back in the day these things were called the Metal Coffins, because of the high mortality rate of the diver corps.

Still, you are not the only one there, Isis, Mira and Lily were already there, ready to start this. Oh, you needed to say something, “Hi, guys!”

“Goodday Silberkrez!” “Hiya, Mate!” “Hello, Tohma!” The three ladies salute you at the same time. How wonderful to hear their sweet voices, you sure could get used to this.

“Wait, Mate? Isis we are not pirates, you know?”

“Hehehe, well if we do this mission well, I guess we can become Pirates. Tohma, I negotiated a nice reward for our new PSC, so you better do your best here. Silber Engel needs to start with a good name!”

“Do, well you mean to keep the collateral damage and stuff?” Firing your bombardment spells like Divide Zero on a city was probably bad, just a single shot would bisect the city into two. “Plus, what is with that name, Silver Angel, I never agreed on that!”

“Hehehe don't worry about the small stuff, I think this is a great name, you know people will love it. I came up with it when I met that raccoon woman after the debriefing. Plus it just fits, you will be the Silber, Tohma, while Lily and I will be the Engels.”

“Wait… Mira won’t join us?” You had hoped that the knight would join your group, she was turning into a good friend, and you hated the thought of leaving her.

“Do not worry, Tohma, I got you covered.” Isis waved a finger, “Mira here is our observer, she will make sure that we do what our client, the TSAB, wants us to do on the site. I am kind of sad we won’t pay her, but I am sure you can think of some way to repay her Tohma!”
File: 1395154692492.png-(35 KB, 310x340, Steed.png)
35 KB
Do not lie Isis, I know you want to save on that money, but you would have to find some way to make it up to Mira, maybe you could give her something? You could not pay her (while she worked for the TSAB), but giving gifts was allowed right?

You did not want to start turning to bribery just as you start your business.

Mira then approaches you, ignoring everything that Isis just had said, “Tohma, the commander received your communication to change the Landing Point, now we will aim for the northern point, the commercial district with the second highest concentration of civilians.”

The knight raises out her hand, holding a familiar item in it, your camera-type device. “The commander gave me this, she told me to consider it a gift from her.”

“Good Day Buddy, I hope you have not forgotten me. I was just improved by the nice guys at the TSAB. Meet my new me, Steed 2.0! I now can work inside high EC particle environments, just like the AEC tech the TSAB has.”

“I missed you, Steed! Thanks Mira!” Now, you would have to find some way to repay that cute commander. “Then let’s go, we have no time to waste!”

“Understood!” The knight just moved past the metal door, entering the drop capsule followed by Isis. Steed tied itself to your neck, entering his standby mode.

That left only you and Lily. Her jaw was tight and her eyes burned with determination… she had to say nothing, you understood what she felt.

“Lily, let’s go and save everyone! We won’t fail. Let’s show them what our Silver Cross can save others too!”

“Right, let’s do it!” Lily just smiled radiantly, who knew that the airheaded girl from the morning would become this determined young lady before you.

With Lily behind you, you entered the capsule… and soon Operation Silver Break will start and Lily and you will face whatever caused this mess in the city.

Break Crisis (III) END
File: 1395154820192.jpg-(316 KB, 850x1196, 3 swimsuits.jpg)
316 KB
316 KB JPG

>40 Hours remain until the destruction of Liberty City.

Forgot to add this... have a random cute pic as an excuse.
Gay player reporting in! LET'S GO GIVE VIVIO A THREESOME! (where she is the focus, of course)
File: 1395155586411.jpg-(173 KB, 850x600, Crystal Devil 3.jpg)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
From the sky she could feel it… he was coming. Soon she would settle the score with one of her true enemies. What happened to this city was a tragedy, an outcome that no one wanted, but she had to be responsible.

She had a way to deal with it, she just needed to kill Tohma Avenir. Even though it pained her, it seems that the two of them can’t exist under the same heavens...

She will not hesitate. She will not waver anymore.

She will not try to speak to him like last time…

She will regain all that was stolen from her, one way or another.

And thus as a shooting star descended into the city, the devil made of crystals prepared herself.

Today she would finish that boy, no matter what price she had to pay.

??? Record: Guilty Spark (I)

Your name is Ren Spirior, and your head hurts. Last thing you remember was freeing the Crystal Girl with the creepy voice… and then nothing.

It appears that you somehow lost your consciousness, and now were lying inside a small cot in a concrete room. The place was small, just like a cell, but there was no door to stop you from leaving.

Not that a door would be enough to ever bar your way.

“Ah, so you have woken, my Driver… I am glad?” Turning your head to the side, you saw a familiar figure, the girl that was sleeping in the crystal.

She approaches your cot and sits by the side, staring at you. “I know you have many questions, but we do not have much time… what do you need to know?”

What do you do? You have many questions, but it is probably better to start with one.

>Stand up and ask her what happened.
>Ask her for food, you are hungry?
>Ask her what happened in the factory?
>Ask her who she is?
>Ask her who was the black shadow?
>Ask her what happened to her, the gunblade and the book, the coat? What is she now?
"Wait...did I get drunk again? PLEASE tell me I didn't...'go' with you..."
>Ask her what happened in the factory?
Thinking about it. You just woke up on a random bed with a girl tending to you and you do not remember anything.

“Wait… did I get drunk again? Please tell me, I didn’t… ‘go’… with you…” Although you were still a minor, you never had a problem sneaking some drinks from time to time, but waking up in someone else’s place was new.

The pink haired girl just stared at you impassively, “… ‘go’? I am not sure I can understand what you mean?”

What is her translator broken? “You know what I am talking about, did we… have a special time together?” You really felt shy saying this… how lame, why did the great you have to be this weak to romance!

With all your might you fought down the redness from your cheeks, you had nothing to be ashamed of. It happens to many people, right? They get drunk and forget what they did for their first time.

“A special time… I would say that I consider our meeting a special time, but I am starting to think we are not talking about the same thing.” She remained impassive, while she used a crystal fan in her hand to blow some air to you.

“So… we didn’t have s*x?”

File: 1395157515716.jpg-(161 KB, 688x782, Ren 1.jpg)
161 KB
161 KB JPG

“I…” The pale skinned girl now blushes, wow she can look cute like that, “I do not believe we ever had sexual intercourse, so I am glad to say that your fears are unfounded.”

So nothing happened, well you weren’t sure if you had to be happy or sad about that. Still, now that you think about it…

“Then, what happened in the factory? I met you and then I lost my memory…” Your memory was too foggy about what happened. You needed to know what has happened in the factory.

“What happened? You liberated my person from that merciless cage, became an EC Driver and splendidly managed to defeat that shadow… I must say that your potential as a Driver astounds me, you are very compatible with the virus, and some might even say that you are too compatible.”

“I remember that, but after all went black?”

“After you lost your consciousness, I quickly escaped the factory, and sought refuge in this empty warehouse, awaiting the moment you would wake.”

That sounds nice… but something feels fishy? Was that all that happened in the factory?
>Ask her more, she is probably hiding something?
> Ask her about s*x? What is her taste?
>Ask her for food, you are hungry?
>Ask her who she is? Why was she sealed?
>Ask her who was the black shadow?
>Ask her what happened to you, the gunblade and the book, the coat? What are you now?
Much as I want to say the second one...we're too full of ourselves. PRACTICAL MATTERS MUST TAKE PRECEDENCE!

Ask what she's hiding.
>>Ask her more, she is probably hiding something?
File: 1395158809819.jpg-(67 KB, 1024x576, C.Girl 1.jpg)
67 KB
There was something going on, was this girl hiding something… “No, something happened, because if it hadn’t you and I shouldn’t be here, right? I am sure that I was not meant to faint in the factory, right?”

The girl just stays silent for a moment, before she offers you her hand, “Even if you do not know it yourself, in your blood right now is a poison… a poison that has granted you incredible powers, the Eclispe.”

Taking her hand you felt her struggle to lift you up from the coat, still with this girl’s help you find yourself standing up. Well that is no surprise, no matter what had happened, you were not the type to lose.

“You mean like that boy, the Hero do the Silver Cross. That is how I obtained the gunblade and the book, right?” When you mentioned the boy she grimaced, sure it was dissimulated, but did she have something against that boy?

“Yes, the Divider and you Copy of the Silver Cross are both proof that you have adapted to the virus in your body, and in turn transformed into a wonderful Driver. But the Eclipse is not safe… the virus wears it toll on the users and may drive those it infects insane.” The girl walks you outside the room, to a nearby door.

From what you think of the area, this door should lead you outside, to the main industrial sector.

File: 1395158943625.png-(850 KB, 960x540, Destroyed Liberta.png)
850 KB
850 KB PNG

“This is what happens when the powers of Eclipse are misused…” The girl opened the door, revealing the familiar city you once swore to conquer.

It was broken, destroyed, it was as if some child had taken everything and broken it for fun. How horrible and the blood... you could smell the blood in the air.

Nearby are piles of meat… and you call it meat because there is no way to call it other than that, but the meat moves, it crawls on the debris and tries to move… is this thing alive?

“This was caused by an Eclipse Driver, by someone who lost their sanity for a moment… My Driver, this is your last chance? Are you sure you want to know the truth? Even if you ignore how this happened, I am sure you can find a way to solve this problem.”

You felt that she wanted to tell you something else? But what? Why wasn’t she just telling you about this?

Still, do you want to know how this happened?
>No, I do not need to know, I just need to know how to solve this.
>No, I just want to leave…
>Cry, you know what happened...
"It's quite simple. The Eclipse had an outbreak, and I'm the root cause of it."

"I won't regret my choices, because in the same situation with the same information I'd have done it all over again."

>No, I do not need to know, I just need to know how to solve this.
>>Escape the reality, you know what happened...
>Not going heartless realist.
>Not becoming BBEG
Will give you some time until you guys think of something to pick.
>heartless realist

Denying the truth you know is one thing, being completely deluded is another.
Deluded how? The evidence is obvious. We are infected with the Eclipse, while we were unconscious, others got infected. And we'd have done it again with the same information in the same situation, as evidenced by it happening in the first place. Regret won't solve the issue. Understanding will/.
Fine, compromise.

"So all of this was me?"
"...that's fine, I did what I thought was right. If this is my mess then I clean it myself."

You have no idea what I'm talking about and it would take to long to explain analytical frames to you.
Hmm...not really what I was going for, but I can compromise.

Additionally, I think we should try and assert ourselves over the C Devil.

"We're packing up and leaving. Tohma Avenir and the TSAB are already on their way, and we have too small a chance of defeating their combined might to make it worthwhile."

She objects.

"There is a SMALL chance of winning if we fight together. There is no chance at all if you go off on your own. You wanna get yourself killed, be my guest, because if you did you'd be too unstable to be worth my time anyways."
She does not know Tohma that well, she knows of the Hero of the Silver Cross, but to her he is just a dream she has (now she is not that sure) but her dreams are never that detailed to give her a name. At most Ren suspects that the guy in her dreams might be real.
You're going meta too hard on this one.

Not only does Ren not know any of that information, she's also made it her life's goal to become the strongest person ever and explicitly considers overcoming Tohma to be part of that.

She'd probably jump at the chance to see the "Hero of the Silver Cross".
So should I go with this, while you guys decide what to do?

For the record, Ren could have gone with something similar to this, she is more worldly than Tohma in some ways and could connect the dots faster.
I'm okay with ti.
File: 1395162018346.jpg-(317 KB, 1600x1200, C. Girl 3.jpg)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
You did not need her to say anything… you could connect the dots, no… there was no way you couldn’t connect the dots.

“So all of this… it was me, right?” You feel like vomiting, you feel like crying, you feel like going mad and trying to deny it. But you are strong… strong enough to deal with even this.

Your path will accept nothing else.

“Correct…” The girl who had been trapped in crystal could not meet your eyes, but the way her voice wavered, you feel that she might want to cry.

“It never was my intention for this to be the result of our meeting, but once you reacted… you lost control of yourself and destroyed the lab.” So that was why you blacked out? You went mad with power just like that boy in your dream.

“What happened next is a bit complicated, but copies of the silver cross, along as yours, dispersed the virus across the city, turning all living beings in this sector into some sort of EC Driver… I am sorry, because of me, you had to suffer this cruel fate.”

“No, that’s fine, I just did what I thought was right. If this is my mess then I have to clean it myself.” You weren’t exactly right with this, but you needed to be pragmatic about this.

This girl was your only ticket to fixing this… you needed her for now.

“You are wrong, this is not your mess only, but our mess! I will endeavor to correct this mistake by your side, My Driver.” The girl gave you a small bow… placing herself at your service. “But how do you intend to fix this?”

Fixing this? That is simple…
>You just had to find a cure for everyone?
>You just had to find out who was making the virus, the owner of the factory should know something.
>You will just have to beat them until they stop, you will defeat all the weak ones and make the strong ones obey you.
>You will go to the factory, there must be something for you to investigate.
>Ask the girl? She must know something.
>>Ask the girl? She must know something.
File: 1395163683303.jpg-(24 KB, 300x300, Ren 6.jpg)
24 KB
“Don’t you know a way to help? I am sure you must know something about this? Don’t you already have a plan to deal with this?”

The girl smiles as she lays out her cards, “The best way to deal with this is just one. We must find the original Silver Cross. My current powers are too weak, but if we claim the original book we should be able to use it to suppress the infected and restore order to this city.”

“Claim? You mean we have to steal the book from someone?” You were no stranger to stealing things, but… right now? Did you have the time to plan a heist right now?

“Steal… no, what I mean is that we must claim the book by defeating its current owner, that person took part of my powers along with the book. To reclaim them we must end his life… and become the owners of the Silver Cross.”

“Kill… you mean we have to kill that person.”

“Correct, the most efficient way is to terminate the current Driver attacked to the book and claim it.”

“And the owner of the book… he is the … the hero of the Silver Cross right? The one who you want me to kill is that person?” You really want to meet that strong one, to test your powers against that great existence, but killing him.

Sure you could accept maybe if you defeated him and he died by an accident, but you were no murderer. Your path could now accept such lowly actions, they were beneath a strong one like you.

“Yes… I hate to ask this of you, but I am unable to match that thief with my current powers, that is why I must ask you to help me. Please help me to kill him… Help me kill Tohma Avenir and save this city!”

A life for the city? A life to clean up your mess? Was that worth it? Was it right?
>Yes,if he dies to you, it means he was weaker than you.
>Yes, you will crush those weaker than you, even that boy.
>Yes, the only way to wash the sin away is by blood.
>No, you are not a killer, you will choose another plan.
>No, you will make him use his power to save this city. Even if you have to force him to.
File: 1395166754907.png-(648 KB, 1024x736, Ren 7.png)
648 KB
648 KB PNG
No, you weren’t a killer, you were such a lowlife that couldn’t respect the sanctity of life. You were above that, greater than that. Your path was one that soared above such things.

“No, I will make him use his powers to save this city, even if I have to force him to do it.” You would just have to make him yours, to make him a servant that will help your cause. “He is strong right? Then I just have to be stronger than him and make him do what we want.”

“I do not think that such an outlook will work in the way you expect, my Driver, but I will respect your decision. I suggest that we start moving soon, we must prepare ourselves to encounter our enemy. “

You kind of wished she would tone down her hostility to that boy, but maybe she had a real reason to feel that way. Still, you knew nothing about this girl, maybe it was time to change that, “Hey, you never told me your name? What do I get to call my new partner?”

“Partner? Anyhow, I believe that the shadow gave you my names in the factory. Inside the lab, I was called Subject-C, and like the black shadow told you, I was also given the codename of the mother of all monsters, Echidna, by them. I am sure that either of them will suffice for your need to call me.”

“No, we are partners, I do not want to call my partner by a codename. You need a glorious name, a grand name that can stand along mine when we battle.”

How sad, was this girl denied even that? A name to call her own.

File: 1395166957787.jpg-(1.21 MB, 1680x1188, C.Girl Hand.jpg)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
“A name…” The girl just smiled sadly, thinking of something else, “in the lab… that man called the flowers that were born to spread the Eclipse the Strosek.” Flowers? Why would someone use that sort of thing to spread an evil virus?

“I was their source, the garden from which those flowers were born. In a way, I guess you could think of me as their origin, their prototype model- Strosek number 0.” So she was an artificial human, no there was something more to this…

The girl walked towards you raising her arm to touch your left arm, near the shoulder, where a silver ring rested. You felt your skin burn, your blood boil… but you overcame it.

You were stronger than the virus, plus you had to hear her, to understand her.

“My Driv- no, my partner, as long as you wish to fight, I will stand by your side! So hear my name and engrave it to your memory… I am source of the Eclipse, the Garden of Endings, Gardenia Strosek the Zeroth.”

You doubted many things about this girl… this Gardenia, but you were sure of one thing, this girl meant it, she really wanted to fight by your side.

If that was true, then to you there was only one way to answer her…

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Gardenia.”

This was your partner, the one who will stand by your side and pay the sin by your side.

>Guilty Spark (I) END.
File: 1395167148261.png-(Spoiler Image, 809 KB, 1280x720)
Spoiler Image, 809 KB
809 KB PNG

Strosek, these beautiful flowers of ruin herald the coming of the Eclipse… in the bloody battlefield of Liberty City these cursed flowers gather… when the Strosek sisters meet, what truth will Tohma find?

Next Time on Nanoha FORCE Quest- FLOWER Wars (I) – LOCKed Battle! Flower of Liberation vs Flower of Hope!

Well this marks the end of the run. From now on I will answer any questions you guys might have. Stay here for the Morale Points and other stuff. As always, since we finished an small arc, I will answer a question with no restrictions, choose wisely.
ARC Evaluation: Above Average!

EXP Gained: 0 XP – You used them up.
Morality Gains:
+35 Blue Robin, You feel closer to Lily, maybe together you will save the Silver Cross,
+20 Grey Eagle, you partner is smiling; she will teach you the rules of Capitalism, HO!
+35 Red Raven, You will trust in your friends, just like they trust in you, even if it is selfish!

>The white path is still closed, you need to understand the Law of Order more.

+15 True Devil Points, even if now you do not really understand yourself, you are sure that one day you will get there.

Threads Title: Tsundere Devil, Doubt Calamity, Crying Lost Child, Unison Leader.
The only thing left to do is to ask you guys a question? Have you enjoyed the thread and the last ARC? Did you guys liked it?

I am sure that it had some problems but now we can get things rolling. From now on all the pieces are set, and now we will play the last days of Liberty City.

This ARC was a lot more than I was initially expecting when we woke up next to Lily.

Getting everything we wanted done was difficult but that mostly because there were always at least three really compelling choices.

Things like Isis throwing out the Silber Engel offer and us getting Mira as a knight were totally unexpected and awesome events.
Things like that really make it feel like were actually making an impact in the world.

I love this quest Belkan, it's the best.
Well, I am glad that you enjoyed it, seeing how much you guys like this keeps me going.

Personally, I also liked how the ARC ended, even though I felt it ended being too long.

About the choices... I feel that you guys should have important compelling choices each time you vote, because this is a quest about making hard decisions and the only way to make them is by having interesting choices.

About making an impact, well in story it has been a short time for Tohma, but as the quest goes you will see how the world will change because of your actions (and inactions too), maybe at the end of this you will find a Dimensional Sea totally different than what the quest started with.

I must say that you guys have had interesting write-ins so far, specially in the Nanoha Battle, I was surprised you came out so well from it. I honestly was expecting you guys to get a Devil Rank down.

Well, if anyone has any questions, I will be here to answer them, also I am interested in hearing what you guys think of the quest, any suggestions to improve?

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