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/tg/, I'm working on creating several Payday-styled heists for my party in Shadowrun 4E.

Got any ideas for high octane movie crimes?
Lift an entire bank vault with a helicopter. Hope the players didn't play Saint's Row The Third.
The Lethal Weapon franchise has some decent heists to pull. Just remember, the car chase is always important!
Try a few mixups. How about a heist styled after Boiling Rock in Avatar? The party has to break into prison to break someone out.
Things Ive done/run either as GM or a player that you may like.
>Kidnapping someone from an airplane midflight.
>Recovering an artifact buried in the concrete of a building; you can only get it out while the building is blowing up around you.
>Buying a property across from a bank and making the entire building into a giant shaped-charge to penetrate the bank vault.
>Stealing a penthouse suite; the whole damn thing, right off the top of the building.

High octane tools of a true running.
>A bike that is also a MIRV with smartlinked targeting, for those hard to reach places.
>For any lawyers/cops: a 50BMG gyrojet explosive round pistol called the "Lethal Objection", paired with a smaller high-precision target pistol called the "Final Witness".
>A zip-line gun who's trailing end (the end you leave behind) explodes. Good for dirty escapes from high places.
>A _____ that is also a bomb.
>A _____ filled with drugs.
The object of the heist is a Canada goose.
A bomb filled with drugs that is also a bomb?
File: 1396969173115.gif-(602 KB, 260x146, mindblowndeer.gif)
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The party must rob a bank, then hijack an interstate bus to transport their loot to a certain location. Surprise surprise, they're not the only one tasked with this mission. Another crew hijacks your hijacked bus after robbing a jewelry store, but they have instructions to deliver it somewhere else.

Also, make it so that someone's life is at stake, and have one of the other crew's member be a Sicilian.

Bonus round: turns out that the bus is rigged with a bomb that will detonate if it goes below X mph.

Extreme European mode: another crew has been tasked to heist both your shit, using another bus with explosives strapped on it.

Behind the scenes: this all started when two dragons got bored and wanted some entertainment.
File: 1396970698609.png-(384 KB, 488x600, gggOOGk.png)
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>mfw this would actually make for a fun as shit movie.
Hijack a truck carrying "WMD X" while en-route from facility Y to facility Z. The issue will probably not so much be taking the truck, but getting the weapons to a drop point safely and without being chased by some very angry people. Bonuses paid if the owners of the weapons don't realise they're missing until the truck reaches its intended destination.
File: 1396976558453.jpg-(84 KB, 800x478, heavy_10.jpg)
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My group had a lot of fun with a heist where the target was a batch of incredibly expensive security drones from a double A corp's R&D division. There were sub-objectives for getting different portions of them, the base contract was to get the schematics for them, but there was a major bonus for getting a working example, another for getting the schematics / working example of the control nexus they were using, yet another for wrecking their capability to make more of them, and finally a bonus for identifying and kidnapping the primary researchers.

We had a sort of time factor going on too, the job came to us right as the drones were being moved from Alpha to Beta. If we went immediately the drones would all still be in the labs, if we waited a week or two they would be being demoed around the complex, at 3 weeks they would be replacing the defenses of the facility itself, and at 4 weeks they would start being sold and the contract would be void.

The whole thing was wonderfully complex and had a pretty high number of characters and features involved, it felt a bit like a Hitman Bloodmoney level, I'd gladly play through it a few more times just to try new things. If there's any interest I'll elaborate on any of the aspects I can remember.
Infiltrate a space station in low orbit, get data/personnel/secret equipment, then steal an experimental space plane to deorbit and land safely. Alternative: Infiltrate space station, get data/personnel/secret equipment, then deorbit the entire station, using its bulk and protection to re-enter, hold off any station security, and skydive from the falling star once safe.

Stop a fire-and-forget missile filled with experimental arcane weapons of mass destruction while it flies over the ocean by catching up to it with a high-speed jet, jumping onto it and manually plugging in and hacking the onboard navigation computers to deactivate the warhead and redirect it into the ocean.

Hit 5 different locations across the UCAS perfectly simultaneously to get 5 related magical artifacts at the same time, to avoid security tightening up around any one of them before you can hit them all. Then escape the giant manhunt that ensues and rendezvous somewhere outside the UCAS so you can get paid and disappear.
Hell yes. This sounds all kinds of complex, lots of ways for things to go wrong, and it offers room for variation.

Lay it on us man, this sounds like a right proper run.
It might not be a bad idea to take a page frok Payday and have the crew hit small things like Jewlery Stores so they can get a feel for how you run heists.
Go Die Hard; terrorist attack that covers up a heist.
File: 1396978421421.gif-(490 KB, 167x250, mroaltaj6n7k.gif)
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I am doing the same thing except the campaign is in Hong Kong so I have been resisting the urge to stick tigers in random places or make it into Big Trouble in Little China.
I second this. Let them learn what they are doing first. Also you can see how good/bad they are at this and can adjust.
The Hangover Pt. III heist wasn't that awful, and in the hands of players could be a hundred times as funny.

>Having to crawl with the electric collars like the dogs to avoid the alarm
>Have to cut two wires simultaneously but one of the people cutting the wires is colorblind
>Get gold hidden in the wall of the house
>Last minute betrayal
> >>Have to cut two wires simultaneously but one of the people cutting the wires is colorblind
I hope you don't intend to do that in GURPS, everyone is always colourblind, dohohoho.

I'm literally watching it on HBO right now, and it would be so much better in Shadowrun. Honestly the same plot, with some changes (like the house is now a skyscraper, and Chow is an elf, among other things) would be really fun - as well as hysterical with the right group.
The movie itself is ok, but the plot injected into Shadowrun would be 10/10.
File: 1396980150842.jpg-(185 KB, 480x380, Mtn-Valley-Spring-Bottlin(...).jpg)
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Ok, as a quick foreword it's been a few years since I played so my terminology might be a bit shaky, call out if anything doesn't make sense and I'll try to nail it down better.

>Setting Notes
This was pretty standard Shadowrun, our escapades hadn't really messed with the world at a huge level so there's no real backstory shenanigans you need to know about.

>The Johnson and Meet
Johnson was pretty high level, this was not a rookie mission, not the be-all end-all mind you, but not something that gets thrown to a bunch of untested runners. We were given a very high level summary when we were first offered the gig, and after the base parameters were laid down more details followed. We were given the Target as well as some details, the list of objectives and what they were worth, and the timeline. The Johnson provided about 25% of the data our team used and a few suggestions. We speculated (and the GM confirmed) that the Johnson was from a mil-tech AA the was big on manufacturing but weak on their own R&D, and wanted to cut corners by simply stealing tech schematics and going right to production.

>The Target Site
Our Target was a AA mil-tech corp. They had a fortified facility set near a medium sized mountain town which served as a live fire testing ground, and R&D facility. It was about as well defended as a AA facility can get, it employed fair sized group of security mages, a relatively small but very well armed guard force, and a fuck-ton of drones. This was not an offensive force, but if it came to a fight within the perimeter you would be ass-deep in the meanest drones anyone could design (they used their own latest drone designs for site defense) in very short order.

>Objective and other details will follow in a bit
>The players must break into a top secret bank facility
>The guy from the beginning of The Dark Knight pulls out a shotgun and shout DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO YOU ARE STEALING FROM
>Once they are in they realize it's an Umbrella corp facility
shenanigans ensue
But why zombies ?

>During a heist PCs encounter a locked vault and demand manager to open it.
>After beating the living shit out of him for refusing and acting too scared, they have him open it.
>Zombies burst out
It doesn't have to be zombies. Just the realization that you've upset some nasty people.
Alternatively, ZOMBIES.
Umbrella Corp. is pretty Sirius
File: 1396982600257.jpg-(85 KB, 800x815, 751_realsize.jpg)
85 KB

>The Objective
The objective was the culmination of years of drone research. A medium sized, variable force, magically resistant, AI controlled (but nexus directed) model. These things were described as being an absolute bitch to hack (killed the technomancer we hired as a backup hacker) and smart enough to cause trouble, think of house cat or smart dog that's armed and capable of wireless hacking and GPS tracking. The general theory was that these drones could outright replace everything on a security force except for the mages and spiders.

While these drones were pretty clever on their own, they were controlled from a Nexus that could either act autonomously or feed data and control directly to a spider. The real nasty part of this though, was that the drones could still operate without the nexus (they'd fall back to default objectives or continue current operations) and would try to reconnect to the nexus via any open net connections. This almost screwed us.

So the Johnson wanted the schematics for these drones and their nexus at the minimum. But there were the following bonuses:
Get a working drone
Get a working nexus
Identify and capture the lead researchers
Wreck the R&D production facility
Wreck the local server farm
Wreck the backup server farm
Steal anything shiny that's not nailed down
Plant evidence linking to Ares

>The timeline
So what really made this fun was the openness of the whole thing, we had a lot to pick and choose from, but there was some serious risk/reward and timing issues as well. The Johnson laid out that the drones were leaving their Alpha stage, and were entering a final beta stage where they would be run through live fire simulations in front of prospective buyers and be put into place as local facility defense. If we hit them earlier everything would be in one place (albeit a very secure one), but waiting would give us time to get things ready and drones would be moved to less secure locations for demonstrations etc.
These are some fine notes. Got a benchmark for how strong the party should be for this?
That... Is a Combine gunship.
holy shit
File: 1396987755161.jpg-(43 KB, 860x360, oceans_eleven.jpg)
43 KB

Sorry I can't give you the exact numbers, but this was our team's 8th run. The way our GM ran it the heist could be done by a lower level group if they plan well and specialize in infiltration (social or tactical) or hacking. If you're going to be duking it out with the drones though you want to be seriously geared, since you are fighting the meanest drones the fluff and crunch can supply.

>Limits and Options
So this is where thing would vary for you're own run, for us the timeline was set at:
Week One: Only 1 drone doing in-lab testing, schematics are located on isolated terminal and backup in the lab.
Week Two: Beta line of drones and a nexus is produced and put through a shakedown. Schematics are now on the main system and backup as well, as well as in the local memory of the production facility. Drones and nexus are located in the production facility or the field, as well as the Alpha version still in the lab.
Week Three: Drones are doing demos for buyers, multiple groups and nexuses are in use, a larger group is being installed as perimeter security for the facility.
Week Four: Perimeter security has a full force of new Drones, a buyer will leave with a batch of drones by the end of the week, ending the mission if not intercepted.

This gives a lot of options for when to hit, as for who, how and where, that's up to your GM.
>Hard Points
In our case the facility was protected by some serious tech scanners, there were doors that a digital recording device was NOT going through without some serious trickery.

The perimeter was well protected by various drones, with magical and foot support

The fiber network was completely separated at several points, so a breach in the outer facility wouldn't get you access to the labs.

Perspective buyers would be bringing their own security details.

Data theft and personal abduction were a major threat to this corp, and protection was focused on these aspects.
File: 1396989370315.jpg-(18 KB, 400x166, oceans_eleven-bad_news_fi(...).jpg)
18 KB

Now that I'm done pointing out how awesome this shit was, here's the easy parts we found and what we did about it. But I really recommend using some imagination if you do this yourself, it's not exactly a fun run if you make it only accessible via social infiltration or traceless hacking if your runners don't have a lot of those skills on hand. This is a fairly adaptable scenario, the key parts are the open nature, the concept of trying to steal an incredibly dangerous drone, and the time limits.

>Weak Points
The perimeter upgrade would leave some gaps as bugs were worked out that could be exploited.

Some of the guards would lose their jobs to the drone upgrade, this did not make them happy.

At least one tech and one researcher wanted extraction, but couldn't afford it.

Labor was imported from the nearby town, especially catering and such. The pizza delivery gambit could actually be used.

While the magical defense was fairly strong it wasn't perfect. This is a mil-tech company, not the Inquisition. A clever mage could get himself or a spirit in.

The FIBER network was partitioned, but people like their wifi and mesh networks, and people charge their coms via data cables despite both being against the rules.

The facility was built over an old cold-war era missile base, while the silos were capped, they were home to some nasty toxics and nuclears that no one who worked there knew about.

There were other vulnerabilities but these were the ones we found and cared about.

>Our Plan
I like to think that our plan was pretty solid, it took a lot of discussion and we would have to infiltrate multiple times, but we were a sneaky team.
We planned to infiltrate during week two and pull a copy of the schematics off the manufacturing machinery and store it on a chip that we would stash inside one of the drones being constructed, then leave.
Next week when the drones are on perimeter we would aggro that drone, then subdue it and leg it.
I am monitoring this thread.
File: 1396994023354.jpg-(45 KB, 488x400, Squirrel.jpg)
45 KB

So that WAS the plan, our running team at this point consisted of 5 players at this point:
The Magefiltrator
The Samfiltrator
The Hacker/Rigger
The Heavy Weapons Guy
The Heavy Magics Guy

This is how things worked out

>First Infiltration
During Week 1 the Hacker gets into the local Pizza Restaurant's system. Then when week 2 rolls around and some pizza is ordered, the order is intercepted and edited then the pizza is delivered to the Hacker. The Hacker dresses as Pizza Guy and takes the pizza to the Compound while the Magefiltrator tags along invisible.

The pizza is delivered to the front desk and an argument concerning the bill and the tip is started (We tripled the order size). While they argue the Magefiltrator walks past the distracted guards, gets out of line of sight and shifts into a squirrel. He then squirrels his way across the compound to the production facility and gets in through a window. He then gets a terminal password by watching a tech steals a USB drive, then downloads the Schematics off local memory and crams the USB into a drone chassis that's on the construction line. He then squirrels back to the lobby, then chills until Samfiltrator shows up claiming to be the Pizza Shop Manager and apologizes for the behavior of Hacker, and offers beer and pizza as a peace offering. Once again the Magefiltrator walks past the distracted guards and exits along with Samfiltrator. Great Success!

It was at this point that we realized that we had not marked the Drone.

Random events table:

Another bus pulls up along side you. Players naturally expect yet more shenanigans. Its actually just a Simsense crew recording a porno. Roll to see how distracted the stars are and how much criminal damage the smut company will aim to charge any runners identifiable on the records in a class action lawsuit! Because seriously, who does a robbery without a mask or disguise!?
>It was at this point that we realized that we had not marked the Drone.

To be fair, your team were relying on the intellect of someone whose brain was smaller than a walnut at the time.
massive drone heist !
because if you just steal all the drones done before date XX with production number XY (marking the date?!/ production run or something) you'll get the right !
File: 1396996525711.gif-(58 KB, 395x500, BioRad.gif)
58 KB

So no shit, there we were with all the incredibly valuable schematics our team had sneakily downloaded sitting inside a vicious, intelligent, and UNRECOGNIZABLE murder-drone. All we knew was it's chassis color (all the beta Drone batches had bright unique colors so they could be easily sorted out), we couldn't tell our drone from the rest of its batch and we had no idea where this batch would be deployed on the perimeter or if it was going to be used for demos or what.

So after some argument it was decided that the plan would be changed to capture an entire batch of drones, which in turn led us to hiring on a Decker and a Technomancer to act as suppressors when we captured a bunch of angry murder-bots. Our original capture plan had been to take a potshot at one, the go through a meta-planar portal and close it behind the drone as it chased. Now the plan was to find where our batch of drones was, find a way to aggro the whole batch at once, portal them, into a hardened bunker, then hack them into submission before they noticed they were captured and self destructed.

We got our hardened bunker location, we got our hackers in place, we got our portal exit prepared, and we got Heavies set up to suppress the drones while they were hacked. What we needed was to find our batch, distract the entire thing at once, and get our Magefiltrator between the Drones and the distraction. This was when Heavy Magic Guy suggested freeing the toxic and nuclear spirits inside the capped silo.

>Almost done here, I swear
File: 1396999665680.jpg-(80 KB, 600x399, toxic-strike-force.jpg)
80 KB


That would have made much more sense... it never occurred to us that the serials would mark production date... well I suppose that our theory of "Grab all the yellow ones" wasn't that much worse, and it did work out in the end.

>Second Infiltration
I will swear by anything you want that having good contacts is one of the most awesome things a runner can bring to the table, so even though it was his only serious contribution Heavy Weapons Guy (me) pulled his weight on this run by calling up an entire lodge of Toxic Shamans. These guys thought the idea of unleashing a bunch of psychotic spirits was the funniest shit ever and wanted in in a big way, so instead of just one Magefiltrator the second infiltration included four incredibly unstealthy Toxic Shaman as well.

Since Hacker and Samfiltrator were already known to security it was Heavy Weapons Guy who rolled up to the Compound entrance and delivered a basket full of puppies for his "niece" to the security guard on duty while our Heavy Magic Guy threw a few low level spirits at the perimeter spirits to keep them busy. The guard (who was one of the soon-to-be-fired ones)was bribed quite heavily to ensure that the puppies were delivered to the dormitories after the mandatory tech scan, but without the slightly less mandatory magical examination. Shortly after the puppies were left on an apartment doorstep to wait for the kids to get out of school, they turned into four naked shamans and the Magefiltrator.

Anyone who's fought a high level toxic shaman can tell you their pretty unpleasant enemies, it's even worse when four of them show up at once near a high concentration of toxic spirits. The end results of this were quite grisly, and the DM made us feel pretty damn guilty about the whole thing later on, but damned if it didn't work. It turns out that toxics eating your family leads to a pretty immediate deployment of all available assets.
This is brilliant.
File: 1397000875798.jpg-(173 KB, 728x409, leon.jpg)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
>harming children
I'm very displeased in your moral code.
File: 1397001023549.jpg-(52 KB, 948x710, mission-accomplished.jpg)
52 KB

So as everything went to shit the Magefiltrator got into position between the Yellow Drone Group and the dormitories (we got lucky and it was a demo group fairly close) and popped his end of the portal up right in front of them and jumped in after. The Heavy Magic Guy brought up the other end and threw up the illusion of a toxic spirit at the far end of the bunker. The drones went for it, and after they were through we closed things up and started nailing them with low damage suppressive fire and magic while the hackers went to work. This is where we found out how much of a bastard it was to hack the drones, the Technomancer's head went off like a grenade off the bat, and by the time the third drone was down the Decker we hired was out of it as well (he lived). In the end we hacked 4 drones into submission, shot two of them into submission and the final two self destructed. Luckily the schematics were on one of the hacked drones.

We dumped everything into a hardened van, had the hacker and heavies drive to the drop-off while the infiltrators cleaned up the evidence (we threw a nasty spirit at the guard we bribed as a sort of afterthought).

In the end we got the primary reward, the bounty for 5 drones (the wreckage of four counted for 1), the reward for wrecking the production facilities, and surprisingly the bounty for wiping the schematics, since apparently nuclear spirits do bad things to servers. The death toll was in the hundreds.

>Well that's it, sorry for rambling on so long, I got really caught up in nostalgia there. If anyone has any technical questions relating to the run feel free to ask. This was a real high point in my gaming career, so I'm a little over enthusiastic.
The best way to play Shadowrun is with Murphy's Law in full application.
The fuck did they even pay you for, you fucked up so hard its ridiculous. You get hired to steal something, so you blow up an entire fucking city then walk off with some of the wreckage and think no one will notice.

Fuck this this shit for why I don't play with video game kids like you.

Anyway OP was asking for HEIST IDEAS, all we got out of you was "Steal some drones" then rambling for 5 goddamn hours about how awesome you are. Fuckign kids.
Just rip the entire art / senator mission off. It really fits well since it was completely non-violent if you were anywhere near competent.

Honestly if you want "high octane" in Shadowrun you should stick your team up against scrubby gangs or the shitty cop corps, since anyone competent in Shadowrun will frag a team in the open super fast instead of sending waves of mooks.

I recommend a mission or two based around robbing a group coming back from a heist, they rip off a corp and get the heat, you nick in and grab the loot. Hell you could even pass it off as a white hat mission, never see those around.
It's not like Shadowrun lead to the term "Pink Mohawk" being coined. Nope. Nosiree.
That never fails to make me giggle.
How about Die Hard from the other perspective? Have it start off with your standard heist the fucking vault mission, then put them up against a John McClane type character.
A what NOT to do guide:
Dem production values
Pink Mohawk means you play like shit. This isn't the 80s anymore, Shadowrun and all other decent games (*cough* 40k *cough*) that had that sort of retarded shit endemic in them have grown out of it.

Nowadays if you claim you're doing something because its Pink Mohawk you're just trying to justify Chaotic LoLrandum faggotry. Which is fine as long you do it far the fuck away from people who play the game properly and don't pretend you're doing shit seriously.

That's nonsense. I haven't read the story up above but the concept of Pink Mohawk is fine and still applicable in today's Shadowrun.

Black Trenchcoat, Pink Mohawk and all the variations of the above (Pink Trenchcoat etc) are more than valid ways to play Shadowrun. While some people may favor one over another, it doesn't mean that the other is bad.

I personally don't enjoy either at the extreme. Pure Black Trenchcoat at it's worst can be dull as shit, while Pink Mohawk at it's worst can be stupid. However, Black Trenchcoat done well can give a real feeling of accomplishment and Pink Trenchcoat at it's best is a real adrenaline rush.

Both are styles, not Right and Wrong.
Here's your daily reminder that a dickhead clown is one of the top five biggest badasses in a setting where mystical native americans hold half of North America.

Or see Oceans 13 right?
A random idea.
Possible series of heists, each to collect part of a key or a map or something, each part held by high powered crime lords/families/individuals and need to be stolen. When brought together lead to the location of a huge hidden cache of a legendary thief that leads to LOOOOOOAAADDDSS OF MOOOOONNNAAAAHHH

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