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Nicolas Cage was once known as one of the best actors in Hollywood. Winning an Academy Award for his role in Leaving Las Vegas, it was not long before once again he descended into taking any acting job that he was offered. More recently, he disappeared for several years, with rumours swirling that he was a man wanted by the organized crime families of America, among other things. But now, he is back. He is Nic Cage, Power Man. And he is a hero for hire.
That's not you. That's what the newspaper you're reading says.
You are Tike Alicar, The Anarchist. Recently "unhinged from time" moments before your death, you became the leader of a transdimensional rescue team whose job is to save the multiverse from destabilization.
You recently finished saving a world still in the 1920s by killing that world's Kingpin. What you saved it from, you're not quite sure.
Now, you've been transported to a world more resembling your own, but you're not sure what you are supposed to do here. It couldn't hurt to relax a bit before saving the universe, could it?
Maybe it could. The universe is at stake, and you don't know the timeframe.

>What do you do?
Past threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=exile+quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/exilequest
Character sheet: http://pastebin.com/Ue6w4fVX
Check on your teammates, are they all alright?
You made sure your teammates were all right before you started to explore this world. Everybody seems to have a little bit of nausea after being yanked into another reality, but it's less than you all got from being shunted into spacetime from without.
You managed to keep the clothes you were wearing from the last world, but nothing that was in the bags nearby Wanda. Your old-time sweaters and dresses look out of place in this world of skyscrapers and cars, but they're still not quite as obvious as your supersuit.
Then again, there seems to be a superhuman presence on this world. You could chance it and hope that you aren't too different from your counterparts on this world, or at least that they aren't around.

What do you think?
>Keep the clothes
>Keep exploring
>Other (write in)
Keep the clothes, no need to go announcing BIG HERO COMING THROUGH! . Keep exploring. What did the time thingy data majigger said?
>keep the clothes

but yeah check the tallus
"I'm going to ask the Tallus what to do," you tell the group awkwardly.
You clear your throat and hold your arm up to your face.
"So, uh, Tallus? Or Timebroker? What do we do on this world?"
You wait a few (very long) seconds, before it whispers in your head, loud enough to block out all other sounds.
Shaking your head and blinking, you address the others again.
"It looks like our mission here is to save Luke Cage."
Your authoritative statement is met with silence.
Wanda pipes up after a moment of waiting, "Are you sure it's Luke Cage? Because the newspaper just said that Nic Cage was Power Man. Not that I'm doubting your weird trans-reality bracelet reception abilities, I just want to make sure that we aren't looking for Nicolas Cage. Because he's not Luke Cage."
You shake your head. "No it was definitely Luke Cage. It didn't say Power Man or anything, so I don't know how we're going to find him to save him."
Ororo looks pointedly at Stephen.
"Well? Do you have any idea where he could be?"
Stephen looks surprised for a moment.
"How did you...?" he begins, but seems to answer his own question. "Well, he's probably in prison right now, so we'd have to find out where. The paper says we're in New York, so he probably isn't outside of the state."

What do you?
>Explore more
>Find a police station, sneak in
>Other (write in)
>Find a police station, sneak in.
Also what's the date on that newspaper?
Not necessarily wrong, Nic Cage could be an stage name.
>Explore more
I think Stephen Strange could pull of the retro lock.
>>31481123 Raises a good point. Check the date on the paper.
>>31481259 here, I think we should start with the Police Station. Fish around for some info about Power Man. He's a hero for hire, maybe we can set up an interview with him and confirm if Luke Cage is his real name or not.
You check the date on the paper, taking it from Broo.
November 6, 1983.
"I think we should get to a police station," Ororo says. We don't know when someone will try to kill Cage, so it's best to find him as soon as possible." Stephen and Kurt nod, and Stephen mumbles something you can't quite hear.
Wanda looks a bit nervous, her eyes darting around.
"I, um, don't really want to break into a police station or steal anything, so, uh, I thing I'm going to explore a bit more..."

Who do you go with?
>The group should stay together, let's...
>Other (write in)
A black dude breaking into a police station is tempting fate
even if it is the eighties
Also everyone else is going for the police station, so us Going with Wanda upholds the buddy system.

I think meta is kinda fine since we're a character from the marvel universe, so we would know meta stuff.
Let's go with Wanda, but compliment Ororo on her thinking. The police is likely to at least have a record on him.

As I said before, he is a hero for hire. Maybe some publication has his number or something? Do we know where he used to operate back in our relity? might be worth a try to check on his old neighbourhood.
Shh you guys this is going to be so fun
"I'll go with Wanda," you say. "A black dude breaking into a police station seems a little bit like tempting fate to me, even if it is the eighties. That's a good idea though, Ororo. Good luck!"
Stephen gives you a lazy salute, and you see Ororo's lips purse together.
"We will see you soon, mein freund," Kurt says. "I suppose this way is as good as any?" he asks, looking to Storm for confirmation.
The three of them walk off, and you're left with Wanda and Broo.
Broo's getting a lot of stares, tame sweater notwithstanding. You suppose that Kurt and Broo are a bit too distinctive-looking for costumes to make much of a difference.
But you should search around, just in case the others don't find anything. You seem to remember that Luke Cage was based out of Harlem for most of the eighties. It's not much, but it's something.

>Where do you go?
Sorry bout that. deleted the post so that anyone who didn't notice can be surprised.
>Check out Harlem or wherever we remember him being. Asking about heroes for hire probably won't do any good since he's not power man, nick cage is.
If this lead doesn't pan out, then maybe we could check if any theatre is playing Nic Cage's latest movie and see if he is indeed black the guy we are looking for.
"I think that Luke Cage was in Harlem for a long time. We probably shouldn't ask about a superhero, because that's Nic Cage."
Wanda nods. "Should I carry you? Or no, I probably couldn't carry you and Broo at the same time. Let's just walk, then."
You nod, still hoping that somebody will find a clue, and can't help but wonder how the world could fall apart without Luke Cage.
You're pulled out of your depressing thoughts by a tug at your arm from Wanda. She's pointing to a flare shooting up in the sky, forming a big flaming number five as you look at it.
"That's weird," Wanda says. "I'm sure that they were always the Fantastic Four..."
It's strange, but you think you can remember a few times when the Fantastic Four weren't four people. You don't think they ever called themselves the Fantastic Five though...
You see a shape flying through the air towards the flare.
"Do you think we should go?" Wanda asks you.

Should you?
>No, keep going
Always check out cape activity
>No, keep going
Could be anyone in that fifth spot, from Wolverine to Victor Von DOOM!.

Then again (and this is not just peer pressure), the Fantastic Four are always well connected. Maybe they can direct us to this reality's version of Luke Cage. Harlem is not a sure thing, so the FF are marginally better.
the words you wrote make me believe you accidentally copypastad in the wrong vote.
Reed Richards is a shortcut to everything.
Follow them there and dont engage immediately incase the people you think are villains are actually the heroes.
That's confusing, so...
"We should go. There's probably something big going on wherever the Fantastic Four... or Fantastic Five are."
"Alright!" Wanda says. "I'll get Broo close-"
"Not too close," you interrupt.
"Close-ish," she amends. "I'll come back for you in just a minute."
She grabs Broo and turns into a silvery streak as she disappears into the distance.
You begin to walk in the direction of the rapidly dissipating flare, and Wanda reappears before you get very far.
"Alright, let's go!" she says.
You (this time without spilling any spaghetti) piggyback on her, and you're off. You close your eyes against the wind, and come to a stop rather quickly. As you get onto the ground, you smell burning fabric and look down.
Wanda's pants are smoking, and you can see some of her costume showing from beneath her now worn-away pants.
She sniffs at the air. "What's that smell? Oh no, don't tell me..."
"It's you," you tell her, gesturing down.
"Ugh, this happens too much! I'm just too forgetful. Oh well, if we're to be in a super-powered brawl, we should probably be in costume.
She proceeds to take off her pants and sweater, shaking her head all the while.
While this is going on, Broo grabs your hand and leads you to the source of most of the noise. He points to the water's edge, which is beginning to bubble with the heat of the Human Torch's flames.
"So what's going on here?" Wanda asks as you see Namor the Sub-Mariner rise from the depths.
You gesture for her to be quiet, as you see Spider-man (you think, his costume is mostly blue and black) swing out over the harbour and deck Namor in the face.
You can't see Richards or Sue Storm, but the Thing is throwing some kind of crates into the water below Namor.

What do you do?
>Keep waiting
>Attack Grimm
>Attack Namor
>Other (write in)
um, so spider man is fantastic five?
confusing situation

>keep watching
Let's just wait. Namor is way outside our range. I'd say Wanda should help but it's very possible they will identify her as Brotherhood and Broo, well it's the Fantastive Five and a Skrull.

It was a skrull, right?
no, he's Brood
that's why he's called broo
A bit confusing after thinking for a moment. best bet is keep civilians safe while they fight incase Luke Cage is in the crowds. That way the good guys presume you're on their side and you hopefully wont get asked to do something by the villain.
Bonus points for being able to gage civilian reactions to the five but be wary of that since spider-man gets a really shitty rap in your home dimension.
Thanks, I don't really follow Marvel. Still, Broo doesa't seem to have any particularly useful combat skills or powers applicable to this situation.
"Let's wait for now," you say, "we don't want to get on the wrong side of this. Spider-man's not exactly popular where I come from, so let's just make sure no civilians get hurt."
Wanda nods. "If Namor gets on the ground, I'll take care of him."
The civilians seem to be staying a good distance away from the fight, although there are the few inquisitive folk with cameras that always seem to be present for these big fights.
You hear a muffled slam and turn to see Grimm and Namor, desperately each trying to push the other off the dock.
The wood beneath the Thing's feet begins to crack under the strain, and you hear Wanda say "Gotta go!" into your ear.
"Wait-" you begin, but she has already reached Namor, sending him flying into the water. She stands there for a bit, massaging her shoulder, before her eyes widen at the sight of a great monster rising from the waves.
"Behold!" you hear Namor cry. "Shudder before the might of Gargantus!"
And Broo seems to have disappeared altogether as well. That's just wonderful.

>What do you do?
freaking broo
ah well
spider man is generally a good guy no matter what universe we're in, and Wanda is fast enough to stay out of trouble

get to spiderman and ask wtf is going on here
Wanda is quick enough to get the fuck outta there without our assistance. Approach cautiously, maybe we can get a decisive hit on the monster.
You're starting to sweat.
Deep breaths. Wanda can take care of herself. You'll find Broo. Just go over to Spider-man, he was always a good guy back home.
You're still nervous, but run over as your exposed skin begins to burn through the arms of your sweater.
"Hey!" you call out to him. "You guys need any help with that thing?"
"I'd be lying if I said no," Spider-Man replies. "Nice shirt."
"So... What's going on here?" you ask.
"Well, apparently somebody's opened some kind of dimensional door in Atlantis. So of course Namor decides that it must have been Reed, because... Well, because Reed's done that type of thing before. He's threatening to destroy the city if we don't close the portal."

>What now?
how powerful is our acid? like if we sweat in the lake will it diffuse and burn the creature?
probably a dumb idea
'Where is Richards, and what is he doing?'
We'll need to buy some time, regardless. Sneak towards Gargantus, give him a good blast right in the shins.
You're not from base Marvel Universe, your acid is stronger but you don't have laser fists
Your acid's not quite that bad, but you can probably burn through Namor's flesh right now. Maybe the monster's.
I never understood how acid sweat turned into lasers on the original. comic book physics....

I'd wait until they come closer to land before trying to attack. Not much we can do while he's in the middle of the lake. Once he gets close enough to shore we can run up and start melting.
OK then, get to a reasonably close distance and ,from there, bullrush Gargantus. Namor would evade us easy. Jump into Gargantus and let the acid work it's magic.

I don't think Namor would listen to a word we say unless we had tits and were bangable.
I don't think Wanda knows where storm is though.
Okay. You've got a terrible idea. Absolutely the dumbest thing you've ever thought.
You run over to Wanda and Grimm.
"Ben," you say. "I need you to toss me onto the monster."
"How do you know my name?" he asks.
"Just do it!"
He shrugs, picking you up in one hand.
You toss your gloves to the ground, you you can have as much surface area as possible touching it.
You nod, and he sends you hurtling through the air, your heart beating so fast you think for a second it's going to pop out of your throat.
You land on the side of the beast's head, and find nothing to hold onto.
As you slip down its head, you begin to see the acid starting to work its way through the creature's skin. This could work, if you don't fall down.
You grab onto one of the muscles in its neck, which slows your fall enough to plant a foot on its collarbone.
Spreading your arms, you feel its skin burn away as your heart beats in your ears. You think it's feeling it start to get though to its nerves and muscle.
Oh no.
It's trying to shake you off

>roll 2d100, first to hold on, second not to throw up
Shit, should have thought this better,
Rolled 97

And, of course I forget the dice. This does not bode well.
Rolled 71, 20 = 91


or does it?

Somehow, against all odds, you manage to hold onto the monster. Your sweat seems to have pooled by your fingers, creating a rapidly dwindling handhold. Your stomach, however, doesn't fare so well. The bile comes from your throat at the monster fast enough that some of it splashes back into your face. Most of it, however, stays and drips into the pocket created by your foot and its collarbone, burning away its flesh far more rapidly than your sweat. It lets out another roar of pain, once again trying to shake you off.
This time, it succeeds. You fall down towards the water, chunks of flesh still in you hands even as the monster turns to retreat back from whence it came.
Taking some time to float and catch your breath, you make your way over to the broken dock. You find that you're still sweating profusely enough to make the dock bubble and fall apart in your hands, but Grim extends you his hand and gives you a lift up to solid ground.
You kneel there, panting, regretting everything you just did (even though it actually worked), and see Broo out of the corner of your eye carrying some sort of giant apparatus with Richards.

>Next one will be this Saturday or Sunday, starting around the same time.
Archive here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/31478514/
awesome, thanks for running man!

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