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All started with a fated meeting, between Tohma and Lily. The ring, the book and everything else all came afterwards.

Their meeting was not a tragic one, even if whole worlds could consider their meeting the start of a cruel fate; to those two, it may as well be a miracle.

Their powers may be ones that only exist to bring destruction and ruin, yet those two swore to turn those very powers have into their hope.

The past can’t be changed, but the future can be anything.

This is the record of their struggle.

These are the records that chronicle the Book of the Silver Cross Incident and everything that followed.
It is the year 81 of the New Calendar, the awakening of the black grimoire, the second volume of the Gospel of the Silver Cross, has been completed.

With the birth of the Zero Driver the world now truly spins into motion. The pieces are placed, the actors are ready and the stage is finally set.

All that is left is for you to act.

Having understood a bit more of the world around you, how will you choose to act from now on? What will you protect? What will you sacrifice?

Only a devil might know.

ARC 2: Own Soldier!

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Nanoha%20FORCE%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BelkanSniper
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Your name is Tohma Avenir and…

You are a Coward.

That is the only title fits a man like you now, someone who tried to run away from those he calls his loved ones.

You want to think that you that you are doing this for them; that you want to get them to stay away from you and your virus. You wanted to push them away, because they were too weak to be truly safe around you.

You had lost everything once before, and if you were to be the cause of their death, you were sure that you would lose it!
>But if that was true… then why were you now going around and fighting with Silver Engel?
The truth… was probably something other than that.

>The truth probably was… that you did not want them to see you now, to see what sort of monster you can become.
“Tohma!” Isis call your name and snaps you out of your daydream, bringing you back to the real world, your team has reached their destination.

Silver Engel was inside the stadium in the northern section of Liberty City, which has been quarantined due to an Outbreak of the Eclipse Virus and thus your team and the TSAB were dispatched here to deal with this crisis.

Sup bro.
File: 1397574226452.jpg-(92 KB, 645x496, Corona in Vivid aka a few(...).jpg)
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This stadium holds most of the survivors of the outbreak in the Northern Sector of the city, and now your team had arrived at the main offices, where your underclassmate from middle school had taken over to help organize the survivors.

With a soft knock you open the door, and your team enters, the main office here is a mess, tables thrown around and papers piled up in all sorts of places… but in the middle of this, working on several computers and surrounded by rock golems is your friend, Corona Timil!

With a quick turn your friend turns around and greets you, “Tohma-senpai, nice to see you again! I am so relieved to see you, I… I never expected anyone to really come here, especially you! But thank you… thank you for coming Sempai!”

Your cute underclassmate, the Rock Golem Summoner, Corona Timil is greeting you after such a long time… even in the middle of this crisis you are glad to see her again.

How do you greet her!
>Hug her, you were so worried!
>Smile, try to be as friendly as possible but not too friendly.
>Shake her hand, be nice but distant
>Be Professional, you will have time to be nice later.
Hello, sorry for the lack of sessions last week, I had been too busy and did not find the time to run. To make up for that, I will try to run a longer session this time.
Shake her hand.
“I am glad to see you are alright, Corona.” As you greet her, you shake her hand, “From now on, we, the PSC Silver Engel will make sure to protect all survivors and evacuate them outside the city.”

As you continued to outline your purpose here, you felt Corona’s hand… her pulse was eratic and you could feel her hands shake lightly- she probably had not sleep since this mess started a day ago and was probably was nearing mana depletion.
Still she continued to smile at you, and continued to run her golems- using them to protect her friends and the civilians.

At that moment… you could only think how strong she was. She really had grown in the time you had been away, no rather than that, this girl had always been strong of heart.

Vivio and her friends had always been like that.

Compared to you at that age, who had only been living for revenge until you met Subaru; Corona sure had grown into a fine person.

“Senpai, we were able to shelter everyone we could inside the stadium when this all started, and we managed to drive off those… things, when they came to attack. So far we have managed to keep those monsters away with my golems and the help of the fighters for the tournament, but I do not think you care about that right now…”


“Sempai… if you want I can call Vivio and Ein here, they have some time until their shift ends, but I think we can make an exception for you.” Corona smiles as she offers to call your friends here, but you weren’t sure you were ready for that yet…
Did you want to meet Ein and Vivio now?

>Right, I want to see them now.
>Sorry, we must deal with this first… we need to evacuate right now!
>No, we have to radio the Commander! [STEED]
>Present her your team first… that will make things easier in the long run.
Send the team to take over their shifts.
File: 1397577502689.jpg-(252 KB, 629x850, Isis and Puffy.jpg)
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252 KB JPG
“Corona… if you want I can send part of my team to take over their shift.” You turn towards Mira and Lily and plead with your eyes, “Lily, Mira… can you take over them for a while, I do not think we will have anyone else coming here, plus we have to retrieve the red haired driver from where we left him.”

It had been a grave oversight from you… but at that time you had tunnel vision onto your friends.

“Understood, Tohma, as your knight, I will carry out your orders,” Mira turns and grabs Lily as the two leave, guided by a floating golem made by Corona.

Corona waits a moment to continue, glancing at Isis who stayed in the room, “Sempai… Ein and Vivio will be shorty, but I have to ask: who is this girl and why are you in a PSC? I never expected that from you?”

“Coro, this is Isis, my partner and a member of Silber Engel… she is someone who has helped me much these last few days. Come Isis, I want you to meet Corona.”

Isis takes a step forward, now truly joining the conversation: “Nice to meet you, I am Isis Eaglet, the cute magical security provider of justice! As part of Silber Engel, we will make sure to protect everyone here!”

Isis in an instant takes over the conversation, and starts talking to Corona, calming the girl down and taking notes about the current situation in the stadium.
Your partner is quite the professional.

Still, you have some time before your two friends come… what do you do?

>Let Isis keep control of the conversation: she is better than you at this.
>Suggest to call Commander Yagami, you need to evacuate as soon as possible.
>Make small talk: Ask Corona about her life (or something else?) Has she heard of the Silberkreuz or EC?
>Ask Isis something, she is probably tired too?
>Ask Corona about the situation, what is happening in the stadium exactly? How many survivors do we have?
>Force Corona to rest, right now if you concentrate and tame the virus, you can start using magic again: you can take over her golems for her (but you won’t be as effective as her).
>Rest yourself: Think about how you will meet those two.
>>>Make small talk: Ask Corona about her life (or something else?) Has she heard of the Silberkreuz or EC?
Corona is kinda tired… maybe you should talk about something else to distract her, “Hey, Coro, have you heard about the Silberkreuz?” You wondered how the TSAB had handled what happened in Ruwella seven weeks ago, you doubted that what happened was fully disclosed, but…

You were curious about what they are saying about you. Isis is giving you some cut signals, but you ignore her, you really want to know.

“Silberkreuz? Sorry, the only thing I heard is some accident that happened in Ruwella; the TSAB was unclear about what happened, but they said it was nothing mayor. Wait Sempai, you were in Ruwella. Do you know something about this?”

“Eh, do not worry, it was nothing mayor, the only thing I saw was a silver explosion and nothing more. I just wondered if you had heard about that. ” You quickly change the subject and move on, really what did you expect, for the TSAB to tell everyone how a crazed supersoldier had beaten them.

“Ah, I see, then I guess I am happy that you were fine, Sempai, I know Vivio would be sad if something happened to you.” Corona is probably too tired to really notice why you were asking, so that saves you having to think of an explanation as of why you are asking this.

You still have time… what do you do?

>Suggest to call Commander Yagami,
>Make small talk: Ask Corona about something else
>Ask Isis something, she is probably tired too?
>Ask Corona about the situation, what is happening in the stadium exactly? How many survivors do we have?
>Force Corona to rest, right now if you concentrate and tame the virus, you can start using magic again: you can take over her golems for her (but you won’t be as effective as her).
>Rest yourself: Think about how you will meet those two.
>Sensor: Something approaches!
Will be taking a 20 min break... need to eat!

>Sensor: Something approaches!
Very well, quick roll 3x d100
DC is 50
Rolled 10


Time to go fast.
Very well, one question.

Do you engage in Counter-Hug Tactics?

Tactical Bearhug Action
You truly know the basics of CHC (Close Hug Combats)!
Eh, I'd have gone with a SHM.

Snuggle to Hug Maneuver.
File: 1397592700827.jpg-(274 KB, 796x1038, Vivio Fight.jpg)
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274 KB JPG
You want to continue talking to Corona… but you suddenly feel something. You do not need your viral powers to know what it was. Even if you had been both blind and deaf, you would have known who she was.

Your most important and precious friend… the person who along Su-chan taught you how to live for something other than hate…

The missile that targets you comes at godlike speed, no normal human, even with the miracle granted by magic should be able to dodge it! So you don’t, instead you twist your body around, and jump to intercept it!

In a quick moment the hunter became the hunted, and thus you and your attacker fell onto the floor in a tangled mess of limbs!

Lying on the floor, you feel her body trying to escape your lock but it’s useless, even though she was currently in her big mode, your viral body was still stronger!

Still this girl is tenacious enough to not give up, even though more than six months have passed her two colored eyes are as beautiful as ever. She has not changed…

“Tohma…” Your friend just smiles, as gives up and grips you into a tighter hug. At this point you feel like crying.

After such a long time you have seen her again… what do you want to tell Vivio?

>Write In?
>Just Hug
>Just Hug
>Just Hug
I'm so sorry, Vivio...for everything.

Kisses are dangerous and should be deployed tactically.

>forehead kiss
Well writing!
At least its not lewd: hand holding. That would have been too much for this christian image board.
File: 1397595494210.jpg-(525 KB, 810x1000, Vivio.jpg)
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525 KB JPG
Being this near Vivio is a bit intoxicating… you are just content to be near her, and thus hug her tighter. Vivio however manages this time to break away from your lock and sits up on waist.

“Tohma… don’t think I am not mad at you! I haven’t forgotten that you left without telling me and you missed my tournament!” Vivio tries her hardest to be mad at you and glares at you will all her strength, but all she manages to be cute… well at this point you think that anything she does can be called cute.

Seeing that this is not working Vivio just sighs and then smiles, “I.. I was worried about you, you know. You go on your journey for six months and do not call me and then I hear that there was some incident in the planet and the guys from the church tell me you were missing and that the TSAB had labeled you a S-Rank Criminal… and now seven weeks later, you are here, in the middle of this whole mess.

I really do not know what to think.

Tohma, I do not know whether to be mad or glad that you are here.” Vivio is glaring at you, and you feel that it is time to work. Raising your upper body, you sit on the ground with Vivio in your laps, as you adjust yourself until your face is right in front of Vivio’s.

“Vivio… I’m so sorry… for everything.” You try your best to express how you feel, but this is the best you can do… you really do not know how to tell her this, to tell her how sorry you were for leaving her behind, for getting her involved in this mess, for being a monster.

File: 1397595708296.jpg-(178 KB, 700x700, Ein.jpg)
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178 KB JPG
This is the best you can do, at least for now. Your Eclipse green eyes meet Vivio’s until she sighs, “But being honest, I am glad that you are here… even if this place is dangerous, I am glad you are here with me, Tohma.” She just pull you into another hug from her position in your laps and you feel her relax against your body.

Even though she was probably still mad, she just accepts you again. At that moment you feel a sudden impulse… we more than that, you feel a bit mischievous. Quickly moving your head, you lean towards Vivio and kiss her…

On her forehead!

Your dearest and most precious friend just blushes beet red, “Tohma…” this is a critical hit and you must admit that Vivio looks cute when she blushes! “You really shouldn’t… its embarrassing!”

Well, you also know you are blushing yourself, so you are fine with this being embarrassing. “I just felt like it, plus you look cute right now.” Well she always looked cute, so that was not a hard thing to admit.

Still, there was someone you were forgetting about… “Tohma Avenir, I am glad to see you again, but I feel that this is not the time to play around with Vivio.” Standing at besides you, is Eins. Her green knight armor is imposing as ever, but still her eyes are the same warm and understanding eyes as always.

How do you greet your friend Einhard?

>Pull her into a hug too, alongside Vivio!
>Stand up and greet her properly!
>I missed you [Honest]
>EIN! [spoilers]Employ snuggular-range tactics[/spoiler]
Well.. writing.

I really lament the fact that I lack cute pictures of these two blushing.
You do not know if it’s the virus in you, or the blood you lost in from that wound on your arm, but you feel a bit impulsive, “EIN!” quickly, you grab her hand and pull your green armored friend down to the floor with Vivio and you!

In a short moment the three of you share a group hug, and feeling these two near you… you feel like crying. You had missed them too much, for so long… it truly made you happy to have them near you.

“Tohma… I am glad that you kept your promise, even though you were late, I am glad that you returned to us.” Einhard now takes a moment to hug you even tighter before continuing, “I… I really expected you to not come back, but I am glad that you kept your promise, and met us here.”


That’s right… you had promised Einhard to meet her here for the tournament. That day when Ein and you fought under the moonlight, you had lost… but Einhard allowed you to go, under one condition.

>You would only journey for six months, if you really do not find anything, you must return to me. Let’s meet at the finals of the galactic tournament.

You had totally forgotten, but well Ein had no reason to know that, “He, I am sorry I am late, but I am here… nice to see you Ein.” You try to smile at her, to reassure her that everything was fine.

“Wait, Tohma, you were going to come here?” VIvio jumps a bit from her position on the floor as she turns towards the heir of the Kaiser Arts and you, “Ein, you knew where Tohma was? You knew where he was coming back?”

“I am sorry, but I… I felt that it was better this way. You were angry with him, and we wanted to keep it as a suprice for you.” Yeah…

Ein had planned this for you, to help you smooth over things with Vivio.

She really was a good friend.

File: 1397598544586.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 222 KB, 850x1237)
Spoiler Image, 222 KB
222 KB JPG
Vivio wants to argue some more, but at the moment someone forced you to remember that there were other people in this room, “Eh, Tohma, I never knew you had these two cuties as your friends, care to present them to me?” Isis just smiles as she motions for you to present her.

What do you do?

>Tell Isis to present herself?
>Present Isis to Ein and Vivio
>Ignore Isis, just keep talking to your friends.
>Talk to Corona, maybe she also wants a hug too?
Hmm...now that we've got our greetings over with, "Vivio, Ein, this is Isis. I'd love to stay and catch up, but we've got alot of work to do...you two okay to travel?"
Sorry, will be taking a one hour break... can I ask you guys what you think of this so far? I feel that I am not doing this quite right, and I want to hear your opinions.
back writing! >>31497160 Sorry for the delay.
File: 1397607159012.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 6 KB, 171x295)
Spoiler Image, 6 KB
Well, you just got over your greeting so, “Vivio, Ein, this is Isis. I’d love to stay and catch up, but we’ve got a lot of work to do, so are you two okay to travel?” Yeah, now that you had these two, you needed to think of getting them out of the city, in just about 33 hours the TSAB Navy will nuke this place to kingdom come and you do not want to be here when that happens.

“Tohma, introduce me with more love! L-O-V-E, love! Don’t you know what that means?” Isis just smiles as she continues, “How can you introduce me to your friends like that? I am one of your mates, so at least have some more consideration for me. I know you are happy to see your old friends, but am I not important too?” Isis just continues to tease you, maybe you should have introduced her better? Still, even if you know she isn’t being serious… you feel that your other friends do not know that.

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, you start talking, “Right, Vivi, Ein, this is my new partner Isis, she and I are parts of the private security contractor, Silber Engel, who were tasked by the TSAB to evacuate this area. We are here to escort the survivors of this area to safety and secure the area from EC Infected!”

There that was probably a good introduction, one that will clear all misunderstandings!

“Um, Tohma… that was not what I was talking about…” Isis pouts a bit, before jumping back on track, “but I guess that will have to do. I guess this onechan will have to teach you what being a mate is really about! Still Tohma is right, we are here to help, so let's get moving!”
File: 1397607238464.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 156 KB, 850x544)
Spoiler Image, 156 KB
156 KB JPG
“Wait, Tohma Avenir, that does not explain the fact that you are now a mercenary or working for the TSAB?” Ein is quick to point the problem with that sort of explanation, but well, that was the best summary you would have given them at this moment. “Tohma, I know this is not the best moment for such inqueries, but I feel the need to ask you what has happened to you. While I am glad to see you again, last I heard you had been kidnapped and were being sought by the TSAB... what happened to you in these seven past weeks, Tohma? I think we deserve to know."

Ein is quite resolute about this and while Corona had similar questions she at least had the decency to not ask them right now... sadly someone had other questions to ask.

“Yeah, Tohma explain why you are wearing that lewd outfit!” Vivio just pauses a moment… before quickly changing her choice, “I mean, explain why you are dressed like a delinquent! That white hair and those tattoos… I don’t dislike it but…”

Lewd outfit… what is she talking about… anyhow how do you explain this to your friends.
>Sorry we do not have time, we can talk after we get out of here.
>Very well, it all starts with something called the Silver Cross.
>Sorry, but it’s classified… I do not want to get you involved in this mess.
>Let’s call Commander Yagami, we need to plan the evacuation.
>Ask Isis for help? This is the mess she made.
Rolled 76, 83 = 159

>I like this outfit. It makes me look nice and slim,
dontcha think?
>>>I like this outfit. It makes me look nice and slim,
“Hey, I like this outfit. I like to think that it makes me look nice and slim!” Sure you had not designed this thing, but it was quite comfortable, and you felt really cool in it, “I mean, dontcha think so too?”

“… I believe that while it may be functional… it is not something that fits you.” Einhard gives you her honest opinion, as always she never hid anything from you, “Even though the form is fitting to your frame, I do not think it is the best thing for you to wear, plus I find that leaving your midriff exposed might not be too practical.”

“Sempai… I think you look like the final boss of a game, you look really scary.” Scary, well the spikes and armor might be somewhat scary, but it’s a practical design, it is not meant to be intimidating. Corona.. you should support your sempai always.

“Sorry mate, I say that I have to agree with them, you look too much like a criminal like that, the tattoos and black armor do not help you. I guess we might need to change that armor for PR in the future!” Isis, why? At this point you feel like crying.

“Tohma… you look too scary, and those red tattoos and that white hair…You really look like a delinquent,” Vivio’s part probably hurts the most, “butIalsodonotwantothergirlstoseeyoulikethis, yourlewduniformshouldbesomethingonlyIsee…”

File: 1397612584825.jpg-(94 KB, 1024x988, Older Vivio.jpg)
94 KB
“Nothing, Nothing, just that while it makes you look very slim and nice, I think that kids won’t like it too much! Still I think maybe if you made it nicer, you could look good Tohma!”

So you really look horrible... you feel almost like crying right now.

Really, you shouldn’t have expected them to have any taste… those traitors. You really think that this black knight armor looks very cool! Stil…

you really do not want to change it.
>Maybe you should change it… maybe try to add a scarf later… it probably would make it very cool!
>Change your colors to white, white is a noble color
>Sorry, but Black just goes with the Silver Cross… I won’t change it.
>Ask them how you can change your uniform?
>Then what? Should I go with something cuter, like what the school uniform the White Devil uses?
>Let’s call Commander Yagami, we need to plan the evacuation. [Change the conversation]
>Ask Isis for help? This is the mess she made.
>>Ask them how you can change your uniform?

Perhaps a large sliver coat?
>"I'll think about it."
>Let’s call Commander Yagami, we need to plan the evacuation. [Change the conversation]

"Oh, and there might also be an insane devil made of Crystallized Eclipse heading our way with murder on it's mind. I'd prefer to have as many people as possible safely evacuated before then."
>Writing, poor Tohma, everyone wants to tease him about his armor.
File: 1397615487076.png-(35 KB, 310x340, Steed.png)
35 KB
For a moment you want to try to ask your friends for some advice for how to change your armor, while you thought the Black Knight look was awesome, maybe they had a point about it being too scary for a good guy.

Sadly, you know that if you started asking them now, you would not leave this room until they were satisfied with your barrier jacket… in other words they would totally ruin everything!

“Well, I’ll think about it okay… I will probably ask Lily to help me make a Silver Coat or something!” Yeah, coats were cool too, I remember hearing about an Enfocer who wore a White Coat over her black jacket… maybe you could do that.

Anyhow, “Steed, I need to contact Commander Yagami, we have reached the Stadium and now need to prepare for the evacuation!” Steed forms again from under your armored vest thing, floating into the air before you.

[Right Buddy… ah it’s nice to see you, Lady Einhard, Miss Vivio and Miss Corona, I am truly glad to meet you wonderful ladies again. I must assure you that my master missed your company very much!] Steed bowed before your old school friends.

Such a nice device, but really, “Steed, do not say that. It makes me look sad!” Really stupid Steed.

[Sorry buddy, but I felt that I needed to help you a bit… anyhow I need your help. Please concentrate on casting… while I handle the connecting to the Wolfram!” Right, the TSAB upgraded Steed for this mission, so now he could send messages even in these heavy EC particle conditions.

So now you will cast magic! A lyrical spell that ties people together, a lyrical song that binds heart together... you were born from the earth and one day will return to it!

This was the bond that tied all humans together.

>Roll for Communications… 3x d100
DC is 40
Rolled 18

> lyrical spell

Sometimes a forget this is a thing.

Well Lyrical here comes from the fact that the orginal form of spells were based on songs! The Al Hazardians used songs as a system of notations to code their magic.. hence the Lyrical part in the title. Sometimes mages tend to chant for high class spells, that is due to them using the chants/lyrics as extra codes to make the spells work better.
Rolled 4

You mean like..

"Goodness, Gracious, GREAT baallls o fiya!"
Well that sort of Lyrical spell could work, but now a days you could just work a device to autocast (autotune) that for you and you would only say a single world to cast a spell. Generally with how powerful modern devices are in computational power, you generally do not need to chant/sing lyrics unless you are casting a really really big spell and need the extra power to prepare it.
File: 1397618366762.jpg-(173 KB, 850x850, Hayate 5.jpg)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
The spells is easy… the magic of union comes to you naturally, and in seconds you connect to the commander.

Bonds are the basis of Earth magic, a magic that can only be born of tying together others.

A holo screen appears behind Steed, and the tired face of Hayate Yagami appears before you and your friends.

“Good Night Commander, this is Tohma Avenir from the PCS Siber Engel reporting. We have managed to temporarily secure the northern area and have contacted with the survivors.” You try to phrase this as professionally as possible, you do not want Isis to tease you later.

“Ah, nice to hear from you Tohma, it appears that the upgrades made to Steed have worked admirably. We have noticed a decrease in the particle density in the northern sector Tohma. I must guess that you have managed to contain the infected in the area?” The commander is truly tired, even though she tries her best to hide it but you could notice it still.

“Correct, we managed to capture a Driver with a Copy of the Silver Cross… and while we were not able to recover the copy of the book because of the Variant Driver… just taking the owner of the fake book down weakened the infected. After that we moved to the stadium and have now met with the Inter-Middle Tournament Contestant, who are currently running the relief efforts in the Main Stadium in the area.”
File: 1397618673436.jpg-(141 KB, 850x850, Hayate Smile.jpg)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
“I see so Vivio and her friends are taking care of everything… I am glad.”

“Yeah, they have always been really reliable, so I knew they would be fine, even in this outbreak.” It was something you truly believed, if it had been just a matter of only staying alive in the outbreak you would have never bothered coming here… but…

“We do not have much time Commander, that crystal devil will come for me, so we need to evacuate fast!”

“Tohma, we can spare some time to plan, first of all please tell me what has happened. Copies of the Silver Cross, Variant Drivers, care to explain?”

>Start with the Red Haired Boy and the Fake Book of the Silver Cross
>Explain about the Variant Drivers and how dangerous they are
>The Crystal Devil will come for you, it’s your priority!
>Talk about the evacuation, what can you do? Can you walk everyone to safety?
>Ask Hayate how everything is going? Where is the White Devil?
>Ask Hayate how she is doing… she looks tired.
>>Start with the Red Haired Boy and the Fake Book of the Silver Cross
>>Explain about the Variant Drivers and how dangerous they are

Silber Engel gets the best Intel.
Seconding this. The better our Intel, the more money we can make for Silber Engel, which means a better spaceship when we can afford one, and more money to spend on training to lower the EXP Cost of that final level of Boundless Step.
Before this... would you guys be willing to trade any bonuses Hayate might give you for a date with her?
Nope. Messing with Vivio and Tohma's relationship is a no-no, spending money to do it is even worse.

Tohma will still tease her, though. "Never Not Tease Cute Girls." seems to be our Modus Operandi.
I feel like we absolutely go for this if we weren't currently in a city infested with magic zombies.

Besides Ein, Vivo, and Isis are still standing behind us.
So no date the cute commander... well I guess you guys have grown a bit.
Also yeah, Isis, Ein and Vivio are right behind you still.

Well writing!
File: 1397621853385.jpg-(119 KB, 850x680, Hayate 2.jpg)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Well first of all you should probably tell her what you have found so far, there is much to talk about and so little time.

First of all you tell her about the red haired boy you met, “He was carrying a copy of the Gospel of the Silver Cross…from what I have seen, I think that the original outbreak was caused by six copies that were released in the city… each book looked for a host and then started infecting others.” You did not need to add anything else, but now that the TSAB knew about the cause of the outbreak, you were sure that they could deal with this in the future.
“I see, then I can guess who are the two drivers who are currently fighting our forces in the southern area, who would have thought those two kids were the source of the infection.”


“Correct, I am ashamed to admit it, but currently our advance into the Southern Sector has been halted by coordinated attacks by Infected and two Drivers using books similar to yours… now I know that we can solve this if we concentrate on them… thanks Tohma-kun, this information is quite helpful.” The cute commander smiles at you warmly once again, and a small part of you wishes to ask her out, even if it is just to help her deal with her problems.
Such a cute woman shouldn’t be so tried…

Then you move to talk about the Monk and the Variant Drivers, “They are drivers with variant abilities who are more powerful than normal… they are probably paired up with a Strosek Reactor Plug… with one of Lily’s Sisters, so please be careful.” You remember how strong the monk woman had been, and how scary her power of LOCK had been.
You were sure that unless someone was at a level around the AAA-Rank, the monk woman would crush them with ease.

“We have not met anyone that fits those description, but I also must thank you, Tohma-kun for the information. For an unit that was just founded for this mission, your Silber Engel is proving to be quite skilled, at this rate I believe that people might start considering your team to be filled with Aces soon,
they might even start calling you a devil too.” The commander laughs a bit at her bad joke. “Still, I have to admit that the PCS Silber Engel is operating beyond our wildest expectations, to be honest we never thought your team might have been able to help clear and protect so much of the northern area, we are truly grateful and thus I will give you guys a nice bonus for this, I think you have earned it!”

>Bonus Payment Obtained Lv 1

Isis cheered behind you as she started doing a happy dance, and while you were happy too, "Thank you Commander Yagami, I am sure that this will serve as further motivation to resolve this conflict!" You try to play it nice, but a part of you is not only happy for the extra pay, but also happy that you have managed to help this cute woman.

Still while the bonus payment was nice, you still had other things to do… like:
>Renegotiate your bonus… maybe you can ask for an airship?
>Ask about the evacuation plan, what should you guys do?
>Ask about the TSAB’s operations, how is everything going.
>Ask about the White Devil… she can’t die until you beat her!
>Su-chan… a part of you is scared to ask.
>Crystal Devil, has anyone seen her?
>The Church, what is it doing?

>Ask about the TSAB’s operations, how is everything going.
>Ask about the evacuation plan, what should you guys do?

Look at Tohma being all bushiness like.

It definitely won't last.
Don't worry, I am sure you will get the opportunity to get back to Tohma's usual OP sooner or later. Will leave the votes open for a while longer... will close in 5 mins.
File: 1397624502179.png-(60 KB, 494x570, Liberty City 3.png)
60 KB
“We are currently evacuating the southern sector, but sadly we haven’t had much luck with making our way into the other sectors.” In the holo screen an image of the city appears, “Thanks to you, our efforts, and the help of the white machine, we have managed to contain most of the infected away from the areas with great concentration of civilians, and are now beginning the evacuation of the southern and eastern areas. We believe that in a couple of hours we will manage to get the areas under our control cleared.” The Holo screen blinks a couple of times, before several spots appear on the screen.

“Based on the data you gave us, we believe that these signals are active EC Drivers… but sadly we do not know if they are being controlled by the fake book or are action under their own will. Tohma-kun, if that Crystal Devil, as you call her, is in the city, she is probably in one of these locations.” The brown crosses are all over the map, but they are concentrating more on the Central Area, “Tohma-kun, we believe that several Drivers are now attacking the Central Area, I must advice you to avoid that area under all costs, your objective is not to deal with that place… you have other things to do.”

But the monk had said that the creator of the EC Virus… was in the Central Area, did the TSAB know something about that? Curren had said that the TSAB had been involved with the EC Virus… could the commander be lying to you?

Still you move on, “Understood, for the time being, I will avoid the central area, but Commander, what is the evacuation plan? How can we get these civilians to safety?” Corona is signaling that there were about 20,000 people in this stadium alone, and there were probably still other bunkers with civilians in the area, you were sure that moving them by land would be too hard with your team alone.
File: 1397624710028.jpg-(248 KB, 572x800, Hayate 4.jpg)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
“While I would have preferred to get my forces to that Sector to allow them to handle it, I think we have a quicker method. A land route could work, but I fear that it would be too much for your small team, so...” A quicker method… if not by land then... “we will use Airships!”

Eh, but the laser sniper was is at large, even worse, none of the infected you have faced had lasers… so it was possible that the one attacking the airships is another Driver. The commander probably had considered everything else, and in the end had made the same choice… an air Evacuation was probably the fastest way to do this. “So Tohma-kun, here is your next mission, I will ask you to protect the stadium area and find a way to deal with whoever is attacking the ships in that area… I need you to clear the laser attacker in one hour so our Air Forces can land in the area and start evacuating the Northern Sector.”

The Commander grimly meets your eyes, “I know that this might be too much, but Silber Engel, might I count on your team for this task?” She smiles sadly at you… knowing full well that she was probably asking too much out of your team, but nevertheless…

How do you answer her? (33 Hours Remaining until Arc En Ciel)
>Very well, I can do anything for a commander as cute as you!
>Your ships will land, we will make sure of it!
>Do not worry, we won’t fail you.
>Sorry, I do not think that is the best way to do it, maybe if we went by a land route.
>We need some time to recover, give us 4 hours.
>Understood, can we ask some of the civilians to help us?
>Maybe if we got the White Machine….
>>Very well, I can do anything for a commander as cute as you!
>>But we need some time to recover, give us 3 hours?
File: 1397626575813.jpg-(735 KB, 800x1137, Hayate 8.jpg)
735 KB
735 KB JPG
“Understood, we the PSC Silber Engel will accept the mission, we just request that you allow us to take 3 hours to rest and prepare for this task.” Three hours were not exactly enough to fully recover, but you and your team did not have time to waste right now.

“I… thank you Tohma-kun, I am glad that we are able to rely on you and your friends in this situation. I am ashamed that the TSAB is so unprepared to deal with the Eclipse that we have to rely on you and your friends to protect our worlds.” You feel how distressed the commander is about this, so you allow yourself to say something you have wanted to say for a while.

“Do not worry, even if you did not need me, I would have tried to help. I would do anything for a commander as cute as you!” You hear Isis and Vivio gasp at this, but you hoped they knew you weren’t serious… well at least too serious.

The commander giggles a bit before responding, “Tohma-kun, you shouldn’t tease your elders… you might find that you are not prepared for how they might react!" She laughs a bit, "still, thank you, I am glad that you are helping us. Thank you, Tohma Avenir… and also thank your friends from my part.”

With that the spells that connects you and Hayate Yagami is interrupted… and now you are going to prepare to deal with the Laser Sniper and help with the evacuation of this area…

This will be quite the task, but you are sure that as long as Silber Engel was with you, you could do it!
File: 1397626691177.jpg-(106 KB, 850x947, Curren Huck.jpg)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
At that moment, a message appeared in the Gospel of the Silver Cross from Curren.

>Besides a decent payment, me and my family are willing to help you on one condition… do not worry, I won’t ask much of you, but I am sure that an upstanding gentleman like you is willing to pay any price to protect others.

>Tohma, I will help you deal with your little outbreak problem under one condition, please go on a date with me.


>Nanoha FORCE Quest Part 18 END
Next Time: Reunion in Crisis (II) and Crisis Shooter (I)

Choose an Interlude for next time:

>Rebirth in Chaos (HOLMCROSS Interlude)
>Servants of the Black Bird (I) (Curren Interlude!)
>Reconquista in Crisis (I) (Ren Interlude)
>Meeting Point- Sempai is in Crisis (Sacchin Interlude)
>Negotiations in Crisis (Nanoha Interlude)
>????? (Mystery Box)
>Just continue with Tohma!

Note that if you choose an interlude, it means that Tohma won't be able to get involved with those events. So be wise about this.

Also if you have some questions, I am willing to answer them.
A date with Best Girl? Feels more like we're the ones being paid.

>>????? (Mystery Box)
>>Meeting Point- Sempai is in Crisis (Sacchin Interlude)

Main character Sacchin? Main character Sacchin.
Well she is asking you for normal pay for the Merc Work too, but yeah, she wants you to go on a date with her too.

Do you accept Curren's proposal, yes or no?

Sure, going on the date is fine.

But can we even afford whatever "Normal pay" for a group of tier 1 mercenaries is?

And let her take our EXP and Vivio/Eins points? "I wouldn't be a proper dance partner until my Steps could keep up with yours."

>Servants of the Black Bird (I) (Curren Interlude!)
Not really, the normal fee to get all the Hucks to help you is higher than what Isis is charging Hayate... but I am sure that with some negotiation skills, you guys can get Hayate to pay the Hucks.

That might not be a bad idea, but remember that if you reject them, it could mean that this might take longer to resolve... can you live with that?
I think Vivio and Eins deserve better than Tohma spending money to go on dates with strange women.
Okay, Okay, I will be honest with you anon: Curren is not asking Tohma in a date as lovers... she wants to take him home, and to talk to him a bit about some important stuff, like a certain incident seven years ago. She just used the word date to tease him a bit.
We'll our money isn't even all our to start with. We should at least talk to Isis before we go and decide to spend all of Silber Engles non-existent money..
I'm okay with that, but I just wanted to point out how all of the girls will think of it.

Actually, if Tohma can infer that Curren actually does want to talk about that stuff, I can't think of any good In-character reason for him not to accept.

Just have to run it by Isis first, and explain to Vivio and Eins it's actually because she knows something about that Thing that happened to his hometown. Then let Isis discuss payment with Curren.
Well at this point we are tied for the next Interlude. I will wait for another vote or will roll for it. I do have to say that the Mystery Box is something that no one of you guys will expect.

>????? (Mystery Box
>Meeting Point- Sempai is in Crisis (Sacchin Interlude)
>Servants of the Black Bird (I) (Curren Interlude!)

At this point, I probably should just leave this choice for the start of the next Tohma Section
>????? (Mystery Box

Helping Sacchin charm her senpai is awesome but I just can't resist the mystery box.
... Oh you guys picked the Mystery Box... good!
So get set for the next Interlude...

Hate born from Crisis: Duet of the True Devils (A Black and C. ???? Devil Interlude!)
I actually changed my vote to Y as long as Tohma talks to the girls about it being his chance to talk to someone who actually knows something about what happened to his home that made it go up in flames.
You will get that chance next thread, I feel that I have to be a bit more fair for this. Plus this gives me some more time to write some nice scenes with Eins and Vivio... we have lot's of lost time to make up.
I'm still gonna push towards cutting off everything with them. It's not going to be a particularly long time before we are obscenely stronger than they are, and we can't expect them to keep up.
Well if you want to go for that sort of game, I can understand. I just hope you understand what you really want to protect and what you want to give up.
File: 1397630919345.png-(90 KB, 342x353, 1393910920216.png)
90 KB
Heh. You actually think that reborn Saint Kaisers aren't capable of outlevelling Tohma, given the right circumstances.
>Not understanding that losing control fucktuples our level, which in any event would be not too far behind Su-Chan and Vivio's.
Even Belkan said it wasn't that amazing of a power increase, it's just that Silvercross Alpha in direct control is a much more efficient fighter than Tohma. There are still many things capable of taking such a Tohma down, and Reborn Saint Kaisers seem to be among them.

Also, having Lily with Tohma makes losing control much more unlikely, since before he only lost it when Silvercross Alpha assumed command due to lack of a Reactor Plug at critical health, and even then he could stop it sometimes.

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