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Hi and welcome to another edition of Succubus Lord Quest! Somewhat Easter edition! With my schedule free, let’s see how far we can take this thread!

Last time on SLC, we had the heartfelt reunion of our Sister Excel meeting our long lost Dad. Things were going to sour at first with Excel jumping to conclusions, but with some linguistic skills we managed to turn what was an ugly situation into something more family friendly. After that meeting, we went over to the twins house in order to give them some ‘private’ lessons (finally!). After that, we came back home to Latooni, Erika, and Leona in order to discuss the future. Everyone was on board with the plane, except for Leona who still has strong feelings about lying to others, who then left to her room in a hissyfit.

We now continue where we left off!
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Nearly forgot this!

Also the second post was an ugly post with lots of eyesore text, which is now all compiled here!




“No Latooni, you did not. Leona is just a bit... headstrong in her ways.” Erika replies.

“Yes, she seems soft, but on certain subjects she’s rather uncompromising.” Ada replies.

You give a large yawn, rolling your shoulders as you do. “I’m sure she’ll be fine in the morning. We’ll have a fresh start in the morning, and hopefully she’ll have calmed down by then.”

“Are you sure about that?” Latooni asks.

“This isn’t like having her faith shattered. In addition, I’d rather not try to change her beliefs anymore than they already have today. It was a big day for Leona, so she needs her rest.” Erika replies.

“I concur. You’re free to leave now Latooni, and you’re also free to come and visit us any time you wish. I’ll let the guards know to let you pass.” Ada replies.

“Thank you Lady Ada, and everyone else. You’ve all been so kind.” Latooni replies.

“Anything to help liven things up in this bleak age.” you reply with a yawn. “Anyways, I’m out. Night guys.”
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401 KB JPG


You wake next morning, naturally for once instead of someone else waking you up. With a large yawn you get out of bed, noticing two letters next to your nightstand. First is from Shiva, second is from Ada.

Shiva’s letter simply says, “Don’t worry, I have it all under control. S.”

...Honestly that alone kind of worries you.

The second letter is from Ada. “Brooklyn, your turn to make breakfast this morning. We couldn’t bring any servants and the Draugr scared away anyone looking to work immediately. Ada.”

...Oh god damnit. Most of your ‘breakfasts’ involved the leftovers from last night or cheap take out. Tea is one thing, but making breakfast for nobles is... Well something you only have book smarts about really...
[x] ponder lack of additional Succubus images. Bake cookies with Shiva.
Learn to cook with Shiva. Learn by route, make the tea.
Make dick shaped foods with leftovers.
Why not, sounds like a brilliant idea
supporting, also who is the best cook in this party again? was it leona?
Brooklyn is the worst cook by far, that's all I know.

>Shiva’s letter simply says, “Don’t worry, I have it all under control. S.”
yeah, nope.
definitely not asking from him.

well if he could stop pouring tea to what he cooks maybe it could actually be tasty?
I don't think pouring tea on things causes the milk to be set on fire.
“It was partially my fault that the Draugr scared away any employees, but at the same time I’m not going to be responsible for burning down this place. I’m going to ask Shiva, she used to be a pastry chef.” you mutter to yourself getting out of bed with a yawn.

“Morning Brooklyn. Inquiry, what’s for breakfast.” Wilhelmina asks once you leave your room dressed.

“I thought you didn’t eat human food.” you reply.

“I make an exception for breakfast.” Wilhelmina replies.

“No idea, but we’re going to find out what we’ll be having for dinner tonight.” you say climbing to the top of the tower where Shiva and Nalika’s room.

You come around the corner, seeing that neither of them are in their room.

“...Huh.” you say looking inside of it.

“Nalika says she often likes to try and meditate at sunrise.” Wilhelmina states.

“Top of the tower it is.” you say climbing the tower.

The top of the tower isn’t anything special. Walls large enough so a man could take cover mixed in between gaps for them to peer out and shoot arrows out of along with a soft layer of snow on top. Nalika and Shiva are indeed on the top of the castle, with Shiva currently sitting cross legged, her eyes closed as she appears to be in some sort of meditation.

“Oh there you are my daughter! I was looking all over for you!” Shiva says happily coming up behind her.

“You could hear my breathing from your room.” Nalika sighs as she sits up.

“Oh I just wanted you to know what day it was...” Shiva replies.

“Which is?” Nalika asks.

“Mother daughter inspection day!” Shiva says.

“Mother daughter w-”

Before Nalika can finish her sentence, Shiva quickly throws a backhand with one of her hands, catching Nalika clearly across the cheek. Nalika does a brief stumble, but manages to fix herself to block the two other roundhouse punches that Shiva throws with two rights.

“...So this is what she meant...” you sigh to yourself.
can wilhelmina cook?
We probably should have asked...
Wait, could we get Erika to cooking instruct us by correcting us every time our actions would result in a future disaster?

If you wanted to try such a thing, absolutely
'Shiva, I'm a terrible cook, but I'm guessing this inspection will take all morning, if not all day?'
“Shiva, I'm a terrible cook, but I'm guessing this inspection will take all morning, if not all day?” you ask her.

“Oh, that depends on how long it’d take my daughter to use it.” Shiva replies casually, using three of her hands to stop a knee from Nalika before trying to counterattack with a single arm.

“I’m not going to use it!” Nalika shouts back, blocking Shiva’s punch with all of her right arms before trying to use a right kick to knock Shiva off balance.

Unfortunately, this brings Nalika off balance, letting Shiva land a fast blow directly to Nalika’s chest, making her slide back a few meters on her back.

“You’re going to die if you don’t use it dear.” Shiva replies with a cheery smile.

“No thanks.” Nalika replies slowly getting up.

Shiva simply shrugs. “Suit yourself.”

As she says this, Shiva goes into her speed blur mode, though at a speed you’re actually able to make out somewhat. Shiva speeds towards Nalika and is about to make stomp down on her, but only brings her foot down on empty ground as Nalika managed to use her own speed blur to shift out of the way of Shiva’s attack.

“Oh there we go!” Shiva says clapping her hands. “More! More!”

“No... Thanks.” Nalika says wiping her mouth, partially from both anger and exhaustion.
Gonna head out for dinner, but will continue when I get back! Should not be more than one or two hours
'Nalika, if this is something you don't like, turn it into something you can get something out. You'll have to deal with this until you have learned the lesson, so learn it the way you want to. I'll try not to set the milk on fire. Come on, Wilhelmina, lets get breakfast done."

Make tea, try to pick up what we can from wilhelmina.
Well at least she isn't groping Nalika.
we uh.. really should go before shiva taunts nalika about brook after that one night.

not yet anyway.
Back now

Let me type up an update

“Nalika, if this is something you don't like, turn it into something you can get something out. You'll have to deal with this until you have learned the lesson, so learn it the way you want to. I'll try not to set the milk on fire.” you reply.

“No... It’s just that I don’t want to bother with her lesson...” Nalika says simmering.

“Oh, it’s nothing that you should be ashamed about.” Shiva says, nearly disappearing into a blur of speed.

Nalika takes a frontal defense, but only for her mother to reappear behind her. Her mother gives and uppercut to send Nalika into the air, then grabbing her and slamming her into the ground hard enough so that she actually bounces off of it. Shiva then once again seems to blur into speed, reappearing behind Nalika and giving her a four fisted punch that sends her a few meters away.

“See, your free is right. You should have to use it dear.” Shiva says as she cracks some of her fingers.

After Shiva says this, Nalika goes from prone to fully standing in a literal blink of an eye, the aetheric pressure strong enough to see some of the snow below her feet slowly move and twirl around her, the outline of Nalika’s figure being blurred by some force unknown to you.

Nalika then seems to vanish to one end of the arena, jumping off one of the large walls and exploding in a burst of speed straight towards Shiva’s face, a blow hard enough to make you wince somewhat upon seeing it. Nalika then lands, landing about three quick blows using her fists to Shiva’s face, chest, and gut. Shiva tries to bring a punch back to counter Nalika, but Nalika seems to explode in speed to the opposite end of the arena, jumping off the wall to land another crushing blow directly to the back of Shiva’s head.

Shiva is tossed away a few meters this time, landing face down. Just as she’s about to get up, Nalika is already on top of the exit door, now jumping off the top of it in order to stomp on her mother while she’s down, falling a lot faster than you normally thought possible.

Shiva however reacts, quickly pushing herself up off the ground and into a standing position, getting out of the way of Nalika’s stomp and letting her go clear through the castle floor and into her room.

“I missed!?” Nalika can be heard saying in frustation down in the hole.

“She missed!” Shiva says with a rather thankful tone.

Why... Why can't we live in an area that doesn't somehow get structurally damaged within a few months...
have to wonder if nalika lost her maidenhood in that drunken night.

also we should ask shiva about that demon general that arrived, we might not be worrying enough.
"See, this is why we can't have nice things. Everyone just has to go and break them!"

consider intentionally burning everything you cook (not like you won't do it anyways.... right?)
File: 1214920506901.jpg (71 KB, 550x439)
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"See, this is why we can't have nice things. Everyone just has to go and break them!" you reply in a fit.

“Oh don’t worry Brooklyn, it’s all under control! After all, I like sleeping under the stars!” Shiva happily says.

“It’s supposed to snow tonight! And the hole is right where my bed is!” you reply.

“Nothing to concern yourself at all Brooklyn!” Shiva says clapping her hands together.

“Inquiry, are you alright Nalika.” Wilhelmina says looking down into the hole.

“Fine just... a little out of it.” Nalika replies.

“Yes, moving that fast for Nalika is a bit challenging, but so long as you warm up in the mornings then such a thing should come naturally in time!” Shiva says.

“So says the martial arts genius who figures out a style just after seeing a few moves...” Nalika mutters from the hole.
"Sigh, so much for maintaining a low profile."
right then, Nalika, I'm delegating you to make breakfast, Shiva, your fixing the building and you don't get to abuse your daughter until your finished
File: 1150642922318.jpg (264 KB, 638x575)
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264 KB JPG

“So much for keeping a low profile...” you say with a small sigh. “Nalika, do you know how to cook?”

“Because of mothers ‘well-rounded’ education, yes.” Nalika replies.

“Right then, Nalika, I'm delegating you to make breakfast. Shiva, you’re fixing the building and you don't get to abuse your daughter until you're finished.” you reply.

“Oh we’re finished now anywho~.” Shiva says waving it off.

“Ugh...” Nalika sighs down below in the hole.

“See you both at breakfast.” you say with a small bow.


Meanwhile at breakfast an hour later, Nalika appears to have done a good job. Lots and lots of bread related products, such as sweet rolls, bread and butter, cinnamon rolls, and fish bread.

“Quite the array of bread products.” Ada says while sitting at the table.

“Bread isn’t bad, but I kind of miss my rice.” Mina says biting into her bread.

“You and me both.” Nalika replies sitting down.

“Nalika learned from me when she was younger. I opened a bread store because it was so... exotic where we came from.” Shiva replies.
File: 1394937595110.jpg (182 KB, 691x1000)
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182 KB JPG

“Nice to eat bread with actual wheat for a change.” your father replies.

Erika and Leona meanwhile are too busy saying a thing, Leona seeming to wolf down cinnamon buns and bread alongside Erika.

“...So what’s on the plan today?” you ask.

“First things first, the replica weapon that I asked Latooni to make should be finished today, as with the location. Now before you begin, remember that you’ll be going up against Noble Vampires and their thralls. You should be magically stronger than them, but remember their physical strength is on par with a Belkarian. I’d suggest stopping by that library of yours to look up vampire weaknesses.” Ada suggests.

“Anything else I should know?” you ask.

“Yes, after investigation we determined the vampires have a gather spot right under the global cafe.” Ada replies.

...That’s... That’s where Excel works...
"Well, I need to get my sister to not be there that day."
File: 1209873650885.jpg (68 KB, 502x800)
68 KB
"Well, I need to get my sister to not be there that day." you reply.

“Do you even know her work schedule?” Sebastain asks.

“...I’ll work on that.” you reply.

“Another thing to know is that the weapon Latooni is making is only going to be a replica. You can channel your spells out through it and use it as an axe, but it\s not going to amplify them like the Draugr’s can.” Ada warns.

“I’ll make note you reply.” taking a sip of your tea.

As you look over on the table, you can see Brodin simply staring at his empty plate.

“...Brodin, what’s wrong?” Mina asks. “It’s morning and not only you’re still sober, but you’re not even trying to sneak morning booze.”

“Uh? O-Oh, it’s nothing.” Brodin says shaking his head.
"No, what's wrong, Brodin? Why aren't you drinking?"
File: 1394939842653.jpg (250 KB, 700x1140)
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250 KB JPG
"No, what's wrong, Brodin? Why aren't you drinking?" you ask.

“Uh? Oh just some... work related things.” Brodin says picking up his glass. “Don’t get me wrong, the job’s good. But sometimes there are bouts where it’s just plain depressing.”

“That I can get behind.” your father says pointing to Brodin.

“Likewise.” Sebastian replies sipping his tea.

“I’m afraid he does have somewhat of a point...” Shiva says with a sigh.

“You never worked a day in your life.” Nalika replies to Shiva.

“Don’t worry Brodin I’m fine.” Brodin says waving your concerns off. “Really I am. I just need to be a bit sober for my work is all.”
"Anything I can help with? Would talking about it help?"

I'll wait until tomorrow to continue since this seems a bit dead now.

Going out to eat after the thread started might not have been a good idea in hindsight either
small bump to make sure this is alive when I wake up
bump 2

"If you're sure, just remember that if you need to talk, my door is always open."

naturally, the same goes for everyone else.
>the vampires have a gather spot right under the global cafe. .. That’s where Excel works...

Given our habit of causing collateral damage, it would probably be easier and safer just to shut the place down for a few days.

The building probably has a water tank or something. Ask Ada to be sneaky sneaks and flood the place out during the night or something.

If the place is shut down for a few days, no one should die when it inevitably collapses into a sink hole. Crushing the Vampire lair.
Oh good, 4chan is back up after my black out.

Time to continue
File: 1239250285842.jpg (78 KB, 550x550)
78 KB
"Anything I can help with? Would talking about it help?" you ask

“N-Na I’m fine. I’ll be back to myself in no time at all, seriously.” Brodin replies.

“Well for the cafe... That’s... That’s kinda where my sister works.” you tell Ada.

“Ah, so conflict of interest.” Ada replies.

“Sounds about right.” you reply.

“Do you think you can talk to your sister about taking a day off?” Ada asks you.

“Excel’s a workaholic. I hate to admit it, but when Mom was sick, it was Excel working the sixteen hour shifts at the Greenhouse and pubs in order to support our family when I was having trouble finding a job in the first place.” you reply.

Your Father widens his eyes. “Sixteen *hour* shifts?”

“She likes to keep busy. You have better luck bolting her down to the bed rather than getting her to have a day off.” you reply. “But even putting Excel aside, we have a place with innocent civilians are going to gather. Can’t you do something like break the water tank of the building? A place like that is bound to have one.”

“...There’s no doubt I could, but such a thing comes with complications. For one we’d need to delay the harressment until the night, and they’re quite active during the night. Second is that if I sabotage the water main, I’m worried it could send them on guard.” Ada replies.

“Or it could make them realize it’s just nothing.” Sebastian replies.

“50-50 chance really.” Ada replies. “Besides, if you’re just going to the sewers under the building where they live, we won’t have to worry about civilians won’t we?” Ada asks.
...wouldnt that make the vampires NOT gather there
we can knock her out for one shift, either with magic or the old fashioned way
Ada probably knows some poisons.
succubus draining would also be useful for this, if only we could do it ourselves or at least knew someone else who is a succubus
Maybe contact that light dragon kid, and have him be drinking tea when the plan goes off?
Vampires aren't going to fuck with him.
>if you’re just going to the sewers under the building where they live, we won’t have to worry about civilians won’t we?”

"If we were talking about anyone other than ourselves, I'l probably agree. There is a very real chance of things getting out of hand. Explosions. Collateral damage. Collapsing support beams. It's all happened before.

We should take precautions. This will be our first move against them. They should have no reason to be on guard. As long as we make it look like something normal, it should work.

I mean, who would suspect a burst pipe is a prelude to an attack? Ada, can you just use your talents to freeze some water in the pipes and burst them? It'll look completely mundane."
I support making Excel go sleepy time for a few hours. It'll guaranty her safety.

We should probably still clear out the building anyway. Don't want innocent people to get caught in the cross fire.

Vampires fucking with the cafe isn't an issue. It's stray explosions going off directly below the building when we attack that's the concern.
File: 1209508365428.gif (31 KB, 500x500)
31 KB
"If we were talking about anyone other than ourselves, I'd probably agree. There is a very real chance of things getting out of hand. Explosions. Collateral damage. Collapsing support beams. It's all happened before. Especially when there’s even moderately powerful magic being thrown around. We should take precautions. This will be our first move against them. They should have no reason to be on guard. As long as we make it look like something normal, it should work.” you say. “I mean, who would suspect a burst pipe is a prelude to an attack? Ada, can you just use your talents to freeze some water in the pipes and burst them? It'll look completely mundane."

“I agree with Brooklyn, you’re being over paranoid.” Sebastian.

“Ouch, and that’s coming from him.” Brodin replies.

Ada just simply sighs. “Fine, I’ll do it. I was hoping to do some paperwork today, but I guess something minor like this shouldn’t be that big of a deal.”

“Any other things I should know about Vampires?” you ask.

“You’re good at Light Magic, use it.” Brodin replies.

“I didn’t know they were weak to it.” you ask.

“They react the same to nearly anyone being shot with a laser beam. It’s just that in sunlight they’re far weaker.” Brodin replies. “Just be careful when you do, as they WILL try to counter it.”

“Wow Brooklyn! I didn’t think you’d have the balls to go up against vampires!” Mina states.

“That’s because I’m a-... Oh crap I can’t use that line anymore...” you say moping.

“Oh don’t worry Brooklyn! Instead of two small ones, you have two big ones on your chest!” Mina says.

...Is this what passes for female self-encouragement these days?

(Anything you want to do before heading to the vampire raid? Ada will need some time to do her thing, so you have a few hours)
Get Dad to take Sis out shopping on that day.
>Anything you want to do before heading to the vampire raid?

We still need a way to hide/disguise our aether signature.

We can all shapeshift and look like some sort of undead. Brook can imitate a Dragur no problem. But it could all be undone if someone looks at us with mage sight and sees we're Succubi.
Remember, she's a bit of a workaholic. If she's on shift that day. We'll just make her go sleepy time.
Push Brodin for information. Having to be sober means he had to be ready to do something big. This could effect us or someone we know.
>you have a few hours

Woah. Aren't we planning to do this tomorrow morning? During daylight? When we'll be less likely to get eaten.

Ada can do her thing tonight, so the cafe will have to close its doors tomorrow.

While the building above is (mostly) deserted. And the Vampires are (hopefully) asleep. THEN we attack...... Wait. Attack the Vampires? Why are we doing this again?

I thought we were going to attack something and FRAME the Vampires. Y'know, so the Pride Demons stop blaming the Succubi for the Dragur attacks.

We take the form of a Dragur, our friends shapeshift into Vampires, then we wreck something. Witnesses report Vampires involved in the attack. We plant some Dragur related materials on Vampire turf. Arrange for it to be 'found'.

I think we've strayed a bit off track here.
>Now before you begin, remember that you’ll be going up against Noble Vampires and their thralls.

Why are we attacking Vampires again?

I thought we wanted to FRAME the Vampires for an attack?

Did we change the plan?

In case things go sour.
I thought that was the plan too. Attack something random with fake undead. Beat up a few pride demons, leave before the cops show up.
I'm confused here.
>In case things go sour.

What is going sour, and why will attacking Vampires fix it?

We've gone of script here. This wasn't the plan.

Attack something random with fake undead. Beat up a few pride demons, leave before the cops show up.

Yep. That was the basic idea.
File: 1150640413481.jpg (285 KB, 733x1193)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
“...Wait why are we attacking a vampire base again?” Mina asks.

“Supplies.” Ada replies.

“Supplies?” Mina asks.

“Yes. If we’re going to be impersonating vampires, then we need their equipment. Their weapons, clothing, that sort of thing.” Ada replies.

“No one else we can hire can do this?” you ask.

“No one willing to put up with Vampires during a Pride Demon lockdown.” Ada replies. “Plus I’d rather keep this contained to the group if at all possible.”

“The Draugr’s weapon is the one thing we need to make. For an authentic vampire attack, we need things that actually belong to a vampire sect, and let them trace it back to the vampires.” Sebastian explains.

“Won’t they find out some things are missing?” you reply.

“They give weapons to their thralls all the time. I’ll alter their paperwork, so by the time they’ll find out they’ll already be at Dio’s Swordpoint.” Ada answers.

“Which means he won’t be listening at that point.” you finish.

Ada simply nods while sipping her tea. "Hopefully we won't be fighting them, but if worse comes to worse we can just pin it on some gang Succubi stealing supplies for their gang war."
"Guess that means that Amanda isn't going on this one. We really don't need them wondering why an okerian and Miyan are working together in a gang.
Oh, so THAT'S why we're attacking the Vampires!

Do vampires use special weapons and equipment that we couldn't get anywhere?

Also, any news on picking an actual target yet?
is there any special interaction between light magic and vampires?

>Do vampires use special weapons and equipment that we couldn't get anywhere?
they use their own weapons which we need to incriminate them
File: 1266799366607.jpg (97 KB, 686x800)
97 KB
"Guess that means that Amanda isn't going on this one. We really don't need them wondering why an Okarian and Miyian are working together in a gang.” you reply.

“No offense Brooklyn, but sneaking into a Vampire base... Well it’s not exactly my own cup of tea. I’ll gladly just stay here and work on being the maintenance, supply, and any other bits which don’t involve people using sharp pointy objects to hurt me.” Amanda replies.

“Is there any special interaction between Vampires and Light magic?” you ask.

“Light doesn’t harm vampires. Sunlight makes them weak, and X-rays are a lot more lethal to vampires compared to humans or other demons.” Brodin replies.

“Unless you’re a Shadow Fiend.” Wilhelmina retorts.

“Pfft. They’re just over glorified janitors.” Brodin snorts.

“Do we have an actual target yet?” you ask.

“Yes, the Vampire Noble group below the Global Teahouse. I believe they’re called the Scarlet Clan.” Ada replies.

“So what do I take?” you ask.

“As much as you can carry. Clothes and weapons mainly.” Ada replies. “They should have some sort of armory where they store their weapons, and most of us don’t use armour so we don’t need to worry about that.”
"I'll try to get what we can, then. I'll get a few weapons and stick to clothes."

Still feel we should press Brodin as to his sobriety.
Ok, study/practice light spells till event then go time. Or extract sister asap.
File: 1364709914589.jpg (98 KB, 640x750)
98 KB
"I'll try to get what we can, then. I'll get a few weapons and stick to clothes." you say standing up from the table. “And are you sure there’s nothing wrong Brodin?”

“Nothing a bit of time won’t cure.” Brodin says taking a sip of his water.

Given how laid back Brodin is all the time, it is rare to see him like this. Even when he was actually doing his job he wasn’t like this. It’s probably nothing terribly vital you figure.

“Very well then, I shall retire to my quarters until I’m needed. Thank you for the breakfast Nalika.” you say to her.

Nalika remains silent.

“Now now Nalika dear, what do we say?” Shiva asks.

“Leave me alone to sulk...” Nalika says covering her head with four hands.

“Close enough!” Shiva replies happily.

You have some time before Ada finishes her role, so in the meantime you could do a few things. Talk to someone in the group, or use that zombie book to brush up a bit on Vampires.
brush up
Focus on Vampire weaknesses. Maybe talk to Nalika or Shiva if we have the time.
File: 1214921336402.jpg (88 KB, 600x800)
88 KB

You decide to spend some time looking up vampire weaknesses in the meantime, skipping a bit ahead in your book on the undead.

You discover that there are two kinds of vampires. The vampires who are closer to demonic side and the vampires closer to the undead side. While both have a bit of undead aether within them, it means that techniques that excel against both undead and demons will work against vampires.

The demonic vampires are like Wilhelmina and Ada said. They’re a type of Lust demon which need physical substance instead of aether substance. Like Ada also said, the capabilities of the vampires are fairly high when it comes to demons, which are only countered by their massive downsides. Various sorts of ‘holy grounds’ are very effective against them, capable of stripping away all their power. Sunlight has a similar effect, only a bit less effective. From there, it goes into certain clans of Vampires. Like Succubi, Vampires have different clans, or bloodlines which give them different powers and cons. Some vampire clans have a certain type of OCD which force them to count rice grains, some are functionally blind and can only see via echolocation, while some cannot cross streams of water. In vampire culture, one often keeps what their bloodline is to themselves in order to avoid rivals or enemies knowing them. Since they’re undead, they cannot have children even though their sexual functions remain operational. Rather, they make other vampires from mortals by draining out nearly all their blood and then giving them a bit of their own. Noble vampires enjoy the blood of mortals more than Aetheric beings, many of them find blood of aetheric beings a bit too strong.
File: 2008xmas.jpg (254 KB, 800x807)
254 KB
254 KB JPG

Undead Vampires are the typical parasites that many peasants imagine when vampires come to mind. They’re not as strong as noble vampires, enough to be overwhelmed by a group of mortals, but not to be underestimated. Undead vampires spread vampirism just by a bite, whenever or not they drained their subject. Aetheric beings are immune to this thankfully. Like Noble Vampires, they cannot die of thirst, but when they are extremely thirsty they become little more than wild beasts, literally. They can only feed on fresh blood, finding stored blood grotesque. Still, they are massive problems for demons, noble vampires, and Celestia, and are often encouraged to be killed on sight.

“Hm... I should buy a bag of rice before I head out on the job then.” you say looking over your information.

All this reading took about an hour, you figure that you have about one more left.
practice the light form thing. I don't think we've actually done that yet.
study study study

Also confiscate hats
File: 1375945222515.jpg (94 KB, 750x600)
94 KB
knowing our luck everything that could go wrong will.

thinking of using alternate identity during attack to make it much harder to trace.

won't they be in for a surprise when we use darkness magic to dispel any darkness magic they throw. problem is they probably have non magical counters. humm how well do maltalf cock tales work against vampires?
“Hm... I should practice some magic.” you say sitting up and stretching.

You try and make the light form, because in theory if you can make a darkness form then a light form shouldn’t be that much more difficult. It’s easy, but still a bit different than you originally thought, for when you manage to make your arm into a shimmering shape of solid white light, it’s fairly hard to look at even with your magic vision. Hopefully this form should allow you to use your light spells to an even greater extent.

“Brooklyn! I’m here to bring you gifts!” Mina says.

“Come in Mina.” you say letting your arm come back to normal.

Mina comes in, hold what appears to be a sack over her shoulder. “I brought you your thievery gear!”

“Oh?” you ask.

Mina brings the sack over to the bed, dumping the contents out to show what appears to be a mottled black and grey uniform.

“This is your stealth uniform! Made in a way so that it minimizes the noise you make and makes you a bit harder to see, thanks to Amanda of course!” Mina proclaims.

“Excellent, I’ll put this on right away then.” you reply.

“Oooorrrr.... you can put on the Demon Lord Armour which also has some stealth enhancements in it.” Mina says innocently.

You just flatly stare at Mina. “...You really want me to wear that don’t you?”

“Yup!” Mina cheerily replies.
File: 1395023781531.jpg (138 KB, 750x1000)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
hum how about compromise and were both as our cloths will probably vaporize at some point anyways. Remember the force field and magical enhancement gloves also
Put on the armor, then put on decent clothes over it.
“Fine, I’ll put the damn thing on.” you say reaching for your chest.


“But I’m putting decent clothing over it.” you finish.

“Oh! Why do you have to be such a spoilsport!?” Mina pouts.

“It’s something that looks like underwear, so it’s something I’m going to be treating like underwear!” you reply.

“Oh come on! It’s proper clothing!” Mina protests.

“Proper!?” you exclaim.

“Yea! Traditional Succubi grab!” Mina says.

“Mina, not *once* have I ever seen a Succubus wear something like that since I got here!” you reply.

“How often do people wear super fancy clothes outside?” Mina asks.

“Super f- Look I’m going to be wearing it over my clothes alright!?” you say grabbing the armour and sneak suit.

“Oh... Alright...” Mina says pouting.

“Articus damnit... This thing is just so snug, and not in a good way!” you say putting it on and over your clothing.

“Just think of it as a swimsuit!” Mina exclaims.

“What the hell is a swimsuit!?” you demand putting on your clothing.

“...You don’t know what a swimsuit is?” Mina asks.

“By the sounds of the name, a suit one uses to swim in.” you reply as you put on the sneaking pants. “Not sure if you noticed Mina, but we kinda don’t have many places to swim in up here.”

“Oh! Well in that case, how about I teach you all about swimsuits when you get back from your vampire sneaking mission!?” Mina suggests.
I can see absolutely no reason to refuse, let's accept.
Mina tries to get us into a slingshot
Dat spoiler
“I have no reason to say no, sure why not.” you reply.

“Oh boy~! I’ll get them all ready then!” Mina says rushing out of the room.

...Well that’s mildly concerning.

Putting on the stealth clothing over the demonic armour isn’t that hard, but you’re still a little... put off with how the demonic armour is emphasizing your assets even though the stealth clothes, almost as if you’re an entire cup size bigger.

“Let’s get looting then.” you say grabbing your back and heading out.


The map Ada gave you of the sewers is leading you through a rather large part of the sewers downtown, Ada insisting that you make the majority of the trip through the sewers. Honestly you’re not sure how Ada, or any other Laminian, puts up with the smell of this damn area. More than once you’ve put something over your nose while making your way through the dark sewer tunnels.

“At least she doesn’t expect me to crawl...” you say peering around a corner.

As you look around, you can see what appears to be two human appearing guards, both equipped with halberds with short swords at their sides. Both of them are surrounding what appears to be a metal door. On the far end of the chamber, you can see what appears to be an apprentice repairman looking at some pipes with a lantern, most likely aiming to repair the Global Teahouse water main.

Hm, this must what Ada was talking about. They have no identifying marks, as they probably don’t want to announce their presence too loudly, still, armed guards in the middle of a sewer of all places is extremely fishy indeed.

A) Find some way to sneak in undetected
B) Steal the repairman uniform then claim you need entryway into the door. According to Ada, the Repairman should be a part of this anywho.
C) Go in magic blazing
D) Other (Specify)
>A) Find some way to sneak in undetected
Hide in Ada's shadow, then she cloaks us both.
A) Find some way to sneak in undetected

If detected at any point eliminate the opposition as swiftly as possible in a stealthy manner. hard and fast in and out.
No need to leave any sort of evidence. You’re just going to try and find a way into the sewer base otherwise.

After sneaking around in the sewer for good few minutes, you do manage to find the one grate that Ada mentioned in her report. It’s good for getting in, but getting out with a bulky bag is going to be a bit tricker, that or just packing very light.

“So much for not wanting to crawl through the sewer.” you say shifting into a smaller form and crawling into the tunnel.

Oh hell... You swear you can smell this stuff with your eyes alone...

After crawling for about a minute, you begin to smell something. A very strong smell that makes your nose wrinkle and nostiles flare, but at the same time quite different from what you’re normally used to.

“Hm... What’s down this way...” you say continuing to crawl through the tunnel.

Continuing down, you eventually reach what appears to be a vent with a small amount of steam coming out of it. Looking down, you can see what appears to be a stovetop with some soup. You can see the hands of a Butler dumping some carrots into into said soup. It smells very good for vegetable soup.

Hm... this must be the kitchen area, but when you went through the shaft, you didn’t see any other branches from that vent you took.
From underground sewer to air vent, wtf? Hold still till the battle butler leaves.

Vent was disguised as a grate.

Sorry for lack of clarification.
Why are Vampires making vegetable soup?
vegies have iron for helping the thralls replac lost blood
So do you guys want to slip down now, wait for a certain time, or something else?
Wait a while and listen seems good.
You decide to stay and listen into what’s going on. You could find out some information.

You’re inside of the vent for the better part of an hour, watching the Butler continuing to make soup. Although you don’t know what the meat is, it sure does smell divine.

“Naga meat is so hard to prepare without fresh water. I hope we get that water main fixed soon or otherwise we won’t be able to flavor Global’s Mystery Soup anymore.” The Bulter mutters to himself.

...Well... There’s one thing you’re never eating again, and you found out why Naga’s are disappearing in Old TO...

The Butler continues to mix his soup, before he begins to use a ladle to scoop out his soup. After giving about a few dozen bowls, the butler walks away.

Using a small light reflection mirror to peer down into the kitchen, you can see that it’s an astonishingly well equipped and stocked kitchen. Several bags of vegatables can be seen leaning against the side, yet to be cleaned up, while the door to a large walk in freezer can be seen in the background, some sort of long term magic used to keep it cold. No one else is inside of the kitchen right now, so you crawl down from the vent and into the kitchen.

“Man... This place is better stocked that Fort Hope...” you say marvelling at some of the Old World culinary utensils, mainly for beverages. Man if you had 10 minutes to make a cup of tea in this place...

No, focus Brooklyn, you’re here to do a duty. Now with the Butler making that soup, it’s most likely dinner for the thralls. Meaning you could have a prime pick of where to go right now.

A) Barracks
B) Armoury
C) Other
the armory, that is the reason we came here isnt it
>C) Other
Steal tea stuff, stuff in deep vent to pick up later if we can't carry.
Well it seems like interest is done enough for now at least.

Tune in next week!
Pretty sure its not interest, its more of everyone is sleeping, come back in 6-12 hours or so.
yeah, this is pretty much worldwide offtime
Please Ignore the exploding Naruto Quest next door. Its an outlier. It's full of kids who can stay up since its spring break or something.

I didn't even know such a thing exist.

Well if everyone is alive, I can see about continuing this tomorrow
it would be great if youre willing, just come back in around 10 hours or so, as the other anon said

im sure there will be a couple of responses until then to keep the thread bumped
Head to the Armoury, pick up weapons we can use and the clothing we'll need. Head back, use Darkness tentacles to transport what we need (or a darkness bag, but keep it low-key).

Maybe steal some tea if we can, but the main thing here is the mission.
Well if we go check the barracks stealthily we could find out what kind of opposition we might be facing if things "turn sour". Of course, anyone really dangerous wouldn't actually be in the barracks, they would be lounging in their private quarters or something. It might be best to just do the minimum required to complete our objective, which is getting those incriminating weapons and other stuff. Keep a lookout with aetheric sight at all times if possible though.
I'm reading up the archive to catch up so I can post in these threads and really enjoying the story so far. see you next week Sandact.
he might continue today, possibly, maybe

also if you want to follow these threads you need the twitter (Sandact6)

Yea I'll see what I can do today

Gimme a few minutes
You have a very strange definition of minutes, I must say.

You turn on your aetheric vision, just in case, before heading to the exit of the kitchen. Like you thought, the icebox area is kept charged with magic while some old world devices are powered by some sort of magical battery.

Exiting the kitchen, you take your first steps into what truly is a labyrinthine sort of complex. The barracks section alone is fairly sizeable, but if this is like the castles you know of, then the noble section is going to be at least 2/3’rds of the castle.

You do locate the Mess Hall, and like before you notice that most of the guards are now eating on the inside of it. A few guards can be seen patrolling while a few dozen mortals eat their food, but nothing alarming to note so far. You do make a note to ask Mina what she thinks of their weapon selection though.

Continuing on, you cloak yourself with your supernatural powers as you continue down the hall, taking the hit to your aether pool due to the increased guard presence. There’s quite a few guards walking down the spartan hallways, little cover for you to hide to behind. The guards here are armed and armoured just like in Fort Hope, only instead of just halberds they also have short swords for their backup weapons.

The first few rooms you peer into are just normal bedrooms, one of which has a sleeping guard shift. The fourth has an armour room. Nice, but you want weapons as the first target. You open the fifth door, only to see racks of weapons hung on the walls of spears, halberds, axes, short swords, and several other exotic weapons you've never seen before.

“Bingo.” you say entering the room and decloaking. You need to decloak anyways in order to put the weapons away in your bag, which you put on a chair on a table as you go over to the weapon racks.

“Now what to get...” you say walking along the weapon racks, as if shopping for food or clothing.

The door to the armory suddenly flies open, giving you a large jump scare as the door swings wide open, his approach dead silent and giving you otherwise no time to react. Looking behind, you can see a middle aged man with a well-groomed bread along with rather long hair for a man. His frame appears to be rather on the large muscular side, dressed in what appears to be regal clothing with several medals pinned to his chest and a long red cape flowing out from his back.

“...Oh good I was looking for you.” the man says turning his red eyes towards you. “Come, we can discuss this over drinks in the study.”

Oh sht. Follow obediently, you pathetic mortal-turn succumbi.
Immediately engage in teaplomacy. How about that Earl Grey, eh?
we dont know what or who he thinks we are, so lets not assume

we should try to get him to talk more
that said, we should also assume the guy's a vampire, obviously
File: 1358686464608.jpg (656 KB, 650x960)
656 KB
656 KB JPG
Figuring this guy must be a vampire, you decide to play along for now.

“Y-yes sir!” you say following after the Noble Vampire.

As you follow the Noble Vampire, many of the other guards in the area pay you no heed. You keep following him past a set of ornate doors, and as soon as you step through them it’s as if you stepped into another world entirely. The plush, red regal carpet can be felt beneath your shoes as you walk down an lavishly decorated hallway, so gaudy that it would even put the Pride Demons to shame. The entire area isn’t as quiet as you thought a vampire court would be, with soft piano music fluttering through the air as a few noblewoman discuss gossip, laughing and nearly spilling the red liquid in their drinks.

As you continue past, the Noble male vampire you’re with opens the door to what appears to be a study room. Not as tall as the one in Fort Hope, but still fairly well packed with books and suited of armored knights. A window at the end of the hall shows a view down into what appears to be an underground court.

“Apologies but we’ve got to tell your employer that we need to stop meeting like this. It often confuses the men when one such as I am forced to go into the peasant quarters.” the nobleman says as he goes over to the window to draw the blinds. “Will you be here long enough for a spot of tea or should we just get down to business?”
well, tea has served us well in the past
Business. Lets not have to act more than we should.
File: 1304447843501.gif (31 KB, 600x600)
31 KB
“A bit of Earl Grey would be nice if you don’t mind.” you reply.

Without saying a word, a Butler behind you leaves the room to fetch your tea.

“Very well then, names sh- Oh I nearly forgot. You Laminians don’t like to give out your names.” the vampire replies.

“You would’ve believe the number of aliases I got.” you reply.

“I can only imagine. Now for the first order of business.” the vampire says sitting down into his chair. “Nearly all major courts inside of Old TO have been quite busy as of late, so let’s start with the basics. We know the Succubi are planning something. Mary Subota thinks her passage is safe but we’ve been using that hidden path into the library for decades, and lately we have been detecting her moving out more often than normal... Do you know anything that the Succubi are planning?”

...As a matter of fact you know EXACTLY what they’re planning...

“Sugar or cream madam?” the Butler next to you asks, seeming to appear out of thin air.
smoke screen this

"we havent been able to learn anything new", "their movements are erratic" etc etc
Well, what would be believable but completely misleading as well?
"Cream. They're being secretive. It's probably something to do with that business with Dio."
Spaghetti everything due to truth serum in the tea.
File: 1358346530330.jpg (126 KB, 952x1000)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
"Cream. They're being secretive. It's probably something to do with that business with Dio." you reply while holding out your hand for the tea.

“Hm yes... I did have a feeling that the Succubi did have a hand with Lord Dio’s recent actions, but was unsure exactly how. Dio said it was Rebecca, but I tend to hold Rebecca in a higher standard than the brainless terrorist than the Pride Demons make her out to be. She dresses like a harlot, but she has a fairly good head on her shoulders.” the vampire says grabbing a cup of tea and having a small sip of it.

Uh, so they can drink tea after all.

“From what I heard from the last informant, the creature that attacked the tower as the same one that attacked the Laminian village, and that the Pride Demons managed to kill it after it attacked the Celestia College...” The vampire says with a sigh. “A brazen fellow that’s for sure, but have you learned anything new about that creature as of late?”
there was this thing that that succubus secretary picked up, "he is driven by a singlar hatred", we could use that (without saying WHO he hates, of course)

but the problem here is that this is a one way interrogation, and we didnt even get any of the weapons yet (did we?)

we should fix both points
"It's a draughr? Thats what the rumors say."
they do? people just think hes a nutjob of some kind, why would we give away this information
"My clan wants to get the body. Alot of succubi died when it entered out town.

Beyond that, it's powerful, brazen, and doesn't seem to gave an allegiance."
this would imply that we are working for someone loyal to the laminionas, and we dont know who we are posing as, its possible we are supposed to be a mindbroken agent of someone completely different
how did i write this
File: 1371382255676.jpg (456 KB, 1173x800)
456 KB
456 KB JPG
“The Draugr? My clan wants to get the body. A lot of succubi died when it entered the Laminian town. Beyond that, it's powerful, brazen, and doesn't seem to have an allegiance." you reply.

“So it was a rogue agent?” the vampire asks.

“Is. We have reports that the Draugr can regenerate.” you add as you sip your tea. Nothing new as you figure mostly everyone will know such as thing soon though.

“Regenerate? You mean it was killed before?” the vampire asks.

“In a bar yes. The Pride Demons said it was killed, but we cannot confirm that. Still, if it’s true then it’s going to keep come back to life.” you reply.

“My word... That’s a rather potent power. Only powerful Noble vampires such as Vlad Trepes or Mistress Lucille.” the head vampire replies.

“I’d say it isn’t a vampire, but in all likelihood the Pride Demons have a better idea of what it is right now.” you reply.

“Right right... Do you believe that such a thing could be a danger to our own Court?” the head vampire then asks.
Power wise yes. However it's motivation is unknown to me as of yet.
"We have no idea what it's doing, so it may as well be called a danger to everyone."

and i guess that answers what he thinks we are, he thinks we are a rogue laminian, unloyal to rebecca, but definitely working for a succubus group

>mistress lucille
and that's probably the head vampire in his own group, which we probably want to avoid the notice of right now

now, we could say something to the effect of "any news from your end" to see if we can get some information in return for what weve been giving out, but most of all we need to excuse ourselves and find a way to complete our "find stuff to incriminate the vampires" objective
I am not sure. If you are prepared, you might easily be able to deal with it, The Pride demons were able to contain and execute it even without preparation. At the very least, its not a subtle threat. Just keep a look out for obviously hostile loners wearing headbands.
Why are we incriminating the vampires again?
Because we don't want the Pride Demon heat on the succubi, so we're going to incriminate them to give Dio someone else to go after.
“I am not sure. If you are prepared, you might easily be able to deal with it. The Pride demons were able to contain and execute it even without preparation. At the very least, its not a subtle threat. Just keep a look out for obviously hostile loners wearing headbands.” you reply.

“But not without collateral damage in both cases. For the Pride Demons they have extra castles, even the Succubi have other retreats. But even since that vile harlot Pamille defeated Camilla in the Lust Demon Wars, we have been forced into the shadows.” the head vampire replies.

“In terms of what it’s doing... we have no idea. It’s hard to interrogate something which doesn’t fear death.” you reply.

“Yes, but it does have a goal. I believe if we can learn what it’s goal is, we can have the upper hand whenever we would be forced to deal with such a creature. ...Perhaps even recruit it for our own goals, assuming it can reason.” the Lead Vampire replies, swirling his drink around in his wineglass. “We’ve tried to divine information about the creatures motives and... Well I’m sure the diviners will tell us something when they stop screaming and or crying. Do you have any idea what the creatures goal may be and do you think you could find such a thing out?”

“It won’t be easy. As I said h-”

“Fear death yes, but I’m asking if you could find such a thing out. I’m willing to offer double the usual payment if you could find out such a thing, and any supplies if you are in need of them.” The Noble Vampire replies.
Not sure if we should give this information (it's below), thoughts? We might not want to help them, but we REALLY don't want to help the Draugr and those that back it.

"Sir, sometimes it's useful to think about these things simply. It's a powerful being, which is brazen, and has not stated who it's working for. And your diviners wont stop crying or screaming."

Like I said, not sure about this...
we are making them into our enemy so we definitely don't want to help them, especially in something to do with the draugr that is after us already,

do not give the vampire anything concrete, a promise to "look into it" or something should be enough for this encounter
"Possibly. Of course, we could always use that belkerian duchess who recently came out of alcoholism to simply kill it permanently. She should have the ability, and given its impact on the succubi she won't be hard to convince given suitable intermediaries. Or just convince the laminians to hire her, she is a mercenary after all."
"The Lamians has demanded that this undead and whoever raised it, be executed for its attack on the village. So any ideas of recruiting will give cause for potential hostilities from us. Needless to say, also the Pride Demons. Anyway, I'll pass along any more information in regards its motives if you aid in our vengeance against this foe.
File: 1231099177084.jpg (116 KB, 850x531)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
"The Laminians have demanded that this undead and whoever raised it, be executed for its attack on the village. So any ideas of recruiting will give cause for potential hostilities from them. Needless to say, Pride Demons as well.” you reply.

“As to be expected. With luck this will put a small dent in their own security.” the noble vampire replies.

“As for what it wants exactly, we’re not sure. It’s attack patterns have been random and unpredictable.” you reply.

“But this creature knew to strike Lord Dio’s castle in such a way to pin the blame on the Succubi, then get Celestia dragged into this mess.” The Noble Vampire says with a slight tone of disbelief. “You can’t possibly expect this isn’t the work of a well-trained agent.”

“We’ve also got reports where the creature was merely reacting on some sort of instinct or pre-programmed response. As I said, such a thing is difficult to figure out.” you reply. “Needless to say we’ll be looking into the matter and get back to you as soon as we can.”

“And are you sure you have nothing about the movements of the Succubi? The Belkarian Leader becoming Sober, Mary Subota sneaking out at nights, and evidence of increased Laminian activity along certain underground tunnels. I can’t help but think that they indeed may be up to something.” The Noble vampire says, sipping his blood with a small glint in his eye.
"They obviously are, but they are covering their tracks well. We don't know any more than you. For now."
Change we to I.

We should probably discuss that 'someone' seems to have been solving clan problems.
either way on the "we" or "i" works, but why discuss that someone was solving clan problems? we dont want these people to know about us!
"They obviously are, but they are covering their tracks well. We don't know any more than you.” you go to sip your tea, but stop to correct yourself. “For now."

“Very well. I’ll expect some more information as soon as it becomes available then.” the Noble Vampire says as he goes to sip his glass of blood. “Now about the next order of b-”

“Milord!” a panicked mortal guard says crashing through the room. “We have an emergency!”

The Noble Vampire lifts his eyebrow, slowly putting down his drink. “An emergency?”

“A Celestian Adventurer group has infiltrated the compound! A few of the other Lords have been turned into pillars of Salt while the rest of them are slaughtering our men!” the guard says.

Nothing... Nothing ever has to be easy doesn’t it...

“I see... Laminian, you may excuse yourself for now. I need to head over to deal with some unruly guests.” the Noble vampire says taking one last sip of his blood before standing up.

(After nearly three days, I'm a bit tired of writing, so this seems like a good point to cut off for now. I'll see you all next week!)
Thanks, Sandact!!
yeah, thanks for the thread and the extra day you did it for

as for what to do in the next thread, well, opportunity presents itself, doesnt it? just get the incriminating stuff and let the angels deal with the vampires while we slip away
i'm surprised that brook is doing well with the spy thing going, i can almost hear his novelist side screaming in glee over all of this.

anyways thank you for the thread!
see ya next month!

hope we actually shiv someone on the way out.
Thanks for running, Sand.
its very likely that we'll have to, but with a laser

i mean come on, we practiced up new light magic and everything

and both of the potential threats here are much more resilient against darkness magic than they are against light

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