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A good friend of mine died a few days ago.

His name was Max, and he was teaching English in Cambodia. He took some medication for a minor infection, and was killed by an allergic reaction.

He was also the craziest sonofabitch I ever saw at a gaming table. His characters and plans were absurd and always kept the DM guessing, but never to the point of being a "that guy". He made the Gnome in pic related, as well as a few others I will also post.

I would like to make a "crazy PC plans" thread, and hopefully get it archived in his honor, would you all help? OC ideal if you have it. Lets celebrate the hilarious off-the-wall players we all know and love while we can.
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He was also the CIA knife-wielding cymbal monkey in this tale.
File: Barry banjo part 2.png (445 KB, 986x3116)
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Hey man, sorry to hear that. He was probably a great guy from what you've told.

I'm sorry about your loss, OP.

Also, all threads on /tg/ are archived.
RIP in peace Max
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Another character he did that has never been posted was as a hacker in an oWoD Technocracy game.
The character had been arrested by the men in black, but his skills had impressed the engineers from Iteration X, who of course recruited him.

His obedience was assured by means of a bomb attached to his apartment door, preventing him from traveling without permission.
>"Stupid technocracy! If they didn't have a bomb on my door...."
One slip of the tongue later, this was retconned to be that his obedience was assured by means of his favorite bomb being locked behind a strong door, so that he could not access it without permission.
>"Stupid Technocracy! If they didn't have a door on my bomb..."

Max's character was very friendly with the team's spirit shaman PC, as they were both outsiders who didn't like "the man." The "hacking" of spirits quickly became a regular feature of the game. A notable early incident was when they took a spirit that was essentially made of the concept of murder and coaxed/forced it to inhabit a .45 magnum revolver. The weapon, unanimously named "pure murder" was immediately his favorite weapon.

Pic is for our very CG DM
File: Derailed.jpg (93 KB, 300x1428)
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Much later in the campaign, the team was fighting Nazis inside the hollow earth. The problem was that whenever a nazi was killed, its soul would go back to the main base and be quickly infused into a new clone body. The natives could prevent this, and empower their own defenses by ritually sacrificing the Nazi soldiers, but it could only be done one at a time, and capturing the soldiers was difficult since they knew that death was preferable.

Max and the spirit shaman solved the problem thus: After each battle, they would bind the souls of all the dead Nazis into a survivor or the most intact corpse. Once the body was at maximum Nazi, it would be mind-controlled and goose stepped back to the temple, where the meta-nazi would be easily sacrificed and produce far more power per kill than usual.

The natives were so thankful, they let us into their secret invisible flying city.
File: The Ring.png (213 KB, 1577x502)
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Let me tell you of Lord Fortainbras. The lord of what you ask? Nothing. Lord is his first name, and he is our rogue.

>hired to guide a caravan
>staying at an inn the night before we depart
>Lord gets a room on the cheap by offering the favor of the Fortainbras line
>(thats like two guys and hes both of them)
>asks for a description of the room
>DM says theres a chamber pot, a bed, a table, and a window with a street
>He asks how nice the chamber pot is
>DM starts describing a hugely ornate ceramic chamberpot complete with gold trim and whatnot
>"I tear off the gold trim and stuff it to the bottom of my pack"
>Party departs at break of dawn to never return to this town again


>caravan is almost at destination after uneventful trip
>each party member is in charge of watching one wagon
>suddenly a thick fog descends
>swarms of swamp gobbers(a kind of goblin, more or less) attack
>Lord asks can anyone see me through this fog?
>DM says no
>"under my wagon, hide check" rolls more than enough to be invisible to gobbers
>rest of party battles gobbers, tank gets slapped around bad, important NPCs pushed to the verge of death
>they kill off almost all the gobbers including the ones running off with the loot from Lord's cart
>he pops out and sneak attacks one of the few left
>fails so bad they both end up disarmed
>spends 3 rounds strangling a single fucking gobber
>party is looting corpses
>Is anyone looking in this direction? he asks
>No, the DM replies
>Lord takes the gold chamber pot trim out
>twists it into a crude necklace and puts it on the gobber
>everyone wondering what the hell is going on
>approaches the head caravaneer who hired us
"good sir, I believe I have earned a substantial bounty over and above the agreed fee."
>DM looks confused as fuck
"yes, and why is that?" the caravaneer asks?
>He holds up the dead gobber in the necklace
"I've slain their chieftain in single combat"

Entire table fucking lost it

Your old thread is still up, OP. Stop flooding the board with your dead players.


Also it was a motorcycle accident last thread, not a medication thing. Keep your sob story straight.
Man... I've really enjoyed the stories your friend was in. I'm really sorry to hear that he's gone, he seemed like a big personality, and a very fun one too.
That's odd, because you're the second person to make an almost identical claim today. However, the cause of death differs, though you both claim that the deceased was the same gnome.


Im not the OP, I was just sharing a story for him.

lel@him being a liar though.
File: Laughing Adam Jensen.jpg (25 KB, 500x311)
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Maybe tomorrow the cause of death will be suffocation via Indonesian hooker? I know if I were to die, I would prefer to die motorboating.
OP here. Really not kidding. The man is dead.
It looks like >>31663637 was made by my DM separately. I only have the info about his death third hand- maybe he was given meds after the accident?
File: Clarenceisnotclever.jpg (106 KB, 525x1216)
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In honor of your friend, OP, I will share this tale for the first time on the internet.

>Playing as a monk/sorceror in 3.5 Oriental adventures.
>I have infiltrated local Yakuza faction by dominating their underground fighting ring.
>Yakuza made crazy money betting on me, all buying me drinks, etc.
>Party Bard runs in in a panic, fleeing local Samurai, doesn't even know I'm there.
>We run in to each other.
>I ask the DM "Do I see the Samurai chasing her?"
>She says: "Their leader, a few steps behind your companion, surveys the room long enough to see you two, and walk purposefully in your direction."
>I nod, I know what must be done.
>I grab the bard, throw her over my shoulder, point and yell:
>All hell breaks loose as Yakuza pull up their pants and turn over dice tables, drawing blades.
>I run on top of people's heads and then on rooftops, Bard in tow, and make my escape.

This is how I Lawful good. Same character accidentally a LG temple AND a yokai clan, at the same time, during character creation.
File: 1321626197803.png (237 KB, 1574x1478)
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237 KB PNG

hmmmmm. seems legit I guess.
File: That fucking Throne.png (59 KB, 991x273)
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>You know it was probably an incredibly, alarmingly racist cartoon.

>nigs face when
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File: 136803628242.png (471 KB, 620x350)
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>late campaign with druid, fighter, rogue, and wizard all around level 18 or so
>BBEG has huge tower hidden away in the mountains
>we find it and are storming the gates, cutting through minions left and right until we feel the ground shake
>ground splits open some distance away and stone platforms bring up a huge Iron Golem
>playing the druid, I get a stupid idea.
>the party has stopped and is watching this thing come at us in dismay, they figure the DM has buffed the shit out of it (and they were right)
>I turn towards the party and shout "GO! Get inside, I'll handle this!"
>they start to object but i cut them off and remind them that we're on a time limit and to just get the fuck in that tower
>face golem, yell out, "ALRIGHT! LET'S GO!"
>druids can turn into huge elementals at high levels.
>I turn into an Earth elemental the same size as the golem
>I slam my rocky fists together with the sound of an avalanche.
>start fucking boxing and grappling with the golem
>fighting goes on for a long time, both of us taking some hits, I'm missing some chunks and the golem's got dents the size of small bears
>I'm playing for time, trying to make sure the rest of the party can stop the BBEG from getting away
>finally, i grapple the golem and lift it over my head, bringing it down over my knee and ripping its torso from its lower half.
>look through the windows of the tower, and see the rest of my party.
>smash the wall behind them so i dont hurt them or block their progress
>wild shape into an eagle and fly into the hole i made.
>resume human form, dust off my shoulders and say, "Told you guys i had it. What'd I miss?"
>party's faces when they had watched the whole fucking fight through the windows as they'd progressed through the tower
He's with Gygax now. Sorry for your loss bro.
This is comedy gold. I salute That Guy for his honorable sacrifice. May he have fun in his life and his afterlife forever.

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