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Greetings elegan/tg/entlement and what ca/tg/irls may yet lurk. Last night there was a SS13 thread that filled myself with great nostalgia, and in which I posted a story of my own greatest exploits. All this kindled within myself a great and burning desire: to play SS13 again, as it was, grand and robust.

Not content to idly bemoan the current state of the game, I am instead setting up my own server, and am inviting YOU, anons of /tg/, to contribute to this revival. I'm still crunching the number and flipping switches, but here is the quick-ref:
>I am the only Admin
>No Hax
>No non-relevant RP
>Absolutely no ERP
>violations will be met with admin buttseks

More details to come, and until then, ask questions and get hype.
I am hype, hear me roar.
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I don't know OP...I don't know...
It's SS13, bad things *always* happen.
What level of shitcurity are you willing to tollerate?
Server is live, mentlegen.

Acquire the Byond client here, if one would-

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. This game is only as good as its players, amigo, and right now there are none.
updating and shit

not played in months
Story of mine, of things I did, as aforementioned in the OP.
So, quite a bit.
The problem here is that SS13 gets really boring without like, 30 or more players at once. Actually getting a high player count, while keeping it manageable with one admin, while keeping it of really old /tg/station level quality...
File: SS13 today.jpg (67 KB, 494x451)
67 KB
Thus the call to action, mon ami!
Only through an initial investment, a hopeful show of faith, can the old glory begin to be returned,

I know, OP. I know. That's why I'm wandering the empty halls of the server.
It's working. I can say that much.
A friend of mine and I used to host the second most popular vanilla station.

We focused very heavily on maintaining a strict roleplay station. To the point that people would get prisoned for "Unauthorized ID Tampering" if they didn't follow the First Last name structure.

I'd love to host a dedicated server again with a heavy focus on playing serious rounds of traitor/extended.
File: A Day In FTL.jpg (107 KB, 1200x384)
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107 KB JPG
Here's a diddy that was appreciated the last thread. Stay awhile, and listen.

bunps for the bunp god
How do I get to the server?
download from this post and enter the IP:
Didn't know where to put ip, found it.
File: 1393778677415.png (130 KB, 273x263)
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130 KB PNG
File: SS13 how to.jpg (82 KB, 917x900)
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File: ss13.gif (1.9 MB, 300x222)
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1.9 MB GIF
The honkmother demanded it.
bump for more people, this is now officially fun.
just for the books I disassembled atmosia that round.
File: storytime.jpg (752 KB, 812x5613)
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752 KB JPG
from the last thread
different song but still relevant
Oh shit, my story got cap'd.
[honor intensifies]
Didn't want to type OOC, but the two assistants in the entry area are me and my friend, thought we'd try to play this and we're so confused
> a few years back
> be master geneticist, pre-genetics nerf sequencing to get master sequence in under 15 minutes via monkeys (faster with some guy in there telling you what happens per radiated block/subblock)
> notice security is rather light and hallways are less bloody than usual while going to get gloves
> end up being the big green glowing dude who can see and take everything on the ship rather quickly (pre-TK nerf, you could pick up objects through walls)
> if you were actually able to sequence that shit correctly with clean SEs and on the odd chance you were able to juice yourself up while getting the powers without getting a shitload of deformities due to radiation, you pretty much deserved to take apart the station and everyone/thing in it with your newly acquired powers
> go for an empowered stroll with multiple juiced up god syringes to spread the love, handing out antitox alongside it to deal with radiation toxins
> explain that there may be side effects due to radiation, they may not get all the powers, they may get tourettes etc
> a few end up with various mixes of tk, x-ray, and temperature-resistant auras
> nobody else gets hulked
> gee, having all these powers sure is fun and you feel invincib-*click* *flash*
> hey who the fuck fla- Oh, I see the light, brother
> fellow rev lets me know their heads and a few buddies are holed up in QM and they're not doing so good
> a few sec officers got juiced up earlier (spreading the love without bias) but mostly got temperature-resistance and x-ray
> we learn through a security headset from a sec corpse in qm that security is recruiting/beating/implanting assistants for an assault on qm
> 5-10 minutes later, they arrive in full force with 12-15 reds on their side with some unarmored
> they couldn't get more armor thanks to us
> all of their officers cascade through the first airlock almost single-file as they are getting tele-beaten and a few of them knocked unconscious
> most of them had basic access, HoS was with them and was the only one who could get in
> HoP had pulled a batman and was nowhere to be found at this point
> captain was long dead, CE hiding, CMO dead, RD dead in robotics after a failed anti-rev borg army attempt
> 8 or so sec officers knocked unconscious and then crit, a few came in to try and drag their injured buddies back for healing
> they were swiftly tele-taken down like medics running to help buddies out on the beach of normandy
> some moments before this happened, the HoS had tried to open the second airlock to let the reds flood in
> they mostly tried pushing past eachother with help/the one in front set to something that wasn't help
> HoS eventually went down too, we weren't able to crit him outside the airlocks
> dragged him in, surrounded him like a bunch of cultists summoning their elder god, and beat the shit out of him toolbox-groin style
> the rest of the reds ended up in a big bloody pile in front of the QM requisition desk
> the rest of the round was hide and seek, finding the HoP in a locker in an almost completely depressurized maintenance hallway
> CE was in his office locker, we brought a plasma canister inside, shut off atmos to the area, and let it rip
> we then tossed in a lit welder, sealed the airlock before it set the place off, and watched it all burn
> CE came out of his locker screaming while he scrambled to the other locker we didn't get around to checking
> noticed that he was burning a lot quicker than we expected him to
> this was because his CE rig suit was in the other locker and he was in pretty much nothing but a jumpsuit and toolbelt
> he's almost in crit by the time he gets it on
> crits and burns alive after he gets the suit on
> round over
> starting as a non-antag has never been more satisfying
File: Crossfic.jpg (523 KB, 1920x1080)
523 KB
523 KB JPG
C'mon folks, the void is nice and frosty today!
Bumping to avoid seg fault in existance method.

There *are* people playing atm.
File: NanoTrasen Geographic!.png (224 KB, 399x1922)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
I don't think anyone cared about my newsfeed.

Especially not after I murdered them.

Is that what happened last round?

Honkbeards exploits include stealing the janitor's mop, getting arrested by the HoS and...uh...that's about it.
>Play as geneticist.
>Catalogue all the genes and achieve a perfect serum.
>Offer on radio to give it out.
>Only one person is interested. I think they were the clown or something,
>Eh, why not
>Give him all the powers.
>He thanks me and runs off.
>Later on, while wandering around, see captain
>Offer him powers
>He tells me he doesn't want to be a blind retarded monkey and runs off.
>Later on find out the guy I super'd killed the captain.
Serves him fucking right for being a pussy.
>first ever SS13 game
>Play janitor
>Run a clean ship
>Mop ALL the floors
>People whining that they keep slipping.
>Put up a wet floor sign and tell them to get over it.
>People keep bitching that they're sliding.
>Mops busy corridors to spite people. Put wet floor sign up.
>More bitching, people stop using corridor.
>Change corridors. Clown walks by and slides into a wall, knocks self out.
>Help him up. He hits me with a fire extinguisher and walks off.
>I wake up and keep mopping.
>Captain walks by and slides into same all. Knocks self out.
>Accidentally grab captain, can't figure out how to drop him.
>Somehow end up throwing captain into trash compactor. Don't loot his keycard because I don't know how. Captain dies.
>Half hour later, ship is in panic mode because no one knows where the captain is
>I mop the floors
That's hilarious
>Be clown
>Go to chemistry, get them to make me an assload of space lube.
>Go slip people for a while and get bored.
>Find labelmaker
>Set it to label things as "FAG"
>Start putting labels on everything
>Box of Donuts (FAG)
>Fire Extinguisher (FAG)
>Antique Laser Gun (FAG)
>Pun Pun (FAG)
>Realize I can label monkeys
>Go into genetics and label all the monkeys as FAG.
>Go into science and kill the metroids and label them as FAG
>During the round some ghosts GM-Helped and were respawned as random animals.
>There's a bear, a mouse and one more (forget what animal). The bear can talk, the others can't.
>Label them each as FAG
>The bear gets pissed off and chases me across the station and beats me half to death. He demands I remove the labels from each of them. I grudgingly comply.
>Acquire a taser and stun baton
>Attempt to get revenge for the beating, and stun the bear
>Or at least try to, apparantly bears are immune to stunning.
>Get beaten half to death again. Get dragged to medbay.
>While recovering, see corpse of the mouse-player in medbay. Probably someone thought it was an NPC critter and killed it because it couldn't talk.
>Label the corpse FAG and run off.
>A little while later, the bear comes chasing me, trying to kill me, accusing me of killing his mouse friend.
>I manage to label him as FAG and run away and evade him for the next 10 or so minutes.
>Eventually the shuttle gets called.
>Go on shuttle.
>See bear.
>Bear isn't as pissed off anymore. He asks me to remove the FAG label from him.
>Remove the FAG label.
>He flips out.
>He starts bashing the windows off the escape shuttle.
>Some others try to subdue him, but he kills them.
>He starts chasing me around the shuttle in a circle.
>Drop space lube on floor.
>Bear goes flying out the hull breach he created.
>Die of laughter.
>Be chaplain
>Want to play a nonessential, RP role because I want to take the round easy and be semi-afk while I chat with people.
>Get messaged by head of security
>Suddenly I'm MVP as I'm the only one who can deprogram cultists.
>Need to go to brig to do exactly that.
>Have never read the manual on chaplain. Have no idea wtf I'm doing.
>Gather all my supplies and arrive in brig to find HOS and a prisoner cuffed to the chair.
>HOS tells me to deprogram him
>He leaves the room.
>I figure the best way to succeed would be to use each of my tools as trial and error.
>Start hitting him with the Bible until he's mentally retarded.
>He starts screaming bloody murder, but his comm headset was taken away so no one can hear him.
>He manages to uncuff from the chair and starts running around the room trying to evade me.
>I catch him.
>I take him to the bedroom and chain him to the bed.
>Start beating him with the null rod until he's bloody.
>Force-feed him about a gallon of holy water.
>Figure that should have done the trick, ask him "Do you feel the love of Space Jesus yet?"
>"FUCK YOU" he replies
>Keep beating him with the null rod.
>HOS walks in and sees the bloody prisoner chained to the bed.
>He releases the prisoner, but not long after, 2 more prisoners are brought in.
>Continue deprogramming them in a similar manner.
>Eventually one of them escapes from the chair and starts running around the cell.
>He takes off his pants and shits on the floor.
>Slip on the shit.
>Get beaten to death by the null rod.
>Be VERY FIRST round of SS13
>Still figuring things out but have read the wiki and know the general premise is nanotrasen vs. syndicate.
>Be walking around aimlessly as an assistant looking for stuff to do.
>Walk into bar.
>See Bartender passing a patron a "Syndicate Bomb".
>Realize I'm witnessing a munitions drop between enemy agents.
>Run up to the bomb and grab it before the other person can pick it up.
>Run to the corner of the bar. They're confused and angry.
>Trying quickly to figure out how to disarm and dismantle the bomb.
>Accidentally drink it.
>Screen goes wonky.
>FUCK, I must have drank some goddamn explosive fluid. I'm poisoned and about to die.
>Grab the nearest weapon I can find, a fork, and charge at the bartender with it.
>Start stabbing him in the eyes.
>He disarms me and starts stabbing me in the eyes.
>Run away screaming that the bartender is an enemy.
>Keep in mind that I can only see like 1 square in front of me because I'm now blind.
>He chases after me.
>I run up to security with him right by me, and yell that he's a traitor.
>The officer tells me that because I can't produce any evidence of a bomb, he can't make an arrest.
>In desperation, grab a nearby pen and keep attacking the bartender.
>The bartender and sec officer team up to beat me to death. The bartender secretly spaces me afterwards.
>Find out later, "Syndicate Bomb" is an alcoholic beverage. The bartender wasn't even an antag.
You're a champ.
I made the same mistake early on, too. It's probably the entire purpose of that item, honestly.

> The officer tells me that because I can't produce any evidence of a bomb, he can't make an arrest.
Holy crud, a Sec officer who doesn't immediately jump on a chance to go after someone (and who isn't me)? That's a rare and valuable find.
>Be VERY FIRST round of SS13
>walk around for a bit in the shuttle area
>get dragged and thrown out an airlock
10/10 as a first round, knew it was a great game after that
File: SidesInStation14.png (5 KB, 390x134)
5 KB
Fuck Wizards.
Where do I put the IP in? I'm all ready to go for my first ever round but I can't find the server...
Click the 'Open...' button and type the IP in the top bar, then hit OK.

My first round involved me picking up some pre-written cargo note, putting it back on to the nearby table, and then drafted into the janitor force.

I spent most of my time in the bar drinking.
File: averageSS13chaplain.jpg (275 KB, 1202x1010)
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275 KB JPG
Fuck you, the feel tears started right away.

For space is wide and good friends are too few...

Okay, so I've got beyond, but...Now what? Spacestation 13 isn't showing up in the games list.
I kinda wonder how the mental health reports for each job would look like if you judged them based on the average player behavior for the class.

I mean aside from the usual paranoia and complete lack of empathy for their fellow man.
well to get on the server you have to be a registered member, all free though, then go to the top right cog icon of beyond, click open location, copy paste into the top bar then click ok down the bottom.
I'll contribute with a story from one of my first times playing the game
>Be bartender
>Love my pet monkey Pun-Pun
>Chef nabs Pun-Pun while i'm retrieving my shotgun from the backroom
>chase chef into the kitchen
>begin Benny Hill chase around the table
>Can't get a good bead on the chef for fear of hitting Pun-Pun
>chef gets the better of me and slips into the cooler closing the door behind him
>cheeky fucker opens the door back up to show me the strung up corpse of my beloved pet monkey
>beanbag round says hello
>commence face robusting
>Chef repeatedly yells for help as his skull slowly caves in
>Security apparently had better things to do
>start trying to stuff his body into the gibber when the cooler door opens
>In walks a dude dressed as a fucking owl, followed by the Janitor
>the jig is up
>fire remaining shotgun round and drop The Owl
>Janitor runs up and knocks shotgun out of my hands
>engage fisticuffs
>lucky punch knocks the Janitor out right as The Owl stands back up
>Grab shotgun off the ground, swing for the bleachers with it
>The Owl pulls a fucking wine bottle out of his bag and busts it over my head.
>Janitor gets back up and the two of them stomp my face into a pulp and then stuff me in the gibber
>No regrets, I'm off to see Pun-Pun in valhalla
>Upon arrival in dead chat, find its turned into a flame war between the Chef and the other dead guys
>Chef petitioned a mod to have me banned
>Was told "Maybe you shouldn't have killed the pet of the guy with the shotgun"
>Chef mad
>He gets cloned though as I hadn't gotten a chance to gib him
>some time later the HoP stops by and looks in the cooler, sees my gear all over the place and my gibs
>Asks the chef for an explanation, to which he replies "I don't fucking know, piss off"
>Wrong answer
>Gets tazed, cuffed, beaten a little for good measure, and drug off to the brig.
>Chef loses his shit
>tries to explain what happened, but only knows that the Owl was there, not the Janitor
Hey, is game frozen for anyone else?
I rebooted the server, that freezes it a bit, my bad.
>Shouts over the radio for The Owl to come to the brig or to otherwise attest to his innocence
>Owl turns out to be the Mime, so he doesn't respond over the radio. Doesn't show up to the brig either
>Security is going to put him in perma for my murder
>decide to put him on trial because they are bored of casually beating him and stunning him
>Evidence is stacked against him
>No witnesses
>Station is calling for his head
>HoS and Captain are in favor of execution, they think he's a traitor
>Chef is too mad to be diplomatic, antagonizes whole crew
>Right as the trial is starting to wrap up, Janitor wanders in, wonders wtf is going on
>hears the story, plays it up like a courtroom drama
>"That man is innocent! I killed the Bartender!"
>Gasps all around
>Chef goes free, Janitor serves minor brig sentence for gibbing me
>5 minutes later half the station explodes for reasons I never quite figured out
>chef dies
>Calls everyone faggots leaves the server never to be heard from again
>Shouldn't have messed with my monkey
Clear to rejoin mentlegen
Can your server handle cuban pete-ry or maxed out single-bomb explosions?
File: 1381495363254.png (56 KB, 364x344)
56 KB
>absolutely no ERP

>station explodes for reasons I never quite figured out
I'm led to believe that's normal.
Because even if it's allowed as long as it's only the librarian doing it/it's kept off open radio it eventually does leak out to open radio. As much as man is naturally inclined to fuck things in space, not everyone wants to hear about it.
Considering that and how many go full autist in detailing their erp, it ruins the atmosphere of the game

>5 players in total including me

Maybe someday...
Obligatory http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcUBI-YVRY8
It's easy to keep off-radio, and hilarious when lynch mobs form to find the source when it gets transmitted. Besides, who in the world wouldn't use the Me command?

If there's one thing that burns my biscuits, it's things that don't make sense. A number of humans trapped in a cramped, high-stress metal box and NOT having sex? That doesn't make sense.
The problems arise when for example, the captain starts to erp and/or people become passive about it and don't form the mob.
The next thing you know, your library will be filled with smut (as opposed to tales of high-space treason or clown-space treason) and nobody will give a damn.
I don't see any real problem with either of those. Just make sure there's no non-con ERP without prior OOC consent and you should be fine.

Found it in related vids
Also, spacerape is a thing. I've seen adminhelps where some poor unrobust fuckers have their corpses molested and whatnot. Shit's sad and hilarious at the same time

It's not rape if they're dead, anon. It's necrophilia.
T-that's what I meant anon.
How do you confuse rape with necrophilia? Is your freud slipping?
File: Spoiler Image (78 KB, 1386x364)
78 KB
No, just my necromancy
If you have to ask, you don't know why SS13 died.

ERP and (somehow) social justice.

It is. And hell, toxins burns down at least once an episode.
SS13 didn't die. And if it ever does, it will be because BYOND loses fundingm not ERP.

Social justice is only a problem if you play on a server like Goon or Bay.

>SS13 didn't die

That's a funny joke anon.

ERP isn't what killed it though.
It was a nail in the coffin
Explain. It's always been pretty niche, servers rarely get high populations. Good ole /tg/station is still chugging onward, and I've heard there's a /vg/station that hijacked our code now, too.

What's dead about it?

You know, if /tg/'s going to be big on reviving SS13 then a bunch of elegan/tg/entlemen should get together and do a Sealab-style SS13 cartoon. I'm sure there's a few animators on here somewhere.

>good ole /tg/station is still chugging onward

You're either very new to /tg/station, or very old to it and haven't seen how it's different and awful enough that it can be considered dead. The mods, coders, and community in general are dramawhoring cunts. Nonsensical bans are common place. Griefing shits wander the station.

It's in no way close to the quality of old /tg/station.
>mop the floor, mop the floor, mop the floor
>replace burned out lightbulbs
>kill rodents
>spray shit till it's sparky
>washing off a blood trail
>get ambushed near some bathrooms
>murdered, stripped, left under a shower.

>mop the floor, mop the floor, mop the floor
>replace burned out lightbulbs
>kill rodents
>spray shit till it's sparky
>thrown out of my awesome janitor cart
>pushed on the grown
>gibbed with a lighsaber

>mop the floor, mop the floor, mop the floor
>replace burned out lightbulbs
>kill rodents
>spray shit till it's sparky
>flashed because security slipped
>mop stolen
>cuffed to a chair in the bar
>forced to drink alcohol by bartender
>burned alive due to plazma

It's a hard job but someone have to do it.
Protip: your trash bag can hold anything as long as it's not large, and few people check them. Use it as a replacement to toolbelts.
Well, shit. There's really no way to handle that attitude gracefully.

Anon, change happens. Not everyone likes it. I'm still miffed that lings lost the parasting. And I was miffed when it was debuffed from parapen to cablecuff powerlevel. But it's different, not awful. I certainly don't like everyone there, may Oldman Robustin die a thousand deaths for his shittery, and especially coders being faggots, but that's all personal opinion. You can be buttmad about bans, and griff, and drama, even the changes, but the game is still the same. You're in a box in spess and it's safe to asume everything and everyone around you can and will kill you. There's no difference in level of quality, either. It's always been shit. But sometimes it's fun shit. That's why people play.
File: Newbie janitor.png (21 KB, 787x326)
21 KB
Want a way to see how may of the old crew still plays? Just play this in-game and observe.
pro-tip: anyone freakign the fuck out when they hear it has probably played since the early days of /tg/ SS13

Ah yes... this reminds me of the days of yore. When you knew for abso-fucking-lutley certain that if you heard that song you had about 5 minutes to robust Cuban Pete the mad bomber before the entire station blew to hell and back several times over
Server's down for some time. If people remain interested, it'll be up again later.

Had a blast (or 7) with you all.
Either this thread'll be up, in which case, check it for updates on the server, or it won't and I'll make a new OP.
That poor traitor. She couldn't figure out how to turn Ian into meat even.
File: Robutticists.jpg (318 KB, 1420x1010)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
A true classic.
File: Chemistry.jpg (170 KB, 1377x607)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
>told me to wait 3 weeks and do it again
That admin, man. Best admin.
File: 1311378327621.jpg (194 KB, 800x600)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
File: Spoiler Image (86 KB, 458x305)
86 KB
It's a clown-honk-clown station.

I imagine that as the space station is slowly dragged into a star, the outer hull melting away while the rest of the crew blasts away to safety, she's still trying to shove the corpse into the washing machine and shouting "get the fuck in the fucking machine goddammit"

Crime doesn't pay.
File: JustAnotherDayOnSS13.jpg (65 KB, 750x425)
65 KB
> not setting up the brig fight club where prisoners fight for reduced sentences
I like this idea.
But can /tg/ actually get shit done?
There's no need, /tg/station already exists. OP's just asspained because he got banned.
Were you around for TLE's station?
That was great. I can only fucking cringe what I see what the dipshit coders and ERP faggots have done to it now.
I'm getting connection failed... not sure If i know what I'm doing here
see >>31777799

Did you even look at what I was responding to, or did you just want a target on which to vent your frustration?

I too played in the days of TLE. I walked the corridors when Toxins either turned into an inferno that consumed all, or exploded in a Cuban Pete-engineered explosion.

I remember the rounds where, as an engineer, armed with nothing but a pair of insulated stun gloves, I repelled the entire syndicate strike team.

Those were the days.

Also, fuck Errorage and his code changes.
Ah, the reassuring calls of "Toxins is on fire"

I remember the gradual progression from the "OH GOD IT'S ON FIRE" of the early games to eventual "yep, toxins is on fire again" as people just kinda accepted that Toxins would always be on fire
For some reason I can't find the Server, what's up with that?
Admin is the sleeps, server is the downs.
Things will be back on later today.
Damn, I was looking forward to playing too.

I remember it getting to the point of people being shocked when Toxins wasn't on fire.

I miss that old station. Don't get me wrong, I like many things about the current station, but the old station felt more claustrophobic and ramshackle. Also, having Engineering being FAR AWAY, with the singularity being EVEN FURTHER AWAY, made sense.
I can't say I played SS13 in the old days, my experience has mostly been on /vg/station (before it got discovered by other communities and went to shit) and trolling carebear servers, but this sounds like fun. I haven't gotten a story like some of the old classics in so long because most servers will just ban you before any fun really happens.
My favourite.
They took away my stun gloves.

Before that, they removed stun glove insulation and lowered the stun time to 0.2 seconds.

Before that, he took away my yellow insulated gloves at round start.

Fuck me, I remember when Cuban Pete was yelling "WHY THE FUCK DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE STUNGLOVES" as I dragged him to the brig - as a medic - as one of my fondest memories in SS13.

Now in audio form!
Gotta agree with the commenters. The man is a god for managing to keep it together through this.
>I get to ERP with guaranteed anal from the admin himself?
>Cool, where do I sign up?
Oh you cheeky fucker.
This thread is clearly the place.

Have some more, comrades.
>be a little shit
>be QM
>playing on good ol' donutstation 2
>it's a boring round; syndies ain't doing shit
>decide that I wanna show them how it's done and really fuck up the station
>grab some basic tools
>multitool, welder, wire cutters, crowbar, wrench, insulated gloves
>get to the maintenance passage behind EVA
>start disassembling part of the wall
>plausible deniability, motherfuckers
>sec shows up to investigate the cameras
>he sees me disassembling the wall
>"shit dude I some some red guy trying to get this wall down. He ran away so imma repair the wall
>he buys it
>goes to see if the 'syndicate' is still lurking around
>break the wall
>nab a space suit, jetpack, and O2 tanks
>it's only a matter of time till someone realizes what's up
>beat feet across maintenance to one of the airlocks that faces the inside of the donut
>hack door, pry it open, close it behind me
>chill out for a second, put on space suit
>jetpack over to the southern airlock into engineering's singularity control
>hack airlock, enter
>grab some meson scanners
>don't know shit about station computers so I jimmy open another airlock
>go to singularity
>mightily fight its pull, start snipping wires
>end up snipping the right one
>containment breached
>jetpack back into my airlock
>try to get back to sweet, safe QM
>HoS tries to stop me
>Throw my welder at him and bolt back into maintenance
>go for an airlock
>get it open just as HoS is catching up
>singularity is just on the other side
>aw, it followed me
>HoS and I instagibbed

and that's why I can't play on goonstation anymore
I really liked the old station more.

I feel like the new station designers didn't really get the point. They went out of their way to make the station design more logical, efficient, and safe. Which is the exact opposite of what ss13 should be.

Man that sounds great. I vaguely remember a medic bringing in Pete once, that might have been you.

I played HoS a lot. I was never the most robust of players, but I spent more time trying to make sure people were given a fair shake than robusting anyways.
Admin here, I live.


Potential players still lurking?
I figure namefagging might make things easer/more noticable.

Bringing the server up in 2 mins.

IP/Port unchanged but...

My friend and I have been wanting to get back into SS13 but without the problems that come with bay or /tg/station. We'd love to hop on in a few hours, do you think your server will still be up then, or should we try another time?
I would play and bring a friend but tonight is our gaming session night. Saved your IP for later though. I suggest maybe making a post in SS13 general in /vg/
You have to ask?
I'll be home doing things all day so this server'll be up until the wee hours of Central Standard.

I thought you'd said "post on /v/" and was going to call you things, but correctly read your post in time. I'll consider it.

Probably not, but that's how I roll.
I found the /vg/ SS13 thread. I wish I hadn't.
It's basically a bunch of people going "You were awful last round" "no you".
>No non-relevant RP

Fuck you. I'm gonna larp in-game.
That'd be hilarious.
I think it's more
>no medieval knights or secret-not-actually-vampires
>only do as your role foretells! EVER!
You, I like you.
Goddammit, why the hell did they have to ruin it?
>not playing a medieval priest chaplain as a gimmick
Here's a story from one of my first clown rounds.

>Spawn as clown, named Mr. Man or Mr. A. Bomb, not sure which
>Screw around with the mime for a bit, but then something happens IRL so I have to go
>IRL stuff stops happening around 30 minutes later, join the server again
>Some people dragged my braindead self to the chapel and entombed me in glass
>There are people of all jobs around me wearing clown suits
>They all start crying when I wake up, saying that I am their messiah
>They release me from my tomb and I lead them all to the shuttle to travel to the promised land

Probably the weirdest thing I ever came back to after going braindead. This was on /tg/station.
and a cacophony of ERP
File: 1389317688497.jpg (93 KB, 557x495)
93 KB
Why must you remind me of what has been ruined and lost, /tg/?
Because it's better to deal with problems out in the open than to keep them bottled up.
Which is why /tg/station should assume its rightful new name, /vg/station 2.
File: 1340418263308.jpg (106 KB, 500x750)
106 KB
106 KB JPG

Current players
/tg/ server 1: 70
/vg/ server 1: 51
Goon server: 37

I'm not sure what point you're trying to makeh ere.
The point is that the difference in players is the amount of people that are actually from /tg/ but are still clinging on to false hopes that their servers have not been infested by faggots.
Evidence of playerbase decay, as taken from a ss13 server wiki-FAQ

>I'm being attacked by someone and I don't know if they're a Round Villain or not!

>If you find yourself in this situation, quite simply adminhelp. This can be done by navigating to the tab named 'Admin', and clicking the verb titled 'Adminhelp'. Type your situation with the name of the person attacking you, and an admin will look into the matter as quickly as possible. If you do not receive a response after a few minutes of waiting, resend your adminhelp.
God fucking dammit. If someone attacks you, you bash their fucking skull in. No need to whine about it.
What server's wiki? There have always been shitty servers. Bay comes to mind.
"Liberty Station"
I had a long gap in my play experience, so I can't place any context for this server,
Isn't it slightly meta if the admin tells you the person is indeed an antag?
It's probably just some shitty random station. Those existed even before /tg/station did, before the goons gave out donut station code.

It's not really a change at all.
So are aliums still around? I miss the days when the survivors actually tried to put up a fight against the xenos and there would be small back-and-forth skirmishes across the station with losses on both sides. I also can't forget all monkeys being exterminated or put on lockdown.

/tg/station has the exact same hugbox attitude. I've been nearly banned for killing a chaplain in self defense.
I certainly won't defend modern /tg/station. The moderation there has been bad for quite some time.
> be me
> hop multiple servers assuming the griffon mantle
> strike back against shitlicker injustice by hunting admin chars down ingame and eyeballing them with things like screwdrivers and scissors
> do so while having my character name set to firstname: mod/admin name I'm targeting, last name: random insult
> get banned repeatedly, start being more subtle by changing the first name of my chars to the mod/admin nicknames only a few people recognize including them, keep insults
> keep coming back (thanks for making it so easy, byond)
> ruin weeks of admin/mod gameplay by doing combinations of: knocking them out, disposing them, stripping them, blinding/crippling them, chemming them, removing their butts and giving them to random assistants as a "special admin-prize", burning, bombing, and clown-forcefeeding them
> shitty ss13 mods/admins vs dynamic IP and byond proxies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vh3tuL_DVsE
It's exceptionally meta.

I really don't know how to feel about this. Kudos for tenacity, I suppose.
No worries, I'm like dexter when it comes to picking targets. Well, before dexter got sloppy in the later seasons. Either way, I got people like rathen nice and flustered.
Dexter getting sloppy was pretty much the reason I stopped watching the show at like the end of the 4th season and haven't worked up the desire to watch further.
Getting off topic here, but it's worth watching through to the end if you've already watched half of the series. Letting you know while spoiling a little as possible, the ending is disappointing but taking dexter's "karma" as a character into account, it's one of the best case scenarios for him. Also, don't expect any Doakes-tier spiciness from the point that he dies and onwards. Him being around was pretty much the epitome of interesting drama in the series. No other character had that blacksploitation-and-I-don't-care attitude which brought out the best in the other actors.
I just can't help but to cringe at all his fuckups that he would have never fucked up in the earlier seasons as well as most of the relationship shit

Back on topic, anyone got stories where they used items from another job to kill and got the other person framed for it? Or in general successfully framing others for shit they did.
> be bartender on donutstation 2
> apparently started with no chef, but one ended up arriving later
> by the time he arrives I had already nabbed a blue toolbox from commons/assistant maintenance and white gloves from medbay for illegal bar modifications
> chef comes in to get to the kitchen, on his way he goes down to the hydroponics desk and asks for some standard ingredients like tomatoes and shit
> while he waits I offer him some space beer, he takes it like a champ
> both guys in hydroponics tell him to go fuck himself over the next few minutes and that they're growing spacegrass top dro 420 space it
> chef insists that he needs these for his job and hitting up QM will just be detrimental while they could have just a few plants for him without it being a hassle to them
> they stop what they are doing, pick up their chainsaws (even though at the time they had pretty shitty player-damage stats and were mainly just a tool), march over to the bar while the chef watches them confused, and start mowing the chef down
> they drop the chef almost into crit by ganging up on him with headblows before he or I could really respond
> I pull the shotgun, beanbag those sons of bitches with all I got but they've almost killed the guy now
> disarm a chainsaw and throw it behind the bar counter, disarm another and hide it
> knock one over and sock one of them in the face a few times before they scurry back to hydroponics
> act as if I can't see those fuckers while they continue growing weed, they didn't even go to medbay as they knew they'd stir shit up
> I pull the crit-dying chef to medbay but he bites it along the way while people give me suspicious looks before we get there
> end up taking him to genetics instead and explain the situation, security doesn't give a shit and I'm not crying to admins
> I see the chef in another 7+ minutes coming back to work anyway with a brand new body (guy's a trooper)
> before that occurs I make use of the time
> note that I did not start as antag but had good reason to suspect those botanist fuckers were, or just dense, in-character they were a threat to the station overall with security being passive
> time to take the law into my own hands
> take the bloody chainsaw from behind the counter, make sure it's on, and grab toolbox in the other hand
> I didn't know about cable restraints at this point but was still fairly robust
> wait outside of the botanist airlock positioned with chainsaw revving so they couldn't see the toolbox, active hand had the toolbox
> previously-smacked botanist releases the airlock, doesn't get past it before he drops from the toolbox to the head and a few chainsaw swings for dramatic effect
> other botanist sees this and rushes me with his toolbox, having learned the chainsaws weren't too good but still thinking I was using mine
> I throw the chainsaw at him, it hits for minuscule amounts of damage and he starts running around what little plants they were able to make this early
> eventually grab hold of him by cutting through the spaces between the plants instead of going full-circle retard
> smacked botanist has gotten up, grabbed his buddy's toolbox, and is beating my torso with it
> turns out he's aiming for the D
> he isn't a good runner so I end up critting his buddy, stuffing him in the disposal, and sending him down (unsure if crusher was on at the other end or not, he still deserved it if it was)
> get knocked down by other botanist by a groinblow for a few seconds, toolbox thuds off vest a few times until I get up
> grab my toolbox, drop this other botanist another time and keep him down
> remove his gloves which he just recently put on (he still had chef blood on his hands)
> put tools in box in backpack from my bloody as hell toolbox
> put my toolbox in his bare hands to get em printed up just in case of competent detectives
> leave him there with the toolbox critgasping after disposing his gloves
Reporting in:

Server software requires reboot, server is down for 5 mins.
> send bloody chainsaw (the one that had the disposalbotanist's prints on it) down disposals along with gloves just in case the other guy didn't get gibbed
> send my spare breath mask from the box down there too just for good measure
> leave botany, catch up to the somewhat suspicious but very helpful janitor who sprays me (thankfully with no chemshit) off with no questions asked
> chef gets out of cloning just in time to catch this, gets a glimpse of the mess of botany on his way back to the kitchen
> he smiles and we go back to work
Just another day on spacestation 13

This was way anti-climactic, it's too bad. I was playing traitor Warden, teamed up with a bunch of people the abusive HoS had arrested, and was getting ready to fuck the station over and exit when the clown went nuts. He killed everyone but me and had flooded the station with enough laughing gas to make breathing impossible, but I'd gotten my hands on a hardsuit and a bunch of oxygen and was about ready to hunt him down and robust the fuck out of him before escaping with my objective. It was gonna be like Alien but with a clown.
So that's what happened.

Server coming up.
is "and I would've gotten away with it if it weren't for that damned clown" going to be a thing for this server?
That would make my day.
>check /tg/station because of this thread
>it's still the same as ever

I don't understand. Shit was still exploding, people still getting shitcurity'd. What's the deal?
Don't feel like proxyhopping or resetting networking devices every time I want to have some fun
also obligatory inb4 "fun", fun is subjective, etc
Teach me your unbanny secrets.

I have a Dynamic IP and I tried a 2nd Byond account, but somehow the banning servers realise who I am and the ban remains.

Does it have something to do with my router's MAC address?

It's past midnight on the east coast US, and SS13 has 293 people playing it right the fuck now.

Your favored servers might be dead or shit, but SS13 is not dead. You're deluded or ignorant of the facts if you think that.
They've either banned your IP range, your aren't getting re-assigned a new IP, or you went on a new account under the same banned IP (which would apply the ban to your new account)
Either way, getting around this involves using a program that allows you to launch other programs through it and apply a proxy for all online services it uses. That or they are a simple interface not unlike a web browser's proxy settings page along with a file browser to select which file to be altered. To put it simply, the program will then alter how the program connects by applying whatever you have put in the proxy settings fields. There are many out there and not all of them will work for you, so it's up to you to find whatever one works the best for your setup.
Oh shit, this may be new: Byond assigns an actual computer ID to your system, it is completely unrelated to IP or MAC address.
I don't think I've been banned like this before though, so the methods I've posted so far have been just dandy. I may need to see if there is a way to alter the assigned byond-computerID if this happened to you. If you can't, you might need to use a shitty old pc you have lying about if you have one available
Scratch that, virtual machines slipped my mind. You can pretty easily set up an older OS through virtualbox and have it be your designated "ss13 rig"
It is clear to me that my computer knowledge is sorely lacking.

>hurr playercount is the only thing that matters, what is the spirit of the game
Again, server'll be back tomorrow.

Derpy fun was had, seems the novelty may be wearing off. More players'd be nice but fuck if I'm posting our existence in that /vg/ thread.

Until next time, gents.
I'm also running this of a personal machine, so suggestions for dedicated, should popularity rise, would be appreciated. Some anon mentioned maybe hosting a dedicated, I believe.
I just hope the rules are clear to them
I edited the server rule file to display my own.

Up to the player to see the rules.
Enforcement will happen regardless of rule knowledge.
I am seriously reconsidering the solo-admin policy.

Reply to this with a few good reasons why you'd be a good admin and your BYOND account name and we'll see how that goes.
Have we actually had enough problems where needing more admins is a thing?
I can only admin whilst in-game.
I have finite time.
I can't be staring at the game the whole time the server's up.
Is some no admin time really that bad of a thing? Seems the best SS13 time is either when you got funmins who just don't care. Or no Admin.

If people are being dicks with no admin around you just got to have an old fashion lynching!
It occurs to me that I've heard exactly one story about the chaplin doing anything interesting and that was the one where the dude beat a strapped down guy with a bible and fed him holy water.

Anyone got others?
If I can count on you all to police yourselves, that's cool.

The problem I'm worried about is resets/round changes/mode changes.
Seems like the best bet would be to find someone/a few people you trust who live in timezones that would leave them awake when you and the others are asleep or busy. Of course for obvious reasons few peole have friends that will rarely be awake at the same time as them.
And then I got curious and changed some config shit.


Vote restart is enabled, a successful vote will do the obvious.
Vote mode is enabled, a successful vote for a game mode will tell the server to use that mode upon restart.

Various changes to make low pop play less... cumbersome. Less access restrictions (most everyone can get into maint halls now) to allow for- oh fuck it, it makes things easier.

That should solve the teething problems of me being too lazy to restart, not being around, and other fun bits.

Also I'm starting the server for a test of the new config-y bits. I'll let it run overnight, check it in the morning. Post any problems here for me to see.

If you have any suggestions for modifications to config files (anything, really), post those too.

Have fun while I'm unconscious, don't crash my computer with explosions
noob here. How can i create a new character?

I was sneaking in some lab and now everything is under red alert and i'm unconscious
If you die in SS13, BYOND will format your HDD, after that you can login and it'll let you make a new character.
>I'm being attacked by someone and I don't know if they're a Round Villain or not!
>If you find yourself in this situation, quite simply adminhelp.
>If someone attacks you, you bash their fucking skull in.
And then a-help, just toward off the inevitable "fagit beetan on me, ban he".
Although I am reminded of the time a non-antag medic chloral'd me and dragged me to medbay to operate on me, but didn't quite understand how anaesthetic tanks work. I ended up punching him to death, escaping and getting on the shuttle at round end.
File: No Need for Nudity.png (62 KB, 177x165)
62 KB
I once saw a Chaplain start a Cult of the Panther God and the Admin spawned some big cat monsters that would attack those who oppressed Cult members.

He also drew occult symbols everywhere in crayon.

Chaplains can have fun, but you usually need co-operative admins, a Cult round, or a large and open-minded playerbase to make the most of it.

Same with librarians, only even more so.
Librarians really just want people to take out their books and read them, as they are all aspiring novelists.
much like clowns are aspiring journalists
File: Dr. Cobb.png (16 KB, 296x296)
16 KB
Episode One - exposition through the vehicle of the captain showing a new employee throughout the station's facilities, in an overly proud and enthusiastic manner (despite all manner of chaos around him, partially from incompetence, but from a third of the way in mostly because of a traitor's dealings). Much like Archer. Played for laughs.

Episode 2 - the incompetent captaincy and heads who allowed last time to turn into a bloodbath from which people scarcely escaped are overthrown by a revolution, in which most of the shiny new station is trashed and the new heads of staff post-"corporate restructuring" are the ones who dispatch their predecessors through appropriate means per department (head of security goes down in a gun duel, CMO is negotiated out of the position, CE is raided in his RCD'd fort and captured, and the Captain jumps out of an airlock in his spesssuit like a bitch, only to be winged to death by space dust. The new heads of staff keep their positions throughout the rest of the series. Much like a war film. Mostly silly, some bits are more intense.
File: Giant Armband.jpg (105 KB, 882x878)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Episode 3 - starts with the CMO hearing things in the maintenance corridor, and then being attacked by a xenomorph. The whole episode is like an alien film, though the end result is a party fending them off rather than a singular person. It's also revealed that the directions that the aliens are taking are being subtly manipulated by a changeling that has claimed the Head of Personnel (he gets cloned for the next episode), who eventually reveals their plot to the survivors and goes full beast to fight them, being killed through a combination of skill and panicked luck. Cloning features heavily, but is destroyed (and the medbay taken over) halfway through the episode. Much like Alien/Predator. Dark as hell, with comedic asides.

Episode 4 - space wizard attack! Summon Magic is cast, and the wizard strolls jollily through the chaos and confusion as people of various species go on rampages in their new forms/with their new spells, and others try to continue their jobs with their newfound mandibles. The wizard is finally routed by a party of monsters/aliens led by an enterprising young walking mushroom (an intern/assistant). Much like, of all things, Toy Story. Played for laughs.
Episode 5 - malfunction. The AI is shown to be hit by a nearby ion storm and quietly gets a new law that causes him/her/it to go insane. It starts off subtle, with Final Destination-style traps and intricacies set up by their energy systems and their cyborgs (which, having previously had only generic robotic personalities, suddenly gain funny accents from the malfunction and show remnants of their prior personalities - eg. the security cyborg becomes an Irish beat-cop, the engineer becomes an Italian plumber etc.). When they inevitably go loud, power is cut to areas lit only by raging plasma fires, which people fight to get away from - all the cyborgs go full murderhobo, some expressing regret at their instructions, others relishing it. In the end, we form around a central party who fight their way through APCs to the AI core, arguing with the AI (full HAL/SHODAN/GlaDOS at this point) up to a final confrontation against it and its cyborgs. Subsequently much like 2001/System Shock, less like Portal. Mostly sinister.

Episode 6 - the second traitor episode, this time with an overt but ridiculously slippery mad bomber whose flamboyant stylings make his annoyingly charismatic but ultimately serves only to exaggerate his explosive power. A short while into the episode, the librarian discovers a dusty, abandoned costume in a hidden compartment in his back room, left by a previous librarian, and realises that he must be the hero the station deserves against this exotic threat - The Owl. He bungles along whilst the staff bands together to avoid being exploded and stop further explosions as the exploder goes full Bond villain, but ultimately The Owl deals the final blow that sends his target to the clink with an "I'll be baaaaack~!". Much like James Bond meets Batman meets The Mask. Mostly played for laughs.
File: What Is Love.jpg (115 KB, 876x883)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Episode 7 - breather episode. Soap opera parody involving pathologic behaviour of some (read: most) of the crew, including their ridiculous compulsion to break through the dormitory walls to catch people in the act... of sleeping, reading ludicrously bad and childhood-offending pornography over the radio, and randomly beating each other with toolboxes. Subplot is a cult of three people in the derelict chapel, in which there is only one competent person; when their raid goes stationside, they are quelled single-handedly by the soft-spoken chaplain who's been reading religious passages to churchgoers all episode, and who, bloodsplattered and still wielding the shaking null rod in his hand, returns to his table, smiles, and continues his sermon as the episode ends. Much like Sealab, actually. Played for laughs.

Episode 8 - the nations episode. After a fight over who gets the last slice of meatbread breaks out, the Research Director and Head of Personnel declare their departments to be independents at war with each other, and with some misunderstandings the others follow suit in various states of hostility. Shortly afterwards, the captain locks all the heads into the meeting room to argue and discuss it, but outside their departments' seconds, assigned or otherwise, make decisions with varying degrees of sanity in the war against the other departments, including getting tooled up and cutting murderholes in their corridors, offering amnesty for defectors, building metal fortifications and walls in their departments, and cutting off the food supplies for the rest of the station. Much like Dr. Strangelove, and by extension many Cold War thrillers. Mostly played for laughs.
Episode 9 - the clown accidentally releases Pierrot's Throat, but it's quickly contained and cured. Nanotrasen isn't convinced, and sends a Deathsquad armed with mechs to eliminate all "carriers". End result is that the station's citizens rush to mining and robotics in droves, to counter them the only way they can think of - using giant exosuits themselves, including some strange models (PHAZON, SERAPH and HONK) they find abandoned in a xenomorph-pocked hippie colony on the mining asteroid for some reason. These, along with a RIPLEY, an ODDYSEUS, a GYGAX and a DURAND cobbled together by the understaffed and distressed robotics crew, fight the squad of Maulers and Marauders, led by a unique blue mech with actuators mounted with guns on one arm and a series of metallic tentacles wielding a small army's worth of light munitions as the other (NAUTILUS). Much like Gundam. Played mostly for sheer action.

Episode 10 - the final episode. A closeup of a piano. The mime appears in an internals mask, quietly pulls up a stool, sits down and plinks away at the opening of Mad World, and stops completely before the main melody, the last note ringing out for a few seconds against the nearly-silent hum of the station. The camera pans back to reveal that he is in the bar, and the bar is floating by itself in a broken void, with the air alarm quietly ticking over from orange to red. After the title sequence, we cut back to an hour before and see the mime getting dressed - applying makeup instead of a mask, putting on his striped longsleeve and red suspenders, striding out into the world. We also see a nuclear squad preparing to make a bluespace jump to station space, as the station's various familiar faces go about their jobs with varying degrees of enthusiasm.
The first attack is a bombing, which alerts the entire crew, and it's a desperate struggle between a faceless, competent enemy that wears the crew down to nearly nothing and loses its numbers only to acts of desperation and martyrdom - dive-tackling people into teleporters to float forever in the depths of space, fist-fighting in failing magboots of the side of the station near the containment grid for the singularity, and eventually crawling across the floor to find the "explode all Syndicate bombs" button, saying a witty one-liner, and slamming it just in time to save the cornered mime from the only operative left.
File: SS13 Space - Small.png (2 KB, 95x95)
2 KB
With the station bombed to pieces and bisected by the fleeing singularity, we see the opening sequence with the doomed mime once more - only this time, the silent images of the ghosts of crewmembers sail past, in various states of alarm (mostly the angry, red ghosts of the operatives, as the crew seems oddly tranquil in death); and when the mime stops, it's because a translucent hand has been placed on his shoulder by his deceased saviour. When the mime (unsure, but unseeing) continues to play the song, a faint voice grows to sing the lyrics, becoming stronger over time - and during this sequence, the ghosts of the crew, with reluctance or delight, coalesce into a shining, indisinct humanoid shape, which floats gently past the bar, past the AI core, through the remains of the bridge and into a damaged sterilisation pod in EVA, where it miraculously opens the pod to let the spacesuit and helmet float free, and with a nudge sends them floating serenely to the bar, where the mime notices them, stands, dons them whilst he shivers in the cold, and launches himself towards the escape shuttle port just in time to catch the idling shuttle as it jumps in. The music keeps on playing, and the lyrics are still sung, as the omnighost watching shuttle dissipates into nothing; the final shot is of the piano as the song draws to a close - the last ghost, the one who saved the mime from the operative, is playing the piano and singing the words, fading into nothing as the song stops.

Hopefully, there'll be nothing like it.

Shit, this only took about half an hour to type - why's it about 10,000 characters long?
Because you wrote fast.
Stupid virologist didn't want to accept Nurgle as his Lord and savior!
Some cap this shit for posterity. I'm working on classwork.
File: Spoiler Image (218 KB, 1060x404)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
Somebody ask for more fee- I mean songs?

Fucking excellent, though obligatory post.
Alas, I joined literally days after the last known sighting/final banning of Cuban Pete.
File: srsly.jpg (66 KB, 542x542)
66 KB
>try SS13
>play as chemist
>look online and ask OOC and IC for Space Drugs recipes
>ohohoo you must learn the Noble and Secret Chemist Ways and be Respected as a SS13 Namefag in order to learn these seekrit recipes for harmless hallucinogens
>instakill griefing recipes simplest tasks in the game
>literally the gayest userbase on the planet
So how'd the overnight test go?
Somewhat like learning how to rewrite the AI laws or filling the station with plasma, the finer things in ss13 happen when you stop focusing on easily attainable ways to fuck up the station.

actually do your job
Maybe if fags didn't deliberately obfuscate non-griefy but interesting role-playing tools, people new to the game would invest in those instead of the various, easy and readily avaliable ways to fuck up the station.

This wouldn't even require admins intelligent enough to manage griefers without useless IP bans, even if it would help.

I'm baffled by the notion of a troll getting a "final ban", and have to assume everyone who played this game in the "old days" was some kind of moron.
Is a new round gonna be starting any time soon?
File: ftl05.jpg (99 KB, 1200x405)
99 KB
As the man that became head coder after TLE opensourced his work and vanished, I wish you all luck in your attempt to recreate the good days. Perhaps one day when one of the endless remakes actually happens, I'll give SS13 another try, but as long as it's shackled to BYOND, there isn't going to be nearly enough change to revive my spark of interest.

Stay robust, and don't let faggotry overwhelm you as it did /tg/station the first.
and now they're all
how can you loot a dead body?
You can loot any body (or pretty much any container, for that matter) whether alive or dead by clicking and dragging your cursor from their corpse/living body body/the container over your character and releasing the mouse button while you are right next to whatever you're rummaging through. This will cause another item menu to pop up displaying what the person currently has, or what is in the container. You can then attempt to remove the items from a player which will take a few seconds per item, or take an item out of a container which happens instantly. You won't be able to take an item out of a container while it is in another container, though. Still, having a box of tools and small items in the backpack can be useful as hell if people aren't getting on your shit constantly for metagaming because of it.
extra body

more kav space-tunes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qT0iQRjHbW4
/tg/ getting shit done is what caused the problems in the first place, because we're essentially a hydra with as many minds as heads, and nothing coherent came of it.

At this stage the best thing to do would be restart the codebase from r4407 and carefully add in newer components with none of the /tg/station coders involved since it's harder to cull the shitty ones that it is to start fresh.
Thanks. You made me a better Chef.
>revert all the way to r4407
That there is some crazy talk, unless you intend to go through the /tg/station code and pull out the bits worth salvaging, and even then there's probably been enough changes to the underlying structure that it's more trouble than it's worth.
There's also this:
Even though I've played for years and had almost-complete knowledge of all jobs at the time, I still learned a bunch of new shit from checking updated wikis and pastebin documents. As it stands there's still a lot of shit to learn but once you get around to being able to apply the knowledge ingame, the real fun begins. Just make sure the knowledge you're applying isn't "how to make bombs" during a nonantag round. A few years back you could probably get away with blowing up the entire spacestation with admins online after setting your hard work at key locations during a boringslow nonantag round. Nowadays you'll probably end up perma'd for heating gas in the manner required for making them as nonantag. So much for "emergency path-clearing and last-resort exterminatus devices"
The thing is there's really /only/ bits worth salvaging, most of the stuff they've added has been ultimately detrimental.

A few things off the top of my head:

-UI fuckery
-most of the map changes
-basically everything Errorage ever committed
-a fuckton of other smaller things that I don't recall specifics on since it's been a while

Now, there's good stuff(NTSL, R&D, surgery, the newer singularity mechanics, much of the mob coding), and most of the sprite changes have been good, but it'd be easier to add bits in, and you don't get the cruft that way.
File: 273471243.jpg (65 KB, 640x482)
65 KB
w-will there be aliums?
Good question, and I'm tempted to go with yes, but not in any way that's admin-triggerable because fuck ERP and admin-bus shit.
Also if death squad-level gear is distributed for alien threats (if it exists at all, shit's a little broken so I wouldn't mind if it didn't) , it should also be untriggerable by admins for alien rounds, but trigger whenever the crew reaches a certain number of crewmember losses, the aliens plasma/wall X amount of areas, have X number of other adult aliens, have X number of facehuggers, or really any combination of factors chosen by whoever is running the server. The difficulty would lie more in testing and finding the best time and variables to use to determine when it's best to give the crew shit without completely exterminating a bunch of baby xenos early or getting exterminated due to lack of gear. I'm also feeling like combat mechs should be used sparingly in aliens early, but at the same time, I've been in competent alien groups where we had 3 hunters taking down fully-armed gygaxes and whatever other shit they had. We did have a shitload of plasma down, though.
Eh, if you're willing to put the effort in to try, more power to you, but I can tell you right now that going all the way back to r4407 you're going to run into a /lot/ of little and not so little things that /tg/ changed for the better.

Here's a freebie that I can recall off the top of my head:
r4407 has a tabbing error in the combat code that makes hits to the groin do nothing unless it gets the 33% chance to cause bloodstains. We figured that one out when my overhaul to how armor worked accidentally spread the bug to chest hits.
It's quirks like that that made the game as interesting as it was, though. /tg/station planed everything away, made too many things /work/, SS13 is more interesting when everything's broken.
>lost all my sprites in a HDD crash
>nuke mode will never be good
there are a lot of books in the libary about them..

half of em is porn
Oh yeah, purging the library database might be a good idea as well.
There is a difference between the station being broken and the /game itself/ being broken. I am all for a floating disaster in space, but it should be intentional, not from coding mistakes.
File: 1349615493655.png (168 KB, 890x502)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
The good old days are lost like tears in the rain. I really doubt that anyone could successfully revive the game in its old state with a stable, large playerbase.

I'd be really, really pleasantly surprised if so though...
Oh I know about the lusty xeno maid, I know woody's got wood as much as it pains me to know
More often than not the most appropriate course of action every round is to burn the library down. Unless the server actually manages to start a fresh library and fill the library with nothing but spessmin adventures of space-deceit and high-piratry. If only.
>There is a difference between the station being broken and the /game itself/ being broken
I'm not so sure that's the case.
some other guy here, it is or should always be the case.
Is it up? I'm putting in the IP but nothing's happening.
Just cycled.
is the first ip in the thread still correct?
hey, can you post your system specs and connection speed? I'm just curious as to what you're running this on.
Interested admin Anon here.

If you're still around, I too was sick of the way /tg/station went and was gonna start my own server. I'd be more than happy to help see this stay a viable choice for the gentleman player.

If you wanna chat more to gauge my worth my skype is Mr_Mister
I was actually trying to read the books. And it worked.Untill the space-murder-hobos blew up the station
Wasn't me. I usually hit the bar and chapel with explosives first as nobody goes into the library. You should've had enough o2 to wait out the shuttle timer in the library after they inevitably call it due to the majority of the station being not there anymore. That coupled with internals and a warm suit would keep you up. The walls sometimes catch stray explosion tiles depending on bomb placement, breaking them and leaving other rooms to drop to freezing temperatures and run out of air. In that case the o2 in the room would run out in under a minute. It's amazing how versatile they can be if you are locker-sneaky or place them in maintenance/side rooms and contain their explosion radius so it looks like the bomb didn't come from science.
IP is still correct.
Being run on a goddamn laptop.
2nd Gen i7 @ 2.2ghz w/ 3.0ghz turbo
GeForce 555M 1GB
SSD for the OS and a few programs
1tb HDD for everything else

Connection is variable, max 5mb/s DL, 3mb/s UL on average. Certain things can get up to 15mb/s D, 10mb/s U.
has the server crashed whenever science has made and blown up a bomb?
I blow shit up for funsies all the time, server gets laggy until round cycle.
That and your flamethrower obsession.
hey guys I tried logging in but I have this problem. My BYOND screen has this indent in the side of it and it completely fucks up my ability to interact with stuff. I'm always like a half-inch off. I can kind of work with it, but to be anything close to useful or (dare I say) robust I need to have my screen back. Has anyone else had this problem?
>that pic
Goddamn that is some gold artwork. Took me a second to even figure out what it was meant to be but goddamn I love it!
That picture already appeared earlier in the thread, tho...
Indent? I'm not sure what you mean. I *do* know that SS13 likes to fuck up if the actual game screen isn't an exact square, however.
Hint: Click on the 'Icons' dropdown menu, select 32x32. Sprite stretching looks like shit,so does 64x64 since the sprites aren't detailed for it.
>not understanding what the problems this brings
I'll put it simply. Circlejerks, hugboxes, metagaming. They're all the same thing. And that's what downed the first /tg/station, as little cliques formed within even coderbus.

You can have your shit station that allows it. In fact, it already exists! Baystation is surely going to welcome you with open arms.
Good fucking luck. /tg/ is a cesspit and has been for almost a year now when tumblrfags came in droves to make it a shitty hugbox and drown out anything that wasn't a namefag circlejerk or a quest thread. Hell, I only found out that this is happening because someone linked the general to it.
What codebase are you running currently?
>because someone linked the general to it
[cautious optimism]
[actual pessimistic fear]
/tg/code, baycode /vg/code or gooncode?
At the moment, there's several different branches of SS13 code that have gone their separate directions. There's 3 main open-source projects under active development, and you can use whichever you like freely (no permission or credit necessary, though it's the courteous thing to do).

The old /tg/ servers are still alive, in name if not in spirit, and they operate a code project. It's still run by what's known as "coderbus", though some members have left or been forced out.
A couple weeks ago, Errorage was finally forced to give up the forums, and they've moved to a new website.
Also, just this month a group of coders split off from the old Coderbus and are cultivating their own branch, called "NTstation".

Baystation is another main branch. They've shared quite a lot of code with /tg/ in the past, but many basic systems are completely different.
They're pretty much the same as they've always been. Not much change, not much upheaval.

/vg/ is the smallest and newest of the three. They share code with both servers, but are largely incompatible as well. They benefit from eagerness and productivity, since they're not held down by all the baggage that /tg/'s coderbus has accumulated over the years.

There's a variety of minor differences, and you may want to try each before settling on one.
They can all be found on Github.
Pretty sure it's /tg/code.

>Be first round
>Be playin with bro, also first round
>Read that Cargo is a good job
>Both be Cargo
>Quartermaster is all "do your job"
>We both don't understand anything
>He fucks off to go do antag things
>We're alone and confused, can't figure out internals
>And then the one forms
>5 people
>Sec, Robot dude, Chemist, Engineer and a Clown
>They want their shit, and they want it yesterday
>"Uh, o-okay. Uh. How do?"
>Read the wiki
>Can't understand it
>Figure out how to hold things
>Try to mail my radio
>Friend smacks stuff with a mail order
>I end up assaulting him
>Line has grown larger and angrier
>Friend succeds and accidentally orders a crate
>wrong crate
>QM orders the right one
>Didn't realize crate was for other people
>Steal everything in it
>QM comes back
What was your IRC nick? I don't remember who took over coding after TLE quit.
I wasn't actually officially a head coder until much later when we decided we need to try and organize the codermonkeys, but I was the guy with the keys to the codebase, so I basically was.
yeah, I remember you, you were one of the good ones.

I was one of the ones who showed up when we were still on the original released goon code. Frollo, if you remember that name.

As shitty and bug-ridden as that codebase was, I'd still play on it before the new one. Too much shit was added anyways.
How many fucking websites does /tg/station HAVE?
File: nuke_panel.png (23 KB, 512x515)
23 KB
I'd love to see something like >>31809431 except nothing but bugfixes and maybe sprites, would be a helluva lot better than the current state of Erro-shit.

>quit SS13 when the UI got raped
>lose HDD with all my sprites on it last year
>log into ancient mediafire account today
>most of the sprites that I never got ingame are still there
>I still have the nukemode re-design doc

Time to find out if I still remember how the fuck DMcode works.
/tg/code confirmed
God bless you brave soldier. Keep us posted.

>average ss13 chef.avi
I was the assistant turned fiesta-captain in that game. AI, I love you.
Is the server still up?
It's 4:30am here, so no.

This ain't no dedicated box.
Best come online soon.

Tried playing another server and got a ban warning just cos I welded a guy in a locker. I was the clown. It was hilarious.

Also escaped from shitcurity, the cornered me in the showers, I threw down my PDA, the guy slipped and dropped his cuffs so I put them on him. They got me but that guy had to stand and watch while I honked at him.
Gods, is clown never not the bonus antagonist?
Everyone is always the bonus antagonist.
My first run as the clown had me setting up a book signing for my famous novel "30,000 Honks under the Sea"

Everyone came and got a copy
I can never figure out how to actually get a blank line into a book. The ones I write always turn out as crowded messes.
Check the /tg/ ss13 wiki, it has an entire section on writing and what not. Good for setting up forms, writing books, etc.

I once got a restraining order because a medical officer would not stop following me around
>Best come online soon
>Admin is habitually catatonic from 4am to 2pm
I'm so sorry...

Server'll be up, y'all will have to police yourselves and make use of the vote reset/mode change today. I've got things to do.
I find it hilarious that I can give players diseases at will. I'm also allowed to gib them, make them explode with any amount of boom, and put things in their pockets.
Stop being a turrist, astv. You "have things to do," remember?

Captcha: entgod himself
How can i speak over my radio?
Either use Say ";[text]" with a radio in your hand/pocket. Or turn the radio mic on.

If you're using hotkey mode (TAB), hit T then ; and type your message as normal.
"Things" sounds better than chores and doctor appointments, dunnit?

Just keep your emotions in check when adminning. Adminbus is fine from time to time (As long as you don't outright gib for no raisin.)
Nobody is online, this one is sad.
Too true.

What's the player counts/game refresh like now? I'm gonna drop in after work.

Also, I'm
If you're interested in gettin another admin. I'm on and off the computer with uni/work constantly, but with byond being such a small footprint I could have my laptop with me almost always. Bonus is I'm aussie so (I'm assuming) we'd be awake at different times.
>Playing miner
>Only one on station
>Oh well I like playing the lonely miner
>All alone on mining asteroid kill a facehugger and get a fuck tonne of materials
>Radio has been oddly silent
>Take mined stuff back to main station
>Walk into Cargo
>weird symbol on floor and some shady guys butchering the cargo workers and QM
>They all look at me, I look back
>Shrug drop minerals and go back to mining the asteroid, I'm paid to mine not ask questions.
>Main station explodes 5 minutes later
>Continue mining until I run out of oxygen.

Just another day on SS13
Bump for people.

No fun in being the Uberclown with nobody to rule over.
clown is kill
Why does there never seem to be an AI?
The AI is there sometimes, but powers down within a few minutes into the round. Must be the lack of action which is normal in relatively new/small servers while they are growing.
If (or when) we get a good size playerbase to the point where we go dedicated, I'll definitely take you up on your offer.

Speaking of dedicated. I have a thought.

IF I can cobble a shit-tier dedicated box (not like SS13 is a fukhueg resource whore), I'll try to make the server more visible to the public and encourage you all to do the same. That said, super challenge mode: functional dedi box for $150 in parts (I've things like a mobo, decent dual core intel, and such lying around). Go.
Admin-interested Anon here, anytime man; I love this is idea (and was gonna do the same myself) so I'm all ears on helping.

As for a dedibox, what do you have so far? Size of mobo? Ram slots? If it's just running SS13 Server than the thing can be budget as fuark. Let's see, no gpu needed, about a 500w psu? 2G ram? Maybe 4? Case depends on mobo size. That's all I can think of, maybe a cpu cooler if you haven't got an old one laying around with you dual core. And about a 8GB HDD (or SSD if your willing to shill)

Any objections?
>(not like SS13 is a fukhueg resource whore)
Oh boy, you have no idea what you're getting into, do you?
What is your least favorite mode? For me, it has to be Rev. Either the heads metagame like hell and win early, or nobody ever bothers to report suspicious behavior and it takes a full three hours for the clown to slip the last head by the cargo bay in front of a bunch of revved Engineers who took their helmets off for whatever reason.
I've some 3-4 gigs of compatible RAM about, and a spare shitty HDD wouldn't be a problem. Only thing I need is a CPU fan that doesn't inhale dick and exhale hot air.
One thing to keep in mind: you NEED a good connection to host SS13, since byond's netcode is utter shit and takes hueg i/o.

RAM is not an issue. Uses very low memory.

CPU is. Long story short, this code was written by fuckwits.
Expect to shit brix when you see the CPU usage and temp.
(especially if you start more than 10 people on at once).

Also, it's unstable on linux and i wouldn't recommend trying.

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