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Love, the feeling born from being near your precious Sempai.

Love, the cause of your unhealthy obsession with Sempai.

Love, the noble goal that one day you will share with him.

Love, the key that will allow you to make a happy ending!

Love, what will make him one day notice you!

You are a summoner, a noble mage who has been entrusted by the Great King of Magic with his 72 Keys, each with the power to summon a powerful demon.

With them the king had restored the temple in a mere three days and with them you could even destroy cities and countries.

But you are so, you are also a maiden in love, and today you feel will be a key moment in your war to get Sempai to notice you!

These are the chronicles of your struggle for true love!

The chronicles of Summoner Sacchin!

Save Sempai in the name of true love!

>Your Objective is to survive and obtain the love of your Sempai… remember that! This is your opportunity to be a maiden madly in love!

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Nanoha%20FORCE%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BelkanSniper
File: Isn't it sad.jpg (102 KB, 400x353)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
You are Samantha, a proud and cute servant of the greatest king of the ancient times, gifted with the power to call upon his greatest servants, the 72 Pillars of Hell.

Sadly no one gave you the respect your position demanded… they even gave you a nickname, Sacchin!

But today they probably should start calling you Sadend Sacchin!


Because you ran over your hot (yes you have to say this) Sempai with a tank.

In your defense, driving a tank is not as easy as those girls in the panzerkraft classes make it look like.

Still your sempai in his cool black armor is now unconscious in the street, your tank is crashed and you feel that you probably should not stay in the open.

You feel like you want to cry right now… Sempai will never like you at this rate.

Still you need to do something. Sempai depends on you! Put your brave face girl!

Ronove, the Marquis of Hell and ruler of the Departed is still with you, and you have enough magic to try to summon something else.

What do you do? Ronove is currently holding Sempai…

>Get into a nearby building, you must tend to Sempai!
>Check Sempai’s injuries (also check everything else as a reward for you)
>Get in the tank, you must give driving it another try.
>Run back to the Southern Section, you have to get back to the TSAB!
>Run more into the Western area.
>Try to make way to the Northern area, a moment ago a bright flash appeared there.
>Summon Valefor? Dragon Airship that hunt from the sky!
>Summon Eligor, his knowledge of war will guide your actions.
>Summon Vepar, s/he can heal Sempai

>Put Senpai in the tank. We must protect Senpai!
>Check Sempai’s injuries (also check everything else as a reward for you)
Run a 3xd100, let's see how well you can concentrate to check on Sempai.
DC is 20/40/60, blame Sempai, he is cool.

Also Happiness Level: 40%, if you let it fall into 0%, Sacchin will be sad!
Rolled 18

Blinded by Senpai's coolness?
Such a hard life Sacchin leads.
Okay fine, she will be blinded by lewd thoughts about Sempai.
Sadly, you rolled a 18, so Sacchin will remain a pure girl who does no think about what she can do with Sempai.
File: Ronove 2.jpg (7 KB, 180x280)
7 KB
“Ronove, help me get Sempai in the tank.” Using the tool of murder to save the victim, you guess that in this world there is some irony. Still while you keep watch so none of those zombie-monsters-things-that-look-like-humans-but-are-not get near, your faithful friend and summon gets your Sempai inside the tank!

“Young Lady, I have to say that your knight in black armor is now safe inside, so please come in!” Without thinking it twice, you go down the hatch and enter the armored belly of your Sempai-killing tank.

Inside there is barely enough space to lay him down, but somehow Ronove manages to get him comfortably on the metal deck of the tank. With some luck you get him out of his black armor, and start checking his body.

It takes everything you have to not drool over Sempai, but somehow you manage to check him without incident. He appears to be fine, his armor took most of the damage for his encounter with the tank, and all he has now are some minor bruises all over the body, nothing a quick healing spell won’t cure.
Thankfully, you think that he did not receive any damage to his head, but the blow probably knocked him down.

You are not a medical expert (and neither is Ronove), but you feel that you could wake Sempai up.

What do you do?
>Check the tank, can you still get it to work?
>Wake Sempai up!
>Ask Ronove for advice?
>Summon Eligor, he could teach you to drive a tank. No more runovers!
>Summon Vepar, heal sempai?
>Use the radio? Can you call someone?
>Stare lovingly at sempai, you need to understand him some more,... why is he a Black Knight now?

>Summon Vepar, heal sempai?
>Stare lovingly at sempai, you need to understand him some more,... why is he a Black Knight now?

Sacchin side quest really are the best.
Sacchin only has enough mana for a single summon (until she recovers her energies), are you sure you want to do it right now?
Eh, I know, I know. You're right.

So, umm.
>Wake Sempai up!

We'll do it without magic.
Well if you want to summon, you can, I just must ask you again because you won't be able to summon for the rest of the day/unless you get more mana/recharge somehow.
Not without Senpai's consent.

and yeah, not summoning is fine.
Mana Recharge...hue, anon this is not Nasu.

Well, before I start writting, do you want to tell him anything or do something special while you wake him up?
Use love capture tactic #12

Lap Pillow!
Rolled 12

Very well, writing.

>Tactic #12
>Rolled 12

It's a sign! Sacchin X Senpai has been endorsed by the Dice Gods.
File: Sempai Being Cool.jpg (58 KB, 600x526)
58 KB
You don’t have much time to waste, so it is time to use Love Tactic #12, Kaiser Weekly said that the Kaiser (your king’s great enemy) herself liked to do this with her lover.
Maybe it is time to use their tactics.

With great care you lay Sempai’s head on your laps, as your hands finds its way to his face.

How strange, you knew Sempai was special, but you never expected him to be some heroic black knight who went around fighting zombie to save people.

Sempai is so cool, and his face is really soft. Your right hand follows the contours of his face, memorizing how it is shaped. This is the shape of the man you like, the person you have been chasing for such a long time…

You oddly feel happy.

HL: 40->55%

But suddenly, he opens “You…” He looks lost. Now it is the time to strike, you have to attack fast!

Go, Go Sacchin!

>Greet the Sempai?

"You shouldn't move right away, Senpai. Are you feeling alright?"

Sacchin is such a bold girl.
Rolled 43

Right, time for some Sempai!
File: Sempai Knife Guard.jpg (61 KB, 600x629)
61 KB
Sempai is looking around confusedly, he is probably a bit lost about the situation. It’s your job to help him now, “You shouldn’t move right away, Sempai. Are you feeling alright?” You caress his cheek with your hand that is resting on his face. Maybe that will calm him down?

That only works for a few seconds, you only get a few moments of loving time before Sempai recovers enough, “Sa…” recognizing who you are, Sempai jumps up, twisting in the air while landing on the far corner of the cramped tank, away from you or Ronove.

He flashes a red knife at you, while holding his left hand over his face! “You… you saw it, didn’t you, you saw my face?” You feel his body tense, and Ronove is preparing to act.

Why Sempai, did he hate your lap pillow that much?

You have to turn this around!
>Tell him you know he is Sempai! Nothing will change!
>Promise him that you won’t tell anyone that he is a superhero, his secrets can rest with you!
>Walk to him and hug him, he needs some love right now.
>Ask Ronove to calm him down. Sometimes you have to hurt those you care for.
>Tell Sempai that you love him, maybe he will stop if he knows.
>Do nothing, you know Sempai will not hurt you. He is a good person after all.
>>Tell him you know he is Sempai! Nothing will change!

>>Tell him you know he is Sempai! Nothing will change!
>Walk to him and hug him, he needs some love right now.

Arms our wide and talking in our most soothing voice.
Roll me a CHAR Roll, 3x d100
DC is 30, those who find out about the Black Knight must die!
Rolled 8

Rolled 27


Please don't kill Sacchin, Senpai!
Our hearts wouldn't be able to take it.

And we prove for once and for all that love can bloom on a battlefield.
Go Go Sacchin!

I'm just... gonna have to leave this thread alone until you stop writing a Shiki Tohno proxy like some kind of dumb warrior and not a surprisingly intelligent close in surprise attack assassin.
>Shiki Tohno proxy

Except it's not Shiki at all.
It's Not!Bezerker Lancelot.
Dumb Warrior? I am not sure where you got that from, but right now he did not have much of a choice to go sneaking around.

Can you explain why you think that way?
Well, when he was on the ground being caressed by Sacchin, he was in an optimal position for a surprise attack. Instead of lying still, calming down and getting a handle on the situation, he freaked out, showed off his surprising ability to move quickly in a way that moved him outside of attack range, and let his potential target/friend see him bring out his weapon, thus rendering nonexistent his ability to actually take them off guard with these.

Surprise attacks aren't all just sneaking around and stabbing someone in the back, as Shiki demonstrated multiple times in Tsukihime.
File: Sempai Knife 3.jpg (6 KB, 220x229)
6 KB
“It’s simple really, you are Sempai, so there is nothing to worry about. Even if you go around in a black armor saving people, nothing will change about us!” There, this is the most important thing! A relationship is about two people understanding each other and loving each other.

That is why for now you will accept your Sempai, even his strange fetish to go around dressed like some black knight of legend.

But sempai only smiles sadly, “You idiot…” You think he wants to say something else, but he stops, and the air changes. “I’m sorry, I wish we didn’t have to met tonight.” With that Sempai takes a step… and you die.

No, it’s more like you are as good as dead, because there is nothing you can do to stop him.

In a single step, Sempai appears before you, bypassing Ronove and swings his knife.

The technique is matchless, the technique is perfect, and even now you can only think how Sempai is moving so perfectly.

Like he had been born to kill you.

The result is obvious, the result should be obvious there is no way you can stop him right now, and Ronove is not fast enough to stop Sempai.

But even so, you don’t die. Even though you should be dead right now, you are still living. Even though that knife should have separated your head from your body, you are still alive.

Even though by all rights he could have ended you, Sempai’s knife stops mere inches from your neck.

>He didn’t want to do this, he was not born to kill like this. Even if he has to betray his oath, he wanted to…

You don’t know why he did it, but you take the opportunity! You tackle Sempai and wrap around him in a hug, as you burry your head in his chest, “Sempai please stop.”

File: Samantha.jpg (14 KB, 186x271)
14 KB

Sempai stops, his arms fall to his side, but you ignore that, right now you hold him tightly.

The tank is silent for a few moments, until Sempai separates from you enough to use one of his hands to raise your head until your eyes meet. “It’s fine… I won’t hurt you. I’m sorry about this.”

Sempai is smiling sadly, as he pats your head.

>In the life is...

>That is why you won't hurt this girl.

What do you do?
>Hug him some more.
>Ask him to put the knife away
>Ask him about the zombie monsters
>Ask him about the whole armor thing
>Ask him if he is fine.
>Ask him to smile some more!
Well, here is the thing, in that scene you guys had a good roll/Sempai had a bad one, so Sempai before he woke up noticed who you were... and stopped from inst-attacking Sacchin.

Killing her is not something that would be hard for him, but like Shiki, Sempai considers life to be precious too, so he does not want to kill an innocent girl like her.
>Ask him about the zombie monsters
>Ask Senpai where he wants to go, we have a tank and junk.
>Ask him about the zombie monsters

>Offering rides in a tank you cant drive
Will take a break, need to eat!
Back... also writing.
Being so near Sempai, you feel that you have to help him, give him the world. In this moment you would give him anything.

You even consider offering him to take him anywhere he wants to go in the tank.

But then you remember that you don’t know how to drive the stupid thing.

'Plus you shouldn't go gaga over Sempai like that, you have to make him respect you!'

And as your dream crashes down you start to think 'no Sacchin, you have to concentrate, you have to think of the situation at hand.'

“Sempai, about the zombies, I mean, the monsters, do you know what are they? Why are they attacking the city?”

Sempai takes a moment to think before he answers, “They… they are… just think of them as monsters. To be honest, they don’t matter too much, just concentrate on getting somewhere safe.” Somehow you feel Sempai knows something more about them, but at this point you feel that if you asked him Sempai might change his mind about you and his knife.

Well not really, Sempai would never do something like that.


Still somewhere safe?

Where should you go?
>Northern Sector, that Bright Flash means there is someone there!
>Southern Sector, the TSAB is there right?
>Eastern Sector, if we go underground…
>Stay West, we can find shelter here.
>Stay there, call for help

How will you get there…
>Walk, you can sneak better that way.
>Offer to drive the tank
>Summon Valefor, supersonic dragon bus time!
>Ask Sempai to carry you! Roof Jumping Time!
>Ask Sempai to drive the tank. He probably can do it, right?

>>Southern Sector, the TSAB is there right?
>Offer to drive the tank, with Ronove helping you'll surely succeed

Agh, scratch that. Stay West. Find shelter.
File: Liberty City.png (22 KB, 494x570)
22 KB
Right now you are in the wall that divides the West and Southern Sectors a bit below that blue X, so you can get to the TSAB zone somewhat easier.

Alright, flipped a coin.

South we go!
Well will wait for another vote, we have to be fair about this.
Rolled 59, 76, 2 = 137

Well I guess we don't have another vote, writing.
File: Armor Monk Beast!.png (243 KB, 300x442)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
“Sempai, we should go south, the TSAB base should be around there, and we have my tank.” Yes, yes with this tank nothing can’t stop you from showing Sempai how cool you are!

“The TSAB main forces… yes that might not be a bad idea, let’s go there.” After a moment it appears that Sempai likes the idea, and with Ronove’s help you start to drive your tank.

You still can’t say that you are a great driver now but compared to how it went last time, you feel that at least you have improved. Maybe being near Sempai and Ronove is helping you concentrate better!

While your handling is not stellar, you manage to avoid crashing with buildings and surprisingly avoid meeting any monsters for the first two blocks.

Until the tanks detects an incoming object!

From the sky lands a monster, a man covered in dark metal with a black book with a silver cross floating behind him. He had two thick bracers on each arm, massive weapons fitting for a monk rather than a monster like this one.

This is nothing more than a beast, a monster shackled by the black armor that covers it!

Quickly Sempai pulls the tank to the side, hiding it behind a building, as Ronove and you continue to observe this thing.

“Wrryyyy,” The bestial creature, for such a thing can never be considered a man, thrashes around the area. Attacking buildings and bringing them down with no rhyme or reason. Is it looking for someone?

At this point you don’t care that much, but at the rate he is going, your tank won’t be hidden for long and if he finds your tank you know that thing will break it with ease!
File: Sempai Knife 2.jpg (8 KB, 190x265)
8 KB
Wordlessly Sempai walks to the hatch, drawing his knife… is Sempai going to fight that thing? You know Sempai could probably get a sneak attack on that thing, but he was still injured from his close encounter with this tank.

You can’t let him do this, at least you can’t let him fight alone! At the very least you should help him fight! You still have some magic left, if you concentrate you can summon someone!

What do you do?
‘>Let Sempai fight alone, you must save energy to summon again later.
>Ask Ronove and Sempai to fight the monster, you will aid them with the tank.
>Summon someone, we can attack the monster with everything we have!
>Stop Sempai, right now your team should hide!
>Take another route, avoid the enemy!
>Roll out the tank, you have nothing to fear!
>Go out and sneak, you can prepare an ambush!
>Draw attention, maybe someone will come and help you?

>Ask Ronove and Sempai to fight the monster, you will aid them with the tank.
I didn't say anything about Shiki instantly attacking Sacchin, I explicitly stated he wouldn't have moved away from her while getting a mental hold on the situation. Especially in a way that would put her on her guard. He should have just stayed where he was and asked her about it, and then decided what to do.
>>Go out and sneak, you can prepare an ambush!

I'd rather not have the tank get wrecked just yet. Besides, now we get to be a battle couple with Senapi.
Anon, I understand he should have done that, and I agree, but, he is a combat cyborg assassin who had a cute girl touching him, and he freaked out. Unlike Shiki, Black Knight did not spend his teenage years dealing with women, so he is a bit shy about these sort of things. God I did not want to say that, I wanted to preserve some of his mystery

I understand that you feel I should be writing a bit more professionally, and I agree, but this situation is not normal for him, so he erred.

On another note, Shiki wanted to attack Sacchin because he thought he was going to be hacked/attacked/brainwashed, and at that moment that had been a more critical thing to deal with than assessing the situation completely.
That means that you will solo the monster yourself by ambushing him with a summon, are you ready to do that?
Point taken.

I'll go with >>32142331

Staying alive is more important.
You could suggest for the whole team to go and prepare a sneak attack, that is valid.
I'm sleep deprived so I can't think strait.

Voting for team ambush on the EC monster.
So, 1 vote for group sneak attack,

1 for sending the men to fight while you go and show them your skills in panzerkraft

Also, I want to thank you for telling me these things, I wish more people would tell me of the problems they have with what I do.
Rolled 2

1- Sneak
2- Frontal Attack!
Well the dice has talked. let me keep going.
Rolled 82, 50, 15, 32 = 179

You quickly grab sempai’s hand, stopping from leaving alone. “Sempai, don’t go alone, we can all fight together against that thing.”

Sempai hesitates for a moment, before accepting, after you all work out a plan, with no further words both he and Ronove exit the tank and head out. Both Ronove and Sempai are going to take a few minutes to take a good position to attack, and then it would be your turn!

>Give it a go, my lady.

After hearing the words from the Demon you start the tank, driving out from your hiding spot towards the enemy. The black monster roars as the silver book behind it started shinning brighter and brighter! You don’t need to be genius to understand what is happening, this thing is going to attack you!

But the moment a beast attacks, that is the moment it opens it guard! In the instant the black beast was concentrated on you and the tank, Sempai appeared behind it!
With incredible speed Sempai appeared behind the enemy, slicing the silver book into two (stopping the energy attack?) and slicing off an arm from the black monk!

B. Beast Monk HP: 22->14/22, Arm Off!

But that was not all, in perfect coordination, just as Sempai exits the street, Ronove enters the stage, flanking the monster!

“Let me show you the skills of a thousand years old devil!” Binding the beast with his barriers, the devil marquise punches at the human like beast, breaking apart its armor with ease! “Now, let’s end this!” With a single uppercut Ronove sends the monster crashing down the street away from you and the tank!

B. Beast Monk HP:14->6, Armor Down!

File: Linear Tanks.jpg (47 KB, 400x205)
47 KB

The meaty fighter lands at the end of the road with a heavy impact, right now you feel that it probably won’t get up…

No it did, with a roar the monster stood up, even if it had only one arm, even if it had no armor to protect it, this thing had the will to fight!

You felt that at this point it was half dead, but for some reason you felt a shiver inside you. There was something strange going on here…

What do you do?
>Ask Sempai and Ronove to keep at it! Keep away from it!
>Run over it with the tank!
>Distract them while Sempai sneaks an attack!
>Ask Sempai and Ronove to wait, stop it if it attacks!
>Attack from distance, Ask Ronove to finish it!
>Use the tank to scan the area?

>Ask Sempai and Ronove to wait, stop it if it attacks!
>>Use the tank to scan the area?

Sacchin's misfortune senses are tingeing.
Sorry will have to continue next time. Misfortune struck me!

Will Sacchin survive?
Will Senpai find love?
Will Belkan defeat misfortune???

Tune in next time, on Nanoha FORCE Quest!
Okay I will do it right this time!
Sempai in Crisis END
>Lily: A meeting between the sinners who swear to challenge their fate! When a knightly killer and a conqueror cross, a single thread of hope is born! Next time on Nanoha FORCE Quest Part 22.5: Those who face Crisis (I): The Silver Cross Extermination Alliance!
>Only in blood can certain sins be paid.

>You better play next time! *smile*

>Lily: Why do people want to kill Tohma all the time?

Lily: Also if you guys need something, I can answer your questions... the author wants me to do this because he feels that lately I haven't been doing much and the fans need to see me. He said something about service. So... any questions?

So exactly how well can Tohma use his earth magic skills when he powers them with EC instead?

I mean making that big sinkhole wasn't exactly detailed work. Can he still manage to make earth spikes and things like that?
He managed to work his EC system to mimic what he used to do with his Normal Earth Magic. He is kinda remaking his Earth Skills from the Ground Up, but with some more practice he could learn to do everything again.

The method is different but the end goal is the same, as long as it has to do with the earth then Tohma Avenir can do it.

He is trying to homebrew a method to use the EC particles to archive the effects he wants on the soils, he probably needs to experiment with that some more to be able to do the earths spikes and everything he could before. RIght now making sinkholes is all he can really do.

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