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File: exhume.jpg (83 KB, 625x800)
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Had this idea for a campaign the other day. I call it "Exhume". Working title.

>It's the far future. Far enough that humanity has forgotten where it came from.
>Human colonies scattered all over the known universe
>Something terrible happened a few millenia ago.
>All humans died.
>Artificially enhanced humans survived.
>Dead people brought back to life with serious tech (kinda like 40k servitors, but with some memories and can think on their own. pic related)
>A new civilization of undead cyborgs (need name for both cyborgs and the civilization)
>Players are cyborgs travelling the universe, looking for dead colonies.
>When finding dead humans, they get to either resurrect them (but it's costly, so it can only be used on the best), enslave them (turn them into worker slaves) or scrap them for parts.
>Lots of political agendas between internal, rivalling factions
>Quests to find the corpses of important characters from the past
>Alien races who don't want to see humans come back to power
>Explore what made humans die out from the beginning
>Coping with death

What do you think, /tg/? Could this be a fun campaign?
ITT: Feedback, adventure ideas, inspirational pics, lore, whatever you want that can be tied to this campaign idea
File: exhume2.jpg (81 KB, 611x871)
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>Political intrigue with the players trying to smooch up to a higher-caste NPC about resurrecting the body of an infamous pirate to uncover treasure.
>PC on personal goal to find and resurrect his wife, but most memories are gone, and the breadcrumbs to find her are pretty hard to track.
>Human colony on a planet now inhabited by an alien race. PCs need to find a way to get to it either by force, diplomacy or stealth.
File: exhume3.jpg (77 KB, 759x648)
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Maybe there could be different species of humans. Like trying to adapt (before the extermination) and making species of sub-humans with various attributes. Could make the players more varied. Kinda like the ogryn and ratkin in 40k lore.
File: exhume4.jpg (81 KB, 600x600)
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PCs could improve their character from a list of available parts. Example:

>Detachable head, essentially allowing you to scout as a servo-skull.
>Extra limbs (tentacles for everyone)
>Digital memory imaging, allowing what you see and remember to be stored on data drives
>Combat drugs and other stimuli auto-injectors. Could maybe used to improve ability to feel emotion.
>Weapons aplenty.
>Cool artificial organs with weird effects

Possibilities are endless. No thoughts on any of this, /tg/? Should I just stop?
Keep going, I'm intrigued.
File: exhume5.jpg (24 KB, 475x516)
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Alien races fear an uprising of humans, but since the extermination, they leave what remains pretty much alone. Still, some of them still fear them
>Leech-like alien race
>Minimum 12ft (3m+) long
>Usually feeds on whale-like creatures on their home planet
>Communicates by exuding an oil-like liquid into the water around them, other leeches "taste" it and acquire the information
>Their discussions look like a snake pit of huge leeches
>water-filled spaceships
>boarding parties where they fill the enemy ship with fluids and slither aboard
>technologically advanced
>hates the new humans, since the race uses intimidation and fear, but the new cyborg humans isn't as easily affected by that kind of tactics
>sworn enemies
File: exhume6.jpg (88 KB, 457x640)
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>Sub-factions and religions
>Those who believe Humanity was meant to go extinct and that resurrection is a crime against God.
>Those who want to wish to reestablish living Humans as the driving force of the universe through cloning, or looking for living humans somewhere in the outer rims
>Those who believe Humanity is unnecessary, and that what is left might as well completely be turned into machines. The flesh is weak.
>Those who believe the soul is stronger than the body. Weird psychic experimentation cult.
>Those who believe Humans are a slave race and should be servants to others. They pretty much sabotage for themselves and are looking for punishment from outside. False flag operations to provoke invasion.

Lots of options!
File: exhume7.jpg (101 KB, 466x624)
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101 KB JPG
>Caste or class-based society
>Warriors. Engineered to take punishment and dish out the pain. Also educated in law and morality, but with a strict code of conduct. Judge Dredd meets Space Samurai
>Scientists. Resurrected geniuses. High class, admired and held to an insane standard. Basically nobility, judged on what they contribute or have contributed. Theorists, philosophers and nobles.
>Administrators and record keepers. Information laborers, assistants, keepers of information infrastructure. Walking encyclopedias. Practical tech guys.
>Slaves. Either completely mindless or low-function, high-muscle laborer.

Feel free to add or suggest more. I'm just spit-balling here.
File: exhume8.jpg (75 KB, 580x310)
75 KB
>God is the random bug in the code.
>No one knows for sure what caused the first humans to be resurrected by machines.
>Theories of it being a failsafe of some kind. Others say it was a pre-programmed response in a medic drones.
>Theologists are basically computer geeks trying to backtrack New Humanity's backlog of data to the origin point
>Quests to recover holy data hubs that are of importance to both scientists and theologists.
>Data cults breaking into labs to destroy heretical evidence that contradicts the idea that resurrection of mankind was an act of God.
File: exhume9.jpg (88 KB, 1600x896)
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>Humans are known for using projectile weaponry, while most alien races use energy based weaponry.
>Human weaponry is looked upon as primitive, but violent and effective
>Alien species frown on human warfare
>Teleportation-based weaponry also popular, basically telefragging enemies
>Shield technology is mostly effective against non-projectile weaponry and the idea of body armor is not popular outside of human warfare.
>Melee weapons are more often than not implants, natural weapons or two-handed weapons that give added range.
File: exhume10.png (805 KB, 600x562)
805 KB
805 KB PNG
>Requisition-based economy. Civilians get certain amounts of requisitions each cycle
>Requisitions based on profession and need.
>Requisition privileges can be traded.
>Soldier-caste gets almost three times the Grade E requisitions (Weaponry/Ammunition) the other castes get.
>Scientists get a lot of all-round requisistions, and can even requisition the service of an Administrator.
>Large-scale requisitions are granted on a case-by-case basis from a jury.
>Supplies necessary to live are always granted.
>Luxury goods are equally limited to everyone, but some castes resolve to trading away some of their requisition privileges for further luxury goods.

I feel like I'm spamming, so I'm gonna wait and see if anyone got some feedback on any of this. If not, well, thanks for letting me vent, /tg/!
yes, please continue. this is intruiging, and i love me some post-humanism.
File: exhume11.jpg (86 KB, 254x381)
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Allright, sure!

>All humans didn't die in their 20s-60s.
>Human children were resurrected as well, or at least those deemed to be geniuses.
>Resurrected children are greatly valued, since they're rare (since there needs to be a good reason to resurrect someone, because of how costly it is), and remind others what Humanity once was
>No matter the age of the resurrected corpse, the new lifespan is hundreds of years. It can be extended with fresh human parts (scavenged from dead colonies) or with regular maintenance.
>All individuals have a legal right to at least 300-400 years of existance. Anything beyond that and they have to perform their own maintenance and find their own spare parts.
>This is out of an economic standpoint, but also because resurrected Humans tend to get a bit kooky after living for so long.
File: exhume12.jpg (287 KB, 1294x1200)
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287 KB JPG
>Most New Humans don't care for love and sex
>Some New Humans of high class and esteem does, however
>Bio-engineered to have hormone injections and pumps of various kinds allows them to feel love and arousal
>Surgery and various grafting allows genitalia with working nerve endings
>Sex cults who try their best to recreate human sexuality and pregnancy
>An impossible task due to toxic living conditions, infertility and the simple fact that an ordinary human just couldn't adapt, no less survive, in the hostile conditions of the New Humans
does the tech-childs continue to age? are these undead still dead with the fleshyparts?
I was thinking they're unaging. Forever children. They're just like their adult counterparts, only smaller, more fragile, and revered
File: fascinating.jpg (29 KB, 400x241)
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File: exhume13.jpg (223 KB, 857x1400)
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223 KB JPG
>Dataverse (working name)
>New Humans all have access to the Dataverse through large stationary hubs. Each individual have their own
>The Dataverse is basically a single program, all knowing, enveloping all information.
>Administrators work day and night with verifying all information being sent to the Dataverse and re-testing all theories already established.
>When accessing the Dataverse, you can basically simulate anything
>Sub-programs are available, with parameters defined by other users. It's basically shortcuts, since the Dataverse is infinitely complex
>The interface is basically a holodeck.
>Without proper access codes, you can't access the Dataverse
>Everything you do in the Dataverse is logged.
>There are rumors of unauthorized users in the Dataverse running unethical simulations from unverified data. Villains! Or...?
>Artificial intelligence exists
>It is basically contained parameters copied from the Dataverse. Extensions of the Dataverse given physical form.
>A.Is are useful tools, and some are given physical form through human bodies who are too ruined for reanimation.
>Physical A.Is are usually used for advanced field work, but they do have some personality, due to the complexity of their programming.
>Some A.Is compensate for their artificiality by over-simulating human emotion and manners, making them seem irrational to some of the more jaded New Humans
>A.Is can reproduce by copying their code (with slight alterations) and implanting it in dead bodies. It mostly happens in defective units who've gone rogue.

Maybe players should be allowed to play as an A.I?
File: exhume14.jpg (690 KB, 561x865)
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690 KB JPG
Forgot the pic. My bad.
File: exhume15.jpg (11 KB, 259x194)
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>Cultural note: Nutrition
>Many New Humans have no sense of taste, and barely a sense of smell
>Those that do often need to use gas masks and rebreather-like apparatus, due to poor living conditions
>Those without a working sense of taste are mostly satisfied with eating nutritional paste and purified water
>Those who still have a sense of taste tend to express themselves through various types of cuisines
>Restaurants are very, very fancy, as they require a higher conditional standard than most other establishments (as to not ruin the sensations by terrible smells or bad air).
>Hence, restaurants are extremely high-class, and to go so far as to have your own kitchen and dining room is seen as extravagant (and wasteful).
>New Humans who have a sense of taste have, at most, 10% the capacity compared to that of living humans. Hence, New Human cuisine is extremely full of taste. It takes taste to the extreme, to make sure it can be tasted at all.
>To have a "favorite taste" is a popular debate among the higher class. Some dress in appropriate colors to express it, as it is seen as reflecting your personality in a way.
File: yesplease.jpg (63 KB, 500x400)
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please, keep going OP.
File: exhume_cerberos.jpg (186 KB, 600x375)
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186 KB JPG
I'd love to. I've been thinking about this way too much anyway.

>High-caste soldier: The Cerberos (working name)
>A title given to proven soldiers of both physical skill and sound mind
>Increased lifespan support by up to 200 years more
>Does not have any sort of magic, despite what the pic looks like (there is no magic)
>Is granted training to allow control of soldier A.Is, essentially giving them the option to single-handedly control a mindless squad of soldiers
>Individual must be intelligent enough to micromanage a group of at least 12 individuals at once, hence why they're few and rare
>A Cerberos is a dangerous adversary, but is rarely personally near danger, as they must stay locked in a Dataverse station to control their squad.
>Kinda works like a Shadowrun Rigger and can be useful for non-combat PCs with high Int, as well as Oracle-like NPCs
>Is highly regarded in society, but frowned upon that they use their advanced intellect for battle instead of scientific prowess
>respected, but snickered at in silence
File: exhume16.jpg (2.05 MB, 3118x1961)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB JPG
>Crime & Punishment
>Due to New Humans being given what they need through requisition, crime is at an all time low
>Crime still exists, murder and violence being highly taboo (unless it's being done towards an alien race or A.I)
>Most common punishment is requisition restriction, followed by surveillance (by soldier A.I) and finally living support withdrawn (forcing them to deal with their own maintenance and spare parts)
>There is no equivalent of execution, but a New Human who is denied maintenance, nutrition and living conditions rarely survive. Basically banishment.
>There are lawless colonies and rogue survivors of New Humans who have managed to make it on their own, but these are rarely discussed or even acknowledged
>People who were proven criminals (violent criminals) before their death are not allowed to be reanimated as New Humans. Such is the Law. Hence why PCs might want to get the records of their loved one erased before getting them reanimated...
File: exhume17.jpg (154 KB, 1200x1470)
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154 KB JPG
>Cultural note: Death and Imagery
>There's no surprise that Death is a large part of the identity of the New Humans.
>Since all have already died once, the discussion of what was experienced between the time of Death and Rebirth is a popular topic among scholars.
>Most experienced death as a Black Tunnel. You are still thinking, you just can't think of anything else than the tunnel itself, essentially making you unthinking - but still being aware that you are unthinking.
>The black tunnel experienced is, by some, explained as an altered perception of time caused by the act of resurrection itself, meaning that non-resurrected individuals never experience it. This is impossible to prove, as there is no way to discover the (if any) current experience of a non-living human. This is up for debate and research
>Others say that the black tunnel is a "soul well", the essence of your soul being drawn into the centre of the universe, and that upon arrival at the very centre, the sensation will cease and you are beyond reanimation. This, also, is impossible to prove.
>This basically divides New Humans along the camps of Hope and Truth. Those who Hope that there is a soul well, drawing all life together at the centre of all creation, and those who believe the Truth is - that there is no such thing as experience after death.
>Those who are invested in these ideologies often portray it by cultural symbols. The Truthful tend to wear skulls and simple, rough adornments symbolising mortality, while the Hopeful have intricate patterns trying to visualize the sensation of the Black Tunnel.
>Still, who knows, the Black Tunnel experience is there for some reason - whatever that reason might be.
File: exhume18.jpg (1.35 MB, 928x1200)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
>The Commoner
>Most New Humans are mindless drones
>Since a complete, memory-intact reanimation is costly, most common humans were never fully reanimated
>The result is the Commoners
>Commoners are ordinary laborers and slaves, used for menial labor
>They are completely without identity and are basically biologic machines
>They are aided by simple programs, allowing them to make routines and remember a great number of chores and duties
>They are completely harmless, but there are times when Commoners have been data corrupted
>Data corruption mostly happens when Commoners are being transported and the transport passes through interference
>Corrupted Commoners can be dangerous. They can get violent, and some rumors speak of Commoners regaining human memories in extreme cases
>Overall, Commoners are machines. Sometimes, pets. But not much more
>PCs are unfit to play Commoners

Captcha: "they sfurrive". Creepy. Sounds like something a memory-returned Commoner would say...
File: exhume19.jpg (8 KB, 318x159)
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>Failed reanimation, mutation and adaption
>In a vast universe where Humans where pretty much everywhere, it is not uncommon that some varieties of humanity still exist, unharmed, in one form or another.
>Failed reanimations were commonplace, fusing man and machine and mixing Commoner and Soldier protocols in corrupted mixtures, resulting in grotesque abnormalities.
>Most of these died instantly, but some adapted and survived with their new form, still skulking around their ships. Some intelligent, some insane, some monstrous and animalistic.
>Some humans tried to overcome extermination by diluting their humanity by various means. Genetic experimentation to make humans less... human. Some of these experiments were successful, some weren't. As this was hundreds of years ago, there have been generations of breeding between these mutants, and by now, they're nowhere near human.
>These are all rare and told between New Humans as ghost stories, but also studied. As there have been a handful of confirmed cases, it is accepted that there is a possibility of more cases occurring.
>Still, to even attempt to requisition supplies for such an expedition... the audacity!
File: exhume20.jpg (27 KB, 480x640)
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This is my 20th post on this campaign idea. I've shown most of my ideas (got a few more), but if you guys have any further questions or suggestions what I should expand on further, please do share. Also, I'm not sure if I should homebrew my own system or base the setting on an existing system (or what system that would be). So please, feel free to join in with questions, comments and criticism.

>Cultural note: Companionship
>Family, romance and companionship are very much human ideas, and thus, are held in high regard within the New Human society
>Artificial pets are commonplace among the middle to high-class civilians, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Most also have a practical use, as it is considered wasteful to have a pet that is exclusively company
>Most New Humans also romanticize the idea of partnership. Even without sexual contact, it is common for humans to enter a Partnership, where they officially declare one another to be bound together by law
>Two people sharing a Partnership divide their requisitions, and get a small symbolic bonus to their requisition privilege, as a sign of good faith for trying to keep the human spirit alive.
>Partnership is nothing like the romantic relationship of living humans, it is more like an extended friendship
>Traditionally, Partnership is between a Male and a Female, as it is an indication of biologic tradition
>Partnership between two of the same sex is considered (by most) to be "cute" and "endearing", as there must be some emotional reason for the two to break the biological standard. Hence, they must have feelings for one another, and feelings are very much human
I love it. 10/10 would play.
this is awesome OP. Have you read Last and First Men by Olaf Stapledon?
File: 1390063279300.png (386 KB, 468x551)
386 KB
386 KB PNG
oh god PLEASE MORE. continue to flesh this out you beautiful joyous meatsack!
File: exhume21.jpg (12 KB, 259x194)
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That'd make a great subtitle. Maybe there's some fancy way to say it in latin, and it could be some kind of recurring saying that pops up around New Human culture?

>New Human spaceflight is based around the idea of Nodes, artificial wormholes that can only be open for short periods - but that are vast in size, allowing bursts of ships to pass through
>However, Node travel can cause irreparable damage to biologic organisms, unless they're either contained or artificially frozen
>Most New Humans are as good as immune to this damage, but repeated Node travel does require some maintenance on both ships and New Humans
>Node travel and ship maintenance is calculated and performed by A.Is, as it is deemed "lowly" work for a New Human to pilot vehicles.
>Sub-space travel is done by automated vehicles in a travel system that works pretty much like a Taxi.
>You have a certain amount of sub-space travels available equal to your number of Requisition Grade G, with variations depending on caste and occupation.
>As sub-space travel is comparably cheap, requisitions to have extended travel privileges are fairly common and accepted at a glance. Requisitions can be extended inside the very sub-space shuttles themselves, so no one really keeps count of their Grade G privileges
File: alien forest.jpg (44 KB, 900x200)
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Do you have any ideas for any particular place? Like some notable system/planet/space colony.
Actually, no, but thanks for the tip. Always looking for new literature!

I'd love to, I got a few more topics!
Google Translate says "rise from the ashes" is "surgere a cinis", which is probably horrible dog-Latin, but does provide some intriguing clues to the etymology of "surgery," which could be relevant in a setting like this.
ex cineribus
That's a good question! I had several locations in mind. I'll adress it after the next one :)
File: exhume_fiction.jpg (368 KB, 1920x1080)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
>Fiction & Culture
>Even though the highest possible calling is scientific progress, fiction and literature is still in high regard among most castes
>The idea of a New Human visualizing and creating a scenario or setting is seen as art in itself, as fantasy, creativity and imagination are all very "living" traits in a being
>Practically, this art of creation is brought to life by Dataverse simulations shared by an audience in a theatre, or home entertainment (pah! Peasants!) and any many other varieties
>The more obscure and unthinkable the scenario, the more creative the person, and thus they are in higher standing
>Some creators have taken this down a dark road, visualizing scenes of extreme gore, taboo and torture to stimulate the senses of the jaded public with something they've never seen before
>Others have the complete opposite approach, trying their best to emulate what would be deemed emotional by classical human standards.
>These two schools of culture are the most popular. The violent and bizarre branch is referred to as the Freethinkers, whereas more traditional creators are seen as Traditionalists
>Both are considered High Society, and it is not uncommon for both styles to be expressed at the same events
>The styles can also be combined and mixed freely
>The idea of Traditionalists and Freethinkers are heavily influencing fashion, and as these are the two extremes, there are several sub-categories
Could there also be a third current that's completely?
Like, they mostly make art that is very subtle, where colors are muted or absent, sound might have layers of complexity behind an apparent simplicity.
They do this because they think that, by making people strive to understand meaning more and more, full humanity and self awareness could be attained.
You could call them the Ascentialist.
Op i don't know how you did it but you just basically stole a setting i've had in my mind for a long time now.

You a wizard or something?
File: exhume_locations.jpg (150 KB, 1023x606)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Ex cineribus. That sounds so badass.

>Location: Runmaal
>There are several large hubs of New Human living, ranging from permanent settlements to space stations
>One of the largest concentration of New Humans is the cityplanet of Runmaal, which covers more than 50% of the planet's surface
>The reason for Runmaal's success is not the planet itself, as the planet is large, mostly uninhabited (except for microbes and minor insect life), covered in dust storms and in many ways resemble the planet of Mars in many ways (but with a yellow hue)
>The reason for the large population is the high rate of successful reanimations.
>The Runmaal Reanimation Centre is the greatest there is, without comparison. It has a nearly flawless resurrection rate.
>During the first wave of New Humans, this resulted in Runmaal being the cradle of the first generation, and many flocked to their position in search of safety and answers
>The civilization that once existed on Runmaal is all but ruins and dust (pic related), but under the ground a thriving metropolis brings life to the otherwise dead planet
>Hence, it is dark, damp, underground, crowded (except in the higher tiers of the city) and (if you can experience smell) sickeningly smelling of ammonia
>However, that's part of what makes Runmaal home
>It is the cultural equivalent of New York of the New Humans, but underground, and much, much larger
That's brilliant. Making it subtle to allow people to "train" their emotional perception, instead of spoon-feeding it through Freethinking or Traditionalism. I love it. It's going in the setting
I just think we're putting words to stuff we've all thought about. That's what makes it fun! :)

"Ex cineribis surgere" would be "to arise from the ashes" but I'd go with something a little more 'poetic' like "Ex cinis cineris", which basically just means "from (the) ashes".
Nearly all of these things i've had planned to make a setting off. But then again that is what a wizard would say, trying to hide it's own wizardry!

But no seriously good to actually know that someone who can write actually thought up a setting nearly identical to the one i thought about. Now it won't be written in a horrible mess.
Sorry, that was slightly wrong, "ex cinis" would be "from ashes", "Ex cinis cineris" would be "from (the) ashes of ashes.
File: exhume_locations2.jpg (447 KB, 1500x734)
447 KB
447 KB JPG
Ex cinis cineris. Kinda rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? Feels nice to say. Stupid sexy latin.

Hey, feel free to copy, add, post inspiration pics or whatever. I'd love to see this idea explored by other GMs

>Location: Labanne
>Research colony on the edge of New Human political space
>Lots and lots of alien diplomats visiting
>PCs have to interact with aliens and politicians if they want permission to explore beyond their borders
>High society colony, due to high concentration of politicians and diplomats
>Planet itself is well below freezing temperature, but the temperature doesn't fluctuate much between day and night, making it stable by many alien species' standards
>Cultural high ground and trendsetters. Sadly, Labanne fashion isn't really useful in many other locations, as it is created for cold weather (much colder than most colonies)
>Hence, wearing very warm-looking clothes in places other that Labanne is pretty common for fashionistas, even if it is terribly uncomfortable and warm
>Since, you know, the word "hot" never goes out of style, or meaning
Not OP, but I had a couple of ideas.
>Unlike living people, New Humans generally shun light and heat and running water to protect their mechanical components.
>This is further reinforced by the tradition of underground living started in Runmaal.
>There exist a scant few rural planets with remnant populations of humans, mostly living in the forests and fields with little interaction with technology or the universe beyond their planet's surface.
>New Humans have made small settlements underground on these planets, to observe the Most Quick in their sacred habitat.
>The New Humans discover valuable ores and start mining, quietly and patiently.
>Humans are elves and New Humans are dorfs.
>The planet is called Mediterra.

>One branch of living transhumans was convinced that they would be on the run for millenia.
>Spaceships break down, and refugees aren't often granted access to orbital shipyard facilities run by other species.
>The collapse had something to do with the human and transhuman factions turning on each other, so those couldn't be trusted either.
>This branch of post-humanity engineered themselves to live in the vacuum of space, and travel long distances at great speed.
>There have been attempts to breed new versions of these space-dwellers that can open wormholes and withstand the contents.
>Most members of this void-dwelling species have integrated particle weapons and a burning hatred of New Humans. This makes them a hazard to travel. >Star charts have a notation for places this species lives: Here be dragons.
Note for clarity: in that post I use "quick" in its sense of "alive," often used as "the quick or the dead" when making grandiose statements in 19th century literature. For a usage example, read "The Devil and Daniel Webster."
File: LoveAndScience.png (32 KB, 311x518)
32 KB
Comp sci nerd chiming in. Define "unethical simulations."
Probably the usual sorts of things authority figures don't like: detailed simulations of overthrowing the government, porn, caricatures of powerful people, satirical porn of powerful people getting humiliated, etc.
I like the idea of New Humans being faced with the ideal of their entire society, but the idea of pure humans being extinct is kind of a cornerstone of the setting (as I see it, but you're free to use it any way you want, of course!)
There could be like... a colony of semi-humans. Like the closest thing to pure humans they've found as of yet, that'd be equally valuable (there could be like some minor physiological differences).

I love the idea of mysterious areas on the star charts with just big warning signs like "here be dragons". That can bring a lot of character to a setting. I wonder what that kind of transhuman branch would look like...
If those minor physiological differences include pointed ears and elongated lifespans, so much the better.
Simulations encouraging or recording illegal activities. Falsified information being shoehorned into the collective databank as fact. Pseudoscience. Being a creepy stalker who simulates sex fantasies and posts pictures of himself masturbating (even though that'd be a pretty impressive feat). There could be lots of things considered unethical, just like in our world, unless it's got a big "artsy"-stamp all over it
Maybe that'd make it a tad too obvious? ;)
I think that could really be left up to the GM. You want Space Squids or other Lovecraftian horrors? Fine. You want classical dragons IN SPESS with particle beams instead of fire? Fine too. Hell, if the star charts have enough "Here be dragons" space, you could have both varieties present in different corners of the galaxy.
It could be some long-dead terraformer's Magical Realm Planet left to run wild for ten thousand years.
Other than the sub-factions the whole caste thing i really hadn't thought would fit.

I had generally thought that there would be surviving "clans" of different colonies and their nationalities (the surviving being a sort of blend between chinese,spanish and american and russian and european) as the big group you got together in.

Another thing is that the actual job you got would be pretty much like the oldie times, you had the skill you got the job, they are trying to be like their old selves but modifying it to fit their new lifestyles. The caste system is neat though.

Though i don't like the whole "DRONES,DRONES, HUMANITY IS NOW MADE UP OF DRONES!" it's a bit too grim dark. Had a thought about that the reanimation would basically add in rules for them. Can't murder another human, can't steal or enslave another yadde yadde daa. Basically they can think and feel the need to kill another human, but they simply can't, generally let be since it at least fixes one problem. So humanities new workforce would be made up off either robots or their own little slave monsters (Revolution and all that not implied) that would make up the commoners while the humans are the elite.Wars would be fought by mercs and enslaved servant races while against non-human threats the humans either get all their battle experience put directly into their mind or something like that. I was thinking of it a bit like ephase at the time.

Then again i also had to either choose between them being the mysterious BLEF(Big Evil Looming Force) precursor race. So i might not be the most trustable with this race.
File: exhume22.jpg (278 KB, 500x647)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
Absolutely. I could include some suggestions though, that's always useful.

Got any ideas for cool alien races for our New Humans to interact with? I got a few, but I'd love to see what you can come up with.

>Teleportation and Blinking
>The wormhole technology of travelling between large distances can, to a certain extent, also be used in smaller scales
>This is called Blink technology
>The distance travelled grows smaller the more the size of the Blink device is reduced
>A backpack-sized Blink device could allow for teleportation of up to 7-10ft.
>However, just with Node travel, teleportation devices (and their users) require regular maintenance, and can actually kill or harm biologic users (New Humans merely take some damage)
>Blink technology is mostly useful for Soldier-caste citizens and workers in dangerous conditions
>Blink technology takes some time to recharge between uses, and can only be used one short burst at a time.
>At the moment of exiting the wormhole, as the space expands, can actually be used as an offensive maneuver, allowing a user to damage an opponent as they enter melee combat
Most sound like good definitions with some caveats.
Porn: one of the things brought up multiple times is reminding the New Humans of their former humanity. To me it'd seem like it'd be something to be... I don't know if it's the right word, but archived? Viewed differently as it is today, more with the intent of testing your stimuli than "aw yeah gonna bust all the nuts."
Caricatures: Not really unethical. Don't think it's much of a problem unless the government suppresses free speech.
Pseudoscience: Again, potentially limited by government, researching fringe things doesn't harm much on its own, as long as the data is marked as such and/or can be conducted by others (which is a major flaw of pseudoscience as a whole).
That'd make for a really interesting adventure setting. New Human scientists finding this place, stagint an expedition

Thanks for the feedback!

I wasn't sure about the caste system either, it was my first idea, and I just wanted to put it on paper. I did like the idea of a general system based on requisition though, so maybe there could be some combination of classical "choose your job"-life combined with an economy based around requisition.

Oh, I love drones! But you're right, maybe drones can be something else than humans. I thought the idea of servant robots was a little drawn out though, but a slave race would fit well. You got an idea what such a race would be like?
Implanting ideas upon reanimation is not a bad idea, but I feel it kinda takes away a key part of what it means to be human. I'm not sure the New Humans I had in mind would allow for such an oversight. Maybe it could be a perk to have that restriction removed, as in, you were reanimated in a place where such a restriction wasn't forced?
I also agree that New Humans wouldn't really be frontline troops. They're elite. They send robots and slaves in their wake, and only use their own troops as strike forces and infiltrators. And yeah, maybe some kind of enhancement implant that allows them to adapt to their enemy, that'd be cool.
Cultured, stunted semi-humans?
You're absolutely right. Porn, in that world, would be something different than it is here. It'd be something like a pure human being defiled, rather than two humans getting it on. Porn would need to be defined differently

Oh, none of it would be censured or such, but it would be frowned upon and maybe taken as insults. But I don't think the Administrators would go so far as to remove or censor anything.

Good to have that train of thought though, I don't want too many stones left unturned.
File: exhume_slave.jpg (136 KB, 900x582)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
>"Why do you whip your servant?"
>"It is only natural for us humans to establish dominance"
>"How sophisticated"
>"Yesss, ser...?"
>"Take note. I only pain you because of your inferior nature."
>"Of course, ser."
>"Bring the wine."
>>You got an idea what such a race would be like?
I actually got the idea after my GM had introduced this one nearly perfect warrior race, leftover from a dead civilization (basically furry sangheili/eldar.), that whole thing got me thinking about placing them in the dead precursor role, not furry though (they were literally described as canine, good game though.) and maybe more insect-y-lizardy blend, something that'd look neat and survive a lot.

Then i got to thinking "Why would a living race just make one servant fill all roles" so then i came up with all kinds of bullshit. Failed clones (basically the grineer from warframe) would serve as the more free willed soldiers while not being unethical for the new humans do what they want to since their genetic fuckupery, a diplomat trade race (since dead flesh and horrible machinery everywhere didn't look nice on camera) and some uplifted old life animals.

Oh and the whole implanted ideas thing was basically me trying to rationalise why they would send slaves in the first place. But it would allow to not restrict players and really shouldn't be a bother for them, as i said i'm not a good idea writer.
Has this been archived yet?
File: exhume23.jpg (154 KB, 900x1385)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
>Elite-class explorers, scouts and soldiers
>Instead of pursuing the ideal of humanity, Adaptors learn from alien races and culture
>Most Adaptors have the ability to learn more about alien physiology by digesting a small part of them, due to artificial organs
>By the same method, Adaptors learn more and more about the alien race they consume, the more they consume. GM's can use Maslow's hierarchy of needs as a reference point as to what the player can learn, and at what point.
>Adaptors are a necessary evil of the New Humans, allowing unconventional and effective warfare, but at the cost of the existance of the Adaptors themselves
>Adaptors are close combat experts, learning from their opponents by combat analysis programs interacting with their brain, getting gradually more dangerous in melee
>Adaptors are especially short-lived, as all programs and artificial organs take their toll on the human frame. Most either go insane with identity crisis or simply cease to function after less than 100 years.

What do you think?
Archived? Like, here on the site? How can I do that, and what does it do? Sorry, I'm not 100% familiar with everything around here.
I do have everything in a document though, locally saved
Not seeing it on suptg, adding it as "Exhume: Ex Cinis Cineris"
Allow me.
Go for it.
Got any more stuff to post, OP?
File: Wilhelm_Roentgen_580x.jpg (79 KB, 580x436)
79 KB

It is done.
Lots of it. And thank you all for your support, feedback and adding it to suptg. I'm honored!

Allright, got a few more, but feel free to add whatever you feel like
Neat, the more i think of there being different "clans" of humans doing different things the more i like it.

Nomads,homestayers, defenders, cave dwellers... well the list would go on and honestly if anything i'd use that as a class system if anything.
File: exhume_hybrid.jpg (333 KB, 903x884)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
>The Hybrid
>Remember back in the beginning of the thread, the mention of a leech-like alien race using fear as a primary means of incapacitating their enemy?
>This is the result
>The Hybrid (one of many names) is essentially a Pure Human corrupted by the Leech race (need a name for them)
>The Hybrid is created to stalk and kill isolated humans, as it is both stronger and faster than a Pure Human
>However, Hybrids are not as useful against New Humans, as New Humans do not react as strongly to fear as Pure Humans. Also, they're stronger and tougher
>Hence, Hybrids are not as useful as infiltrators, disruptors or assassins. To be effective, they have to be bred in larger quantities and released as a group
>This swarm of hybrids is pretty rare to come by, but is deadly, even to a New Human
>Apart from increased strength and toughness, Hybrids have a range of odd features
>They can hybernate in near vacuum (not complete vacuum)
>They exude a light adhesive on hands and feet, allowing them to freely move on walls, ceiling and floor even during zero gravity
>Electric stimulation causes hybrids to go into a state of ecstacy, hence why they often attack power stations and can be found near power sources. Also, stun weapons have little to no effect on them
>They will eat, in descending order of importance... Pure Humans (not around anymore), Subhumans, New Humans, Animals and finally each other
>Hybrids are completely subservient to the Leech race and obey their commands to the fullest extent of their capabilities
I'm not sure I like the idea of a twelve foot leech race that can build starships. They would need an absurd amount of food animal biomass to survive.
Maybe they are leeches that hijacked an old pure human vessel and did shit with that?

Also should the new humans be protective about others touching their secrets, since that's basically their old life/current religion they are touching?

Maybe they go on big rage fueled crusades against species like the leeches trying to uncover why they died in the first place/tries to become the new humans?
File: exhume24.jpg (155 KB, 894x894)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
>Maintenance and Day-to-day Activity
>All technical components of a New Human need power
>Most smaller, internal systems are supported by effective, unintrusive bioelectrically charged batteries
>Larger systems (PCs choose at character creation) drain more energy, and at the end of the day, most New Humans need to recharge their batteries.
>How long a character can go without recharging depends on the amount of intrusive systems installed
>Some characters (drawback) also experience fatigue - they need to physically sleep every now and then
>Batteries can be recharged either at home stations or by external means. There are solar chargers, batteries charged by external heat and moisture, remote chargers over medium distances (allowing you to recharge as if you were at your home station), etc
>Apart from energy management, New Humans need to run daily diagnostics. It doesn't take long, and can be done by some kind of HUD. All New Humans have some kind of HUD, whether it is an apparatus installed in their arm or an artificial eye adding a layer of graphics
>Also, since New Humans does not heal, most spend some time every now and then to just patch themselves up physically with creams and synthetic skin (every little cut and bruise...)
>There are plenty of service robots/slaves available for minor repairs. Most repairs can be done on-the-fly as the New Human walks about performing their daily affairs. Small buzzing service drones welding and patching some minor apparatus is commonplace
That's the idea. They rarely leave their planets, and when they do, they only need like one to four individuals piloting their ships. Their soldiers can be either slaves, hybrids or frozen in capsules until the time of attack

Yeah, I was thinking New Humans were in complete and open war with these leeches, mostly because of the existance of Hybrids. The existance of Hybrids prove that leeches have been attacking humanity since before the extinction - which might mean they had something to do with it, or at least know what happened.

Yeah, I'm thinking New Humans are kinda xenophobic. Unless it's in Labanne or some other diplomatic situation, where they pretend to be open and forthcoming. Let's face it, at the end of the day, humans are sneaky, greedy little fuckers who will fuck anyone over at the drop of a hat. New Humans strive towards that ideal.
Do you have a download link for your picture folder, not so strong on the picture download thing.
>Cultural note: The Council
>Before a complete reanimation takes place, the candidate must be subjected to a questioning from the Council
>Since the candidate is dead, there must be a defendant, answering the Council's questions based on records, diaries, video logs and whatever evidence available
>The Council then makes the decision whether or not the individual should be reanimated
>Note that the council never declines a reanimation (unless the subject is a violent criminal). However, they can put the subject very, very far down on the list of subjects
>So far down on the list that the body will be unfit for reanimation by the time it comes up, in fact
>The Council itself has no other job than the administrative duty of the Council itself. It is a full-time job
>There are several Councils on each homeworld capable of granting reanimation and each case has the right to be tried by two different Councils
>If the two Councils come to different conclusions, a third will be brought on to make the final decision
>The Council has a flair for the theatrical, often dressing in ceremonial black robes
>Most, if not all Council members share the philosophical ideal of Hopefulness. (See Death and Imagery)
File: exhume_25.jpg (125 KB, 1033x774)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Sorry, forgot the image
Sorry, I don't have it available online, and I just put pictures to my ideas as I go along. Got any suggestion where/how to put these in a folder though? I'm not so used to how things are done here on /tg/, but I'm willing to learn
I'm mostly used to mediafire.

No sweat though, i was basically asking to be spoonfed. I'll happily download them normally.
Use Downthemall, it has a function to download all pics at once.
File: exhume_26.jpg (557 KB, 636x900)
557 KB
557 KB JPG
>The Delver
>At the point where the Dataverse can be found in pretty much anything, a Delver is someone who can access it and understand it at a greater level
>"Programming" in the Dataverse is not so much raw coding as it is a mix of intelligent discussion and charismatic wordplay
>Making an unauthorized entry into a research complex can't always be achieved by pure reasoning, but with clever wordplay and unconfirmable white lies
>Delvers are the hackers of the New Humans, able to shape and manipulate the Dataverse
>Most Delvers have a Compact Station frame, allowing them to remotely access the Dataverse
>While accessing the Dataverse from a remote location, the Delver goes into a state of trance, leaving them highly vulnerable
>Delvers need both high charisma as well as intelligence. Charisma is slightly more important
>Compact stations are pretty cumbersome (pic related). It is usually carried as a suit of armor with full-body sensors
>Compact stations require a lot of energy and cannot be actively worn for more than a few hours at a time
Done and done.

Man i can't really add much since most of the stuff i had in mind is practically identical to your stuff, except you got all the different types of neo-humans.
File: exhume_27.jpg (375 KB, 1600x2667)
375 KB
375 KB JPG
>The Pilgrim
>The collective name for those looking for the touch of God is the Pilgrims
>Part scientists looking for the origin of the Reanimation, part preachers and moral support
>Pilgrims and their scientific discoveries are hardly ever taken as fact, due to reputation of their subjective opinions
>This is also their strength, as belief is valued as a human feature
>Pilgrims are adventurers and fringe researchers, looking beyond borders and laws to find the truth, and come closer to True Humanity.
>Pilgrim is not so much a lucrative business as it is a higher calling
>The view of pilgrims are violently mixed. Some admire them, some consider them lazy and naive, some are simply annoyed by their very existence
>Pilgrims do have a reputation for holding many human qualities though, both sinful and graceful
>Most pilgrims have a healthy(?) dose of both, to encompass as much of the human experience as possible
>PCs make good Pilgrims, as it gives a good reason for breaking comfort and adventuring beyond the borders
File: exhume_28.jpg (463 KB, 571x800)
463 KB
463 KB JPG
Sorry if I'm keeping you guys up or anything, I just still have a lot of stuff to post. I don't know how it works with the suptg page, if I'm forcing some poor fella' to sit there and update or such, but yeah, let me know if there's anything I can do to make it easier.

>The Friendlies
>Physical A.I constructed to physically resemble humans in great detail
>Programmed to react like an emotional True Human
>If we were to meet one, it'd be like meeting someone who's basically bipolar with violent moodswings
>Programmed never to hurt anyone, of course
>Programmed to feel pain and emotion
>Friendlies are used in many ways, by those who can afford them.
>Some use them as sex slaves and romantic partners, believing that part of the human experience to be the most important to understand humanity
>Some use them for pain and torture (Freethinkers, mostly). Some have them in dominatrix-like roles, where the New Human is submissive and have enhanced pain receptors.
>Some use them in place of having children, and transfer their consciousness into new models as they "grow up". This way, New Humans can have "children".
>No matter what they're used for, they can never be given the same rights as a New Human. Friendlies are, at the end of the day, just a caricature of human life

Pic: "Friendly" under construction.
File: exhume_29.jpg (117 KB, 1153x692)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>As New Humans travel the universe, looking for new subjects to reanimate, they've found other things than True Humans
>Subhumans are True Humans with slight variations (with both positive and negative drawbacks)
>For a subhuman to be reanimated, the council must acknowledge the potentially positive sides of the subhuman mutation, whatever it might be
>Subhuman reanimatees tend to overcompensate being further from "human" by trying to be more human than others
>They are seen as more emotional and irrational than ordinary New Humans
>Reanimated subhumans can have many genetic variations, but nothing too wild and crazy. More often than not, it is only cosmetic details, such as unusual pigmentation, spiked teeth, a larger-than-usual physical frame or something similar
>Reanimated subhumans are more common the further out from New Human Central Space you get.
>Some groups regard Subhumans to actually be better than True Humans, saying that they're evolved, and thus a bit "more human than human"
>Some groups regard Subhumans as unworthy and unpure, and treat them as such
File: exhume_markets.jpg (140 KB, 1153x692)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
>Cultural note: Red Markets
>Some dead bodies simply don't cut it
>Some part of them is too dead to be reanimated
>So they're sent off to Red Markets
>Red Markets are a combination of marketplace and surgical ward
>New Humans go to Red Markets to find upgraded bodyparts to replace those that are failing for them, or that simply aren't good enough
>Different merchants are responsible for different parts. There's a leg merchant, a foot merchant, a tongue merchant, a dick merchant, etc
>As a part is requisitioned, the "customer" leaves for the Red Market Surgical Ward. It's basically a checkout, where the requisition is drawn from an account and the surgery is performed
>Even serious surgery take, at most, a day or two to recover from
>Minor surgery is a matter of hours
>Getting used to a change of limb or organ can take time though, even if it functions properly
>Body part connoisseurs tend to get to the Red Markets early and requisition the best parts, but not graft them onto themselves. Instead they re-sell them for other types of requisition privileges. It is basically a way to get premium parts without being registered as having surgery, allowing for secret implants.
>Connoisseurs can also keep the best parts and resell them to nobility for a higher requisition rate, as they only have "the good stuff"
>Most connoisseurs are also surgeons, as there is a black market for discreet part replacement
Whoah, whoah whoah, back the fuck up. Did you just imply that we can have cyborg zombie princess NPCs in this setting?
I'm going to make one, and name her Annika or Kathryn. I loved Voyager.
Well he did say science nobility.

So the late dead robot child of a famous scientist creates mass conflict amongst the new human clans?
File: exhume_tradition.jpg (111 KB, 1153x692)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Absolutely. I'm actually writing about that part as we speak!

>The Cultural Value of Icons
>At rare times, characters of enormous cultural importance are found
>Generals, nobility, commanders, presidents... remnants from True Human times
>The resurrection of these, if their identities are confirmed, are celebrated, as these individuals are seen as gifts to the race of New Humanity, as a whole
>Their titles remain, even though their power is mostly symbolic
>No reanimated general will actually command troops, unless they've proven themselves adapt at New Humanity's type of warfare
>No nobility is granted any actual executive power unless they've also worked (and attained) that kind of current political power in the actual system
>People like this are generally declared "Icons"
>Icons have slightly higher requisition advantages, to enhance the general view of their importance, and to provide comfort and long life
>Icons, however, must be very careful about replacing their parts, as every part of an Icon is considered sacred
>Thus, many Icons never replace their parts, and thus, cease to function after less than 150 years
>Those who do upgrade tend to lose "purity" in the eyes of the general public.
>Idols who do not live up to the expectation and image expected of them lose their Icon privileges (Fallen Icon PC class?)
>Replacing too many original parts may be enough reason to revoke Icon privileges
>Icons can take many shapes and forms - what is important is what their cultural status was before reanimation
Sorry if I was being unclear. There are those considered to be more noble than others in the way that they are associated with someone of great scientific importance. They're not actually noble in the monarchaic (is that a word?) way, but are valued about as much as Icons, but for other reasons.

However, as mentioned in the "Icons" section, there are actual reanimated nobles. They have a different kind of power and general appreciation. Icons are the closest thing to nobility in Exhume.
hmmm, still.

What an rage it would be if the most famous scientist suddenly turn out to not have an daughter, it was a robot all along!

Shit sure would stirr.

Interesting: not convinced by the no replacement parts policy though. If someone's being brought back by having cyborg gubbins jammed into them, they've already been "defiled". Consider focusing more on their expected behaviour; I can see the standards that the New Humans expect them to adhere to being above and beyond what they actually would have done in life, leading to their fall when they break down in a manner similar to IRL celebrities (drugs, scandals, etc).
Or a New Human using a Delver to falsify identification of a corpse, making people believe it to be something it's not, in order to buddy-up with it (after reanimation) and live a life of comfort and excess.

Isn't it wonderful to imagine all the possible intrigues?
It's not so much a policy as an unspoken rule. Some care, some don't, but it should be noted that people do care about it. It's sort of a scandal if the great General replaced the tongue he used to speak the word "Attack!" at the Battle of Gallron's Moon. Then again, some will care, some won't. But it does have an impact
I'm already planning a campaign around the reanimation of Lenin.
Fuck yes!
>His DNA was stored somewhere pre-New Human times
>Cloned/reconstructed, kept in freezing conditions
>Fall of humanity
>New Humans recover the frozen body
>Good morning oh Great icon
File: exhume_30.jpg (125 KB, 1024x724)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Allright, got a couple more before I gotta get some sleep

>The Sampler
>While most research is focued towards True Humanity, there also needs to be those who look outside the comfort of their own kind
>Samplers are New Humans who dabble in engineering with genetic structures of other life forms
>They're basically bio-engineers, developing viruses, weapons, medicine and a general understanding of species outside their own
>Some jokingly call them "veterinarians"
>Samplers also collect genetic material of rare or extinct creatures to clone or recreate them
>Some Samplers even bio-engineer their own creatures and use them as guard dogs/attack beasts/soldiers
>A Sampler and a Delver in combination can create things like (pic related). Living warbeasts, controlled remotely
>Samplers can create most things, as long as they have the genetic code to back it up, hence their name - Samplers, since the more things they sample, the more intricate bio-constructions they can make
>A living gun that fires acid? Classic Sampler stuff
>A symbiotic, breathing exo-skeleton to be used as body armor? Also Sampler stuff
File: exhume_battle.jpg (122 KB, 1249x640)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>On the Battlefield
>New Humans are deployed after the main strike force (slaves/robots/meat shields) have engaged the enemy at strategic points
>Most New Human soldiers are drop troops or saboteurs used for taking out key points
>New Humans are deployed with energy shields to prevent Blink weaponry and reduce incoming energy weapon damage
>New Human body armor deflects some environmental damage and is sealed enough to survive the vacuum of space for a few hours
>Weaponry depends on the situation, but is mostly Blink weaponry or Projectile weaponry
>For stealthy missions, an Adaptor is added as a forward scout and the squad size reduced
>New Human soldiers have pain receptors set to minimum, barely feeling even grievous wounds
>New Human body armor can amputate wounded limbs and cauterize wounds as to prevent further blood loss
>New Human body armor can seal a separated head for up to 72 hours, allowing it to be transplanted onto a new body (if an appropriate body becomes available)
>New Human soldiers have plenty of available combat drugs stimulating (or suppressing) adrenaline or emotional behavior
>Upon complete death (where not even a head transplant can save them), a chemical agent is released within the body armor, reducing the New Human to little more than ashes and rust, as to prevent enemies from studying the body
Good night dear wizard, you swooped me off my feet as easily with your setting as good as you swooped it from my mind.

I'm still wearing my tin foil hat mister wizard, so no thought stealing.

I can totally imagine a pack of those things attacking from the aeration a patrol of new human in a typical dead space manner. The new humans of course not giving a single fuck and murderfucking them all with their muscular, oiled, sexy piston powered limbs of death and murder.
I'm guessing all these ways to contain the human takes a toll on the battle effectiveness?

Meaning that slaves/robots/war beasts/mindslaved clones are even more used for battle?
Lots of creepy-factor potential. Sounds good for a novel or art-book, although it seems like it would play similarly to most space RPGs. Omitting aliens might make players look more closely at the undead-cyborg way of life, because if there are aliens, the ex-humans might just fall back into a traditional human/alien relationship, despite the alteration of humans in this setting
File: exhume_bodyarmor.jpg (80 KB, 1000x750)
80 KB
Allright, I think this'll be my last big entry. I'll be around for a bit longer to discuss and answer questions and stuff though.

>Body Armor
>(In pic) Left: Medium Armor. Right: Heavy Armor
>Techno-organic design to confuse enemies what is part of the New Human and what is part of the armor itself
>Light Armor is often equipped with a short Blink Device, small arms (think SMGs and Pistols) or a light rifle. Lightly armored troops are often scouts, recon and infiltators, as they have space to carry extra equipment
>Medium Armor are rarely equipped with Blink Devices, but compensate with greater protection, steering rockets (for short rocket jumps and zero gravity navigation) and greater firepower. Fully automatic weapons, enhanced physical prowess and assistant targeting.
>Heavy Armor is mostly used when New Humans are deployed into a zone with an unconformed number of remaining forces. Heavy Armor offers great protection from most damage sources, but carry neither steering rockets nor Blink Devices. Instead, Heavy Armor simple has magnetic boots, allowing a slow, lumbering walk at a steady pace, zero-g navigation and being obnoxiously hard to push over. Heavy Armor can carry heavy weaponry and large battery packs, making them effective as recharge stations for other soldiers.
>The standard squad consists of 6 Light Troopers, 10 Medium Troopers and 4 Heavy Troopers.
>An infiltration squad usually consists of 5 Light Troopers, 4 Medium Troopers and 1 Adaptor
>A Defense or Enforcer squad usually consists of 8 Heavy Troopers and 12 Medium Troopers

Hope it gives you some inspiration as to what I imagine the New Human combat forces are like!
What was lost in the collapse following the die out?

All dark ages have lost knowledge. Genetic engineering? Nanomachines? True FTL?
Dragon dildos.
I thought I noticed a disturbance...

Yeah, I kinda feel bad for the Hybrids. Being genetically inferior must be infuriating. I mean, what can you do?

Yeah, New Humans are usually the mop-up troops or surgical strike teams. Unless specifically designed to, they can't really have sustained fights without a nearby supply ship.

I suppose that's true. I just liked the idea of adding a "there can be anything out there" factor, allowing a bit more creative freedom. I suppose the role of the alien can just as well be achieved by mutant humans, rebel factions and mysterious empires whom they've lost contact with, right?
I was thinking human reproduction was lost. Infertility, combined with severely reduced standard of living, makes it impossible to reproduce and spawn new children. Hence why it is important to find bodies and reanimating new subjects. Childbirth just doesn't happen anymore.
Also, basically whatever plot device you want can be lost and recovered. It's kinda fun when no one knows what to expect or find. Kinda makes treasure hunts more viable
Are we working with the Asimov laws? Or Altered laws, something from like SS13?
I got a friend with aspergers who is so deep into the Asimov swamp that I'm actually a bit afraid to include A.I at all, just because of that very question.
Short answer is... yeah, Asimov's laws. When it comes to warfare between humans, soldiers are given tags to identify themselves as "human" or not in the eyes of the robots, opening them up to orders to attack those without tags.
Kind of a cheap answer, I suppose, but that's only because I know just how deep the subject is. Hell, there's been books written about it.
So a mix between Asimov and Robocop. I love it
File: awyiss.jpg (4 KB, 160x160)
4 KB
I like that description. That's a nice description
I was more or less thinking a more natural way, they do what they do because unlike us they weren't made to bitch back.

Only time problems arise is when there's a bug in the system.
How about this?
>Group is exploring an old world, nothing too exciting
>Stumble upon a cavern, perhaps an old building of sorts
>While exploring they find a Pure Human in suspended animation, somehow still "alive" after so many years (Picture Han Solo in carbonite)
>Upon releasing the Human it has severe sickness, massive amnesia
>All it knows is that it needs to go to a planet called "Earth" for "The Awakening"
>High Council discovers you have a True Human and they do not want to upset the power a Pure Human could usurp
>Multiple groups want the Human, for testing or other needs. They might even pay a pretty penny...
>Group decides his/her fate
Honestly when i was planning mine i was mainly gonna use it as an non-player race. Maybe if they asked enough about it...

Basically it's a nice experience but i dunno about playing it.
File: RYmQ8he.jpg (331 KB, 2916x1944)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
Setting background art for that.
Allright, I'm saying good night here, /tg/.
Thanks for a lovely evening, and thanks for listening to my insane ramblings. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you'll be with me when I revive the thread and keep going!

For those who want, I copied the entire thread (which I will repost in future threads for those who want to catch up). Feel free to copy, download, add, do whatever.

Peace out, yo!
It goes deeper than that. Without new humans, there's a finite supply of body parts. After a while, repairs stop being effective and tissue wears out, unless they've figured out how to replace mitosis with a process that doesn't degrade telomere protection and/or generate new cells from stem cells.
I'm thinking genetic engineering could produce parts, but since they're "fresh and unused" they could be a lower quality (at least at first) than those harvested from a body.

Though if there are scattered True Humans left, another plot hook/piece of background could come from illegal "body farms" from captured Trues selling high-quality parts on the black market...
Ideas for alien races? I have those.
>Vom Orr
>Avian species, metabolic stress of supporting both sapience and flight results in shot lifespans
>Circumvent problem by moving entire civilization into microgravity
>Live in giant FTL-capable ballooned asteroids
>Gain resources via asteroid mining
>Look down on planetary civilizations
>Interact primarily as "Orbital Infrastructure 4 Rent"
>Also as traders- hollow asteroids have fucking stupid cargo capacity
>No real central government- each habitat is independent, organized into loose confederations
>Tend towards solipsism, isolationism- prefer to be independent of planetary civilizations wherever possible
>Original form has long since been forgotten
>Cybernetic augmentation has progressed to the point where differentiating between a tool and the person using it is straight-up impossible
>Questionable if they're even still sapient in any conventional sense
>Effectively Von Neumann devices: they show up in a solar system, terraform planets, create massive sculptures and other works of art, build cities and infrastructure, then leave
>defend system from trespassers vigorously while working, but show no interest in evicting squatters once work is done
>Leave behind ferocious robotic war fleets, but they only react to major conflicts
>Every civilization in the region follows them around, as the systems they leave behind require no effort to turn into a major colony- all the work has already been done
>Robot fleets prevent outright battle, so massive amounts of subterfuge, sabotage etc. between rival colony expeditions
>Telinidae themselves are inscrutable; communication feels like it's been run through babelfish a few million times
File: 1389998064885.jpg (274 KB, 672x950)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
Exhume: Ex Cinere Cineris (singular) "Out of the ash of ash"
Exhume: Ex Cineribus Cinerum (plural) "Out of the ashes of ashes"

"Ex" requires the ablative, where you used a nominative. Good job on the genitive modifier though. You can mix and match the singular and plural, but you have to have an ablative and genitive combination for what you're trying to do.

Also, this is awesome OP. I hope that this develops well and you run an awesome game. I'll bump with a couple of hopefully inspiration images.
OP here, SleepisfortheWeak-edition

That's true, there would be a finite amount. But there could be ways to work around it. I'm just tossing around ideas, but maybe there are limb farms, of sorts. Like, cloning the body of a True Human, even though it never actually lives in any way, and then harvest it for it's organs. Or maybe generate parts through some sort of stem cell engineering.

Several good ideas here. I'm not sure I like the idea of True Humans living and breathing, feels like their very existance sort of undermines the setting. One living, breathing, talking True Human would be like... a huge deal. As someone suggested earlier, a campaign where an actual, living True Human was found would have enormous consequences.
Still there could be illegal body farms (illegal because of shoddy cloning techniques and unpure samples) or genetic engineering that produces completely new, "weak" parts.

I'm thinking maybe something like this
>Collected body parts are "imprinted" on a genetic engineering system
>Imprinted parts can be manufactured artificially, but they're just not as "human" as actual spare parts. They look sickly and frail
>After a part has been imprinted, it is given to the Red Market, where the original part can be sold and used.
>This way there could be a way to spot those using Original and Artificial parts, as the Originals look "healthier" and more vibrant than their counterparts
File: 1383950055817.jpg (148 KB, 1178x663)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
File: 1374245134029.jpg (484 KB, 1920x1200)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
File: 1373295992017.jpg (1.45 MB, 1800x1268)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG

I've been thinking a lot about alien races, and I'd like to get your guys feedback on this, as I'm a bit unsure what would be most appropriate.
A) Lots of alien races, adding variety and a factor of "you never know what you'll run into".
B) A few established alien races, but plenty of alien monsters. Less variety, but allows players to more easily familiarize themselves with the campaign world, while keeping the "oh shit what is that"-factor
C) No alien races. There are variations and factions of New Humans and Subhumans, but that's it. All found alien life has been, at most, bacterial, but no other intelligent life has been found. This brings focus to the New Humans themselves, as there is nothing external for the New Humans to unite against, which strengthens the "what have we become"-theme

What do you guys think?

Sorry, I didn't write those. Those were suggested by other, more linguistically talented people. I like the idea of rephrasing "from dust to dust" to something like "Out of the ashes of ashes". It's just cool. Also, the name "Exhume" itself was just a suggestion, but I guess it kinda stuck Ex cineribus cinerum does sound cool though...

(Warning: Might suddenly run off to a meeting, will return in a couple of hours)
Go with B for now, later extensible to A. This is a new setting, you want a core setting that can comfortably fit inside a GM's mind along with his own tweaks and extensions. Adding too much stuff in the base canon just clutters the setting and restricts GMs in what they can add to it without contradicting canon. C tips it over the edge into science horror, since there's an entire galaxy where the only sapient life is undead.
File: Blame!-Pcel_Schiff.png (256 KB, 480x640)
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256 KB PNG
I like Exhume. It lets the player know right then "Oh shit things are dead ain't they?"
OP here. Gonna keep writing!

I agree. Some motivating outside force is a good thing to keep things balanced. It doesn't prevent GMs from running science horror campaigns, and it opens upp to a bit of "kinda-humanity-fuck-yeah"-type campaigns as well

>"Fuck, that's a sexy couple" said Baxton
>The other soldiers stare at him in disbelief.
>"You really think so, Baxton?"
>"Of course I do. I've studied sexual proportionism, sarge" Baxton responded with a scoff
>"Sure you have, private" grinned the sergeant, eyes melting over the porcelaine skin of the woman down the street. "You're so cultural"
File: Exhume2_1.jpg (112 KB, 1069x748)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>Beauty, Sexuality and Fetishism
>The idea of what is beautiful and sexy is, for the most part, not a very important topic
>Most New Humans are incapable of strong arousal. Most New Humans have some memory of what is supposed to be beautiful, but it is often forgotten or disregarded.
>Sexuality is more of a tradition. Most New Humans are so disconnected from their instincts that they can pretty much choose a sexuality and make it part of their identity rathern than a sexual preference.
>Most Traditionalists tend to fall into the category of Heterosexual and Homosexual preference
>Ascentialists tend to refuse to choose a sexuality, instead hoping their nature will reveal one over their time.
>Freethinkers are wildcards. Their preference can take most shapes and forms
>Most individuals in high society also tend to further separate themselves with their own unique fetish, or kink
>Most of these fetishes are extreme variations of what is available today, but also absurd and abstract new fetishes. High society prides itself with individuality of having and expressing a sexual fetish
>Examples of new fetishes are Alien, skin grafting, cyber implants and Dataverse-based fetishes, but the options are unlimited.
>However, fetishes are more a form of expression rather than an actual sexual preference. It's a hobby
File: Exhume2_2.jpg (398 KB, 1000x700)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
>The Art of Reanimation
>It is hard to find a proper, reanimatable corpse
>Most corpses have skeletonized
>However, during the time of Extinction, a lot of True Humans either conserved themselves in various ways
>Some used carbonite, others freezing or a sort of chemical preservation
>Bodies preserved this way is more often than not reanimatable
>When a body is brought in for Reanimation, it is first subjected to investigation
>Investigation is both a physical examination and background check
>Once an investigation shows positive results, the case is presented to a Council
>If it gets accepted, the subject is put on the waiting list
>Once it is their turn, the act of Reanimation takes several days where different machines, implants, artificial organs and chemical components are introduced, removed and reintroduced to find a perfect, individual balance
>This way, the reanimated subject will function with it's new parts for as long as possible without the need for maintenance
>Once the process is complete, the final surgery order is sent to a group of Administrators for clearance
>When the surgery order is cleared, the actual reanimation process starts, taking anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days
>Reanimated subjects are given a Guardian, typically the individual who brought the subject case to the Council in the first place
>A Guardian is responsible for the subject for a minimum of 10 years
>After 10 years the subject is given a series of practical and theoretical challenges which allow them to gain independence
>The test can be repeated once per year until it is succeeded.
File: Exhume2_3.jpg (128 KB, 1069x748)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
>The First Generation
>Known as the Exalted, or the Founders
>The First Generation are those who were originally reanimated in the first wave
>They generally have more knowledge and intact memories than others, and they kept extensive records of their experiences
>The First Generation were more than 80% machine, but improved on the reanimation formula for the second generation. The second generation improved it further.
>Most, if not all, members of the First Generation have long since ceased to function. A few had their memories uploaded to the Dataverse for simulation
>The First Generation started the tradition of improving the reanimation sequence. Every generation after them have added something to the next generation
File: Exhume2_4.jpg (323 KB, 618x900)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
>The Fourth Generation
>Implemented in the year 800
>Rests at a comfortable 45-60% machine rate
>Higher levels of customization
>Lower levels of required maintenance, due to basic biologic self-repair
>Have developed a sense of lineage that previous generations cared less for, starting to keep records of the line of Guardians they've had, back to the First Generation
>Considered to be the most "human" of the New Humans and revered as a hope for the future
>Has a slightly higher response time than previous generations, allowing them for faster reaction in combat
>PCs are most suited to play Fourth Generation New Humans. Anything less should be a drawback
Doing robogod's work, OP, make sure to include plenty of chilling animatrix-esque rejections of machinery and general cybomania.
I might have missed this in the thread, so apologies if I have, but...
How long ago did all the normal humans die out?
Where are all the bodies for resurrection coming from? Are they literally skeletons with little scraps of rotting flesh and a lot of tech to keep them moving? Where the bodies kept on ice? Mass grave worlds?
My last three entries touch on this subject, but I like the idea of mass grave worlds. I might add that as well.
And so you have! Apologies, I read the first half then "skipped to the end"!
File: exhume_stories.jpg (132 KB, 1069x748)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
No worries, I'm not forcing anyone to read. I just update because some people found it interesting, and because I still have a lot of ideas I need to get out of my head.

>Pop Culture
>There are several works of art who've become popular in New Human society
>These works of art have been adapted in theatres, audio books, movies... pretty much any form of media imaginable (all thanks to Dataverse simulations)
>"The Song and The Sky" is the story about a True Human, stranded on a deserted moon, trying to find a way to rejoin her friends in orbit. She finds nothing but despair, but falls in love with the brightest star in the sky, which guides her to shuttlecraft. As she boards the shuttlecraft, she changes her mind and decides to stay on the moon, where she can spend her remaining days gazing at her undying love in the sky. As she draws her last breath, the star disappears from the night sky.
>"The Stand and Fall". An imagined first encounter between the leech race and the True Humans. It is very much sci-fi, imagining what kind of primitive ships and weapons the True Humans had (some more accurately depicted than others) and their struggle to fight the leech race. True Humans lose, but with their head held high, preserving their sense of identity and pride in the face of defeat. The story ends with the leech race meeting the New Humans, and it is heavily implied that they will lose - but that New Humans have suffered a heavy loss in their identity, and that maybe this victory is hollow in comparison.
>"Telling of Souls". A romantic story about the soul of a New Human and True Human, meeting in the Black Tunnel, being thrown towards the centre of the universe. In the blink of an instant, they share all their memories, hopes, dreams and worries, even though it feels like an eternity for them. They fall in love over the course of this adventure and embrace eternity together. A tale of connection and love.
>"Undying" is the popular story of two rival New Humans, being reanimated at the same time. They had a hatred for one another when they were alive, and that hatred still runs deep. Instead of this being a cautionary tale about hatred and old grudges, it celebrates their rivalry, as their hot-blooded disgust for one another is a very primal human feeling that they're holding on to. As the story draws to a close and one of them wins, it becomes evident that he misses the hatred, and that having someone provoking you towards such strong feelings is an invaluable boon.
>"The First of the Living". A tale set in an even more distant future, where the New Humans finally manage to create a perfect, living, True Human. As this True Human matures, he looks at the society of New Humanity and points out it's flaws. In the end, the True Human upsets pretty much everyone, and is captured and destroyed. The story follows the executioner, as he backtracks the True Human's ideals and moral, as he starts to see that, maybe this True Human was right all along. Maybe the New Humans, collectively, have gone too far, and can never be the same again. The tale is considered Traditionalist and cautionary, but it is common, and celebrated.
File: exhume2_6.jpg (382 KB, 724x1024)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
>When a New Human reaches a stage of degeneration (or damage) where they simply cannot continue to function, they can ask to be assigned an Enforcer position
>If applicant is accepted, the subject is stripped of all but the essential organs necessary to keep the brain functioning
>The subject is suspended in a dense tank of nutrient liquid
>The subject's senses (smell, taste, hearing, seeing, feeling) are completely removed
>The subject is connected to an exosuit (pic related) with the nutrient tank suspended in the middle
>The subject's brain is still active, and gets massive informational feedback from the exosuit, giving them the ability to hear, see, feel, taste and smell perfectly
>many say that the sensation of being an enforcer is much greater than that of an ordinary New Human, even though it is practically much more "inhuman"
>Enforcers are used either in human-to-human warfare or as peacekeepers in larger cities
>Most enforcers are called in as riot control
>Enforcers need daily battery recharge as well as monthly nutrient replacement
Cloning could be used, though it is clumsy and rather crude, that would at least keep the scarcity.
These just sound like new humans 2.0 the not deadening.
File: Exhume2_7.jpg (821 KB, 724x1024)
821 KB
821 KB JPG
>Soldier Drones
>Since New Humans are costly, rare and valuable, the main human battleforce consist of Soldier Drones
>Soldier Drones follow the robotic laws of Asimov, but when facing an opposite human force, friendly New Humans are given identification tags marking them, and only them, as humans - allowing Soldier Drones to attack enemy human forces
>Soldier Drones are mostly independent and take orders from either pre-programmed target goals or an on-the-field Cerberos operative
>Soldier Drones use almost exclusively energy weapons, draining their own batteries during combat
>Soldier Drones have recharging batteries, allowing them to reengage in combat after a short period of inactivity
>Specially equipped Soldier Drones can have increased armor, battery capacity or weaponry
>Soldier Drones are often deployed alongside automated transport vehicles
>Transport vehicles who, after troop deployment, are used as recharge stations and artillery platforms
Asimov's laws are really lackluster if you want soldiers though, honestly it's the future but maybe something like asimovs modified laws or slopendopenshuffebuffens great laws for robots would maybe quench my tard rage over it.

Also isn't the idea that you should not shoot your fellow humans? I mean yes people would still be mad at eachother for the stupidest shit but wouldn't humanity be more... compassionate with each other? Sure they are jaded, can't love the face of a cute thing like they used too but they would at least all understand the importance of each other. Maybe they would settle it over a sort of "test of might" where they would send their little drones and shit against each other? That way both parties live, one goes home knowing that he did not die but he'll be butthurt about whatever stupid bullshit he started a war over and both will be able to fight of the alien hordes that really want to get to new humanities goodies.
They basically do send their drones against each other. New Human strike forces are only used at strategic key points. Fully automated Soldier Drones is the standard attack unit.
I'm thinking most conflicts aren't settled with armed combat, but I'd like to include at least one rival faction that simply cannot be argued with.

And I'm not sure there will be that much of an alien horde threatening all of their kind. I'm thinking most aliens try to stay away, or stay on humanity's good side, as the True Humans of old were an intergalactic superpower, and they don't want that to happen again. So it's like... a cold war.
File: exhume2_8.jpg (26 KB, 600x381)
26 KB
>Intelligent Metal, Seed and Soil
>With the advancement of technology, infrastructure and war changes
>The introduction and common use of intelligent metal is one such advancement
>In it's basic form, intelligent metal resembles boiling hot steel, glowing a bright orange
>As it is deployed, it burns through most other materials
>Without direction, the intelligent metal will cool, harden, and that will be it. It's just like any other metal
>However, with the introduction of Seeds, intelligent metal reacts
>Seeds are small spheres, no larger than that of a thumb, that is dropped into intelligent metal to give it a direction for self-assembly.
>This way, by emptying a large tank of intelligent metal, along with a few seeds, you can quickly assemble strong, bulletproof, shockproof buildings based on architectural programming
>This way, it can also be used in warfare
>Carpet-bomb a city with hot glowing intelligent metal
>Plant sentry-gun Seeds into the metallic soil
>Fully automated Sentry guns all over the city, pre-programmed with target identification
>Main troops attack during disruption
>New Human specialists deployed
>continuing and clarification
>Assembly of larger objects can be a matter of hours, while smaller objects can take less than 15 minutes
>The intelligent metal assembles itself, morphing into the pre-programmed item and cooling
>The morphing process can take longer if the pre-programmed item is full of detail and small mechanics
>It always needs to components to work. Raw, intelligent metal (Soil) and the pre-programmed directional component (Seed)
>An example of Intelligent Metal used by troops: Caltrop Grenades. When exploding covers an area with hot, glowing intelligent metal, burning into everything it touches. Once it cools, it buries into it's victim and crystallizes in caltrops-like spikes, pointed inwards into the victim (away from the source of impact)
Damn, my keyboard is dying on me.
*cooling off before functioning properly
*Always needs two components
Yeah i guess.

I mean we have those leeches, which are apparently going full body invasion. Im sure someone see's new humanity as a weaker form and decided to start a war with them.

But yeah, diplomacy and general tension. maybe they do like in the early Veil HFY, you know the ones where humanity is enclosed in this field of mindshitter and they are basically a race born to be immune to it, they then proceed to basically survive through being spooky.

I'm guessing that and unending hordes of cheap warbots would be new humanities big thing. Have spooky diplomats to keep the more unruly alien races to not charge straight to earth and get all the human superpowers themselves (or they believe they would, honestly i never imagined these guys as that powerful other than their incredible resistance and endurance, to not make it another "humanity is so great" loop).
I was thinking the leech race did have open war, but doesn't really send wave after wave of troops. Instead, they've dug in deep in their homeworlds and are cooking up something sinister.

I've read the Veil HFY, but I'm not sure it would work in this setting. My idea was that humanity was a military superpower before the extinction, and when they fell from grace, others were relieved. Then, when they came back, alien races held up their hands and went "Oh shi-", basically leaving them alone, not wanting to draw anger or suspicion.

Earth is lost, long ago. No one knows where it is, or if it even exists. The closest thing to a home planet is Runmaal. In this setting, I was thinking New Humans had a big reputation for being vengeful monsters who've mysteriously come back from the grave, and alien races are afraid of what they're capable of as a collective race. But yeah, diplomats are keen on keeping up this image.
Aight yeah, that's still bretty good, as i said it's my shitty headcanon, you got the reins here.
Yeeee waking up and having a writing idea.

>Klein leaned in close to the mirror and frowned at what he saw. The discoloration of the sclera, the increasing heterotropia, the shrinking feeling... all pointed to an eye failure. For him, this would make the fifth in these past two decades. Maybe when he lost the first natural one he should have taken his friend's advice and just found a cybernetic replacement. But there had always been one problem he had with the idea:
>He liked the color of his eyes.
>Between reclaimed and regrown parts, he had been lucky to even find eyes that had similar ones, matching the steel gray, flecked with hazel towards the center that he'd retained from his True life. And yet, he always managed to find something he didn't like about each successive replacement, never being quite the true match of the original. Half-closing his eyelids and rubbing the bridge of his nose, he muttered.
>"Vanity, thy name is Traditionalism."

And thus, my paltry writefag abilities have been spent for the year.
Beautiful. I dunno why, but it feels like the setting in general has a lot of potential for interesting characters. Such a small detail that is otherwise unimportant (such as eye color or length of fingers) suddenly become relevant, at least to the character.
Poor Klein. I can imagine what an annoyance it'd be to constantly have such a reminder of asymmetry present.
File: Silicone_life_2.jpg (128 KB, 278x524)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Aw frag, forgot to add a pic.

Though while I'm still here, might as well ask the big ol' crunchiest of questions: What system should this setting use? The only one I can think of is Nechronica, which seems more action oriented (and loli oriented) than Exhume seems to be.
I actually have no idea what system to use. I've never heard of Nechronica, so maybe I'll check that out. I'm pretty sure I don't want a percentage based system though, those just tend to annoy me. I also don't want a D&D-like system. Maybe something similar to the All Flesh Must Be Eaten-system, or some variation of WoD?
File: Silicone_life_4.jpg (87 KB, 334x338)
87 KB
>The only one I can think of that covers varying body part components is Nechronica.

God damn am I off this morning.

Japanese game, you play as an undead loli who fights undead lolis. The example of play ends with undead lesbian loli pregnancy. Yeah.
Is there anywhere I can get Ephase or Nechronica? I got both Gurps, Shadowrun, WoD, DH and AFMBE, so I figure it wouldn't hurt to check out two new ones. I was looking for the pdf share thread, but couldn't find it. Kinda cheap asking for a link, but I figured I might as well while I'm looking around.
File: Blame-2_Pcell.jpg (793 KB, 1024x768)
793 KB
793 KB JPG
What's been translated of Nechronica and it's expansion was linked my last post.

As for Epahse, (Eclipse Phase,) looks like it's a percentile system, but might be able to find something usable in it. http://robboyle.wordpress.com/eclipse-phase-pdfs/
Basically it's a free game, so the pdf you find there is the actual full game i think.
Honestly i think shadowrun works better for the sake of augments and undead, gurps probably got something that you can make this setting off and wod... well it's WoD, don't know why you would pick that.

I would also suggest that one space game i never remember, traveler or something like that.
Well, it looks like I got my fair share of reading to do. I'll get back to the topic of system later on. Looking closer at Eclipse Phase and GURPS at the moment.
>>Sexuality is more of a tradition. Most New Humans are so disconnected from their instincts that they can pretty much choose a sexuality and make it part of their identity rathern than a sexual preference.
So.... Cyborg Zombies from Planet Tumblr?
Kind of, but these guys are not ignorant assholes, and they have a certain level of insight into what they're doing. Sure, some may see sexuality as a flavor-of-the-month thing, but they're painfully aware that they're doing it simply because they need to actively make a decision in order to care at all - while the tumblr crew just wants to be special snowflakes and judge other people
File: exhume_sample.jpg (407 KB, 703x900)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
>Character Example
>Corvo Melkerson
>Born on a starbase in a time long since gone
>Doesn't remember much from his True Life, but have glimpses of holding his mother at his graduation, gazing into the eyes of a beautiful young woman at some sort of ceremony, high-fiving a friend at a shooting range, and other tidbits from what seemed like the life of a guard
>Doesn't remember much about his death. He was on a transport shuttle, and went to check on the cooling unit. He was found frozen in the floating debris
>Upon reanimation, had a Guardian from the military. Lieutenant Maylin, a woman whose application to become a Adaptor was declined, forcing her to become a disgruntled ground infantry team leader
>Corvo is now independent, and is trained as a Medium Trooper. Fighting comes naturally to him. He still stays in touch with the lieutenant, who's kind of like a distant sister
>He is not on active duty, but can be called upon at any time. Has a secondary job working local security along with two other guys and an Enforcer
>The two other guys are kinda annoying, but the Enforcer is a total bro. They share memories from their True Life at the end of every week.
>Every morning, Corvo gets that sinking feeling, when he realizes he will never feel the way he did when he was alive again. The smell of his lover's hair no longer holds meaning to him.
>When Corvo is contacted by an eccentric Pilgrim to accompany him on a mission to what could be the base where Corvo was originally born, there was no hesitation - if there was even the slightest chance of something out there making Corvo a bit more human - he'd walk through Hell to get it.
File: exhume_sample2.jpg (396 KB, 573x900)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
>Character Example #2
>Magnus Pat
>Has a genuine interest in games
>Not just computer or board games, but social games, tests, challenges
>Finished his independence trial on the first try
>Originally meant to be an Administrator, but was found to have a knack for Delving
>Magnus spends a lot of time in the Dataverse, sculpting beautiful True Human avatars that he sells for minor luxury requisitions, as a hobby
>Is secretly working on a family simulation, based on what little memory he has of his True Life
>A brother eating cereal. Another brother doing pullups in the doorway. Mother yelling something from the shower. No father to be seen
>Goes back to the simulation every now and then to try and force his memory back
>Works in construction, setting up security systems and improving infrastructure in new living quarters. Also Dataverse technician
>When Magnus was confronted by an eccentric Pilgrim about visiting some old space station, he almost immediately accepted. A new challenge. A new game. Understanding computer systems beyond the Dataverse. It makes him feel giddy, and that is reason enough to accept - It made him feel.
You know i forgot to ask but i get the feeling that this is a lot like ephase where there's really just a lot of anarchism going on. Is there really no fameous person that got a buncha followers together and tried to remake murrica or something, is there no actual governments?

Are the planets the only actually ruled things or are there space? Who chooses what is human space or not?
Hey OP, could you write your stuff up in a txt or pdf so we might save this?
I do really like it.
The thread is archived.
File: exhume_sample3.jpg (372 KB, 582x900)
372 KB
372 KB JPG
>Character Example #3
>Agatha Wilkes
>Is of the idea that humanity is terribly boring
>All she remembers from her True Life is tinges of sharp pain to her abdomen. Childbirth?
>Is happy with being New Human and not looking back
>Applied for the Adaptor program and has been accepted as a first level candidate, giving her the ability to gain basic information by ingesting small parts of her enemy
>Still needs higher clearance to get the good stuff
>Agatha is restless and wants to experience more and more, longing for the ever so slight rush of natural adrenaline
>Has an addictive personality, easily forming habits
>Has a romanticized idea of what glorious combat is, and has run countless simulations - but never actually been deployed in the field. She won't be deployed until at least level three Adaptor clearance
>Is actually desperately grasping at everything she can to find some sort of experience that isn't dulled by her very being. So far, the closest she has come is combat and conflict, giving her an aggressive personality
>When Agatha was confronted by an eccentric Pilgrim asking her to accompany him for an expedition to an abandoned space station, Agatha reluctantly accepted. It didn't sound like there'd be much excitement, but at least she'd get to experience some new scenery. Also, the backup of a Pilgrim might put her application for a level two Adaptor clearance higher on the pile of applicants...
I'm getting the feeling that this Pilgrim is a GMPC, or the Gandalf equivalent.
I was thinking there was a central government which the largest faction adheres to. I'm not exactly sure how it is controlled though, but I've got an idea for a mixture of a High Council (similar to a supreme court) and some sort of representational leader figure

As mentioned, the thread is archived. Here's a link for ya:
Also, I'm saving it all locally and will compile it (and expand on certain subjects) once I feel like I got a wide enough base to build the setting on. We're getting there!
Either that, or a fourth player acting as team leader. I just wanted the sample characters to be examples of how a mismatched group can come together
Well i had thought that since they were so far apart from each other they would form small groups, like families and each have their own little nationality they adore/love/want to be part of. Those nationalities might just be angry juntas/honorable democratic space states trying to get by. Larger states and it's just an uncontrollable mess, to free and nothing keeps anything working.

But maybe a really free civilization but with a big council chosen for honest/capable of not going coocoo crazy from power?
Maybe there's like this overall understanding between factions, making requisition and economy universal, but having slightly different traditions, ideals and local laws? That could work. And maybe one or two factions who've broken off from the empire completely.

The big bonus about having a New Human authority figure is that they are less corruptable. They barely have any feelings, and most are more machine than man. Maybe a council with one supreme judge having the final vote?
Keep it system agnostic for the moment. Eventually people will build the rules.
New Human culture seems to be very self-deprecating, and able to take a lot of self-criticism.
I'd imagine that knowing from "birth" that you're a corpse brought back with various technological hax puts a damper on your ego.
Anyone think these things could provide inspiration? They seem similar to this idea only planetbound.

So, basically pigeon/quarians?
File: 1384701193798.jpg (236 KB, 1920x1200)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
I'm going to take a look through my folders for relevant images to keep this thread alive.. Hopefully there's not too much Mechanicus stuff.
File: 1384960310185.jpg (177 KB, 1920x1080)
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177 KB JPG
File: 1393214365737.png (41 KB, 295x235)
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File: 1394906692558.jpg (1.29 MB, 1920x1080)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
File: 1395108522221.jpg (545 KB, 1200x800)
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545 KB JPG
File: 1394675890569.jpg (203 KB, 700x1050)
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File: 1393993274114.jpg (283 KB, 1600x1200)
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File: 1393176898503.jpg (512 KB, 805x1200)
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File: 1399337487960.jpg (321 KB, 975x1308)
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Anyone lurking?
File: 1399337919716.jpg (206 KB, 762x566)
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File: 1397179436898.jpg (102 KB, 362x692)
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102 KB JPG
Starting to plumb my 40K folders now
Based Blanche
>not a reanimated corpse
File: 1393201948496.jpg (108 KB, 486x781)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
File: adeptus-mechanicus.jpg (133 KB, 800x960)
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133 KB JPG
I hate to keep posting tech-priests, but they're just so fetching
hey if OP is still here, When might you run this game?
File: 40504385.jpg (341 KB, 1012x1465)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
Posting some stuff I got from Pixiv.
File: 35648066.png (1.49 MB, 1048x1482)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG

This image in particular captures the setting for me. A combination of corpse and technology, literally hanging on to a remnant of his former life.
Dunno where OP is.
Rolled 9, 1, 27, 20, 22 + 23 = 102

test post
This is refreshingly noblebright for a transhuman work.
This unit feels much sadness.
Deldar work better for Freethinkers than I thought
File: dravn.jpg (320 KB, 1495x712)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
And now for glorious Thompson
File: leicheoberschutze.jpg (139 KB, 685x963)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
File: scribe.jpg (393 KB, 962x752)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
File: lineworker.jpg (106 KB, 280x851)
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106 KB JPG
File: commando.jpg (136 KB, 653x644)
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136 KB JPG
Are those the Pacifists from Cosmic?
File: s19.jpg (95 KB, 577x864)
95 KB
File: assaultdoll.jpg (176 KB, 509x1206)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
File: soldier.jpg (100 KB, 390x788)
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File: sequester.jpg (216 KB, 776x881)
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216 KB JPG
File: scrivener.jpg (180 KB, 543x900)
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180 KB JPG
And I'm out
OP here. Thanks everyone who've kept the thread going while I was gone, it is fantastic to see so much inspirational art! I'm gonna blatantly steal all of it. Sorry about being gone for so long, but I had to catch up on some sleep.

I'm gonna poke out a few more ideas.
Fucking awesome OP, this setting has my imagination in overdrive. You should put together a pdf or something.
File: Exhume3_1.jpg (109 KB, 1600x421)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
If you wanna download the thread in image form. I'm gonna compile it all eventually though, so there will be a pdf of the setting.

>Watching and Listening
>Vision, to New Humans, is necessary. If the reanimatee was blind before reanimation, it is corrected by artificial means.
>There are plenty of options when it comes to vision. With the development of artificial eyes, ordinary, human vision is a luxury
>Most artificial eyes have the option to enhance certain things in the user's field of vision. The user can make otherwise invisible gas get a tainted yellow glow, enhance the light in dark settings, add lightning filters, etc. Most people tend to customize their experience until it either fits them perfectly (Freethinkers) or until it resembles their idea of what an ordinary human experiences (Traditionalists). Ascentialists tend to downplay experiences with lower light settings and greyed-out color.
>The idea of "flashbangs" is pretty much gone. Most artificial eyes have photocompensation, and artificial ears have adjustable sound limits
>Still, most people don't have both artificial eyes and ears. Maybe one, but not usually both. However, this is not common knowledge outside of New Human society. In fact, most alien races believe New Humans to be almost completely robotical
>There are other means of vision as well. Some people use external cameras placed on the outside of helmets, or shoulder cams. It takes a while getting used to, but can be useful when looking around corners, or spying. With this sort of sense-setup, however, individuals can have more than two-eye vision. In fact, helmets with sensors in all directions allow for 360-degree vision. Not for the faint of heart.
>Most artificial eyes and ears are detachable and can run on an individual battery for a few hours
File: exhume_abratian.jpg (393 KB, 700x1000)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
>The Abratian Coalition
>Established during the Second Generation, the Abratian Coalition is a treaty signed by most major clans/families/collections of New Humans
>The Abratian Coalition created a centralized economy and general rules of reanimation, but allows for local variations of laws regarding traditionally criminal subjects
>The Council is an example of a result of the Coalition. They are the ones allowing (or disallowing) reanimation within all factions. The Council is neutral, and exists in all New Human factions
>There is no single representative leading the Abratian Coalition. Instead, in time of a threat to Humanity as a whole, representatives from all the major houses are gathered to discuss and agree on a course of action
>The idea of a Requisition-based economy is also generalized over all factions. However, what you get for one requisition can vary in quantity and quality
>The size of the faction plays a part in how much say an individual faction has at any given time, but that will be discussed further when presenting the various factions
Bad writefaggotry incoming
>Hector slid out from under the covers, sitting upright. He picked up a cigarette from the table and lit, pressing it to his lips and inhaling. His right eye buzzed and his vision flickered. He swatted the side of his head, and the eye refocused. He had been told that a cigarette would do nothing to him. The chemicals in the smoke could not permeate his preserved flesh or mingle in his ichor blood. And yet, the habit relaxed him. It made him feel human. The ghost of a memory flickered through his brain, old synapses firing. A vague sense of contentedness. A friend with a lighter at hand. His face, dammit. Why couldn’t he remember the face?
>The girl stirred restlessly. “Did you enjoy it?” she asked him, her artificial voice cutting through his reverie.
>He turned to her, looking over her delicately engineered frame, her mask-like face, her empty, artificial eyes. Without a word, he put on his clothes and left.
I like it! I haven't adressed the concept of vices and addictions, but I was thinking it to be pretty common. I mean, ordinary humans use all kinds of tobacco and drugs to avoid their problems, just imagine what a New Human would do. Heavy drugs - stuff that would probably kill an ordinary human. And yeah, no more cigarette filters.
File: 1349419051194.gif (682 KB, 320x240)
682 KB
682 KB GIF
Sounds pretty dope. I love the title too.
File: exhume_abratian_1.png (66 KB, 212x212)
66 KB
Gonna run off to a meeting, but first...

>The Saxon Collective
>Population: 3.5 billion
>Standing Army: 8 million New Human troops, with a 100:1 Soldier Drone main force. Drafting further troops at short notice is a very real possibility.
>Largest of the four main factions, holding both Runmaal and Labranne as strongholds
>Mostly traditionalists
>Proud military tradition. Strong chain of command. Parades, propaganda, HFY
>Rarely intervenes in cross-faction politics
>Enormous colonization industry, re-taking deserted True Human planets yearly (even if some pesky aliens have taken hold there over the years)
>Brute force with a head held high and a "we do what is necessary for our people"-attitude
>Independence trial is four years of mandatory military service
>Being drafted is a possibility, but nothing has forced the Collective to take such an action as of yet
>Pros: Strong, proud, ambitious, exemplary
>Cons: Selfish, ignorant, holier-than-thou, "superiorist"
I'm not sure about the population scale. Since this is sci-fi, maybe I should just turn it up to 35 billion, with an 8 billion army? Everything is larger in this scale, after all
I have this idea that new human fleets fight only at ultralong and ultrashort ranges

Is this true?
>Population: 3.5 billion

I imagined ex humans to be far less numerous and more like a obscurity in the universe, pulling the strings of their empire in the bakcground.
If humans had conquered the galaxy so thoroughly they forgot Earth, a few billion New Humans seems reasonable.
Are you gonna crunch this any time soon?
But this is only one faction and resurrection is supposed to be extremely expensive and hard. I imagined that most humans wouldn't even get resurrected.
There are hundreds of billions of planets in this galaxy. If on average they only had 10,000 humans per planet that would still leave a quadrillion corpses.
I haven't adressed fleet combat yet, but I'm leaning more towards ultrashort ranges. It's just more badass. What do you think?

Well, you're right, in a way. I figured New Humans would be rare, but compared to what they were, they are much more rare. Also, they're not often seen outside their own systems, further making it seem like they're few in numbers.

Like these gentlemen pointed out, with such countless inhabited stars out there, even a very small number of New Humans add upp to quite large numbers. So I think I'm gonna stick with the 3.5 billion inhabitants on the largest faction. It's a lot, but not compared to what they used to be.

I'm gonna write things up later today/tomorrow, into a first compiled PDF. But first I'll have some work to do (outside of /tg/), and I'm gonna add a few articles on the remaining 3 main factions, one or a few rebel factions, and fleet combat. So either later tonight, or tomorrow, I'll upload a pdf of what we've made so far!
Loot cryogenics faculties for the bodies of wealthy elderly people who wanted to cheat death.
File: Giger-Biomechanoid_III.jpg (316 KB, 847x1200)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
I love your project OP. The core idea is great and unlike many other project the details feel equally atmospheric and coherent.

Perfect time to post some giger.
File: exhume_abratian_2.png (67 KB, 212x212)
67 KB
>The Carboria Freeports
>Population: 0.6 billion
>Standing Army: Less than 100 000
>Smallest of the four main factions, holding no planets, but several large trading ports
>There is a Carborian Freeport orbiting most established New Human planets, as well as near border space
>The Carborian Freeports are run by traders, held together by a chain of unions.
>Every 50 years, the Carborians hold an election for a representative position. This is done by internal elections within the unions, deciding one representative in each union. The unions, in turn, decide upon one representative for the Freeports overall. This final representative is then the one given official executive power in the Abratian Coalition.
>The title is officiall known as "The Outspoken"
>Carborians are vagrants, rogues, traders, drifters and opportunists, not afraid to resort to piracy and violence when facing something they desire.
>However, the Freeports also have the most punishing system of law out of all factions, resorting to death penalty in extreme cases
>The Freeport laws hold no jurisdiction outside the ports themselves, making piracy outside of the ports legitimate, between members of the Freeports
>Piracy towards those of other factions is strictly forbidden, as such actions are seen as provocations of war. Hence, piracy towards other Coalition members is an act of treason - punishable by death, according to Carborian law.
>Carborians can be complete dicks to one another and still stay within the law, but dealing with outsiders can bring them trouble - so they're a bit xenophobic.
>Pros: Charismatic, wealthy, creative
>Cons: Rough around the edges, regarded as brutes, xenophobic, shut-ins,
Fuck, I love Giger. Why'd he leave us?
And thank you, I've had this idea cooking in my head for too long. Glad to see people enjoy my mad ramblings!
File: fKJxI - Imgur.jpg (96 KB, 566x700)
96 KB
Any idea for other alien races? I like your creativity give us more.
Idea for a sub cult of sorts, OP

>The Extinctionists
>Theologians trying to replicate the circumstances that created New Humans by driving species into extinction, hoping to conjure some force to mechanically resurrect them
File: exhume_abratian_3.png (54 KB, 212x212)
54 KB
>Population: 1.3 Billion
>Standing Army: 1.6 million troops
>Before the Extinction, the Peninsulans lived on a planet mostly covered in ice, similar to Labranne.
>However, during the Extinction, when their world went to shit, their planet got ruined in the process
>The name Peninsulans come from the original reanimation site: the main city of their planet, located on a large peninsula. However, after the extinction, most of the mainland was drowned by melting polar ice caps, turning most of the planet into water
>The planet is still inhabitable for New Humans, but a True Human wouldn't be able to survive there. More on this on the Location: Brynia part, coming soon
>Peninsulans are in open war with the Leech aliens. It is more or less confirmed that it was thanks to this alien meddling that the planet melted in the first place, and some remnants of these leeches can still be found on the planet
>Peninsulans pride themselves on their endurance and adaption, fixing their broken cities with bridges and ships, turning it into a dark caricature of a post-apocalyptic Venice
>Peninsulans have an attunement to water. They were forced to create many implants and artificial organs in order to better survive on the planet. This experience has brought them somewhat of a reputation as craftsmen and inventors
>Peninsulans also pride themselves on their free spirit, being mostly Freethinkers and eccentrics in their higher society
>The Peninsulan faction is held by a trio of families, the sons and daughters of the planet's most successful businessmen (before the Extinction). These three enigmatic families and their unspoken alliance is referenced as the Bonded. A representative from each house is sent when matters of the entire Peninsulan faction is under discussion.
>Pros: Inventive, creative, free spirited, crafty, cultural
>Cons: Deviants, eccentric, irrational, selfish
That's a nice idea, trying to recreate the reaction, forcing the same situation upon others to see what would happen. Devious
File: exhume_brynia.jpg (198 KB, 1200x672)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
>Location: Brynia
>Main planet of the Peninsulans
>Most of the planet is covered in water
>The exception is a few mountaintops, old skyscrapers and floating trash islands
>Main city of Brynia is Talouse, holding more than half of the planet's population
>Most of Tolouse is built under the water surface, with the topside being mostly parks
>Outside of Tolouse, many keep the tradition of sub-surface agriculture alive, making all kinds of kelp and fish-based products
>The Tolouse cultural scene is flourishing. Each year, two of the three families of the Bonded is to provide the city with a three-act play. These are enormous events, calling upon high society from all over the Coalition. Whichever play is deemed the best of the two will have the privilege of hosting the other two families the upcoming year. It's sort of a competition
>Given the reputation of being builders and craftsmen, many seek Peninsulan crafters to create custom-order weapons, implants and organs. This has given name to many great creators over the years, whose creations have become the standard from which other work is copied
File: exhume_brynia2.jpg (122 KB, 900x700)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Another Brynia-inspired image. Clarification: The city's name is meant to be Talouse, but I kinda messed it up.
File: exhume_abratian_4.png (62 KB, 212x212)
62 KB
Allright, heading off to do some work, but gonna post the last main faction first.

>The Marinians
>Population: 1.9 Billion
>Standing Army: 2 million troops, countless Soldier Drones
>Marinians are industrialists
>Where the Peninsulans care for quality, the Carborians care for opportunity and the Saxons care for power, the Marinians are all about quantity and robotics
>Most Marinians care little for both Freethinkers and Traditionalists, at best identifying with Ascentialists, or none at all
>Marinians are cold, hard, logical and rational to the point where they can be mistaken for simulations or A.I
>Marinians are not without emotion though. Most Marinians are devious and calculated, hiding the nature of their desires in their bureaucracy and work
>Marinians are creators, and have a slightly larger export of Soldier drones and robotics than even the Saxons, besides being less than half their population size
>Marinians turn planets into factories and mines, caring little for finding more New Humans or making a better quality of life for their people. No, the Marinians just want to create more and bigger things for those who are already here
>The Marinians are those you turn to when you have a large order to process, or when you need something bigger and better than what is already available
>The Marinians are very widespread, not clustering in large cities. Instead they spread across the stars and enjoy solitude, or the company of a select few.
>Entire planets have been known to be claimed by a handful of Marinians, backed up by enormous amounts of Soldier Drones and mining droids
>They care little for the politics of the Coalition, only dealing with them when necessary. The representative of the Marinians is Manelle Trast, owner of the largest manufacturing company for Soldier Drones.
>Pros: Industrious, expansive, economic
>Cons: Unemotional, boring, greedy
Do both ultrashort and ultralong.
I could see the majority of New Humans disliking these guys due to the risk of them starting wars between New Humans and other species.
Absolutely. I'm planning on adding an outside faction using this way of thinking. Next up is Fleet Combat though.
>most alien races believe New Humans to be almost completely robotical
Aww shit nigga, you just activated my "oh wow, this would be really interesting to write out" trap card!

Shit i love general misconseptions about the smallest things from aliens, the whole fact that they just think that the humans are just some confused robot empire that went bonkers, theorising that there never actually existed a race called humans, the robots are just fucking nuttier than a snickers in a nuts n bolts factory.
File: exhume_fleet2.jpg (204 KB, 1095x730)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
I will present the Fleet tactics in two parts. First, I'll introduce the most common ship classes, then I'll show you how they use them. First up:

>Ship Class: Decapod
>The standard go-to ship of the New Human fleet
>Basic Projectile weaponry, mainly using rockets, with energy weapon defenses
>Equipped with basic protective shields, allowing to deflect most energy and blink-based attacks
>However, the Decapod is extremely modular
>The Decapod can connect to another Decapod increasing it's size, as well as bringing more materials to the ship
>An enemy never knows what to expect from a group of Decapods, as they can adapt on the field
>They can turn into long-range artillery, short-range armored rams, troop transports, shield stations... whatever is necessary
>Decapods can also detach and resume their original form when damaged
>As long as they are connected to less than 3 other Decapods, they can use local Blink drives to short-jump closer to the enemy, allowing close range shock maneuvers. A combination of larger than 4 Decapods is too large for local jumps
File: exhume_fleet3.jpg (515 KB, 2048x1200)
515 KB
515 KB JPG
>Ship Class: Tabanid
>Powerful short-range raider ship
>Light energy-based weaponry
>Powerful disruptive batteries, allowing the Tabanid to overload nearby enemy ships
>Double short-range blink drives, allowing for consecutive jumps. One for engaging, one for escape, hence less room for weaponry
>Upon delivering their payload, the Tabanid is vulnerable for a short time before it jumps away
>Tabanids allow long-range, more powerful weaponry, to attack unhindered, causing massive damage and allowing short-range boarding parties
File: exhume_fleet4.jpg (130 KB, 1280x960)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
>Ship Class: Coleopt
>Massive shield beasts, boasting both powerful physical armor and extensive shield batteries
>Remotely charges shields of nearby friendly ships, allowing for slow, methodic fire-and-movement advance
>Capable of remotely draining battery reserves of nearby friendly ships to power up massive surprise attacks
>Coleopts are mostly used as command ships, but can be brought to mid-range in aggressive campaigns
>Mainly uses Projectile weaponry, kinetically charged with power from their own and/or nearby batteries, physically "throwing" projectiles with massive energy outbursts
>Basically flings enormous projectiles at impossible speeds
>Projectiles used differ from battle to battle
>Reserve shield batteries can be overloaded and turned into power bombs
>Rockets can be molded on-site by intelligent metal
>In rare cases, abandoned Decapods have been brought in and used as crude projectiles
File: exhume_fleet5.jpg (132 KB, 1191x670)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Last one, then I'll cover tactics (in short)

>Ship Class: Ophio
>Boarding ship
>Mid-range blink device, allowing it to quickly close in on a target ship
>Equipped with on-ship short range personal teleporter for boarding parties
>Also equipped with front-loaded energy weaponry, allowing the ship to physically melt a hole in enemy ships - making a physical entry where blink boarding is impossible
>Either teleports boarding parties aboard enemy ships, or attaches the front of the ship to the enemy hull and blasts a physical hole in it
>Capable of holding up to 500 New Human troops, or 2000 Soldier Drones
>The Ophio is not a standard ship, and is only used in battles where the enemy has fielded at least one large command-class ship, where boarding can cause the most damage
File: exhume_fleet1.jpg (21 KB, 640x266)
21 KB
>The New Human Fleet
>An ordinary battle group holds 3 Coleopts, 50 Decapods, 5-10 Tabanids and, in reserve, 5-10 Ophios
>Decapods are sent in first to assess the enemy. Initial Decapods take defensive measures and submit coordinates to the main fleet
>Main fleet arrives. Coleopts fire up shields to protect from initial barrage.
>Decapods split up 10-30-10. 10 Defensive units, 30 mid-range units, 10 short-range units
>Short-range Decapods escort Tabanids into close range. Tabanids deliver payload
>If needed, this is where the Ophio comes into boarding range
>Coleopts deliver massive payload
>Tabanids retreat, short-range Decapods change to defensive configuration
>10 mid-range decapods change to short-range configuration and await Tabanid recharge
>Reconfigured Decapods escort Tabanids for second payload while the initial Decapods retreat and regroup with the main force (basically being "relieved" by the new group)
>Once the shields are down again, Coleopts deliver second payload
>This cycle of Mid-to-short, disruption and attack is repeated.
>If the enemy is dug in deep, the Coleopts close to mid-range along with the defensive Decapods to apply greater pressure. Tactics are resumed when they manage to pry an opening in the defense, using the Coleopt weaponry to drive a wedge in the defense
>Coleopts have a secret main ship, never letting the enemy know which one to target to disrupt command
>If one Coleopt is destroyed, the next one in line resumes command
Surgery doesn't come from surgere, but rather from chirurgia.
If we look at romance languages we'll see how it goes: 'surgery' -> 'cirurgia' (ptBR), while 'appears' or 'rises' -> 'surge'
How many aliens have the New Humans driven insane with these tactics?
I can imagine it being terribly frustrating facing them, but also really scary when your ship gets physically shredded by hunks of metal and power bombs.
File: exhume_recreationists.png (111 KB, 900x845)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
(sigil blatantly stolen and taken out of context)

>The Recreationists
>Population: Exact number unknown, probably 150 000-200 000, with an unknown number of secret supporters
>Standing Army: Most members are militant
>Recreationists care little for their lost Humanity, instead believing that New Humans have been touched by a God
>Believing resurrected Humans to be blessed, the Recreationists have a disdain for life, believing the living to be "tainted"
>Recreationists believe that by destroying life, they can see whether or not God deems them to be worthy of resurrection
>This is the idea which all of their decisions are based upon. Killing is a call for God to show himself, and someone who remains dead is simply not worthy
>Recreationists do have primitive reanimation technology though, and they tend to manually resurrect "unworthy" subjects as slaves and soldiers
>Recreationists, in theory, have no problem with New Humans. But, since New Humans believe Recreationists to be heretics, they are in open conflict
>Also, Recreationists believe that ordinary New Humans simply do not deserve their gifts, seeing as how ungrateful they are to God
>The ultimate goal for Recreationists is mass genocide of other races, believing a large enough event to be what it takes for God to intervene
>Recreationists are dangerous, not only physically, but politically, as they want to provoke New Humans and Aliens into total war - forcing New Humans to support the Recreationist ideology of mass genocide
Allright, I'm gonna start working on a compiled pdf. If there's anything else you want me to adress, don't be afraid to share your thoughts.
File: front1.png (5.31 MB, 2480x3508)
5.31 MB
5.31 MB PNG
This is gonna take a while, fellas. I'm feeling artsy. Here, have a look at the front page.
File: front_up.png (644 KB, 800x1132)
644 KB
644 KB PNG
Fuck, sorry guys, uploaded the entire 5mb version. Wasn't intentional. Here's the one I was gonna show ya. Smaller, gives a better overview.
This is fucking awesome. Keep up the work OP, 10/10 would back on kickstarter.
Just a little bump to check if anyone has anything they wish me to add to the pdf. It's gonna be pretty extensive.
What is this, a picture for giants?
What is this, a picture for ants?

just kidding
I have one question, didnt find anything about it in thread. Since New Humans are able to replace parts in their bodies, shouldn't they be able to recreate old humans from existing tissue through cloning process? Only flaw i am seeing right now is lack of fertile eggs, but i guess that wouldnt be to hard to overcome.
I would be affraid that players would get this idea too.
Theoretically, it is possible. Even though there pretty much are no fertile eggs (a result of the Extinction was complete sterility). I was thinking that Human DNA was actually slightly corrupted during the Extinction, resulting in (even if you do manage to recreate a fertile egg) a mutated, braindead mess that nowhere resembles a True Human - but which might be able to be used for spare parts.

This way, the quest for pure samples of original human DNA is ever present. What do you think?
pretty cool, the corrupting of DNA after Extinction is logical. Like the idea of Quest for Newborns, only I guess it would be major event in universe. Would play
File: inside_up.png (611 KB, 800x1132)
611 KB
611 KB PNG
Allright, started touching up the writing, but wanted to share one more page with you guys. This is gonna take a lot longer than expected, but... hey, might as well get it right.
The alternetive text sizes are kinda annoying.
It's a trick from the WoD-books. I'm only gonna use it on "in-between" pages. The actual text parts of the pdf will be very readable, I assure you
Bumping because awesome.
We need another alien race that's not as absurdly evil as three meter leeches that feast on the blood of humans and other mammals.
Yeah, I'm gonna introduce another alien race that is a sworn enemy, and pretty much extinct. They still have a few pirate-like raiding parties out there to fuck with humans living near border space. I call them Pomonians. I briefly mention them in the beginning of the PDF preview.

With that in mind, here's the PDF preview! I'm gonna keep refining the text until I get a clean, readable collection. This is what it looks like so far (the first six pages)

How open are you to suggestions? "This is 100% my idea, just showcasing." or would you consider things written?
Also, it will be further proof-read later on. I know there are some weird sentences popping up, but that's a mixture of english not being my first language, as well as it being in the middle of a night on a work day. It'll all be corrected once the main writing is done.
Well, I don't want to change essential facts that I've based the rest of my writing on, but I'm open to additions!
Minor fluff suggestion: an entire spiral arm of the galaxy as dragon territory. Call it The Dragon's Tail or the Tiamat Arm or something.
Earth may or may not be in there.
I remember reading something similar in a suggestion early on in the thread. But what would be the reason for New Humans not to go there? There needs to be a reason why they haven't explored it yet.
I suggest calling the hunt for remnants to the past humanity "The Grand Autopsy" or something to that effect.
New Humans can't breed, and they can only vat-grow new body parts so fast. That would make them inherently very conservative about exploration. It's not like a generic fantasy or space opera setting, or even 40k, where humans as a whole are fertile enough to throw manpower at exploring hostile places that will most likelky kill them.
That's grotesque. I like it.

That's a good reason, but there still needs to be something in that area giving some sort of discouragement. Doesn't need to be something extremely dangerous, just... something ,you know?

I'm gonna head out for the night. Sorry, time zones. Thanks for the discussion, and feel free to add more ideas! I take it all into consideration and add it to my large file.
File: Dark Elves.jpg (159 KB, 1121x795)
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If cloning is possible, then why are New Humans not just growing True Humans in artificial wombs?

I get that most settlements would be too hazardous/toxic/etc to support natural human life, but surely there are some planets Earth-like enough for the job.

Alien forces that really don't like you and want to find out how you work is one. General dangers of traveling to far away from the big group (new humanity).

Cloning ways are too crude for full humans, to successfully clone a full "human" would be not worth the cost since the general quality would only make it last at least 10-15 years.
Okay, there's quite a lot of fluff here (but then again all space-faring RPGs necessarily have fluff out the wazoo in order to explain the limitations or liberties players can take) but what about the crunch?
>I was thinking that Human DNA was actually slightly corrupted during the Extinction, resulting in (even if you do manage to recreate a fertile egg) a mutated, braindead mess that nowhere resembles a True Human - but which might be able to be used for spare parts.

I adressed this question earlier. There simply is no pure human DNA to allow for cloning. Clones become mindless, twisted messes who (barely) can be used for spare parts.

Hmm... I should see if I can introduce an alien race as native to that area. Even if they're not particularly hostile, it might be enough to make even PCs think twice.

All discussion of usable game system will be a later topic. I want a finished setting before I apply a system to simulate it.
OP, you're really onto something here. This is bona-fide brilliance. We could be looking at the next Engine Heart here. This is something I really want to be a part of.
File: reporter lady.gif (1.94 MB, 162x179)
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Ok, I may have missed something, but why aren't the New Humans attempting to bioengineer old-fashioned True Humans? With all the tech they have, growing some vat babies doesn't seem like it would be too difficult. If it's a matter of poisoned environments, surely some experimental research group would be trying to recreate the race in biospheres or something, with the long-term hopes of depoisoning their worlds if successful.

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