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/tg/ - Traditional Games

Love, the feeling born from being near your precious Sempai.

Love, the cause of your unhealthy obsession with Sempai.

Love, the noble goal that one day you will share with him.

Love, the key that will allow you to make a happy ending!

Love, what will make him one day notice you!

You are a summoner, a noble mage who has been entrusted by the Great King of Magic with his 72 Keys, each with the power to summon a powerful demon.

With them the king had restored the temple in a mere three days and with them you could even destroy cities and countries.

But you are so, you are also a maiden in love, and today you feel will be a key moment in your war to get Sempai to notice you!

These are the chronicles of your struggle for true love!

The chronicles of Summoner Sacchin!

Save Sempai in the name of true love!

>But remember, you can only win Sempai's love, if you both live through this stupid zombie monster thing outbreak!

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Nanoha%20FORCE%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BelkanSniper
File: Samantha.jpg (14 KB, 186x271)
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You are a young summoner in love and a servant of the greatest king of ancient times! Your name is Samantha, but your friends call you Sacchin, the legendary, cute and lovely Summoner Sacchin!

Still this is the time to present yourself, because Ronove and Sempai are fighting that big black metal monster monk guy thing. That is sounds long… maybe you should give it a name? Rhapsody Berserker sounds cool for a final boss, right?

No, there is something wrong here, you don’t know why, but you can feel it. One could call it a sixth sense for misfortune, but you know better than to not trust your instincts.

Mentally you signal Ronove to stop, and as the black butler retreats into a building and somehow sempai follows suit. From your position, you can't see them, but you are confident that if you signaled them they will respond.

It looks like he felt the same thing you did. You feel like the area is changing. The scanners in the tank go haywire, as you feel something bad is coming.

The black berserker monk stands still for a moment, recovering its health. It appears like the black flesh that makes its meaty body is regenerating from the damage Sempai and Ronove gave it.

>B. Beast Monk HP: 6->12/22
File: C. Girl React.jpg (531 KB, 909x650)
531 KB
531 KB JPG

But you aren’t worried about it, because suddenly crystals start to grow in the area around the battlefield, closing the streets!

In mere moments the streets, the buildings, the cars and everything was devoured by the purple crystals. It was like the city had been transformed into a crystal wasteland.

In the air, between two crystalline skyscrapers, a figure appears. It was a girl, a girl covered in crystals.

You don’t know what is happening, but you can understand one thing… that girl is a monster, an enemy of all humans. She was someone who was the natural enemy of all humans.

A devil born from crystal... a real crystal devil.

The black berserker raises its fists, reading itself to fight! Is it going to attack that girl?

For now, you think you will be safe in the tank, as the crystals haven’t covered the whole tank. However now there is no way to drive the tank and escape, this area is a battlefield sealed by crystals.

You feel that Ronove and Sempai have avoided getting swallowed by the crystals somehow, but you aren’t sure what to do now.

What should you do now? [Choose any that apply and don’t conflict]
>Wait and see, maybe you can learn what is happening.
>Ask Ronove and Sempai to get into the tank.
>Help the girl, she can’t fight that berserk thing!
>Attack the girl, she is evil!
>Run away in the tank, with Ronove and Sempai, you can break through the crystals and escape!
>Summon fire that will burn even this evil girl! Aym awaits!
>Try to speak, use the tank to broadcast a signal?
Will take a moment to eat something, be right back.
>Wait and see, maybe you can learn what us happening?

>Wait and see, maybe you can learn what is happening.
>Ask Ronove and Sempai to get into the tank.
Wait and see... I guess I can do that...
File: C.Girl Hand.jpg (1.21 MB, 1680x1188)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
You order your servant to stay still, while Sempai does the same. Right now the best thing you can do is wait and see. After all, that girl could still be an ally, right?

After taking a few moments to inspect the battlefield, the girl raises one of her hands and with no incantations crystal gather on her palm. Slowly the crystals grow and change shame until it forms a gun with a bayonet, a crystal gunblade?

>Divider CX-1: Origin-Reacted

The devil girl points her weapon at the black berserker, “I see you have lost yourself in the madness, I guess this too is our sin. Please let me liberate your soul, you pitiful monster.”

Wordlessly, the girl swings her newly created weapon causing twelve crystal shards brake off from the bayonet! Flying with ferocious speed, each one is surely going to gut that berserker!

But with a ferocious roar, the black monster punches each of them, as it flies toward the crystal girl to punch her! The book behind it is gathering light, it appears to be preparing something!

It looks like these two are going to fight each other for now! You want to see the outcome of this battle, but you hear a voice call you!

File: Sempai Glassesadjust.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB

“Samantha, please hear me!” Sempai’s voice come from the shortwave radio, quickly you pick it up, “Samantha, get the tank working and let’s escape now. We can use the Black Monk as a distraction and just hightail it out of here.”

For a moment you wonder why the radio is working now, but this is not the time to worry about that. “Sempai, but why? I think we should help that girl.”

“No, that girl is dangerous, she…” Sempai hesitates for a moment, as if considering if he should continue.

He knows what he will do is wrong, but he made this choice the moment he decided to join Sacchin, “She is the one who caused the outbreak, the monster who gave birth to this calamity. I’m not sure we can take her down like this… maybe if I was alone… but it’s too dangerous for you. Sacchin, take the tank and run, we will make a way for you.”

Sempai is thinking of retreating for your sake, what do you do?
>Help the girl! Maybe that will make it your friend?
>Wait some more, you think you will have a better chance to do something if you wait.
>Agree with Sempai, retreating is the best option.
>Now, while she is distracted, you must sneak attack her! If you all attack her together you will take her down!
>Summon fire that will burn even this evil girl! Aym awaits!
>Summon Valefor, a dragon jet can help you escape!
>Try to speak, use the tank to broadcast a signal? Maybe Sempai is wrong!
>Help the girl, she can’t fight that berserk thing!

Pew, pew, pew,.
Sure, Writing!
>Sempai is sad...
File: Armor Monk Beast!.png (243 KB, 300x442)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
“Wait Sempai, we can help her!” You aren’t sure why exactly you want to do this, but you know one thing.

Helping that girl is the right thing to do.

“Why, she… she is a monster, someone who won’t hesitate to kill others. I won’t call myself a saint, but even I know that she is someone that should be dealt as fast as possible.” Sempai sounds kinda angry, but you just can’t help want to aid that girl.

Your king commanded your ancestors to use their gifts to help others that is what it means to have inherited the title of Magi.

“Sempai, let’s just help her. I think if we help her we can find a way to fix this mess.” You know that this reason is a bit shaky, but you hope this will convince Sempai.

“I…” Sempai hesitates for a few moments, before coming to his decision, “All right, we will aid her, but Samantha, if we fight against that girl, I want you to promise me that you will run away.”

Something in Sempai’s voice leaves no room for argument, and you know better than to fight him now, “All right, let’s do it.”

The girl is right now fighting that black monk, what should you do to help her?
>All three of you should attack at the same time, overwhelm the monster with firepower!
>Ask Sempai to sneak attack the black monk, he can surely kill if from the back!
>Ask Sempai to hold back, he can continue hiding.
>Ask Ronove to bind the monk, if the butler slows it down, it will make things easier!
>Ask Ronove to face the monk head on, he can punch it to death.
>You should summon Aym, burn everything in fire and lies!
>Summon Valefor, raining dragon lasers from the sky sounds fun!
>Signal the girl, tell them you are friendlies!
>>>Ask Sempai to sneak attack the black monk, he can surely kill if from the back!

>Ask Ronove to bind the monk, if the butler slows it down, it will make things easier!

>Signal the girl, tell them you are friendlies!
>Ask Ronove to bind the monk, if the butler slows it down, it will make things easier!
>Ask Sempai to hold back, he can continue hiding.
> Fire the cannon!
The tank is a museum piece, it lacks any ammo.
>No ammo
Triste. Supporting >>32354403 then.
That's life anon, but hey you have a tank at least!

Well writing!
File: Divide Zero.png (436 KB, 1698x1200)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
You know that you have to help that girl now! Quickly you tune the tank’s radio and broadcast your voice over a speaker, “Eh… Miss Crystal Girl, let us help you fight that thing!” You aren’t sure if that is enough, but it seems that the crystal devil understood you!
Good, now you all can work together!

Quickly Ronove jumps before the black beast, using his hands the black butler wove a series of magical barriers around the beast, holding it in place!

“HAWOLLLL” The armored berserker howled as it trashes against the boundary fields that entrap it! But it was no use, that monster can’t break away fast enough!

“Good old man!” In a single movement Sempai appeared behind the target, using his heat dagger to slice the berserker’s limbs! With surgical precision, these lighting fast cuts immobilize the enemy beast even further, setting everything up for that devil!

“I must thank you for your help.” The girl merely points her crystal gunblade at the bound enemy as destructive light gathers at the tip! “Come be erased by this cursed power! Divide by ZERO!”

File: Shadow 1.jpg (109 KB, 1048x762)
109 KB
109 KB JPG

What followed can only be described as a flood of silver light, as that girl’s attack gorges the street and drills past the street, the sewers, and past even the bedrock!

The ground shakes at the power of this beam, as you feel this girl will cut the world in half with her attack!

After a few moments the world stops shaking and the silver lights vanishes. Clearing your sensors you see two figures. One is the black knight that is sempai, holding a black book, while the other is that crystal devil, now also holding a metallic gunblade in her offhand, the same one the metal monk once had.

“Echidna, I won’t let you have this Replica… I can’t let a monster like you grow more powerful.” Sempai materializes a heat sword in his hand the tip pointing at that girl.

But even the girl is being threatened she just smiles sadly, “So even in this disaster, even when Silberkreuz is growing in power; you won’t dare work with me, how sad Black Knight.” She raises her crystal gunblade, ready for battle. "But I have a need for that book, I need it to atone for my sins. If you will interfere, I won't hesitate to break you!"

You feel these two will kill each other if they fight!
What do you do?
>Go stop the two!
>Ask Sempai to explain what is happening here?
>Ask the Girl to explain what is happening here?
>Ask Ronove to separate the two?
>Ask both of them what is happening here?
>Get away?
>>Go stop the two!

Stop, in the name of LOVE!
>Go stop the two!
>Ask both of them what is happening here?
File: C. Girl 9.jpg (82 KB, 908x906)
82 KB

You rush towards them, driving the tank until you reach them! “STOOOPPPP!” The tanks skids past the gigantic crater made by that “Divide Zero” as it stops right before those two are floating in the air, “You two shouldn’t be fighting right now! We have more important things to be doing!”

The Black Knight and the Crystal Devil take a moment as they study each other, before the two lower their weapons.

“I suppose this girl is right, we do not have to fight right now.” The Crystal Devil muses as she continues, “I propose you a deal Mr. Knight.” The Devil raises her offhand, showing the Divider marked with the number 1006 on its blade, “This is one of the new Divider models that were being made on the facility they had trapped me, an Over Thousand Model. This is my offer, how about you give me that Book, and in turn, I give you this Over Thousand Divider! I will even let you go without a fight!”

Sempai responds almost immediately, his voice still carrying an undercurrent of anger, “I have heard about the project; that is a divider that can work on the Eclipse. But why should I care about it, it’s not like I am an EC Driver.”

“Don’t try to be funny, I am sure you understand why this weapon is important, I am sure in the future your group plans to work alongside that Silberkreuz boy, so I am sure that finding ways to make him more useful is a tempting idea for you guys.”

File: SHadow 2.jpg (1.24 MB, 1920x1080)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG

“Now the one who is being funny is you, I know fully well that you plan on killing Silberkreuz.” The girl flinches when sempai accuses her of that, “I heard that to save him after he surpassed his control limit they had to use you as a retardant. That’s why you were too weak to break out the facility by yourself when those fowl birds attacked. The truth is that you want to kill that boy to recover your true powers.”

The girl frowns for a few seconds, before she faintly smiles. It is such a small smile that you think that the girl herself might not know she is smiling. “You are surprisingly quick witted, I think… I think I like that about you, Mr. Knight. But that leave us at an impasse, if we can’t reach a compromise, I fear we will have to settle this by force, Mr. Knight.” She does not bother to deny anything, does that mean that Sempai is right?

For a moment you want to ask them what is going on, but these two… they are trapped in their own world, using terms that you don’t really understand.

You don’t like this, you don’t like how these two are acting… and you feel that these two will kill each other if you do not interfere.

What do you do? You will have to forcibly enter this world if you want to help Sempai.
>Ask them to explain things. Surely they can understand each other.
>Ask the Girl to explain, she can’t be that bad.
>Ask Sempai to explain, what is happening here?
>Ask them about Silberkreuz, who is this guy?
>Ask them to stand down, why can’t you work together.
>Tell Sempai to accept the deal, if you can avoid fighting.
>Tell Sempai to work with this girl, the two can help solve the outbreak together.
>>Ask them to stand down, why can’t you work together.

Best anti-hero team ever.

>Best anti-hero team ever.
I agree with this, but you can ask them to explain first... you can ask them all those questions if you want.
Well going with this.>>32356392
I hope you guys work for your miracle team up!
File: Silberkreuz.jpg (156 KB, 850x544)
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156 KB JPG
You can’t let these two kill each other, you just know that they can do better than this! “Why can’t you two just stand down. You don’t have to fight! Plus we all want the same thing… why can’t we just work together.”

The two just stop for a moment, and you think that they are really considering what you are saying. The first one to talk is the Crystal Devil, “The girl is right, fighting with you is unproductive, especially when our real target is still running around. What do you say, Mr. Knight, if we work together I am sure we can deal with this? If you help me deal with the Silberkreuz and recover the black book, I would not mind helping you contain the outbreak in this small city.”

“You… Why should I help you defeat the Silberkreuz? Even if you regained what he took from you, I doubt you would have the power to solve this mess.” Sempai is getting irritated, you can tell from the way he is breathing, it’s something so small that only you, who knows everything about Sempai from observation, can notice.

“With the original black book I can create a retardant for the virus, a way for them to regain their sanity. Even if it’s not a complete cure, they will be able to regain their humanity. Mr. Knight, this situation was not something I desired, but nevertheless it’s my responsibility, that is why I have to solve this.” Now you can feel that this girl, Echidna, is ashamed of what she did. Could she feel bad about the outbreak? No, does feeling like this excuse her of what she did?

From the way they are talking, they have to deal with this guy Silbersomething to gain a certain book, and then they could deal with the monsters.

File: C. Girl 7.jpg (480 KB, 1920x1080)
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480 KB JPG
Sempai stands still frozen in the air, trying to keep himself calm (or at least you think.) After a few moments, he flies forward in the air, until he reaches his nemesis, “What’s stopping you from using the black book to betray us, Echidna. With that much power I am sure you will repeat what you have done all the other times you have broken out! You will continue to massacre cities until we stop you.”

The black armored from of your sempai looks like it’s about to burn in dark flames from his rage, but he still keeps himself from attacking the girl, “Do you even remember how many of my brothers and sisters died because of you? At this point that wild boy is more trustworthy than a monster like you. I am sure that if we helped him, he would be more controllable than you, Echidna!”

“I’m not like before… I’m not a mindless monster anymore. I have finally recovered what I lost before… before I went to sleep, so you don’t have to fear that… I won’t be a mindless beast anymore.” Sempai seems like he wants to believe her, but… “Plus, my name is not Echidna, and I am not a monster! My name now is Gardenia, Gardenia Strosek the Zero!”

File: Shadow 3.jpg (680 KB, 1500x988)
680 KB
680 KB JPG

The way she said her name carried hope, a certain hope that she would overcome her past and find a new future. A future beyond being used and having to kill.

It was what her last master asked her to do.

The black knight just shakes his head, “That does not solve my issue with trusting you, monster. Even if you don’t go berserk anymore, with that book you would be as powerful as the leaders of the fowl birds. There would be no stopping you!”

The girl, Gardenia thinks for a few moments, before smiling sadly, “I know, but I have no way to make you trust me. The only thing I can ask you… is to come with me. See for yourself what I wish to do with my powers, and if you fear that I will become a mindless beast like before… then you are welcome to kill me!”

“Killing you... you…” You feel that sempai is really considering this offer. Still, that girl is too forward, telling Sempai to always be with her! You are glad that it seems they won’t kill each other, but you don’t like it!

Still you feel that if you talk you can influence Sempai on his choice.

What do you do? You are still confused about certain things, but… you have to do something now.
>Tell Sempai to take the deal, you will just have to go with him.
>Tell Sempai to consider it, after he takes you to safety he can deal with this girl.
>Wait, let me help!
>Don't you have other friends to ask for help?
>Ask them to explain things. Surely they can understand each other.
>Ask the Girl to explain, she can’t be that bad.
>Ask Sempai to explain, what is happening here?
>Ask them about Silberkreuz, who is this guy?
>Can't you go to the TSAB?
Will be taking a short break... brb!
>>>Tell Sempai to take the deal, you will just have to go with him.
Back... will write now.
Both the girl, Gardenia, and Sempai want to solve this whole incident, so there was no reason for the two of them to work together. While you don’t really get everything that happened between these two, you think that you get them to work together.

So without hesitation you say this, “Sempai, let’s take the deal. If we two work with her, I am sure that we can save this city.”

Sempai accepts the deal, “I understand, very well monster, you have a deal, let’s work together until we deal with this mess and Silberkreuz!”
“My name is…” Gardenia moved to correct Sempai, but he quickly interrupted her.

“Don’t bother with that, you might say you have changed all you want, but to me you are still the same monster that devastated several cities. Monsters like that are not worthy of a name.”

“I see, but the way you said it… that means that one day you might see me in a different light.” The girl smiles a bit, “I guess I can’t expect anything better from someone like you, who was programmed to fight.” Even though there is a certain tension between them, you think that now these two understand each other… at least enough to work together.

“Good, now we have to...” You move in to keep this going, because you still feel that if you leave these two talking together they will kill each other still, even if they agreed to hold a truce.

So what should your newly formed team talk about?
>You name, all teams need a name.
>Your next action?
>Can you go and help them?
>Why is the Black Book important, and the Gunblade?
>What is happening here, what are those monsters?
>Your allies, do you have friends to help you?
>Your target, who is this Silberkreuz?
>The TSAB, can’t we ask them for help?
>How do Sempai and Gardenia know each other.
>Your allies, do you have friends to help you?

Best superhero team-up gonna get better.
Right, writing!
File: Dark Arts Viper.jpg (229 KB, 1200x1600)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
“Right, so do you guys have any more allies? More friends to help us here?” You have to stay positive Sacchin, who cares if Sempai has this hate-passion thing going on with this strange and beautiful devil, you are sure your patient and sweet love will win him in the end!
It has to be that way!

Sempai is the first to answer, “The rest of… my ‘friends’ are in Central, alongside our ‘boss’, I doubt they have moved from the area, but I doubt we can count on them for now.” He has to wonder what was taking his superior, Dark Arts Viper, so long in that place. Their orders had been to obtain the finished 5th Gen Device, Excalibur and find a certain Mr. Death and Mr. Saber.

It shouldn’t be that hard, right?

There were very few things that could challenge an S-Rank Mage like his boss, it would take at least someone like the White Devil to give him problems.

But there is no way that could happen, right?

File: C. Girl 6.jpg (103 KB, 579x1496)
103 KB
103 KB JPG

“In my case, I have an ally nearby, we had schedules to meet relatively soon, and so after we finish our planning here we can move to meet up.” Gardenia just adds without emotion.

“You mean she is also an infected, right?” Sempai ask cautiously, but you have to wonder how he knows so much about this. Is he involved with the government and the TSAB?

“Correct, quick as expected. She is... a difficult person, but I hope we can manage to work together. From my understanding she will be bringing whoever she manages to recruit with us.” Her face lights up a bit when she talks about her ally, in a way you are glad that it does.

It makes Gardenia seem more human like.

After all monster, can't have friends.

“I see so you hope to gather whatever forces to challenge the Silberkreuz?” Sempai is scratching the bottom part of his helmet as he thinks. “You alone won’t be able to beat him, now if he has his Reactor Plug working.”

“Correct, I hope you understand why that is an important step to restore order to this city.” Gardenia keeps her deadpan voice, but you think you feel some warmth towards Sempai in her voice.

Maybe you could call that respect, or maybe understanding.

“Understood, Sacchin do you have more questions?” Sempai turns to you, as he waits your further input. In some way it surprises you that he wants to include you in this, doesn’t he think this is dangerous, or does that mean that he trust you to handle this?

Anyhow, what do you ask?
>You name, all teams need a name.
>Your next action?
>Can you go and help them?
>Why is the Black Book important, and the Gunblade?
>What is happening here, what are those monsters?
>Your target, who is this Silberkreuz?
>The TSAB, can’t we ask them for help?
>How do Sempai and Gardenia know each other.
>Recap, Can you explain what is happening?

>Your target, who is this Silberkreuz?
>Silberkreuz is a cool name, we need a cool name.
>What is happening here, what are those monsters?
>Your target, who is this Silberkreuz?

Sacchin still dosen't know what's going on, does she?
Nope, she is kinda getting that this is due to a virus now, but she has no idea of what any of this means.

Also going with the Silberkreuz question now!
File: Spoiler Image (11 KB, 180x280)
11 KB
“Wait who is this Silberkreuz? I mean why do we have to fight him? Can’t we just talk to him or something?” You had to wounder why Sempai and Gardenia were so set on the idea of having to kill this guy?

Couldn’t they try to get along?

“He is my enemy, the one who took everything for me. As long as he lives, I can never rest.” While she says this, Gardenia’s face is cold as stone, nevertheless you can still feel the hate she has for this person.

It’s probably the most emotional you have heard her, except for the when she told her name to Sempai.

“But even if we sought to try to negotiate with him, we need his black grimoire, and I doubt he would be willing to part with it. For us this is the only way.” With that you feel Gardenia has said everything she wants to say, so you turn to Sempai.

“What she means is that the black book is a database that has access to some information she probably needs to fix this. However she can only access it if she is the owner of the book, and sadly Mr. Silberkreuz has a hold of the thing. So we have to beat him to take it back.” Sempai is trying to be helpful, but why could they talk with the guy?
File: Samantha 1.jpg (1.04 MB, 1920x1200)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
“Sorry, it’s probably better this way, even if we managed to find a way to get the info we need from the Black Book, Echidna needs the powers Silberkreuz took from her to be able to create a solution for this mess, at least as far as she knows.” The only other solution he knew was maybe meeting with Mr. Death… surely the project manager of this evil research would be able to cook something to help, but that would have to wait until he met his commander.

Plus he wasn’t sure he could trust that man, at least with this team-up plan he could deal with either Echidna or Silberkreuz. Even if only one of them dies, it would help the TSAB immensely.

Still you weren't sure if siding with Echidna was better than having Yagami handle Silberkreuz.

Maybe he wants to help this monster because he wants to believe in her, believe in someone who wants to make amends for her mistakes.

You wanted to believe that a killer didn't have to be always a killer.

If he has to fight either one of them, he was sure that he would get his kill. Even if he had to give up his life, he would take down his target.
He was sure of that.

“Still… I feel it doesn’t have to be this way.” You really don’t like this… this plan to kill a person.
Sempai shouldn’t be a merciless killer.

“Sorry Samantha, this is the best we can do now. Do you have other questions?” Sempai seems to want to move away from this question, it looks like he doesn't like it either.

What do you ask?
>You name, all teams need a name. Silberkreuz is a cool name, we need one as cool!
>Your next action?
>Can you go and help them?
>Why is the Black Book important, and the Gunblade?
>What is happening here, what are those monsters?
>The TSAB, can’t we ask them for help?
>How do Sempai and Gardenia know each other?
>What is happening here, what are those monsters?

Time to get Sacchin up to date on the eclipse -apocalypse.
>>What is happening here, what are those monsters?
“Sempai, can you tell me what is happening here, what are these monsters?” You have been wondering that all this time. You aren’t exactly sure how these things got here, but a part of you feels you already know.

Maybe you just want Sempai to tell you himself.

“Right, I think you deserve to understand what is happening. This mess was caused by something we call the Eclipse Virus or EC. Its main purpose is to make super human soldiers we call Eclipse Drivers, who have the ability to negate magic if they have a weapon called a Divider (Sempai points at the gunblade), and a special catalyst called a Reactor (Sempai points at Gardenia.)”

Sempai takes a few moment to think, before he continues, “The main problem here is that someone released the virus here, infecting several humans with this thing. The problem is that this virus is very selective with its hosts. At most one in a several tens of thousands might survive this the virus to become a full EC Driver. If we estimate the ones infected at a Million of them, we can guess we might find about 20 or so EC Drivers. However they are not the problem here.”

File: Spoiler Image (59 KB, 1024x1000)
59 KB
“However our problem here is that the unlucky ones tend to be killed instantly by the thing, as the virus overdrives their systems and causes them to die.” Here he skips the details, this sort of detail is too gruesome for a girl like Samantha, “Furthermore, there are the monsters we have been fighting, the Infected. They are the ones compatible enough to survive the initial infection of the virus, but not enough to become a fully-fledged EC Driver. Their bodes mutate as the virus tries to adapt them better into being better hosts for it, but they end becoming feral monsters, who only live to fight.”

“But that means…” That means that Ronove, Sempai and you have been killing humans. “No… no, nononno…” You fall to your knees as your head starts to hurt.

A few steps from you Sempai stands still, as he asks you a final question, “Sacchin, I know this might be too much for you, so I will give you this last chance. Do you want to come with us? Do you want to fight against Silberkreuz. If you come with us, you might be forced to fight other infected, and have to kill them. If you wish, I will take you to a safe place with the TSAB and you won’t have to worry anymore about this.”

A mage is one who protects, that is why they wield staffs, because they want to be the ones who nurture and protect them. A mage should be one that protects human life… that is the basis of being a mage.

Can a mage that kills still call herself a mage?

Sempai is asking you if you wish to do this, if you wish to fight and kill other human beings. Do you want to fight?

Senpai and Gardian said we could fix things by using the book Silberkreuz has.
Defeating him means we won't have to kill anyone else!
File: Spoiler Image (1.17 MB, 1813x1133)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
“Yes I want to go with you. I want to protect everyone from this virus, and find the ones who did this. Sempai, Gardenia, I want to stop the killings. You two said that if we get that book Silberkreuz has we can stop the killing. So if we defeat him, it means we won’t have to kill anyone else.” It was a bit selfish of you, but you felt that this was the only way to make things right.

The best way to protect everyone

Sempai wants to move to tell you something, but Gardenia speaks first, “Very well, I am glad that you have joined us. Then we can move to the next topic, we need to pick a team name.” You think that she is awkwardly trying to move the topic away from your problems… is this her way of helping you?

“A name? That might not be a bad idea, do you have any suggestions?” Sempai turns and continues the conversation, giving you time to calm down.

“A few, how about Calamity Raven or as we are warriors seeking to fight Silberkreuz we can go for Silverlight Crusaders?” Gardenia gives her first two suggestions, prompting Sempai to give his.

File: Spoiler Image (20 KB, 239x303)
20 KB
“Ha, I think something like Anti-Cross or Ignoble Knights might be better, it sure sounds better.” Sempai almost sounds cheerful talking about this, like a child talking about the cool names he came up for his character in a game.

“No, those do not sound heroically enough, I believe that the best name would be Soldatos X, or how about Conquerors of the Silver Plume?” Gardenia adds another set of names, enjoying this conversation.

“Hehe, that sounds boring, how about Dissider or Caliburn? I think they sound way better than your suggestions.” Sempai looks at you and tries to bring you into the conversation, “What do you think Samantha, which suggestion is the best. Surely mine is better, right?”

“I don’t think so, Summoner Sacchin, I fully expect you to choose one of the options I have presented!” You feel that these two are taking this naming thing too seriously. Could it be they have this in common?

You can almost see them childishly fighting between themselves over the name... it would be almost cute.

No, you have to stop that! Time to pick a name.

What name do you pick? [Default: Calamity Raven]
>Suggest one?
> Calamity Raven
>Silverlight Crusaders
>Ignoble Knights
>Soldatos X
>Conquerors of the Silver Plume
>Rebellion Monarchs
>>Rebellion Monarchs

>asking a magi of the 72 pillars to name something.
These two don't know who they're messing with.

>>32362418 is fine.
Too out of it to think of something original.
They are too busy flirting to care... at this rate Sempai will be stolen away!

>Rebellion Monarchs
>Shadow Garden
>Back Alley Alliance

To win our Senpai's heart we must enter the fray!
Let the name war commence!
>>>Rebellion Monarchs

I like these two... but so far Rebellion Monarchs is winning.
>>Shadow Garden
>>Back Alley Alliance

>Also should think to add a Sempai Love Meter... to have you guys watch out for the Sempai Effect.

>>32362491 here

I vote for 'Shadow Garden' as it's really the only original idea sofar..

unless it isn't?
>>unless it isn't?
So far I think Shadow Garden is original... unless it references something I haven't heard of.

I just kind of spliced Senpai and C.Devils montiffs together. It's original.
So Shadow Garden is it?
Yes or No?

>Last Chance!

>Yes that name is good, because it will be the cute garden from where Sempai and C. Devil will make new flowers to bring happiness to the world!
Now you're just bullying Sacchin...

SG in fine though
File: Isn't it sad, Sacchin.jpg (179 KB, 1024x1472)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
Well writing.

Well, her fate is to lose, when I said that for Sacchin this was a fight for love, I was not joking... well not totally joking at least.
File: Isn't it sad.jpg (102 KB, 400x353)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
You think hard of a name to suggest to these two, you think of using Rebellion Monarchs for a moment, but you want something special, something that will make these two work together.

So you decide for “How about Shadow Garden?” Sempai was a Shadow Knight and Gardenia means Gardens, right? So you hoped that one day these two would learn to work together to plant flowers that brought happiness to the whole world!

That was your happy wish for these two!

“So you didn’t pick from my ideas…” Somehow you feel sempai is a bit sad about not getting chosen, maybe he really liked one of his suggestions..

“Of course, she wouldn’t pick any of them, they were bad ideas!” Gardenia quickly interjects, attacking Sempai once again.

“Now, don’t get too haughty, monster! I don’t remember your suggestions getting picked either.”

“There is no need for her to choose any of them, we both know mine were better!”

The two begin to argue like little children, and you feel asking, “Didn’t you like the name I picked?” If they hated it, you are willing to change it. You didn’t care that much about a silly name.

>Don’t cry Sacchin, Don’t cry! This isn’t sad! It’s not sad!

Both Sempai and Gardenia freeze, as their eyes meet, and then together they say, “No, no, it’s fine. I like Shadow Garden!”

“I am glad you agree!” You cheerfully stand up as you clap happily, “From now on our team is called Shadow Garden!”

That’s how our team was named, just in time for a special person to arrive.
File: rival force 2.jpg (268 KB, 2550x3507)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
Just after you announce the final name, a loud crash is heard from the behind your group, on top of one of the nearby buildings! Your group turned to meet the new arrival!

Smoke covered the figure, but you could see that it is female.

“The time has come, and so I have arrived! The stage is set, so meet the one who will surpass all previous legends! The strongest and greatest, Ren Spirior!” After finishing that flashy declaration the smoke clears, allowing you to see the girl.

She was wearing a dark cloak, and had silver hair, but the main thing you get from her determination.

A determination to be storng, to be unmatched, to be without equal.

“Hey, Gardenia, I just finished with those punks, so let me go down there and meet your new boytoy!” With a hearty laugh the girl jumps down, and somehow you feel that this girl will be hard to deal with.

That’s how you meet the fourth member of Shadow Garden, the Absorb Driver, Ren Spirior!

>Nanoha FORCE Quest Part 22 END!

Preview: Tohma deals with the aftermath of his freeze his friend plan and has to make a very important desicion! At this moment the tide of the battle is changing, and that means certain choices have to be made. The only targets left are the Central Sector and the West Sector!

There is no more time to hesitate. Set up for next time, Part 23: Colliding Crisis (I)

>Remember Tohma, Stand Tall and Shake the Heavens!

Well with this we end this session of Nanoha FORCE Quest, if anyone has some questions I hope you ask them. I would love to answer them.
Sometimes I think people don't really enjoy when I go and run Sacchin Quest...maybe I should just drop it for now.

What do you guys think? Should I stop with this side interlude and concentrate on the main quest?
Personally, I enjoy the Sacchin treads. But I guess you're right in that it attracts less people than the Tohma threads.

Since Shadow Garden is all together it wouldn't really be a problem if we went back to the main plot line now.
Well you are right that now that Shadow Garden is together, we can concentrate on other guys now, but to be honest I probably should make a few more interludes dealing with Nanoha and/or the HOLMCROSS guys. But I think that I will just let you guys find out on your own what is happening to these two groups.

Also I am glad that you enjoy Sacchin Quest, because I really like it. I originally added it to give the whole outbreak a more normal perspective through which we could explore it, but now she ended being one of the founder's of Tohma's rival team.

To think that I originally planned to make Sacchin, Tohma's summoner. She really has come very far!

Sacchin's trying very hard to earn her happy ending.
She'll have to work harder to be better than Gardenia.

Interludes are fine, but doing the shadowrun thing and letting us find out about past events once we smash into the current consequences is also kind of cool.
Well Sacchin's happy end will depend on you guys, but Gardenia has that hate thing going with Sempai... in a way those two really understand each other.

Well I still think that Sacchin will get one last interlude we have to introduce Shadow Garden's 5th Member... a certain Fernando MAGUS. . We can't have an anti-Silberkreuz alliance without someone like him joining in.

Anyhow, I think I will just do that. It's time for you guys to face up with some true unknown. Plus this arc will end soon, probably.

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