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You wake up from your pleasant rest. That was the first time in three days that you've actually slept in an actual bed. Most of your nights was sleeping a ways off from the roads you traveled in order to not get picked off by some prowling highwaymen. It's a blessing that you didn't get attacked in your sleep either. It was a good choice to join Leonardo and Mia.

You heave a yawn and attempt to scratch your belly, only to find out that you're still wearing your armor. Despite the fight with those bandits, you have came out of it relatively unharmed. A couple new notches on your belt, and a few more scratches on your shield.

Reliving that short moment, you realize that the Wraith wanted you to kill them all, and what did he mean that by killing them we'll go stronger? You want to ask your personal demon that question, but you hear nothing but fuzz. Guess you're still drunk enough to not hear him yet.

After a quick session of morning exercises to get you fully awake you wash your face with the provided basin, and then gathered your equipment. You lock the room door behind you with the provided key and then walk downstairs with your assembled things.

"Ah!" You walk up to tavern counter where a pretty woman is hosting it. "You must be the pale one Bernard was talking about." She smiles sweetly, and walks to the kitchen. Soon she returns with a steaming plate of meat, sausage, and eggs; along with a tankard of ale. "Here you go sir! Morning breakfast with the world famous Dragon Hoards Ale." With another smile, she plops the plate and tankard in front of you, and pulls out a pair of utensils from her dress pocket. "Enjoy!"

Your mouth waters at the sight and smell of warm food, and after voicing your thanks, you ravish the meal. In between your massive gulps of your meal you take a sip of the ale to wash it all down. It's sweet surprisingly, not as bitter as you like, but it has just the right amount of sweetness to make it enjoyable, and it slides down easier.
Much different than Bart's bearfucker for sure. Whenever you drink that it feels like it suplexed your gag reflex into oblivion.

You burp loudly to signal that your meal is finished, and that you enjoyed it immensely.

"Enjoyed your meal I hope?" The pretty wench looks at you hopefully, batting her eyes for extra effect. You simply smile and nod, much to the relief and happiness for the woman.

You then pick up your things once more, and prepare to tiptoe past the unconscious bodies of patrons. Looks like that dwarf started quite a big bar brawl, and now everyone is sprawled over tables, chairs, or each other. One of them even tries to grab onto your boot to make out with it. Mumbling about some long lost lover. After you successfully freed your boot from his offending hands and lips. You leave the tavern, and a hot morning sun begins to bear down on you. Instantly, you feel the heat quickly dissipate, and you find yourself complete cool in the sweltering heat. Sometimes this possession jig actually works nicely for you.

>Head to the marketplace: It's time to get some new gear.
>Try to find Mia, and Leonado.
>Try and get more information about this job that Mia was so intent on working on.
>Leave the town. You can't stay in one place for to long.
Oh, before I forget:
Here's last nights thread in case anyone couldn't be there.
Rolled 9

Get sober, probe our Wraith for info - his name, the stuff he was doing when your "episode" happened and, most importantly, what he meant by going full "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD WRAITH".
After that, I guess we can go get our companions.
>Try and get more information about this job that Mia was so intent on working on.
Alright then! Getting sober, and gathering information about the job. I'm going to need a 2d20. First roll will be how fast you sober up, and the second roll will be gathering information at the town plaza.
Rolled 19

Need a 2d20 anon so just roll another one. It seems today is a tad bit slow.
Gah, fuck it. I'll use these two. 9 for the sober, and 19 for information gathering. Writing.
You walk back into the tavern, and ask the girl if she has something to sober up with, and she happily provides you with a small vial free of charge. Apparently it came with the package. You gladly take the vial and quickly down it. You can feel your head become a bit less heavy, but it'll take to time to completely sober up and ask the wraith a few questions.

Walking out of the tavern once more, you head to the town plaza in hopes of getting some information about the job.

It seems you still haven't lost your gift of deduction, and in only a few hours of walking around, asking a few vague questions. You get a nice mine of information.

>Apparently the wild animals in the forest have gone berserk. Attacking anything that enters. Wolves have begun to actively hunt down and attack farmers, or harm the farm animals. Deer have begun to gore, and buck at anything that stands on two legs. Even the most docile of animals is being sent on a ravenous, foaming at the mouth rampage. This has been going on for at least a month, and the attacks are becoming more and more frequent. The Baron has issued an edict, and is calling all available persons to investigate this unnatural phenomenon in hopes of solving the issue before calling the Inquisition to find a permanent solution if the adventurers fail. There'll be a meeting tonight at the Mayors courtyard for evaluation reasons. Looks like they don't want to send bodies, but actually skilled people.

With enough information on your belt, you thank the last person you needed to talk to this afternoon, and debate on what to do next.

Your eyesight gets a bit fuzzy for a second. It seems it won't be long for you to speak clearly with the Wraith.

>You're already here in the Plaza. Might as well find some new gear.
>Leonardo is a merchant right? See if you can find him, and maybe Mia will be with him as well. Plus, you want to see his "exotic" wares.
>Leave town.
>You're already here in the Plaza. Might as well find some new gear.
>Leonardo is a merchant right? See if you can find him, and maybe Mia will be with him as well. Plus, you want to see his "exotic" wares.
Don't spend too much, we've got lucky with Leonardo and Mia getting us to this town, but if we'll lose them/they refuse to pay for our travels we'll be paying for ourselves.
Since you're already in the plaza, might as well spend a little bit, and maybe even find Leonardo in the sea of curious buyers.

A quick look in your purse reveals that you only have 7 gold. 7 gold to buy rations for trips, and hopefully maybe get a new weapon, or armor.

Walking through the crowds is simple enough, while you look at anything for sale in your pay range.

"Ah! Well if it isn't Eric!" You hear a familiar friendly yell shouting over the cacophony of buyers and sellers. You see Leonardo maintaining his own stall by himself with a wide grin on his face. It seems he has attracted several people at his stall. Awed at his exotic wares.

In truth you're quite interested in Leonardo's wares as well. Most of it is sadly made for home decor. Strange mini trees, paintings, and other wares that could be used to lighten up just about any home. What actually catches your attention is a curved sword.

A curved, slender, single-edged blade with a circular guard and a long grip to accommodate two hands.

"Like what you see?" Leonardo steps up to you as you examine the blade. "This is one of the weapons from the Far Eastern Islands. They call it a 'Katana'."

"Interesting." You like how the blade gleams in the sunlight.

"Interested in buying? I know you have the gold." Leonardo looks at you not as a bodyguard from last night, but as a customer. And he seems to be intent on selling you this weapon. "Since you were so kind to help me getting me into the city. I'll give it to you for 6 gold." That's almost all of your gold! "What? Don't give me that look. This blade is an incredible piece of craftsmanship, and I assure it won't break easily either."

You scratch your chin in thought. You also realize that you need to shave soon.

>Boar Sword: Excellent vs beasts, average vs humanoids. 5gp(3gp if you trade in your iron sword)
>Throwing knives: 1sp each

>to becontinued
>Saber: Strong verses light armored opponents, weak vs heavily armored, average against medium. 4gp(2gp if you trade in your longsword)
>Studded Leather Armor: A step up from your current set. 7gp, and that's is with trading your old set.
>Katana: Excellent vs light, Strong against medium, abysmal vs heavy.
>Trail rations(1 day): 2 silver pieces each.

GET SPENDING! Or none at all.

also sorry for taking so long. Parents wanted me to do a bunch of stuff for them.
>20 trail rations, 60 knives, something to carry all this shit in
>keep the rest of the gold, try talking to the damn wraith for advice on how to use it
Also, OP, you might want to run a quest at a different time - I'm literally the only one who bothers to reply.
Yea, I thought so. Seems everyone is busy with stuff right now. I think I'll archive, and maybe continue later tonight if it's a possibility
Thread archived. I'll continue maybe tomorrow evening, or next Saturday. See you all hopefully then.
See ya.

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