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/tg/ - Traditional Games

All started with a fated meeting, between Tohma and Lily. The ring, the book and everything else all came afterwards.

Their meeting was not a tragic one, even if whole worlds could consider their meeting the start of a cruel fate; to those two, it may as well be a miracle.

Their powers may be ones that only exist to bring destruction and ruin, yet those two swore to turn those very powers have into their hope.

The past can’t be changed, but the future can be anything.

This is the record of their struggle.

These are the records that chronicle the Book of the Silver Cross Incident and everything that followed.

It is the year 81 of the New Calendar, the awakening of the black grimoire, the second volume of the Gospel of the Silver Cross, has been completed.

With the birth of the Zero Driver the world now truly spins into motion. The pieces are placed, the actors are ready and the stage is finally set.

All that is left is for you to act.

Having understood a bit more of the world around you, how will you choose to act from now on? What will you protect? What will you sacrifice?

Only a devil might know.

ARC 2: Own Soldier

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Nanoha%20FORCE%20Quest

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BelkanSniper
File: Lab Area.png (20 KB, 837x593)
20 KB
You are Tohma Avenir, an unlucky man who is trying to make the best of his situation. Einhard and you split off from the rest of your team as you two tried to investigate the TSAB’s underground weapon research labs in the Central District of Liberty City.

Here the TSAB had been researching their countermeasures to the Eclipse Virus, from their mass produces their magic-powered railguns, their anti-anti-magic devices to testing your blood samples hoping to get a cure.

You are currently in the third sub-lab of the facility, and you have encountered a monster. It was called a Stalker, an assassin-type infected whose infection had mutated into a perfect sneaking machine.

It was covered of dense muscles and a thick dark fur, so you can only think of this as some overgrown monkey.

Right now you had to deal with this guy fast, if he made to much noise, you knew it would call every monster lurking underground at you.
“Ein, go get the two boxes, I will stop this guy!” Your best friend quickly jumps into action as you swing your sword at the monster. While this thing is fast, faster than most mages, you somehow manage to be a bit faster than it, and with a quick spin of your blade, you knock the thing away, giving Ein enough time to take the boxes and store them in her backpack.

Lurker HP 10->5/10

Just one more hit, if you were careful enough you were sure you could handle this thing before it ran away or called more friends. However before you could you heard a crash from the first lab, the one with the main computer for the labs

You could deal with the monster here, but the first lab worried you.

What should you do?
>You and Ein should finish this first, then investigate!
>You go investigate, Ein can handle this for now.
>Stay here, Ein can investigate with you!
>You both should go, you can lock this Stalker Monster here for a while.
>You both should go, you can lock this Stalker Monster here for a while.

Out, out! Ein first then us.
So were in the Lab 3 with the blue X, right?

Either way.
>You both should go, you can lock this Stalker Monster here for a while.

Fire bullets at it as we leave. Maybe we'll get a lucky hit.
File: Bloody Hallway.jpg (8 KB, 320x180)
8 KB
You are Isis Eaglet, the boss of the Private Security Company Silber Engel, right now you had separated from your partner to investigate the Bunkers to find some survivors.

So while your mate braved the complicated systems of the lab and tried to find the goodies the TSAB left there, you had taken your time and blown the bunker wide open…

And now you regret it.

Inside everyone was dead, sliced into pieces until the wall were painted with gore, you quickly cover Vivio’s eyes before the young girl could see this, but you still think the young girl probably already knows what is happening.

You felt sick.

“Whoever this did was a monster.” Whatever did this is probably still inside the Bunker, so you had to be check it, but first you probably had to decide what to do.

The Belkan Knight and Enforcer, Mira Camrill, contains her rage extremely well, but you feel the Enforcer wants to run off and find whoever did this.

You feel the same.

Still, you are a professional, and this is not the first pile of bodies you have seen, so you hate to keep your head cool and think positive.

What do you do?
>Inspect the corpses… check to see what did this.
>Try to cheer your companions, Silber Engel will find whoever did this.
>Check deeper inside the Bunker, there should be other rooms with survivors.
>Burn the bodies, give them a proper rest.
>Close the Bunker… you don’t want to know what did this.
Yes you are in Lab 3, which held the TSAB research on you and your virus, the first Lab has the main computer systems and was running some simulations of an EC Outbreak (pretty late by now) and the Second Lab held some of the prototype AEC Weapons that the TSAB wanted to test. The Main Lab has the completed Excalibur 5th Gen prototype, which is a valuable goodie and some of the RAPTORS, but you have no idea what that is.
>Check deeper inside the Bunker, there should be other rooms with survivors.
>Check on Vivio

Can't have the kid freaking out.
File: Shadow Monster.jpg (56 KB, 780x580)
56 KB

You motion Ein with your eyes to the door and she instantly understands. You silently guess this must be all that time you two spent living together with Suchan’s family finally paying off.

At your signal Ein sprints to the door, while you backwards hover dash behind her, aiming your gunblade at the lurker.

Right now you are underground with a gigantic skyscraper above you, so you can’t just shoot your biggest bombardment spells at will, so you limit yourself.

“Silver Barret!” Your volley of basic EC bullets is not very damaging to the overgrown monster that is running behind you, but they do their job of stunning the thing enough that you and Ein manage to escape into the hall.

Quickly you slam the thick lab door onto the monster, stopping it again and locking it in the third Lab.

As you lean on the door to recover your breath your friend Ein asks you, “Tohma, are you alright?”

You nod quickly to the monk, as you motion to keep moving. Even though she still looks worried about you, she nods and starts walking with you.

Right now you two should head to…
>The First Lab, you heard a noise a few moments ago
>The Second Lab, time to check some of the AEC Prototypes
>The Main Lab, the Excalibur awaits
>Talk with Ein, is she worried about you?
>Ask Lily her opinion on the Stalker, why was it there?
>>The First Lab, you heard a noise a few moments ago
>>Ask Lily her opinion on the Stalker, why was it there?

Can we manage both?
I need you guys to tie break this one, you can't do both at the same time, sorry.

Well you need to pay attention to Lily when she explains her ideas/theories, so while you can move around, you might be distracted (get some sensor penalties).

Fine change >>32657709 to
>Check deeper inside the Bunker

>The First Lab, you heard a noise a few moments ago

Honestly, I'd rather not get killed for an explanation I can hear later.
Sure, sure.

We can talk to Lilly after we clear the lab.
>Writing Isis
File: Vivio Rider.jpg (176 KB, 850x638)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
A part of you wants to take a moment to check on Vivio a bit more, but you don’t exactly have the time right now. It’s not be best way, but it’s probably the best she learns to deal with this sort of thing now rather than later.

Being a mercenary means dealing with these sort of situations all the time. For all the TSAB wants to say that magic is safer than mass weapons, in the end magic can kill as well as any gun the Belkans made in their height.

“Well, let’s look, our current priority is to find survivors, and whoever did this might be inside this vault.”

“Roger, I will take point.” Without waiting for an order, Mira enters the bunker, giving you some time to hold Vivio’s shaking hand as you enter the bunker.

This is not something you should be showing a civilian, until know the girl besides you has probably experienced things like this in simulations or games.

Vivio probably has never seen someone brutally murdered like this, and a part of you hates having to destroy the innocence of a nice girl like this one.

You feel this will hurt her and Tohma in the end, and that makes you a bit sad.
File: Bunker.png (24 KB, 837x593)
24 KB
With some care you enter the bunker, passing the pile of bodies while holding Vivio’s hand, as you enter the main area of the bunker.

From your area you can see three rooms, one being a Dormitory, or rather a series of rooms where the facility members could rest while the disaster cleared. The room to the right was a storage facilty, where the bunker housed weapons, supplies and food to last for up to a month or two until help arrived.

The last door lead to another level of the bunker which was probably where the communication devices were being held, where the main generator was installed and there probably was another exit that way, might be worth checking out.

“Mira, Vivio, the one who did this should be in anyone of these rooms, be careful.” You say this for your own sake rather than theirs, because right now you want to find the son of a gun that did this and teach him how nice your explosive work.

What do you do?
>Go to the Dormitory, he should be there.
>Go to the Supply Storage, find the nice things there first.
>Go to the bottom level.
>Inspect the Bunker
>Check on Vivio?
>Split Up? Where?
>Lab Time.
>Split Up? Where?
Mira to the Dormitory
Isis and Vivio to Supply Storage.
“Ein, come let’s go and check that noise earlier.” You whisper to Ein telepathically as you two move to the door of the first lab. While you wanted to ask Lily more about the Lurker and why it had been waiting to ambush you, you feel that the noise was more important.

With a silent movement, Ein and you sneak to the door of the First Lab, which held the main computer systems for the whole area. If you got lucky you could get a copy of all the research the TSAB was doing here and take it back to Hayate for a nice bonus pay.

At your command, Ein opens the door slightly, as you peak inside the lab. Much like before you don’t see anything strange except for one thing… a lone white coated man in the room, his blood coating the black and white floor with a sickly red color.

You were wary about this, for all you know it could end just like before and be another trap, but you just can’t give up on a survivor.

Also the main computer was inside the room, and if you try to start any fight insides this small lab, you knew that this important machine will get caught in the crossfire, so it was better to try to avoid fighting in the room.

What do you do?
>Send Ein to help the man, you will cover her and check the room.
>Send Ein to help the man, cover the hallway outside.
>Send Ein to help the man, check the main computer.
>Check on the man with Ein, be near her to react together.
>Look up...
>>>Help the man, send Ein to check the main computer.

Surely not every room is booby-trapped.
Tohma doesn't know any healing magic, is that okay?

Also, writing, >>32658648
Ah, didn't know our healing only worked on EC-drives. My bad.

>>Check on the man with Ein, be near her to react together.
Well if you want to infect the man with the virus... that could work too.
Only if it looks like there's no other way to save him.

Don't think we've forgotten that whole "Dominion" thing.
Can I be honest and say that I totally expected you guys to forget it.
Splitting up is not something that you like to do, but the faster you checked everything the faster you can go and check on Tohma.

Knowing your mate, he is probably fighting some evil bad guy and needs you to rescue him soon, or something.

“Mira, can you check the Dormitory, I will go with Vivio to check the storage rooms.” Part of the reason you send Mira to the Dormitory is to spare Vivio from seeing more bodies for now.

If the entrance of the bunker is any indication, every survivor in this place was probably killed, no they were silenced, so you think the storage room might be a good respite for the young girl.

Plus Mira was an enforcer, so you expected the knight knew how to handle herself when she worked alone.

With a quick push, you and Vivio opened the heavy doors to the storage room, revealing the room filled with rows and rows of containers.

From what you checked, no one had entered this room for quite some time. It appears that no one among the group of scientist who took shelter in this bunker had managed to enter this room, which probably meant that however attacked them did it fast enough after they locked themselves here that they did not have the time to check everything.

You can probably guess that whoever did this was someone the scientist knew, or maybe someone the TSAB scientists had expected to not harm them?

This was getting weird.
Still you had some time and lots of supplies what do you want to do?
>Vivio and You should check the supplies, try to find everything useful.
>You two should check the storage room, maybe you can find a camera system in this bunker?
>Try to talk to Vivio, this silent room is a good place to rest for a short moment.
>Go outside and check on Mira, no time to waste here.
>Check your inventory, maybe you can refill it with the items here?
Writing! Just give me a moment.
>Try to find the camera systems, have Vivio check the supplies.
You first look up to see the ceiling of the room, after a second of trying very hard to feel something, you decide that the room is probably safe, and you have nothing to worry about.

“Let’s go Ein.” Together, you two run to the injured scientist, and Ein carefully turns him around so you can start administering first aid.

This is bad, this man body has been pierced by some sort of sword or claw several times, and he has severely broken several of his ribs.

Adding the severe blood loss and the possible infection he had, and these injuries became the sort you or Ein could treat easily.

Right now, you feel that was almost a miracle he had managed to stay alive for this long. Still, if you can save this man, you won’t stop. Ein’s healing magic can do something, and if you try to help her you two might manage to help him.

However, the moment you start your treatment, the man’s eyes open, and you see some light still shinning in them.

“S-silber… Silberkreuz!” A weak voice coming from the injured man stops you, and you rush to his side, as Ein continues her treatment. “You are the Silberkreuz, right?”

Like he has been saving his strength just for this moment, the man raises his right hand, reaching yours, “Y-you must be that boy right? Tohma Avenir… it looks like Y-yagami was right.” The man’s voice was weak, so soft you could barely hear him.

His injuries are severe, and unless you are lucky in your operation you won’t save this man.

What should you do?
>Talk with him try to keep him talking.
>Stay silent, help Ein with the healing.
>Don’t waste more time, give him a dose of the EC Virus. It might save his life.
>Depower and try to use some magic. If you team up with Ein maybe it will be more effective.
>Give up, the time has some for this man, just hear his last words.
>>Stay silent, help Ein with the healing.
I assume this won't dose him with EC, will it?
No, you will do standard first aid (and some simple surgery).

Check the Cameras
Forget >>32659910

Let's do
>Depower and try to use some magic. If you team up with Ein maybe it will be more effective.

There's a reason why it's called magic.
You send Vivio to check the supplies while you try to work the inner systems for this thing. You quickly remove some panel boxes, as you jack into the Bunker’s systems and check what you can find.

Luckily it’s not as guarded from the inside, so you manage to infiltrate the systems quickly, but there is a reason for that.

It looks like the camera feed is being sent to a single room in this bunker, somewhere in a lower level, so you can’t access those systems from the port you are jacked into.

You need to check the main offices for this stupid hole to find some video of what happened here.

“Hey, Miss Isis, look here, I think I found something nice.” You turn around to see the pile of junk Vivio managed to check from the depot. Right now.

First off there were some food containers, which you don’t need. You currently have enough food for now and don’t need more.

Second the girl found some spare chemicals and mixtures, it’s not very high grade but you think you can use this to restock your explosive chemicals and prepare something nasty to whoever did this.

Thirdly, apparently the TSAB had stored a huge number of mass produced devices here. They looked like belts and you think that the TSAB wanted to use them as jackets to protect the survivors while they stayed here. While their parts are very cheap and not that important, maybe you can use it to make a system to help you explore this place.

After all drones are a girl’s best friend, right?

The last thing Vivio found was a revolver, a very large and heavy revolver. A very illegal mass-weapon, it looks like this was one of the failed prototype mass weapons the TSAB was developing to fight the EC but had discarded.

From what you understand, It requires high quantities of magic to work but it could accelerate explosive shots than several time faster the speed sound, and deal impressive damage.
Still this monstrosity was probably good enough to stop something like the monsters you have seen in one shot, if you managed to control it enough to fire that shot… and it didn’t blow up before you shot the thing.

While the thing was certainly interesting, you really didn’t like how it felt that this piece of scrap would blow up the moment you tried to shot it.
Everything else was random junk like clothing, some empty magic stones, and some damaged devices that needed more maintenance.

Still what should you take, if anything? [Take 2]
>Take the Food, some more is always good.
>Take the Chemicals, restock your primary weapons.
>Take some of the Device Belts, maybe you can give them to some survivors.
>Take the Break Revolver, you could use an ace if you fought one of those EC Drivers.
>Take nothing, go back to Mira.
>Just talk with Vivio.
Right sorry for the delay, roll me 3x d100
DC is 15/30/45
Rolled 89

>>Take the Chemicals, restock your primary weapons.
>>Take some of the Device Belts, maybe you can give them to some survivors.

Bombs and drones.

Rolled 21

Rolled 91

Mild Success
You broke the union react with Lily, instantly returning to normal as you send your partner, Lily, to check the PC. The virus in your blood was still strong, but now it was contained enough you could use your magic again to help Ein.

>VL: 90%->25%

This field operation is a literal mess, and while your healing magic is not as good as Ein’s you know enough to direct her as you help mend the superficial wounds. Healing Magic is not perfect, and even with it you doubt you two can fully heal the man, but it is enough.

This operation is a bloody mess, but somehow you manage to stabilize the man enough that you doubt he will die now.

Not everything is fixed, but most of this internal wounds are mended enough that a specialist will be able to take things from here on.

Before he lost consciousness the man gave you something… a data stick. “Here, original data. Computer, fake. Original Here. Protect, Silberkreuz.” His words were weak and you almost didn’t catch everything… but it looks like the bloody stick in your hands is the real data of this lab.

While you were glad you saved the man’s life, you doubt you can move him right now, so what should you do? [Pick the ones that apply]

>Leave him here for now, if you lock the door he should be safe, right?
>Hide him in a corner, and cover him with something.
>Try moving him? It would be hard to do, but he’s not safe here.
>Try to feed the Silver Cross the information the man gave you, the book is very safe (plus you can use it later).
>Try to ask Ein to carry the stick, no one will expect her to carry it.
>Ask Lily to rejoin you. You need to be as strong as possible right now.
>You three can go like this, you want to use more of your magic.
Roll 1d10 for number of drones.
Rolled 7


>Hide him in a corner, cover him, and lock the door.

>Try to feed the Silver Cross the information the man gave you, the book is very safe (plus you can use it later).

Rolled 1


Can we properly use earth magic while in this basement?

>Leave him here for now, if you lock the door he should be safe, right?
Maybe if you had some structural plans or someone to help you understand how the structure distributes it's weight, right you while you could move the earth you lack the knowledge of how to do it without destabilizing the structure and causing it do collapse on you.
In that case, never mind.
File: Scrap Perfume Bits.png (12 KB, 837x593)
12 KB
You pocket the extra chemicals, you feel you will need the extra explosive material later and you have already used up some of your more exotic mixes, so it wouldn’t hurt to restock them too.

>Isis Decoys x2

No… to work on the mass production devices. You don’t have much time to really work on this, so you hurry to rewire these parts and move them somewhere else. You keep the general disc-like shape, but add some of your spare perfume containers with explosives and a simple VI that can be controlled by your intelligent device.

Over all they were cheaply made, they would serve your purpose as something to hold your spare ammo and help you by searching and exploding. So overall they should work.

>Isis prepared 5x Scrap Explosive Bits!

While you weren’t the type who tended to prefer using these sort of machines all the time, they were the type that took more processing power from your main device than each one of them could give you, and that meant that some of your more complicated spells were restricted here.
But in this underground tunnel, spells like city blasting detonations are not needed, right?

Still using all the drones you had enough chemicals that you feel comfortable using them for most of your standard spells, even the ones you haven’t used so far with Tohma.

So it was something like trading power for versatility, plus the drones could search separately from you, so no problem, right?
Now time to find Mira and find the one who did this.

With Vivio behind you move to meet again with Mira, so far you haven’t heard any loud noises from where your new teammate went, so that means she should be fine, right?

With a certain doubt in your heart you advance to check the Dormitory Rooms.

>Dual Mirror Cut! Will continue later.
“Lily, can you copy this information inside the book.” And check it for anything useful?

You give your partner the vital information to store it inside black book, as you move to hide the man. Carefully Ein tucks the man away on a corner of the room, covered by lab coats, you build a cardboard castle around him and finish by putting a table over it.

Overall it’s somewhat sturdy and should hide him well enough that unless someone was looking for him, they wouldn’t find him.

At least you hope so.

“Tohma, I’m done here, do you want me to delete the original data?” That was a tempting option, but if something happened to the book that would mean the TSAB would lose all progress they made in this facility until now.

Should Lily delete the data?

>Yeah, also make a fake copy in the stick.
>No, I will take the stick, I will protect the original and a copy.
>No, I will give Ein the data, she can protect it.

With that done, you react again with Lily, and then you leave the room with Ein, taking care to lock the door behind you, as you decide where to go.

The Second Lab had some of the prototype weapons the TSAB had been building to fight the EC, but right now you had the main research data that built those weapons, so they weren’t that important.

Still they are working prototypes, maybe you can find something for Vivio and Ein there?

The Main Lab holds the Excalibur, the completed 5th Gen Device which was built to work even in Anti-Magic Conditions, plus the RAPTORS, so maybe it was time to check the area out? There were some weird signatures there, but you know you can handle everything that comes at you.
You had Ein watching your back, and Lily was with you, so you had nothing to fear.

What do you want to do?
>Check the Second Lab?
>Check the Main Lab?
>Ask Lily for the Stalker Explanation?
>Ask Lily for some quick reading on the TSAB Data?
>Talk with Ein? About What?
>>No, I will give Ein the data, she can protect it.
>Ask Lily for the Stalker Explanation?
Sorry guys, but I have to take a break to eat. Please wait warmly.
Sorry for being late, back.
File: Lily.jpg (87 KB, 350x446)
87 KB
You give Ein the original data stick for her to keep safe, everyone will expect you or Mira to carry the vital data out of here, so they will probably overlook Ein and let her get the data to the TSAB.

If that failed Lily had a copy of the research the TSAB has made on both the Virus and the weapons they made to fight it, so you were ready for anything.

“Lily can you tell me about the Stalker, you said it’s a variation of the infected that involved to hunt its prey without being found, right? Why is it so hard to believe it could have ambushed us in the room?”

>It’s not the fact that it ambushed us what surprises me, it where it ambushed us. It was actively masking its presence, enough that I had a difficult time locating it with our sensors. Not only that, it placed itself in a key spot.

Lily’s telepathic explanation is a bit confusing, why was it strange it was waiting on a good place to ambush you, if you had been in its spot you probably would have done something similar (expect your trap would have involved an endless pit and fire… lots of fire).

“You mean that someone was directing the monster? That was why it was waiting for us in the room that contained those samples, right? Whoever was controlling it knew that they were valuable, right?” Ein’s reasoning was pretty nice, but there was more.

“It also explains why it attacked us through the ceiling, it probably had someone to help it sense us.” That also could explain why you were having problems with your sensor skill here, someone was jamming you while sending monster at you! “That means that someone is having those monsters under dominion… that means.”
File: Tohma.jpg (50 KB, 500x358)
50 KB
>Yes, it means that the enemy might be an Eclipse Driver!

Yeah, that means that the enemy might be one of survivors who overtook the virus and became a Driver or maybe he was someone like the Variant Drivers, an infected solider who came here to contain the outbreak and kill everyone involved.

Hell for all you know maybe someone wanted to erase the research the TSAB was doing here and prepared all this for that reason.

“This is getting complicated… so let’s go.” You didn’t want to think of shallow conspiracy theories right now, you have important things to do.

What do you do?
>Check the Second Lab?
>Check the Main Lab?
>Talk with Ein? About What?
>Talk with Lily? About What?
>>Check the Main Lab?

Time to storm the castle.
>>Check the Main Lab?
Castlevania Time!
File: Lab.jpg (93 KB, 1062x692)
93 KB
“Let’s go to the Main Lab.” There no time to waste thinking stupid things, until you found some solid leads as to why everything is happening you had to stay calm and deal with things.

Your team was counting on you, and you had to find that stupid devil before she bit it. It’s not that you really care about her, but Vivio will cry is something happened to your nemesis.

“Ein, help me with the door.” The metal door to the lab is quite heavy, enough that you need Ein to help you push it open. With a great deal of strength the two of you pry the thing open, and enter the main lab.

The place is empty, leaving a lifeless gigantic mess of machinery and cables, monitors and holo screens to your mercy. On each side of the large room, the walls are covered by rows and rows of human sized cylinders that seemed to be never-ending.

This whole place feels desolate and lifeless, but somehow you feel something is here.

>Tohma, look at the center?

Lily’s attention draws you to the center of the room, where a single holy sword stands tall, its light shines with the power to drive the darkness away, and its might can ever server your cursed fate.

That’s the strongest weapon made by the TSAB, an absolute sword those magic can cut that which exists to deny magic.

>Tohma… get nearer to it, I want to check with our data, is that really the Excalibur?

You are a bit weary of getting near the thing, but Ein is also pushing you to get near the sword.

What should you do?
>Check the Sword first!
>Check the Huge Cylinders? Are there humans there?
>Check the systems here, what is this huge room for?
>Ask Ein to get the Sword.
>Ask Lily to tell you about the Excalibur [Use the TSAB DATA]
>Something is off, Sensor!
>Ask Ein to get the Sword.
>>Something is off, Sensor!
And for the love of the Kaiser, look up!

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