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Thread XX:
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Lamia%20Legacy%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LamiaLegacy
Opening Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCQmQwKEEOM

You and yours regroup after the abrupt ending to the meeting with the Kozak Ataman, collecting your suspiciously light pack and moving off to one side. Looking into your pack you confirm your fears, the bag containing the rest of your trinkets are missing, and it would appear someone had rummaged inside, turning your neatly kept clothing and pack into a jumble of fabrics and tools. Sorting through the mess, you find that at least the ornate pistol and your purchases are fine, only the rest of your barter fodder is missing.

You first mean to ask the guards you entrusted your things to, but you see they have moved to flank the Ataman, their three forms looking mighty alone compared to the dozen of armored hussars. Despite that, you see the cougar pelt sporting leader engaged in some sort of fierce debate with the Kozak leader. You see that on the other side of the tent, that the circle of centaurs that were giving you a wide berth are still present, but more focused on the Szlachta troops than you. Not present, however, are the two that had been following you since breakfast.

"Something wrong Miss?" McCain says, noticing your attempt to hide your distress.

"I think I've been pickpocketed." You say, as you do your best to reorganize your pack on the fly.
File: RatherHeatedDiscussion.jpg (1.22 MB, 2202x1300)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
"How bad?" He says, putting one hand on the revolver on his hip.

"Just the baubles." You say, "They didn't take the pistol, so probably 50 Isens or so worth of stuff, spent the rest. Probably the two that were following us."

Veles and Keel meanwhile are near the brewing argument. Veles appears to be translating it for Keel, who is again frantically scribbling in his notebook.

Plan of action?
>Check out the argument, 50 isens worth of barter money isn't worth the hassle right now.
>We can probably catch the thief if we head out now. They can't have gotten too far.
Tough decision.

Let's spend a modicum of time looking for the thieves, and if we can't find them, return to veles and keel.
>We can probably catch the thief if we head out now. They can't have gotten too far.
for a while. Let's try, first, standing as high on our coils as we can to get a good look around for the pair.

Then let's see if we can smell our stuff anywhere.

Failing those two,
>Check out the argument
It's not worth it to do a more in-depth search right now than that.
>We can probably catch the thief if we head out now. They can't have gotten too far.
Maybe not enough money to be too concerned about, but we aren't pushovers. If there are thieves about we need to put in effort to find them.
It may not matter, but if we let the issue go other centaurs could think they can take advantage of us too.
Well, we should consider bringing it up to local authorities if we can't find them immediately.
Sure sure, as long as no one can say we didn't try to get our property back I'm fine.
Fair enough.
I bet a centaur could just sort of outrun us, if they aren't polite enough to just give it back when we call them on it.
File: 13228093487.png (338 KB, 320x240)
338 KB
338 KB PNG

>mfw googled story behind that image
>We can probably catch the thief if we head out now. They can't have gotten too far.

"Lets see if we can't catch the vermin quickly, its less about the money, and more about the principle of the thing, can't let them think we are pushovers."

"Agree with you there Miss." McCain says, cracking his knuckles. "Any idea where they went?"

You lift up on your tail, increasing your height to a good ten feet higher than normal. Heedless of the stares it causes, you survey the area. Keel was right, the areas between the thoroughfares are an absolute maze, packed with life as the centaurs navigate through. You think you spot one of the two that were following you, but it was just a glimpse of a ratty turban in a particularly congested switchback.

Thinking quickly, you attempt to locate the sack by scent, or at least get a feel for its general direction, though upon inhaling you immediately regret it. The smell here pervades everything, the odor of centaurs mingled with the cooking food, ale, and a multitude of other unknowable smells. You get a faint scent of something of yours heading back the way you came in, but you aren't sure if that was just your trail from earlier.
Isn't that the best insult ever? Always tying things back together with an expletive.
Well, that was half a bad idea.

Maybe we'll see about pulling the stand-up-tall trick at the spot we saw those guys, get a bead on 'em again.
Heading that way down the main path you come to the entrance to the switchback, you see that the tide of horsement that gave you a wide berth extends here, though you suspect it will get tight if you actually head into the labyrinth of side streets.

McCain looks to you, "Wager they're in there?"

"Good bet on it."

"Shall we?"

>Yeah. (Necessitates a 1d20 roll here.)
>Nah. Lets go talk to those guards. See what we can find out.

Now imagine a subset of centaurs entirely based on them. With influences from feudal poland and a dash of something else I won't name yet because its kinda stupid
Rolled 12

>>Yeah. (Necessitates a 1d20 roll here.)
Let's go see if they'll give our stuff up without too much of a fight.
We need that junk to show off to your leaders, you guys. You can get your own later.
There's a snake in my boot!
Rolled 12

> Yeah
Well, that's moderately unusual.
I dunno, the ancient chinese had some incredible insults.
Legend says, a man got a letter so insulting, he died.

You get tall once more to get a feel for the area before heading into the alley. The press of bodies is thick here, and you take care to keep close to McCain so he doesn't get trampled. You wince as a few of the centaurs very nearly or all but step on your tail, not seeing it as it trails behind you. You think to try and get taller and move forward, but that's not really something you can do, so you mostly just try and bear it. You manage to navigate the switchback, but three isn't much luck on the other side either. The scent of your bag, unsurprisingly, is gone as well, masked by the horde of life. You come to a small clearing and try to get your bearings.

"Any ideas?" You say to McCain as you curl yourself up a bit to clear some space, and to massage a particular painful spot where you got trod on.

"We could press on, but it seems these thieves are smart and can make themselves scarce in a crowd. Not sure what they have in the way of authorities, but we could go see them as well."

Yeah, the trail's gone cold.
Let's get back to the argument before it erupts. There were some authorities around there, and our teammates. We'll tell them what happened and the description as best we can, and I guess that's that.

That, and I don't want to get stepped on any more.
Also, we should ask what they do with thieves around here.
"Trails gone cold, so lets get out of here before either of us get stepped on more." You say, getting tall on last time to confirm your way out. After some hassle you manage to make it back to the thoroughfare with minimal injury, though you'll be feeling the after effects for a while. Heading back toward the command tent, for lack of a better word, you see that the leader of the Szlachta group arguing heatedly with Veles. Getting closer you hear the centaur shouting.

[And what would a kutkh know about our traditions. You had best watch your tongue, us Krasick have taken your kind down before, and I will be happy to do so again.]

Veles for his part, doesn't even look phased, [And who exactly of House Krasick killed one of my kind.]

[My esteemed great uncle Mitay of Krasick took one of your kind down. We have your skin hanging on our wall as a trophy.] the one called Duren by the Ataman says, smugness radiating off him almost to the point where you want to hit him.

[Mitay? You mean the naturalist with the apiaries? I traded him a shedding for a queen bee to study. I know not who told you the story of a battle, but if that is your basis, well, you and yours are known for not hurting a bee, much less a kutkh.]

You see the three Kozaks burst into laughter, and you hear a pair of snorts coming from the hussars that makes Duren whirl and begin to chew out his own entourage.

>try and pull Veles back before this gets nasty
>Stay and watch
>Stay and watch
I assume veles knows what he is doing.

Maybe ask him in our own language if he knows what he's doing.
Also, maybe ask keel for the run down of the argument so far, as he's been taking notes.
I guess we should also look out for guards, or whoever answers to the local leader. So we can report to them if a fight breaks out and/or to tell them about pickpocket problems.
>Stay and Watch

You slither up to Keel as the Centaur noble tries in vain to discern which of his guard laughed at Veles' remark.

"So what exactly happened here?" You say over the sound of the Kozak's laughter. You think it might have been a pun in their language.

"Well, from what I understand, the pompous one was trying to deliver and order to the chieftain here, and then made a disparaging remark about the you when you went tall. Veles proceeded to talk with them, and this is the result." he says, taking a break from scribbling in his journal. "What was all that business by the way?" He asks brightly.

"I got pickpocketed. Someone stole the rest of the stuff I had brought to trade with."

"Oh that's a shame. I take your expression to mean you didn't find whoever did it?"

"No, they managed to vanish into the crowd and all I got was stepped on for my troubles."

He shakes his head, "A real shame. How much did they get?"

"Somewhere around 50 isens worth of baubles."

He grimaces, "I'd pull rank to try and help but..." he gestures to the area, "You know, not my jurisdiction."
File: ISwearToGodCaptcha.jpg (695 KB, 636x900)
695 KB
695 KB JPG
Duren apparently has given up on reprimanding his guard and turns back towards Veles [Fine, even if what you say is true, I will make the claim a reality tonight.] He draws his blade and points it at Veles. You then see the Ataman bull into him, grabbing the blade near the hilt and wrenching it out of his grasp.

[They are my guests, and I will not have anyone infringe on the hospitality of Ursus. Go back to your house whelp, before you make an even bigger ass of yourself.] You watch as the big centaur takes the finely jewelled sabre and bends it into a circle, before tossing it at the stunned noble.

You watch as his indignant rage is held back by a pair of his own, as the rest fall in behind him. You can see a pair of them at the rear shoulders shaking with laughter as they march their leader out of the encampment.

The Ataman turns to regard you, [My apologies, he is a young szlachta and is sadly representative of the growing trend among them. Far too much involvement with the Fae Court intrigue is bad for you. I pity the Casimiran who have chosen hussardom, having to take orders from their ilk.]

>What was all that about?
>Tell about the pickpocketing problems
Oh, poor mccain. Maybe fill him in on the beekeeping thing.

Can't we do both? Ask
>What was all that about?
first, then mention the pickpocketing thing during the conversation.

Eventually, maybe try to steer it back to what we were originally here for, meeting his people and seeing if they're interested in our stuff. Apologize for the pickpockets, and show off the rifles at least.
[What was all that about?] you query, watching the retreating forms make their way out of the tent city.

[Just a pompous young fool trying to be a pompous young general. He thinks that seeing five fallen at the gate constitutes an invasion and that we should relocate to crush the force.]

You think to the massive numbers you encountered. [Only five?]

[Exactly, and since he is so far up his own ego he fails to realize where he is and how it is not his hopsitality he is breaching.]

[Speaking of hospitality. I had a bag of things to trade inside my satchel that kind of sort of is no longer in it.]

He stops for a second and looks at you. [It will be taken care of.]

He then walks off into the tent, beckoning the two guards to follow him.

Well then...

Dangit, there goes our audience. I guess we're sticking around a bit to get our stuff back, at least.
Veles, anyone else around here we could show off our rifle to? Also, just a general check, how much food and supplies do we have left? We might be roughing it for a while, and our trade goods are gone.

As for a primary action, if we have to wait for another audience to show off things, then let's try to find a place to stay. Maybe they have tents for travelers or a spot for us to pitch our own.
"Veles, you wouldn't happen to know any particular place to overnight here, would you?"

"Yes Sasha, they keep a traveller expanse on each of the arms of the town. It is close to the edge of the camp, but still under patrol by the night sentries. I do not often use it, but it is there for who needs it." The old snake says while grabbing Dahz's lead.

You mull it over as Daisy flutters back to you, landing on the backpack and settling into it. You and your party head to one of the designated traveler areas and begin pitching a tent. Very few Centaurs are in this area apart what appear to be the produce merchants you saw before sans their stock. Regardless, you turn in for the night early, hopefully able to wake up before the centaurs do. McCain opts to take first watch, paranoid about the thefts. You nod and curl up into your bundle.
File: CaptchaIsGoingToEndMe.png (806 KB, 980x1223)
806 KB
806 KB PNG
The dream is a swirling mass, prominent are degenerate trolls, you see them falling in waves upon people, being cast like wheat as centaurs hack through them. Whatever this battle is, precision has no place for it. You wake up a couple times through the night, unable to get a truly restful sleep until well after Veles, who had taken second watch, has turn in himself.

It is mid morning when you awake and slither out of the blankets. Dew is still on the leaves of what little shrubland there is, and you find yourself grateful for bringing a canvas tarp for the bottom of The tent. You don't relish the cleaning that your clothing and bedding would require if you hadn't.

Taking stock on your food and supplies, you find that eating light and have no interruptions, you should be able to get back home without roughing it should you set out tomorrow. Gratefully taking a cup of coffee from McCain you mull over today plans.

>Plan of action?
Let's try to get another audience to ask if it'd be all right if we moved some more people through here later, and maybe get our stuff back.
It was a good exploration trip, but we never really got a chance to talk to any big merchants or show our things off. I'd like to show off a rifle if the chance comes up, to see if they are very interested and if we should bring more of that stock next time. Maybe they'll have recovered the goods and we can see which of those they like as well.

I'd like to get a couple spare maps for other groups, but we don't have spending money on hand.
We can maybe get the centaurs who came with us to vouch for how our weapons were able to take down trolls fairly well.
You figure that it would be best to make plans for a return visit later, and head to get an audience with the Ataman. Surprisingly you are let in quickly, and he tosses you a bag. Looking inside reveals at least some of your trading goods. Not many, but still. You give the ataman a questioning glance, and he simply utters the phrase 'Bandyta' before excusing himself. Heading back to the market, you attempt to showcase your rifle to some of the arms merchants. It takes some doing, but you manage to get at least a couple merchants to follow you to the edge of Ursus proper, to an area overlooking the badlands.

>Need two d20 rolls here, one at +4 for marksmanship, one for +2 for salesmanship.
Rolled 3, 3 = 6

First is for marksmanship, second for salesmanship
Rolled 17, 18 = 35

here you go. Let's see if we can impress anyone.
Rolled 11, 3 = 14

>21, 20

You manage to acquire a pieces of clay pottery from a merchant in exchange for a good number of your remaining baubles. You do hear mention of a name 'Madam Brewer' among some of the centaurs at the back as the goods change hands, but you set up targets at varying range saving some for a bit of trick shooting.

Your first tube goes into the targets, not missing a single one as you put round after round downrange. Not as fast as some of your best, but hey, better than anything these guys have ever seen. Taking the time to reload, you manage to work out with Veles, McCain and Keel to start acting as impromptu trap launchers. On your signal, a slew of clay pottery goes flying into the air as you sight in. Five shot later, the shards of pottery rain down on the field as you give the rifle a little twirl and tuck it under your arm.

Most of the centaurs are standing back as the display of proficiency ends, before you hear clapping from the back, which then turns into applause for the little performance. You do see some skeptical faces but they are few and far between.

If you can think of anything else you might be able to sell them on it completely.

Tell them we'll send more of these their way, later. Also some other goods. Don't mind if more strangers start showing up in your land in the near future.
Alright, going to continue with that tomorrow, really in dire need of some sleep here.

Thread postponed for now.

Will take the time to answer any question should anyone have any.
Allright, thanks for running.

What in the way of trade goods did we recover? Anything particularly interesting for the locals?

How's the commander feel about trading weapons and such to these folk?
File: NotSeenAnyNagaInAWhile.gif (491 KB, 230x173)
491 KB
491 KB GIF
Just your trinkets. The shiny shit you spent part of your free dosh on to trade with them. Watches, cheap jewlery, the like. They have interest in how the watches work, but clockwork is a bit beyond them right now.

As for the commanders feelings? Well, he's got no problem with it for the most part, provided you aren't provoking wars or anything like that.
Well, sounds like we've got a comfortable little bit of trade to be done here.
We should also visit the village-bound centaurs next trip. See both the power bases.
Thanks for running, Chemlab.
Thanks for running
Late night bump.
May or may not sleep in a bit tomorrow and miss a prompt because of it, but whatever.

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