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A friend and I were thinking of doing a stereotypical action movie based one shot. We were thinking an interesting mechanic would be "Ass Pulls" ie the kind of bullshit that happens in bad action movies, like one of the henchmen on the firing squad that's about to kill them is actually a childhood friend of one of the characters, or one of the characters is totally able to hotwire vehicles, without actually ever having shown that, things of that nature. I was hoping you could help us come up with some cool ideas for these sort of things.

How it would work is we'd put these all into a deck, each player draws five cards and takes one of them to be able to use whenever they want during the game.

So, any ideas, /tg/?
This thread still alive?

I got a couple
>One In The Chamber

Whenever run out of ammo and get in a situation where you cant reload you can say that you actually had the magazine plus 1.
Get one free shot to defend yourself.

>Critical Jam
The hero is one his knees about to get a bullet to the skull...but wait! The villeins gun jams right at that exact moment and the hero takes the opportunity to attack!
After activating this you get a turn to attack or run away before the enemy can respond.

Can turn any two Objects into a Weapon or Quest Item
Oh this sounds like a fun idea!

>2 Days Left Until Retirement

Basically a get out of death free card. Only instead of free, someone else takes the bullet for you.

Say a pithy one liner and do an action. The other guys playing judge how good the line was. get a bonus for how bad/fair/great the line was

Your sheer awesomeness makes everyone miss you despite being a huge Austrian man. This prevents all damage for a set amount of playing time
Thats good!

Though if they are using a stat system maybe set it so they get a very high bonus to their crafts skill or something.
>Im going to kill you last!

Pick an enemy in the scene and if hes the last one standing you get a bonus to attack and damage.
>Made of Explodium

When you declare this ability, the next manufactured object you shoot will explode in a spectacular fireball, guaranteed, regardless of whether this makes any sense at all. Explosion damage and radius depend on the size of the exploding object.
If you play this card after discovering an explosive device you get a bonus to dodge roll out of the way.
These are really great guys! I appreciate the help, and this might end up working out pretyy well, keep 'em coming.
>Die Hard
After Sustaining an apparently lethal wound you can continue to perform normally until the end of the scene where you collapse of exhaustion. You will need first aid before you bleedout after you collapse
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>So, any ideas, /tg/?

Have you ever tried this game?
>Stick Around

(based on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDztrw_0N8M)
Saying a cheesy line related to how you're killing someone gives you a bonus to killing refreshes your awesomeness points (whatever that is in your game).
>Herculean Strength
Whether your character is a hulking European Giant or an Average Joe at the wrong place at the wrong time your character can perform a feat of strength well above their actual strength stat.

>It aint the fall that gets ya.
You can use almost anything (including a human body) to negate any falling damage you may occur.

Give everyone a huge bonus to their movement speed when trying to escape... except for the black guy, whose name you are required to shout out in anger as your getaway car/train/helicopter leaves.
>This'll be important later

The player can make up a single fact about their character, maybe he always carries a swiss army knife in his boot or maybe he's got a friend in the department from the good old days. The character can drop as many of these facts as he wants during game time, but he can only cash the card in on one fact.
>Inverse law of ninjas
The player gets compounding bonuses to attack and defense based on the number of enemies.

>Real men use fists
A player may throw down his weapon and challenge an enemy to 1v1 combat. All other enemies must stand and watch until it is over.

>He went that way!
When the player is being chased, as long as he can lose line of sight the enemies, he can hide anywhere (around a corner, in a trash can, holding onto rafters on the ceiling), and the purusing enemies will continue past him.

>Gonna need a Montage
As long as the player is not under any immediate time constraint, once per session they can start a montage, resulting them in being proficient at whatever task is required for the upcoming mission.
>Epic handshake

Upon first meeting one of the other players in game, you can play this card to give both of you a bonus awesome point.
>Go on, pull the trigger, if you're man enough

When cornered by an enemy, dare them to kill you. Another player immediately appears behind the enemy in time to save you.
>Signature Weapon
If you take this at the start of the game your character already has a history with 1 weapon. You can pick whatever weapon you want whether it be his trusty Police Issued Handgun or a favorite from his personal armory.
This weapon will always give him a +1 to his attack roles.

Petition to change the name of this one to

>Let off some steam, Bennett
>I expect you to die!
Your hero is trapped in a torture device or is about to be elaborately executed.
Using this card will let you instantly escape.
>Thrown forward by the explosion

Destroy one vehicle or building and escape simultaneously.
>Computers are magic
The player is a Hacker. He can access any computer from any other computer within a building, as well as the building's locks, ventilation and AC, lighting, and any other electronic devices.
>Bullet Ballet
Time slows down as your character experiences an adrenaline rush and can target everyone in the room before the enemy retaliates.
Activating this card gives you 1 free attack with a ranged weapon against everybody in the room (provided you have the ammo for it)
>Duffel bag full of C4

You find a duffel bag full of C4, along with a detonator.
>Let's show these bastards what we're made of!

You give an inspirational speech. You gain two awesome points, and every player listening to you gains one awesome point.
>How hard could it be?

You can pilot any vehicle, be it a plane, helicopter, or alien vessel. You must end the scene by crashing.
> Load Up
Find a cashe of weapons, and carry double the normal weapons/ammo/gear for a time. Unless specified, when you run out of bullets, you drop the extra gun. (Think Commando or any Arnie film)

> The oldest trick
Guarenteed Bluff. "The saftey's on", "You think this is a hologram?" "He's right behind you."

> Some days, you can get rid of a bomb.
Timed explosives (From Grenade to Nuke) get one more turn before they explode.
>You feel lucky punk?
Through intimidating word play and threats you gain a bonus to interrogation.
>Safety First
You're wearing a bullet-proof vest. Regardless of what you were wearing before, it had one underneath it.

>Inverse law of Hollywood Momentum
By firing any firearm, you can accelerate yourself at scene-required speeds backwards, or cause an enemy to do the same away from you.

>Master of Stealth Checks
Your camo works. Period. The world will adjust to make it work if necessary.

>Phoning it in.
An important person owes you a huge favour for saving their daughter's life for some reason or another. Calling them will get you what you need.

>Sometimes I Forget to Reload
Until you stop firing continuously, you have unlimited ammo. Stopping for even 1 full second will void this benefit.

>Time Dilation
Add 1 minute to any countdown. This can include anything from bombs, to someone counting down from 5, they will take a full minute before hitting the next number.

>Script Mess-up
That last thing that happened to you? Didn't happen to you. That was a generic who just happened to look a lot like you.
>one of the characters is totally able to hotwire vehicles, without actually ever having shown that, things of that nature
you simply give each character a number of "mystery traits". A player may expend one of these to instantly gain a proper trait that the current situation calls for, automatically succeeding on the check.
>When you gotta go, you gotta go
Once per session, a player may declare that a key enemy/NPC must take a bathroom break. (For example, the security guard for the building the party is about to break into, the henchman that's watching over a captured PC, giving them time to break free, etc)

>Relativistic detonator
Any amount of action can occur in the 60 seconds before a bomb is about to go of, missile is about to launch, etc.
>>Time Dilation
>>Relativistic detonator

Damn, beat me to it
>I aint got time to bleed
Character can ignore any penalties he has gained from damaged. Anything from a sprained ankle to losing an arm.
>Watch where you're shooting
Evade a ranged attack. It hits a target of your choice instead.
> Do you have a cold?
Perfect voice imitation for any goon. Will fail if you can be seen.

> Oh Shit. (a' la Data from Star Trek.)
Party can survive one event that would result in party wipe. Other members must lose one of their cards as well.

> Won-stoppable
Guaranteed Will check success. Guaranteed Constitution check success, but effects will kick in soon after.

> I'm not paid enough for this!
Mooks (assuming they are not allied out of fanatical reasons) flee.

> Mama!!
If over half a group of mooks have been killed (or one mook has been overkilled so much it could have killed over half the group if the damage was distributed) remaining mooks begin to flee and panic.

> Surrounded by idiots
Mooks suffer penalties to perception, wisdom, charisma and intelligence.
>Are you okay?
Friendly pat of the back and sign of care puts you back in action, whenever this ability used, target hero loses all of his injuries, can only be used on player character.
>Who needs doors?
Use an automatic or explosive weapon to make a hole large enough to pass through in any hard surface. Whatever is on the other side of the surface remains unharmed if you want.
>If it bleeds we can kill it
After wounding a monstrous creature whether its an alien from out of space or zombie demons from hell the character can reassure himself and his allies that the monster can be stopped.
Activating this card means you ignore fear effects from a specific type of creature. This is only against this type of creature.
For example your team may know that they can kill the alien that is hunting them but what about the Zombie Demons From Hell?
Also special abilities that cause fear effects also cant be ignored.

>Aim for the head!
A character can analyze the weakness of a specific type of enemy...regardless whether they would know that or not.
>Boring conversation, anyway
End a conversation by pulling out your gun and blasting somebody - you automatically hit.
>I have an adapter!
Your technology is now compatible with their technology.
>I love it when a plan comes together!
Your character is a master tactician that can come up with a plan no matter how ludicrous and make it work.
When every member of the party does an action that pertains to this plan they get a bonus to whatever action they are doing.

>Im a cop!
A character can cut through any red tape they encounter with a flash of his badge. Whether its gaining access to a secure area or commandeering a vehicle.
>I am supposed to do this by myself?
Can be used against main antagonists, his sidekicks, right hands, officers in charge and barely anyone, who resembles chain of command, puts target into anger state, forcing it to kill random amount of friendly mooks due to frustration, target will also skip or reject any other actions.
> Gypsy's analogue, nuclear!

Negate an opponent's special attack or ability.

> Welcome to Earf!

You may punch an enemy and render them unconscious for 6 hours, no saves are allowed for armor, stats, or even biology.

> I don't have fire!!!

The player has any item needed to solve a plot vital puzzle or problem.
>No-one could survive that.
Reveal this card while your character is dead. Your character isn't dead and makes a dramatic return, automatically succeeding at his first check.
>Bulletproof cardboard box
Any object a player hides behind provides perfect cover, even if the object should not be able to stop a bullet, or even be large enough to cover the entire player's body.

>pistol whip
Hitting someone with a pistol (or throwing a pistol at someone) is always enough to completely incapacitate someone

>Tuck and roll
Your character takes no damage when leaping from moving vehicles, regardless of the speed
> Fucking Windows 98!
Enemy has computer problems of some kind (usually from an allied hacker, or their own hacker being surprised at how advanced a system is). Can extend to machinery, but it must have a digital component.

If an enemy is whipped into a rage, you can get them to blurt out the truth about anything, as long as you ask them while they are in this enraged state. Roll to see if they continue their rant/justification, or if they clam up and calm down after this.

> Are you crazy, the fall will kill us.
Survive a lethal fall, as long as you willingly jump. Body of deep water, open top garbage truck, tent roof, etc.

> Boiling Point
Enrage non-mook enemy with badgering/taunting/etc.

> You're not the hero
Non-mook enemy can mimic the effect of a card from anyone's hand but (1) you can play a card and it will counter perfectly (or 2) it will backfire. Must disard the card that was mimic'd

> The Ladykillers
Non-mooks will argue, and (under the right conditions) one will kill the other or kill each other in the process.
>It's a Unix system... I know this!
Regardless of what it is, your character has thorough prior knowledge of how to use it.

>Shaken, not stirred
Wherever you are, you will always take a seat next to one of the Big Bad's left hands.
Here's how the game should go. I name it Rated M for Manly.

At the beginning of the game, each player chooses a hero card or draws one randomly. The hero card has a Badass, Grit, Speed, Skill, and Luck score, relating to their Strength, Toughness, Initiative/Dodge, Intelligence, and Luck When they do attack, they use Badass, when they take damage they lose Grit. Initiative determines turn order, and Skill used for all sorts of tests. Luck can be used to add to a dice roll.

Each player then draws 7 trait cards, including the Asspull, Skill, and Equipment Cards. Asspull cards are what we see in this thread, Skill cards are a bonus to skill tests when you play then, and Equipment are things like matches, guns, armor, ect.

The Director controls a deck of Villain cards, and then draws from a set of scene cards. The scene is the current location, and then he plays a conflict card. Scene cards may have their own conflict rules like a bomb in addition to whatever the Director Plays. In the Villain deck, he has mooks to play for the Heroes to fight, conflicts that add to a scene, and Villainous asspulls. At the beginning of the game, the Director plays a face down villain card, unless the villain card says to begin play face up.

Fucking fund it.

Not even joking, you've got something here. Make it, sell it.
>The perfect disguise
Obtaining a uniform of the enemies will allow the player to walk right into the enemy base, assuming he just acts inconspicuous

>What could go wrong?
The player gets bonuses to any skill rolls associated with a plan they create. The bonuses are larger if the plan is more complex, convoluted, and requires multiple time-sensitive pieces to happen simultaneously.
Seconded. That shit needs to get done.
> I saw it in a ______ once.
IRL player must describe a scene from a movie/game/book/whatever. If the action described was done with enough depth and explained well (as decided by the rest of group) their character may perform the action described.
Do it.
I'm really liking this.
IMO it might work better if characters started with Traits. Some of the stuff suggested here would work a lot better as a starting aspect of a character as opposed to something you draw, unless you want this to be full on Munchkin (which, would also be pretty cool and I'm surprised isn't a real expansion).
Exactly how much power does the director have and how much choice do players have in every situation? So far it sounds a little like Ninja Burger, which is amusing exactly once.
Not the OP or anything (but still the guy you quoted), but IMO the Director should be able to have complete control over the "Scenario" that he throws at the players, but the players have their Asspull cards that can potentially completely subvert any situation the Director throws at them.
It'd (possibly) create a neat dynamic between Director/player.
A character can decide to do over an entire scene if something doesnt go their way. This does not mean they can replace the scene merely get a chance to try a different tactic or perhaps get better rolls.

Someone else too, but here's what I'm thinking:
The Player's Goal is to foil the Villain's Evil Plan. Each Evil Plan is composed of several Scenarios.
Players progress through the Scenarios by either thwarting the Villain, failing to thwart the Villain or being captured.
After a set number of Scenarios have been completed (or if all the players are captured), the Climax of the Evil Plan Happens. The difficulty of the Climax is determined by how many of the Scenarios the Players were able to thwart.

Anyone want to turn this into a /tg/ gets shit done thread?
>You killed my father!
From the point of this card being played onward, unless the Villain uses a Reveal card to prove the Hero wrong, the Hero gains skill bonuses specifically when testing against this Villain or their plans.
Weekend game design? I'm up.

But what do the players do to achieve their goals? Are we going for a card game in the vein of Munchkin or Ninja Burger, a heavily randomised, beer-and-pretzels one-shot RPG, or a creative bullshitry game akin to Aye Dark Overlord?

The Director controls the Villain, the Villain's Lieutenant, and Mooks. The number of Mooks and the presence of the Lieutenant determines the difficulty of a given Scenario.
I'd be down.

>creative bullshitry game akin to Aye Dark Overlord
Never played nor even heard of that. Could you explain it a bit more?

Good question. I'm thinking either a card game or a semi-cooperative board game. The Director wouldn't be a DM, they'd have rules they have to play by, and their goal is for the Villain to Succeed. Players control an Action Hero that corresponds to their "character" and work together to thwart the Villain.
What would the party be called.
>Its all in the reflexes
The hero can make an automatic pass on catching or dodging an item that is thrown to him unexpectedly.
This can only be small objects such as knives,bottles or handguns.
>Never played nor even heard of that. Could you explain it a bit more?
It's fairly simple, primarily aimed at kids, but with a fitting group, it's funny as fuck. One player's the Dark Overlord, everyone else is his minions.

The Dark Overlord blames one of his minions for failing a plan he comes up with. That minion then has to shift blame onto someone else, using the cards he's given for inspiration - as in, a card (like "the indecipherable parchment") must be played, but it does not have a specific meaning. So "I got the scroll, but I can't read, so I gave it to [other minion], who can. Ask him!" is a valid excuse with that card, but "[other minion] summoned a demon who stole it" isn't. That goes on until someone is found guilty - either the Overlord is not amused by the minion's excuses, or the minion is out of cards.
>C'mon, stick a knife in me!
Whether it's through taunting, machismo, or some sens of honor, you can convince a major enemy to throw away their firearm and fight in melee combat.
>I'll be back
Declare this when you are mortally wounded or otherwise about to die. You show up in the next scene with half health.
I like the idea of using a pack of playing cards for clichés.

For that matter, if this happens there should be different games for different genres. We're doing Action now, but what about Comedy, Drama, or Horror?
>Horror Cliches
Just play Hunter Slashers
Let's start with the inventory, then! We have
>Hero cards with attributes
>Trait cards
>Item cards
>Asspull cards
which I suggest we rename to Stunt cards
for the players

>Villain card
>Right Hand/Lieutenant card
>Mook cards
>Evil Plan card
>Scenario cards

>and of course dice for all the checks both sides are going to do.

What else? Do we have a map? Is the scenario or evil plan card actually a map? Tokens/minis?
What if you shoot the ground at your feet and you are outside, in say, a field?
Common sense ensues and you shoot a landmine that was buried there since The War.
I like the idea of a pure card game. Scenario cards could just describe the place the players are in, and give certain bonuses, penalties, and other stuff based on where they're at.
Like, a City could have a penalty occur when people pull guns out because everyone panics. Or a Forest could give bonuses to stealth.
>Good thing I wore my vest today.

Instantly negate all the damage you took last turn by dramatically taking your shirt off to reveal a bulletproof vest underneath. You must discard the vest immediately afterwards.
So is this going to be a pure card-based game them?
That might be trending a bit too close to Munchkin...

IMO it might be more fun to maybe make characters based off of a point buy system. Characteristics (stats, etc) and Traits (perks of the character, etc) are all bought using the same points, and then the Asspull cards are handed out at 5 per player or whatever.
A beer & pretzel RPG approach to this might be more fun, since I imagine everyone has some kind of action hero archetype they'd want to play.
The Hero can use more weapon attachments then normally possible or even ones that dont make any sense.
I (>>32766609) personally think a beer-and-pretzels RPG would be more fitting, too, but right now I'm just trying to guide the thread and not being an active participant in the design.
Well I was intending it to be an RPG from the start with the Ass Pulls mechanic ( I should probably rename it to be "the Cliche mechanic") added in. My friends and I play this post-apoc/cyberpunk game with a fairly simple homebrew system, and I was basing it off of that, since it would work in a modern setting pretty well and we're all quite familiar with it.
can we get more info of what you guys have planned? like game mechanics and how stats work?
Oh, sure, here's a google doc with the setting and rules we're using. It's all quite a WiP.
Oh are you using a lot of the gameplay elements for your new game?
>Nobody could have survived that!
The PC evades capture by launching themselves from a ridiculous height / hiding in a collapsing building / heading toward an explosion / etc. Any pursuant NPCs will immediately break off the chase, since there's no way the PC could have survived the event.

>More gun
Any vehicle the PC pilots, in addition to its main weapon, has one additional weapon system available for use. Eg: The PC's custom Ford F450 has a rear-mounted machinegun as well as side-mounted mortars.
Maybe some villein ones
>The Heavy
The Bad guy always has that one mook thats tougher then the rest. Whether hes a giant that can crush skulls with his bare hands or the guy with the biggest gun.
Activating this ability will let you upgrade a mook with either a stat bonus or a powerful piece of equipment.

>The Double
In the event of a PC foiling the Villain's plot or outright killing the Villain, reveal that it was merely a body double.

>You played right into my hand!
Before play, the Villain secretly designates a particular scenario as "part of his plan." If the PCs "foil" this scenario, they have unwittingly aided the Villain's scheme, making the Climax more difficult.
>Friends in high places.
The villein either has connections or is a part of some government agency. He can use his contacts to attack or stall the hero.
>You dont know anything!
When the players attempt to interrogate a mook for information he can only speak in cryptic and vague phrases that suggests there is more to the bad guys plan then it seems.
When activating this it means that the character will not divulge any significant information during an interrogation before they die. Whether its from a hidden Cyanide pill or through the wounds they sustained during a fight.
"Beer 'n' pretzels" makes me think of Risus. Could serve as the engine seeing as it's already about clichés.
The Villain summons everything he has. From the lowest thug with a gun to the best Hitmen money can buy. He throws everything hes got against the hero in one scene.
Why not make it "OH MY GOD, JC, A BOMB!" instead?
cause this is for movies not videogames?
petition this one to be called "It'll blow you to safety" http://youtu.be/aRiy_m-n8O0?t=1m6s
Oh god that inspired me

>Ocular Patdown
With sharp senses and a gut feeling the Hero (or villain) can detect any hidden objects that another character may be trying to smuggle.
OP got any favorites so far?
This feels perfect as some kind of Savage Worlds variant.

>Not so fast!
The Villain produces a family member of a PC as a hostage, giving them significant bonuses to defense.

The Villain produces the perfect gadget or weapon to use against a PC, giving them significant bonuses to attack.

>It's just you and me!
The Villain may challenge a PC to single combat. The Villain is impervious to damage for the first two rounds of combat, in order to build suspense.
A lot, actually. I'm gonna put a bunch of these in a Google doc.
>Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosions
Any sized explosion can be evaded can by turning around and walking away dramatically in slo-mo. Explosion's effect is doubled.
>The Villain may challenge a PC to single combat. The Villain is impervious to damage for the first two rounds of combat, in order to build suspense.
oh man this is great
Also for the other two they look pretty powerful so have it so when they lose their bonuses (Hostage gets saved or special weapon broke) the Hero gains the bonuses to their stats. Make it a big risk big reward thing.

Well post the page when you get a chance
>Friendly Banter
The heros all argue in a stressful situation much to the confusion of the bad guys holding guns. You can break the arguing at any time to get the first round in combat and getting an attack bonus.
>Back to back!
The heros all stand close in a formation to ward off attacks at all sides.
The heros must all stand still in the middle of the room but gain a bonuse to attack and defense and automatically spot any stealth checks that appear in their field of view.
Okay. Let me try to draft something. Rules-light, beer-and-pretzels RPG featuring card mechanics and focused on one-shots. Using stuff from OP's googledoc and suggestions from the thread.

Action flick heroes don't need a lot of variety in attributes. We'll have three:
deals with dishing out and avoiding damage, or feats of strength. Shooting a gun, dodging a blow, or winning an arm-wrestling contest, all roll for this one.
deals with taking and ignoring damage, and feats of endurance and survival. Basically your hitpoints, but I've got an idea for something more fitting the theme.
Basically everything else. Driving a car, hacking a computer, fixing a broken gun, jury-rigging a bomb from some sugar, soap, and a beer can.

These go from 1-6. Normal people get 1. You're that badass.

When things go wrong, you roll 2d6 and add the appropriate attribute. General difficulty for somewhat dangerous tasks is 10. Roll over that and you're good.

Besides attributes you got traits. Traits give you a +3 bonus when doing shit related to them or allow you to do shit normal people can't. Start with 3 traits and 2 mystery traits. When you try to do something you don't have a trait for, you can spend a mystery trait to fix that.

That works?
Might I suggest:
>Comic Relief
Weak, and several villain cards insta-kill him, however they get an additional skill bonus and an extra mystery trait in place of a trait, because he's secretly a badass. Basically a jack of all trades.
Can seduce guards and even the villain and buff party (good luck kiss and stuff). However, villain cards allow him to kidnap her, though this situation can be turned around.
Are these Classes?
I might suggest to change Chick to Femme Fatale

Traits are basically two-three word descriptions of what you're good at. "Driver", "handy with a gun", "fencer", "actor", "sneaky bugger", "car thief", "hacker", anything works so long as it's not overly specialised or too broad. Ask the Director if he allows the trait. But don't try stacking shit, because that doesn't work. If you try something covered by two of your traits, you still get a single +3 bonus.

At the beginning of the game, pull 5 cards from the Hero deck.
>that's where all those ass pull cards we've written go!
When the director says SCENE!, dump the cards you had back into the deck, shuffle it good and get another 5.

When getting hurt, roll your grit against 10 plus modifier based on what's about to hit you - a punch from a mook is not as scary as the villain's hook hand. If you win, that's barely a scratch. Ignore it. If you don't, that's a wound all right. Take a Drama Counter. You add those to Badass and Smarts rolls, but subtract them from Grit rolls when getting hurt.

When you have more Drama Counters than Grit, you're out. Not necessarily dead, but you're not getting back unless someone (and that includes you) uses a card or the Director says so.

Mooks don't get Grit or Drama Counters. One hit and they're out.
I don't think those fit, but we can try adding them as additional traits, one given secretly to each player. They can be interacted with by cards. Stuff like

>the black guy
>the chick
>the mentor and the student (always come in pairs)
>the turncoat
>the turncoat
Double Agent fits better
He's the one that the villain can get to act on his side with a card.
Most of these could be Aspects or Stunts for the manliest game of Fate Core, ever. The only problem is that they are not very double sided so compelling them could be a problem. Maybe instead of compels you just get your entire Refresh back every scene?
the Villain has on his side the rival of one of the heros. To make their final confrontation more dramatic they will always be just as powerful as the hero.
Pick a character under your employ and whenever your selected hero gets XP that character does too.
Badass was designed specifically for this sort of thinghttp://www.stargazergames.eu/games/badass/
When attacking with a weapon, bad stuff happens on doubles: flimsy or improvised weapons break completely; melee weapons are dropped, stuck in the body, or otherwise lost and need to be recovered; guns run out of ammo or jam, and a Smarts check is required to fix them.

There's always a Villain. Sometimes more than one. He gets attribute scores that can go over 6, but his Drama Counters don't have any effect beyond determining when he's out.
Lieutenants are like mooks, but they have attribute scores. Their Drama Counters also don't have any effect beyond determining when they're out.

The Director gets a Villain deck. At the beginning of each scene, he takes 8 cards from it. At the end of the scene, he shuffles whatever he had left back into the deck.

Quiet Scenes can happen after an action scene has finished. During those, you remove one Drama Counter from yourself or another hero. If someone has an appropriate trait, they can use it to remove another counter.

I guess that's it for the basics.
>death's throes (hero)
A mook or lieutenant dying rolls a normal attack against a target (that he can attack) of your choice.

>coming back for you (hero)
Transfer half of a downed hero's drama counters to yourself. Proceed even if that makes you go down.
A lieutenants rolls gain a bonus but only when it pertains to their gimmick.
An ex Military Sniper gets a bonus with Rifles.
A Kung Fu Triad gets a bonus with unarmed Melee.
>Death Wish
The hero has some sort of deathwish. Whether hes an adrenaline Junkie or is legitimately suicidal he does not fear any physical repercussions for his actions.
He gains a bonus to overcoming fear rolls but is more likely to engage in risky behavior.
>This is a bad idea
The Director can warn a hero of the danger of a particular task before they start it.
>Let me patch you up

Play immediately after resolving a combat scene. Remove one Drama from a hero of your choice.
>He gets attribute scores that can go over 6, but his Drama Counters don't have any effect beyond determining when he's out.

Actually, why not give the Villain something to do with Drama? You could have him activate a berzerk mode (think the Bizon fight in Streetfighter: the Movie), reveal some last-minute scheme out of desperation, like a nuke pointed at a major city or a hostage situation that adds to hero stress...

Another idea: hostage situations, ticking bomb scenarios and anything else that requires countdowns to resolve add one Drama to all heroes for each turn they don't resolve it. The "Time Dilation" card seen earlier can negate this effect for one turn.
Yes, I've just been thinking of more things to plug the Drama thing into. Initially it was supposed to just simulate the thing where the hero takes a beating first, but then catches his breath and kills the villain.

Your villain triggers seem more suited to either be an endgame card (additional deck?) or an additional rule that doesn't interfere with DC-as-hitpoints. But something to make use of Drama would be great.

Drama-as-time-pressure is great, but between being used as hitpoints and Quiet Scene recovery, it may be a bit too harsh and lead to heroes going down for no apparent reason (can't handle the pressure, cowering in a corner? hell no!).
We can add an exception like
>at the end of a Tense scene, all Drama Counters are automatically resolved
possible exploit when going from combat to tense instantly heals wounds, unnecessary partitioning of the game.
>if you *would take a DC from being hurt* and you have more DC than grit, you're out
exception takes away from being rules-light
>heroes don't go down during a Tense scene, but if everyone accumulates enough DC to go down, the scene ends in epic fail
interferes with hybrid action/tense scenes.

or divide Drama into Personal Drama and Scene Drama - the latter dissipating as the scene ends.
If you want to go "HELL YEAH HOLLYWOOD ACTION HERO", then have the Adrenaline system.

Basically, every time the Hero enters a dangerous situation (getting in combat, or sneaking their way in something, or duelling a hacker for the techie guy, etc...), they get an Adrenaline point. When they're up to 5/10/15 (depending on just how badass you want this to get), they can spend them all to turn a success into a critical success. Or to auto-success a highly improbable task.

E.g: Shooting a helicopter down. With a car.
>I'll hold 'em off
Sacrifice your character. Kill any number of enemies. Main villains and certain henchmen may be exempt.
>Who were those guys?
A players past catches up with them as the director may add up to 20 additional mooks and 3 henchmen with the mafia subtype to a scene.

The villain and any associated henchmen may flee the scene without fear of pursuit.
Okay, on second thought, the second exception will probably be fine and I'm worrying too much.

I completely forgot about stunts. +1 to +3 bonus for badass description, funny one-liner, or whatever. Alternately, player's choice, drop a drama counter. Classic rule, game wouldn't be complete without it.

Also, when bad stuff happens to weapons, it happens in addition to normal attack effects.

Couple of cards to round shit out

>keep'em coming
Play after taking out a mook. You can attack a different target instantly. Keep doing that until you miss or run out of mooks you can attack.

>all or nothing
Gain drama counters until you have as many as you have grit.
>Say hello to my little friend!
The Villain may take a previously unused or undeclared weapon from a safe or lockbox. This can be any weapon (within reason. You cant hide a stinger missile in a desk.)
>never tell me the odds

Play when you're about to roll for something that you have a disadvantage in or penalty to. For this specific roll, your stats are inverted (if you have a -3 penalty, you get +3 instead and so on).
This could work as a hero card too.

> You cant hide a stinger missile in a desk.

You totally can. Remember Kick-Ass?
>This could work as a hero card too.
True but I was thinking of Scarface at the time and you cant really say hes a good guy.

>Remember Kickass
When I said Stinger I meant like a big artillery gun my mistake. But you get the point.
>Unspoken Plan Garantuee
Play this card to trigger a previously unmentioned event (Within reason).
>Did you think I hadn't planned for that?
The villain instantly negates the effect of any tactical asspull
>I was counting on it
A tactical asspull hinging on the villains contingency plan is executed
File: maxresdefault.jpg (160 KB, 1920x1080)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Just want to give this thread a friendly bump because everything in is goddamn amazing. You're all doing your precinct / country / squad proud, men!

>Real Men Don't Look At Explosions
The concussive blast of any given explosion will not harm the character and will only rustle your clothes in a badass fashion so long as the character doesn't look back at it.

>Femme Fatale
A character's attempts to use her feminine wiles against any NPC aside from the final boss will automatically succeed.

>Get Everybody And The Stuff Together
>Getting The Band Back Together
Scouring the world to (re)assemble your team over the course of the game will afford more skill bonuses than starting with a prebuilt team from the start.
>The Last Laugh
When the hero or villain dies they can attempt to get their revenge from beyond the grave.
It could be anything from activating the self destruct sequence on a secret base or using your last breath to pull the pin on a grenade.
Similar but not quite:

>That was a load-bearing boss!
Play when a villain or lieutenant dies. Start a countdown for a self-destruct sequence. Change the objective to "escape the scene".
>That was a load-bearing boss!
Two Best Friends?
>One Man Army
The Player gains a bonus for every enemy after the second in the scene to his attack and defense.

For example
2 enemies give him + 1
3 enemies give him + 2
And so on. Killing enemies reduces his bonus.
>I hate these guys.
The player gets a favoured enemy and gains a bonus against them.
Cannot be too broad such as Mafia. You have to specify what type of Mafia (Italian,Chinese,Russian)
This can be used for any type of organisation (or if fighting aliens/monsters a specific race)
Jackie Chan don't want no trable.
>No Trable
After you fail a social event and get attacked first activating this card will give you a defense bonus.
>Nothing Left To Lose
When a character reaches the point where they can honestly say that they have "nothing left to lose," acting out increasingly desperate plans with wild abandon is rewarding with higher rates or success.

> I dont know who you are

Investigation card, if your char investigating anything, this card will provide you with unconscious henchmen nearby
By the way, looks as if some hero has archived this thread on Sup/tg/. Vote 'er up if you're gonna.


>Call In The Cavalry
The character has the "cavalry" on call for when a few more bodies and a lot more firepower is needed. This can be an attack chopper, a squadron of police cruisers or even an actual cavalry unit.
>Its time to improvise.
Your character is either a master martial artist or an experienced brawler and is adept at handling clumsy unbalenced objects as weapons.
Things such as chairs,broken bottles and pool cues become frighteningly lethal.
During Melee combat the player can use anything as a weapon without a penalty for using an improvised weapon.
Your character can either make an incredible leap in logic to arrive at a conclusion or ignore anything detrimental that happened to him.
Can we get a screen cap or something so we can have all of these in one place?

If we're working on the theme of "randomly generating and playing out an awesomely ridiculous action movie," should we be thinking up some basic (read: clichéd) setting and story cards as well?

>The Big City
>The Tropical Paradise
>The Oppressive Dictatorship
>Anytown USA

>Corruption on the Force
>Malevolent Mercs and Pirates
>Plans for World Domination
>One Last Heist

>The Wrong Side of the Tracks
>The Resort
>Dictator's Compound
>Biker Stronghold

>War on Drugs
>Taking out the Trash
>Deactivate the Bomb
>Save the President
>Save the President's Daughter
>Save Your Daughter
>Save Your Dog
>Save Yourself
>Escape from New York
>Just the beginning!
Play upon a villains apparent death. Choose from the following.
>Villain dies, but his masterplan goes into effect
>Villain dies, but reveals the existence second villain - (master or protege are both valid)
>Villain survives and escapes, though badly wounded. ("I'll get you for this Power Rangers!)
>Clutch Shot
The chips are down and all seems lost. The hero concentrates and breaths. Time seems to slow down as he zeros on the target. Does he make the shot?
Your character calls a shot and gains a bonus to hit and if it hits gains a critical success.
>Suppressing Fire!
The character attacks all enemys within a 180 degree radius.
However you gain a penalty to attack and give up your next turn but all enemies whether they are hit or not have to take cover for an entire turn as well.
Use this to lock enemies in place for your allies to run away or push forward.

>War-torn Where-istan?
>The Incaztec Jungles
>The Not-Too-Distant Future
>Aboard a large ship/plane/train
>In a secret lair/city/research facility deep below the surface of the earth

>Betrayed by your squadron and left for dead
> A race to the treasure/doomsday artifact
>Fight the dystopian regime
>Man meddles in God's Domain

>Oil Rig
>Missile Silos
>Abandoned Mines
>Space Station

>Find the Cure
>Quest for Supplies
>Walking in Dad's Footsteps
>Too Old for this Shit
>Hard Boiled
You have been there and done that and your not surprised by anything anymore.
Gain a bonus to fear roles.
you hit a mine in the feild duh
>stupid catchphrase

Your character says something really cheesy, and gets his next roll doubled.

>yipikaye motherfucker
Bumping thread this is awesome
>Make an Example
If the PCs defeat the Villain's lieutenant, the Villain may choose to execute them. The Lieutenant is then replaced by a more badass Lieutenant.

>You Can Still Set Things Right!
During the climax, the PC may make an attempt to sway the Villain's Lieutenant. Playing this card gives a bonus to negotiations. If negotiations are successful, the Lieutenant turns on the Villain, and is subsequently destroyed at the end of the scene.

>Go on Without Me!
No matter how dire, if a PC activates this power the scene is considered a victory. The PC is killed after using this card, so save it for dramatically appropriate moments of manly tears.
>This isn't Even My Final Form!
If the Villain's HP is reduced to zero, he may play this card. His HP is refilled and he takes on a more menacing form.

>That Way, You Fools!
If the PCs successfully evade capture, the Villain may spawn a team of minions near the party

>Her Last Words
At a critical juncture, the Villain quotes the words of the PC's dead wife. For two turns the PC takes significant penalties on attack and defense rolls. On the third turn following this card's activation, the PC is filled with righteous fury, and gets a bonus to attack.
File: saren's out.gif (980 KB, 450x253)
980 KB
980 KB GIF
>you can still set things right
thank you, shepard
How about this,
Sword, spear, or mace?
Fuck wrong thread

>On a craggy, inhospitable island
>In a crowded supermarket
>Atop a tall dam
>In an opulent ski chalet high in the Alps
>Through the streets and alleyways of old Paris

>Playing the Most Dangerous Game
>A hold up gone horrible wrong
>A Mexican Standoff comes to its conclusion
>A clandestine meeting of all the workd's richest villains begins
>The car chase to end all car chases takes place
File: 1395333296465.jpg (651 KB, 1366x768)
651 KB
651 KB JPG
WoD has a supplement for this exact purpose, Dudes of Legend

Might be worth borrowing a few ideas from there.
>Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions

Walking away from and not looking at an explosion earns awesome points

>Vehicle Jump

Instant success on any vehicle jump, including distance and landing, no matter the conditions
>Xanatos Gambit

Players may, for one round, dictate the actions and reactions of the Villains lieutenant so long as they follow a somewhat logical sequential chain. He may NOT share his plan with the other players OR explain his actions or whats going on.

>You think I didn't plan for this?

The villain may spontaneously interrupt the players Xanatos Gambit, foiling his plans at the most inopportune moment
Right. Let's finish this with some explicit combat rules, then.

Combatants are divided in teams. Usually it will be heroes and mooks, but bystanders, police, or a second faction of villains are all possible.
If a fight ensues normally, the side that takes the first shot/punch takes the first turn, and every other side rolls 2d6 and go descending order. Within the side, everyone goes in whichever order they agree on.

During a fight you have three main actions: move, take cover, and attack. You do two of them. Taking cover must be the last action in your turn to have any effect, and requires some actual cover where you are.
For melee attacks, both combatants roll Badass. The one with the lower roll is hurt and has to roll Grit as usual.
For ranged attacks, only the attacker rolls. If the target is in cover, it's a -3 penalty.
Bigger weapons simply give a penalty to the Grit roll: from -1 for a stick to -5 for a particularly big gun or scary sword. Especially impractical or menacing weapons can give even bigger penalties or grant a DC automatically.
Magazines or weapon conditions are not tracked: things go wrong when dramatically appropriate (Director says so) or when their attack roll comes up doubles.
Ran a game like this for my friends once with the idea that i was an 80s action movie. Their favorite and most abusable ability was "Dynamic Entry"; every scene you could choose not to present and during somebody's turn you could pick a square to enter. But you didn't just show up. You smash through windows, took off a disguise or burst through the ground in the tunnels you obviously had dug out by your digger guy.

Don't now if something like that's been mentioned but fucking everyone loved it. And you knew shit was about to get real serious when you entered a scene where everyone was packing this.
File: gun.jpg (40 KB, 424x185)
40 KB
if this turns into a card game and each card needs a picture, I got this one covered
>(within reason. You cant hide a stinger missile in a desk.)
As much as the /k/ommando in me screams it totally fits this game

This is supposed to be about action movies not a comical farce.
Good thing there's a Director who gets the final say when it's too silly to allow.
oh yeah at the end of the day its up to whoever is running the game
Yeah, I really want to play a game of Badass right about now..

>I'm too old for this Shit
After being stunned/fatigued/wounded, a shake of the head while uttering this line makes you ready to get back into action.
Alternatively, you gain a penalty for any running/foot chases, but gain a bonus to drive (to ram the target with your car) or ranged attack (Not feeling like sweating today)
>manly handshake
If you get in a fist fight, roll negotiate and Badass if you succeeded enemy joins your team.

because this pic >>32784261 explains all you need to know
>Not bad for an old man!
At the cost of sacrificing a turn to focus you can fire a called shot with an automatic success.
>I didn't hear no bell

After a PC receives fatal damage, if this card is played, he stands back up on 1 HP and delivers a surprise attack to the person who downed him
>Get in!

If a PC plays this card, an unlikely assistant shows up, out of nowhere, in a vehicle, to haul the PC's out of there
> Imperial Sharpshooter Academy Graduates
Target mooks gain penalties to aim.
>Dont touch the suit.
If your clothes get destroyed in a fight add the armor rating you lost to your attack.
>like one of the henchmen on the firing squad that's about to kill them is actually a childhood friend of one of the characters
Spirit of the Century is rather old as FATE games go, but it had a cool power for characters focused on infiltration. If they weren't in a scene, they could at any time declare that they were secretly in disguise as one of the minor, nameless NPCs, guards, firing squad members, pulling off their helmet to save the day or whatever.
>It was his last day.

If the player is defeated or incapacitated, he may play this card to give all other players major bonuses.
going to bed
hope this thread stays till morning
You should just play Feng Shui OP.
>Basically a get out of death free card
Sounds more like a "you die" card.
Remember to give players bonuses for spouting shitty one-liners whenever they can.
Or at least some version of Fate. It does exactly this.
>Coked up
Any attack that does less than the villains total HP is ignored. Any attacks doing more than the villains total HP kills him. Obviously.

>mad dash
Don't take damage running through a line of fire if you make it to cover, an objective, escape point, downed comrade, etc. at the end of your movement turn.

>there wasn't no tape over his mouth!
Any object is retroactively a bomb.
>Like Real Men

Whenever you and an enemy are one on one, you can make you both lose your ranged weapons and engage in a fist fight.
>Evil Monologue
When you play this action, the main villain oft he group you are fighhting takes no action during his turn and makes an evil monologue instead.
>Stay Put

You play this card on a friendly female NPC before going in combat and give her a gun. In an appropriate time in combat, she will appear and make an attack.
>Trenchcoat Arsenal

You can fit uıp to 15 weapons of any size inside one trenchoat or similar piece of clothing. The weapons are completely unnoticable until the moment you open the trenchcoat and display them to your enemies before you kill them.
Villainous asspulls should be renamed Plot Twists
>Coked up
Any attack that does less than the villains total HP is ignored. Any attacks doing more than the villains total HP kills him. Obviously.

Goddamnit Brayko!
the villain can turn any one faction against the players, or bring in a new hostile faction. This faction will independently accost the players until the faction leader is dealt with, or villain destroyed.

>Blackmail (item: information)
Dirt on a specific player or villain. When brought to an appropriate outlet such as a news station or three-letter agency headquarters:
Player: appropriate neutral or friendly factions become hostile to the player, until the (likely forged) blackmail is exposed to be false, or the villain is eliminated.-
Villain: loses control of all mooks, commanders and organizations, and are beset upon by relevant factions. Faction leader is replaced by appropriate commander.
Effects vary depending on the nature of the blackmail.

>Convenient trigger discipline
Mooks either do or do not fire their weapons as they die, always to the benefit of who is holding the card.

> Do you like hurting other people?
Player starts with no weapons and gains large bonuses to improvised and looted weapon skills, medium bonuses to stealth; cannot reload.

>Holy shit!
shoot up every mook in the room.
I was thinking of Tony Montana shrugging off dozens of bullet wounds like light punches, but dying of a point-blank shotgun blast to the back.
>Ceiling Stealth
You succeed any stealth roll by climbing up tot he ceiling and hiding above the guards, as long as you are inside a building.

>One Last Bullet
You take out your gun's magazine to reveal that you have only one bullet left. You make one attack roll that is a guaranteed hit and discard the weapon.
>That's not a knife
if a mook is attempting an intimidate check on a player using a weapon, and the player has a larger weapon than the mook, the player can instantly intimidate the mook.
More like this.

This. This is a good idea.

>On a roll
Kills grant stacking bonuses to all stats. Bonuses are removed once the player goes a turn without making a kill or taking damage.

>Asshole Trickster
While not engaged in combat IE sneaking, make an enemy take an action, or modify an action to be lethal to himself or an ally. It will be treated as an unfortunate accident, and not put the player under heavy suspicion.

>Badass bystander
NPC is armed and gains PC tier stats (perhaps for a limited number of turns?).

>Percussive maintenance
Player uses an attack or strength score instead of an intelligence or repair score to fix something. Pretty much hitting something to fix it.

>Designer/military drugs:
Mooks get huge bonuses to constitution and strength or equivalent, but a huge hit to intelligence. Players take only a smaller hit to intelligence, but can only use the drug once before burning out and taking a hit to all stats (or don't do drugs at all).

temporarily, a player treats all enemies as favored enemies.

>Trust me, I'm a Professional!
Player gets bonuses to everything that's a really bad idea.

>What bus driver? (or MO-VIE! MO-VIE! MO-VIE!)
A mook or commander/lieutenant is immediately struck and incapacitated by a vehicle crashing through a wall.
>Really? a fucking _____?
bonus to inappropriately applied, outdated out of place or overkill weapons.
>Bitches Leave.
Intimidates mooks into leaving without a fight. Only works in presence of non-mook.

>Your move, creep.
Holds a enemy dead to rights, if they do anything other than talk a highly successful attack is carried out. If enemy is just a mook, they are killed outright.

>TV Dinner
Air Ducts. You can hide in em', or crawl in em to reach an important location. They'll take you right to them.

Next weapon PC finds is significantly more powerful than whatever is currently equipped.

>It's all in the Reflexes.
All manner of throw-able weapons thrown at PCs can be thrown back for double their damage.

>Anyone else want to negotiate?
Rapidly kills off a non-mook with the hope that mooks surrender.

>Consider that the divorce...
Grants huge attack bonus against a female villain with firearms.

>Don't push it...
PC intimidates an enemy into a fearful stupor with a knife, allowing for an extended period of escape.

>Shit just got real.
Upon major actions of villains, PCs replenish HP and ammo in preparation for the "real deal".
I love this thread! I copied a bunch of these to index cards and im gonna run a beer and pretzels version in a day or two. Currently doing this from my cell but if this survives till morning I'll throw up what i have.
What cards are you saving?
>Sounds more like a "you die" card

Someone ELSE'S 2 days until retirement
>I have just murdered a man!
Whether its because of apathy or through fear people are less likely to report a crime.

Change TV Dinner so that, if invoked while in an air duct, the air duct will invariably take you to your objective.

>Guns For Show, Knives for a Pro

Any bladed weapon gains a huge damage bonus, but any guns have their accuracy reduced.
>I lied.
If you and your designated enemy are alone you gain those bonuses as if Im Going To Kill You Last! is in effect.
>Weeaboo fightan magic

Any character of east Asian descent is skilled in martial arts.


>Balkan Brute

Any character of Russian, Balkan or Eastern European descent gain a large bonus to strength.

There should be one that makes any English character that essentially James Bond a villain. German too.

>that isn't essentially
File: 12246757456574.jpg (108 KB, 653x367)
108 KB
108 KB JPG

Sweet dubs, by the way
>Smooth Accent
English characters Gains a bonus to social rolls.

>German Engineering
Character gains a bonus to any crafting roll that either creates or repairs technology.
>Dynamic Movement

The PC can teleport anywhere on the battlefield instantly, as long as the player can come up with an appropriate way for him to move there. (eg. swinging on vines, grabbing a crane, an explosion pushing you to the exact spot you want)
>Second Amendment
American characters gain a bonus to gunplay rolls

>Do You Feel Lucky? Punk?
If the heroes do run out of ammunition, they may bluff the enemies into surrendering through a "How many bullets do you think I have left?" speech.


>I Do Believe You Are Running Out Of Ammunition
A villain may revoke the "endless ammo" privileges of the heroes by pointing out that their sloppy shooting. The Heroes are now left with one last full reload apiece to finish out the scene.
>Do You Feel Lucky? Punk?
Should be changed to
>Did he fire 5 or 6?
You're right, that is more appropriate.

>Gun Fu
Your character's gunplay skills are deadly without ever having to fire a shot.

>I've Got Friends In High Places
Your character has very influential friends, and may call in favors while out of combat from high-ranking politicians, powerful military leaders and big businessmen.

>I've Got Friends In Low Places
Your character is well acquainted with the local criminal element, and may call in favors while out of combat from drug lords, guerilla fighters and all manner of con men.
>I've Got Friends In High Places
I had one thats almost exactly like that but for the villain
It seems that a lot of times, Heroes and Villains in these sort of high-intensity, high-collateral-damage movies have very similar sets of skills and techniques.
This gives me an idea...

>You and I, we're the same!

Pick a hero. For the duration of the scene, the villain counts as an exact copy of the hero, with all equipment, weapons and bonuses that said hero had at the time this was played.

>We're Not So Different, You And I
The Villain pontificates on the similarities between himself and the Heroes, sending them into an existential funk and negatively affecting all their bravado and confidence related actions.
>Intersection Interception
While in a car chase scene (being cased), play this card to pass through a crossroad or intersection without problem, but one or more of the mooks chasing are hit by a car/truck/bus driving through the intersection. Explosion possible but not necessary.

>Crossroads Crash Cutoff
While tailing the badguys in a chase scenario, turn off onto a slightly different route so as to either put your car in front of theirs at the next crossroads, or ram them in a T-Bone collision that incapacitates the vehicle and disorients the occupants.
File: 1357030583154.jpg (91 KB, 600x673)
91 KB
K, I just got home from work gents. so I have about a hundred cards. I dont know if i'm going to use the villain cards yet, but most of the regular ones are in it.

I can post the beer and pretzels version If anyone is interested.
go right ahead!
>Offensive Driver Training
You have the skills and the sense of flair needed to make vehicular homicide look good.

>Drive-By Sharpshooter
Your skills as a marksman are actually improved by riding in or even driving a vehicle.

>King of the Road
You are the King of the Road, Lord of the Asphalt and Master of All Things Automotive. You cannot be beaten in any scenario resembling a car chase, road race or getaway.
Go right ahead on! We'd love to see what you've cooked up!
File: 1400681235833.jpg (850 KB, 1920x1200)
850 KB
850 KB JPG
So to start off a Hero needs a Badass name and occupation.
The occupation determines all the skills a character has. normally a normal person rolls 1d6 for skill rolls, but your badass so all the skills associated with the occupation gets 2d6.

-Heros start the game with 3 awesome points(these can be used for Anything.)
--Draw 5 or 7 cards, up to the director.

-If a Heros hand is gone he is out of the scene and lose 1 awesome point, if they are out of awesome points and lose their hand they die. (cards=hp)
-The deck the Hero's draw from is one deck in the middle of the table, it has good and bad asspulls.

-cards can be played face up on the table to use the effects, or "burned" a one time use.

Mooks- Hp=1 Damage=1
Left Hand- Hp=10 Damage=2
Big Bad- Hp=varies Damage=Varies

Damage delt to heros is taken from either their hand or the cards on the field. Again when all are gone ya be dead.

A hero can "refresh" for 2 awesome points to pull a new hand and can if they want they can rejoin the scene.

The game is very narrative based story telling. The director sets the stage, and throws the endless minions at the heros.
Awesome points

So awesome points are fucking awesome ! You can do damn near anything you want. For 1 point draw an extra card, for 2, draw a new hand "refresh."

You get awesome points a lot of different ways, bribing the directer, cheezy one liners, creative problem solving some cards themselves etc.
There is no limit to how many awesome points a Hero can get

I like the simplicity and the way it seems suited to fast-paced narrative games. If I were playing the Director, I would encourage my Heroes to both share and pool certain Asspull cards to create a narrative together, but also keep a seperate hand for themselves so as to surprise the other players with some of their more outrageous stunts.

One thing I am not quite sure about though is good and bad Asspull cards being drawn from the same deck. As a game is playing out, how would that work?
>Highway Jumper
You can use this card to jump from any vehicle to any other vehicle in the scene during a chase.

>Getaway Driver
A friend or ally shows up with a car to take you to safety.

>Freedom, Justice and 'Murrica!
You make a cheesy emotional speech about America and all friendly characters get a bonus against non-American NPCs (double bonus if they are terrorists).

>Turns Out He Isn't Dead
If you get enough damage to be killed in a scene, you can use this card to fall off a bridge or cliff and land safely. You can't act in this scene anymore but you will come back in play later.
>The Taste Test
You can correctly identify any substance by dabbing your finger in it, taking a sniff and touching that finger to your tongue. So long as you remember to spit afterward, you will suffer no harmful effects from what you've just taste-tested.
File: 1354159557812.jpg (699 KB, 1440x900)
699 KB
699 KB JPG
--The Plot thickens--

So what happens when the scene ends? Well you discard your hand and draw a new one, granted if you have cards out on the table leave them and draw to the max counting them.

Now your asking what happens when the deck runs out... well there is a fun question. When the deck runs out, it doesn't matter when, shit goes wrong and ends the scene. So a bomb going off, the enemy getting away, its something BAD and sticks with the characters for a while, so possibly negatives for the next scene, or the max hand size is reduced for a time, etc. This cank ill but its not necessary.

After this shuffle the deck and restart the timer. For more intense situations feel free to TAKE cards from the deck.
File: 1339384056574.jpg (97 KB, 882x681)
97 KB
I'm still kinda iffy on the villain cards, so i want to see them in play first. The villain cards themselves would be played as soon as they are drawn and the Hero would draw a new one. If the Big bad is not out it would be used on a Left hand, if there are only mooks then it dos not go off unless specified on the card

Btw im all for over the top stuff, so a party pot sounds kewl
I see what you mean. You're doing good work here, not making things more complicated then they need to be. I like the idea of having both communal cards down on the table and a private hand that you keep a bit secret because in this type of game, you're going to want both awesome A-Team style teamwork at play as well as allowing individual Heroes to come out with asspulls so unexpected and crazy that even the other players will be dumbfounded.
File: indy-2.jpg (42 KB, 550x275)
42 KB
>>Real men use fists
>A player may throw down his weapon and challenge an enemy to 1v1 combat. All other enemies must stand and watch until it is over.
as a Director/Villan card
>Igor will handle this
on a 1 on 1 combat a Big strong bald shirtless bad guy apears to face the Hero. He is shirtless no exceptions.

pic related
File: 1357562205644.jpg (142 KB, 550x737)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Thanks mate.

Ok i do believe thats all I got so its been a pleasure gents, im gnna hit the sack. Third shift sucks.

keep this thread alive guys

Stay classy /tg/
>> Oh Shit. (a' la Data from Star Trek.)
>Party can survive one event that would result in party wipe. Other members must lose one of their cards as well.
>>I love it when a plan comes together!
>Your character is a master tactician that can come up with a plan no matter how ludicrous and make it work.
>When every member of the party does an action that pertains to this plan they get a bonus to whatever action they are doing.
>>Script Mess-up
>That last thing that happened to you? Didn't happen to you. That was a generic who just happened to look a lot like you.

This can be a good mechanic, cards that cause an automatic effect on the Good guys party, like all this effects can cause to all players have to drop a Ass-pull card in order to activate.

this is from a mechanical stand point, and is a little more fair to the Director.

>our heroes are traped in an oil rig and the nuclear bomb is about to detonate, and theVillain's lieutenant Padilla has blow up the helicopter they are traped now
one of the players use Script Mess-up and the helicopter is intact but all players drop one card
>yeah .. well Padilla just has blow out a choper, there was a second one cover in a blanket

also if you don't use Rusian or Mexican names for your goons you are doing it wrong
Ok, we got a bunch of asspull cards, now we need weapons. I'll start.
>brass knuckles
Adds bonuses to fistfighting
Does 1d6 of damage
>bowie knife
Does 2d6 of damage plus 1d6 of intimidation
File: everyone.gif (997 KB, 500x200)
997 KB
997 KB GIF
oh godf this
Glad you liked my idea!
Gary Oldman is so fucking good
Might I suggest.
Deals with being a typical Bond style action hero, everything from witty one liners to sipping martinis, bluffing past guards and seducing members of the opposite sex. Basically your interaction stat.
File: keanu.png (273 KB, 500x229)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
another Villain card
>good'old friend
Afect one PC. the Villain or Lieutenant can escape and the PC can't make any actions against him
vid and pic related
Powerful Keanu Reeves

>Antique Sword
- A broadsword, katana, rapier, cutlass or even one of those wooden shark-toothed deals. This weapon is still sharp and nasty despite its age if you're badass enough to weild it.
- 3d6 of damage plus 1d6 of intimidation

>Bigass Revolver
- Straight out of the old west or off Dirty Harry's nightstand. Though it only holds five bullets (or was it six?) this piece has enough style and stopping power for any Hero.
- 3d6 damage plus 1 awesome point accrued per crit shot.

- Modern munitions, world war surplus pineapple, homemade hand-ruiner. This explosive device can be as hard to throw, but its a hell if a lot harder tithe is back.
- 4d6 damage against all targets in a defined area, 5d6 damage to all targets plus 1d6 damage to self and allies if cooked and dropped.
It can work, but I was going pretty exclusively for an 80's, 90's action flicks with little talking beyond establishing the plot. And with Badass dealing with offence, Grit dealing with everything else and Smarts dealing with "everything else", an interaction stat's niche will be much more limited. But as an optional stat for Bond-style games, why the hell not.

- Modern munitions, world war surplus pineapple, homemade hand-ruiner. This explosive device can be hard to throw, but it's a hell of a lot harder to throw back.
- 4d6 damage against all targets in a defined area, 5d6 damage to all targets plus 1d6 damage to self and allies if cooked and dropped.

Damn iPhone with its tiny baby keyboard.

>Grenade Juggler
You have the speed and skill needed to catch an throw grenade and send it hurtling back to your enemies before it explodes. Gain one awesome point for a well executed return.
>Grenade Juggle
>Not calling it "Return to sender."
You're right, that's much better.
I'll try some villain ones.
>A Weapon to Surpass Metal Gear
Whatever it is you just blew up, there's a bigger one. But don't worry, its ankle joints are just as weak.

The henchman can instantly find out the identity of the hero or his closest family.

>Bigger Badder Spawn of Evil
That kid you just let walk near the device, yeah.
they are god

for PC
PC can call anyone from a pay phone. He will answer after the third ring. No exceptions.
> that's what your wife said
if the PC are surrounded by goons he can start making jokes and the goons will be distracted. the player must tell a joke if is a god one the efect is activated, otherwise no
>if the PC are surrounded by goons he can start making jokes and the goons will be distracted. the player must tell a joke if is a god one the efect is activated, otherwise no
>I've got bad news and god news.
when this card is played, the player must declare the bad news or the god news, not both. Director take the other.

>I've got bad news and bad news.
The director declares a bad news, then the players deckares the bad news, both can be canceled each other
> Where ya callin' from, the bottom of the pool?
the director can bring back the lieutenant
> there are too many bullets in this gun.
the lieutenant can kill a support character
yeess i got into IMDB ang get into the quotes
Ha hah ha, the first made me laugh
>Taking you with me
Play when killed. Instantly kill a large number of mooks or a villain.
Man what a pissy bitch ass move

Think of it more like, a proud knight who gets cornered with no hope for escape, but manages to cut down all his enemies before succumbing to his own wounds, or a soldier who is likewise surrounded by the enemy, and whose death is certain, but fights to the bitter end, determined that they won't take him without a fight.
>Master of Stealth Checks
>Your camo works. Period. The world will adjust to make it work if necessary.
So I'm dressed in Carnivale getup, but it just so happens the Carnivale parade is coming through this very street right now?
>A battle of wits
All enemies and PCs in the vicinity stop all combat/hostilies. They all sit down in good faith and battle it out using their wits to the death. The battle of wits must end in one side's death.
Ragtag gang of misfits, or The Gang for short.
>Come with me if you want to live
>You wanna stay alive,stay with me.

If using this while escorting an NPC and your defense rolls are higher you may use that for the NPC you are escorting for their defense roll.
>Fight Theory
His knowledge and experience of fighting allows him to correctly analyze an opponents fighting style and imagine in his head how a fight will go.
Use this to redo a melee fight with an enemy if it doesnt go your way and say it was just him figuring it out.

For balance, this must consume all the Villain's remaining cards. Oldman didn't do much but die after.
File: vlcsnap-1110218.png (476 KB, 1024x576)
476 KB
476 KB PNG


>Its all in the reflexes.
Yeah I was going to say that the Villain uses up all his resources and will lose as many men as the heros kill potentially leaving him vulnerable.

I think this worked in "Her Alibi", and a 007 flick. But, yes, that is exactly how it works.
remember all those movies that happen on saint patric day?
So "powerfull" cards make discard one or more cards as
yeah it's like that
glad to see this tread is still alive
>Sexual Tyrannosaurus
Instant critical success in any charm attempt
Oh wow thats great how did I not think of this.
Oh and an obvious one:
>We can rebuild him....
If a player dies in action they can be brought back 3 turns later as a walking death machine, however their charisma is permanently lowered
Deals 4d6 damage to mooks and npcs in the area, deals only 1d6 damage to player characters and named villains but throws them several meters away frpm the center of explosion
>If you killed me, you'd just be like me (Villain)
Targeted PC is unable to make an attack that would kill the villain for one scene, unless the villain attacks him first.

>Was getting caught part of your plan? (Villain)
A restrained or imprisoned villain and all his henchmen are instantly set free.
>In a crowded supermarket
I'd a movie set entirely in a wal-mart. It wouldn't even have to be an action move, either
>Hunting the Most Dangerous Game
Fixed. "Game" here refers to something you hunt, like a pheasant or a deer, not something you play. The most dangerous game is another man, since they're technically as smart as you.
>I did it 35 minutes ago.
The villain decided to press the Big Red Button early - the heroes' job is now to stop the plan from reaching its goal, rather than to stop it from happening or to take him down.
If you sway a Lieutenant to your side and the Villain is not currently available for betrayal, the Lieutenant will bring you into a more useful range by pretending that he has apprehended you.
>A mook or commander/lieutenant is immediately struck and incapacitated by a vehicle crashing through a wall.
A-Team was the stupidest fucking movie I've ever seen, I loved it.
>Ivonna Bangu (Villain)
Villain calls in the typical foreign seductress to target a player. Player must make several charisma checks to try and work his way out of the situation or face assassination.
>Wouldn't hit a woman
Penalty to hit female villains.
>The hammer of justice is unisex
If "Wouldn't hit a woman" is active, negate its effects. If not, count the first attack against a female villain as an attack of opportunity.
>The hammer of justice is unisex
that show is amazing
A good movie, and more of a "trapped in the Wal-Mart for the night/weekend/until the apocalypse is over"
File: dawn_of_the_dead_ver2.jpg (57 KB, 430x640)
57 KB
not that guy but I just thought of that
>Hey, Look Behind You!
The hero distracts his opponent, causing them to forfeit their turn and allowing him to get an attack in.

>Don't Say I Didn't Warn You
The target of this card takes damage from an environmental hazard. Can only be used if Hey, Look Behind You! has already been played once in the game (but not necessarily by the same player).

>Please Keep Your Hands Inside The Vehicle
The fight moves to an exposed space on a quickly moving vehicle, such as a truck, train, tank, boat, roller coaster, helicopter wing, et cetera. Any attack that damages a mook has a chance to instantly remove them from the scene.
>Hey, Look Behind You!
combine with
>No Really, Just Look Behind You!
The hero warns his opponent, causing them to disregard the warning as ploy to distract them, allowing another player to get an attack in.
Someone less lazy than me put this in a doc, please.
>You Forgot One Thing
player may immediately reveal one thing that totally happened seversl hours before the scene; from rigging the place to blow to sabotaging the entrance gate. It takes immediate effect.
>Are You Really So Foolish, To Come Here Alone?
May only be used if the player entered the Villain's Stronghold alone.
Causes the remaining players to enter the stronghold with an army of cops, causing all Mooks and Lieutenants to surrender. The Villain may or may not have an escape plan.

That's true, but what if you are playing the part of the most dangerous game, and are in fact the hunted?
File: 1368741004221.gif (1016 KB, 245x184)
1016 KB
1016 KB GIF
Hey gents just a heads up I'm gonna play test the beer and pretzels version today and i have about 150 cards copied so far...
and a bump for good measure
post game an what cars you used
...that's the entire plot of the original short story, The Most Dangerous Game.
Film it
Upload it
Post it


Sorry, I realize my one-word reply isn't sufficient here. What I meant to say is that there is a distinction between being the most dangerous game Nd hunting the most dangerous game that I didn't make clear in my original post.
>Your sheer awesomeness makes everyone miss you despite being a huge Austrian man. This prevents all damage for a set amount of playing time

It also gives all Machine Guns unlimited ammo during the effect. Belt fed HMG's will actually regenerate ammo from shot to shot.
>An Accent on the Fritz
Foreign enemies that speak another language can be deluded into thinking you're one of them by speaking in their accent
The only time I can remember when somebody tried to pull that was in The Last Crusade, but Indy failed miserably at impersonating a Scottish Lord hellbent on inspecting the tapestries. So he ended up punching out the butler anyway.

That's because it was a scottish accent. If he'd been doing a British Accent, which all villains have, he would have been fine.
Would you mind sharing the 150 cards and the rules you printed up? I'm interested in trying it.
OK we need this up on 1d4Chan ASAP.

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