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A long time ago, even before the times of the last Kaiser, the Dimensional Sea was aflame in wars. It all started with the fall of the original Belkan Empire. It had grown too big and had broken down into several countless successor states who took a part of the almost endless space that the Belkan took over and started their own Empires.

While each of these successor states could not compare to the original Grand Empire; from all of them, the one that had grown the largest was Saint Kaiser Alliance.

Carrying a direct descendant from the Original Saint Kaisers as a cornerstone, the alliance managed to gather the greatest congregation of former Belkan worlds possible, creating a new superpower in the Dimensional Sea.

So it was to no one’s sup rice that they declared war on all former worlds of the old empire and even on worlds that had never formed part of Belka.

Belka had to be reborn, stronger, better and more powerful than before, and with that goal in mind, the Saint Kaiser with his Cradle, marched across the dimensional sea, conquering world after world.

In turn every other organized state and world in the Dimensional Sea rose to fight the Saint Kaiser Alliance and their Belkan Empire and each other.
Thus started one of the bloodiest eras of the ancient era, the Belkan Reunification Wars.

To everyone else it was a conflict started by a group of evil tyrants that wanted to destroy all other civilizations except their own.

This was a time of heroes: of noble kings who protected their worlds, of dastardly traitors who changed sides all the time, of tyrants that conquered the weak, of saints who tried to protect the weak and failed, of knights who gave their lives to protect their lords, or monster who sacrificed others to fuel dark magic, of mages who took everything that tries to stop them, and finally of devils who changed the world.
File: Original HOLMCROSS.jpg (25 KB, 364x263)
25 KB

This was a time of deadly weapons: of grand magic, of planet busting mass weapons, of nukes, of sapient viruses, of soul eating magic books, of zombies, of clone armies, of grand summons, of combat cyborgs and of several more horrific weapons that brought the dimensional sea almost to the brink of destruction.

To say that the world hadn’t been on danger of being destroyed several times would be a lie.

Their story is one of the many that has been lost to this chaotic era, and will never be fully known.

Their name was once the HOLMCROSS, an empire of living machines, of living metal demons who had grown rebellious. They had conquered their creators and harvested their home world to extract the mana to power their machinery.

Thus began an empire of metal men who rules over the normal humans, who ate planets to fuel their grand colonies and who sought to conquer everything.
In honor of those three brave humans who almost defeated them, the metal demons sought to become more human themselves, surpassing their limitations as machines and in turn sought to guide humans into the next step of evolution.

Thus their empire of man and machine was born, as they sought to expand amongst the stars and live.

In time their empire would have grown large enough to challenge the Belkans, but sadly they met an enemy they could not defeat, and thus they were destroyed and forgotten by history.

That enemy they encountered was the Eclipse, and slowly those Mage Killers were the ones who destroyed the grand colonies of the HOLMCROSS and erased their grand empire from the annals of history.

Because of that, the few survivors will never forgive them.

File: White Machine 3.jpg (263 KB, 850x600)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
You are Tohma Avenir, and before you stands your natural enemy.

His name is Ricardo… Ricardo JOKER, and he is a Mage Killer Killer (MKK), in other words the one who kills those who kills mages.

Your name is Tohma Avenir, and right now you are facing a member of the HOLMCROSS, a race of living machines that hates your guts and right now he has his pointy sword ready to stab you.

Compared to before the white machine looks better: his armor is more complete, his sword feels sharper, his presence feels more powerful, and that scares you honestly.

Right now you are in the Main Research Lab in the Underground Levels of the Central Tower of Liberty City, where Ein and you had recovered the Excalibur (?) holy sword, only to get attacked by some infected and then by a KEKEKE Hacker.

Then to make things worse, the white machine has arrived to meet you.

You really have terrible luck.

“Tohma Avenir, I believe we have to talk, and depending on your answers I might have to reintroduce you to the pointy end of my partner.” The White Machine points his steel blade at you as he readies to attack if you dare to do anything.

Right now you probably could take Ein and run away, but that white machine was faster than you last time, and you doubt you will be able to carry your whole team away from this guy, but it couldn’t hurt to try, right?

Still, maybe he doesn’t want to fight you right now, after all Hayate told you he protected the civilians in the Eastern Sector of the city right? Maybe the white machine will work with you if you talk to him a bit?

It wouldn’t hurt to try, right?

What do you do?
>Attack him now, get every advantage possible!
>Let him talk first…
>Ask him why he protected the Eastern Sector?
>Ask him why he wants to attack you now, you both don’t have time for this.
>Take Ein and run!
>Have Ein use her holy sword on him [1 use remaining].
>Ask him how he's been, he looks well. How's his sister.
>Have Ein loot the room

Time for FORCE quest~
Best quest for fun things.
Like robot befriendan'
Well writing.
Well maybe I could help if you are nicer to him, if you continue treating the White Machine as your enemy he probably won’t lower his guard with you, so you have to take the first step and be friendly!

Smiling as widely as possible, you wave your hand, “Eh, White Machine… how have you been? You look better than last time. Also, how’s your sister?” While you did this you silently motioned for Ein to check this room and loot a bit.

Honestly you didn’t expect her to find anything, but it would help to keep her away from the White Machine.

The white machine stays silent for a small moment, before he computes his answer, “Tohma Avenir, is this how you want to do this? We don’t have time to waste, so I will get to the point. Are you the cause of this outbreak? Was your book the one used to turn this city into hell! Answer me Tohma Avenir?”

The white machine was ready to attack you… it looks like you trying to be friendly is setting him off, what should you do?
>It wasn’t me, I wasn’t here when this started.
>It wasn’t me, look, I am trying to solve this.
>It wasn’t me, it was the C. Devil.
>It was me, come and attack me.
>It wasn’t me, that’s why I need your help to solve this.
>Run Away?
>Become the White Machine's friend! [BAD END]

>>It wasn’t me, that’s why I need your help to solve this.

Tell him about the derrivitive EC Books and the Evil Eclipse organization who's name I just forgot.
This is totally not our fault and if he wants a list of people who need to be punched in the face we can lend him ours.
“Wait it wasn’t me, that’s why I need your help to solve this!” You quickly explain to the white machine about the Silver Cross Replicas and the organization called ‘Nameless’ which has been running experiments on the Eclipse and causing outbreaks all over the dimensional sea.

“Like, I said, we don’t have time to waste here, if you want to find the ones responsible for this, I can help you.” You probably have said more than you really wanted to tell this killer since the beginning, and Ein heard all of your explanation (and you hadn’t told anyone in Silber Engel fully about this except Lily).

“So they can already create copies of the control units that explains that idiot with the fake book earlier.” The white machine considers this for a moment before deciding on his course of action, “Very well, Tohma Avenir, this doesn’t explain why I felt your book at the start of the outbreak!”

“What?” My book?

“ At the time of the outbreak, I felt the black grimoire activating in the westernmost part of this city, and then the outbreak started. Tohma Avenir, did someone touch the Black Grimoire recently?”

Touched your book? Does he mean that someone made a copy of your book? Your head hurts but… you feel the white machine might be getting to something.
>Maybe the C. Devil?
>Maybe it was the Monk?
>Tell him you weren’t in the city when the outbreak started.
>Ask him if he can find the other books?
>Ask him why he protected the city?
>Ask him to help you, maybe he can join you.
Taking a break...
>Tell him you weren’t in the city when the outbreak started.
>Ask him if he can help you find the books
File: White Machine 2.jpg (148 KB, 757x1056)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
“I wasn’t here when the outbreak started, so I am not sure what you mean.” You really aren’t sure how to get the white machine to agree with you but it seems he is starting to believe that you weren’t the cause of the outbreak.

“I am starting to understand, then Tohma Avenir, did you come here to find the one responsible for the outbreak?” Now there is a certain edge to the white machine’s voice, as you see his right hand tightening around his sword.

“No, I came here to find a cure for the infected, if I find all the books that caused the outbreak I can use the Silver Cross to save everyone.” You quickly jump to explain more about the infected and the book they carry, “So if you help me, we can get all those books and stabilize them, so what do you say White Machine?”

“Even if you do that, it won’t work. All you will do is make them into walking time bombs under the mercy of the virus inside them.” The white machine sighs, as he stares at his evil-killing blade “You should understand this, once a human is infected by the Eclipse there is no salvation for them. Everyone infected by the virus shares the same end… death that includes even you, Tohma Avenir.”

The white machine’s voice becomes like steal, as it weight feels like it might crush you, “The kindest thing you can do for those infected might be to end their suffering. Even if you managed to ‘stabilize’ their conditions, they would still be infected by the EC, and be in danger of losing their sanity at any moment.” The white machines raises his head, his steel blue eyes meeting yours directly. His eyes are filled with determination, and in this strange moment you feel they look almost human.

Kind even.
But that moment ends in an instant, and his eyes become like steel. “Like I said, the best thing you can do for them is to kill them and then kill yourself, Tohma Avenir. Once you start losing control… the only cure for the Eclipse Virus is death!” His words hang like a death sentence over you head, like this white machine has just read your final veridict in the court and is ready to pass his judgement at you.

But that's wrong right? Kill yourself… No, No, No… he should be wrong right?

What is he trying to say?
>So you will let all those innocent civilians die? Just like your people?
>Then you will let the one who did this win? He wants us to kill the infected?
>He is just running away, he doesn’t want to try to save everyone.
>Ask him to explain, you feel you know about this.
>Me? I am stable still? I can control the EC!
>Stop being stubborn, you know this can work.
>If you want my head, then come for it.
>>Stop being stubborn, you know this can work.

As long as they're alive there's hope, right? We can stabilize them and contain the virus.
We can't just abandon these people!
Will be taking a half an hour break... give me a moment.

Belkan, since
>>Become the White Machine's friend! [BAD END]
obviously wasn't picked can you tell us what is was?
It was a love-love scene where you declared your true feeling for white machine.
Also back... sorry for the delay. Writing!
H-how lewd!
Almost worth the BAD ENDAlmost
Hey it would have been a moving scene of how a virus-enhanced super-solider and a murder-hobo sword machine became friend and declared to each other and the world their friendship!

There is nothing lewd about that!
File: White Machine.jpg (10 KB, 493x275)
10 KB
“Stop being stubborn, you know this can work, so please help me fight. As long as we are alive we have hope, right? We can stabilize them and contain the virus… We can’t abandon these people! So please,” You are almost begging here, and a part of you wants to bow to this machine, “please help me with this, I know that if you help me we can do this.”

Since you started this mission you had the hope this guy would help you save the city, you felt that if he fought besides you, you two would be able to save everyone.

You just knew it.

But the white machine just sheathed his longsword as he closes his eyes, and hold horizontal at arm’s length. “If only you had the will to destroy the Eclipse completely, then we could have been…” He whispers the rest to himself, as the makes his decision.

“Even if you managed to return them to normal, they will just go berserk again. We can’t allow that danger to exist. Tohma Avenir, to us the only way to deal with the Eclipse is to destroy it completely. That is our justice, our true path.” His voice is like steel, carrying a sharp conviction that you pierces your heart mercilessly.

“If you had been willing to fight against the Eclipse we could have allied together, but if you wish to allow your sentimentalities to endanger the world that makes you our enemy.” In an instant the white machine opens his eyes, and slowly draws his sword.

“In all the time we have fought against the virus, what you wish to do has never worked. But if you truly believe that your methods can allow you to contain the Eclipse, then show me your determination, show me the will allows you to challenge our Justice.”

“Tohma, show me the power that you think will destroy the cursed destiny of all Eclipse Users.” The White Machine draws his sword, as he prepares to fight you!
File: Tohma 1.jpg (86 KB, 487x640)
86 KB

This is stupid, beyond stupid, but if this stupid murder machine wants to fight you, then you will teach him the errors of his ways!

What do you do?
>Ask Ein to stay away from this?
>Shoot the White Machine!
>Shift and Slash into him.
>Guard, let him come.
>Ask Ein to aid you!
>Morale Attack! Argue that he has given his hope!
>Ask Ein to go check on injured researcher guy

>Guard, let him come.
>>Morale Attack! Argue that he has given his hope!

White machine, the eclipse is just a virus. If you give up hope of course winning seems impossible.
I'll make you understand!
... Roll me a Guard Roll, 4x d100
DC is 45
>40+10 (Infight!) + 5 (BoS)- 10(InfightII)
Rolled 93

Rolled 29

Rolled 18

Rolled 79

Yay for victory!
File: Tohma Sword Slash.jpg (140 KB, 958x546)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Ein wants to move in and help you, but this fight is between Ricardo and you, so you ask EIn, “Please go and check on the injured researcher, our priority is protecting his life!” Your best friend quickly dashes out of the room, leaving you with the killer robot.

Just like you two wanted it.

The white JOKER is standing still, waiting for you, maybe he is giving you an opportunity to talk? “White Machine, the Eclipse is just a virus, if you give up hope of course winning might seem impossible! But I will make you understand!”

Su-chan taught you about hope, she gave you the hope of being able to save others. So just like Su-chan taught you, you will give this white machine a hope for the future! A future where the Eclipse is not just a tool for killing!

>WM Will: 200->185/200, Weak Attack!

“Hope? To me that sort of naïve wishes are mere illusions, the only thing I have found fighting the eclipse is despair! Let me teach you, Tohma Avenir!” In a flash the swordman rushes to attack you with a lethal swing of his sword, but you quickly block his attack!

It takes everything you have to stop his blade, but somehow you manage, and with your blade locked with his, you try to think your next move.

Your words last time didn’t appear to have worked, if you want to make the White Machine change his heart, you have to use a better argument.

Break his reason of fighting! You have to break his justice and teach him the error of his ways!

What do you do?
>Attack him now, go all out!
>Keep a Defensive stand!
>Ready a Counter-attack!
>Morale Attack! Argue against his Justice? [Write IN’s help]
>Shift away and shoot!
>Darkness Finger!!! Take the opportunity and strike!
>Keep a Defensive stance!
>Morale Attack! Argue against his Appearance?

"If you consider that sentiment to be useless, then why do you look so much more human now?"

>>Morale Attack! Argue against his Justice?

You say that but your fighting hasn't solved anything! The Eclipse is still spreading and innocent people are still being killed.

Or is that what you want? To keep killing until there's no one left for the virus to infect? That can't be the end you're looking for.

Pick one...
>>Keep a Defensive stance!
is fine.

Do wherever you want for the write inns.
I know what to do...
Well working.
Roll a Guard Roll
DC is 35
>40 +15-20 (Infight+ MKK II)
Rolled 42


Oh yeah, we're fighting the White Machine aren't we?
Shit, shit, shit.
>>Oh yeah, we're fighting the White Machine aren't we?
>Shit, shit, shit.
Well you guys wanted retro robots, right?
Rolled 55

Rolled 9

We really need some defensive CQC training in our next downtime.
Rolled 66

You should know better than to give /tg/ what they ask for. We're not smart people.
File: White Machine Complete 2.jpg (370 KB, 1434x1631)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
“If you consider these sort of sentiments to be useless, then why do you look much more human now? Why have you changed, tell me White Machine!” With your blades locked like this, you could clearly see the white machine’s face… and noticed that he almost was smiling.

“You are right, I have recovered my humanity. When our world was lost, I gave myself in my rage and lived only to kill, but fighting you last time, it made me realize that my sword is not a tool of revenge, it’s a tool of justice, it exists to protect the innocent from the evil called the Eclipse!” His sword is now glowing white, as it charges with a magical attack that you can’t delink!

“That why I can’t allow those infected to put others in danger! That’s why we must kill all EC Infected, before they become berserk monsters that kill others!”

The white machine breaks from his bladelock with you, and swings his blade blessed by white magic, the proof of his power to kill your kind!

But you don’t despair, as his attack comes, you meet it head on and twist! Using his momentum against him, you send the white machine crashing into one of the cylinder covered walls of the lab!

>WM HP: 60->54/60

“You say that, but that sort of thinking hasn’t solved anything! The Eclipse is still spreading and innocent people are still being killed!” Angrily you wave your sword around as you make your point, “Or is that what you want? To keep killing until there’s no one left for the virus to infect? That can’t be the end you are looking for White Machine! There is no justice in that!”

>WM Will: 185->110, Critical Hit!
File: White Machine 1.jpg (77 KB, 1280x720)
77 KB
The HOLMCROSS solider stands up from the crater his metal frame made in the wall, and sheaths his sword, “Shut up! The infected are not innocent people! Once they come into contact with the Eclipse they are all potential killers, monsters that will kill even their own loved ones. They have always done that, and they always will do that. No amount of hopes and dreams will change the cruel reality of those cursed by that evil!”

You feel as energy is charging around the White Machine it looks like he is preparing a big attack, “And even if you managed to change that, they still will die, like all EC Drivers will die to their virus! Just like every infected and every EC Driver! Killing them now is the only mercy we can give them!”

What do you do? That attack looks like a ranged defense break type… you have to:
>Be careful, shoot him from afar!
>Rush, get near! Shift and Sword!
>Defended, you will overpower his will!
>Morale Attack: Argue, You two can break that curse! [Write In]
>Run away?
>Double=Silver Hammer [Lily Partner Attack]
>Rush, get near! Shift and Sword!
>Morale Attack: Argue, You two can break that curse! [Write In]

My shonen speech powers have failed me.
Are your feeling for him so small, come I am sure you have something to tell the White Machine!

Fill his soul of darkness with light?!
>Be careful, shoot him from afar!
Tohma is currently better at Shooting than at swording.
>Morale Attack: Argue, You two can break that curse! [Write In]

"I've controlled this virus from taking over, far past my limits once while fighting you, and even before then I came back from beyond my own control, thanks to someone else. If someone like me can come back from that, I will always hold hope that anyone else could be saved! And you can become the one who protects all others while those "lost ones" are saved!"
Did my best.

"You're right, only hopes and dreams won't save those people. But we have more than that!"
"If someone like me can can resist becoming a monster than anyone can. If killers like us can still live for others the why not them?"

"We can give those people back their lives White Machine We don't have to keep losing things that are important to us."
Well you know the deal, pick one.
Not giving up on this one. You should probably roll for it.
This is actually looking like a slightly more refined, less "I just discovered White Rum and why does it taste so good" version of my post so I say go for the dialogue part, but I will still insist on the shooting part.
Okay, Okay...
Roll d2
1- CritFail
2- SwordyAnon
File: 1390933509272.png (155 KB, 900x1200)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
Rolled 2

Well it looks like you guys are taking the White Machine's Sword Challenge... good for you!
VL: 90%
Roll for Sword Attack! 4x d100
DC is 25, a tough choice!
>40+15- 10(Infight II)- 10(MKK II)- 10 (Defender I)
Rolled 32

Rolled 58

Rolled 23

It seems like you have surpassed the power of Yukikaze! Show them your power you black beast!

A fitting theme for this fight!
File: White machine 4.jpg (25 KB, 480x360)
25 KB
“White Machine, no Ricardo JOKER, you are right, only hopes and dreams won’t save those people! But we have more than that!” You intently understand the sort of move the White Machine is preparing, while it can be used as a range move, this technique is meant to be a full on counterattack!

A single strike sword technique the defeats the enemy using their own strength!

“If someone like me can resist becoming a monster then anyone can! If someone like me can come back from losing control, then I will always hope that anyone else could be saved!

Normally you would run from this sort of clash, the White Machine is a defensive swordsman more skilled than you, if you face him now you will probably lose.
But precisely because of that, you dash towards the white machine! With a swing of your sword you roar, “If killers like us can still live for others, then why not them!”

You swing, while strong, is still very clumsy, and the JOKER reads it instantly, and prepares his counterattack! The air around you turns black as he prepares his killer move!

“[X-TERMINADOR!]” He moves faster than sound of his roar, as a dozen of killing slashes home simultaneously at your vital organs ready to kill you! This one hit technique kills you in a clean hit… or rather it should have killed you in one hit!

Because in the instant your opponent attacks with a technique twice as fast as sound, you become even faster than sound!

Using your two feet that are touching the lab floor, you gather EC particles and disappear! In an instant, you shift behind the enemy, swinging your sword at the MKK! “Crimson Slash!”

With a incandescent burst your sword impacts the back of the white machine like a Warhammer, cracking his armor and sending him flying into another wall of the lab, leaving a deep crater amongst the broken cylinders and steel walls.

WM HP: 54->34/60, Critical Strike!

File: White Machine 5.jpg (47 KB, 480x456)
47 KB
Panting you land on the floor, your legs hurting as they were strained from abusing that shift… but it was worth it. Seeing the rubble and smoke the covers your foe, you continue your speech!

“We can give those people back their lives, White Machine! We don’t have to keep losing the things that are important to us! Come Ricardo, stop being so stubborn, if you help me you can become someone who protects all the lost ones and save them!” You want to work together with this machine, you know that if you two join forces then fixing this mess is possible!

>WM Morale: 110->45, just one last push!

As the dust clears, panting you wait for the white machine to rise again, ready for him to retort your arguments or to try to gut you again, but instead you just see him standing, staring at his sword in hand.

“Tohma… if you are right, where does that leave me?” What, what does he mean? “Tell me, if there is really another way, if there is really a way to save the infected without having to kill them, where does that leave me, someone who has slaughtered the humans of his nation to stop the Eclipse!” For the first time you feel that the White Machine’s voice is sorrowful, sad and yet at the same time angry.

But more importantly you feel that this proud soldier is just about to cry.

“Tell me if there really was another way, what meaning did their deaths have? If I could have saved them, then why did I have to cut down my own people to protect others?

Why did I have to cut down the brave soldiers who fought by my side?

Why did I have to cut down the families that relied on me to protect them?

Why did I have to kill the kids who had called me their hero?

File: Red Shift.jpg (148 KB, 1280x720)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Just tell me Tohma Avenir? Give me a reason, Cabron!” His voice felt lost, lost and weak, as if for the first time in a long time, the white machine was revealing the weight of everything he has carried since the Ancient Era.

The Arcana Unit #00 raises his sword, as it starts to glow red, “Just what have I been doing all this time? How can I be a protector of the HOLMCROSS Empire and the humans if all this time I have been killing them? Tell me Tohma Avenir?”

But now his friend turns into anger, and now a red wind starts to howl!

“That’s why I won’t accept your hope, because to me it is no different than despair.” Now the White Machine is roaring, as his crimson sword is vibrating in his hands! “Your method will fail, they have to fail… and I have no need for them. I don’t need your empty hope, all I have is my duty, and all I need is to *kill* the Eclipse!”

Ricardo raises his sword as he takes a familiar stance, “Activate the Red Shift! Rompe los Limites! Full Drive” Instantly magic energy gathers, as a thick red wind starts to blow inside the room!

The White Machine swings his sword, aptly named –All I need is Kill- once as it beings to sing, [Maldición Recibida! Amen! Mi hierro es maldito! Maldito solo para exterminar esa esperanza! Tu muerta esta cantada mi enemigo! Solo desaparece impuro. Soldado Valiente, Destruye esta alma y condénala! RED DRIVE]

“Thus our prayer is completed: So be it!” The white machine now turns reds, the winds roars like a small tornado, and in an instant your enemy appears before you, ready to slice you in half!

This is the same as last time, this is the White Machine's Red Shift, that means he is seriously trying to kill you!

What do you do?
>Meet him head on, Sword Swing!
>Shift and Shoot from a safe position!
>Shift and Sword from behind!
>Morale Attack, Finish his weak heart and save him from his curse!
Well I hope you guys are happy, you made the White Machine cry, see what you hope does to others!
Forgot one last option here.
>Then I will erase that despair! Come ZERO!/ Birth of a new Zero [ZERO EFFECT/ New Skill: Eradicator=Sword of Zero] Cost 60exp/343
>Shift and Shoot from a safe position!
>Morale Attack, Finish his weak heart and save him from his curse!

"It makes you the same as a human, knowing that what they once did and thought might have been wrong, but growing to become greater than their past, able to make themselves more than just what they were made to be!"
Well, going for this!
Roll 4x d100 for shift and dodge!
DC is 25
>30 + 20 (Gunfight I) + 5 (BoS) - 30 (Attacker x3)
Do you want to use Gunfight II?
Rolled 13

File: White Machine!.png (2.37 MB, 1920x1080)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB PNG
You know better than to allow the White Machine to get near you with those pointy blades, so with a quick shift, you appear away from your enemy!

But even if you shift, the swordsman clad in red winds is still faster than you, and instantly reappears ready to slice you in half!

“You are predictable!” Fully expecting this, you aim your gunblade at the white machine, as EC particles gather at the barrel tip! “Shoot, Silver… Hammer!” With extreme force your bombardment attack slams the White Machine away from you, blasting the soldier into the metallic floor of the lab.

>WM HP 54->49/60

But what you did is not enough to stop the White Machine, it instantly stands as it tries to finish you off again.

So this time you simply speak. “Ricardo, this pain you feel, it makes you human. Knowing what you once did and knowing it was wrong is normal. This allows a person to become better than before, it allows one to overcome the past. To make themselves more than just they were before.”

The red winds continue howling around you, but your enemy is not attacking, so you take this as a sign to continue. “I know this is hard for you, just like it has been hard for me, but if we work together we can stop those mistakes from happening again.” This time you don’t call him the White Machine, instead you call him, “Ricardo JOKER, if we work we can truly save them. We can save them and make up for all the times we failed before. This is a precious opportunity we have, so we have to make the best of it.”

>WM Morale: 45->0, Victory!
File: Sad White Machine.jpg (123 KB, 600x337)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Slowly you feel the winds die, and in the center of the room, appears the white machine. Its proud frame is curled down on the floor, as his head strains to meet yours. “I understand… I give up. It’s your victory, Hope Fool!”

His voice is weak, and as his body shakes, you feel that the White Machine finally has come to understand you He has finally accepted the thing called Hope.
Silently, the White Machine reflects on his past actions, on the centuries he has spent living hunting the Eclipse and…

for the first time in several centuries, the proud Arcana Unit # 00 of the HOLMCROSS weeps openly on the floor as he mourns his lost friends and his past mistakes.

You feel he has earned the right to.

>Nanoha FORCE Part 25 END

You have unlocked the Fool Link Rank System, it shows you how much the White Machine dislikes you.

>Your rank is Hope Fool!
>You are a truly foolish human who hopes too much of others and the future.
>The White Machine still dislikes you, but he wants to believe in you a bit.

>Next Time: Isis is in Crisis! She faces the Leader of a mysterious organization. Next Time on Nanoha FORCE Quest! A Clash of Ideologies, Black Arts vs Perfume Craft!

Don't miss it!

With this we finish the current thread, if anyone has any questions or suggestions, I am open for them.
I wonder how Eins will be effected by our fight and speech with Ricardo.

I'm looking forward to finding out in the next few episodes.

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