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>Previous thread:

>What is Rated M For Manly?
Rated M For Manly is /tg/'s newest incarnation of Getting Shit Done, a card RPG that aims to recreate those over-the-top action movies from the 70s.

All right, gents. Today's order of business is getting the wiki page sorted out, which means improving the layout and putting all the Asspulls in place, and clarify the rules, as they're kind of confusing. I was thinking of getting started on the actual cards as well.
Finally, we'll have to decide whether or not to use Villain cards, or turn them into something optional.

Let's do this.
Sup elegan/tg/ents Im back! By the way I was not Op from the last thread just someone who really liked the idea.
So I ran the beta yesterday and it went great!
I ran through a little over half of the total cards in the run and added a few things.

Collateral damage- The director can put out a few cards face down as scenery, so bar stools/ pool tables/ cars etc.
When a hero would take damage the scenery takes it first.
The Heroes can flip them at any time, if they do and its an ongoing effect all the heroes gain the benefit. If the card is a one use it is discarded, and if its a villain card it activates.

Villain cards- These are shuffled into the deck. If a villain card is drawn it is played, the effects go off, and the hero draws a card.
If a Left hand or Big Bad are not at the scene the effect does nothing, unless the card says different.

Next post will be story time
Good to know this ended up alright then.
Can you give us some of the situations in which asspulls were used?
File: 1351617948695.jpg (48 KB, 550x367)
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Our Badass cast
>Kasi the Kangaroo Killed, an ex-Pirate with nothing to lose!
>Mad dog Maximus, an ex-City animal control that smokes a handful of cigars all the time
>Slade Punchastoodge, Retired electrition that always has a NAM story
>Rex Real Guy, a former stunt double

>We open up to the group at the front of a city bus, chaos all around. Passengers in the back screaming, and the feeling of falling... The bus just drove through a building!
>18 hours earlier...
> The group was at the Salty Dog a common hangout for the group. Kasi playing darts with her knives Mad dog with 8 (ya 8) lit cigars smokin everyone of em'. Rex an slade drinkin at the bar tellin war stories
>Mad dog- gets the signature weapon...
>15 mooks file in. "Victor wants to talk to you guys!"
>Mad dog, takes a drag from all his cigars,"Fer what."
>Mooks, "Rex Puched a friend of mine!"
>Mad dog just hauls off and punches the guy and kills him.
>Group of mooks, WTF?!? Kill these ass holes! They whip out guns and cant hit shit
>Rex runs a one and tries to takle him out the window but instead gets him in a manil grapple
>Slade electrocutes another, while giving a war story of how he was in NAM in 87
>Kasi drinks some booze then smashes a bottle over a guys head killing him
>mooks shoot up the bar, the table and bar are fucked
>Slade tosses a mook into the smashed booze and lites it with a live wire, burning the poor fuck
>Rex wins the grapple and tackles the mook through the bar window, the glass cuts the mooks spine
>Mad dog goes to his van and gets a tranq gun and loads it... with the darts filled with MERCURY
>mooks fire mostly at Rex
>Rex dodges then jumps through the other bar window, grabbing a shard of glass and jams it into the neck of a mook
>Slade books it out of the bar to his van
>It has an electric chair, the first electric chair that was made by his great grandad years ago and was powered by gerbils, but now its powered by his VW.../gawddamnit/
This is fucking awesome. GET TO DA NEXT POSTA

>Mad dog starts firing off darts killing mooks
>The mooks fire back sooting the bar stools and clipping the bartender
>Slade backs into the bar killing one guy and the debris crushes another, combat is pretty much over at this point, the bar is burning
>The ...heroes... We gotta get the fuck outta dodge! Rex jumps into Slades van. Kasi and Mad dog in his van and they book it to deal with Victor

Some card examples, for anyone who was wondering. Mad dogs cigars were favored weapon, the start of the fight Mad dog used "anyone else want to negotiate?" Kasi used "pistol whip" to instantly know one guy out, I'll give more later.
File: 1360485874589.jpg (44 KB, 600x315)
44 KB

So shit hit the fan at the bar, the heroes are going right to the source. so the new scene is the city streets.

>(Minor note the pirate decides to ride on Mad dogs car by sticking a knife through the roof and holding on)...Pirates
>The two vehicles are going along cutting through traffic, when 4 black cars squeel in from the side streets.
>Heroes, "Fuck"... Except slade who has a huge ass grin.
>Slade is the farthest up and looks to Rex "Here take this." (Its a duffel bag of C4) then slams on the brakes giving Rex enough momentum...
>Rex Jumps from the van smashing through the windshield of the mooks car. He looks at the mook and says "hold this." and drops the duffel bag on his lap then tucks and rolls out of the car.
>So Kasi fires off her pistol and misses, but pisses off the mook.
>The mooks start trying to ram the heroes, one car goes after mad dog taking out hin bumper
>the other 3 stay on Slade.
>Rex is on foot but managed to roll out jst in front of a taxi, where the driver is just reading the paper. Rex jumps in and yells follow them, and the driver starts to follow at a "normal" pace... Rex aint having that "Im a stunt driver!" and punches the driver and steals theta taxi.
>Mad dog hits the brakes and forces the two cars to spin! He throws down his weapons and goes out to the back of the van, kicks open the double doors and challenges the driver of the other car!
>Kasi Uses the force of the spin to launch herself into the driver seat and take control of the van
>Challenge accepted! A big meaty paw grabs the roof of the car and a big russian pulls himself free and stands on the hood of the car denting it under his weight. His mook takes control of the car. {Mad dog(I have made a terrible mistake)}
>Back with Slade, he speeds up to pull away and hits the detonator, BOOM!!! the three cars explode! The force causes the van onto the street and smashes a mail box and hits a wall.
Sorry for the slow post im typing on the spot
>Slade is the farthest up and looks to Rex "Here take this." (Its a duffel bag of C4) then slams on the brakes giving Rex enough momentum...
>Rex Jumps from the van smashing through the windshield of the mooks car. He looks at the mook and says "hold this." and drops the duffel bag on his lap then tucks and rolls out of the car.
I don't understand this part. Are you saying Slade put on the brakes, and Rex somehow launched with all the forward momentum into the car BEHIND him to deliver the C4? Either somebody broke the laws of physics or grammar here and I would like an explanation.
Action movie. Physics < Looking cool
Yeah, I just had trouble visualizing that at first. The forward momentum thing confused me.
File: 1351765285691.jpg (71 KB, 750x600)
71 KB
Sorry about that, it was a movie logic moment where the law of physics got ignored to look cool
>Slade pulls out his trusty D battery that was handed down through his family from Nam! It's still got a little juice left after all these years, enough to give him a super charge!!! He licks it and he zooms up to the cars and smash the bad guys saving the day!.. or so he sees it. Licking the battery causes hallucinations, in actuallity he is just burning rubber against the wall with a loud SKREEEEE!
>The force of the explosion launches Ivan from the car and sends him flying toward Mad dog, Ivan already has a heymaker ready!
>Mad dog and Ivan, (someone burned an awesome point to draw an extra card, it came up Kryptonite, Ivan has lobsters taped to his fist.) Mad dog punches Ivan doing little damage, Ivan swings back and savages Mad dogs face!
>Kasi, not being one for honorable combat fires at Ivan and shoots off part of his ear! “Ivan NOT need ear!”
>Ivan and Mad dog continue fighting, Mad dog grabs a wasps nest from one of the kenles and hits Ivan with it
>Rex burns an awesome point to put a brick on the peddle to the taxi and stands on the hood. The speed causes him to crash into the rear of Mad dogs van and launches Rex at Ivan.
>Ivan is knocked into the front seat, where Kasi shoots at him.
>Ivan swings at her missing and destroying the head of the seat!
>Slade is still up against the wall
>Rex climbs on the outside of the van and pulls ivan out of the passenger seat and they both take a fall and some road rash.
>Rex and Ivan get up and start going toe to toe!
>Slade gets free still hallucinating and sees the two in the street... then rams them! Rex is a stuntman so he jumps onto the van, Ivan is not so lucky. He gets hit and sent flying into an alley!

>The sound of sirens in the background as the group heads toward their final battle

End of act two
Wait, this is the project that was born after some guy asked for various "ass pulls" from action movies?
That thread was great, carry on.
File: 1357610069548.png (115 KB, 419x419)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
Act 3: When shit hits the fan

>After the Bar brawl, the street chase and a stop for snacks the...heroes... make it to Victor's hideout a 35 story corporation building.
>Mad dog has a “plan” he grabs some poisonous pesticides, a bag of 2 and ½ alligators (ya 2 and ½ dunno how he got half) and a bag of pests. He then gets uniforms for everyone.

>They walk in to a clean generic office ground floor, with one security guard.
>The security guard looks up at them, “Name?”
>Mad dog and the group say their names, Were with pest control.
>The security guard pauses for a second, “k...” he calls Victor. “Hey boss got mad dog here for ya.” another pause... “Okay your go-”
>Mad dog knocks him out before he finishes talking. /damnit guys/

>they dray for the scene...the deck runs out so the plot thickens.
>One of the two elevators opens to reveal Ivan still alive with 8 mooks, “It is time for you to meet my brother...”
>The second elevator opens to reveal a bigger russian, “This is brother Mortar, and I am Ivan the Brick. Together we are Brick and Mortar!”

>Fight ensues

>Mortar has a shotgun and unloads a round destroying half the scenery
>Mad dog holds for a moment and Slade gets ready to use an extension cord as a garrot. Kasi fires off a round killing a mook, and Rex runs for Slades van.

>The mooks fire from the safety of the elevators.
>Mad dog throws the pest poison into Mortar's elevator, and it goes off releasing poison gas into it
>Kasi shoots again killing another mook

>Like a boss Rex RAMS through the front double doors(made of glass) and smashes into the elevator! He doesn't kill anyone but Mortar is stuck in the elevator with the poison for the moment.

>Brick steps out of his elevator
>Brick and Mortar lock eyes for a moment in the manliest way and they bro fist!
However this bro fist was special, Brick had brass knuckles made of C4 and Mortar had a ring with a fuse...
Have you rules for training montages?
>However this bro fist was special, Brick had brass knuckles made of C4 and Mortar had a ring with a fuse...
File: 1353023092760.jpg (884 KB, 2560x1440)
884 KB
884 KB JPG


>Everyone gets hurt

>Awesome points are used, cards are burned. Slade made a break for the brothers to stop them, Rex is still in the van, Mad dog and kasi dive for cover! The Explosion Blows up engulfing the van and blows the glass out of the first floor... debris everywhere!

>Mad dog and Kasi get out of the debris and head for the stairs, “LET'S FINISH THIS!”
>Rex who was thought to be dead was somehow blown to the top of the elevator shaft, alive (Ass pull saved him) and at the doors to victors office.

>Slade somehow made it out alive as well, however he was in the basement. He could see the cord that held the elevator was still intact.

>Back at Victor's office Rex barges in to see a man behind a large desk, “Well it's about time. Are you done destroying my building?” Rex says nothing and just starts to charge Victor!
>Victor says “Wait!” and Rex stops mid charge. (That really happened ooc)
>Out of nowhere Ivan punches Rex in the face! (Someone burned an awesome point and drew the Ivan card, and I couldn't stop laughing)

>Everyone else is still trying to get to the top floor, Mad dog and Kasi going up the stairs, Slade climbing the cable.
File: 1352816363065.jpg (60 KB, 516x768)
60 KB

Last one guys

Rex got back up and continued the charge grabbing Victor by the face and tackling him out of the window! Ivan followed.
>Normally the fall would kill them, but a few stories down was a highway (Action movie in a big city) and it just so happened that a city bus was passing at the right time for these 3 to go through the roof!
>Victor was the first to his feet, still wobbly he gets to the driver and takes the wheel! He steers it off the edge and through the concrete barricade! (I think thats what its called.)

>The bus crashes into the building at just the right spot so that it goes through a part of the stair case causing both Mad dog and Kasi to fall in through the roof hole and windshield!

>As the bus careens through the building a piece of shrapnel catches the elevator cable and yanks Slade through the shaft and in through the back window of the bus!

>Victor pulls the lever to the bus entrance and jumps out at the last moment yelling “I'LL get you next time!” as the bus goes out the other side of the building.

>So there they are sailing through the air people screaming, its about to end for our intrepid psychopaths,

>except wait there is a river that runs next to the building! And they are heading right for it!

>So the villain got away for now, and half the city is ruined but everyone is alive.

Thats where we called it. I hope you guys enjoyed it even with the grammatical error
File: 1339382868486.jpg (69 KB, 500x400)
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There is a card for that in the deck, by the time someone got it we were already in the last area.
File: 1350550778177.jpg (24 KB, 499x374)
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Me and my group had a blast playing this, it was fast ridiculous and funny. I ended up handing out awesome points like they were candy just for how hard the group was laughing, i wish i could have remembered all the jokes.
The narration was fun as well because they would describe how they wanted to do things.

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