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/tg/ - Traditional Games

Counting this as part two as it's still in the same day.

>You're at work again,
>Have been promoted to store manager
>Hear something in the games aisle
>Check it out on cam,
>Dragon Lady has infiltrated the store
>Is currently yelling at a few children for playing Skyrim
>Trying to grab all copies of Skyrim from the shelf.
>You go to check it out
>Coworker Jeff is already there, trying to get the games back from her, and escort her away
>"This game is very ina-- Violent! It shows kids too many ways to kill dra-- To kill things and I don't approve of them playing!" she's screaming
>You step over to her and try to see what's up
>Kids were watching the game on the floor
>Skyrim commercial playing on repeat, Dragon keeps coming down and being slain
>"You! I know you! Take these and put them elsewhere!" she shouts, throwing all the games at you
>Watch as about 20 security cased games fly at you
>You were never an athlete
>Cases all fall around you, a few shattering
>"Please, leave the store" Jeff is trying to say
>"I can't with all this around! This is an outrage!" she shouts, starting to flare up a little.
>You have a small idea.
>Start picking up games, stacking them in a pile.
>Look at her
>Look her in the eye.
>"I sent Brother Andicus back in today. He's gathering intelligence while you're out."
>"No! He's there in my stash!" she shouts, and runs out the door.
>Jeff looks at you weird. "What's with her?"
>"Uh... weird LARP thing. She gets a little too into it." you mutter, putting the non-broken cases back on the shelf.
>Severely hope you don't get reprimanded for this
I dislike these.

If you were twelve, I would give you a C+ and that's mostly for the effort, but you're supposed to be at least 18 to post here.

Basically, garbled greentext stories which are nonsensical rather than wacky and dull rather than cute are not the kind of things I enjoy.

That is my opinion.
It's like you didn't even read past the previous thread's title. Dragon Lady's revoltingly out of character.
Re uploading in the new thread, since I actually proof read it.

>18 unopened packs of cards sit on your coffee table.
>Another 7 packs lie opened on the ground, the jokers thrown to the side.
>Before you is two sides of a wall and a massive tower comprised of the 364 cards from the 7 opened packs.
>You hear a very rap loud on the door followed by it opening.
>It's her. It has to be.
>You turn around, her face is inches from yours.
>"What are you doing?"
>"Building a castle out of cards."
>She looks over your shoulder.
>"That's your castle?"
>"Cards aren't good material for building."
>"I know."
>"And your castle is too small."
>"I know."
>"It would never stand up to a dragon."
>She sucks in air and blows hard.
>2 hours of work cascade to the floor.
>"See? I didn't even have to use my fire."
>"If you were a dragon?"
>"Which you're not."
>"Why don't we build another castle. Keep the other dragons out?"
>"Let's not."
>"I'll go get the stone."
>She leaves your living room, excited about the prospect of building her own castle.
>Leaving you standing with 378 loose cards at your feet.
You're talking to the board that got Macha laid.
And yet your jimmies have been rustled enough to shitpost.
I can argue that your post, and the OP post, are shit posts, and relatively easily.

Basically, welcome to the world of opinions, where they let you post crap, and let me say your crap is shit, and for you to complain about me calling your crap shit.
You can.
That alone is not sufficient to make it a fact however.
Dragon neighbor is going to go the same way that Major Tom did. People are going to keep posting this thread over and over until everyone hates it.
Why not just let it die and never talk about it again. Dump it with the rest of /tg/'s failures.
Alright, what is Major Tom, what happened there?
And I'll message OP, I'm not posting shit til OP is back
You statement of opinion regarding your dislike has been noted. You may stop posting in this thread now, given as you have interest in the subject matter and derive no joy in its exploration.
Major Tom was a lost cosmonaut who had issues.
Including, but not limited to, a slight case of undeath and not even noticing.
Thank you. That's all I really wanted.

Now, you can continue in full knowledge of my disapproval, and I can go on about my day as well.
So I'm the guy who said I'd post in 8-9 hours. It's been 8 1/2, and I'm a bit busy and also my story is shit. Assuming we don't lose power, I'll post later tonight.
>doesn't really portray any dragon tendencies beyond shouting "I'm not a dragon!"
Ironically, her original catchphrase was "Because I AM a Dragon!"
It was flipped when the Hoarders film crew showed up and it stuck.
I actually am trying to figure out if I want to use a d10 system like VeloCITY or use a d100 system. That would be a lot of help in figuring out the scale for a point system.
The first bunch were fun because they were just simple stories, but a lot has been added and the rolling "story" is pretty shit.

But they're still better than most stuff on 4chan so I give them a pass.
> On topic, these are good, but people either go too far with the MC with having him be OCD and being a bit flat with nothing beyond the essentially straight man role he's playing. Then the DragonLady is too occupied with the MC and doesn't really portray any dragon tendencies beyond shouting "I'm not a dragon!".

Kinda makes me wonder why this one was deleted.

However, now that the shitposting is deleted, can we get back on topic?
>But they're still better than most stuff on 4chan so I give them a pass.
They're starting to get Harem Knights tier, to be totally honest. Hell, even those creepy fuckers put more effort in than you guys.
> picture
That's a demon king, idiot
I thought she was an economics teacher...
>You are sitting around sorting and inspecting a pound of dice you ordered online when you hear a cheerful chorus from next door.
>Letting out a sigh you continue to organize the die by color and type, making sure to separate any that have defects
>A few minutes later you hear a loud whack hit a wall followed by a muffled "Sorry"
>You look at your now disorganized mess of die all over your desk
>Fuck it, you are going to bed
>After 20 minutes you finally turn off the light
>As you lay down another whack and muffled sorry invade your room.
>It's going to be another one of *those* nights
File: 1400360074751.png (48 KB, 389x281)
48 KB
Did anyone grab a screencap of the the entire thread 4? There is only a partial in there.
>You get up with the hopes of finding earbuds but instead find a beam of yellow light hitting you
>Instantly curiosity hits you, what the hell could she be doing that she is hitting your walls?
>Taking a deep breath you build your resolve and walk over to level your eye with the beam
>Before your eye adjusts you feel a panic over take you, what if she is doing something that you don't want to see. Oh god.
>But before you can move your eye away, it finally adjusts and you see piles of gold, jewels, and glass bottles
>Sitting in the middle of the room is your draconian neighbor facing away from you
>"Ha, foolish humans selling off their treasures! Only $15.99! Now I can grow my hoard even faster!"
>You now see her grab something and bring it to her lips.
>Within seconds a whole 8oz coke bottle is emptied
>Her tail is excitedly swinging to and fro smacking gold every where.
>Shocked, surprised, and still angry you let out a defeated chuckle
>Instantly the gold and jewels turn to piles of laundry and junk while she take on her human form
>She eyes her surroundings quietly going from pile to pile finally stopping at the wall
>A panicked look over takes her face
>"A-anon? No, he's in bed by now... Ah, it must be battle-brother Andricus! I'll find you if it's the last thing I do you fiend!"
>The last thing you see is her jumping into a pile of laundry before going off to bed.
>Oh well you'll have to write up another bill for the wall now...
>8oz glass coke bottle
takes** on
The coke bottle meme and andricus have both gotten exceedingly stale.
It's what I came across after reverse searching the original image of the last thread
Agreed. I'm also a shit writer, so I won't contribute anything anymore.
Already misarchived
>Watching television.
>Channel surfing because nothing is on.
>The phone rings.
>Pick it up.
>"Hello neighbor."
>It's the dragon woman.
>"I need you to pick me up at the supermarket."
>"Even though I can fly."
>"Because I am a dragon!"
>She hangs up.
>You sigh and exit the apartment
>The door to the dragon woman's apartment is somewhat ajar.
>You go outside and unchain your bicycle from the stand.
Welp, mustn't stop until thread 3 then.
>You ride your bicycle to the supermarket.
>It is somewhat far.
>You arrive outside the supermarket.
>The dragon woman is not there.
>You wait for a while.
>You check your watch. It's been thirty minutes.
>An old woman is taking groceries to her car.
>You decide to help.
>She gives you a dime.
>You ride your bike back to the apartment.
>The dragon woman is in the hallway.
>"There you are! Where were you?"
>"The supermarket."
>"Oh! Of course! So you did not INFILTRATE my lair while I was away?"
>"To steal secret intelligence?"
>"Well I called you back to say I got a ride. But you didn't answer."
>"A clever trick. You must have climbed out of the window to ensure I thought you were gone!"
>"But I'm not fooled."
>"Because I am a dragon!"
>The dragon woman makes her dramatic escape into her apartment.
>You return to your apartment.
>You forgot to turn the television off. The screen is messed up.
>You were meaning to get a new one anyways.
>>You forgot to turn the television off. The screen is messed up.

Why would you own a TV this shitty?
I thought the whole purpose of the thing was that she was actually a dragon but always pretended she wasn't, not the other way around.
Twist ending: she was actually human the entire time, but pretended to be a shitty dragon for the attention/because ass burgers
Not really. The basis is that she thinks MC has some nefarious plot because he knows she's a dragon but doesn't seem to care.

She only goes into "I AM NOT A DRAGON" mode around people who don't know her secret, although it's experiencing some flanderization right now.
It was a test to see if he would enter her unlocked apartment uninvited. She was never at the supermarket.

He framed a fifty dollar bill on the wall.
Not a bad plan.

All these threads and no drawfags yet? Seriously, this stuff reads like a 4koma.
Nobody would do it. This is something that would have a shitty death along with everything else /tg/ does.
>It's raining.
>"It's raining!"
>You didn't hear your neighbor come in.
>You're watching the parts of the food channel that are visible through the static. You still haven't replaced your shitty TV. It's so old it has a VCR built into it.
>You don't own any VCR tapes.
>You look up from Paula Dean deep frying a stick of butter to look guardedly at your neighbor.
>Her hair and clothes are soaking wet. She drips on your carpet. Has she ever worn shoes since you've known her?
>"Hey." You say.
>"It's completely impossible to fly--er-- fffride a bicycle in this! I was going to go out. Alone. And leave my door unlocked again. For a while. But now I can't." She says with exaggerated pauses between sentences.
>Thunder booms through the room.
>Paula Dean disappears and all of the lights go out. It's the middle of the afternoon, but the sun'll be going down soon.
>Your neighbor freezes as you look back at her and hurriedly changes back to her human shape.
>Ever since your specialist changed your dosage, you haven't really felt inspired to count things, but you have been taking more things apart.
>Everything in your apartment except for the TV and your phone is in pieces in plastic bins.
>You would go out for more things, but...
>Lightning flashes in your window. It sounds like the storm is directly overhead.
>Your neighbor has shifted back to human again by the time you turn back to face her.
>"So, neighbor! Would you like to 'hang out' and talk about normal human things (until this storm passes and I can go back to my lair alone)." The last part comes out as more of a loud aside than a whisper.
>You put the kettle on for tea. At least your shitty apartment has a gas stove.
>She starts pulling out a chair to sit down at your table.
>"Could you stop dripping on my floor?"
>She starts to lift the corner of her shirt.
>"No. Go do that in your apartment-horde-lair-thing. Humans don't change around other humans." You say firmly.
>She stares blankly at you for a second, then the other shoe drops.
>"Oh! Right. Yes. That is normal and expected and not surprising at all." She shrugs to herself as she exits your apartment, leaving your door open to the hall. It still doesn't hang straight.
>When she gets back you have a couple of cups of hot water steeping with some tea you stole from the diner.
>It looks like she put on an identical outfit. Does she have identical, matching outfits? This one is dry.
>She grins at what she's about to say, exposing predatory teeth.
>"Greetings, foul abomination and her loyal cohort!"
>It's the knight. Your neighbor left your door open again.
>"You are brave to face this storm, o proud knight, but you will not have my life on this day!"
>The knight is pretty dry, considering how hard it's coming down outside.
>Then again, he has that van of his.
>You consider telling him the "knight rider" pun you thought up last week.
>You ultimately decide against it.
>"Mark me: I come not for your blood but for the sake of my steed. She tires of the constant roving and rambling mine own adventures ask of her. I must needs ask your aid in the form of a jump to get her started again!"
>You re-read that part to try and parse it.
>"I don't have a car. The cleaning lady does, though. We can ask if she has jumper cables when she comes."
>"Splendid! I shall await her arrival, [Anon]."
>Your neighbor splutters in her teacup. She probably thinks of the teacup as hers at this point, at any rate.
>"Neighbor-I-mean-Champion! You're not really going to house my sworn enemy here, are you?"
>"I can make him a cup too." You'll be out of tea if you do. It's time to make a trip to the diner soon.
"He pays me more than you do."
>"Ha! It appears there is hope for your servant, yet, wyrm!"
>You elect to tune out the rest of the argument, turning back to the stove so that you can make another cup of tea.
>Your last sachet and seventh-from-last pack of sugar go into the cup, followed by boiling water.
>It smells kind of like a dog that's been rolling in wet grass.
>You feel a presence behind you.
>Years of never having taken any self defense classes whatsoever kick in.
>You turn around slowly, cup in hand.
>"None for me, thanks. I'm drinking for two tonight."
>It's hobro. His pigeon is sitting on his shoulder.
>The knight left your door open too.
>Hobro takes a swig from his hip flask, his 'familiar' flapping its wings rapidly to keep its balance as he does so.
>Hobro then sits down at the only other chair at the table.
>Guests don't really factor into your plans.
>He ferrets the flask away somewhere in the folds of his... garments.
>He sets both fists on the table, backs up.
>When he opens them, dice spill out across the table.
>He produces pencils and sheets of ratty, waterstained paper with what looks like spreadsheets on them.
>"Dare you to enter my magical realm?"
File: Frustration.jpg (13 KB, 250x250)
13 KB
shhh, it will be over soon. We don't plan on....dragon it out.
">"Dare you to enter my magical realm?""


OMG! we're going to play a game of Accountants and Administrators!
File: Magical_realm.png (17 KB, 201x240)
17 KB
Oh hell yeah! That one's a classic.
Rolled 19


Actually if you leave Plasma TVs on long enough, it could fuck up the screen and leave a burnt in ghost image. Although it's usually fixed by watching something like a movie which doesn't have things like logos or HUDs. Nature of plasmas, even the legendary Pioneer Kuro plasmas have this issue and those fucker cost thousands easily.

Now you know and knowing is half the battle.
Except those are all things I already knew and the question still stands.

Why would you buy a TV that can't be left on without possibly causing irreparable harm to the sole purpose of the device. That's a crippling design flaw no matter how you look at it.
Rolled 19


Because Plasmas have damn good true blacks compared to the vast majority of LCD and LED LCDs which are more like dark greys. More warmer and easier on the eyes. No back light issues. No motion blur issues (like in fast paced games and movies) like most LCD TVs(although most are getting better bout that.).

They do have some downsides, but if I'm walking away for awhile but still wanna keep the movie paused or the game paused I can just turn the TV off. Only takes 2 seconds to switch on and off.
non-canon extra

>You return home in the afternoon after stopping by a hardware store.
>You bought new light bulbs as well as a replacement for the nameplate on your apartment door.
>All the metal bits on the old one have gone missing
>You also rented a few VHS tapes from you local blockbuster
>Apparently the old man that runs it doesn't know that Blockbuster went bankrupt
>You still don't have the heart to tell him
>"Aha! I've caught you now!"
>You look up to see the dragon woman standing in front of your apartment door.
>Her eyes are now fixed on the bags in you hands.
>Why you?
>Before you can stop her she's rested one of you shopping bags from you and is rustling through it.
>"Your nefarious plans are no match for my superior draconian intellect! You honestly thought you could deceive me, didn't you?"
>"Not really"
>Don't lie to me! What sort of underhanded devices have you bro-.
>She stops talking
>You look up wondering why she's gone quiet all of a sudden.
>She's just standing there with her mouth hanging open.
>"You okay?"
>Your words snap her out of whatever she was thinking and she immediately backs up against your apartment door.
>Her face is turning red
>"Wh-hat do you think you doing! I-I'll have you know I'm not..."
>"What's wrong?"
>At this point she's turned back into a dragon, but even her scales are turning bright red.
>"Stay back! I'm warning you! I-I'm a dragon!
>She throws the shopping bag down and flees back into her apartment slamming the door closed.
>Well at least she didn't take anything this time.
>You pick up the bag she dropped on the ground and go inside your apartment.
>After replacing the light you sit down to watch a movie.
>Sorting through the remains of you bags you notice something.
>Your copy of Enter the Dragon is missing.
Ehh... that one's too good to be non canon. Maybe half canon
Rolled 15


HAH. I was wondering what'd happen if she found our monstergirl porn stash, sex toys and blow up dolls.

But this is way classier.
File: Spoiler Image (1.73 MB, 400x225)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB GIF
Maybe it can be hand-cannon
I agree. That was both hilarious and tasteful. Most importantly though, it was the first one in a while to make me laugh.
Wow, I thought this thread would be dead by now.
However, do you honestly think it'll go anywhere. Everything /tg/ comes up with becomes a poor mockery of what it on e was, then dies. Thu sis the fate of everything this board does.
Rolled 4


Everything becomes a mockery of what it once was and eventually dies.

Actually I think that happens to every thing 4chan has ever done. Katawa Shoujo, making MLP INCREDIBLY popular etc
File: Spoiler Image (71 KB, 484x720)
71 KB
could have gone with more recent pick
Ah, the life cycle of ideas on 4chan. We come up with an idea. Then we give it love and care. Then we brutally rape it and tear it apart before letting it wallow in a slow death. Then we throw it in a pile with other dead ideas. Every now and then we take the dead and make little mocking shows with them.
So, how do you think we'll rape this? Probably by going back to autistic main character and his dragon waifu and forming a generic waifufagging quest.
Rolled 18


Most likely it will. But truth be told I wouldn't mind a quest like that. ONLY if the characters actually mature through the story and the Anon protag GROWS A FUCKING SET and stops putting up with the majority of this shit.

I can see this becoming a sitcom or an anime but realized it'd be like the vast majority of shitty Maiwaifu animes
Man, what's with all the shitty waifu stuff anyway? I remember when anime had more action and better stories.
I'd be willing to bet that there was just as much shitty waifu stuff back in your day, and you're just not remembering it because it was unremarkable and generic.
Either that, or improvements in animation techniques is allowing more anime to be made, most of which is lowest-common-denominator pandering.
Were these compiled into a single archive? I can't find anything on suptg.
Let's not make a quest.
That way lies drama, fail and dissatisfaction.
Rolled 19


So what happens every damn day? I'm just being a realist here, someone's gonna make a quest of it. I'd bet money on it if I wasn't so jewish.
If I had a dragon neighbor that looked like that the stories would be wacky due to my fumbling attempts at fucking her.

I would find such stories to be far more entertaining, to be honest.
>anon showing a complete lack of social skills
>Obviously lusting after his neighbor
>Wacky and humorus

Pick two

You're one of those guys who think women are talking about someone else when the mention creepy dudes who make them uncomfortable, aren't you?
Rolled 8


Actually pick all 3, for those of us watching the train wreck happening.
How about no. There is a high probability of it turning out badly. I'd say at least 90~95%, give or take.
>this Space Oddity reference
How could it possibly fail?
He's floating in a most peculiar way.
>Your apartment is no longer a mess.
>The doctor was informed about problems with the new dosage, changed it again.
>You are no longer compelled to take things apart.
>You bought an ant farm to occupy yourself when bored.
>The ants may or may not be dead.
>Someone knocks at the door.
>It's a man in a black suit and sunglasses.
>"Pardon the interruption. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?"
>"Is this a survey?"
>"Then not really."
>You show the man into the kitchen.
>He takes a seat at the table.
>"I am a member of the neighborhood watch. We've received complaints from residents here regarding the woman living in apartment 27."
>"Have you noticed anything strange?"
>"Can you expand on that?"
>"I'm not sure if my ants are dead or not."
>"I meant, have you noticed anything strange regarding the woman in apartment 27."
>You think about it for a moment.
>"She introduced me to her parents."
>"I... see. Was there anything strange about them?"
>"Not really."
>He writes something on a notepad.
>"Thank you for your time."
>He leaves your apartment wordlessly.
>You shrug and feed the ants some more potato chips.
>Not sure if the ants are dead.
>Feeds them anyway.
>You wake up to the sound of knocking on your bedroom door.
>You put on pants and pick up a tennis racket before answering.
>It's the dragon woman.
>"Neighbor, I need your help."
>"I locked myself outside of my lai- I meant apartment. I need you to take apart the lock for me."
>You sigh and get your tools, then follow her out into the hallway.
>She stands beside the door and looks expectantly at you.
>You begin taking apart the lock.
>"Ha! I've caught you red handed!"
>She grabs your wrist in a claw. "You've been breaking into my apartment while I've been out."
>"You thought I wouldn't make note of your keen infiltration skills. But I have."
>"Because you're a dragon?"
>"Exactly! Now tell me what you took."
>She eyes you suspiciously. Slowly she lets go of your arm and it returns to 'normal'.
>"I believe you."
>"But that doesn't mean you weren't looking through my hoard!"
>"I didn't."
>She grins triumphantly, her sharp teeth and sharper gaze unsettling.
>"So you admit you were in my apartment."
>"And what's your proof, then?"
>You point at the hole in your door where the lock was.
>"I can't put them back together."
>Looking between you and the doors, the huffs.
>"Well what am I supposed to do now? You broke my lock, anyone could just walk in!"
>You lead her inside and demonstrate how pushing in the doorknob and turning it prevents it from opening from outside.
>"Oh. Right. I knew that, of course. I was just testing you again."
>She opens the door and pushes you outside, then locks it behind you.
>You return to your apartment.
>You remember you can lock the doorknob.
>After locking your apartment door, you go back to sleep.
Rolled 16

>locking the door.

Haven't you/we learn by now? She'll just knock that shit down, because she's a dragon.
>The dirty laundry is gold and jewels illusioned to look mundane
nice one
all my yes!
heh, nice

Oh, that movie has got to get a raise out of her
>make a quest of it
not gonna happen
day 1 she gets waifued
>>Your apartment is no longer a mess.
>>The doctor was informed about problems with the new dosage, changed it again.
>>You are no longer compelled to take things apart.
>>You bought an ant farm to occupy yourself when bored.
this actually sounds kinda depressing. those meds are killing your soul anon
that is probably the point
its fun for us when she knocks down anon's door
How long until anon is just sitting there blankly staring at the dead ants for hours on end?
Well, we can now guess how this story ends.
Anon becomes a shell of what he once was.
Dragonlady gets taken into custody.
It ends with anon just staring at the bare walls of his apartment, wondering if any of what happened was real.
now I am REALLY sad
>Your ants are not dead.
>The ants escaped the farm when you left it open yesterday.
>They are now all over your apartment.
>Thankfully they don't bite.
>You are attempting to lure them into a corner with pieces of bread.
>There is a knock on your door.
>It's the knight.
>"Good morrow, servant of the Lady Dragon. I wish your aid in brokering peace with the foul beast."
>You head next door with the knight.
>He knocks on the door.
>The dragon woman answers.
>"O foolhardy knight, have you come to challenge me a second time this year?"
>"Quite the opposite. This day I have come to forge armistice."
>"Is it not below one of your station to resort to trickery?"
>The knight looks aghast.
>"Though mortal enemies we may be, a knight's honor holds true. For today is All Hallows Eve, and I hoped to invite the two of you on a quest."
>The dragon looks apprehensive.
>"What manner of quest would befit a dragon? What reward could be so grand?"
>"Vile serpent, this day your kind roam free, and all manner of man and monster gathers sweet tribute from their neighbors."
>The dragon looks intrigued now.
>"What say you, servant? Does the armored oaf speak true?"
>"Great! Give me a moment to get ready."
>She closes the door.
>The knight leans in to speak to you aside.
>"Don your vestments for the journey, I will await in the courtyard of the dragon's palace."
>He leaves the apartment building.
>You return to your apartment.
>You hope you have a costume somewhere.

>You rummage through your closet.
>There is a dusty Stormtrooper costume inside.
>You recall wearing it to a Star Wars convention once.
>You start putting it on.
>It doesn't fit very well. The pants are tight and the sleeves end at your forearms.
>You grab the water blaster rifle that goes with it.
>It still has a bit of stale water sitting in it.
>You exit the apartment building.
>The knight is in full armor and the dragon woman has ditched her human disguise.
>The knight looks surprised at both of your 'costumes'.
>"What strange warrior lies yonder? Could it be the servant of the wyrm?"
>"Excellent! I have gathered from the innkeep a prime spot to gather tribute. Do join me in the chariot."
>You and the dragon woman get into the back of his van.
>The three of you drive to the neighborhood where all the nice old ladies live.
>Numerous trick-or-treaters are out in costumes of varying quality.
>There's a group dressed as the Men in Black.
>One of them looks vaguely familiar, but you pass by too quickly to tell.
>The van comes to a stop.
>You get out onto the sidewalk.
>The dragon woman looks excited and nervous.
>"So this is where we will gather tribute?"
>The knight shuts off the van and gets out with three ice cream pails painted as jack-o-lanterns.
>He hands one to you and the second to the dragon woman.
>"The inhabitants of this land are generous. They will yield much reward."
>He goes up to the nearest house and rings the doorbell.
>You come up behind him with the dragon woman in tow.
>The old woman from the supermarket answers.
>She probably doesn't recognize you in the mask.
>"Trick or treat." You say.
>She drops several mini chocolate bars in your bucket. The other two get some as well.
>The next few houses provide a similar result.
>You get an odd feeling you are being followed.
>You recall that you forgot to take your pills when you woke up today.
>You dismiss the feeling and carry on.
Rolled 18

In before she goes as herself. Which is a totally realistic dragon costume and not ACTUALLY how she looks since she is of course a human and CERTAINLY not a dragon because dragons don't exist and I m talking like her now aren't I?

>You and your friends finish doing the rounds in the old folks neighborhood.
>It's starting to get late.
>The knight leads you back to his van.
>"A bountiful quest, no? Now to return home and enjoy the sweet rewards!"
>You get in the van.
>The dragon woman has already eaten a quarter of her bucket.
>She looks a bit green and makes no comments on the ride back.
>You arrive at the apartment building.
>The dragon woman makes her dramatic escape into the building.
>"It seems the Lady Dragon is overeager and left behind her tribute. Would you kindly deliver it to her?"
>You go inside with the two buckets.
>You knock on the door of her apartment.
>No answer.
>Muted heaving can be heard inside.
>You just leave her bucket next to the door.
>You go back to your apartment.
>The ants have since made off with your bread.
>You reach into the bucket and get to work setting up your new bait.
I can just imagine a shot of him opening up the door and watching a bunch of ants just crawling across the floor with a baguette

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