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You are not Darius Duravi. You are simply his clone... gender notwithstanding.

[The Operator Tournament Rules] http://pastebin.com/0YSSbCPq
[How We Roll] http://pastebin.com/ep32Mkfq
[QM Twitter] https://twitter.com/HouseDuravi
[Catch the fuck up!] http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Operator%20Operator%20Quest
[Character Sheet] http://pastebin.com/HB7jgzrx

Recently, you've been under the weather. You spend all day and all night cooped up in this whitewashed laboratory. Your life isn't yours to do with as you please. You're replaceable, for goodness' sake!

The plot: You are a clone. You do clone things, like sitting around all day while others do tests on you. You also do not-so-clone things, like meeting your original. Overall, life has been brief, uneventful and dull.

It still bothers you that he was a... he. You don't really get why he and that professor would need a female clone, but then again, you don't get a lot of things. Everything about this place is veiled by layers and layers of plans and dizzy trickery.

Before Darius came along, you didn't even think about escape. It just... never occurred to you. You haven't seen the world outside this lab yet. That didn't bother you before.


He came along one day, smelling of sunlight, plants and sweat. Nothing like this sterile place. You regret not breathing deeper when he was next to you. You want out. Desperately. Now.
File: 1363151090655.png (643 KB, 744x1053)
643 KB
643 KB PNG
You want out. You need to get out. This is awful! This is hell! It sucks!

You drop your head back down between your knees. The floor you're sitting on is cold. The bed off to the side is warm. The wall behind you is smooth. The clothes you're in are coarse. A white t-shirt, collared. Orange pants, baggy.

The door in front of you beckons. Plain, white, massive. And right next to it - two big windows. Really thick! If you knock on them, all you get is dull thumps. No, not even those. It's more like... you're knocking on a wall. There's nothing interesting behind them. Just two shiny white walls, the ever-so-slightly bluish light from the ceiling lamps reflected in them.

You hate white. You want anything but white. You want gray. You want black. You want something, anything, to get you out of here!

You get up. You can't let this place hold you prisoner. Darius promised. He promised, right? He did. He'll get you out. He had so many plans - there's no way none of them could work!

You're just about ready to try anything, now. You pace around the room. You knock on the windows. You beat them down - er, try to.


Your hands hurt now. Just a bit, but you went kinda overboard on those panes. Fine, let's try the door!


It's open. The door's... open.

Open. Open? Open! Yeeaaah!

Oh geez. You- First, you close it back. Nobody saw, right?

Right. Nobody saw. You can't miss this.

Wait. Are they testing you?

No, you don't care. You're so excited! So, so excited!!

They didn't always blindfold you when you went for analyses. You can maybe sorta navigate. Probably!

Soooo, what now?
>[] Custom!
>[X] Custom!
Seek the dressing room and change to something that won't scream lab rat
That's a good idea.

But you've always had your clothes delivered right to you. There's gowns in the procedural cabinet, along with needles and all that.

You could go there.
Well, we might as well get one of those gowns and a needle just in case.
Make something covering to wear out of gowns.

Take the needles for throwing.
Alright, chaps. Writing!

You give your soon-to-be-departed room a once-over.

Nope! Not a thing you'd want to take along!

You poke your head out. There isn't a soul in the hallway. Here goes-


Urgh... Geez. You can't believe you tripped, not one step out the floodgates. This moment will live on in infamy in your heart! And maybe the hallway cameras. Speaking of which, you don't have much time! With all the grace and silence allowed you by your baggy pants and clumsy nature, you snake- er, sneak- uh, stumble through the hallway. Silent, solemn and slightly curious walls watch you weave through the maze. You peek behind every corner before you turn it, but there's nobody.

Literally no one.

It's about five minutes later that you finally make it to the procedural cabinet. Tiled everything, cabinets, shelves, needles and (yes!) gowns.

You start putting the gowns together using MacGyver skills you didn't know you had. You find some pins here and there, which you use to piece them together. Donning this outfit makes you look like a desert wanderer, lost in these sterilized white tiles for 40 years. It fits you perfectly.

You grab all the needles you can find and holster them in your garb. Not only are you masked, you are also dangerously well-armed. A run-in with you, covered in this fearsome cape, would make any lab assistant quiver!

In fear or from laughter!

Roll "dice+4d6+-4" to see if you can find anything else of value.

DC is 10/12/14.
Rolled 2, 3, 5, 2 - 4 = 8

Why is Darida so cute?
Rolled 4, 5, 1, 2 - 4 = 8

Rolled 6, 2, 4, 2 - 4 = 10

Tzeentch guide my roll!
Ahahahaha. Phew
Rolled 6, 5, 3, 4 - 4 = 14

I am become perception
Alright, we found something. Let's see what it is!

What about >>33228513 ?
holy shit this changes everything

this quest will never be the same

you could have stopped this
this is the future the dice gods chose

Your curiosity gets the best of you. There might be something else here, right? You've never been allowed to do anything but undress, lie down or watch as your blood is drawn. You sift through the cabinets, pore over the shelves, inspect every nook and cranny! Most of it is empty...

But wait! There's a stack of papers here. Below a false floor, one of the drawers contains... Huh? You can't make heads or tails of this.

Some sort of diagram here, some kind of thingamajigger there...


Three folders, though. You suppose you'll take a look at...
>[] Darius Daravir Duravi.
>[] Subject 18 ("Darida", with the quotation marks, is scrawled under)
>[] Helen E. Cayce
>[] Subject 18 ("Darida", with the quotation marks, is scrawled under)
After that, take all three.
>>[x] Darius Daravir Duravi.
Seconding the take all three tho.
>>[] Helen E. Cayce
It's the only name that Darida won't recognize
Also take all of the papers
You guys.
>[] Subject 18 ("Darida", with the quotation marks, is scrawled under)
>[] Darius Daravir Duravi.
>[] Helen E. Cayce
In that order. If not then just Darida's.
Whew. Alright, writing. This is gonna be thorough.
ohey you're back earlier than expected
Gonna sacrifice satan to a goat
That might lag the game more. Spawning goat corpses is shittily optimized.
Fucking curse.

Eeny-meeny-miny... mo!

Guess you'll thumb through your own file first.

"Subject 18

Tentative Name: Darida

Age: 3 months, 8 weeks

Physical Parameters:
-Weight: 56 kg
-Height: 174 cm
-BWH: (Let's skip this one!)

Conceived From: (Blacked out... There's two names here. I can make out a D in one of them.)

Mental Parameters: (No idea what any of this means!)

Genetic Sequence: (A bunch of diagrams.)

Modifications: ASQ-1, DAR, DRS (This one is underlined.), ALD

-Superior memory
-Advanced fight-or-flight response
-Inhibited remorse, guilt
-Obedient, "lives to please"
-Superior sensory-cognitive complex
-Sharpened sensory perception (Something was signed here, but then thoroughly blacked out by hand. Starts with "er", then "no"... Can't make out the rest.)
-High pain threshold, both sensory overload and somatic damage
-Light, durable bone structure (Signed: "More brittle than expected.")
-Muscular hyperfunction (Signed: "At Darius' level as of conception.")
-All vitals capable of regeneration
-Central Nervous System capable of complete regeneration (Signed: "Lab results on page 17.")
-Withstands radiation up to (Uh, these numbers are pretty long.)
-High stem cell count
-Immune system capable of rejecting and regrowing entire limbs
-(Something about pheromones?)

Adverse Effects:
-Topographical memory - average at best
-As a result of highly adaptable CNS - motor functions constantly rewire themselves, leading to low motoric coordination (Signed: "Clumsy." How rude!)
-As a result of highly adaptable CNS - minor and sometimes basic functions suffer "hiccups" (Signed: "Bouts of blithering (crossed out) idiocy. This is just mean.)
-High fertility?
-Emotional response varies wildly when lacking adrenaline
-No tolerance for man-made or natural drugs
-As a result of above, highly reliant on immune response and regeneration
-Regeneration demands immense protein and calorie intake

In most ways, a success, but a failure in several key areas. Darius' lack of fear has translated to S18 well, but has inexplicably dragged along a lack of environmental awareness. The ALD modification, which was meant to improve cognitive function and mitigate Darius' lack of concentration, as well as lower the tolerance for many drugs to an acceptable level, not only barely managed to offset the concentration malus, but also overshot the tolerance. ALD is largely incompatible with the new DRS modification.

Perhaps incorporating the ALD mod into ASQ would yield better results? Otherwise, ALD must be completely reworked.

Many DAR aspects remain dormant. Physical, mental and emotional triggers have proven ineffective. Social? Evolutionary?

As an attempt to further the Atlas Project: failure. As a base for further Elf Project: viable prototype. As an attempt to complete Galatea Project: success, with minor setbacks. Galatea II before merging with prospective Elf II, or Elf II to offset Galatea's shortcomings?"

Well, that was... informative. Let's see what they've got to say about Darius.

"Darius Daravir Duravi

Age: 19

Physical Parameters:
-Weight: 97 kg
-Height: 180 cm

(Wh-whoa there. I don't need to know all this... Let's skip some.)

Mental Parameters: (Still got no clue. Some words look sorta familiar? Socio... something?)

Complete sociopath. Impulsive and violent. Compulsive liar. No regard for human life. Very dull compassion response, as if faked. Physically resilient, highly resistant to all forms of toxin. Susceptible only to highly specific man-made drugs, such as the 'caine family and MDMA. Natural poisons that are not digested too quickly to take effect are swiftly flushed out. High cognitive function as a direct result of CNS stimulation brought on by Operating. Seeks mentally challenging activities for no visible purpose. Life span suspected at around 70, given the best medical technology today.
"Suggest that he be replaced as main sponsor as soon as possible."

And the last one...

"Helen Edgar Cayce

Age: 21

Physical Parameters:
-Weight: 79 kg
-Height: 177 cm
-BWH: (Those are some hips she's packing.)

Mental Parameters: (As usual.)

Complete sociopath. Impulsive and violent. Compulsive liar. No regard for human life. Compassion response only slightly less inhibited than in Duravi. Physicaly resilient, highly resistant to most forms of mental attack. Susceptible to combined physiological-psychological attack. Goes to extreme measures to show interest or affection. Socially aware. Is under great amounts of stress due to conflict between impulses and censors. Uses Operating as an outlet. Reason for interest in Duravi: unclear. Suspect morbid fascination with like-minded individual. Concerned over lack of appropriate response on Duravi's side. Suggest running DNA tests on Cayce and Duravi. Something seems off.

This is not what was meant by 'sponsor replacement', Professor Huxley."

This is all a bit much for you. There's X-Rays, colorful and black-white pictures, long lists and even longer reports in each folder. No time to worry about any of that, though!

You stuff the folders in your snow-white cloak. Now you're a real spy! Weapons and secret documents galore. You hear footsteps from outside, so you hide- there's no place to hide! Geez!

You settle for standing next to the door at the hinge side. It swings wide open and a frantic assistant rushes in. It's that redhead from earlier! The one Darius was talking to before he told you he'd come to get you. She's bent over, rummaging through the drawer you took your trophy documents from.

So you give her a hug.


"I don't beli- Mmph!"

Aaaaand you both fall over. Without landing on your prickly arsenal, naturally.

"I don't believe you! I leave the door unattended for one moment and you weasel your way out right that instant!"

"You're such a complainerrrr~"
Still alive, OP
Just as you had suspected, the redhead assistant is softer than you could imagine. Softer than a down blanket. Softer than a little labcoat-wearing bundle of plush!

"This is quite- quite enough, you."

"Why, what utter nonsense!" Your affectionate mockery earns you no reproach, however.

"This is important! Get off me!"


The redhead grumbles something about hiccups and brainless gene-somethings and, to quote, "unholy anal retaliation the likes of which has never been seen yet in world history, a truly monumentous ass ravaging to be ingrained in the genetic memory of grandchildren, one for the record books, ya right cunts".

She reaches around and takes out something metal, both rugged and shiny, from behind her back. This, she hands to you.

"Take this. You will need it in case you are accosted by any guards. They are to-"

"I don't even know your name," you say. The assistant blushes a light shade of red.

"I-I'm Evelyn. Forgive me."

"Haaail and well met, I'm Darida!" You gesticulate expressively, hamming it up in the hopes that Evelyn will finally stop being so formal. "Relax, come on!"

"I cannot. And," she pauses briefly, "You are not quite thinking straight. This adrenaline has gotten to you. You are overexcited."

You frown in response. Then pout. It's more than Evelyn can handle.

"Just take this," she firmly places her instrument in your hands, "and follow me, alright?"

Red-haired Evelyn begins to explain this toy she gave you, but then, you both hear heavy footsteps and loud voices from the hallway.

"Christ, they shouldn't have noticed, Darius didn't provide me contingency plans for, oh God-"

"Don't worry, I've got a plan! They're coming from the right, and we need to go..."

"...Left. All the way down."

"Alright! I know just what we'll do!"

Choices up next.

"Do you?"
>[] "I'll take this and shoot them! There's only two!"
>[] "I'll get out there and talk to them. They'll totally listen. Then I'll shoot them!"
>[] "You'll get out there and tell them I'm not here. Then when they leave, I shoot them!"
>[] Custom!
>>[x] "You'll get out there and tell them I'm not here. Then when they leave, I shoot them!"
Let's try a sneaking mission approach first. Sneaking is fun, and we're totally sneaky-like. We can ge a jump on them easy.
Stop dying on us OOQ
>[X] "I'll get out there and talk to them. They'll totally listen. Then I'll shoot them!"
Today's thread is advancing at breakneck speeds.
>[] "I'll take this and shoot them! There's only two!"
>>[] "You'll get out there and tell them I'm not here. Then when they leave, I shoot them!"
Whoops, somebody rez'd me.

"So basically, you'll get out there and tell them I'm not here. Then," you make a pistol with your hands, "I shoot them!"

Which comes out awkward, because there's an actual pistol in your hands, and now you have this double pistol chimera just pointing in James Bond fashion to the ceiling and your one-liner probably didn't do much to inspire confidence.

This. Won't. Do!

"I see, then I will make my best attempt. Please wait here."

"Huh? I thought you'd be more worried." You give Evelyn a puzzled expression.

"Now that you mention it," she sighs, "I am. I'm not very confident in your marksmanship..."

"Don't worry! I'll be sneeaaky and sneaking is fun. I'm totally sneaky-like."

"You, uh, totally are," Evelyn agrees with a distraught expression.

You put your hand on her shoulder.

"If anything happens," you lean down and whisper into her ear, "Run like hell."

Your companion turns to you with a start, visibly pouting. Her eyes are a little wet. She may or may not have expected something more... reassuring. You pat her head. She pulls her head in, but doesn't step away. When you're done, she tries to smooth out her hair.

The voices grow closer.

You step back into the niche where you ambushed Evelyn. The door creaks slightly and she's out of your sight. You ready your firearm, pointing it at the door.

"Ah, right, yes. Yes. We'll look for her in sector B3."

That's probably your cue! You pull on the door, opening it swiftly and soundlessly. then slink past Evelyn, who freezes in place at the sight of you, so that you are right in the middle of the hallway. The guards, two burly men, are jogging down the hallway. You put your arms up, gun in hand. One of them turns around with a "By the way..." but stops short at the sight of you.

He reaches for his hip with both hands, but drops. The other suddenly turns around, just barely managing to grab his handgun, before he follows suit. Victory!

"Whoo! Did you see that? Did you?"

"Yes, I saw that. Very nice shot."

"Yeah, you can count on me if there's anything-" You try to twirl it around your index finger by trigger guard, but it slips and falls to the floor. "Ahaha, whoops," you laugh sheepishly, "I'll get it. Um..."

You bend down to get it, your fingers clench the grip and-

You punt it away.


You go over to get it again. And kick it again.

"Uh, gimme a sec!"

You keep playing soccer with the gun for a while. When luck has finally finished tormenting you, you pick the weapon up. You were a little careless and now it's covered in blood. A little sticky.

You suddenly notice that Evelyn's gone a bit pale.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm- I shouldn't have ate."

You look back at the bodies. Two puddles of blood, nothing special. That's what bodies do when they're shot, right?

"Weren't we trying to get somewhere, though?"

"Ah, yes. Just down this hallway. It bends right and turns into a tunnel."

"Oh, okay. Lead the way!"

You both jog the entire length of the white corridor. When you go through a door just like all the others and find yourself in a tunnel - dry and well-lit, but still kinda creepy - you figure it's a good opportunity to ask something.

Something like...
>[] Custom!
>>[x] Custom!
"By the way, why is Darius helping me escape? You mentioned him earlier. I have superior memory, so I remember. It reads so on my file!"
>>>[x] Custom!
>"By the way, why is Darius helping me escape? You mentioned him earlier. I have superior memory, so I remember. It reads so on my file!"
OP is deaderered
OP is deaderererererered
seconding >>33241214
File: 3.jpg (187 KB, 1866x981)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
OP will return shortly.
nah, he's probably just fighting the Ukranians at the moment
File: Spoiler Image (520 KB, 1280x1024)
520 KB
520 KB JPG
I rise and hunger.

They keep shelling our internet lines, they keep throwing old-ass tanks at us, they keep on throwing Willie Pete at us and my arms are sore and my feet hurt and I wanna go home.

Is tiring to fight for motherland.

But I have no ammo and so I must write.
It... it lives!
File: frankenstein.gif (93 KB, 350x280)
93 KB
Bah, forgot the picture
"By the way, why is Darius helping me escape? You mentioned him earlier. I have superior memory, so I remember. It reads so on my file!"

"Darius..." Your savior looks pensive.

"Huh? What's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong. He has had a change of heart. The plans have been pushed up." She takes out a handgun similar to yours. No wait, it's the exact same!

"Oh, I guess I get it. But what's the plan now?"

"I think you're better off asking him yourself."

"But he's not-"

"I am."

AAAAAAAaaaaaaaahhoh it's Darius.

"Geez, don't scare me like that!"

He just ignores you, though. He stands cross-armed in the middle of the tunnel, feet apart. Darius looks kind of imposing, in this light...

"Evelyn. Did you find those files?"

"No, I'm afraid not. Perhaps they were moved- Wait! Darida, didn't you say something about a file?!"

"Oh, you mean this?" You show her the folders. The look on her face is priceless.

"Then that's that," Darius says. There's a lot of irritation in his voice.

Darius takes out a weird gun, a bit bigger than your own, with something cylindrical on top, and hands it to Evelyn. She can barely wield the hefty thing. At least, you think it's heavy, seeing how she struggles with it.

"Can't even hold it straight, huh? Just stick to the pistol."

"I should be fine with a more conventional firearm, like that AK-"

"No chance. Too heavy for you."

"...Fine. I suppose it'll have to do."

"By the way, aren't you forgetting something?"

"I'm not, but... Are you certain? She could help us-"

"We got in, we get out. Quiet as kept. Darida won't be any good at stealth."

"Hey, that's not true!" But you don't get to speak further. You feel a strong strike at the back of your neck, and before your vision fades, you see Darius take out another gun.

What's going to happen now?

Thread end! Watch for a brief story, which I'll pastebin and post on twitter.
Darida? Darida!? DARIDAAAAAAA!!!

Thanks for the thread, however short it was.

More like we knocked her out so we could stealth out of the facility.

It was a side story, after all.

Tune in later for more FISSION MAILING.

Also a 'Nam Syrian war story, later today. Non-interactive, I'm afraid, but I'll do some editing to make it read better.

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