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Thread 26: Explosive Contact, Demolition Craft versus Perfume Craft

All started with a fated meeting, between Tohma and Lily. The ring, the book and everything else all came afterwards.

Their meeting was not a tragic one, even if whole worlds could consider their meeting the start of a cruel fate; to those two, it may as well be a miracle.

Their powers may be ones that only exist to bring destruction and ruin, yet those two swore to turn those very powers have into their hope.

The past can’t be changed, but the future can be anything.

This is the record of their struggle.

These are the records that chronicle the Book of the Silver Cross Incident and everything that followed.

It is the year 81 of the New Calendar, the awakening of the black grimoire, the second volume of the Gospel of the Silver Cross, has been completed.

With the birth of the Zero Driver the world now truly spins into motion. The pieces are placed, the actors are ready and the stage is finally set.

All that is left is for you to act.

Having understood a bit more of the world around you, how will you choose to act from now on? What will you protect? What will you sacrifice?

Only a devil might know.

ARC 2: Own Soldier

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Nanoha%20FORCE%20Quest

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BelkanSniper

Also, since I have the time, let me ask this again, what sort of things would you like for me to change/improve on this Quest.

I know we have deviated greatly from the manga, so would you prefer to stick a bit more to it?

Would you guys prefer to have less factions and basically make things a bit clearer?

Should I remove the interludes?

Should I remove original groups like the HOLMCROSS and focus more on the ones from the manga?

Any other suggestions?
For Everyone interested in joining FORCE Quest the PDF attacked has a quick recap of the most important events until now, I hope that everyone, both old players and new ones gives it a read and tells me how effective it was. Thanks for your time.
File: Isis Hi.jpg (42 KB, 225x350)
42 KB
You are Isis Eaglet, a young and cute private security provider and the boss of the PSC Silber Engel and right now you have just finished working on your five drones and restocking your weapons, so now you are ready.
Your team of Vivio, Mira and you is currently inspecting the Underground Bunker under the Central Tower of Liberty City, where you expected most to the survivors of the lab to have gone, but so far you haven’t found anything too important. At least after raiding the

The drones serve primarily as scouts for your team, but you could use them to restock your chemical for explosives and even as kamikaze devices to attack an enemy. Those little green drones are really useful.

“Hey, Vivio, I have everything I need from this place, come, we have to meet Mira outside and see if she found someone.” You motion Tohma’s important friend to the door, as the two of you leave the Armory to return to the main chamber of the bunker… standing infront of the door that leads to the Dormitories is the Enforcer Mira.

Her grim face tells you all you need to know. No one is alive inside those bunkers.

With that the first floor of these bunkers has been searched, so what should you do now?
>Use the Drones to search the second floor.
>Ask Mira what she saw?
>Talk to Vivio, how is she taking all this, she is a civilian after all.
>Try to contact Tohma?
>Just go to the Second Floor, you still have hope.
>>Use the Drones to search the second floor.
>>Ask Mira what she saw?

Also reading the recap. I'll comment when I'm done.
Sure, give me your opinions.
Okay, you have 5 drones remaining, how many are you willing to send?
Three drones should be good for this. We can save two in case we need something else.
Understood, roll me three d100s,
DC is secret.
Rolled 61

Rolled 40

Rolled 83

>Rolled 40...
Will write.
File: MIra 5.jpg (218 KB, 850x1202)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
You silently send your drones to search the second floor, as you turn to Mira. “Enforcer, what did you see inside the Dormitories?” You could judge from Mira’s expression that she didn’t find anything pleasant in that room, but even so, you felt the need to ask your new comrade.

The Enforcer, the straight laced girl who has followed Tohma here due to her duty, simply nods and explains without hesitation, “A gruesome scene, Lady Isis, a very gruesome scene. All I found were the dead bodies of the researchers piled in the room like trash, several of them mutilated by what appears to be some sort of cutting tool. If I had to guess they were attacked by a monster… by one of the Infected.”

That doesn’t surprise you that much, if you had to make a guess, then an infected had been waiting in this bunker when it was sealed, and had moved to deal with all the civilians who took refuge here. “Very well, Enforcer Camrill, then we will move on to the next floor, just give me a moment to allow my drones to finish their search.”

While you want to move quickly, you are not a reckless idiot like your mate, and won’t simply rush into things without waiting.

So what will you do now, Mira looks like she is ready to move, but you see that Vivio, the youngest in your group, looks like she wants to ask you something, but is hesitating.

Will you...
>Take a moment to talk to Vivio.
>Take a moment to check your drones, see what they have found.
>Ask Mira if she wants to resupply in the Storage Room too.
>Go Down anyway, time to pull a Tohma.
>Try to contact Tohma, what is that stupid devil doing anyway.
>Check if you can use your drones to access the systems here?
>>Take a moment to talk to Vivio.
>>Ask Mira if she wants to resupply in the Storage Room too.

Prepare for the rush
Will wait for 5 more mins...
Okay Writing!
File: Vivio 1.jpg (224 KB, 850x850)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
You motion Mira to door you and Vivio just came out of, “Mira, can you inspect the storage room and restock your items, knowing our bad luck, I am sure that we will get ourselves into some serious problem soon enough.” It was not only that, but you want to be alone with Vivio for this.

“Understood.” The Enforcer probably understands what you want to do and thus she simply entered the storage room and left you with the bigger problem… Vivio.

“No out with it, come tell me. Miss Vivio, you are Tohma’s precious person, so I want to see what’s still bothering you, is it that you miss Tohma or something?” You try to sound as friendly as possible, but a part of you is worrying about this girl.

“I guess I can’t hide it from you Miss. Isis.” Vivio’s voice sounds a bit timid and withdrawn, in a way she probably doesn’t feel too comfortable talking with you.

But you won’t allow her to evade you, “Hehe, that’s one of my 99 special Isis Skills, I can instantly see when cute girls are in trouble and come to their rescue!” You snap your fingers and point at Vivio instantly, “and I can detect your worries young lady, so out with it! I can’t allow an member of my Silber Engel to be worried about something that is not the mission!”

Vivio laughs a bit to your lame joke and then finally “No, it’s not that… and I feel that I am getting used even to all… to all this death, but I worry about Tohma. He feels… I feel like I can’t understand him anymore.” Wait what? “First of all he just leaves on that trip for six months without telling me anything and just writes to Ein, and then when I meet him again, it’s in this mess and I just see he has really changed.” You can feel her frustration at that, and a part of you wonders how exactly you could help Vivio.
File: Cool Vivio.jpg (187 KB, 600x487)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
To you, the only Tohma you know is the young man with much on his shoulders, the brave young man who wants to challenge the fate that the Eclipse gave him, and became your mate. But to Vivio, that Tohma is not the one she once knew…

“Now, he is part of a mercenary team, has that scary black armor, a killer sword, and has that cute girl, Lily, as his partner and is infected by a strange super virus that made him a super mage or something.”

“Then there are also all those things that Tohma is not telling me, like why he has that Eclipse Virus, or why are there these zombies, or why he is working with the TSAB and about his hometown… I simply feel like he has changed too much… and he left me behind.” Six months… that Tohma is an idiot to leave a girl as cute as this one behind for that long, “To make things worse I think he doesn’t want me near him, I know that he didn’t want me to join Silber Engel or for me to follow him here! I… I think that Tohma doesn’t believe in me anymore.” Or rather, Tohma doesn’t believe Vivio should fight.

To be in a middle of a zombie outbreak, to have her mother missing and now having her dear friend change so much, and add that to the whole stress of fighting the infected, yeah you could see why this girl was stressed over this, “My Tohma was not like this, he wouldn’t keep so many secrets, he wouldn’t keep his friends so distanced from him… his eyes weren’t a killer green… his eyes were a soft and proud blue, they were a pair of wonderful eyes that belonged to a wonderful souls that has surpassed hardship, now all I know is that his eyes are filled with hate and desperation!”

What really surprises you is that Vivio is not crying, even as her body is shaking and you know she wants to cry, she will not allow herself to cry. This girl… you can see why Tohma wants to protect her so desperately.
That… that’s a lot to take, what could you say to Vivio to help her.
>He has changed because lot is riding on his shoulders… please understand that
>Then, you should change and support him too.
>You know, when we formed this group, Tohma cried…
>I don’t think he has changed from what you told me, it’s just that he hid these things from you.
>The truth is that he really doesn’t want you here, because he cares for you, and he doesn’t know how to deal with it.
>I don’t know what to tell you, maybe you should sit down and talk to him.
>>He has changed because lot is riding on his shoulders… please understand that
>>You know, when we formed this group, Tohma cried…

> Try not to cry
> cry anyways
> have friends tell everyone you cried

Such Is the life of Tohma
Well writing, I do have to say that Tohma is just pushing all his issues back for now, when all of this ends and the situations calms down he really will have to sit down and cry a bit, again.

Do want to say, that like Ein Vivio really understands much about Tohma, the thing is that she believes the best about him, so she really belives that Tohma would not give in to his desire for revenge and get over his problems.
File: Isis 7.png (158 KB, 289x423)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
You don’t really know what to tell her, but right now you can’t let her keep her doubts, “He has changed because a lot is riding on his shoulders now. The Eclipse, Silber Engel, his hometown and now this city, I hope you can understand that.”

What you say next is something you wanted to keep quiet, at least you hope Tohma understands you when he finds out, “To be honest, he is not really talking this well, everything has happened really fast to him, and I know that he feels as lost as you do about this. You know, when we formed this group… when we formed Silber Engel, Tohma cried.” It had been a moment you shared with him, a special moment that belonged only to the two of you, that single moment when that boy opened to you, and you opened to him… but even though you wanted to keep that moment yours, right now Tohma needed you to help him a bit.
Ah, the things you do for your mate!

“At that time… he was confused… no he was overwhelmed, he just found out that you had been trapped here, he just found out that his sister could be dead… and had fought the White Devil… at that time Tohma, even though he didn’t want to… he cried, he cried and I cried with him, because I know how he felt. He was overwhelmed by what it means to have the power he has, he was tired of everyone telling him that he can only live to kill others… in short he was tired from dealing with all this shit!”

Vivio gulped as she hears your tale, “I never knew…”

“But Vivio, do you know what Tohma did when he was faced with all of this… he decided to join me and form Silber Engel, he decided to fight what everyone told him and to his the Eclipse- the powers everyone told him could only hurt others- to save people instead.” Vivio, gasped as she nodded, yeah you also understood, to Vivio that was her Tohma, that brave boy that overcame his darkness to do good.

In a way that was why you also liked him a lot.
“But Vivio, even though Tohma is a strong person, he is… he is still human. He can be overwhelemed about things, he can doubt… and to be honest you are his greatest doubt.” You aren’t sure if you should continue but who cares, “He really cares for you, and if something ever happened to you, I don’t think he would ever forgive himself.”

You don’t want to say what you think would happen if something bad happened to this girl…you simply don’t want to think how the Tohma you know would die, to be replaced by a Devil that would destroy everything.
Still, there is something weird, Mira should be back by now… and the drones should have returned… there is something wrong here.

You should…
>Go check Mira!
>Go down!
>Check the Drones!
>Send the remaining 2 Drones to search….
>Check the room you are in….
>>Go check Mira!
Save the ice cream knight!
Cake Knight Rescue Operation is a go!
File: Hector 1.jpg (112 KB, 500x300)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
You… you are an idiot… “Vivio come here!” You quickly enter run to the door into the storage room and open it! The first thing you notice is not the gaping hole in the ceiling of the structure, you ignore the magic barrier that cancels all sound around you… and you ignore the flashes of light that comes from the hole in the ceiling.

No the only thing you have eyes for is the man that stands where Mira should be. Dressed in a sharp black suit, wearing sharp glasses and wearing a clean and handsome look, this man looks like a someone who should never be in a place of death like this one, or rather he looks line one of the civilians your group wants to rescue, but you know, you know that is merely a façade this man projects to the world.
After all, he was the one who taught you to use such tactics.

The blue haired man smiles as he notices you and Vivio, “Hello, Isis, I have to say that I never expected to meet you here.” The man simply smiles warmly at you, and you feel like vomiting at that sight.
“Yeah, good to see you, brother!” Yeah, this man is your brother, Hector Egret.

Classified as a S-Rank mage with the unique AAA-Rank spell called Demolition Touch, some would call him the most dangerous mercenary in the known TSAB space.

>That Man

He was the boss of your old mates back in the day, the one who taught you to do everything you know, the man who taught you how to kill.

>That Man

This is your brother, the man you hate the most in the world… the man whose path you rejected.

>That Man

He is the man you want to kill the most… the one who represents everything wrong with the world of mercenaries!

What should you do?
>Pull a Tohma, go for the kill.
>Calm Down, retreat with Vivio.
>Ask him where Mira is.
>Get him to talk, maybe he will let something slip.
>Prepare a trap.
>Try to contact the Drones!
Taking a short break...
back and no replies...
>>Get him to talk, maybe he will let something slip.
>>Ask him where Mira is.
>>Get him to talk, maybe he will let something slip.
>>Prepare a trap

Opperation Isis Revenge is a go.

Sorry, had to run an irl game. Back
Okay, Okay... Writing!
File: Isis 6.jpg (51 KB, 358x500)
51 KB
“Still, where is my partner the Knight Mira!” As much as you would like to go and try to kill this man, you know you can’t waste the time. Mira is your priority right now, and nothing will change that.

“Oh… the knight is part of your PMC, I never would have expected that, my sister, while you were born to be an excellent tactician, you sadly were never the type to unite the hearts of men.” Your brother takes a moment to see something, “Ah your IFF, so Silber Engel, you must be the ones who joined with that idiot of Silberkruz and is working for the TSAB, oh this is good.”

Your brother just laughs as he is waiting for you to attack. “Do you think that you two have the right to make something like a security company, Isis, that is hilarious!”

He is laughing at your PSC, He is laughing at the dream you shared with Tohma, and He is laughing at the dream of a group that can save others. He is trampling over your prized dream!

“Don’t you dare to laugh at it… at our Silber Engel!” Right now you want to throw reason to the curb and go kill him, you want to rush him and make him eat all the explosives you have.

>That man… you simply want to kill him.

But you won’t fall for that, you can’t fall for that, your brother’s personal spell, Demolition Touch, is one that can make anything he touches an explosive, in other words this whole room can be one giant explosive! “Hector, I don’t have time for your games, the Knight, where is my knight?”
File: Hector 2.jpg (5 KB, 183x275)
5 KB
“My sister, I do not dislike your idea of a security company, after all I made my own too. See check my IFF!” Puffy confirms it, as it reads the company he belongs to… Egret Security Services. A monster like this shouldn’t call himself someone who protects others! “See ESS, you like it, like you we provide our services to the highest bidder and we were even approved by the TSAB, but I don’t think you really care about that right.”

You… you… you… somehow manage to control yourself, and seeing your face your dearest brother continues, “Well about your knight, well she might be dead by now, one of our old associates, you know, Mr. Goldsun is dealing with her right now, so I can’t say she will live for long.”


“Still Sister, I am here for the same reason you are, I came here to find any survivors, so come on, just help me out!” Your brother extends a hand to you, and tries to appear as inviting as possible, “Come on, it will be like the old times, I am sure you miss the old team, right?”

This man… this man… this man. Still if he has the old team that means there should be three other members counting Mr. Goldsun… so that left the intelligence warfare specialist and the frontal attacker!

Anyway you have secretly deployed your drones, and they have circled behind your brother, if you used them and attacked with Vivio… maybe you can take him.

What do you do?
>Go all in! Drones, Vivio and you will produce a miracle!
>Run away, believe that Mira can handle herself and will meet with you later.
>Ask him why he is here?
>Ask him why he made a PSC!
>Ask him what he knows about Tohma!
>Ask him if he has seen the White Devil!
>Ask him why he is here?
>Ask him what he knows about Tohma!
>>Ask him why he is here?
>>Ask him where Mira and Goldsun are.
File: Kali.png (121 KB, 404x428)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
“Why are you here?” This was vital, if you two have the same goal here, then even if you would hate it with every fiber of your being, you would be willing to stomach working with them. You know how effective they are, so you know that if your Silber Engel joined the ESS then combing this tower would be done instantly!

“KE? What we are doing? Simple, we are doing some clean up, searching for survivors and the tech the TSAB was working on, you know the same as you! We do need to recover the AEC equipment as soon as possible!” There was something off… like you really need to think hard about this!

“Liar, you are here probably to steal the AEC Equipment, if you were here to protect someone you wouldn’t have attacked Mira! Now tell me where she is!” You… you are probably doing this wrong, but who cares, you know your mate will understand when you explain it!

“KEKEKEKE, good Isis I like that you are as smart as ever, yes you are right, to be honest, I never expected to have a knight be right under the hole we made to access this bunker, who knew! But oh well, I guess Mr. Godlie will enjoy that! He really likes breaking those proud knights with his Break spell! KEKKEKEE” Your brother leans over laughing like an idiot and … at that moment… something just clicks!

“You are!” In an instant the image that was supposed to be your brother fades, or rather it breaks like the cheap illusion it was… revealing a member of your old team, Kali, the hacker they called Laughing Network! But that means!

“You were too slow, Isis!” Behind you see a very familiar figure, your brother, ready to strike you with his fists! You have to react fast, one touch and he will make you explode!

What do you do?
>Tell Vivio to help you
>Tell Vivio to fight Kali!
>Tell Vivio to run!
>Evade your brother’s punch!
>Counter it!
>Set up your trap!
>Use a Decoy!
>>Set up your trap!
>>Use a Decoy!

Decoy then bombs. Bombs everywhere.
Oh well, writing!
File: Hector 11.jpg (600 KB, 1920x1080)
600 KB
600 KB JPG
You quickly spring your trap, before your brother’s attack connects, you set up a decoy in front of you! The decoy works, and using that small moment of distraction to take a step back, you drop some bombs and spring your trap!

You drone home in on your brother, as the bombs you dropped activate and together they explode!

The explosion should be strong enough to pierce even the strongest barriers jackets, so he should be dead. Yes, after all this time… and that’s when the smoke starts to clear… and you see a figure walking out, without a single scratch!

“Good, you haven’t totally lost your edge, but I have to remind you that I too can use the Decoy Spell, Isis. Now come, show me how much you have improved.” Yeah, this was your brother all right, this cold and dismissive tone in battle was exactly how you remember him.

Order Vivio to…
>Help you fight brother!
>To Fight Kali
>To run away!

You should…
>Attack brother!
>Run away
>jump to the hole in the ceiling and find Mira!
>Use your last Decoy and more explosives!
>Wait for him to do something!
>attack Kali!
>Try to talk to him about something!
Order Vivio to…
>Stay close to you.

You should…

>>jump to the hole in the ceiling and find Mira!
>>Use your last Decoy and more explosives!

A distraction, then we make a break for Mira.
Okay Writing!
File: Mr. GoldSun.jpg (9 KB, 139x362)
9 KB
“Vivio stay close to me!” You don’t even wait to see if the girl can understand you, you just act. Fighting against someone like your bother is something you would only try if you had Mira and Tohma by your side, and even then you would hesitate to fight him if he had the old team with him.

Do you did the only sensible thing in your position, you first set up a decoy, and use the small instant where your brother can’t distinguish between you and the decoy to grab Vivio and jump up the hole!

“HIIIAAAA!” As you exit the storage room, you drop everything you can into the hole and use a trail of explosives to cover your escape!

With a grunt, you and Vivio land on another floor of the tower, now probably somewhere not inside the bunker, probably the lower section above ground, and in the distance you see Mira fighting a man shinning like the Sun!

That was Mr. Goldsun! A powerful Belkan knight who used sunlight to power his swords to break everything in his way! But Mira was somehow managing to hold herself against him, it was probably the fact that she was using the tight corners and columns of the building to distract her enemy.

Even so if you help her maybe you could deal with him before your brother’s team got together!

Still neither one of the two has noticed you, it appears that the silence spell your brother uses in the storage room has worked, so now you prepare to…
>Take Mira and run away, run like hell!
>Join Mira and take down Mr. Goldsun!
>Take a moment to prepare a huge bomb!
>Blast a Hole outside and run away!
>Time to go all out, all in with Vivio.
>Send Vivio to help Mira!
>Prepare something for brother!
>>Take Mira and run away, run like hell!
>>Time to go all out, all in with Vivio.

Crash in with a superseded attack the we all run as far away as possible.
Then, roll 3d100, I will take the best of those.
DC is 45~
Rolled 91

Rolled 24

Rolled 36

Success Writing!
You don’t have time to waste, so signaling Mira, you prepare to act!

“Vivio, let’s go all out!” You and Vivio rush Mr. Goldsun with everything you have! First Vivio moves in to punch him squarely in the jaw, stunning him momentarily!
Now it’s your turn! “Black Perfume #21, Aquila Dive!” Using chemicals from Puffy, you cover your fists with an explosive compound, and strike! You aim for the back of Mr. Goldsun’s armor, and shatter his Knight Amor in a single strike!

And thus the stage is set for Mira! “Come Gungnir, devour even the sun itself

>Photon BREAK Spear!

A flash of lighting crosses the building and shoots into the distance and even outside the tower.

You hope that Mira at least held back a bit.

Even so, you don’t waste any time! As fast as you can, you and your team run up! Up towards the upper sections of the tower!

Sorry Tohma!

Nanoha FORCE End!

>Well with this we end today’s run, thanks for everything. If you guys have any questions/comments, please do them now.
Rival PSC run by guys even Isis dosren't likr to mess with? Awdsome, thanks for running Belkan.

> Questions
So how strong would you say the ESS Is compared to Silver Engel?

Should we just be running from these guys really fast or would we a tally stand a chance with more or less even numbers?
Well compared to Silber Engel these guys are seasoned professionals, really high tier mages who have dominated many battlefields, so it's not a fair comparison. SImply put Silber Engel is too green right now.

Isis would still run away even if she fought them with Tohma in party, but if you get White Machine to help you and get to keep Caliburn, maybe...maybe you could get a decent fight.

The Main problem is that these guys are S-AA Rank mages, so I guess I would compare them to Section Six in strength and experience, so it's hard for Silber Engel to fight them head on.

Think of Hector as a mage in Nanoha's level, one of those monsters who have claimed the S-Rank, so he is not an easy guy to fight in any way.
>S-AA Rank mages

Mind giving us a quick rundown of ranks? Considering we got ours after a brawl with the white devil I'm still not to sure how it works.
Well Mage Ranks work as a general test of how well a mage can handle certain tasks, such as delivering things, casting rituals, reinforcing, so think of them as an aptitude score of how good a mage is. It's an exponetial curve that ranges from F (non-mage) to SSS (Saint Kaiser-tier).

Although they don't only measure how good a mage is in combat, most people tend to use them as it like that and it works relatively well. Most mages that can fly are at A rank, and from there on is considered an important resource and an Ace.

Needless to say mages of S rank are rare monsters that are found once or twice in a world, and can be compared to the legendary heroes of old.

The relatively average rank of a TSAB mage is about C-Rank, so when I said back at the start that Tohma was a C-Rank mage it was meant to be something really special, as Tohma had managed to match military training with his training in magic.

Most of the time each branch of the TSAB tries to balance their mages and assign an A-Rank mage to one unit only, so it's kinda rare to find more than two or three A+ Mages in the same unit. So Hayate's unit which has more than 15 AA+ Mages can be considered a unit strong enough to take over a planet with some ease (which causes people to worry about her in the TSAB).

For curiosity, the ranks are calculated based on the performance of the past Saint Kaiser Olive, the sole owner of the SSS-Rank, so some might think that VIvio has the potential to reach that pinnacle of power.

That being said, Rank is not everything, many mages do not bother to test to adjust their ranks, and are happy to have lower ranks, and with tactics and skills a weaker mage can take a stronger one, so don;t worry too much.

By the way, when the white devil gave Tohma his A-Rank it was basically a fast test to judge his performance and try to estimate how strong he is, but it was a fair estimate.

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