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It has been two months + since last thread but lets try this. Because I am lazy I will copy and paste the summary from the last time.

It goes like this:

We were an orc clan stranded on an island with no means of survival. In time we adapted to our environment. We met 3-4 civilizations: Cyclops and Humans. The Cyclops are our friends while the Humans who live in an island to the east of ours are our enemies atm. We have had some engagements with the humans recently. Last time we attacked a ship convoy of theirs and barely made it out but in the end we have attracted the attention of the One From The Deeps.

We have a port and a village on our main island. Our docks have 5 medium ships and there is place for 3 more.

Our shaman Rockjaw is attuned to fire and earth magic. We have an Admiral named Ro'Taka and a Military commander name Gra'Ghus. Both of them command the ships engaged in the recently seabattle. We also have a Diplomat named Kolag who is on a Diplomatic mission atm.

We have discovered some Dark Elf Slaves and have 36 Human slaves from the ship fight.

Also we were ambushed in the past by some Serpentfolk living on an island south of ours. The humans have 1 colony to the west and their main city is to the east (island). We kinda know the humans were on good/neutral relations with some centaurs and had some sort of pact with the Dark Elves who come from the continent to the west.

links to past threads
part 6: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/30562987/
part 7: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/30868705/
>Special people:Rockjaw(earth/fire shaman),Kolag(diplomat),Gra'Ghus(commander),Ro'Taka(admiral)
Village: Stone houses, Vegetable farm, Boar farm,Mine,Stone wall
Port Town: Stone houses, Dock-8/12,Armory,Blacksmith, Horse ranch, Stone walls with towers.(minor elemental resistance), Prison

>Population:263 orcs-263 adults,140 busy,67 free, ( 15/45 mages/workers cyclops;12 mages 0 builders free)
Half breeds 7 mature (2 more in 1 turn, 5 in 2 ) They are slightly better at magic and are good at using tech like balistae and catapults. Also good with diplomacy

50+10cyclops farmers+35 horses,30 fishermen, 20 lumberjacks,10 Cyclop miners,10 blacksmiths,4 beastmasters,2 butchers,29 with Kolag.
>Food Supply: 1740 ,eaten 1000,produced 1160

Military: 7 Shamans(earth),4 fire shamans,82 Ironborn, 100 can use bows, 52 balistae crew, 54 Catapult crew, 30 warboars (cap), 27 Cavalry

>Magic: Earthquake, Transmute, Rock Missile(shaman catapult), Summon Earth/Metal elemental(weakness to water/fire), Rock Wall, Terraform ritual,Fireball

>Weapons:Ranged :Bows 90 (0), steel arrows, Balistae 28(),catapults 20 ()
Steel (fine) : 110x1h(0) ,55x2h weapons(0), 110 shields, 120 armor , 5 enchanted armors

Technology: advanced tunnels,smelting,advanced building, Ship Experts, standard weapon making,good quality armors (shields), balistae,catapults, Crossbows, beastmastery
>Tools(steel), 6 medium ships (28 crew 105 hull), 1 Emisary Ship (32 crew, 180 hull), Large ship (72 crew, 320 hull 8 balistae, 3 catapults, room for 16 horses)

Wood,Leather,Stone,Iron Ore,Steel Bars, 60 (capped) boars , 40 horses (capped), gems 190 ,gold 70

Religion: We have completed the 1st task the One from the Deeps gave us and are waiting for the Orcmaid to give us the second task.

Last thread

Gra'Ghus decided to give some houses to the Dark Elves which are grateful. They moved into their new houses. One of them decided to start teaching ranged weapon fighting into the academy. This means the new orcs will now know how to use bows/crossbows better.

The Cyclop builders started making a tunnels from the Cyclop settlement which will go east deep under the sea. They are using the human Slaves too. Some Orcs will have to guard the slaveworkers. The tunnels will finish in 7 turns.

Also the dock improvements are finished. we have 9/17 ship slots atm. (6 medium ships 1 emisary and 1 large which takes 2 slots)

Rockjaw came up with the ideas on how to build improved roads which will boost production and sewers designs which will be more like an underground level of the city. Sewers will decrease the risk of illness in the town.

Gra'Ghus has decided to interrogate the human mage about his spellcasting abilities. He told him he is good at casting arcane spells. And knows arcane bolt and some other spells.

Also he revealed that the humans have a magic academy too
We have an invasion army on our eastern shore where the humans have landed. They have begun fortifying themselves. We have sent Gra'Ghus to invastigate but he got ambushed by a recon unit and lost some of his forces to archer fire but not before killing some of the attackers.

As of now he rallies his orcs in an attempt to charge and break the ambushers. He has 20 Ironborn with him.

The Ironborn are a speacial kind of orc warriors who excel at sea warfare but are also exceptional on any other field of battle. They are trained to fight with heavy armor if they wish.

Someone roll d100 to see how the charge does
0-15 4 of the charging orcs are killed and nobody reaches the humans
16-35 3 of the charging orcs are killed. Gra'ghus reaches the humans and kills 2 humans
36-70 Gra'Ghus and his orcs reach the humans 4-5 orcs die but the wave of death drowns 8-11 humans.
71-94 5-6 orcs die but we kill 18+ humans
95-99 same as above but an archer manages to wound their leader
100 Their leader is severely wounded and all of his men surrender.
File: mappart8start.png (333 KB, 1123x676)
333 KB
333 KB PNG
Bumping with map.

After we deal with this minor engagement we should come up with a plan how to defend against the invasion
We have Ro'Taka and a few ships closing in on the enemies but it will probably take them some time to reach them.
File: orcy.jpg (85 KB, 599x511)
85 KB
Rolled 10

lets wait for some more people to come into the thread.

If you have any questions please ask I would love to answer.

Currently our Diplomat Kolag arrived with some news from one Dark Elf society which lives deep in the continent to the west. But we need to deal with the current threat in order to have time for him.

As of now we are fighting and living for the favor of our god (called The One From the Deeps). He has only talked to us trough some of his servants the Orcmaids but he never made contact with us himself.

We sank 1 heavy and 2 medium ships in a fight with the humans and this earned the favour of our god. (at one time it will be useful)

We have Tech advancement in 2 turns.
Browsing the archives currently. New at these games and /tg/ in general. Was my first roll and I fucked it up ;_;

Some /tg/ regular made adventure threads on /v/ and it caught my attention.
do not worry man it is ok i will take 3 more rolls and do the average ot them

but we need people to get this going
File: orc warrior.jpg (193 KB, 1270x904)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
No, it's not okay. I have bad luck. I have disgraced my clan and displeased the One from the Deeps. Was I not needed I would have walked into the sea until I could not anymore, and wash away my dishonor. As it stands I'll have to wash it with the blood of our enemies!

The human ambushers fire another volley and down some of our orcs 3 of them are killed and one is wounded but will survive if he gets help. Gra'Ghus continues the charge.

The charge continues

I need 2d100 rolls and i will take the better one.
1-10 6 more orcs die while everybody reaches the humans but they manage to kill 4 humans.
11-55 3 orcs die but the charge succeeds and Gra'Ghus and his men cut into the enemy lines
56-85 3 orcs die and Gra'Ghus and his men inflict heavy casualties to the enemies which are about 27-8
86-100 The orcs decimate the human rangers and take their captain as prisoner. If this happens i will roll irl and see if he suicides before it happens or he gets captured.

Also I encourage people to write something in the name field so I can see who is who.
one does not simply remake thread from 3-4 months ago XD

i kinda knew this was going to happen
Currently we have some captives working on a tunnel Network. And also some half-orc half human children growing up with the cyclops and learning to expand their magic skills.
nobody is interested ? ;_;

Do you guys want to start from scratch ?
I fucking remember this!
Rolled 77

Send one of our orcs back to call for the boars. Just in case this goes south.
oga buga where the sexy cyclop women at.

I'm telling ya she's giving me the eye
The main force is with rockjaw just getting out of our Town and won't reach Gra'Ghus until after the battle ends.

While charging Gra'Ghus shouts to one of the younger orcs to go back and tell Rockjaw where to meet. Meanwhile the Orcs smash hard into the enemy lines and kill more than half of the remaining humans. Our leader cuts his way trough his enemies when he finally reaches the ranger he challenges him to a fight, but the ranger tries to run away.

Roll 1d100
1-20 ranger escapes fight ends withe every human sacrificing himself
21-70 ranger fights till the last breath with all his men
71-90 ranger gets wounded
91-100 gra'ghus 1v1 ranger
Rolled 3


The ranger and his men put a last ditch fight. in the end they all perish but not before inflicting heavy casualties and injuries on most of your orcs. Gra'Ghus packs up everything he has and sends another orc for the village so someone can take the bodies of the dead and bury them. He heads imidietly with the remains of his unit to the place where Rockjaw will arrive.

result of fight
32 dead humans
19 dead orcs

15 orcs and Gra'Ghus remain.

We have to decide what we will do after they meet.
Rolled 77

We need to set up a coast guard consisting of our small ships, we can never let humans onto our lands ever again.
as of now Rockjaw has set out with the cavalry and the warboars and their beasmasters most of our other forces are on the ships with Ro'Taka. The humans have been fortifying for a couple of days now.

We need a plan on how to deal with them. Ro'Taka's plan is to disembark south of them unload most of the army. And start harrassing supply linesand their camp.
They should never be allowed to establish a beachhead. That means in the long run putting most of the focus on unmatched naval power.
Rolled 53

Our navy is far superior to theirs, and we have developed ship sized siege engines, we continue our naval dominance we can bombard their costal city, then a good ole' pillage and burn aka pirate tactics.

We currently don't have ship sized siege engines but we have catapults, balistae and some earth attuned shamans who can do earth magic ( think of it as if Earth Benders from Avatar the cartoon)

So Rockjaw and Gra'Ghus meet and Gra'Ghus starts setting up a plan:

A - Move in close to the human fortifications and try fortifying ourselves. Putting stakes, digging tranches and raising small palisides from wood.
B - Foritfy ourselves from a far
C - Lay siege to the enemy camp
D - Other (specify) ?
Rolled 17

It seems most of us want to take a defensive stance for the time being, but I would love to organize a raid on their shipyard.

Their capital is bigger than ours and they have an edge against or shamans. Our Cyclop mages are very good but we should not overextend our forces. It seems that the humans outnumber us heavily. We recently sank some ships with more than 100 humans on them and they still have the numbers to assault us. We should approach this carefully and do everything that can give us an edge.

Also you should know that the humans have deployed their cavalry so we should be careful
Rolled 35

C. They can't be allowed to remain and fortify. If we can't take out their ships with acceptable losses then we can't really stop them from supplying. Everything else would mean accepting a status quo.

Taking out the ships and then waiting for them to die or make a desperate move when supplies are out would have been better, but C is the next best thing I guess.
Rolled 14

As far as a military action is concerned I want to sabotage their shipyard. Take what we can and burn or smash the rest.

At home we need to take better care of our coast line, increase (or start) ship and foot patrols around the perimeter of the island.
At least 2 votes in order for me to continue.
Their main city is heavily fortified and they have a college where they train their mages into the arcane and other magic arts. Also they have a second fleet which is far away from their home atm. The ships coasted here are transports and a few medium sized warships. Their other fleet is mostly military vessels.

2 same votes for confirmation of action
Rolled 27

Guys I am not sure if this is going anywhere. I think i will call it a night and continue after 8-9 hours. I will probably make a new civ thread starting from scratch. Not many people seem to be interested
Probably a good idea. Points for effort though.

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