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File: haha time for spying.jpg (174 KB, 1144x1292)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
New title cover provide by the talented Flex Plexico.
Archive: http://pastebin.com/gRjJeLHV
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpyOP1
From Honnouji with love.
Your morning ritual is the same as everyone else. You get up out of bed, shamble to your fridge for food and pour yourself a bowl of cereal. You munch on it for a while while you stare at the girl sleeping on your couch and try and figure out what's out of place. Afterward, you go and brush your teeth and turn on the water for your shower-

Hang on... Don't you live alone?

Quickly you rush back to your living room and... sure enough, Matoi Ryuuko slumped over and fell asleep on your couch. Your door is wide open and now that you've taken the time to notice, has been from some time based on the room temperature.

Honnouji's one and only superpowered troublemaker is right here, defenseless. You...

[ ] ...play it cool, and take the opportunity to get to know her.
[ ] ...didn't realize she was this cute the other day...
[ ] ...panic and hope nobody saw.
>[x] ...panic and hope nobody saw.
She's gonna blow your cover, by making you look like you consort with the enemy. Losing the trust of the Council will make your work harder. Close the door and shut the blinds.
Hmm. Apparently I started way too early. We're going to extend voting for... an undecided amount of time then. Not really an intermission because I'm here, though.
>[ ] ...panic and hope nobody saw.
Well this was a surprise. And really, having the most wanted trouble maker crashing in your place will bring the spotlight down on us
Well then I shll deposit that I believe Ryuuko can be helpful in our endeavour, but we probably should not openly associate ourselves with her due to reasons I mentioned above.
>[X] ...panic and hope nobody saw.
>[X] Take a picture!
I like how you think. If we do take a picture though, we need to make sure it doesn't show details that can reveal that it was taken in our pad.
agreed. It's not like she can't be helpful down the line. It's just we are still very much securing our cover and having said trouble maker near us too much will make our job that much harder.
Well if it does come down to people knowing that we interacted in some way or another, we can try to make the best of it. Maybe we should do an interview? That would get us points with our club, if maybe raising some eyebrows. Or if perhaps we can get her to agree to settle down a bit we can win points with the leadership.
waifu status: avoided
...Doesn't mean we won't later.
Inb4 the Shutterbugs assign us to follow her around to make it an article in the paper
Look, the spy doesn't fall for the love interest until the end of act 2 and in act 3 the the spy will rush to save the love interest instead of completing their mission. This is basic stuff.
Right, right, how could I forget?
>implying ryuko is the love interest
>implying we don't go full 007 and bed all the ladies.
I'm just joking though. 007 is a hack when it comes to actual spying.
File: 1398573439503.jpg (62 KB, 700x415)
62 KB
>waifu status: avoided

Why anons? Why u do dis 2 me?
Keep hope anon, we have time
Pretty sure if it's not locked out. We just haven't jumped into it at this time for security reasons
Well... hopefully we aren't too mean to her during the course of our panicking. I just wanted us to spazz out a bit, not go apeshit and throw her out or anything.
I figured we just be quickly moving room into lockdown mode (close door+windows/blinds, check hall for potential witnesses, ect.)
File: battle-ready.jpg (9 KB, 236x318)
9 KB
A No-Star walks into your field of view, sending a casual glance into your doorway.

Your heart stops.

In a second, you sprint across the room, slamming your door shut. You dive at the window, pulling the shutters down and slamming into the ground. The loud noise elicits a shout from your guest who rises to her feet, scissor-sword in hand.


“What are you doing here?! Are you trying to get me killed!?”

“Trying to-what? I came here to thank you, idiot!”

“Thank me?! For what?!”

“You stalled for Mako, dumbass! If you hadn't, she could have gotten killed!”

“...oh, right...”

Considering the sudden rush of mortal terror, you'd almost forgotten that you'd already helped her out before.

“...so why were you asleep on my couch?”

Ryuko... blushes a little, and looks away.

“Well, I wanted to thank you earlier, but you wouldn't wake up... so I waited... and it just kind of happened. S-sorry.”

You glance at your clock. It's 7AM. She must have been there most of the night.

As you start to think, you realize it's probably not wise to make the superpowered troublemaker mad at you directly. And... well, if anyone saw her coming in, or sleeping here, the damage is already done.

More than that though... Ryuko doesn't have any friends here, other than Mako. It's something painful you wouldn't wish on anyone.

“...well... it's alright, I guess. Oh, and you're welcome. Hungry?”

She gets her composure back quickly at the mention of food. “Yeah, what've you got?”

You throw together a quick breakfast of eggs and bacon. It's not much, but you don't have a lot of time anyway. Thankfully it's a non-issue, as Ryuko's food is gone almost as soon as it's served.

“Whew, that was great! Thanks for the grub!”

“Don't worry about it. Hey, Ryuko... I'm Heinrich.” You offer her your hand, smiling a little.

She takes it, smiling back. “Good to meet ya!”
File: A question.png (144 KB, 300x266)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
“Hey... can I ask you something, Heinrich?”


“Why'd you help Mako in the first place?”

You pause at that, thinking. Why DID you help Mako in the first place? It was a risk to your cover, surely-it's not compromised but you're pretty sure that green-haired man, Uzu, saw through your intentions. You didn't really gain anything out of it. All it did was draw attention to you


[ ] “Because it was the right thing to do.”
[ ] “Because she didn't deserve it.”
[ ] “Because making friends shouldn't be a crime.”
>[X] “Because it was the right thing to do.”
>[x] “Because making friends shouldn't be a crime.”
>"Because making friends shouldn't be a crime."
>{Muffled Mexican music playing in the background}
>[X] “Because it was the right thing to do. And besides, making friends shouldn't be a crime.”
>[ ] “Because making friends shouldn't be a crime.”
>[ ] “Because it was the right thing to do.”
>[ ] “Because it was the right thing to do.”
Because they implying different levels of opening up to Ryuko.
First two choice seem very vague to me. The Friendship one actually adresses the issue Heinrich has.
Hmm, its a subtle difference though. I'm guessing the first choice is the most open? Going with both should count as the most open, since its right in there.
>[ ] “Because it was the right thing to do.”
Fair enough.

Friendship is magic

Right makes might.

...huh. Well I guess both wins anyway.
>[ ] “Because making friends shouldn't be a crime.”
>[X] “Because it was the right thing to do.”
File: sepia tone flashback.jpg (48 KB, 720x960)
48 KB
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVoXNS_Ht6c
Images flash through your mind when she asks.

Standing outside the group as a bunch of smiling, laughing children as they leave you alone.

The counselor talking, saying the same things the last one did about going out and being around everyone and making friends, never listening about how no one wanted to make friends to begin with.

Swinging by yourself on the playground quietly while everyone played ball just a way's away.

Being so young, but so full of sadness.

Then someone approaches. Someone who sees the pain, someone who wants to help.

Someone who wants to be a friend.

That moment, where despair turned to hope and happiness, will always stick with you.

...you have a chance to be that person, now. You can see Ryuko confused, but also angry and hurting. It's a look you've worn plenty of times yourself.

Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqQ0U9qWkus

So you smile back when you answer.

“Making friends shouldn't ever be a crime. That's all Mako did, make friends. When I saw that she was in trouble for that... I had to do the right thing.”

That's the moment you decide that your cover can go to hell. You're both lonely, and you can do something about it.

“Hey, Ryuko. Let's be friends.”

Ryuko tilts her head a bit as you speak. Comprehension dawns on her face after a second, and she smiles.

“You know... for a One-Star, you're not all that bad.”

When you offer her your hand again, she takes it and grips it strongly. You return the favor, grinning.

“You should go catch up with Mako. I'll see you at class.”

“Sounds good, Ja ne!”
>That's the moment you decide that your cover can go to hell
Well let's not be too hasty. Being potentially at odds with the authority isn't the same as having our true intentions exposed. Moreover, if we can convince them that we're bending her to be more in line or something.

But yeah, priorities have changed.
File: running passed you.jpg (98 KB, 1047x1500)
98 KB
Houka Inumuta types away at his computer, grinning a little to himself-despite it being unseen, the way his collar rises up so high.

Photos and dossiers of a man in the fashion industry, a female lingerie model, a much older businessman, a butler, a tailor, and another Honnouji student flash across his screen.

“Well, well, well... so that's who you are, Heinrich Kristoph. In that case...”

For someone who can cause entire corporations to fall with a laptop, faking an email is trivial.
You give Ryuko and Mako a little wave as the class starts.

Ryuko just sort of nods to you-she, apparently, got the message with the whole “trying to kill you” thing.

Mako waves obnoxiously at you before taking her seat, then turns and waves at you again, then promptly falls asleep.

If Mikisugi noticed, he didn't show anything. Just to be sure, though, you make a point to pay attention and take notes during today's lecture.

No message.

Lunch comes around and you barely get out the room before you see Tohya sprinting towards you.

“Hain! Hey, Hain! Boss got a tip that Lady Satsuki is going to be revealing something huge today! She wants everyone to be around the courtyard so we can get shots from all sorts of angles!”

Satsuki's revealing something big, huh? If that's the case, everyone will be paying attention to that. It could be a good time to go and gather a bit more intel on this place. You

[ ] ...decide to snoop around during the chaos.
[ ] ...head to your position to take pictures.
>... head to your position and take pictures.
>[x] ...head to your position to take pictures.
>[ ] ...head to your position to take pictures.
>[ ] ...head to your position to take pictures.

Shutterbugging intensifies
>[ ] ...head to your position to take pictures.
File: Spoiler Image (154 KB, 1024x1024)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
We gotta get close for some action close ups if something happens.
>if something happens.
>to us
That said, I willingly voted to walk right into it.
Sorry about the delay, something came up. Back to writing now
“Gotcha, Toes. Thanks!”

She snaps a picture of you and waves as she runs off.

Your position is upstairs, giving you a good view of the courtyard. Looking down, you can see that it appears like there's going to be a parade of some sort. Flags bearing the Honnouji Academy emblem surround the courtyard, held by Disciplinary Bureau One-Stars. There's only two entrances to the courtyard now-the main Honno Gate, and the stairs leading to Satsuki's tower.

Mako and Ryuko walk casually through the gate, stopping in the center when the lights shine down from the tower.

“Kiryuin Satsuki!”

“You've come, Matoi Ryuko.”

“Hmph! To what do I owe the honor of this grand welcome? Here you are, going to the trouble of waiting for me. What brought this on?” Despite the somewhat respectful words, her tone is dripping with sarcasm and malice.

Satsuki's heels clack against the stairs as she descends. You take an opportunity to get a picture of her with actual decent lighting. Zooming in, you realize she's wearing an outfit completely different...

...an outfit vaguely reminiscent of what Ryuko is wearing.

She's obviously unphased by Ryuko's taunting. “It was you who said that when next we met, you would settle matters once and for all, remember?”

“How very conscientious of you!” She glances over to Mako, who immediately runs off.

Satsuki's sword rings out louder than her heels do as she clacks it against the ground.

“Rejoice, Matoi Ryuko! You will be the first offering to my Junketsu!”

“Junketsu? 'Purity?' Is there anything about you that's pure?”

She simply smirks in response. “Allow me to show you.”

And she reaches for that blue armband, tapping it three times. Three tiny clicks echo through the courtyard.

Then it's filled with light.

We need to get down there. We need to get down there now and GET THOSE ACTION SHOTS!
File: 1401740638604.gif (1.11 MB, 250x250)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB GIF
>Hein's face when
Heinrich's camera has 32x zoom.
Its just not the same when you are not in immediate danger of being decapitated for the pictures you take.

Oh well. I guess we'll just have to settle for a fixed perspective for them pictures.
File: sheer willpower.png (2.02 MB, 1679x963)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB PNG
...oh my.

You snap a picture of Lady Satsuki. For the club, obviously.

Why everyone is applauding, you aren't quite sure, but they're silenced very quickly.

“That's right, this is my Junketsu. You aren't the only one in possession of a Kamui.”

Kamui? Wait... that outfit she's wearing is a Kamui? And it takes offerings?

You push the confusion out of your mind and zoom out a bit to get the full view of the inevitable fight.

...just in time to miss Ryuko's own transformation. So, what she's wearing has to be a Kamui, considering the similar appearances.

The two stalk towards each other... and then without even a blink between the two, there's a wave of force that rocks the arena, sending flag-bearers flying through the air. You can scarcely believe it yourself. Hell, if someone showed you the picture you just took, you might not have believed it anyway.

“I'm impressed, I'll admit! But if you lose mentally, it's all over!”

Ryuko charges in and is stopped short by Satsuki flicking her wrist, swinging her blade out too fast for your eyes to see. The result is an explosion of air that slashes open her face, and may well have killed all those other One-Stars. But she's undaunted, and charges through the pain, bringing that giant scissor to bear.

Today's fight is as one-sided as yesterday's, only now Ryuko is on the losing side.

It's obvious Satsuki is toying with her, from how casually she bats the scissor-sword away to how much of Ryuko's blood is spilled behind her. Yet... strangely, she's not all that cut up.

Satsuki lets down her guard for a second, and Ryuko slips around behind her, raising that blade up... only for it to be stopped dead in its tracks by Satsuki's slim black katana. She gently taps the hilt of it on Ryuko's shoulder, and it sends her rocketing through the air, screaming.

And heading right for you.

[ ] Duck and weave!
[ ] Try and catch her!

Both options require a conflict roll (1d100)
Rolled 10

>[x] Try and catch her!

We want high or low?
>[ ] Try and catch her!
This is going to hurt, I just know it
Rolled 79

Forgot me dice
High numbers, but I take the average of every winning vote.
I really should put this stuff in the beginning of each thread.
Rolled 38

[ ] Try and catch her!
>>33299762 >>33299783
Conflict result: 43.
...could have been worse...
File: impact.png (1.71 MB, 1675x927)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
The strap on your camera catches it as you let go.

You're moving before you even really realize it.

She's going to go overhead, so you jump, wrapping your arms around her.

You get a fraction of a second to enjoy the sensation before you're slammed back against the wall.

Even through the One-Star Uniform's influence, you can hear the audible snapping of your ribs as you feel them give out underneath the force of Ryuko's impact.

She turns her head, and her face looks pale. “Heinrich!”

Breathing is painful, but you manage to force out a smile. “I'm okay. She's coming. Go!”

Sure enough, you can hear the sound of something walking, and Satsuki's clear voice rings out again.

“Truly fantastic... this is the power of a Kamui!”

Ryuko narrows her eyes, nods, then stands up, raising her scissor.

“You have all this power at your disposal...”

Satsuki's face barely becomes visible as she reaches the window Ryuko flew through, and in that instant, Ryuko jumped up and swung her sword.

It struck nothing but that same katana, and with a flick of her wrist, she hurls Ryuko into a pile of nearby chairs and desks.

...and that is all you can do with it, Matoi?!

You manage to bring your camera up to get a shot of Ryuko throwing the desks off of her

“What did you...”

The pain is not as bad as you think, but you realize you have to have a concussion. Still, you get another picture of the clashing of their blades, complete with the sparks.

Boss should really like that shot. Maybe you should ask her later.

Maybe you should ask her right now. I mean, there she is, climbing alongside the wall...

No, that can't be her, there's way too much red thread.

Your vision swims. You're pretty sure you hear someone shout your name.

Then everything goes dark.
File: Kurumi.jpg (662 KB, 879x833)
662 KB
662 KB JPG
You fade in and out of consciousness a couple of times.

The first time, you see the Shutterbugs standing over you. You can hear them talking, but you can't quite make out the words.

The second time you see someone in a white nurse's outfit, with red threads all through it, kind of like Boss's uniform, and two stars on the hat standing over you. Stars of light appear around you, and you feel a sensation like someone stitching you up.

The last time, everyone's around, and watching you. You look down and see your One-Star coat has been pulled off, and while there's a lot of blood, dirt and bruising, there's no real swelling. You try and reach for your camera, but find your limbs weak. Exhaustion hits you like a brick wall, but you manage, holding your camera out. Boss takes it.

“I got the shots you asked for.”

She takes the camera out of your hand, wiping away the worried look on her face. It turns to a smile as she examines the photos you took. She gasps once-presumably she found the close-up of the two fighting-and then sets the camera down.

She leans forward towards you. Pink hair fills your vision.

One word is whispered in your ear.


She leans back up and takes your hand in hers, shaking it once.

“Nice to meet you, Hain. Don't do anything stupid like that again!”

Smiles pipes up. “Yeah, we were really worried! It's a good thing Boss has friends on the Battlefield Medics Club!”

You decide not to question the existence of this club and just enjoy not being in pain for a little while.
File: filler waifu picture.png (405 KB, 850x1202)
405 KB
405 KB PNG

When you try to help with the process of writing the story on the fight, you're met with threats to strap you down, a glass of water, and more painkillers that make it hard to focus.

Half-asleep you manage to catch details about what happened.

Ryuko's uniform transformed into something similar, but obviously more than what it was. When it did, she fought Satsuki to a draw. In response, Satsuki sicked the entire school on Ryuko, promising a rematch only when she'd beaten everyone that stood against her.

Watching them work is like watching a beehive. Everyone darts from one computer to another, carrying cables and drives and what have you. Some people work on laptops they carry in one arm while typing in another. The kid you recognize from yesterday with the old-fashioned camera runs around with pad and paper. Everyone's shouting. Occasionally, people hop into the dark room, but never for long.

It's... really less of a school paper, and more of a ranking of club status.

“The Archery Club President beat the Skeet Shooting Club President! Their members were absorbed into the Archery Club!”

“The Disciplinary Committee has disbanded the Foreign Culture Analysis club for missing too many meetings!”

“The Handicap Recovery Club's president was defeated, and the club was disbanded!”

This goes back and forth for hours until an accurate ranking of all of Honnouji's clubs is put together.
File: 1403033248923.png (78 KB, 237x300)
78 KB
>“The Handicap Recovery Club's president was defeated, and the club was disbanded!”
File: it's go time.jpg (36 KB, 680x383)
36 KB

Inumuta Houka typed away at his computer as he analyzed the footage of the fight.

Typing away at it, he focuses in on the one camera that cut through the smoke of the impact... to reveal a One-Star that dove up and caught Ryuko Matoi, keeping her from suffering a nearly fatal impact with a piece of rebar that was barely sticking out.

A new One-Star that had only been at school for two days.

“...now, isn't this interesting, Mister Kristoph...”

Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jVQw4xiyJY

Tohya walks home with you, to make sure you can make it. After the treatment you received and the One-Star you wear, you probably didn't need it, but the company was nice anyway, and as it turns out the girl's apartment isn't too far away from yours.

When you get to your door, you notice it's unlocked, and your windows are shut. That puts you on alert right away. When you open the door, the lights are out.

They only stay out for a second as Matoi Ryuko flips the switch on from across the room, a look of anger and desperation on her face.

“Mako is missing. Please... help me.”

File: image.jpg (28 KB, 480x360)
28 KB
>Double post

Aww shit time to kick some bitches?
File: 1400995941536.gif (2.94 MB, 297x348)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB GIF
>“Mako is missing. Please... help me.”









File: image.jpg (21 KB, 614x767)
21 KB

It's time
Like they can really hurt Mako, which only leaves one possibility. Bad things are going to happen to us guys.
And archived! Thanks for joining!
I won't procrastinate as hard for the next thread, I swear.
Sure, go ahead and think that.

I'll just be over here, hoarding everyone's plot armor and preparing to drop skeletons.

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