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Archive: http://pastebin.com/gRjJeLHV
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpyOP1
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Voting rules:
-First vote to 10, or the option with the most votes after 15m, is the option selected. Sometimes, I'll extend voting if it's important, but this is rare.
-In the case of a tie, both options voted for will be used if applicable. If not, a tiebreaker vote will be called. If the tiebreaker is tied after 10m I flip a coin and seeing what happens.

Conflict rules:
-Some votes will call for a Conflict Roll.
-Conflict Rolls are 1d100 rolls attached to voting options.
-Conflict Scores are calculated by the average of every winning vote.
-Conflict Scores are set against target numbers to be beaten.
-Higher Conflict Scores reflect being more successful (i.e. a Conflict Score of 51 against TN 50, vs. a Conflict Score of 91 against TN 50 reflects varying degrees of asskickery)
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Our cover is real close to being blown. Lets try and lay low for a while guys.
>real close
I think it already happened, we're just waiting for the other shoe to drop

The question is... what then?

The only thing we can do.
Answer the SQUAKY BOX in a hardboiled manner
“Mako is missing. Please... help me.”

Everything stops for a second as your brain kicks into overdrive.

Fact: Honnouji has declared war on this girl in your room.

Fact: Mako has been seen around Ryuko enough that it's obvious they're friends.

Fact: You've been seen helping Mako by one of the Student Council.

Fact: The people at this academy are insane enough to kill someone over this situation.

Fact: The longer you take, the less likely you are to get Mako out of whatever this is safely.

Fact: If you keep helping them, you'll inevitably be marked as one of their allies and attacked.

Fact: Ryuko needs help and has nowhere else to turn.

Well, everything lines up.

“Okay. Where do we begin?”

She relaxes visibly at that and manages to force a smile for just a moment. That moment is enough for you to see how tired she really is. “Thanks...”

Then she's all business again. “The last time I saw her was right before I fought with Satsuki. She ran off into the crowd that got blown around. When the fight was done, I couldn't find her. I looked all over Honnouji, shouting for her, but...”

You nod, listening closely and producing a small pad of paper to jot notes with.

“About an hour ago, I went back to Mako's place, and there was a note on the door. And...this. When I saw it, I came here right away.”

She hands you the note and you open it up, idly taking whatever else she offered as you read.

“Hand over your Kamui to Satsuki, and we'll hand over your friend.”

Ice slides into your gut as you look to your other hand.

It's Mako's blue scarf.

Ryuko's voice snaps you out of your daze. “So, do you have any idea where to look? Who did it? Anything?!”


[ ] “...it could have been someone on the Student Council.”
[ ] “...it must have been someone from one of the clubs.”
[ ] “...let me talk to someone who can help first.” (Aikuro)

[ ] Let Ryuko stay with you.
[ ] Make Ryuko get some rest.
File: it's go time.jpg (36 KB, 680x383)
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whoops, forgot my picture
>[x] “...let me talk to someone who can help first.” (Aikuro)
>[x] [ ] Make Ryuko get some rest.

>[X] “...let me talk to someone who can help first.” (Aikuro)

>[X] Make Ryuko get some rest.
File: guessitshappeningnow.jpg (154 KB, 1024x1376)
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154 KB JPG
When in doubt, call in an expert.

File: backup.png (131 KB, 500x282)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
With what you know now, whoever is responsible could be any one of the students at Honnouji. You just don't know enough to make a real educated guess about who took Mako right now.

But you do know someone who might be able to.

First, though...

“...look, I know someone who can help, but first... you need to get some sleep. You're about to pass out on your feet here, for crying out loud!”

“What?! You expect me to just sit around here while you-”

“Ryuko, whoever has Mako has GOT to be watching you. I mean, the note was for you, but at Mako's house, right? If you're out searching, they'll know you're not going to keep your end of the 'deal...'” You leave the implications of that unspoken.


She stops abruptly and stares at her shoulder, where the one eye on her outfit is open. Her frown deepens a little bit.

“If you're seen with me, it'll just make things harder. So get some rest, okay? I promise I'll find Mako.” You smile a little, then pull your keys out of your pocket and throw them to her.

They bounce off her forehead, snapping her out of her thoughts, and she nearly fumbles to catch them. “N-nani?!”

“My bedroom doesn't have a window. Go sleep back there, lock the doors up and keep the windows shut. I'll knock in two quick bursts of three, like this.” You rap your knuckles on the kitchen counter to demonstrate.

“...alright... but you better come find me if things get bad, alright?! I'm gonna make those bastards that took Mako pay!”

You smirk. “You and me both. Go rest up, I've got to go see someone.”

“See someone?”

You look over your shoulder as you turn the handle on your doorknob and glance at Ryuko out of the corner of your eyes.

“An expert.”

And then you make your way into the sewers to find the secret hideout of Mikisugi Aikuro.
File: 1381787652270.jpg (21 KB, 544x400)
21 KB
So when are we going to meet the president of the school newspaper club?
The Shutterbugs -are- the newspaper club.
He's talking about Nui.
File: well i'm stupid.jpg (136 KB, 450x343)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
>the joke

>my head
File: ready to rock.jpg (64 KB, 814x687)
64 KB
Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOt0tW26hRY

“Someone wants to get at Ryuko through Mako, hmm?”

He slicks back his hair and pulls his glasses off in a moment, and he instantly looks completely different. He looks... dangerous.

“That's what I got out of it. I have no idea who, though. Ryuko says she searched all over the Academy and didn't find anything until she got back to the Mankanshoku's place.”

He takes the note and looks it over, rubbing it between two fingers.

“Hmm. This paper is off. It's more coarse than the stuff here in the Academy. The ink is a dark blue, too. Here.” He holds the paper up to the light, and sure enough, it turns out the ink is in fact a deep blue, so dark it looked black.

“Okay... how is that relevant?”

“The Disciplinary Bureau monitors school supply distribution through Honnouji Academy and students only ever get pens with black ink. Teachers get bright blue and red.”

“So... this note...”

“...didn't come from Honnouji Academy.” He finishes for you.

It's from outside of the Academy. That narrows things down, at least. It could still be the students, but they're not operating inside Academy grounds, which means this isn't something sanctioned by Satsuki-it's an independent operation. Good. That means that you're not going to run afoul of the Discipl-

“Heinrich. Take this.”

Aikuro snaps you out of your thoughts by tossing you a small earbud, which you barely manage to catch.

Idly you note that you did the same thing to Ryuko.

“Put your finger to that and it'll send a signal to me. We can use this to communicate.”


“Someone took one of my students. I'm not just going to take that lying down.”

“Okay... well, if we're working together on this...”

[ ] “...I'll check around the Academy, and you can go to the rest of the island.”
[ ] “...I'll check around the island, and you can look around the Academy.”

[Heinrich has acquired the Codec]
>[ ] “...I'll check around the island, and you can look around the Academy.”
Him being a teacher, it's probably less suspicious for him to be wondering the school than us, a transfer student. We will go to the island. If anyone asks, we are looking for our next big scoop
>[X] “...I'll check around the island, and you can look around the Academy.”

I'd rather not run into the Student Council.
>[ ] “...I'll check around the island, and you can look around the Academy.”
And we'll take pictures!
The hivemind has spoken.
File: target location.png (2.07 MB, 1600x900)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB PNG
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DebmlHgAvko

You narrowed your search down to the slums.

After all, someone was obviously watching the Mankanshoku household, so they'd have to be close in order to report back quickly. In the slums, they're less likely to be stumbled across too. It makes a perfect place to have a hideout.

The trouble is you don't know your way around the slums that well. Especially in the dark.

There is one place you do know your way to, though-you passed it on your way to the tram. And conveniently, that's the best place to look.

The Mankanshoku Family Back-Alley Doctor's.

Of course, you know better than to be seen. You quickly climb up to the rooftops, hopping along them as quietly as one can considering the building material. In the dark, you find the light greyness of your Uniform actually helps you keep hidden, despite the contrasting color. Must be another property of them.

As your eyes adjust to the dark, you make your way to the roof of the Mankanshoku residence. If they heard you, there's no sign of it. Judging by the noise they're making, they're having dinner, though you can't hear what they're saying.

Then you hear a sound, like something opening a window, which gets your attention immediately.

A small figure darts out of the Mankanshoku household and into a nearby alleyway.

At that same moment, you hear another sound-wood snapping under someone's foot.

Turning to look, you see a slightly larger figure sprinting off towards the harbor.

You only have a split second to decide. You...

[ ] ...go after whoever left the Mankanshoku house.
[ ] ...go after whoever is running towards the harbor.
>[ ] ...go after whoever is running towards the harbor
>[ ] ...go after whoever is running towards the harbor.
You and 44.7% of players chose to bring in the Woodsman.
File: tracked down.jpg (95 KB, 800x600)
95 KB
Theme music: unchanged

You vault from the roof into the shadows and sprint after the figure down the road, putting one finger up to your ear like you were instructed.


“No names! I'm Sensei, you're Gakusei.”

“...Sensei, I spotted someone taking off from the Mankanshoku house in a hurry. I think they saw someone leaving. I'm in pursuit; we're headed towards the docks.”

“Roger. I'm on my way.”

Instinct screams at you to hide and you drop to the ground behind a food stall. Casually you peek around, and you can barely make out the figure stopping and looking around before jogging more casually down the road, and rounding a corner.

It's child's play to keep up with him. You were always faster than the other kids, and the One-Star Uniform enhances your speed too. He obviously thinks he lost you, since he's not trying too hard not to be seen anymore.

As you get closer, you can see the figure is wearing a make No-Star Uniform. He looks familiar, somehow, but you can't quite pick it out. Picking up your camera, you zoom in and flip it to the night-photography setting, but it's still too dark and a flash would give you away.

Eventually he reaches a warehouse on the docks. Not a bad place to hide, considering the lack of ships that come through at night. He knocks on one of the doors, which slides open from the inside just enough for him to slip in before shutting.

With one hand, you pick up your camera, using it like binoculars. With the other, you contact Aikuro again.

“Sensei, I'm at the receiving docks, warehouse 26. Whoever did this is pretty confident they won't be found-I'm not seeing any lookouts. I'm moving up.”

“Roger. Be careful.” The signal cuts out.

You make another sweep before moving up, quietly climbing up the looking in the window.

And suddenly, everything makes sense.
What you see disgusts you.

Mako is tied to a chair in the middle of the warehouse. A couple of No-Stars wearing brass knuckles are standing over her, cracking their knuckles. She looks like she's panicking, her vision darting around the entire area. You duck down for a second to make sure she doesn't spot you and give you away before you crack the window you were peeking in. Slowly you open it, making sure not to make any noise.

Your suspicions are confirmed when you hear the familiar voice of Takaharu Fukuroda.

“Hey! Shut up, you traitor! If you don't stop making noise, I'll deck you a solid one!”

From here, it's easy to see. All of them are in No-Star Uniforms, including Fukuroda. He still wears it open and wears boxing gloves, but they aren't made of that strange red thread anymore. The lighting in the room is good enough for a positive ID on Fukuroda, so you quickly snap a shot of him.

There's a bunch of murmuring amongst his lackeys before Mako pipes up, the singular light of the warehouse centered over her. “But Ryuko-chan is going to be worried! She can't sleep without me at home! If I'm not there, she won't be able to spot my father and my brother and my dog peeping on her! Someone has to protect her and her great rack from peeping toms! You're putting Ryuko-chan's rack in danger!”

“I told you to shut up!! You're damn lucky that Hakodate said to keep you unharmed, or I'd bust your jaw open right now!”

“Uh, boss, you're making more noise than her...”


Ryuko... she still has to be exhausted, but there's at least six of them, maybe more. You have no idea when Aikuro is going to get here. They're obviously impatient though, and Fukuroda is the bullying type-you're sure he doesn't have a problem beating someone who can't fight back. You need to decide now.


[ ] ...infiltrate and try to take out the lackeys silently.
[ ] ...try and take out Fukuroda quickly to scare them down.
[ ] ...go and get Ryuko.
>[ ] ...infiltrate and try to take out the lackeys silently.
>[ ] ...try and take out Fukuroda quickly to scare them down.
>[X] ...infiltrate and try to take out the lackeys silently.
File: Spoiler Image (506 KB, 904x1300)
506 KB
506 KB PNG

[ ] ...infiltrate and try to take out the lackeys silently.

Use the moves "Uncle" Kenny taught us
>[x] ...infiltrate and try to take out the lackeys silently.
So, I'm an idiot and forgot my own rules.

I need everyone to link a Conflict Roll to their votes, for everything but going and getting Ryuko.
Rolled 6

We am become the night
Rolled 66

Alright then
Rolled 12, 85 = 97

Rolling for these guys.
Everyone knows that you go for the mobs before rushing the boss fight.
Rolled 20, 34 = 54

Combat Score: 43
Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1Jd9OdNlrk

While he's yelling at his crew, you take the opportunity to push the window in and clamor through, hiding behind a few boxes. You make your way down, careful not to make too much noise or step on a crate that can't support you.

Fukuroda is still ranting. “...a-and if it weren't for the fact she distracted me with that skimpy outfit, I'd have thrashed her! Hell, I still WOULD, if I had my Uniform back, skimpy outfit or not!'

“...hey, boss, I'm going to go take a leak real fast.”

“Huh? Whatever, yeah. Where was I...?”

Perfect. As you make your way down to the ground level, you crouch behind some boxes. The No-Star makes his way around the corner and unzips, his back to you. Now's your chance.

You creep up behind him, grab your hands together, and swing them down at the back of his head.

There's a soft thud as your Uniform-enhanced hands make contact, and his knees go out instantly. Thinking quickly, you catch him by the collar to keep him from hitting the ground. Silently you drag him backwards behind a few more crates.

Thinking quickly, you grab the knuckle dusters he was wearing, and slide them on.

Once he's hidden, you climb up and push one of the boxes over, causing a ruckus nearby.

Fukuroda's voice rings out clearly.

“What was that? Hey, Nakano, that you? ...you two, go check on Nakano. Something ain't right.”

This time you scurry up the crates again, overlooking where you knocked them down-on top of their friend. The two goons come to investigate, and you launch into action, leaping from your perch and landing behind them. Your Uniform makes your landing nearly silent, and the two were too focused on what was in front of them to notice what was behind them.

A quick right hook to the back of the head knocks one out cold, and before the other can shout, you chop him straight in the throat, then drive your dusters into his gut. He doubles over, choking, and passes out.
Unfortunately, you can't catch both the bodies, and one hits the ground with a loud thud that rings out through the warehouse.

“Who's there!? Guys? Guys, was that you?!”

You climb back up the stack of boxes, looking to get a better view. The two remaining guards are standing on either side of Mako, who still struggles against the ropes uselessly. Fukuroda is making his way over. He's worried, but also angry.

Mako may as well be unprotected, though, and that's why you're here. You can leave him to Ryuko.

He's coming around right now. In a few seconds, that's when he'll see the bodies and the boxes.



You leap towards Mako and her guards.

“What th-guys, someone found us!”

The two No-Stars look towards where the sound came from just in time to see you flying through the air.

They never stood a chance.

You land a solid punch into the jaw of one of them with all the force of the jump behind it. He's lifted bodily off the ground and thrown spinning into a stack of wooden crates, which shatter upon impact and collapse upon him.

“Boss, h-!” The other one gets two words out before you dart forward and bury your fist four inches in his gut, right in the solar plexus. He doubles over and collapses.

“Huuuuuuuuuhhh?? Why's one of the Shutterbugs here? Oh! You've got to help me! Ryuko-chan's in grave danger!”

You start working on untying the knots holding Mako down. You notice that your knuckles are bloody, and wonder just how badly you hurt those goons.

You're done with the first knot when Fukuroda comes around the corner, boxing gloves on, and daggers in his eyes as he glares at you with killing intent.

“You! You're that Shutterbug that held up the traitor's execution! You did this?! I'm going to pound you into jelly!”

Crap, you've been spotted. No use trying to avoid it now. Your only option is to...

[ ] ...outfight him.
[ ] ...outrun him.
[ ] ...outthink him.

Conflict Rolls for these, please.
Rolled 99

>[ ] ...outthink him.
Rolled 55

>[X] ...outthink him.
Rolled 10

>[ ] ...outthink him.
File: here we go.jpg (16 KB, 450x338)
16 KB
Conflict Score: 55
Oh boy...
File: keikaku dori.png (8 KB, 640x360)
8 KB
You need an opening, something to give you an edge. Someone like him doesn't just get to be handed a Two-Star Uniform and you can't risk losing this fight now, not when you're so close!

That's when it hits you.

You throw your palms up and shout “Wait, wait!”

He grins at that and slams his fists together. “Wait, huh? Gimme one good reason why I oughta!”

You wince away and shut your eyes, keeping them shut and lowering your hands. “L-look, I was just... I was paid to be here, okay? I'm just doing what I was told.”

“Yeah? Who paid you?”


You hear his steps come to an abrupt halt. “What...?”

You start counting in your head, keeping your eyes shut. “Look, Hakodate paid me to screw up your operation. S-said if I did, I could join the club, that they'd put in a good word for me! I could get a Two-Star! A Two-Star, man! Just... just had to make sure you guys bungled the operation.”

“...that conniving shark-toothed BITCH! WHEN I'M DONE WITH YOU, I'LL BUST HER LIP WIDE OPEN!”

Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbBTUvHf3YI

You smirk as your count reaches fifteen. “Yeah, about that...”

And you throw your right arm up, letting go the knuckle dusters that you stole from his friend.

Glass shatters as you hit the light bulb, the one source of light in the warehouse.

You open your eyes, which are perfectly adjusted, and rush towards Fukuroda who bumbles in the dark.

To his credit he does put his guard up, but he can't tell where you're coming from. Your fist meets his jaw, throwing him backwards and slamming him through shipping crates.

“...I can't just let you go for doing this. Sorry.”

You turn back around to free Mako when something slams into the back of your head, making your vision swim for a moment as you catch yourself.

A bloody piece of wood falls in front of you. Dimly, you register the sound of footsteps.

You turn around to see Fukuroda sprinting towards you, fists raised.
Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oz9g__Z3qmg

You're bigger than Fukuroda, faster, and stronger thanks to your Uniform. But Fukuroda has much more fighting experience, and you're still recovering from a pretty serious injury.

You bring your fists up and swing in, but he blocks it and delivers a body blow, taking your wind and reminding you that your broken ribs, while set, are still broken. He follows it with an uppercut, and a hook to the side, then a straight to the chest. Strangely, you're aware of all the attacks despite not being able to react to them.

Your vision goes white after another jab hits you between the eyes, and he starts laying into your chest and gut. You realize from the sharpness of the pain he has to have something heavy in those gloves.

All the while, he's shouting.


Blood fills your mouth, only to be spit out the next time he hits it.

You've been in a few fights before, and you haven't won all of them, but they've never been this one-sided.


[ ] ...dig deep for the strength to keep fighting.
[ ] ...endure and hope someone gets here.
>[ ] ...dig deep for the strength to keep fighting.
Rolled 99

>[ ] ...dig deep for the strength to keep fighting.

Well there wasn't supposed to be a Conflict Roll...
But I'll keep this in mind because it was damn near a perfect roll.

Heh, sometimes I forget to delete it from switching quest to quest. Or perhaps the Dice Gods wanted to show us the way through me and my roll? To man up and charge head on to overcome our foes and shatter our limits?
Way status: [ ] Lost [x] Not Lost
Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qip4cgj89IU


He slams his fist into your face, sending a tooth flying. Blood spills on your sleeve.

You can't lose here.


He jabs you hard in the shoulder and you think you feel it crack.

He'll just beat Mako next.


He digs his thumb into your side, where bone was sticking out. Pain shoots through you, stealing your vision for a moment.

You promised Ryuko.


You promised...


You promised...!





Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCL_EqNKpVA

Green light erupts from your uniform, filling the dark warehouse and illuminating it completely. The black stars on it change, turning a deep red.

The same red that was on Fukuroda's old uniform.

The same red Boss' camera is made of.

All at once, the pain is gone. Power rushes through you. It's similar to the first time you donned this Uniform, but orders of magnitude greater.

Not just that, though-you suddenly become aware of everything. Aware of Mako having struggled almost entirely free of the ropes, and her watching you concerned. Aware that someone is rushing towards the warehouse down the street and will be here shortly. Aware that Fukuroda has only recoiled for a moment, and he's swinging his fist at your chest.

Aware that it won't do him any good.

It's like everything is just... better.

Fukuroda's fist hits your chest at the center of the black-red star and you hear a loud crunch.

But this time, he's the one that cries out in pain, recoiling back and looking at his contorted hand.

“What... what th-what the hell are you wearing?!”

You don't see a reason to answer him, even if you knew what.

You dart forward too fast for him to track, crouched low, and rising you uppercut him straight in the chin.

It sends him rocketing to the roof.

You beat him there.
Don't forget to take pictures of his humiliating defeat for blackmail/news story purposes.
File: ain't that the truth.jpg (43 KB, 680x383)
43 KB
When he slams against the ceiling the entire building shudders, dust falling to the ground. Cracks in the roof surround his point of impact-it was just barely strong enough to keep him from going straight through.

You grab him by the throat, and hurl him into the ground, eliciting a snapping sound as something breaks.

He lets out a scream.

You let gravity handle the rest as you fall, landing fist-first on his gut.

His eyes go wide and then roll back into his head as blood flies free from his mouth.

The green light fades and your uniform reverts to normal.

You wipe blood from your face as you turn to Mako, smiling a little. She's watching on in amazement.

“Shutterbug-san! That was so cool!”

Mako's been free for a few moments, and she runs over to you. “Buuuuut... can I go home now? Ryuko-chan must be waiting for me!”

You laugh. It hurts. She was never once concerned for her own safety the entire time. “Ryuko's staying at my place right now... you can come with me.”

“Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh?! Did you keep her for an interview!?”

“...something like that. Come on, you can stay there tonight to.”

Casually you turn and snap a picture of Fukuroda's bloody, broken form.

Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jVQw4xiyJY

You knock three times, then three again. You hear the sound of someone stirring, then rushing to the door.

It unlocks and opens and Mako throws herself through it. “Ryuko-chan! Ryuko-chaaaaaaaan! I was so worried! Are you okay? Did Dad and Mataro peep on you?! Is your great rack safe?!”

Ryuko catches Mako, smiling and a little surprised. “Mako! Mako, are you okay? How did you-”

“Heinrich-kun saved me!”

Ribs busted, jaw swollen, nose probably broken and covered in mostly your blood, you shamble through your door. Ryuko gasps.

“Heinrich! What-”

“I... promised... I'd bring her back...”

Sleep suddenly seems like a great idea.

You're out before you can even hit the ground.
Mikisugi Aikuro watches from the next apartment across the street as Heinrich Kristoph, his new unwitting partner, passes out at his doorstep. He's amazed he even made it that far, considering what happened. But all the signs fit. As Matoi Ryuko catches him and locks the door behind them, he pulls out a small cell phone, with an emblem on the back-of a pair of briefs, and a circle around them, with a line through the middle.

He hits four buttons and puts the phone to his ear.

“Kristoph. You told me your son was here. You didn't tell me he was the son of Rose Cumberbatch.”

Some secret agent. Can't even take a beating and then spend a night out with a couple of lovely birds.

Thanks for running! Was good stuff even though I only caught up at the end.
File: Spoiler Image (48 KB, 1280x720)
48 KB











And archived! Thanks for reading!

In his defense, this was taking a BAD beating AFTER taking a potentially crippling injury.

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