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Year 40.999

Thus begins the log of Marcus Vallesides IV, Acolyte of the Inquisition.

I was sent to investigate the Calixis Sector, in particular, an area of presumably uninhabited space, from which a strange signal seemed to be emanating. I and my fellow acolytes were to secretly find the source of the signal and evaluate whether it posed a threat to the Imperium of Man.
As my team and I approached the signal, when suddenly the blackness of space began to ripple. A warp anomaly opened up, like a shimmering curtain of color, and our ship was swallowed. I, the pilot of said craft, attempted to escape, but the warp had us and I was unprepared. As the stars disappeared, overwhelmed by the light emanating from the anomaly, my final thoughts were of the Emperor, and my beautiful wife Culesta.
The ship shuddered, walls buckling, as our nearly unprotected ship traversed the warp. One of my companions was thrown against a bulkhead and was killed instantly. I had told him to strap in, but he was one of those strong, silent types, and preferred to cross his arms and lean against the wall. He died with his pipe in his mouth.
The warning lights were blinking and a klaxon was wailing-we were about to get vented into the Warp. Emperor save us!
And then, as suddenly as it began, it ended. The ship seemed to shudder one last time, and then everything was calm and still. I breathed a sigh of relief. And then another Klaxon blared.
I looked up, expecting to see the stars or another warp anomaly, but instead I gazed up a very, very large planet. I had but a moment to take in the view before we hit the atmosphere. I supposed the machine spirits were extra-angry, because the klaxon shorted out and power surged from the machinery, frying our tech-priest.

Then all I could hear were screams and the roaring of the atmosphere burning the hull of the ship. I had enough time to maneuver the ship to a more survivable (11%) angle, and then we hit, and everything went black.
File: Lorraine.jpg (19 KB, 250x282)
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When I woke up, I found myself strapped to my seat, dangling from a rather tall tree. I looked around for wreckage, and finding none, I looked up. It appeared my seat had ejected at the moment of impact, and the only thing saving me from falling the last 20 feet to the ground was the parachute.
I released my straps, attempting to latch onto a nearby branch, when it snapped and sent me falling. I blacked out when I hit. Second time that day.
I awoke with a woman pressing a damp cloth to my head.
“Don’t move young dwarf,” she said softly, “you suffered some nasty injuries in your fall, and I have yet to administer your last potion.”
I gave her a sharp look. I was certainly shorter than most, but growing up on a high gravity planet will naturally change Man’s physiology, but I certainly was no squat. And then I frowned, thinking.
“How do you understand Low Gothic?”
She gave me a weird look.
“Is that what your clan calls Common?”
“Yes,” she said, holding up my Inquisition Badge, “I have not seen this rune before, so I assume you must be from a distant land.”
I smiled. Primitive planets such as this never questioned WHY they all had a common language. This was obviously a lost colony. All I needed to do now was find my ship and find if any of my compatriots survived the crash as well, and leave the planet.
couldn't find the ship. Masturbated furiously while shoving various native flora up my ass

She handed me a bottle filled with a weird, glowing blue liquid. Sniffing it, I doubted it would be poisoned, as she had ample opportunity to kill me. It smelled…fresh. Everything did, I noticed. I drank it, and almost immediately felt…better. The pain in my ribs receded, and the mild headache I had went away.
“I am Lorraine,” she said, “what is yours?”
“I am,” I hesitated. I was still on a mission.
“I am Hank,” I replied.
She didn’t seem convinced, but she smiled anyways.
“Well Hank, let’s get you out of bed and dressed. It was really hard to find the right shirt for you. I had to cut holes for your wings.”
I stared at her.
“My…my what?”
She pointed at my back. I turned my head. Small, black wings protruded where my shoulder blades would be. As I looked at them, they twitched. My mouth dropped open, and I tried not to scream.
I had not escaped the warp unchanged. I was tainted. A mutant. A freak. I fought for control. I am an Inquisitor, dammit, and I knew the risks when I had been given the honor of joining the ranks of the Inquisition. I had never thought it would happen to me.
Lorraine never noticed my look of horror, her back to me, pulling some clothes out of a nearby cabinet. She turned, and I dropped my expression for a blank stare, my training kicking in. She handed me my clothes, and I did my best to pretend I had always had wings. She hadn’t seemed to care if I had them, so I assume that such evidence of taint was normal on the planet. It made sense, if my theory on it being lost in the warp was true.
After many days of labor to repay her for her kindness (surely a gift from the Emperor himself), I set off to look for my ship and crew.


It has been five years since my arrival on this planet the inhabitants know as “Golarion”. It is abundant with unsanctioned Psykers, Demons, and worst of all…ELDAR. I believe this may have been a colony planet, from a time before they released Slaanesh. They have no knowledge of soul gems beyond considering it “foul necromancy”, which I wholeheartedly agreed with.
My first forays into “civilization” ended poorly. I ran into a Xenos bitch and attempted to purge her by lighting her on fire. Apparently, this is considered “attempted murder”, and when I tried to explain the nature of the foul creature, the judge sentenced me to an asylum for the mentally ill, after having a local holy warrior detect evil. I expected to die, as I am obviously tainted, but apparently my belief in the Emperor was great enough to overcome such a trial.
The asylum was rather boring. Priests of heretical “gods” kept questioning me. For some reason, I found myself unable to tell a lie, and gave away much of my mission and the history of the Imperium before I learned how to twist the truth. In this way, my abrupt change to nondescript answers seemed to work…for a time. They left me alone for a month with the rest of the unfortunates.

I expected horrors like the asylums of my homeworld-insane patients, demons bursting out of heads, psychotic nurses and sadistic guards. But this place held none of those horrors. It was merely what it claimed to be-a house of healing. I even made friends of a sort, with a woman who could talk to animals. At first I thought her a foul witch, but as I observed, there were many psykers here recovering from some mental ailment or another. Perhaps that is how they sanction their psykers-I have yet to see one explode from their own sorcery.
It terrified me, even after learning these psykers had such powerful control over their abilities. Higgins had been sanctioned. He was the 3rd psyker we had. His head exploded at a dinner party we were attempting to infiltrate. The planetary governor had been engaged in heresy, declaiming the Emperor as a god, and we were to find documents in his office implicating such. We had been spotted by a guard exiting the ballroom, and Higgins had attempted to cloud his judgement.
Brain matter had gotten all over my new suit. Fucking Higgins.

I wonder if our 8th psyker had survived the crash. I haven’t found a trace of him. After 5 years, and still nothing. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I had a month to formulate a plan when new visitors arrived to talk to me. I heard voices in the hall and peeked through a crack in the door to see who it was. ELDAR! They had found me! They must be here to execute me for what I had done to their whore! I considered escaping and then noticed they were looking at me. I did the only thing I could to save face. I opened the door and stood proudly. An Inquisitor must never reveal fear to the enemy.
“So…” The taller of the three Eldar inquired, “why isn’t he wearing clothes?”
I was forced to dress myself, and then taken to the room the other medical personnel had taken me. The three Eldar (they call themselves “Elves” here) sat across from me, hands resting on the table.
The tall one leaned forward, sneering at me.
“So, they tell me you know of our origins.”
I tensed. Surely I would die. They would not allow me to escape, knowing their secret, exposing them for the treacherous monsters they were to the rest of the world. But, as before, I found my self unable to lie, the room seemed to have this effect on all. Including them.
i'm waiting fro the rest of the story OP, please continue

“Why do you want to know?” I asked innocently.
The female to the left held up a hand as the tall one began to move to strike me for my perceived impudence. She had bright green eyes. They had no pupil. Her hair was pink. Her ears were HUGE in comparison to the other Eldar. She must surely be the leader.
“We reviewed your answers, and found them most troubling. Your assertions do not depict us in a flattering light, and having found you honest and very much not insane, those assertions have forced us to come here to question you ourselves. If found true, it would be a devastating blow to our race.”
I carefully reviewed her answer. She hadn’t actually said what she would do I she found out I was telling the truth. They were planning on killing me if I couldn’t make them believe I was crazy-and if I was crazy, I wouldn’t be able to leave the asylum. A win-win for them. Fucking xenos.

I gauged my answer carefully.
“I feel as though you have the wrong impression,” I answered, “In as much as I can tell, there were TWO races of Eld-er, ‘Elves’. One was a race of sadistic sociopaths that raped, murdered, and plundered, and the other was…sad, honestly. They were a dying race that were too proud to let others help them, and too quick to discard the lives of other races. We may have been able to work together, if not for that.”
I noticed my answer did absolutely nothing to make them less uncomfortable. In fact, most of them started to look a bit sick.
“He knows about the dr-“ one of them began to whisper to the tall one, and got abruptly cut off. I think the tall one stomped on his foot.
I suppose I wasn’t supposed to know about that. Damn them and their secrets. I was digging myself a hole I wouldn’t be able to crawl out of. A look at the female was enough to tell me I wouldn’t be leaving the room alive. Her eyes had tightened, and had the cold look of a killer glinting in them. Eldar have that look just before they kill you for the artifact you found. Saw it when they killed Tyson. I told him to just give it to them, but you can’t tell a hiver he can’t have his shinies.

Knowing I was running out of time, I made a quick calculation. Eldar were known psykers. These Eldar had no weapons, and I wasn’t bound. They were between me and the door. I coughed a little.
“Excuse me, before I continue, may I have some water?” I asked.
The tall one looked to the male whose foot he just stamped and nodded. The male left in a bit of a huff-obviously upset that the tall one outranked him.
I waited for him to knock on the door. I heard the sound of the door being unlocked on the other side. Good thinking me. I honestly wouldn’t have thought they’d lock it. I abruptly jumped up and ran for the door, shoving the female into the tall one. A look of shock crossed her face.
The male at the door turned to me at the sound of the commotion, and I used my momentum to slam him through the door and through the guard outside. We collapsed in a pile of limbs. I hastily extracted myself, hearing a shout from the room, and ran, not daring to look back.

I ran to the courtyard, hearing footsteps and shouting behind me, and heard the hiss of a spell whizzing past my ear. It hit the far end of the courtyard and a ball of fire erupted. When the inferno cleared, the trees and grass had a scorched, blackened look, some of the smaller twigs and branches turned to ash. I dodged to the left, and heard angrier yelling from the guards behind me.
I chanced a look, and noted the guards accosting the Eldar. Apparently, murdering a patient with a ball of fire was not allowed. I was about to breathe a sigh of relief for my saviors when the Eldar witch through a bolt of lightning behind her, killing the guard and a few patients who had peered from their rooms to investigate.
I looked back to the burnt tree. If I could climb it in time while she was distracted, I might be able to get over the wall. Normally, guards were watching it, but they were currently preoccupied with being murdered by a treacherous Eldar bitch right now.
is this going to end with wwalking the dinosaur or three fiddy or some shit

I ran to the tree and jumped to catch the sturdiest looking branch. I’m fairly agile here, it being a lower gravity world than the one I was raised on, and easily caught it, pulling myself up. Just in time, apparently, as a glob of acid slapped into the trunk where I had been hanging moments ago, melting it. I climbed very quickly, and the tree started to wobble as I neared the edge of the wall-cracks resounding from the hole the acid had made.
I jumped, vaulting over the wall. Not my intent, but it paid off when another fireball exploded behind me, singeing the back of my neck. I hit the ground hard, air wheezing out of me, and pain exploded from my knees. I had forgotten to roll. I hobbled into the forest, attempting to lose my would-be assassins in the woods.
I found a path and followed it. To one side was a drop off, with vegetation too dense to see through to tell how far it went. I didn’t want to risk it unless I absolutely had to. The chill in the air and the adrenaline pumping through my veins made me forget about my knees for the moment, with only mild pain flaring as I broke into a trot, following the path
>broke into a trot

how does one trot with two legs?

I heard galloping behind me. I grimaced. Down the ravine it was. I looked for an opportune place to roll, and then down I went. Brush and branches slapped at me, and I barely adjusted myself in time to not hit the tree trunks that were in my path. And then it opened up, and I saw a small river flowing at the end of the drop off.
I hit the sand at the bank of the river with a thump. Disoriented, I stood and brushed myself off. I could barely hear the Eldar above me. I think they knew I had gone off the trail. I ran into the river, the cold water hitting me with more force than I had estimated. I swam across, losing my shoes in the crossing when I felt something grab my foot and I kicked it away, taking my shoes with it.
I had planned on swimming downstream or doubling back, using the river to cover my trail, but apparently there were things in this river that I was not currently equipped to deal with. I wish I still had my hotshot laspistol. I waded onto shore, scrambling up the bank, something slapping wetly on the sand behind me. I wasn’t going to look back. I didn’t want to know what almost ate me.
Remember his two wings?
Well he also has four legs
I heard that if you take off his you can see the wings growing out of his foot.

is this going to devolve into MLP shitness

He once held an opponent's mare's hoof....in a jar of acid. At a party.

He saves children
But not the Eldar children
Man...I heard that...motherfucker had like....thirty goddamn wings.

Ah, goddamnit I knew I'd missed a line. I have not watched that is so long.
Except "common" in Golarion is called Taldane and is a remnant of the Taldor empire.

I took stock of my situation. There was the bank, at the top of which I was currently catching my breath. In front of me lay more woods. I could see a trail through the undergrowth, and judging from the tracks, looked like an animal trail. If I remembered correctly, the closest town was upriver. If I continued this direction, I might not find a town, but if I went south following the river, the Eldar might find a place to forge across, and then I’d be dead.
I went with the trail, hoping I wasn’t just going to get hopelessly lost. I quickly limped through the undergrowth, attempting to move as fast as I could. The game trail emptied out onto an actual path, and by the looks of it, a heavily travelled one. I had to find a horse and use it to escape, I realized. Travelling on foot was forcing me further into the woods, unarmed, and without any equipment.
I travelled south along the path, finding an Inn with some stables after an hour of walking. The stables were dark, and I could hear horses. Success was within my grasp. I crept around the back, hoping to take a peak into the kitchen to see if I could snag some food, and maybe a knife.
The kitchen door was well-worn, and opened smoothly. I had expected it to be locked, but out here it must not get that many visitors-of the savory or unsavory variety. The kitchen was sparse, and I raided the pantry and larder and was rewarded with meat, cheese, some jerky and a skin of cheap wine.
I bundled them up in some cloth, and ran to the stables. The horses, sensing my presence, began to whinny nervously. I never really had much interaction with horses, so I attempted to calm them down by making shushing noises. It wasn’t working. I light appeared in the upper window of the inn, a curtain drew back, and I could barely make out a face.

Which, if you haven't noticed, was actually a remnant of a colony from HOLY TERRA
Yeah, it's possible Aroden was also a lost Imperial, possibly a Space Marine or Primarch, given his obsession with Humanity and how he made his herald look like a Sister of Battle for his own sick perversions

I struggled to open the door to the stable, the door wedged shut by something. I reached down to clear it, when something hit me in the back of the head. Stars exploded in my vision, and I hit the ground. I lay there, stunned, when a foot rolled me over onto my back. A light flared, illuminating the face of my attacker. It was the paladin from my trial.
He stared at me for a moment, hesitating, his eyes seeming to glow in the light. I heard a rhythmic pounding in my head, and then I felt a jolt of panic shoot through me. It was hoofbeats. The Eldar were coming up the path this way. They had found a way across the river. I scrambled up, trying to run, but a hand clamped tightly around the back of my neck.
“Whoa there, sonny, where do you think you’re going? You can’t steal food and horses. That’s a crime!”
I stared at him in shock and dismay. A holy warrior who cared about actual crime? That’s a guard’s job! I glanced at the horse. It seemed like an expensive horse, but I wasn’t sure. Knowing my luck, it was probably his. And now I was going to die at the hands of the Eldar for my folly. I still can’t believe these people think Eldar are NICE. Eldar must have excellent propaganda on this planet.
Is this a crossover of 40k with something that I've never heard of? I'm getting the feeling i'm supposed to know what's going on, but I dont.

jsut as long as it's not fuckign equestria.

“Well, what about murder? The Eld-er, ‘elves’ chasing me seem to enjoy it. They just killed a bunch of people at the asylum and are trying to kill me. I’m a witness!” I exclaimed, hoping that murder was included in the whole “detect evil” thing. I wasn’t sure though. Technically, on some planets, murder was simply a fact of life. I had heard slavery was considered evil here as well, but my uncle was a slaver and even his slaves thought he was a nice guy.
The paladin give me the same look he had given me at my trial, staring at me intensely.
“Alright, say I believe you. How many of them are there?”
“Three,” I replied, “and one of them can throw fire and lightning!”
I was really hopeful now. He nodded, and removed a dagger from the bottom of the stable door he’d used as a wedge with a tug. He handed it to me.
“I’ll be back with my equipment. I’m travelling with a few of my companions. They should be able to help. Hide in the stables.”
I reddened, feeling affronted. I’ve killed men with shivs. A dagger is a luxury. I reluctantly turned and entered the stables, keeping the door slightly ajar so I could watch. The Eldar were getting much closer by the sound of it. I had about a minute until they arrived.
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please let him find his ship and a couple of his crew (including a Kreiger) and go holy inquisition on their asses.

I don't know where you're getting the equestria thing from. You should probably just look up Golarion.
it's on the pathfinder wiki
Its Golarion, the Pathfinder setting.

Protip OP. Logs don't generally give blow-by-blow accounts of things.
So the inquisitor is a Dwarf Rogue? Works for me.
with wings
>I don't know where you're getting the equestria thing from.

i'm just paranoid about MLPshit ruining things that i'm enjoying, that's all

I heard the front door of the Inn slam open, and the sound of someone running to look out down the path.
“Dammit Sir Mortin, they’re almost here! Leave the plate off!” A rough voice shouted to the Inn.
A heard a soft rustle from the Inn door, and a feminine voice hissed “Leo get into cover! Elves can see you plain as day right now!”
I let the door open a little wider, craning my neck to see who was talking. On the porch of the Inn stood a regal looking woman dressed in silk and finery. Thank the Emperor! A noblewoman! She was yelling at a lithe man, dressed in dark grey leather who I could barely make out. He was scrambling back off the path, looking around for a place to hide. It was actually more difficult than the noblewoman thought. The Inn had a clearing around it and the path. There was really only one place to hide.
He ran to the stables and practically wrenched the door out of my hands. Leo looked at me as I fell backwards and hit the floor and grinned.
“Well aren’t you having a wonderful focking evening!”
He seemed to be missing several teeth, but glints of yellow told me he had replaced most of them. Hiver scum. Thank the Emperor, I was truly saved. Hivers outlasted most Acolytes. Tyson had died on our most recent mission, and we hadn’t found a suitable replacement yet. He had been on over 40 missions, but had never been promoted because he “had too much fun”. By fun he meant killing people, plus he was actually quite the jokester. He always had a one liner ready, even on stealth missions. They never actually ended up stealthy, because he’d reach up behind a cultist, cut off half their face and scream “GOT YER NOSE!” and then toss the bits at the next cultist. Great guy, Tyson.
>i'm just paranoid about MLPshit ruining things that i'm enjoying, that's all
We left the pone at /mlp/, you're still carrying it.

You are scared that pastel coloured horses will ruyin stuff you like?

It turned into a journal. Sorry.>>33375562 You need help

Hold on, I'm going out to smoke.
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1.98 MB GIF
your awesome and you should feel awesome.

Just as the Leo shut the door, the Eldar arrived. Their Witch was looking furious. Water had ruined her delicate attire, and it clung to her in a rather whorish manner, revealing her disgusting curves. I said a few prayers to the Emperor for purity under my breath and looked at her two companions. The tall one had lost his sneer and looked annoyed, which I found delightful. The shorter male was apologizing to the Witch. They weren’t unarmed, the tall one had two graceful curved swords while the shorter one had a bow out, arrow hanging loosely, but I knew he could have it ready in a second. Eldar were distressingly agile like that.
They brought their horses to a halt near the porch. The Witch’s voice echoed in the clearing:
“WHERE IN THE NINE HELLS IS THE DERANGED MAN!” She was screaming. A good sign, a halfway mark. A good Eldar is a screaming Eldar. A better Eldar is a dead Eldar.
Leo nudged me, and I looked up. He was grinning so hard I swear by the Emperor teeth were leaking out of his face.
“The fock did you do, stick it in her arse?”
I went red. “N-no…that’s heresy” I mumbled.
Tyson would have had intercourse with Eldar, but only after they were dead.
“The only good xenos is a dead xenos!” he’d say. Great guy, Tyson.
Leo smirked at me. “The only good elf is a dead elf, eh, eh, eh?” he nudged me.
I nodded noncommittally.
I guess Hivers are the same everywhere.
Well Inquisitor is an actual class in pathfinder, though he needs to start actually manifesting power through his faith in the emperor before he would qualify as one.

There was a loud clanking sound from the door. We peeked out. Sir Mortin came out, bedecked in the ornate armor he had worn at my trial. The greatsword at his waist was new, though. They didn’t allow weapons in the courtroom. I hoped he was good with it, because the tall Eldar was appraising him, and the look in his eye told me he was confident Sir Mortin would lose. I gripped my dagger a little tighter.
If I had my ship, the Eldar would be ash by now. But I wasn’t going to get my ship if the Eldar were actively pursuing me. These Xenos needed to die. It would buy me some time. I looked to Leo.
“Wait for it.” He said simply.
The Witch spoke
“Sir Mortin. I have heard of you. You testified that the fugitive named Hank was not evil. He just broke out of the local asylum and slaughtered everyone. We were lucky to escape with our lives! You don’t happen to know where he went, do you?”
She gave him a knowing look. She turned to look at the Inn.
“Is he in there? Have you checked?”
Sir Mortin’s eyes were doing that weird thing again, like he was gazing into her soul. Then he shook his head and looked again.
“Where is your soul, my lady Elf?” Sir Mortin said, giving her a look of horror.
If he was looking for her soul, he shouldn’t bother. Eldar don’t have souls. They’re filthy Xenos.
The Eldar was getting perturbed.
“If I wanted to know about the state of my soul, I’d ask a REAL clergyman, “ she sneered in disgust.
The other Eldar were coming up from behind her. Tall guy was giving Sir Mortin dirty looks, while bow guy was glancing around. The noblewoman on the porch was looking serene.
“I’m sorry,” the noblewoman said, giving her head a slight shake, “who are you, exactly? And why do you care?”
Ah, an actual good question. I doubted the Eldar Witch would answer. Then I could put a name to the Eldar who were gunning for me.

Give it a minute. Actual combat that doesn't involve running for his life is coming up.

The Witch smiled. I didn’t like it.
“We’re agents of the Winter Council, from Kyonin. We are ambassadors, sent to talk to a human who has been spreading falsities about our people’s origins. When we confronted him with his lies, he snapped and killed everyone. My power kept us alone safe. Now, where is he?”
Oh good. The Eldar had an actual nation. And it was after me. I wonder if Exterminatus is in order. It’s the only way to be sure. It’s obvious they’ve secretly infested this world, and are in control. How else would they have heard of someone in an asylum “speaking lies”?
The noblewoman give Sir Mortin a look. He nodded back to her, and brought his attention back to the Witch.
“Why of course. You should have said something earlier! Kyonin, should have known! Step aside, Belise!”
Belise, the noblewoman, moved away from the door. Sir Mortin stepped up to the Witch, offering his hand. She took it.
“Smite Evil,” Sir Mortin told her.
And then the screaming began.
is this going to end with some sort of elves vs humans crusade with the acolyte at the forefront?
That depends on whether he discovers Numeria is filled with Iron Men and other forms of tech heresy, that Mendev borders a land of demons, or that there's a demon prince imprisoned within the planet being worshiped by Orks and Dark Eldar

The Witch attempted to yank her hand back, her legs squeezing her mount’s sides, attempting to keep her balance, which, incidentally, is the same motion commonly used (though I did not know this at the time) to make a horse move forward. It charged forward, throwing Sir Mortin off balance. Tall guy was swinging at Sir Mortin from his saddle, only to be thrown off his horse by a giant, glowing fist. The short guy nocked his arrow, loosing it at Belise. It hit mid-thigh, making Belise fall to one knee.
The Witch was struggling to regain her balance and control of her mount, but was swiftly coming around. Leo burst from the stables throwing a knife. It hit the short guy in the shoulder with a thwop. I snuck around behind the stables, trying to get behind the Witch. If she started casting, we might be dead.
As I made it around the corner, Sir Mortin was engaged in a desperate duel with the Tall Eldar. The duel blades were whirling around so fast sparks were flying. Sir Mortin was getting in a hit or two, but the Eldar was obviously a superior swordsman. The blows weren’t penetrating the armor, but with every solid hit, Sir Mortin’s movement slowed.
Belise was desperately attempting to remove the arrow from her thigh, and I could tell she was screaming, but I couldn’t hear here make a sound. As she pulled, I could tell the arrow was barbed, and muscle was being pulled as well. Not good. Our psyker was out.

Leo and Bow Eldar were knife fighting, but it didn’t look like he’d be breaking away any time soon. The Eldar was on a horse, and was making Leo pay for every knick.
The Witch was on her horse chanting. I could feel the air vibrate with power. I leapt at her, shouting “FOR THE EMPEROR!”
I felt galvanized. I could almost see her anatomy call for me to penetrate her. Filthy Eldar. I aimed for the meaty gibbets.
She whirled. I realized I probably shouldn’t have shouted. It seemed like the right thing at the time. Her hands came up, but not in time to stop the blade from thunking betwixt her ribs. She toppled, momentum dragging me with her.
I fell, tumbling as I hit the ground, taking the dagger with me, running to Belise. She looked at me, mouthing something. She hadn’t gotten the arrow out yet. I pulled on the arrow, and used the dagger to cut it out, thankful to not hear her screams. I tossed it into the clearing, and almost immediately her screams hit me.
I asked for the Emperor to protect her and turned to the knife fight. Leo was slowing. Guy on the horse, while only using one arm, could easily defend himself with the height advantage. I ran to his other side, brandishing my dagger. Bow Eldar turned, and Leo used it to pull him off his horse.
I started around the horse to check on Sir Mortis, but found him already victorious. He looked up from the body, pulling his sword out of Tall Guy’s stomach.

Sir Mortin glanced at me. I went to point at Belise, but when I turned to look, I found her right next to me.

"How did you do that?" I asked.

She pulled a bottle from a pouch. "Healing potion."

I recognized it. Seemed similar to the one that Lorraine had given me, but darker blue. I nodded at Belise.

"Ah, sorcery, of course."

I don't think I'll ever get use to the casual approach this planet takes to psykers. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned.

"Well, you did good kid. I'm guessing this wasn't your first rodeo," Sir Mortin asked.

"No," I replied truthfully, "Technically my 6th."

I heard strange noises from where the Witch had fallen, and didn't turn to look, and I noticed Sir Mortin didn't either.

"We can't take you with us everywhere, son, but we can drop you off somewhere I think you'll want to be. There's a story about a shiny meteor crashing into the lake in the middle of a city a month's ride from here. We can take you there, but after that, it's up to you."

I nodded. He smiled, turned, and yelled "LEO GET THE FUCK OFF THAT DEAD ELF CUNT! THAT'S THE FIFTH TIME!"

The end. Part 1.

This is actually my character background for a Dwarven inquisitor with the Mark of the Dragon trait for Shackled City AP.
>The end. Part 1.

NOOOOOOOO when will I read part 2????

is there a site where you post this stuff that I can go and bookmark?
File: microsoft after E3.jpg (16 KB, 261x258)
16 KB
This, I am also very interested in his story.
b-b-bump..? ;__;
still nothing.. ;(
Did someone upload it to 1d4chan or arhcive this yet?
File: Es ist vollbracht.jpg (70 KB, 674x322)
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