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Archive: http://pastebin.com/gRjJeLHV
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpyOP1
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Voting rules:
-First vote to 10, or the option with the most votes after 15m, is the option selected. Sometimes, I'll extend voting if it's important, but this is rare.
-In the case of a tie, both options voted for will be used if applicable. If not, a tiebreaker vote will be called. If the tiebreaker is tied after 10m I flip a coin and seeing what happens.

Conflict rules:
-Some votes will call for a Conflict Roll.
-Conflict Rolls are 1d100 rolls attached to voting options.
-Conflict Scores are calculated by the average of every winning vote.
-Conflict Scores are set against target numbers to be beaten.
-Higher Conflict Scores reflect being more successful (i.e. a Conflict Score of 51 against TN 50, vs. a Conflict Score of 91 against TN 50 reflects varying degrees of asskickery)
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102 KB JPG
You awaken early in the morning to the sound of sirens going.

Immediately, you notice some things are off. For example, you aren't in the middle of your doorway, but are instead laying out across your bed, the coat of your uniform folded neatly on a nightstand.

You're also a lot cleaner than you last remember being. In fact, you feel... just tired, mostly. You're a bit bruised up and your mouth tastes a little of blood, but you're nowhere near as hurt as you were last night.

There's a note pinned to your roof by a... needle?

As you sit forward, you feel something tug on your arm-a thread attached to the needle pulls it free. You notice, as it falls, that it's almost as long as your hand.

It lands in between your legs.

Point down.

And sinks halfway through the sheets, narrowly missing you.

You sweatdrop.

The note gently floats down and lands in your lap, on top of the needle. There's writing on both sides, and the first side is the hostage note you showed to Mikisugi. So this must be his handwriting. You pull the needle out of your bed, noting how smoothly it slides out as you read.

“I took the two girls to the Mankanshoku home. When you read this, it'll be No-Late Day, and if No-Stars were seen with you it would cause a problem. I took the earpiece as well, and did what I could for your injuries. If you're going to keep helping Ryuko, you're going to need a weapon. This needle should help. There's not much more we can do to get you off the island now. We'll talk later. Destroy this note.”

There's pounding on your door. Quickly, you tear the note up and stuff it in your pocket. As you get up and move, you realize that the thread on the needle is actually part of your Uniform. Without the time to cut it, you roll it around your arm and hide it up your sleeve as you pull your Uniform back on. The fatigue vanishes when you get the last button done.

[Heinrich lost the Codec]
[Heinrich gained the Sewing Needle]
File: Bigger than you.jpg (245 KB, 1626x915)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nBfKsw534g

When you open the door, you're staring at a large man's chest with three black stars across an immaculate white uniform.

Ira Gamagori steps into your room and looks down on you, his loud voice filling the room as easily as his huge frame.


“Explain... huh?”


He reaches into his sleeve and pulls a whip free, just like he did when he assaulted that student on your first day there. Your eyes follow it's movement... and that's when you notice something.

Gamagori Ira is alone.

Why would he come drill you about this ALONE if this was a 'gross violation of school protocol' like he says? Even when he beat that other No-Star senseless, he had a hoard of goons.

You need to play this carefully. This man is -not- someone you can fight passed. You...

[ ] ...come clean and tell him the truth.
[ ] ...lie, and lie as hard as you can.
>[ ] ...lie, and lie as hard as you can.

time for SMARTS
>[x] ...come clean and tell him the truth.

"I rescued her."

+900 Gama points
Rolled 9

>[ ] ...lie, and lie as hard as you can.
Rolled 88

>[x] ...lie, and lie as hard as you can.

"We were on a date and we even held hands."
You can't actually tell him what happened, obviously.

While you're not sure if what he's describing is actually against Honnouji's rules, you're fairly confident in saying that the equivalent of an underground street fight would be.

But with him standing there, whip extended and ready to crack you open, you can't think.

You're staring at death.

He takes a step forward and instinctively you step back, reaching for your camera.

Your camera.

Then it clicks.

“I-it was for an interview!”

He stops dead in his tracks and lowers his whip. “An interview?”

“Yeah! I asked her for an interview! You know, the life of the roommate of Honnouji's enemy... I figured it'd be a great scoop!”

He crosses his arms, and tries to mask a look of relief with a stern gaze. “Oh? Well, if it's a scoop you want so badly, maybe today you can get it!”


“Today is No-Late Day! The No-Stars of Honnouji Academy have to defeat all of the traps set by the Disciplinary Committee, and those that fail to do so and arrive to school late are immediately expelled!”

He grins, and the whip lashes forward, pinning your arms to your body. You can just barely see it happening, but it's too fast for you to react.

He pulls you outside, then starts spinning you over his head. You shut your eyes to avoid throwing up.

“Go and find Matoi Ryuko and Mankankshoku Mako, and get the 'scoop' of how they failed at No-Late Day! As of now, you are a No-Star student! DO NOT BE LATE!”

And then he hurls you towards the slums.

Which, abruptly, open up to reveal an enormous obstacle course.

You scream.

Really, who wouldn't?

After all, the ground is approaching rapidly, and the No-Stars don't seem to care.

Is this how you die?

[ ] No! Calm down, and do something to catch yourself!
[ ] ...well, I've had a good life...

If the first option is chosen...
[ ] Dig deep, like last night.
[ ] Rely on your own wits.
>[ ] ...well, I've had a good life...
Rolled 47

>[ ] No! Calm down, and do something to catch yourself!

>[ ] Dig deep, like last night.
>[ ] ...well, I've had a good life...
Haven't gotten laid yet. Almost that one time but that's a story for a different day
>[ ] Rely on your own wits.
Think brain think dammit

Goddammit Covert you just be sneaking these threads in at the strangest times for me
>[ ] No! Calm down, and do something to catch yourself!
>[ ] Rely on your own wits.
Give in

Keep fighting.

Use what makes you unique.
Use what ACTUALLY makes you unique.

So, this is literally a perfect tie.

I'm going to extend voting by 10 minutes, hopefully it's broken by then, if not I'm deciding.
Me here >>33392328

I'll back>>33392340
The question becomes, how does one out-think gravity?
Very carefully.
Exactly you don't you just fall with style
Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2spe_PjEVU

As you start to approach the No-Stars running up the hill, you find yourself becoming eerily calm.

Is this what it means to accept death?

No. You've been this way before. This is how you think your way out of a fight.

You glance left. There's a street light there. If only you could grab it. But it's too far away. You'd need a rope, or...

...or that.

You have no idea if it'll work, or if it'll support your weight, or even if you can even hit your target... but it's a shot in the dark that'll be better than just dying.

You relax your left arm.

The needle Aikuro gave you slides out and the thread around your arm unwinds.

You throw it at the street light.

Almost like it was in slow motion, you watch the needle fly. You watch it sail just over the light, and you watch how the curl of the red thread, combined with the weight of the needle and your current trajectory, cause the needle to spin around the light and then snap to the metal frame of it.

You nailed it.

You think to tighten your grip as your stunt pulls you tight, and your arm threatens to dislocate from the force, but the One-Star can handle more abuse than that, and with a grunt of effort, you turn your fatal fall into a stylistic pendulum down towards the ground.

Towards a sheer platform Ryuko and Mako are trying to climb.

You come to a landing as Ryuko, apparently, prepared to throw Mako up. She hestitates. “Wh-Heinrich?!”

Instinctively, you relax your arm, and your thread retracts into your sleeve, dragging your needle with it. Whatever Aikuro did must have been good stitching.

You put on your best cocky look.

“Hey, Ryuko. Need a hand?”
File: 1396342213004.gif (598 KB, 320x240)
598 KB
598 KB GIF
Heinrich confirmed for 2cool4u
Damn sucka, he just got some.
“So that bastard's making you a No-Star today, huh?”

“Looks like it. He didn't take my Uniform, at least. Speaking of...”

You cough and look away, and Ryuko blushes. “H-hey, Senketsu's being brought to me! He was just being washed!”

Senketsu? She named her outfit? That doesn't seem like her. You make a note to ask her about it later.

“...right. Well, let's get moving.”

As you turn to, you hear a bumping sound, and a girl's voice screaming. “Owww! It hurts so much!”

You pivot on your heel and there... is a No-Star with a broken arm. She has black hair and red eyes, and looks very fragile.

Mako recognizes her right away. “You're our classmate, Ogure Maiko!”

Ryuko seems concerned too. “Are you okay? Your arm is hurt!”

She makes an effort of sitting up and looks around. “Why, it's Mankanshoku... and you two are the transfer students, Matoi and Kristoph! Yes, I hurt my arm in that trap just now. But I'll live!”

She grabs her arm and winces a little, before giving you three weak smile.

She barely manages to get herself to her feet, after a little effort. “I can't give up over something like this!”

You frown a bit. “Hey, don't overdo it!”

“Hey, Ryuko-chan. Since Maiko-san is hurt, let's take her with us to school!”

“No! I can't let you! I'd only slow you down!” She looks up at Mako, visibly distraught.

You take one glance back at the rest of the traps you can see. There's no way someone with one arm and no Uniform could make it alone.

You think for a moment...

[ ] ...and decide to bring her with you.
[ ] ...and leave her to her fate.
File: Nice try RuseLord.jpg (72 KB, 640x501)
72 KB
>[ ] ...and leave her to her fate.

Ruselord, pls
>[x] ...and decide to bring her with you.

File: 1369027545443.jpg (216 KB, 480x549)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
So cruel...

Yeah nice try there

You want help ask for it don't try to ruse me!

I'll ruse u m8 swear on me mum
Dammit I just realized we could've rused the shit oit of her potentially of we took her with us

File: booby trapped.png (690 KB, 837x457)
690 KB
690 KB PNG
Something about this whole situation stinks.

If she just hurt herself in a trap a few moments ago, how did she get her arm in a sling?

More importantly, how did she know your name? Mako said she's your classmate, but you don't remember seeing her around... then again, you ARE new, so it would make sense if you don't know everyone already...

Ryuko makes the decision for you. “Oh, okay. We'll go on ahead then. Don't push yourself too hard, okay?”

“AHHHH! The pain! Hang in their, Maiko! If anyone can make it on her own, it's you!”

Sheesh, how pathetic. She probably couldn't make it alone to the grocery store. Mako's sold, though, and looks at Ryuko with pleading eyes.

“For crying out loud... putting on a brave act, eh?”

She steps over and puts Maiko's good arm over her shoulder. “Hold on tight! We'll go to school together, all of us.”

“Thank you, Matoi-san, Mankanshoku-san, Kristoph-san.”

“Don't sweat it. I don't hate girls who push themselves to be strong.”

...well, she might slow you down, but this is a course for No-Stars that's being run by a One-Star. A One-Star with a very useful tool, you note, as you relax your arm and let your needle fall into your hand.

“Well, since we're all in this together, we may as well work together, huh? Let's see if I can't us get over that loop!”

It's child's play, really. It takes you a few throws, but you manage to get your needle around one of the upper spikes, and climb your way up. Then it's simply a matter of getting your needle down, tying it to something for support, and helping pull the girls up.

While you're helping Mako up-Maiko insisted on being last-you spot something out of the corner of your eye.

A blue truck is thrown off the road by a small explosion, civilians screaming.

That's strange... shouldn't all the traps be on the course?
File: rolling towards you.png (585 KB, 602x462)
585 KB
585 KB PNG
Things just get more suspicious as you go along your way.

Maiko's pain tolerance is pathetic. At least once each time you get to a trap she has to stop or slow down.

If you hadn't carried her while sprinting passed the log traps, she's have gotten you splattered on a building.

If Ryuko hadn't caught her and Mako and leapt from the skulls in the giant cooking pot (this place is so crazy you didn't think to ask why there's a giant cooking pot as a trap) she'd have been boiled alive. It's a surprise that she even managed to get to Honnouji in the first place.

You're shaken from your thoughts by the image of a large, what appears to be marble boulder rolling down the ramp towards you.

The girls scream. You sweatdrop. This is like it's out of a bad movie!

But you have to get passed it, and you don't have a lot of time to think. You...

[ ] ...go over it... (Conflict Roll)
[ ] ...go under it... (Conflict Roll)
[ ] ...go through it... (Conflict Roll)

[ ] ...digging deep, just like last night.
[ ] ...and rely on your own wits.
Rolled 25

>use lazy broken arm girl to go over it and leave her to get rolled on
>go over it
>Wits bitch
File: 1374493654785.png (18 KB, 411x454)
18 KB
Rolled 29

[ ] ...go over it... (Conflict Roll)
[ ] ...and rely on your own wits.

Activate the 3-D gear

Unfortunately it's 3:41AM on the east coast and I'm going to pass out.

Keep on keeping on covert
Rolled 78

i kinda like that but your roll is shit how about
>pick up Ryuko
>jump on Rusegirl to boost over the trap
Rolled 12

>[ ] ...go over it... (Conflict Roll)
>[ ] ...and rely on your own wits.
Usually i just lurk, But this made my sides explode please do this
Conflict Score: 36
Just barely made it!

Stop it. Come vote. I mean, it's an anonymous image board, it's not like you're tripfagging or something.
...oh... huh.
File: why would it explode.png (655 KB, 836x450)
655 KB
655 KB PNG
You get an idea.

Ryuko and Mako might not like it, but it'll confirm some things.

“Ryuko, Mako, hold on!”


You grab ahold of Ryuko's arm and jump backwards as the boulder rounds the corner towards you.

Your foot lands on Maiko's forehead.

And you push off with as much power as your One-Star Uniform can give you.

She lets out a scream of pain as she hits the ground. Ryuko and Mako look at you in shock. “Heinrich!? What the hell?!”

“Ryuko, throw me! Maiko! Catch!”

You hurl the needle down towards Maiko, who narrows her eyes up at you.

She's probably sprinting to see your needle, but it almost looks like an angry glare.

The needle hits the ground next to her, and she grabs ahold of it.


You tear it free, lifting up Maiko from the ground as Ryuko throws you further forward.

As you fly, you start pulling in that red thread.

Considering you can't really control how you're falling towards the ramp, you take the time to observe what's happening.

The red thread itself looks very similar to the threads that Fukuroda's and Boss' Uniforms were made of, and it seems to be responding to what you want, not just how your muscles tighten. It's stitched into the sleeve though, so it's obviously part of the Uniform... either Mikisugi did a lot of customization or this red thread was part of it to begin with.

Right about now, a couple of things happen.

Ogure Maiko lands in your arms, and you put yours around her before she can respond.

“Hold on tight, Maiko!”


You look down the ramp and see that Ryuko and Mako have landed and are already sprinting towards you.

Then the marble boulder hits a building, and explodes in a giant ball of fire.

You sweatdrop. And then you hit the ground, skidding to a halt and shielding Maiko from the brunt of the explosion.
File: offroading.png (694 KB, 744x419)
694 KB
694 KB PNG
Compared to the exploding boulder, the rest of the traps are insultingly easy to get across.

Someone even puts a pie under a basket! If Mako wasn't... Mako, you doubt anyone would have ever looked twice.

Ryuko's face full of whipped cream is something to laugh at, at least.

And yet somehow, the death glare she shoots you anyway is still terrifying...

All things considered, you're making good time, with two hours left until the bell rings.

Maiko still leaves you a little confused-the stunt you pulled should have left her unable to really see or react quickly, from what you remember experiencing last night. But then again, you don't know just how injured her arm is. Plus her life was on the line, and you've heard adrenaline can do some crazy things.

While at a swinging rope “trap” (really, half of these traps are more obstacles than traps), you spot a kid on a bicycle riding up towards you.

With a black sailor uniform on his back.

Then you watch something explode, and see him fly down a nearby alleyway.

...no... could it be...?

You don't have time to sit and think about it, anyhow. You've only got an hour and a half before you're expelled-WITHOUT the Uniform, and thus failing your mission.

...the things you deal with...

Before long, you're out of the slums, and back to the familiar One-Star district. You're about to start down the road when you see a nearby school bus explode.

The smoke clears and the bus is just scratched.

Maiko pipes up. “It's an armored vehicle. That's a One-Star bus for you!”

“No way, they have it so easy! I wanna ride that! I wanna ride, I wanna ride!”

You sweatdrop. It's like she's a five-year-old.

Still, taking that bus could be a good idea, though you'd probably have to lay a beatdown on whomever is in it now. Then again, you do know your way around the One-Star District. Maybe you could just show them the way through?


[ ] ...steal the armored bus.
[ ] ...cut through the apartment complexes.
[x] ...steal the armored bus.
Sounds like fun on a bun
>[x] ...cut through the apartment complexes.
Have you guys not heard of Speed (1994)? That shit is probably another trap.
>steal bus.
We hard core now
We ride to school in style
Canon route: acknowledged
File: suppressing fire.png (723 KB, 801x457)
723 KB
723 KB PNG
You jump down in front of the bus.

“Hey! Hey, wait for me! I'm a One-Star! Let me on! Hey!”

The bus comes to an abrupt halt, and one of the One-Stars opens the door and swings out the side.

“Out of the way! Gamagoori-sama told us about you, transfer st-”

He's cut off by the sudden sensation of a guitar case hitting the back of his head at about fifteen miles per hour, and his face hitting the ground just as fast.

Ryuko spits on the ground and heads into the bus, cracking her knuckles.

You turn to Maiko and Mako, wave, and give them a little smile.

“Be out in just a moment!”

Then you pile into the bus, too.

The poor One-Stars weren't ready for combat, obviously slept in or were exhausted, and didn't stand a chance.

After the thorough beatdown, you grab the bodies and start hurling them out onto the street, waving down the other two girls.

Maiko immediately sits down in the driver's seat, her arm propped up on the wheel.

Ryuko looks a bit concerned at this. “Hang on, Maiko, do you have a license.”

Maiko puts a look of determination on as she sets the bus into gear, wincing as she's forced to reach over to work the stick shift.

“Honnou Town is the private property of the Kiryuin family. If she has Lady Satsuki's permission, even a student can drive!”

You sweatdrop, and find yourself wondering how true that is. It would put a lot of things in perspective...

“I don't want to lose, either! I want to show that that even No-Stars have their pride!”

Ryuko grins at that. “Maiko, you can be pretty badass, you know that?”

She hits the gas, and you take a moment to sit down.

That's when the machine gun fire starts.
File: covering fire.png (785 KB, 805x473)
785 KB
785 KB PNG
Naturally, your first instinct is to hit the deck, and you drag Mako down with you.

But... the bus itself is stopping most of the machine gun fire.

While it's impressive for sure, considering that the machine guns are firing from all sides, it's only a little comforting. Bullets continue to fly through the windows and bury themselves in cushions, and shards of glass fall all around you.

Ryuko and Maiko are up front, shouting over the gunfire.

“Wow, you gotta hand it to these armored buses!”

“We're going to counterattack!”

“What? How?!”


She hits a button and something unfolds from the floor, and begins to pick Mako up.

It's... a heavy machine gun turret?

It's sized for one person, obviously. It's also obviously going to draw fire. You can't spend more than half a second thinking about what to do here.


[ ] ...push Mako off and man the turret... (Conflict Roll)
[ ] ...let Mako man the turret and roll off.

If the first option is selected...
[ ] ...digging deep, just like last night.
[ ] ...hoping you're accurate enough to get through this.
Rolled 98

>[ ] ...push Mako off and man the turret... (Conflict Roll)
>[ ] ...hoping you're accurate enough to get through this.
Rolled 40

>[X] ...push Mako off and man the turret... (Conflict Roll)
>[X] ...hoping you're accurate enough to get through this.
one get
Yeah. I think I'm not going to roll when you got this this good.
Rolled 94

>[ ] ...push Mako off and man the turret... (Conflict Roll)
>[ ] ...hoping you're accurate enough to get through this.
Rolled 85

>[ ] ...push Mako off and man the turret... (Conflict Roll)
>[ ] ...hoping you're accurate enough to get through this.
Conflict Score: 80
For reference, the TN was 30.
All these great rolls we should get a gun after this
Maybe a permanent accuracy bonus too
File: light 'em up.png (670 KB, 791x464)
670 KB
670 KB PNG
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V92OBNsQgxU

With one arm, you push Mako aside and stand up, crouching a bit to keep your head low and still look down the sights.

Once upon a time, when you were still staying in America, your father took you shooting. It was only a pistol, and this is WAY bigger, but the same principles should apply. Exhale, squeeze the trigger, aim down the sights...

You hesitate for just a second. These are real people, and live rounds, right? You could seriously-

A bullet wings passed you, narrowly missing your head and cutting your cheek open.

They're shooting to kill. If you don't, you'll be killed, and so will Mako and Ryuko and Maiko.

It's you, or them.

You swivel and start opening fire.

You squeeze the trigger in bursts, and sweep it over the areas you see fire coming from.

People go down. You realize you don't care if it was for cover or because they were hit.

As soon as people start reacting, you start spraying bullets their way. You don't have time to think, you just act and react, spotting muzzle flash and hurling hot lead.

You see something streaking towards you too slow and too big to be a bullet.

You turn and open fire on it.


It erupts into a fireball. You open fire through the smoke, and you hear the sound of someone screaming.

The barrel is glowing red from heat, and you take a moment as you drive through the smoke.

Fire erupts again and you crouch low, watching your barrel for a moment. The moment it stops glowing, you stand up and begin spraying bullets again.


Maiko was calling it out, but you already saw it coming, and... well, you lost count of the bullets a while ago, but neither of them were prepared for someone shooting back. They fall backwards into their condos.

You go to sweep it over more of the gunners, only for a series of quick clicking sounds to meet you.


File: do you do it.png (647 KB, 717x467)
647 KB
647 KB PNG
Maiko puts the pedal to the metal and the bus kicks into high gear.

With no bullets left, you get your head down again, and look up.

You can see the gate looming in the distance.

You're almost there-and with almost an hour to spare.

You're going to make it.

Maiko slams the breaks and turns sharply, putting the bus on the elevator up. Then she slams on the horn twice, and the elevator begins to rise.

As the gunfire dies down, you take a second to look out one of the shattered windows.

You go a little pale as you look at the destruction.

At least hundred condos are completely ruined, and from here, you can see blood splattered on the walls, with the occasional figure collapsed, family rushing to help.

...it was you, or them...

“Everyone! Everyone, look! We did it you guys, we made it! It's the school!”

Ryuko's shouting snaps you out of your reverie.

When you turn... there it is. Honnouji's gates. The girls are already sprinting towards it.

...something seems off... this seems too easy. You disembark the bus, and step through the gates into the courtyard.

When you get caught up, they're all laughing and hugging and smiling. They turn around as one mass of teenage girls and pose at you.

“Heinrich-kun! Take a picture of us and our new friend!”

[ ] “Sure!”
[ ] “...let me ask you something first.”
File: nanomadchines.jpg (39 KB, 500x738)
39 KB
>[x] "... let me ask you something first."
I see through your tricks, Rusemeister.
>[x] “...let me ask you something first.”
File: something is afoot.jpg (390 KB, 1920x1080)
390 KB
390 KB JPG
>[ ] “...let me ask you something first.”
>[x] “...let me ask you something first.”
File: gotcha.jpg (30 KB, 400x358)
30 KB
Time to bring the RUSE CRUISE to an abrupt halt!
File: her true face.png (522 KB, 774x419)
522 KB
522 KB PNG
“...let me ask you something first, Maiko.”

“Huh? What is it?”

“How did you know how to drive the bus?”


You snap a picture of the three. They all look confused, but they're looking towards you.

“You're a No-Star. That was a One-Star bus. You can't have been on it before.”

“W-well, I've seen movies with cars in them before!”

“So how did you know where the machine gun was?”


You snap another picture. Ryuko is looking to Maiko, confused... and suspicious.

“And another thing... if you arm got hurt on a trap, how did you manage to wrap it tightly in bandages, and put it in a sling by yourself?”

“I-I-I... I'm part of the Nursing Club!”

“If you were, you'd be a One-Star like me.”

You snap another picture. Mako and Ryuko have backed away from Maiko, whom looks flustered.


You take another picture of her and she slumps down, looking defeated.

“...sorry, everyone. I didn't want to lie, but... but I didn't think I could make it! Honnou Town is my home! I just... I just didn't...”

She starts walking towards you, sobbing a little.

...maybe you were off?

Just then, you hear... barking? Ryuko and Mako turn to the sound.

“Look, Ryuko! Guts has brought your uniform! Hey, Guts!”

So it's Mako's dog, huh? You look passed Maiko and squint, and sure enough, the sleeves of Ryuko's outfit are tied around it's neck.

“Why is Guts-wha?”

Ryuko is interrupted by a ripping, squishing sound. Suddenly, your gut is on fire.

Something hits the ground at your feet.

You look down to see a remote detonator at your feet, and blood pooling around where Maiko's knife is sticking out of you.
File: has she already won.png (402 KB, 513x395)
402 KB
402 KB PNG
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtxNw8Rs8Ds

“Hakodate says hello.” she whispers, before putting her palm to your chest and pushing you down.

The knife slides out, hot and dripping red. Mako is staring in disbelief. Ryuko, however, has opened up her case, and is brandishing that gaudy red scissor.

“HAH! I've been waiting for this moment for ages!”

She hurls the knife... at the dog. You can only watch as it tumbles through the air... and thankfully lands hilt-first between his eyes. It sends him tumbling, though, and sends that outfit-Senketsu?-into the air, to land in Maiko's outstretched hand.

“What th-Maiko?! What the hell is going on?!” Ryuko's eyes dart from you to the bloody knife, and you can tell she's a moment away from opening Maiko up as well.

There was something else... something else you meant to ask...

“This injured No-Star classmate was but a fake identity! My TRUE identity is Ogure Maiko, Disciplinary Committee Head of Trap Development! A shadowy figure who remains undercover...”

Arms outstretched she continues to rant. You put your hand over your gut and can feel the blood well up-that was a deep stab. It'd be wrong to say that it hurt more than last night, but only by a little. This is a whole different pain.

She has her back turned to you, and obviously thinks you're down for the count. Rightly so, considering this wound.


[ ] ...attack her while her back is turned... (Conflict Roll)
[ ] ...leave this to Ryuko.

[ ] ...digging deep, just like last night.
[ ] ...and hope your strength is enough to get the job done.
Rolled 29

>[ ] ...attack her while her back is turned... (Conflict Roll)
>[ ] ...and hope your strength is enough to get the job done.
File: 1374317625755.png (219 KB, 386x456)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
Rolled 73

>[ ] ...attack her while her back is turned...
>[ ] ...and hope your strength is enough to get the job done.
Rolled 95

>[ ] ...attack her while her back is turned... (Conflict Roll)
>[ ] ...and hope your strength is enough to get the job done.
Conflict Score: 66
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArjtnKFUVnM

Maiko put Ryuko and Mako in danger, just for an outfit?

“...the head of Trap Development does...!”

She's the reason you got on that gun. She's the reason all those people got shot.

“...a flash of inspiration when I overheard...”

She lied about being friends. She abused your friend's trust for her own personal gain.

“...steal the Kamui, a Goku Uniform which held...”

You're bleeding badly. You're burning up.

But it's not from the knife wound.

You relax your arm a bit, and narrow your eyes, focusing on Maiko's every move.

“...no, steal the throne from Lady Satsuki herself!”

You've killed so many people today.

What's one more?

You throw the needle at Maiko's back.

“Yes! I'll become emp-ghck!”

Blood splatters on Ryuko's scissor as your needle punches through her throat, passing through her neck as easily as it did your sheets earlier today.

She looks down to see the needle dangling from the thread through her neck, to watch it get pulled back through, and turn to look to you in horror.

“People like you... people who can just step all over friendship like that... you don't deserve to live. See you in hell, Maiko.”

She falls to her knees, holding her throat, but the blood just flows through her fingertips. After a moment, she just... stops.
File: 1405246402801.png (10 KB, 473x500)
10 KB
What's wrong maiko? Can't speak? Something in your throat?
well shit, that went pierced my expectations
Well... This certainly is something to wake up to. Damn
"Heinrich! Heinrich! Stay with me! Mako, go get those bandages!”

You lean back and let Ryuko work. She takes the bandages Maiko was wearing and wraps your wound. When that wasn't enough, she tore Maiko's uniform and made bandages with it, too.

You're weak, and woozy. Breathing hurts. You know this wound is bad, and you need to get medical attention soon.

...still... aren't you forgetting-

It clicks.

“Ryuko! Mako! We never went through the Two-Star District! This is a trap!”

And as if on cue, the backdrop of Honnouji Academy's courtyard falls away, revealing a platform on wheels.

A platform that's only three quarters of the way to the Academy.

“Ryuko! Mako! Jump!”

Mako makes some protest, but Ryuko grabs her by the arm and leaps into the air...

...just in time for the brakes on the platform to go loose, and for it to start accelerating down the road.

This thing is moving fast. Ryuko and Mako both disappear from view within moments, leaving you alone with Maiko's corpse.

You have to get off this thing. It looks like this ramp would take you back to the docks, if you stayed on. If you get off soon, and push it, you might be able to make it on time-you do still have half an hour.


[ ] ...try to use the Sewing Needle to catch something...
[ ] ...jump for a nearby building...
[ ] ...are too wounded to get off on-time.

[ ] ...digging deep, just like last night.
[ ] ...and hope your own strength is enough.
>[ ] ...jump for a nearby building...
>[ ] ...and hope your own strength is enough.
>[ ] ...try to use the Sewing Needle to catch something...
>[ ] ...and hope your own strength is enough.
>[ ] ...jump for a nearby building...
[ ] ...and hope your own strength is enough
>[ ] ...try to use the Sewing Needle to catch something...
>[ ] ...and hope your own strength is enough.

Using your needle

Tied... alright, I can work with this.
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbBTUvHf3YI

This thing is picking up more and more speed as you go. The longer it takes for you to get off, the less likely you are to actually get off.

But this track doesn't really lead anywhere than...

...than alongside the One-Star District.

You're going to have momentum, you know it. The problem is just going to be spreading it out properly.

You grasp your needle in one hand. Casually, you note there's no blood on it.

You wait for the road to begin to bank, then you throw.

The needle doesn't so much wrap around the concrete as much as it sticks into it. But it's enough.

You're lifted off the platform and thrown towards the condos.

Pulling back your needle you do your best to aim for a window, and curl up into a ball.

And you hope.

Everything is just quiet, and peaceful for a moment.

Then there's pain and shattering glass.

Everything gets chaotic as your spinning increases in speed. You're bouncing off the floor in a hallway.

Then there's more pain as you come to an abrupt stop.

Your entire body relaxes. You look down and see that blood is starting to soak the bandages, and you feel a little light-headed.

There's a clock. You look up.

8: 03.

Twenty-seven minutes. You can make it.

You push yourself to your feet, and make your way to the window you crashed in through.

Glass crunches under your foot as you leap out the window, letting your needle fly.

What you need right now is speed. You're on a strict time limit-and not just the one from your school. If you keep bleeding, you could pass out.

There's help at Honnouji Academy, but you have to get there first. You...

[ ] ...try and cut through the condos... (Conflict Roll)
[ ] …swing back up the road you went down... (Conflict Roll)

[ ] ...digging deep, just like last night. (If you pick this, don't make a Conflict Roll)
[ ] ...praying you'll make it in time.
Rolled 25

[ ] ...try and cut through the condos... (Conflict Roll)
>[ ] ...praying you'll make it in time.
Rolled 88

>[ ] ...try and cut through the condos...
>[ ] ...praying you'll make it in time.
>[x] ...try and cut through the condos... (Conflict Roll)
>[x] ...digging deep, just like last night. (If you pick this, don't make a Conflict Roll)
Rolled 21

>[ ] ...try and cut through the condos... (Conflict Roll)
>[ ] ...praying you'll make it in time.
Conflict Score: 46 (counting the one guy who picked the no-roll option as a 50 for ease).
File: in the nick of time.png (876 KB, 836x466)
876 KB
876 KB PNG
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhV6jHbL26I

You're in another window, four stories up.

You take a quick glance. It's open. You head through.

The condo has two floors. You leave through the front door.

The needle flies out to the roof of the next one, and you pull yourself up.

This window is locked. You pick up a nearby potted plant and smash it, entering and heading to the back room.

There's a clock on the nightstand.

8: 13.

No time. The quickest way to a location is a straight line. So you're going as straight 'up' as you can.

The needle wraps around a fence on a balcony, pulling you up. You break into another home.

8: 17.

Less than fifteen minutes.

Busting through the last condo, you look up to see the sprawling mansions the Two-Stars live in before you.

You sprint as fast as you can, ignoring the shouting from the families that live there. You enter through the second story.

8: 28.

Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jVQw4xiyJY

You can see the gates. You can see the gates...! You toss your needle out and swing through them, launching yourself into the air.

...crap... where was homeroom? You pick one classroom and hope for the best, throwing your needle out and swinging in.

Glass shatters against your feet as you let yourself fly in, unguided by your needle and thread. You hit a couple of desks and roll, bracing yourself for the inevitable stop and more pain before you feel someone catch you.

It's Ryuko.

There's smoke all around and the students are panicking. No one notices the smile she gives you, or the one you return.

You get up and take your seat in the back of the room. Mikisugi is doing his best to make this look normal.

“Next is... Kristoph? Heinrich Kristoph-san?”

You raise your hand.

“Present. Sensei... may I be excused to go to the nurse?”

Blood loss catches up with you as you slump forward.

Second time in the row for Heinirch to pass out at the end. I hope this is not going to be an ongoing trend with him.
File: Spoiler Image (593 KB, 837x464)
593 KB
593 KB PNG








Dat dark spin on episode 4... Have to say I liked it, though. Doing great so far, OP. Keep up the good work.
And archived! Thanks for reading!

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