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File: 1B101CJ.png (53 KB, 960x580)
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I have a friend whom I play DnD with. I made the mistake of introducing him to sketchtoy. Now he draws things during our games (our group plays over roll20). I have some neat pictures, and accompanying story for context, if you'd like to listen.

This was the first. [Originally, he'd actually showed little interest in sketchtoy, but when he saw that it shows you drawing the picture step-by-step, he picked it up. This was a "selfie" he took during a DnD session where he'd been tasked with sneaking into the king's personal quarters. I made a couple changes to it, but they were in the Scarlet Brotherhood. Since he didn't have good sneak or disguise, the party stuck him in a barrel and wheeled him around.
File: SmXIYJJ.png (68 KB, 960x580)
68 KB
This one was a second selfie he took in the king's chambers. They were there to steal a weapon, but he went through everything of value and rubbed his balls on it.

He's a githyanki, by the way.
File: BVDkGJh.png (78 KB, 960x580)
78 KB
This one was taken as they escaped the king's chambers. Also, I lied, sorry. They were there to save a prisoner, and prove that the king was breaking the country's laws. They were cornered outside their escape route and all but one of them was knocked out by a group of soldiers.
File: dZDiBvC.png (52 KB, 960x580)
52 KB
Also here he is pissing on the king's bed. I fucking... forgot to have the king be mad at him for that.
File: THvWPF6.png (73 KB, 960x580)
73 KB
This he took while traveling through the desert around the Scarlet Brotherhood.
File: IejC8Tr.png (79 KB, 960x580)
79 KB
This one was just a selfie he took. Showing off gith swag.
File: download (1).png (96 KB, 960x580)
96 KB
This was a bard character he made for a game we played in Rokugan (or Japanaria, as we called it).
File: download (2).png (107 KB, 960x580)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
This is a picture of the first time he died, drowning in a pit in a sewer that was filled with poo because he couldn't swim.
File: download (5).png (90 KB, 960x580)
90 KB
I don't remember the context of this one, but I think he was rolling around on the floor to dodge bakemono.
File: download (3).png (72 KB, 960x580)
72 KB
Here they are interrogating one of the bakemono.
File: download (4).png (71 KB, 960x580)
71 KB
Now we have one of my favourites. He was swinging through a dungeon (that we were in for three real-time weeks) on a magic rope to avoid pit traps. I think he was trying to intimidate an enemy or something...
File: download (12).png (75 KB, 960x580)
75 KB
These ones here are from the game I'm currently running. A party member was grabbed by an assassin vine and dragged up a wall. While he was getting murdered, everyone else was powerless to help. Except one party member who could fly, but didn't do much damage. So he picked up another party member with his legs (in a specific way) and flew him over to the distressed dude.
File: download (10).png (65 KB, 960x580)
65 KB
The party has a tendency to carry around every possible mundane item they can afford on a cart pulled by a donkey. Two party members were afflicted with wereboar lycanthropy, and when they changed shape for the first time, they attacked the other two party members. One of them tried to hide in the cart, and the transformed party member just repeatedly flipped the cart over until he died of everything inside crashing into him.
File: download (13).png (89 KB, 960x580)
89 KB
After his first few characters died, I told him about the Cancer Mage. He immediately made a character for it. He was afflicted with Deathsong, Warp Touch, Vile Rigidity, and a book of erotic fantasy disease called "Whore's Delight" that made his sexual fluids paralytic. He had thought that he might fill a bag of holding or portable hole with semen and throw people into it. At least once he jerked off into a bunch of glasshead arrows and used them to paralyze people.
File: download (14).png (84 KB, 960x580)
84 KB
The face on his back is his tumour companion, and the vestigial arm is from warp touch. He managed to inflict the entire party with warp touch (mostly beneficial stuff, surprisingly). When the mouth is open the way it is in this picture, he's making a loud "WWWWWOOOOAAAOOOW" sound like the one from Flubber.
File: download (15).png (86 KB, 960x580)
86 KB
I absolutely loved using all manner of enemy abilities to throw him into the other party members and watch them roll for a multitude of diseases.
File: download (18).png (71 KB, 960x580)
71 KB
Getting near the end now, this is his current character being thrown off a cliff that was a thousand feet up. He only took 71 damage from the fall (cap is 20d6 after all), and survived. The rest of the party followed taking 81, 76, and 51.
File: download.png (60 KB, 960x580)
60 KB
For some reason, he summed a force hammer where his genitals are to attack a shadow.
Being a "gaming is serious business" sort of guy, I would absolutely hate your game, but it looks like you guys have a lot of fun. I would probably enjoy the "funny moments" reel from your campaign.
File: download (8).png (78 KB, 960x580)
78 KB
He was baleful polymorphed by a very polite and kind lich after they tried to kill him for literally no reason besides he's a lich. A party member was later being unlawfully detained and executed by a group of dominated city guardsman. The polymorphed character, who succeeded his save to keep his mind and resigned to living the rest of his life as a squirrel, climbed up the pant leg and escape artist'd into the ass of the strongest guard on duty. The guard responded by trying to pull him out by his tail, but he failed and had to resort to drastic measures to get him out:

He took his great sword, positioned the handle to be held between the floor and a table (the table was blocking the exit), and then slid it up his ass to stab the squirrel. A moment later, someone kicked open the door because the player character was screaming for help. The person with the greatsword up his ass (a legendary hero in his city) was face-down ass-up on the floor and yelling at the newcomers to kill the prisoner. Two of them decided to pull the sword out, and made one made a strength check to do so. 14. I figured that was enough. Inside, however, the squirrel PC decided to strength check to keep it in. natural 20 - 4 for 16. So it slides back in. The second guard, having no idea what's going on here, just sees his partner push the sword back in. He did the same thing, failing a strength check and having the sword slide out and back in a little. The poor dominated guy was being practically sawed in half.

We don't take ourselves too seriously at all, but we only have a few moments that are truly ridiculous. Other things can be... strange situations, but they seem completely natural when we get to them.
File: download (9).png (69 KB, 960x580)
69 KB
This was the last one he drew. After the first guard launched consciousness, he spent the rest of the fight going in and out of pants with a dagger, threatening to stab people's testicles.
File: Rektlace of Fireball.png (56 KB, 963x1161)
56 KB
I forgot a couple, actually. He drew this during a fight where the party had readied actions to throw a necklace of fireballs at the enemy. The enemy (another party) had decided to have some followers that they picked up from leadership to ready actions to take ranged attacks that get fired at them (neither knew the other's set-up). I tried to say the follower runs out and takes the necklace in the face (making it explode on the party who threw it instead of the party it was aimed at). Someone complained that was two move actions, and the other guys complained they'd have known that so it should've been set up better. I changed it so the interrupter was standing in the way (the readied action was still proc'd in the situation), and just used a move-action to move his neck to take the hit. Apparently I missed the part where the thrower said "I angle it up," and this was the result.
He added this after the game.
File: Rektlace of Fireball2.png (135 KB, 964x1742)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
Later in the same fight, the same party that had thrown their necklace earlier smacked the necklace of the other party to set it off before they could throw it.

Both parties, in their preparation, had just pooled all of their money to buy the most potent necklace of fireball beads that they could. It was something like 60d6 for each party.
This is the best thread on /tg/ right now.
File: download (16).png (83 KB, 960x580)
83 KB
But then where is the love?
File: Drad1S6.png (75 KB, 960x580)
75 KB
File: I Hate You Feg.png (52 KB, 970x587)
52 KB
This is one I forgot, from a Star Wars RPG game. He was playing a droid that thought he was a Jedi (and would actually waste turns rolling trained skill-focus'd Use The Force checks to do stuff like mind trick, including the hand motions). I actually don't remember how we got this guy, but I think we saved him from some evil pirate crew or something. He was our engineer on the ship for like an in-game year or two before anyone even bothered to actually ask him his name.

Turned out he had a disorder where he didn't like people acknowledging his existence, so he refused to tell us his name and just went about his duties. We all thought he was depressed so we got together and added a holo-whatever with video games and holo-net access to our ship for while we were away. We tried to cheer him up by playing a few games with him and losing on purpose, but one member of the party (guess which one) decided to win and antagonize him a little. To be fair, it was near the end of the session and I think everything after he beat him in the game was considered non-canon or a dream or something. But he chased him around with his lightsaber out and said things like "You're a fegit. Feg for short. I'm going to do to you what I did in that game. I'm going to catch you, cut you up, and let you know the whole time that I hate you, Feg." He eventually cornered him in the engine room and approached one step at a time, deflecting the poor little guy's panicky blaster pistol shots. At each step, he swatted away a blaster bolt and said "I hate you, Feg. I hate you, Feg. I hate you, Feg." It ended with Feg pulling a grenade out and exploding the engine of our ship.

That was non-canon, like I said, but his name is still Feg and he still locked himself in his room after the video games. Turned out he was a powerful jedi master (last one besides us, at the time), and trained us in the ways needed to beat the BBEG of the campaign.
Very cool thread, OP. Thanks for sharing.
>That Guy does art
>I can't stop giggling

This is a pretty awesome thread.
File: IronKnight-NEGD.jpg (134 KB, 700x1400)
134 KB
134 KB JPG

>Droid Jedi Master

Either your GM knows his EU, or he's really fucked up.
File: download (6).png (94 KB, 960x580)
94 KB
Glad you guys liked 'em.

There's a couple more, but he made them based on a comment a friend made about wanting to make a movie, so they're not based on vidya. The premise of the movie is that a jew escaped the gas chambers and went on a nazi killing spree.
File: download (7).png (118 KB, 960x580)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
He's pretty proficient in EU. He at first gave the player a crystal of some sort that let him channel jedi powers. Iron Knights or something? It was evil though, so the droid shattered it for the greater good. It was pretty emotional, watching him give up his dreams of ever being a jedi because it was the right thing to do. Then we fired him out of a hanger bay at another ship in space, he used his heavy duty actuators and lightsaber to cut a space fighter in half without taking any damage from the resulting explosion because of his energy shields, and it was all ok again. Made peace with having to trade actual force powers for being a droid. Though he still pretended to use the force when he did things like use magnets to call his lightsaber to his hand.
File: EATSHIT.png (97 KB, 960x580)
97 KB
You know which one I completely forgot? This one here. The party had all been knocked out except for him and one other, who was on his last leg. So he ran into the room, picked up a barrel full of experimental explosive powder, and set it on fire in the group of enemies. It killed him and all the enemies, but everyone else survived. He went out like a true hero and patriot.
This is pretty much the best thread on /tg/ right now and I am bumping it because I can

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