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I think it's safe to say that we aren't exactly part of a rival corporation anymore.

Archive: http://pastebin.com/gRjJeLHV
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpyOP1
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Voting rules:
-First vote to 10, or the option with the most votes after 15m, is the option selected. Sometimes, I'll extend voting if it's important, but this is rare.
-In the case of a tie, both options voted for will be used if applicable. If not, a tiebreaker vote will be called. If the tiebreaker is tied after 10m I flip a coin and seeing what happens.

Conflict rules:
-Some votes will call for a Conflict Roll.
-Conflict Rolls are 1d100 rolls attached to voting options.
-Conflict Scores are calculated by the average of every winning vote.
-Conflict Scores are set against target numbers to be beaten.
-Higher Conflict Scores reflect being more successful (i.e. a Conflict Score of 51 against TN 50, vs. a Conflict Score of 91 against TN 50 reflects varying degrees of asskickery)
Munich, Germany
September 17, 1998

Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2jcuFV6iT4

You haven't been home in months. Not since you shed your clothes, at least.

No time to reminisce, though. You have a mission.

Rose Cumberbatch-your target-is practicing biochemisty in a laboratory here in town, somewhere called Freelife Medical.

According to Dr. Matoi's report, she's working on a serum to 'alter the body's bio-electrical impulses to trigger rapid cellular regeneration.'

But more importantly, the catalyst she's using to create them is 'a self-regenerating, parasitic, fibrous organism '

She published her work so far. Dr. Matoi sent you here as soon as he read it.

Your mission is to find out whether or not Dr. Cumberbatch has been studying Life Fibers.

If so, then Nudist Beach can use her expertise. If not... it's safer for her if the Fibers and her work disappear.

You memorized the dossier on her. Military family background, graduated top of her class at Oxford, minored in Forensic Science... stubborn, clever, paranoid-a combination that could make your work hard.

You're on your way to Freelife Medical now, wearing just your gear and a large black overcoat to cover it. It's heavier than you prefer, but Nudists tend to stick out.

Your new partner cocks back his pistol and loads a round into the chamber behind him. “How are we playing this?”

That's a good question. According to the dossier, she works late, usually by herself. You could confront her in the laboratory personally, explain to her what's happening, and take the time to examine it there.

This is the rookie's first mission, but he shows promise so far. You could leave him to handle the laboratory, shadow the target yourself...

[ ] “We go in the front door.”
[ ] “You take the lab-I'll get the target.”
>[x] “You take the lab-I'll get the target.”
We must take care of the human element.
>[ ] “We go in the front door.”
>[ ] “You take the lab-I'll get the target.”

Time to operate
Time to see if the newbie is worth his salt.
Would said newbie happen to have gloriously luminescent nipples?
File: acknowledged.jpg (45 KB, 720x405)
45 KB
Newbie here aced his ALF-Combat and infiltration courses, but isn't exactly the best at blending in amongst people. Putting him around the target might scare her off.

Besides that, if this is as dangerous as Dr. Matoi implied it was, you might need to cover ground fast. Having someone at the target site could buy you the time you need.

“Split up. I'll drop you off a block away from Freelife. Infiltrate it, find out everything you can about Cumberbatch's research. Download what you can. Rig up the firebombs in case we can't get her to come along. I'll follow the doctor.”

You pull up alongside a nearby apartment building, and your partner gets out. “Got it. Check-ins every ten minutes?”

“Standard procedure, Migisuki.”


“Whatever. Get going.”

And you drive away, watching Mikisugi Aikuro disappear into the distance.
Shadowing someone who's perceptive is fairly difficult. Thankfully, you know a lot about Rose Cumberbatch from the surveillance.

For example, she takes the same route home every day. She stops at the same fast food restaurant every time she works late, always sticks to well-lit main roads, and always drives just a bit under the speed limit.

When you know that much, you don't necessarily have to follow someone. You can also lead them.

Sure, it cost you some cash, but the burger's not as bad as it looks-more importantly she's completely unaware of the fact you're 'tailing' her.

You veer off down another street in her neighborhood, to not make it too suspicious, and park three houses down.

You check your weapons-one SNG, one Uzi, your silenced pistol, two starch grenades and one flashbang. All loaded and ready to go.

You lock your car as you exit and walk down the street toward Rose Cumberbatch's home.
Mikisugi's voice comes through your comm. “Checking in-I'm inside. So far everything points to the serum being made from Life Fibers, but no conclusive evidence yet. Download commencing.”

“Roger. Keep in touch.”

She's just about to shut her door when you get there.

You stick your foot in the way of it.

...and then remember you're not wearing boots. Ouch. Some habits die hard, after all.

“Ms. Cumberbatch.”

“Wha-who are you?! Are you a stalker? I have a gun!”

“Calm down, Ms. Cumberbatch. I'm not here to hurt you. Far from it, in fact. I represent a certain party-”

“-interested in buying my research, right? Look, I told your last messenger I wasn't for sale, and I meant it. So get off my property and stop asking me!”

You go cold for a moment. Nudist Beach hasn't approached her yet-that means only one thing.


Well, this just went sideways fast.

Rose is perceptive enough to read your reaction. “...you're not with them, are you?”

“No. I'm here to help you, but I can't do that if you keep trying to crush my foot. Please let me come in.”

She opens the door and...

...well, you find yourself happy that you're wearing this obnoxious coat after all.
How do you intend to go about convincing her?

You could give her just the facts-but then she's a liability if she doesn't join.

If you shield her from the truth, though, she probably won't trust you.

You don't have time to tell the entire story, anyway. You...

[ ] ...come clean about Life Fibers.
[ ] ...give her the run-around.
[ ] ...decide to show, rather than tell.
>[x] ...come clean about Life Fibers.
>[x] ...decide to show, rather than tell.

err... both? What could go wrong.
[ ] ...decide to show, rather than tell.
>[x] ...come clean about Life Fibers.
>[x] ...decide to show, rather than tell.

>{Explanations Intensify}
Knowledge is power, and power is dangerous...
File: nudisto beeeeech.png (566 KB, 597x399)
566 KB
566 KB PNG
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOt0tW26hRY

She's a scientist-and perceptive. If you lie, or omit facts, she'll clam up.

It's a risk, but you'll have to take it.

“The parasitic organism you were using to create your serum... they exist all over the planet. They're called Life Fibers.”

“Para-wait, how do you know about my research?”

“Look, we don't have a lot of time, so I'm just going to give you the facts.”

She frowns and takes a seat on her couch, looking up at you. “Well? Give me the facts then.”

“The people who came to approach you are most likely agents of REVOCS, the face of the Kiryuin Conglomerate. Their leader, Kiryuin Ragyo, is the world's foremost expert on Life Fibers. She's confirmed that they're extraterrestrial beings that have been shaping the evolution of humanity for eons. They feed on human bioelectrical energy, use it to grow stronger, and reproduce. At first this comes as a boon to their host-Life Fibers stimulate muscle growth, reaction speeds, healing... but eventually they cover their host entirely and slowly kill it.”

“...you're insane.”

You ignore her insult and move on. “Kiryuin Ragyo has been working to spread trace amounts of Life Fibers throughout all the world through REVOCS-brand clothing. It is our belief that she's been driven mad by the Life Fibers she studied. So... we decided to fight them, instead of simply lay down and die.”

You throw back your coat, revealing your glowing Nudist form in all it's geared-out glory.

“We are Nudist Beach! An organization of highly-trained operatives who specialize in combating REVOCS and their Life Fiber-infused goons!”

Rose simply watches... though there's a little bit of blood that drips from her nose.

“You really expect me to believe that?”

“Could I have made up a story so outlandish I couldn't sell the script to Hollywood?”

She purses her lips at that, thinking. That line always makes them think.
File: fire at will.png (541 KB, 770x429)
541 KB
541 KB PNG
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjVe5-BSg7k

The sound of a car engine being shut off shakes you from your thoughts.

“Huh? Expecting friends, Mr. Nudist?”

“No... damnit. I have a bad feeling about this.”

You make your way to the window, kneeling down and peeking through it.

Two unmarked black vans. Six guys with small-caliber SMGs.

A REVOCS cleanup crew.

They take aim at the window.

“GET DOWN!” You turn and tackle Rose to the ground.

Rose's scream is drowned out by machine gun fire and the sound of shattering glass.

They've got you outnumbered, and outgunned. If you're good, and don't miss too much, you might be able to make a fight of it.

You know how they operate. After spraying the main room, they open up on any upper stories, then start with the incendiaries. If you don't get out, this whole place is going to burn down around you.

You could try and escape through the back, but if you're spotted, you won't have any cover. And you have to get Rose out too.

She looks to you, terrified. “W-w-what's going on?! What do we do?!”

[ ] “We run.”
[ ] “We fight.”
Rolled 94

[ ] “We run.”

Let's get the fuck outta here scoob
Oh shit. I neglected to mention Conflict Rolls.
Rolls for both!

are you a psychic anon
Maybe but apparently the dice support getting the fuck outta here
Rolled 30

Hey sweet, Star Wars music.

[x] “We run.”
Rolled 56

>[ ] “We run.”
Conflict Score: 60

File: jump up half naked.png (285 KB, 770x422)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXNuPDlmmg0

“We get the hell outta here, that's what!”


“There's at least ten guys out there, and I don't have the firepower to take that on me. Out the back, take my car. Come on!”

You crawl on elbows and knees out towards the back as bullets start spraying. Rose is on hands and knees right behind you.

You push her back door open, quiet enough not to slam it. The bullets have stopped flying through the main room-they're spraying the second story now.

Their procedures were always their biggest weakness.

“They'll be setting the incendiaries soon. We need to be out of here yesterday.”

“O-okay. Where's your car?”

“Down the street. Wait until they reload and start the second volley, then follow behind me as fast as you can.”

“Got it.”

She's scared. You don't blame her, you're scared too. You never really get used to bullets flying overhead.

The sound of automatic fire fills the night again.


You sprint forward and hop her back fence, climbing into her neighbor's yard. You make your way through them as quick as you can, only slowing down enough to make sure Rose can follow you. To her credit, she's in good shape... you stop admiring her shape before you get yourself killed.

Your car beeps once as you unlock it, sprinting towards it. You jump, sliding across the hood to get to the driver's side. Rose throws her door open and all but actually jumps in.

“Buckle up, Ms. Cumberbatch!”

You could have sworn you heard someone shout “Nudists!” as you punched the engine.
>forgetting your trip
what kind of nooblord does that
"Mikisugi! Mikisugi, come in!”

There's silence for a moment, then the comm channel opens up. You can barely hear him over the sound of gunfire. “Contact! At least six guys with SMGs! I'm under-” More gunfire, then silence.

“Damnit... they move fast.”

“Uh... what's going on?” Rose is belted in, riding high on the adrenaline but obviously out of her element.

“You refused to work for REVOCS. They're silencing you before you can reveal the existence of Life Fibers through your research.”

“...silencing me, huh...”

“Still think I'm insane?”

“...honestly? Yes, but just for different reasons. Where are we going?”

“Freelife Medical. My partner's under fire.”

“Your partner is in my lab?!”


“...oh. W-well... how are we going to handle this, then? All of my work that wasn't at home is in there.”

Good question. You have more weapons in the car, and Mikisugi is under fire. You could try for a distraction using the gear you have-a few charges and a little fire could get him out.

Or you can give those REVOCS bastards a taste of what it's like to cross a Nudist.

[ ] Go in guns blazing
[ ] Give him an opening to escape
>[ ] Give him an opening to escape
>[ ] Give him an opening to escape

Operating continues
>[X] Give him an opening to escape
File: a ponderous gaze.jpg (272 KB, 800x600)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
“We distract the fire team, then get Mikisugi out. The lab's not worth saving.”

“What do you mean it's n-?!”

“I mean he should have already copied everything that he could, and secured samples of your work.”

“...oh... then, were you-”

“No, I wasn't going to kidnap you or anything like that. Nudist Beach is interested in your work.”

“...you do this a lot, don't you?”

You glance over to her before turning your eyes back to the road.

She continues. “I mean... this is all so insane. Alien fibers that give people super powers? Nudist secret agents? But... when all this started happening, you were in complete control of the situation. It's like you're completely fearless.”

You snort. “Only stupid people are fearless. Fear is a perfectly good tool for reminding you not to get your stupid ass killed.”

“Why do you do it?”


“Why do you do all... this?”

“Because someone's got to. May as well be me. Besides, I get to travel a lot. Benefits package is pretty good, too.”

“Still trying to recruit me, huh?”

“Told you I'm not here to kidnap you. If you don't want to come help, we'll just let you disappear.”

“...we can talk about that after we get your partner out.”


“So what is the plan?”

You grin.
Choose your destiny.
[ ] Sewing Needle Gun
[ ] Grenades
[ ] The big gun
[X] The big gun
Go big or go home
File: a28.jpg (16 KB, 331x338)
16 KB
>[ ] Sewing Needle Gun
>[ ] Grenades
>[ ] The big gun
>[ ] Sewing Needle Gun
>[ ] The big gun
>[ ] Sewing Needle Gun
>[ ] Grenades
>[ ] The big gun

we going in guns blazing
Shiny buttons are shiny.

Come on, only rookies blow all their ammo at once.
File: 1404868410515.jpg (45 KB, 512x384)
45 KB
>Not going out in a excessive fiery blaze of glory against the Nudisto beeeeeaaach manual

>Not going all out to impress the hot scientist
>Not going all out to impress the hot scientist
All we need to impress her is to show her our Big Gun
File: 1366016216341.jpg (13 KB, 640x480)
13 KB
We already did

If you know what I mean
File: light 'em up.png (670 KB, 791x464)
670 KB
670 KB PNG
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1GZ8jBHkHw

“Mikisugi! Mikisugi, come on!”

More gunfire comes through the comms. “I'm under fire!”

“When you see the distraction, bolt out the back! Meet up at the drop point!”

“The distraction?!”

“You'll see it!”

You punch the engine again, reaching back into your backseat and grabbing a nondescript green duffel bag.

Rose's eyes go wide. “What's in-”

“My firepower!”

You reach in and grab the contents-a green metallic case which you set in her lap.

“Eeek! Wh-”

“Point that out the window!”

To her credit, she rolls it down and just that. “Now what!?”

“Buckle up and enjoy the fireworks!”


You hit a button on the inside of your car and activate the emergency vertical boosters, and ramp off some poor schmuck’s sedan, rocketing into the air.

Rose screams.

You reach over and pull the trigger on your rocket launcher.

The fact that it's level with her chest is just a bonus.

Some days, you love this job.
File: 1392430230328.jpg (28 KB, 554x527)
28 KB
>The fact that it's level with her chest is just a bonus.
>Some days, you love this job.
File: 1405271811444.gif (478 KB, 500x267)
478 KB
478 KB GIF
File: fruits of your labor.jpg (133 KB, 1280x720)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
The front of the lab, the REVOCS vans, and one poor asshole who turned at the sound of the rockets firing under your car all take direct hits and vanish in a cloud of bright red fire and smoke.

Promptly afterward, the entire laboratory erupts in a giant ball of fire.

Hopefully Mikisugi got clear.

Your car lurches as it hits the ground. You slam the breaks and turn hard right, throwing the rocket launcher back against the seat.

Rose screams again and is all but thrown from her seat as you take the corner hard and drive down the alley. A familiar blue-haired man wearing next to nothing hangs from the fire escape, scrambling up towards the roof. You honk your horn and hit another button, retracting the roof back into your car.

“Jump, Aikuro!”

He does, landing hard in the seat. “Ooof! Couldn't spring for the leather seats, huh?”

You hit in reverse and pull out of the alley... only to see red and blue flashing lights and hear sirens.

Someone in a megaphone begins shouting at you.

“Attention! Shut off your engine and put your hands up, or we will use deadly force.”

Damnit. There's no way the cops should have been here so soon. REVOCS must have set this up. From here, though, they look like actual cops.

Either way, they're blocking way to extraction. How do you proceed?

[ ] “Mikisugi, take the wheel!”
[ ] “Mikisugi, open fire!”
[ ] “Everyone buckle up!” (Conflict Roll)
Rolled 76

>[ ] “Everyone buckle up!” (Conflict Roll)
Rolled 5

>[ ] “Everyone buckle up!” (Conflict Roll)

Time for super sanic speeds
Rolled 12

>[ ] “Everyone buckle up!” (Conflict Roll)
Rolled 41

>[ ] “Everyone buckle up!” (Conflict Roll)
Dice la Dice
Conflict Score: 45
You know, it's almost annoying how your guy's dice always just barely succeed.
File: there goes your wheels.jpg (78 KB, 1280x720)
78 KB
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhV6jHbL26I

Time seems to slow to a crawl as adrenaline hits your brain, which kicks into high gear.

Your car is good, but it won't outrun police cruisers, and you don't have the resources to combat the entire Munich police department.

You expended your nitros canisters when you hit the vertical jets.

You have four grenades, six rockets, and a fully loaded SNG.

And you can't use any of it on innocent people.

Your only option is to run.

“Buckle up, newbie. This ride's about to get bumpy.”

Rose goes pale. “NEWBIE?!”

You punch the engine into reverse, turning to the line of squad cars.

The policemen all pull their sidearms and open fire.

Rose screams, you and Mikisugi both duck.

You shift into Overdrive and put the pedal to the metal.

You go from zero to eighty in a second and a half, smashing straight passed the squad cars and through the barrier.

You come up in time to break, take a hard corner, and shoot further down a street, weaving in-between traffic.

You have maybe a minute before a police chopper is on you.

You hate to do it, but you have to lose the car.

“You two buckled up?!”

Two screams are your answer. You check your rear view mirror. They are.

You slam the gas again, then hit the last button underneath the wheel.

The ejector seats.

Suddenly, the three of you (and your rocket launcher, which you sling over your shoulder incidentally) are flying forward through the air at at least eighty miles per hour, belted to your seats... which unfold the seat portion out into hang gliders.

Your car shoots forward, slams into a nearby building, and explodes in a ball of fire.

“Rose! Lean into it and follow us!”

Rose is panicking and trying to scream but can't find her breath... but she hears you, and the three of you land atop a nearby apartment complex.

You watch the cops surround the scene of the explosion, and hope that you didn't hurt anyone with your stunt.
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JntTbNt7-6M

You help unstrap Rose from her glider. She gives you a token, distant thank you, and curls up into a ball, staring at the wreckage of your car in the distance.

There's no treating this kind of shock, so you leave her be for a moment. Mikisugi is unstrapped and checking over what's left of his gear.

You approach him and notice blood trailing down his side. “You okay?”

“Are you kidding? It's just a scratch. Looks worse than it is.”

“If you say so. You got the data?”

“Got the sample, too.”

He reaches into one of the pouches and pulls out a small glass chamber, full of clear water with two red threads in them. Life Fibers.

That snaps Rose out of her daze and she gets up, running over to Mikisugi. “Give me that! That's a highly pressurized chamber! You have to hold it and store it very carefully or it could burst!”

She quickly walks over to Mikisugi and swipes it out of his hand. He just grins and shrugs it off. You sweatdrop. Yeah, she's cute, but you're still on a-

Suddenly you feel very afraid.

You hear a tiny popping sound.


You're too late. She looks over to you, and the pressure chamber bursts, showering her in glass shards and covering her in mist.

Mikisugi leaps backwards, looking down at one of the shards in his side and pulling it out, tossing it to the ground.

“...hey... you know... this doesn't feel half bad...”

You and Mikisugi step back. Rose steps out of the mist, her lab coat shining with the black-red sign of awoken Life Fibers.

And they're growing. Quickly.

Shit. You look over to Mikisugi, who looks as confused as you. He has no idea what to do either.

If those Fibers keep spreading, they'll engulf her completely. But... you have a hunch. Life Fibers respond to the will of their host, so if you can convince her this isn't worth it, she might be able to reject them.

[ ] Open fire with the SNG.
[ ] Try and reason with Rose.
Conflict Roll with both of these.
>[ ] Try and reason with Rose.

Ahh fuck the I don't know which is a shiny button or skeleton option returns
Rolled 12

>[ ] Try and reason with Rose.

Well, shit.
Rolled 59

Listen dice this is a flashback which means you are absolutely not allowed to kill us.
Rolled 17

[ ] Try and reason with Rose.
>try and reason with rose.
Rolled 28

>[ ] Try and reason with Rose.
Rolled 13

>[ ] Try and reason with Rose.
Here I come to save the day!
Rolled 7

frack forgot my dice.
Conflict Score: 23
Dramatic failures are dramatic.
>These rolls
>Dramatic failures are dramatic.

Well it's not like we can die this is a flashback
That's against the rules of a flashback right?...Right?

OP pls
Can we try and reason with the dices instead? I mean, the rolls went our way only once...
>inb4 it creates an alternate dimension where Heinrich doesn't exist while Rose becomes the Primordial Life Fiber
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFRvrlqYMIY

Dr. Matoi made it clear that, if at all possible, you were to bring her back alive.

Even then...

“Rose... Rose, listen to me. That feeling is the feeling of being worn by Life Fibers. It's a lie. That's all it is. You have to take that coat off now.”

“Take it off? TAKE IT OFF?! Are you kidding? I've never felt stronger! I've never felt happier! If this is what being worn is like, I WANT to be worn!”

You take a step closer to her.

Rose raises her hand and Life Fibers unravel from her sleeve, coiling threateningly around her arm. “Stay back, Nudist!”

You put your hands up, but take another step closer. “Rose, listen to me-”

She cuts you off by thrusting forward with her arm and shooting Life Fibers through your body.

You hear the sound of a SNG being cocked, but hold your hand up to him.

You have one last thing to try.

It hurts. It hurts badly. Life Fibers respond to the will of their host, and she willed them to hurt, not to kill.

That means you just have to change the will of the host.

You take another step forward. More Fibers lash out at you.

She looks... panicked, again. “I SAID STAY BACK!”

“Rose... you're afraid. I know you're afraid. Fearlessness is for idiots, right?”

Blood bubbles up in your mouth, popping and flowing out the corner. You do your best to smile anyway.

You take another step. Fibers shoot through your knee, and you collapse to one side.

“But these Fibers... this feeling they're giving you, of power, of security. It's all a lie. All of it!”

You force yourself back up and limp another step towards her.

“...if you really want stability, safety... you have to find that in humanity.”

Her eyes are big and glistening.

You've been around the block a few times before, but never like this.

Hopefully she doesn't mind the taste of blood.

She goes limp when your lips meet.
File: knowledge is a burden.png (182 KB, 436x249)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
“...your father's injuries were career-ending. It was trivial to set up his cover story as a modeling coach. He had experience with it already as his cover story. Rose rejected the Fibers, and did her best not to wear them... but she couldn't be steered away from studying them. We later found out what happened with her serum.”

You sit there, trying to take everything in. Your flake of a father was a secret agent? Hell, YOU are a secret agent?

Mikisugi continues. “Her treatment worked-it enhanced cellular regeneration... but only when exposed to Life Fibers. The serum caused a biochemical change in the body, which made her natural bio-electric field resonate strongly with the Life Fibers. She died in a laboratory accident, alongside one Kinagase Kinue.”

“...what... what does that mean?”

“It means, Heinrich, you inherited your mother's legacy. Whatever you did that night, you triggered the reaction between your body and the Life Fibers in your Uniform. And judging by the one attached to your needle, you may well have caused them to grow.”

You go silent, looking down at your sleeve.

“...Heinrich... I know this is going to be a lot to take in. It's late. You should go.”

You look out the window. The sun has set. You don't remember when.

“...we have more to talk about. When you're ready, come to me and I'll answer the rest of your questions. Just... remember. Don't get in Tsumugu's way. He's got more training then you, and his gear is designed to destroy Life Fibers. You can't beat him.”

You stand up wordlessly, staring at Mikisugi for a moment before leaving.
File: someone who listened.png (751 KB, 648x1046)
751 KB
751 KB PNG
You don't know why you walked here, don't really remember when you got here, but you're sitting outside the warehouse where you first discovered this power. This... mutation.

You don't know why Ryuko was there either.

But she listened.

“So... what're you gonna call it?”


“Whatever you did, you used it to save Mako. The way I see it, it doesn't make a difference whether or not any of this Nudist Beach stuff is true or not.”

You stare down at your palms while she talks.

She places a hand on your shoulder, and you look up at her.

“We're here for you too. So stop sulking, huh?”

You smile at her, then look up into the air.

What -are- you going to call it?

[ ] Life Fiber Enhancement
[ ] Life Fiber Generate
[ ] Life Fiber Overclock
[ ] Other (custom write-in)
>[x] Life Fiber Fruity Rumpus Asshole Factory
>Life Fiber Overcharge
>[x] Life Fiber Fruity Rumpus Asshole Factory
Hey now, that was a joke post.
>Life Fiber Synchronize
I have no one to blame but myself for opening this up to the public.
i kinda like Overcharge
Considering there was only one serious vote...
File: midnight rendevous.jpg (566 KB, 1680x1050)
566 KB
566 KB JPG
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jVQw4xiyJY

You look up into the night sky and think.

When you did that, when you dug deep... it was like something just gave you more energy. More than you could really handle.

Today... today has been so much to handle.

Today you found out you're a secret agent, who comes from a family of secret agents.

Now, you're complete with your own little trump card.

“Life Fiber Overcharge.”

You look over to Ryuko out of the corner of your eye. She grins and slugs you in the shoulder.

You wince a little, but you're still smiling.

Wherever you came from doesn't matter right now.

What matters is where you're going.

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And archived! Thanks for reading!

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