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>Year 484 of the Raschan Calendar

Ten years ago you lost her, Carna, who stuffed her cheeks with bread. Now ten years later, she fills her gullet with blood.

You'll be coming in your final month soon, one more mission and you'll graduate; becoming a Seeker, but that isn't as important to you ask as meeting The Grand Librarian and discovering the answer to your question... whatever that is.

The snow continues to come and go, and the days pass on by peacefully. Everyone has come to term with Anlak's loss at their own paces, though things are hardly any different with him gone. You don't have any thing to do today, although you could visit Masoch or Sissel without too much trouble you'd need to find something to talk about. You're pretty clean today, which seems to have become strangely uncommon.

You and your friends have just been lazing around the dorms and it is coming into noon. Rein and Yu'yen debate in the hallways whether or not dragons are bigger than castles while Sheryl lays about, shamelessly playing with her dog Chance in the open.
You haven't seen Leona yet, but you can hear her voice now and again as you go about your business. She seems to be spying on you, and you haven't done anything conspicuous yet but you might need to get rid of her before attending to personal matters.

At any rate, it seems the day is yours.

>What do you do?

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Librarian+Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LibrarianQuest

I guess it's still 5ish. It's too hot today, I wanna meeeelt; but Librarian Quest is happening! I will see this through!
>personal matters
So we're planning on having a fap?

By all means, let her keep spying, then.
>What do you do?
Find out why Leona is spying.

Pretend to leave the dorms: Open and close the door to the dorms but hide behind something instead of actually going through the doorway. Then when Leona follows where she thinks you went sneak up behind her.
Seems pretty dead.

I must admit this is very tempting, but this >>33434658 might be more appropriate.
File: librarianquest.png (44 KB, 600x400)
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You'd do well to see what the woman wants, it's been some time since you've last chatted with her.

You open the door leading into the gardens and slip through, closing it behind you. Among the mixed in trees not all have regained their greenery but the brush around the entry-way make for a nice little hiding spot. You tuck yourself behind swiftly, squatting down in wait for Leona.
As expected, steps through the door in pursuit, what would be fifteen paces behind you by your count, had you kept walking. Her carrot braid flaps around while her blue eyes dart left and right, she's decent enough at stealth but not so much at beating it as you recall. When she has confidently fooled herself into thinking that you're not there, she starts to walk forward.
You leap out of the brush and grab her shoulders.

"EEK!" She yells, making a small hop before spinning around to face you.

You wave your hand and show her it's you. "So why're you following me?"

Leona freezes, her face curls up conspicuously, darting up and left; down and right looking for excuses, "Ah, well, see..."


"Well, I was wondering... ah-well, what you were up... to?" This girl IS training to be a spy right? You give her a firm look until she relents, 'Alright, I saw you with Rein the other day so... I was curious about what was going on with that."

"What do you mean exactly?" You probably have an idea but it always hurts to get the details.

"Well, it looks like you two have this cosy thing going on so..." Leona sticks her hands behind her back, swaying lightly left and right in anticipation of an answer to her lack of a question.

>What do you do?
First thing that pops into my mind is a kiss out of left field.

Just lay it on her, and make all of the girls even more frustrated.
>Fake a really guilty look on your face.
>Ask how long she's been following you
>Figure out a time when she couldn't possibly have been watching you during that time.
>"So you must have seen us at the bath [Insert time]."
>"It was only harmless fooling around I promise"
Then when she freaks out tell her you where joking.
I don't think this would help at all.

This is almost as bad.
I don't want it to help.

I specifically said I want o frustrate all of the girls.
>What do you do?

Dodge the question by running away from Leona.
Well. This is the most reasonable solution presented.
"You should kiss her." That snickering voice pops up in your head, as usual it's full of bad ideas. "A rose in each hand--AND ONE BETWEEN THE LIPS. HAHAHAH!" Frangelico has been really annoying lately.

"How long have you been following me?" You ask her.

"Ah, not long. Just since you got back is all." She says, laughing to herself.

"So you must have seen us then..." You cover your mouth with a hand, tapping the side of your cheek with your fingers in feigned thought.

"Then? What? WHEN!?" Leona places both hands on the sleeve of your hanging arm, she leans forward staring at you with beaming eyes.

"Oh? You didn't? Well, that's a relief..."

"A relief!? What kind of relief!?" She's practically shaking in excitement.

"Ah, it's nothing. We were just in the baths and... oh, I said too much already." You slip your hand out of her grasps, sticking it in your pocket. Her eyes are practically popping loose, she runs between angered, intrigued, confused and saddened, before...

"Wait a second, we don't have a private bath and Rein always goes with me..." She mumbles.

You turn and you run, sprinting away in direction of The Archives intent on slipping away from her, you can hear her yelling after you. She might pursue but it's not likely she'd catch you. At the crossing between the dorms, the city and The Archives you spot Masoch leaving towards the city and Silvest standing by the door. Hurried footsteps continue to sound off behind you.

>What do you do?
>What do you do?
Run to the bar. Order a drink or two and wait for Masoch.
So bad suggestions are Frangelico now? I can dig it.

Do you really want Leona to get near alcohol again?

Because I do.
Rolled 3

>Run to the bar.
>When you get to the bar, dive behind the counter .
>Hope Masoch's wife doesn't make a scene.
>Hope Leona thinks you went out the back.
>If Leona leaves then order a drink or two and wait for Masoch.
>If she doesn't leave...
Rolled 10

I never know when to roll.
Rolled 9

>Leona thinks you went out the back.
>Runs out the back.
>Realizes there are no footprints in the snow so you couldn't have gone this way.
>Goes back to the bar to retrace her steps.
>Masochs wife is helping Main Character up
>Leona see's MC in a compromising position with the hot bar maid behind the bar.
>[Cunning 15]

You take a left, bringing you away from the entrance and into the road to Deneb. When you blast past Silvest he hops on his fours and sticks his tail up, hissing with his fur on end.

"Hey." You greet Masoch briefly as you past by him, balancing your steps on the ice. He nods to you once and motions his hand above his head, pausing briefly when a raised brow when his hand hovers over his hair...

Deneb's bar as usual is fairly quiet. A few worn faces sit about chatting. Growing tensions with Daktori, the Lancet championships, which girls will be sent to The Highest Peak the coming year; normal discussion. Deneb waves at you as you walk over.

"Hey there, alone today? I thought I'd be seeing another cute girl with you." She places her hands on her hips, the sides of her face pull up.

"Maybe later. For now, hide me." You slide behind the bar and duck under. You've probably lost Leona but it's always better safe than sorry.

"Oh? Is Sheryl mad?"

"Sheryl?" What's she got to do with anything?

"Aren't you two a pair? I always see you together." It seems Deneb has the wrong idea. "Masoch thinks you look nice together." She isn't the only one.

You should probably correct her, but when the front-door swings open you decide to keep quiet. Masoch steps inside, with Leona holding onto his coat. Bits of frost cling onto the hind of her dress.

"What happened to her?" Deneb asks as the two get seated.

"Slipped running down the hill. This is why dresses and high shoes aren't allowed in the field."

"I'm not working right now!" Leona crosses her arms and huffs. "Gods, he got away thanks to that."

Deneb peeks down at you then back at the two, "Well then, can I help you today?"

"Ah! Oh-oh-oh! Yes you can!"

"Are you sure..." Masoch grumbles.

"If I'm here I may as well try something new!" Leona ignores him, turning her attention to the bottles on the shelves.

"I'll be around back then." Masoch leaves his seat.

>What do you do?
Wait until she's piss drunk and sneak out.

Unless that something new is non-alcoholic.

In which case, cry.
Look at Deneb and shake your head saying "no"

If that doesn't work; point to a bear then point to yourself. Might as well have a drink while we wait this out.
This is gonna be fun, let's do this.
>point to a bear
I meant beer but if Deneb has a bear we'll take one of those also.
Deneb looks down at you and you shake your head. "Ah Masoch, hold on; let's talk a bit." Deneb stops your esteemed professor from leaving, drawing him back to his seat. He sighs as she makes him a clear cocktail.

One by one, liquor hits the glasses before they hit Leona. You patiently wait behind the counter as Deneb takes swings at the Belgran's good mind. You can hear the Leona's sobriety vanish with every drink, as she moves from short controlled giggles into loud drunken laughs. Similarly, Masoch's grunting becomes more and more pronounced...

It's about an hour in before the drinks stop coming. Leona rests her chest against the counter, her braid hanging loose in front of her. The tip of it sways just over your face.

"You're a mean one aren't you... erm-"

"Leooona! Big L, little E, little O, little N, little A!" Leona answers Deneb loudly.

"-Leona. Something bothering you?"

"Yeah! There's this boy see-and he's wonderful, but I think he likes my sister better!" A slam comes into the counter above you, The Champion proclaims her might.

"A-alright then. Please don't slam on the counter Leona."

"Gods! Rein's wonderful too, but now I'm angry! We held hands and everything, and now I see him touching hands to her! He's got his hands all over people!" She's got an odd idea of relationships.

"Rein?" Masoch curiously says.

"Yeah! They vanished off during a trip and who knows what sorts of adventures they were on! Alone in the cold with nothing but their bodies to keep them waaarm-it makes me so angry to think!" And an over-active imagination.

"Well, I'm sure you don't have to worry. You're very attractive dear." Deneb says smoothly.

"We're twins! So she's just every bit as attractive and don't you say otherwise!" You hear another thud, Leona's hair slinks further down, "Gods, I hope it works out for heeer..." Her voice trails off...

"I guess I'll take her back..." Masoch says.

"I can't believe it's just past noon." Deneb nods.

>What do you do?
>What do you do?
Wait until Leona's gone and get a drink for yourself. I'm sure Deneb will want to talk about your little situation.
I kind of wanted to talk to Masoch if he did more research about Frangelico. But what ever, we'll probably have other opportunities.

You peek behind the counter, and watch Masoch take Leona away. He carries her out like a sleeping child, looking disgruntled but never-the-less.
Out of danger, you take a seat at the counter and order yourself some ale to work at. Deneb gets you your drink promptly, saying nothing.

You half-expected her to say something first, but she just casually works on dirty glasses in the basin beside her. Once in awhile attending to other customers as they come and go...

Maybe you should say something.

>What do you do?
"I'm not a bad person am I?"

Unfortunately my bed calls to me and I gotta call it early
>What do you do?
"Got any advice?"
"she exagerated alot of that, and i may have over teased a bit....may i ease have a drink"
"I think I'm in a love polygon and I have no idea what to do."
Hexagon, your forgetting childhood friend #2.
I didn't forget anyone. Polygon is any shape that can be made out of strait lines.

Triangle (3 sided), square (4 sided), pentagon (5 sided), hexagon (6 sided), heptagon (7 sided), octigon (8 sided), nonagon (9 sided), and decagon (10 sided) are all Polygons.

Woops, misread polygon as pentagon.
"Got any advice?" You ask Deneb, tired of the silence.

"For what exactly?" Deneb bares her teeth with her smile.

"The good old story book love polygon. I think I've at a square right now and there may be a few points coming off of the other corners." You ease the mood a bit, Deneb serves you another mug.

"Pick Sheryl."

"She's not a part of it." Probably.

"No? That's a shame. Well, pick the one you like most."

"Don't do it, she'll eat both of us." Frangelico whispers, "I bet you could have both girls, you should do it, a king and his harem." You aren't listening to him right now.

"That might be difficult." For yourself, for your heart, for whoever that girl may be.

"Hahah. You know, Masoch's family was nobility. When they still had title, there was a lot of competition for him around here."

"Which nobility exactly?"

"Deneb sits in Ridae, but until so many years ago it typically had it's own lord presiding over it. Remnants of an old age before the cat god was devoured don't you know? I'll spare you the details, but I'll tell you he was always quiet and mean-looking."

You're not quite sure where she's going with this...

"Do you know of The King's Maidens? When The High Prince comes of age, each region sends a daughter to The Highest Peak traditionally. The King will pick one girl among them and she will be wed to that Prince. Many nobles copy the tradition, I suppose it's to make them look larger?" Deneb leans on the counter in front of you, waving a finger around as she speaks, "Masoch's family sent missive to girls all across the region, and each of them showcased her talents one by one. Embroidery, music, dance; the like. Can you guess what I did?"

You have a few ideas but she doesn't let you answer.

"My father tended bars, so I mixed a drink. His father was furious and sent my commoner butt out the keep, but..." Deneb stands back and chuckles, "Masoch chased me all the way to this city."

>Pick Sheryl.

"Well, I suppose it wasn't a far trip. He more or less lived here, his home was built just outside. Still, I thought it was romantic; we ran into some trouble but we wed by the next year. The household fell apart the year after, politics I suppose." Deneb finishes her little story, taking your emptied drink away from you. "But I suppose if I didn't make that clear, what I wanted to say is that ought to chase your heart's demands, no matter who else is involved. Even if it's a court full of dressed nobles."

"Foolish." Frangelico whispers softly.

How much of that applies to you is questionable, but still... you pay for your drinks, stopping before you've gotten too dizzied. You could talk to Deneb more, but the evening will be coming soon and you've one or two things you could do.

>What do you do?
>She's not a part of it
Bullshit, she's a kuudere
See if we can't track down Yuyen
go find a book with new weaves
>"She's not a part of it." Probably.


You stupid blind fool
>What do you do?
Go find Masoch. We need to know if he's done any research on our little situation. Also if Leona caused any trouble.

>"I bet you could have both girls, you should do it, a king and his harem."
Frangelico's a pretty smart guy. Maybe we should listen to him.

Not sure what we'll do with him

When your default action is to study it gets repetitive and boring after a while.

Masoch or we could go ask Sheryl what to do with our love "square" I'm sure that couldn't possibly backfire.
"Thanks for the talk." You leave the bar...

You should probably go see Masoch, but you have a little business to do first. You've been out of town for a month and you've run yourself dry of entertainment, you pay a quick visit to an new-old friend.

"Abloobloobloo! Witt! Noooo!" Nitt's sobbing when you enter his shop. Waving his stubby arms around over his head. You turn your gaze to whatever could be bothering him, and you see his novel companion Witt being smacked around by a Lunese fellow.

"I'm telling you! I just want a stupid book, not a STUPID BOOK!" Yu'yen holds Witt by the binding, smacking him against the piles of literature around him. Each time the living book pulls back, trying to snap against your friend's nose.

"What's the matter?" You ask.

"Aaah! It's terrible, he came in looking for something and when Witt popped alive, he called him freaky! Now Witt's angry, and the Lunese is angry, and I abloobloobloo!" The situation doesn't really make any more sense. You pluck a book of intermediate weaves off the floor and leave some coins on the counter as you move to stop the fight...

..."Ah, I'm glad you came along friend! The book had more firm a bite than a sultry mistress of the ni-"

"So why were you in there?" You ask Yu'yen, making way back to the dorms.

"I've told you before didn't I? I am a prince out to reclaim his lost empire!" Yu'yen thrusts his chest out triumphantly.

"And you happened into a tiny shack in an alleyway to do that?" It's certainly a narrative.

"The throne has burned most records of The Vanishing Age, but Sheryl told me that they had many old records there. I thought it might come in handy... dead end for me though, their oldest files were hand-scribbles on demons. I suppose the owner has gone deft and dumb to let those demon pages knock him about."

"Is that so..." You're on your way to meet Masoch but you might as well talk about something...

>What do you do?
well we can still grab a book on weaves, we dont have to stop and read the thing, i just want to have one on hand for little breaks in the action and we have nothing better to do (ie. trips to new mission locations)
Everyone on /tg/ likes making the character stronger. There are two ways this is done.

In story progression.
>We choose to go the the library and learn a weave
Mechanical (also called point buy)
>You get experience points to spend.

The first method feels more organic but it uses up in game actions. Every time we vote to study is a vote where we don't fight demons and break young girls hearts. Spending more than half a thread studying every week gets boring after a while.

The second way is less organic. By that I mean it makes the quest feel a little more like a video game. It also makes the quest move faster because you're not spending 'in game' time getting stronger. But it has been known to cause arguments.(the bigger the quest the worse the arguments) And, if point vote is at the end of the thread then the players from the beginning might not get a vote because they fell asleep.
Damn, I can't remember if we've asked Yuyen about his mission with Leona yet. If not, we should.
I don't think we did. So, ya.
Lets check up on how he's been doing and what he's been up to. It's been too long since we checked up on each other really.
I did not say to stop everything and read an entire book, I just said to acquired one so we can have options when we have a break in the action and not much better to do
I know. But I was following a quest called Medievalmon. The players started voting to practice magic literally every other vote for over 5 threads in a row. Shit got old fast.
i do not want the either, but if we get stuck on a day long wagon ride to a mission then i want to learn some weaves on are way there
"So how was your mission?"

"Mine eh..." Yu'yen's face flattens. "It was okay."

"Okay?" That's not very descriptive. "What happened?"

"Kita took us southward, we were pretty close to The Dylian." The river between Rascha and Daktori. "Place isn't too bad this time of year, but it's scorching in the summer months."

"You've been there before?"

"Yeah, when I was a child I spent a few months there... we infiltrated some noble household, they'd been keeping another family's princess that they nabbed off the child trade." That's not a good start, you know how he feels about that. "I don't know what Kita was up to the whole time but Leona and I spent the whole time as servant and maid."

"You were a butler?"

"No, servant. They don't like Lunese there, so I was cleaning the floor with my shirt as a rag. The fat lord was a real lech too."

"Did he do something to Leona?" You're a bit worried about where this is going.

"No." Yu'yen turns his head to you, shaking his head left and right. "No, he didn't pay any attention to her at all."


"He showed up one night in the quarters with his fat hanging out everywhere, so I gutted him right there. I was certainly not planning to let him continue. We stole away the girl the same night and ran... but the worst part of it all..." Yu'yen's eyes begin to tear up, "The princess was a chiiiild! Not a young beauty at all! She was three heads shorter than me and spent the whole time complaining about the cells giving her better food! I withstand some fat skeleton touching my tender thighs all month and the princess isn't even kiss-worthy!"

You're feeling less sorry for him.

"Ah well. They had some curious records though, it seems he was part of an old family with ties to the old Empire. I took down some copies before I left." Yu'yen shrugs, and his face practically morphs back to normal. You continue walking...

It is a good fall back.
In the glow between the afternoon and the evening, you enter Masoch's office. He sits in his chair with a squirrel on his palm that takes little nibbles on some nuts laying on the ball of his hand.

"Excuse me."

"Ah." Masoch looks over to you, before shoving the whole animal down his coat pocket. "I've been expecting you."

It's probably best not to ask about that... yet. "Did you looked into things?"

"I've asked around." He whips his fingers about, bringing his index to point at a chest in the corner. The lock undoes itself and the box opens up, a few loose papers flap out on folded wings into your hands. "The Grand Librarian seems quite curious about your situation, I ask that you are not bothered by me telling her... it was to be known sooner or later any ways."

"These are...?" You look over each piece, they're neatly written by an unfamiliar hand and detail instances of Frangelico's corruptions over the ages. Much alike the tome you found, but each one in greater detail. "If you had these then why did you send us on that mission?"

"We didn't have them before, but a little bit of knowledge can be a big investment in finding more." You'll need to look over these later. "Honestly, those notes probably won't be too helpful to you, but I thought they better than nothing. However, more importantly is that the Grand Librarian is willing to speak to you... You may get your question answered early."

"When?" You body runs hot, you want to know.

"For your final task as a student, it's typically the same sort of missions you've been on save that you do them alone. More than once would-be Seeker has left during it. If you vanish, I will not stop you." Masoch says, "But if you meet the librarian, you'll be privy to our secrets. We'll no choice but to hunt you down then... either way, I will be sending one of the other students with you, at your choice as a precaution. Meet me tomorrow with what you want to do. Think carefully."

>What do you do?
>What do you do?
I've got nothing.
Head back home and read our intermediate weave book as well as those notes on Frangelico.
Go talk to Sheryl maybe?
We need to talk this over woth what we dread whom we dread doing most, our friends, the people this will have an effect on.
and maybe use the notes to talk to fran about his past and motives
After that thread with Anlak as MC Kran said that the 'poison Carna' plan worked but the demon got away. I assume that means that Carna is dead but the demon switched hosts. But in the following threads QM has been implying Carna is still alive. I'm confused.

>If you vanish, I will not stop you.
To be honest being a Seeker sounds like it will suck. But I can't think of any other way of getting answers on how to save Carna if she's alive.
I just can't think of any series of events that Carna get's bit by snake lady and still gets away contracted. Even if Frangelico turned Anlak into revanent like Carna's father he would need to have put a demon in Anlak to control him. Just like Sessil said.

And how could he control Anlak while Carna was poisoned? We already proved that controlling demons takes conscious effort.
You'll leave the weaves for before you sleep, you expect to need something to take you to bed after you've gone over the notes on Frangelico. When you returned to the dorms, Rein and Yu'yen were attending to an aching Leona in the kitchen tables, and you chose to slip past them and focus.

As Masoch mentioned, the notes were largely useless. Many of them redundant to Frangelico's distinctive patterns, that he goads men on and watches them fall. Still, a few rouse your attention.

A living contractor who contacted a Frangelico is living in Ragamuffin Way. Yu'yen could likely help you find him, with what he knows of the area; and a Paladin near the capitals that saw to a Frangelico banished still stands, old and weak as he is. Sending to Gos to direct his attentions there or leaving to meet him yourself would do good.

"Frangelico, what do you think?" You ask your demon.

"What do I think? You're looking over notes about KILLING MEEE!"

"Yes, and? Any of them ring a bell?"

"Hmph. I might remind you of our kind's conditions. I've only loose memories of so many of these, the many of me that once lurked came from a greater myself but not each of them returned to his form. Still... this one I am curious about." He cannot gesture, but you know where he looks. You shuffle through the papers and see it, in Belgrand a village was destroyed; similarly to yours. Nothing stands out about the story itself, save that a small handful of survivors escaped. You could ask one of the sisters to show you there but...

A knocking at your door distracts you from your thoughts. You cast your grip and pull it open, a trick you've been practising in your spare time. Sheryl stands in the hallway, with her usual lack of expression on.

"I've looked into the notes." She says.

"My father... until the very end he wanted to rejoin us." She invites herself inside, closing the door behind her as she takes a seat on your bed. She opens a leather-bound journal over her lap. "He wanted to remove the demon within him, that he may return to man again... that he remove our blight." Her ears twitch.

"Did he have any success?"

Her ears flatten out, she shakes her head. "Until the end he failed, as Sissel said. He'd thought that with how demons devour mist he might be able to draw one out of another contractor... to this end he consumed until he was no more; but each time he devoured the host along with it."

"A dead end?"

"Perhaps not. Demons have pull to themselves, so that they reclaim their form when torn apart. You've seen it before haven't you? If demons of the same heritage, were to do so, they might be able to draw each other out more fully."

"Then that means..." Your chest tightens.

"That last part is a guess, a courtesy to yourself. I cannot promise success. Father learned a lot but he could not test that." Sheryl bows her head down to you, "But still, I thought if I could help..."

"Don't think twice mortal, I will not allow myself consumed. I've no plan of going near that fiend of me again." Frangelico scoffs.

"That was all, I couldn't make more of this." Sheryl stands up, "Do your best going forward, I will watch your back."

"Thank you." You tell her, she leaves.

Tomorrow you'll need to talk to Masoch. For your shared purpose he'll probably let you choose your own job if you ask him, and which companion you wish to take. You'll need to decide on that, as well as what questions you'll ask. You're reaching the end of your quest to hold Carna's hand again...

You open your book, picking out a spell to fall asleep to.

>Voice. Capture your words and send them a short distance.
>Push. Your grip can send objects flying.
>Torch. Let your light maintain form.

And so life goes on.
>>Push. Your grip can send objects flying.
>>Push. Your grip can send objects flying.
Definetely force powers
It's oveeeer. Thanks for playing.

The sessions done but I'll count the votes later and treat it accordingly. Blahblahblah. I always feel like I have to say more here but... I dunno, I don't have anything to touch on. I was really slow today, I blame the heat, it's fucking hot out.
damnit OP, that's such a dangerous lead to give.

I'm not going to push for a full plan, but some things to note:

1) We need to buddy with Franny before trying anything. Show him we actually trust him, or appeal to what memories he DOES have to see if he's still willing to be a good person.

2) Frangelico thinks we're stupid. Apparently I am, but that doesn't mean we can't use that to our advantage. Just straight out "pulling" is definitely going to fail, but if Frangelico decides to taunt us in a way that leaves himself open to the "pull", we can try it. No idea how dialogue will get there, though.

3) If we bring other contractors, Frangelico will know. Hell, he might know even if we bring uncontracted people. Assume that ambushes will backfire without layers of deception.

4) We need to get Gos in on this. Seriously. He knows too little, but that can be a good thing. Disclaimer: I don't actually know how, so don't do it unless someone does have a plan.
Whatever we try will probably fail... Unless our plan was to fail to lure into a false sense of security for our backup!
But Frangelico has been in the game a long time and would see that coming... Unless that plan was just an even deeper ruse AHA

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