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File: haha time for spying.jpg (174 KB, 1144x1292)
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Archive: http://pastebin.com/gRjJeLHV
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpyOP1
File: rules lawyer.gif (22 KB, 168x142)
22 KB
Voting rules:
-First vote to 10, or the option with the most votes after 15m, is the option selected. Sometimes, I'll extend voting if it's important, but this is rare.
-In the case of a tie, both options voted for will be used if applicable. If not, a tiebreaker vote will be called. If the tiebreaker is tied after 10m I flip a coin and seeing what happens.

Conflict rules:
-Some votes will call for a Conflict Roll.
-Conflict Rolls are 1d100 rolls attached to voting options.
-Conflict Scores are calculated by the average of every winning vote.
-Conflict Scores are set against target numbers to be beaten.
-Higher Conflict Scores reflect being more successful (i.e. a Conflict Score of 51 against TN 50, vs. a Conflict Score of 91 against TN 50 reflects varying degrees of asskickery)

Life Fiber Overcharge:
-Options tagged with an * have two choices-following through with that decision normally, or using Life Fiber Overcharge. Specify which when you vote.
-If an option calls for a Conflict Roll, but the winning vote uses Life Fiber Overcharge, there is no Conflict Roll necessary.
-In case of split votes and a mundane route succeeding, only Conflict Roll votes will be factored into the Conflict Score.
-Life Fiber Overcharge makes Life Fibers being worn by the protagonist twice as effective, but causes them to begin multiplying.
-Using Life Fiber Overcharge is draining, and the protagonist does not have special resistance to Life Fibers. Choose carefully.
File: 1389757073726.jpg (102 KB, 600x600)
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102 KB JPG
File: looming danger.png (474 KB, 834x463)
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474 KB PNG
It's still almost too much to believe.

But... all the pieces fall into place.

If you stop thinking of your father as a flighty thrill-seeker... or at least, JUST as a flighty thrill-seeker, it makes sense as to why he was always going to dangerous gang-filled places for 'excitement.'

The story of Life Fibers is just outlandish... but you've seen proof it exists here, in Ryuko's transformation, in the Uniforms you're here to steal-in the one on your back.

And when you needed it the most, that power that Mikisugi mentioned came to you.

This... power, this gift from your mother. Now that you think about it, you really don't know how to use it. You were mildly concussed, and all that you really did was want to win. Is that enough?

You have about an hour before class. If you wanted to practice with it, now would make a good chance.

But how? And for that matter, is it worth it? What if someone caught you, or it makes you black out or something? Ryuko needs you today.


[ ] ...desperately dig deep down, like the night at the warehouse.
[ ] ...try and calm your mind and reach for it.
[ ] ...just let it flow from you naturally.
[ ] ...can't afford to take this chance now.
>[ ] ...try and calm your mind and reach for it.

Time to become the Ice man.
[ ] ...try and calm your mind and reach for it.

Rock within the storm
This is actually a fairly important decision, so I'll extend the vote time a little longer.

Choose wisely.
Here changing to
>[ ] ...just let it flow from you naturally.

Why? I don't know I got this feeling...
Rolled 2



>extend vote times
>mutually exclusive tie
>no more voters in sight
Okay, coinflip procedure.

[1] ...try and calm your mind and reach for it.
[2] ...just let it flow from you naturally.
File: Spoiler Image (22 KB, 640x480)
22 KB
>tfw you got this other feeling and now you want to change your vote again
Like a river in the forest...
You think for a moment on what you heard yesterday.

From what you understand, this... gift of yours, is a fundamental change to how your body reacts with Life Fibers.

If that's the case, then you just have to... use it.

It's not a matter of thinking about it. You don't teach someone how to move their arms, they just know. This ability is as much a part of you as your arms are.

You close your eyes and... reach.

There's a strange tingle down your back and a feeling like you're running but you know you're sitting still.

You open your eyes and see that there's a bright green light flowing from your chest-specifically, the star stitched into the coat.

The few moments you spend admiring your accomplishment is enough for you to realize that you're tired already-and if you don't get going soon, you'll be late to class.

[Heinrich learned to control Life Fiber Overcharge]

You notice on your way up that Mako's here, but Ryuko is nowhere to be seen. Knowing her, she sent Mako on ahead to keep her from getting in danger.

She intends on fighting Tsumugu alone, ever after what you told her...? She's going to get herself killed!

An image of the man, with his needle-gun pressed to your head, flashes through your mind.

“...and boy... if you interfere again, I'll kill you.”

You shiver a bit as you remember the sheer cold in his voice.

If you get involved... you could die. But if you don't... Ryuko could.

[ ] Find Ryuko, fight along side her.
[ ] Find Ryuko, help from the shadows.
[ ] Stay with Mako.
[ ] Don't get involved.
>[ ] Find Ryuko, help from the shadows.
[ ] Find Ryuko, help from the shadows.
>[x] Stay with Mako.

I got a bad feel about this one scoob.
File: confess.gif (869 KB, 450x443)
869 KB
869 KB GIF
>[x] Find Ryuuko, help from the shadows
Rolled 1

>[1] Find Ryuko, help from the shadows.
>[2] Stay with Mako.

Shit man skeletons on one end shiny buttons on the other
>[ ] Stay with Mako.
Behind every great woman, there is a man working in the dark. Apparently.
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_rYMvCSU7c

You know he'll kill you if you interfere.

You know you can't beat him.

...but that all revolves around one assumption-that you're fighting to beat him, that you're going to stand outside and wait for him to gun you down.

Ryuko needs help. You didn't let fear get in your way before-why start now?

He's clever, trained, experienced, and well-prepared. So you'll just have to stay one step ahead and be unpredictable instead.

Your needle feels heavy in your sleeve as you make your way to school.
Ryuko stands in the center of the courtyard, scissor tip to the ground. She stares out the gate, waiting, speaking quietly to herself.

Unwittingly, staring right passed you.

It was a pain to hide in the decorative segments of the gate, but you managed, laying flat enough you can see over it.

Footsteps come from behind and below. You turn your head just barely and see the man-Kinagase Tsumugu-sprinting towards the gate, hauling some sort of huge weapon with sixteen holes in the front.

He pulls the trigger and four missiles fly out and rocket towards Ryuko, simultaneously covering his entry through the gate.

For a moment, you're worried-then you hear Ryuko's voice. “LIFE FIBER SYNCHRONIZE! KAMUI SENKETSU!”

A swipe of her scissor and the smoke disperses, leaving her totally unharmed.

Tsumugu drops his rocket launcher and pulls the same machine gun from yesterday.

That's when you move.
File: gun vs sword.png (721 KB, 838x463)
721 KB
721 KB PNG
He opens fire with the needle gun again.

Ryuko, to her credit, learned her lesson from before. She swings her blade out in rapid arcs, parrying as many needles as she can. She approaches in a zig-zag to expose herself to minimal fire.

Tsumugu is quick to aim and fire but before he knows it Ryuko is upon him. He brings his gun up and barely manages to block her overhead swing with it.

“Oh? I thought you said something about coming back to strip me today?”

“Victory isn't determined...”

You can see him reaching for something in his vest.

“...by who has the superior physical abilities.”

[ ] Go for his rocket launcher.
[ ] Try to strike a telling blow. *
[ ] Lash out to disarm him. *
>[ ] Go for his rocket launcher.

File: 1403051752591.png (177 KB, 476x455)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
>[x] Go for his rocket launcher.

Time to sap that sentry
>[ ] Go for his rocket launcher.
>[ ] Go for his rocket launcher.
Rolled 85

>[ ] Go for his rocket launcher.

Ahh shit nigga the 3D-Fiber gear flies again
>mfw forgetting to call for Conflict Rolls

>mfw unanimous vote for the non-Conflict option

Dude what the just happened... Did we win?
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbBTUvHf3YI

Ryuko saw you when you made your way up, and you responded with a thumbs-up, and the universal “zip it” motion.

So SHE wasn't surprised to see you move. Which meant she didn't give you away.

That's why, with all the noise that Ryuko was making by parrying the bullets instead of just dodging them, he didn't hear you running around.

To where he dropped off the rocket launcher.

It wouldn't have sixteen barrels if it only shot four rockets. It has an obvious trigger. And you don't need to aim directly at him-they're rockets, and Ryuko can handle them.

His eyes widen just a little, then narrow. He drops the detonator he'd had concealed.

You grin as you bring the heavy ordinance up to your shoulder, staring down at him with the exposed eye piece.

“You're right! It's usually determined by who has backup.”

It beeps a couple of times and locks on. Huh. Apparently it was a homing missile launcher.


She breaks the clash and jumps high into the air.

You slide one foot back to brace yourself and pull the trigger.

Missiles start flying... less kick than you expected, judging by the size and weight.

They close in on him and explode in a cloud of brown smoke and dust.

He's blown backwards and sent flying through the air. You can't help but be impressed-he's already slamming another belt of needles into his gun.

But now his attention is on you, and not on the Kamui-wearing, scissor-wielding girl plunging for him.


Ryuko's scissor extends to double it's length as the handle unfolds.

Tsumugu looks up and begins firing on her, but she's already dedicated to the attack.

It's not him who breaks her attack, though.

That would be the strangely familiar flying pillows and fans that you feel like you've seen before, which slam into Ryuko's gut and send her tumbling away.
File: interference.png (422 KB, 838x465)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
Don't remember pillows
File: opening fire.jpg (78 KB, 700x394)
78 KB
For non-athletic clubs, these people sure are athletic. They managed to surround the courtyard in that short exchange, with poets and gardeners.

...over a hundred poets and gardeners. All of which have at least a One-Star on.

You KNOW they're threats, but you can't help but note how ridiculous they look.

...then again, you're toting a stolen rocket launcher.

Your train of thought is derailed when you feel sharp pains across your arms and legs-the Hundred Poets Club is literally firing their poems at you like bullets!

Well, not JUST at you. More accurate would be to say they're firing at everything in the center of the courtyard, and that includes you.

The blade-fans and pillows, though, they're definitely aimed at you. One of them strikes you flat side in the gut and you double over-thankfully blocking the next with the rocket launcher you pilfered.

You're under fire from all sides, with no cover. If you don't do something, you'll be killed.

[ ] Fight.
[ ] Run.
[ ] Pray.
>[ ] Fight.
>[ ] Run

Bad positioning for a fight especially an extended with enemies that are either as strong or even stronger one time to relocate

Gorrila tactics engaged

>At 1 in the morning

Oh the joys of being an east coast fag
>[ ] Run.
Staying in the kill zone is stupid.
>[ ] Run.
>[ ] Run.
>[ ] Pray.

I don't see these as mutually exclusive.
File: trail of destruction.png (814 KB, 837x462)
814 KB
814 KB PNG
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0g7w8WcKYJI

Fire rains down from all sides.

You hit the ground, taking as much cover as you can behind the huge rocket launcher.

Peeking over it, you can see Ryuko and Tsumugu still going at it, lashing out at each other whenever the rest of the non-athletic clubs give them even a moment's breathing room. Their attacks are wide-sweeping and explosive, rendering multiple One-Stars useless or worse.

They're obviously still the threat, and you're still being fired on.

That means there's people out there looking to take YOU out.

A face flashes in your mind. A dead woman whispers “Hakodate says hello.”

The fire appears to get too heavy for Tsumugu's tastes. He drops a grenade at his feet, setting it off in a cloud of pink smoke.

That's your opportunity. You roll, grabbing the launcher for cover and hold it lengthwise, keeping it between you and as much fire as you can.

Poems and gardening utensils fly passed you, scratching at your fingers and legs, but the One-Star dulls the pain.

There's another reinforced-glass window blocking your way.

Fortunately, you have a rocket launcher.

There's a flash of light, a wave of heat and smoke, and suddenly that barrier doesn't exist anymore.

You dive in the window, taking a few moments to glance around. There's a sound of machine gun fire again, and when you look, you can see Ryuko running upstairs. Then there's another explosion, and swearing.
File: your opponent.jpg (44 KB, 459x411)
44 KB
You go to run up to help her but abruptly stop. Every instinct you have screams at you to run and hide-but not from what's up there. Something's out there... hunting YOU.

A voice comes from down the hallway. “You've made quite a few people unhappy, you know that...?”

The captain of the Hundred Poets Club rounds a corner, idly kicking needles out of the ground as she bares down towards you.

“First, you make our men look incompetent. Then you put some of our best guys in the hospital.”

She takes out one of those poems you saw before-but this one is golden instead of green. Even from across the hallway, you can tell it's razor sharp.

“...then... you have the NERVE to KILL MY BEST FRIEND!”

A Two-Star who wants you dead in Honnouji generally means you die. You know how accurate the Hundred Poets are with those poems and if you just try to run, she'll bring you down. You don't have time to plan your way out of this one. You...

[ ] ...run for your life. (Conflict Roll)
[ ] ...fight for your life. (Conflict Roll)*
[ ] ...remember you have a rocket launcher. (Conflict Roll)
Rolled 100

>[ ] ...remember you have a rocket launcher. (Conflict Roll)

Come on Heinrech step your game up

Rule # 1 Never forget your weapons
Rule # 2 Always fire everything
Boom bam done we won

GG anons
GG no RE Stupid ass Two-Star
Get fucked
...well then.
The dice gods have spoken.
Conflict Score: 100
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXedWYVsIfM

You slump sideways, feigning injury, and raise one hand to her. “W-wait! Answer a dying man's question?”

The Two-Star wears a cocky grin. “Not like it'll save you, but sure, why not?”

“What do you think I've been lugging around?”

She snorts derisively, raising up the golden razor to throw your way. “A rocket launcher, obviously.”

“You're wrong.”


“Yes. This is a weapon designed to defeat Goku Uniforms.”

Then you push it forward, causing the barrels to point right at her, and pull the trigger.

And you HOLD the trigger.

You didn't quite have time to hold the lock, but in a narrow hallway, twenty paces away? It's not really an issue.

After the first one exploded, you couldn't see any sign of where your missiles were firing. You keep firing anyway, until the launcher only lets out a series of clicks.

The smoke begins to clear... and you hear laughter.

“AHAHAHAHA! Was that your play, transfer student? Relying on some outsider's weapons to win the fight for you?”

The smoke clears, and there the Two-Star stands, in exactly the same pose as before.

No... you notice her clothes are blown backwards and... frozen?

Then it clicks.

Not frozen. Starched.

You stand up and start walking towards her.

“Giving up? Well, unfortunately for you, I won't make YOUR death painless! Hnng! HNNNGGGG!”



You shrug your shoulders as you bring yourself closer, close enough to reach out and touch the Two-Star. And you do. With your fist, into her face, and her face into the floor.
Kill the bitch no loose ends!
File: the real predator.png (173 KB, 411x411)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jVQw4xiyJY

That feeling like you're being watched doesn't leave, even as you begin to make your way back up the stairs.

Halfway up, though, there's another explosion. Then... the sound of a tuba blaring? Then another explosion.

That must mean the band is up there and fighting-and you know better than to pick a fight with one of the Elite Four's favorite clubs. Hell, Nonon might even be there in person. You might be able to use your cover as a Shutterbug to-

Your heart stops as you round the stairwell to see a young man, about your age, with blue hair and glasses...

And a Uniform with three Stars around the collar.

It slides open as he speaks, revealing his face. “Oh, it's the new transfer student-Heinrich, right? Just who I was looking to talk to.”

The collar snaps shut, but you can all but feel the cheeky grin behind it.

The Two-Star wasn't what gave you that feeling like you were in danger.

It was him.

File: Spoiler Image (74 KB, 836x471)
74 KB







And archived! Thanks for reading!

Sorry for the short thread this time; hopefully I can make it up with the next one.

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