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Thread 27, Setting the Stage!

All started with a fated meeting, between Tohma and Lily. The ring, the book and everything else all came afterwards.

Their meeting was not a tragic one, even if whole worlds could consider their meeting the start of a cruel fate; to those two, it may as well be a miracle.

Their powers may be ones that only exist to bring destruction and ruin, yet those two swore to turn those very powers have into their hope.

The past can’t be changed, but the future can be anything.

This is the record of their struggle.

These are the records that chronicle the Book of the Silver Cross Incident and everything that followed.

It is the year 81 of the New Calendar, the awakening of the black grimoire, the second volume of the Gospel of the Silver Cross, has been completed.

With the birth of the Zero Driver the world now truly spins into motion. The pieces are placed, the actors are ready and the stage is finally set.

All that is left is for you to act.

Having understood a bit more of the world around you, how will you choose to act from now on? What will you protect? What will you sacrifice?

Only a devil might know.

ARC 2: Own Soldier

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Nanoha%20FORCE%20Quest

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BelkanSniper

I hope this works today...
What happened last time!

The search inside the Central Tower for the white devil continues, but sadly they were interrupted by the White Machine and a rival PSC, the Egret Security Service (ESS). While Tohma managed to convince the White Machine to stop fighting, Isis, Vivio and Mira find themselves in a high speed chase around the Western Sector trying to outrun their pursuers, Isis’s old team the ESS.

Now that the stage is set, Tohma has to climb the tower fast and find the White Devil and meet the man who created the virus in hopes for a cure!
File: Ein 1.jpg (70 KB, 450x338)
70 KB
>23 Hours left until the destruction of Liberty City.

You are Tohma Avenir, and you have just survived a tense meeting with the white machine, while you managed to come out unscratched, you feel like if you had made a single mistake you would have died right there.

Still it was worth it, because now… you feel that the White Machine is your friend, and is willing to help you fight for truth and justice.

Right now you are giving Ricardo JOKER some space (a man should not cry in front of another man), while waiting for Ein to return, and in that moment you receive a message, in a coded message that belongs to someone in your team… it belongs to Isis.

>Tohma, we encountered a pair of tough enemies.

>We will exit the tower and fight them in the city, if we are lucky we will join in with the TSAB and fight back.

>Don’t worry about us, concentrate on the top of the tower, I think the White Devil should be there! Plus you need to find the cure, that’s is our priority! Remember that, Tohma!

>Tohma, as your mate I won’t allow you to die, you have to come back to me!

>I need you to be my partner.

>So don’t die, and don’t allow anyone in our group to die.

>That’s my order, you hear me!


What… Isis is fighting, with Vivio? Right now you can’t even feel her signals but maybe if you concentrated you probably you could find them and shoot after them, and you think you can hear Ein entering the room, and her eyes looks like she wants to talk with you.

This one will probably not be good, but then again Ein is the sort of person you can never hide anything from. In a way she is probably one of the few that can read your heart perfectly, that's why she is your best friend.

Still you can feel she is angry with you.
File: Lily suit 1.jpg (139 KB, 849x1217)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Still before you decide on what to do, you suddenly hear a cry from Lily!

>Tohma, we are receiving a voice transition through the special channel in the book, it’s not Miss Curren or the original, so I am not sure how to receive it!

>This code, Tohma, it's the same as the lab... it's the same as the one that made our Divider-996... whoever this is, it's the person who made me.

“Wait Lily?” You suddenly feel a certain tension from your partner, like she is scared of this and that worries you. While Lily can be a bubbly airhead most of the time, in battle she is always calm and ready, so for her to be this broken out of her battle mode.

This is also big,

Still whoever is writing should be at least another EC user, or maybe someone involved in the whole mess that researched the Eclipse and made Lily, but should you take the call?

You are sure that this guy isn't witting to you to invite you to eat cookies.

What do you do?
>Actually, help the White Machine, you feel he needs a friend right now.
>Talk to Ein…you have this long coming.
>Sensor and try to find Isis, you have to help her!
>Get going to the top, you need to find that stupid Devil!
>Check the book, whoever this is, it might be important.
>First ask Ein about the survivors…
>>Talk to Ein…you have this long coming.

Really want to check be book but I'll respect CritFail anons wishes.
>>Talk to Ein…you have this long coming.
>>Sensor and try to find Isis, you have to help her!
I have no idea of what I'm voting for.jpg
The Ein talk is about what she heard in your last Fight with the White Machine and how the virus in you will kill you, but you will still use it and hide it from everyone.

The Sensor is to find your mate and the half of your team that went with her because they are in danger.

If you want I link to a summary of the last 25 threads..
Voting closes in 5... at this rate looks like Ein and Tohma will have a heart to heart.
File: 1365440381119.jpg (162 KB, 680x491)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
don't need dood
I'll eventualy stop and read all the threads but thanks
File: Ein 2.png (210 KB, 480x564)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
While you want to handle other things, right now you should concentrate on Ein, she used that holy sword thrice last battle, and you are sure that by now she should be nearing mana depletion.

“Ein, let’s go outside, I think we need to talk.” You feel that this is important, and right now you want to give the white machine some space. Thus you leave the Main Lab with Ein trailing behind you, and enter the same metallic hallway that connected to the different labs.

The temperature had risen from your fight with the white machine, and right now the hallway felt like an oven that would slowly cook you if you remain in it, still Ein remained silent, and just stands behind you.

But even if she tries to hide it, you know she is angry with you, just like Ein has learned over the years to read you, you like to think you have done the same with her.
That’s why you have to ask this because you know this is important to her, “Ein, is something wrong, I feel you are angry with me, did I do something wrong?”

“Something wrong…” The heir to the Kaiser Arts wonders for a moment how to handle this, but in the end she will do as she always has done, she will be honest with Tohma and tackle this directly! “Yes, Tohma, you did… I heard what you talked with the White Machine, about the virus and you… is that true, Tohma?”

You… you don’t know what to say, so you just smile and talk “Sadly, yes… using the Eclipse Virus was created to turn humans into supersoldiers like me, and well, you have seen the infected right? The virus will slowly drive those infected mad, making them berserk killers and eventually leads ends up killing those infected.” You feel oddly detached talking about this, but a part of you has already made up with this fact. “So don’t worry Ein, everything will be all right!”
Even if this kill you, this power exists to protect others, and you will use it for that
File: Tohma BK 1.jpg (280 KB, 724x1024)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
Even if it makes you a monster, this power exists to find those who destroyed your hometown.

Ein grips her hard hard enough that it starts to bleed, as her voice grows low, “Then, Tohma, you are telling me that you are fine with this?” At this moment something in the reborn King snaps, and soon a volcano erupts in her heart!

In an instant Ein grabs your shoulders and slams you into one of the metallic walls, her glaring eyes just a few inches away from yours. “Are you telling me that you are fine with becoming like the infected? Are you telling me that you are fine with becoming a killer, a monster? Are you fine with dying? Answer me Tohma!”

“No… but right now there is nothing that we can do, so I can only fight…” How funny, after everything you just feel so tired of this that you can’t even cry anymore. The only thing you have left is to fight, to keep fighting until you either cure yourself of your virus or die.
Maybe that’s why you feel so detached.

But Ein is different, her eyes blaze in anger, as her grip on your armor tightens, “How can you say that? Tohma, how can you accept all of this? Don’t you care about this, about how you might hurt others?” Her voice was violent, and angry beyond all limits, in all your life you have never seen Einhard Statos this angry. “And even worse, you didn’t plan to tell me or Vivio this, didn’t you? You just planned to keep quiet about this, until you ran out of time, didn’t you. Don’t you trust in us Tohma, at least enough to tell us this?”

Even though she said us, she really meant ‘me’, just like Ein has learned to read you, you can read her, and you know why this hurts her.

To her this means you don’t believe in her, that you can’t share your burdens with your best friend, simple as that.

You have betrayed the trust that she has placed on you...
What do you say now?
>I didn’t want to hurt you? If I go berserk I might kill you and Vivio.
>I didn’t want to let you see me as a monster.
>I didn’t want to get you involved.
>There is nothing you can do, Ein, so there was no reason to tell you. I didn’t want to worry you.
>Don’t worry, even if I fail, I can deal with it, so don’t worry.
>I don't know what to do or how to handle this, staying silent was just easier. I couldn't stand seeing the others getting worrying for me.
http://pastebin.com/1dk8is63 Here is a bastebin with the summary.
>>I don't know what to do or how to handle this, staying silent was just easier.

Wow, the floor seems really interesting all of a sudden.

>I don't know what to do or how to handle this, staying silent was just easier. I couldn't stand seeing the others getting worrying for me.
>>Wow, the floor seems really interesting all of a sudden.
Well time to continue this, let's see if Ein can teach Tohma about friendship!
Rolled 96

>Ein can teach Tohma about friendship

Rolling for defense
Please don't kill us Ein, we love you.
To be honest there is no right answer for this, but maybe you should be honest here, the words stumble to come out of your mouth, but somehow you manage to start talking, “I-I don’t know what to do or how to really handle this, so… so staying silent was just easier. I couldn’t stand seeing the you or the others getting worried about me…” At this point you don’t know how to continue this, so your words trail off into silence.

Still all you do is get Ein madder, as her right hand slams into the reinforced allow behind you and leaves a red and wet dent in it, “Even if you say nothing, I still worry about you, Tohma. When you try to hide it, I still worry about you. When you left for your journey half a year ago, I was still worried about you, I feared that I wouldn’t recognize you when you came back… and I almost don’t. You feel distant Tohma, and that worries me. I notice how tired you are, how tense you are, how your muscle stiffen when your killer intent spikes. Tohma even if you try to hide it, I notice it easily… and then I worry for you.”

“But even so…” You don’t even get to start defending yourself, as Ein’s bloodied right hand lands on your cheek and silences you.

“Tohma, I... I once already lost everything. That time I was too weak to protect anything, to protect her, and allowed the fires of war to consume her life and destroy her…” Ein is no longer talking about herself, but rather she is talking about the heavy burden she has inherited from her ancestors, “I understand that being too weak to protect the people you love is a sin, Tohma… that’s why I always wanted to become strong, to become strong enough to never lose anyone again!"
"But Tohma, what meaning being strong has if I lost you or Vivio, tell me? In the end what you are doing is not helping Tohma, it just makes me worry more.” Now Ein’s voice becomes soft and small, as if she was ashamed to say this, “You, Tohma... you are like her, you both are the type to carry the world on their shoulders and don’t try to worry others, even if it breaks you. That’s why I worry about you, Tohma, and that’s why I hate what you are doing.”

Ein’s eyes are filled with thick emotions, and now you realize that you aren’t speaking to your old friend, no you are speaking to the heir of a proud bloodline, who has inherited the memories and feeling of countless proud kings.

Even so, you know you have to answer to her, somehow, so what do you say?

>What do you want me to do, then?
>You can’t do nothing for me, Ein?
>Even if you worry, if you are safe then I don’t care about anything else.
>Ein, I am not her, and I won’t break. Believe in me!
>Simply cry… “Ein, I don’t like this either, but it’s the only thing I can do.”
>I will become a monster Ein, and if that happens I might kill Vivio and you, so even if it hurts you, this is for the best.
>>What do you want me to do, then?
>I can find a solution Ein, I won’t break. Believe in me!

Baseless confidence while asking for help.
I's how we roll.
>What do you want me to do, then?
I thought that we rolled by calling girls cute and stuff, or was I wrong?
Well writing...
That was before, we've now learned that calling girls cute too often is dangerous. Besides I think they're getting wise to it.

It's like a secret weapon we've been using too often.
You should have saved it for the white devil, now you have lost the only card that you could have used to defeat her.
Don't you worry about that. I've got ideas.
sorry but I will have to leave
to all have fun in the rest of the thread!
“Then what do you want me to do?” You want to say something brave, to tell her that you have it all covered or that you will not break, but right not you can’t.

With her, at least with her, you don’t want there to be any lies.

Ein right hands drop, as it lands on your shoulder, and now you don’t dare to stray your eyes from hers, even though right now the floor looks so interesting. “Tohma… then just rely on me. Tell me what worries you, let me share your burdens, when you feel stressed cry on my shoulder, when you are weak allow me to carry you, when you need strength allow my fists to serve you, and when you need someone to hear you, then talk to me, Tohma.

Don’t be like her, and allow your burdens to crush you and drive everyone you care away, Tohma.” The her she speaks off does not have to be named, it’s the Saint King that has haunted Einhard since you met her years ago. “So please, don’t run from us, and let us help you.”

But that’s the problem, you can’t help me, Ein… but you don’t say that, because right now, you feel your heart grow warm as you hear those words and your shoulders feel lighter.

“Tohma, you are part of my family, and one of the friends I want to protect, that’s why allow me to help you, plus I won’t allow you to make Vivio cry, Tohma!”

>I don’t want to fail again Tohma, I don’t want to lose someone again.
>I don’t want to be weak again, Tohma, because I won’t be able to forgive myself.

Those word remain unsaid, because in your own way you know them too. Lost and weakness was what tied Ein and you. To both of you weakness is a sin… and can never be forgiven.

You understand what Ein means, but can you rely on her, do you want to rely on her?

What do you do?
>Okay, then I will rely on your help Ein.
>Cry… just let it go.
>Try to be brave, “I will find a solution Ein, I won’t break. Believe in me!”
>Stay silent and nod, you are still not sure what to do.
>>Okay, then I will rely on your help Ein.
"Once we're done here I'm going to cry a lot. You better be ready, okay?"
“Okay, then I will rely on your help Ein, but I have to warn you, once we are done here I’m going to cry a lot, so you better be ready, okay?” You give Ein an awkward chuckle as you remove her hands from your shoulders and hold them.

You hate crying, you hate thinking about everything, but you need to do it, so you will rely on Ein for that.

“Very well, then I will hold you on that, Tohma, also when we get back, let’s sit with Vivio and talk about everything, we both want to hear your problems Tohma.” Ein gives you a small smile as she tightens her hold on you.

“Thank you… Ein.” Ein takes a step back, releasing you from your position against the metal wall. Her eyes are now calm, and now you feel certain of what you have to do, you don’t feel so alone anymore.

You always had a reliable friend in her, so maybe it was time to start believing in that friend.

>Tohma… I’m sorry for this, this is all my fault. Because of me…

Lily, that’s not true, plus I still think that helping you was the correct thing, so don’t you ever doubt that. You are my partner.

>Thank you, Tohma, I promise you that I won’t fail you.

There is no need for that Lily, I know you will help me fix this…

Roger, then I have to tell you that we are receiving another message in the Book, it’s the same as the last one, so what do you want to do right now?

What should you do?

>Actually, help the White Machine, you feel he needs a friend right now.
>Talk to Ein some more, how has she been lately? You both need to calm down.
>Sensor and try to find Isis, you have to help her!
>Get going to the top, you need to find that stupid Devil!
>Check the book, whoever this is, it might be important.
>Ask Ein about the survivors…
>>Check the book, whoever this is, it might be important.
And now time for the book!
>Get going to the top.
>Check the book
A part of you wants to rush towards the top of the tower and find the White Devil, or to try to help Isis, but right now you have to be smart about your priorities, Isis was smart, and if she used the city, you were sure she could handle herself and protect her teammates, plus that White Devil will not die even if someone managed to kill her.

So you open the book. Normally the only person who bothered to transmit to this book was Miss Curren, but recently you received a message from the Crystal Devil and now mysterious one…

>I see, so you are near me, I guess I should take the time to introduce myself to my most magnificent son, and my fourth daughter, I have to say that you two have exceeded all my expectations, so congratulations.

What… son? And the forth daughter comment probably referred to Lily, but before you could write a proper reply more lines appeared in the book.

>I am quite excited to see how you two evolve as a pair of Driver and Reactor and too see how the Zero Virus you two share continues to evolve, but I guess you two might feel at a disadvantage without knowing who I am so let me present myself. I am the one who researched the Eclipse Virus and developed both the Dividers and the Reactor Plugs, and you may call me Dr. Orpheus.

>I heard from a certain mutual friends of ours that you were looking for me, and needed my help, so here I am. I have to say that I am a bit shy, so I hesitate to appear in front of you, but I feel that I should be able to help you through these means, my son.
>You have helped me greatly advance my research my son with each change your Zero Virus experiences as you adapt it, and more importantly, you managed to help me save someone very dear for me… at this point I might say that you saved my world, so I feel that I owe you some help, so please ask me for anything.

This man… whoever is writing this is the one who crated the EC Virus, the one who placed a bomb in your Dragon Princess’ head, used Lily for experiments, released the Virus and destroyed your hometown.

At this point you feel your blood boiling, but Ein hand rests on your should, while Lily gives you a mental hug… and you calm down.

This is important, and you will have time to get angry later, right now you have to make this count. So you ask?
>About your hometown.
>About the Princess’ bomb.
>About why he calls you his son.
>About the city, how can you save it.
>About the Crystal Devil and A-tan, why are there two of them?
>About Lily and the Strosek series?
>About the Eclipse, why is he researching something so dangerous.
>Why does he want to help you, you don’t trust him.
>>About the city, how can you save it.
You don’t have time to be angry, so you write your questions instantly, “The City, how can we save the city and those infected?” If it’s to help others, you can contain your hate and try to negotiate.

>I guess you mean that you wish to ask for a cure to the virus? So you really want to save them? If it was that holder of the white book, she wouldn’t hesitate to kill them, but I find that naïve good-will to be charming from you, so please keep going. That said, I am sad to say that even someone like me, who understands the working of the virus to great detail, lacks something as precious as that.

>To be honest, you might be close to a cure than me… but if you want to save them then simply capture the remaining black books and try to produce a vaccine to help them control the killing impulses and lower their VL into a controllable level. That being said, you might have more luck trying to regain the lost parts of your book and connecting with your original reactor plug.

Original Reactor plug… does he mean…. Her?

>I am sure if you return to her the original programing and you restore your Black Grimoire, you two will be able to control the virus in the infected. Here, I will be so nice and help you a bit.
Seven pages of your black book glow, as it suddenly receives new data.

>That’s the last viral data from the strains that were released, it’s not the complete data from the released books, but they should be enough to emulate the books if you recover the lost data from the Silver Cross, I hope that helps, my son.

Wait you want me to what with her?
>Who is she, the Crystal Devil, and who is A-tan.
>About your hometown.
>About the Princess’ bomb.
>About why he calls you his son.
>About Lily and the Strosek series?
>This data, couldn't you have used this to stop the outbreak?
>You know Miss Curren?
>Why does he want to help you, you don’t trust him.
>>Who is she, the Crystal Devil, and who is A-tan.
>Why does he want to help you, you really want to know.

Really wanted to ask him about the dragon priestesses head bomb but I'm not sure if he's trustworthy.
You write your first question instantly, before you ask for more info, you need to know this. “Why are you helping me?”

>Because you are my most exceptional son, even if I forgot about how your virus is mutating, I feel that you are the one that shared my own philosophy regarding the Eclipse the strongest. So I think that I want to see if you truly can use my Eclipse for good… plus, you helped me obtain something that I lost once… and I feel that I must repair you, my brave son.

You weren’t sure you wanted to even believe that, but right now you have to ask something else, “Then what about the Crystal Devil, and A-Tan?” Those two are a confusing mess that you can't make head or tails about... so you ask Mr. Orpheus after explaining to him everything.

>Crystal Devil… is that how you call her? I guess that name fits the original reactor plug quite well. Well long story short, when we found the original EC sample, what we call the seed of origin, we found the two of them. She was the original reactor plug who was bonded to the Black Grimoire, in other words, my son she is your rightful partner. The fact that my fourth daughter has managed to emulate her functions perfectly is a miracle that I didn’t expect to happen.

>There are two Grimoires, two Silberkreuz and two Crystal Devils. The one you call the Crystal Devil is the key to solve this problem. When I saved your life several weeks ago, I had to forcefully connect you with her, and in that moment she hacked part of your grimoire… and in turn you took most of her power to control your virus.

Lily is worried about this, but you reassure her mentally. You have only one partner… and that’s Lily.
>What you need to do is to use the data I gave you, and forcefully react with the Crystal Devil, then you will be able to create a vaccine program using the data I gave you and the source code of the black grimoire, but my son, that means you might lose the original data to the Crystal Devil… and thus might be in more danger to becoming berserk.

>But with her help, you will be able to dominate the infected and make sure they can control their virus enough to become EC Drivers. That won't totally cure them, but I believe that should be enough to help you ensure they regain their sanity.

You aren't sure if you buy this whole react with the Crystal Devil plan, but it sounds like the best idea you have heard to stop this mess, but you aren't sure if you should trust this man. But on the other hand you don't think you have the time to find the seven fake grimoires to obtain the full data to do a proper vaccine to the Virus.

So your safety for the lives of everyone in the city… that’s an easy choice to make, right?

What do you ask now?
>About my hometown
>About the Princess?
>You haven’t explained A-tan?
>Why do you call me your son?
>Isn’t there another way?
>So why does the Crystal Devil hate me?
>You know Miss Curren?
>What do you wish to do with the EC? Why study something this dangerous and deadly? Are you a killer?
>Ask about the nameless?
>The Bomb in the princess’ head?
>Ask where the C. Devil is.
>>The Bomb in the princess’ head?
And now, time for childhood friends.
“Then what about the Bomb… the Bomb in my Dragon Princess’ head? How can I take it out?” You feel a bit shy talking about her like that, but that’s how you feel about her... and you have to ask.

>You must mean the Reverse Variant Driver, am I correct? Then while the plan to use explosive devices in operatives was mine, I am sorry to say that I don’t have the password to her device. The leader of what you called Nameless is the one who has all the keys to unlock those systems, and only he has the authority to deactivate that bomb.

>Still, my son, if you wish to fight him, I would recommend you to wait, for the First Variant Driver is not someone you can beat so easily, his Enigma is quite a strange skill.

>That being said, I believe that we should part ways, someone has come for you.

You take a moment to think about what Mr. Orpheus is talking about, but then you feel it, a pulse that call to you, and instinctual call that you can’t deny… a call to kill and be killed.

And then you hear her, a voice filled with hate, a voice that rejects everything you are, yet also a voice that is a part of you, that represents half of what you are. A voice torn between love and hate...

>Tohma Avenir, I have come to kill you. I am waiting for you at the top of this tower.

Those words appear in the book, and then you just know… the Crystal Devil is in the tower, and you will have to fight her soon.

>22 hours remain until the Bombardment of Liberty City.

>Nanoha FORCE Quest Part 27 END

Next Time: Vs Shadow Garden (I)

If you have questions or suggestions, please give them now, I will run next week.
So just how badly is Ein affected by all those Excalibur uses?
Is she going to be up for a fight against Shadow Garden?
She has enough MP to fire one last shot of Caliburn or to fight the battle normally, that being said, you still have the White Machine and Lily with you, so I do believe the battle to be fair...
Well if they are no other questions, then I will take a break and sleep some more. I will run next week, and thanks for being here everyone, I had fun!

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