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Alright guys let me know when you are here, and hopefully we'll go at it better than we did yesterday
Howdy. Where were we? lunch, right?

Lyann: "Would you like it if I got a cute uniform for my clones?" -she says playfully while sitting across from you- "I've seen that thick belt people pretend is a skirt on your staff"

Ned: "That uniform was that way before I arrived, I swear! I've tried to get it changed, but the other execs were against it."

Lyann: "Really? you wouldnt like to see me like that? what about Mako?"

Ned: "...it would be a lie to say no. I am a man, after all, and you are both much too beautiful."

Mako blushes like an apple, and looks away.

Lunch is nice and peaceful, other than a few little jokes here and there- Afterwards, you sit with both girls to talk about business in the living room.

Both girls sit very properly on the couch, while you sit in a loveseat across the table, You tell them that Mako's show is very high on the ratings, and not just with children, Many of her fans also tune in when she's on the air.

Mako: "B-but it's for children..."

Lyann: "I don't think that bothers them. And honestly, saying you are a Mako fan is a lot less embarrasing that saying you like a children's cartoon."

Lyann: "Oh, Ned, do you still want a flying car? because some of me was working on some designs and could use your input"

[] Yes please
[] No thank you
[] Other
>[] Yes please
Ned does need some way to spend his ludicrous amounts of money.
Of course.
File: flying.jpg (54 KB, 904x452)
54 KB

Well, if we are going to throw Lyanns and money at it, let me see...

Need to design from scratch / number of successes needed
Massive Battery // 5
Backup // 3
Gyrostabilizer // 5
New super light and resistant alloys for the frame // 10
Easy controls // 5

Want it to be something that can be mass manufactured later, or a one of a kind? because that has a HUGE effect on the final number of successes required

Lyann: "Should I add some armor on it? since it seems like you may need it."
One of a kind. My vague recollections are that actually advancing the tech level of the setting is ridiculously difficult.
Yes. Don't want to eat a MANPAD
Works for me. We don't have a autocompany (yet) anyway.

Alright since its a one of a kind, it's way faster to make than a "true technological advance"

Needs to copy flight and armor, and needs an actual AI and still needs a battery.

To copy flight it will need a base of 8 successes for "flight with 1 dot". Lets give it some speed so 11 successes to copy flight with 5 dots.

Lyann doesnt has flight herself so x2 that. So DC 22

Lets add hyperspeed (flight) 1 dot, so +2 DC. And again Lyann doesnt has hyperspeed so x2, so DC is (22+2)*2=44

Making the AI is actually the easiest bit. It will add a fixated +10 DC

Total DC so far is 54

Armor power with 5 dots would be +12
Advantages: Lyann actually HAS armor (and super heavy armor. Her hair automatically blocks all attacks for an extra soak of +30) so the DC is just +12 or +24 if you want super heavy armor.
Disadvantages: It protects the car, not the passengers

Advantages: Its a forcefield. Adds up to +25 soak to the car and its passengers.
Disadvantages: Its a random amount per attack. It can be zero. Lyann doesnt has it, so it would be about DC +28 and add +56 hours to the completion of the project.

If we go with forcefield, we CAN take the random away, but each +5 armor will add +2 to the DC and completion time..

Lets see the car is DC54
DC 78 (same time) if you want the car to be armored
DC 78 (88 hours) if you want it to have a forcefield
DC 92 (102 hours) if you want it to have both.

Normally it would be 102 days but Lyann can do complex checks as simple, so we are talking hours instead of days.

Im basically using the roles to make a jetpack, just, larger.

Ok lets see... 102/5 (maximum of 5 Lyanns can work on a project) 20.4 hours required assuming it all goes well.

Okay this can be a little deceiving. It works like this. She needs to get a total of 102 successes on her 19d10 (normal dice) + 8d10 mega int roll.

She will roll every 24 hours. When she has a total of 102 total successes, the car is finished and working.

Its a 5-Lyann team, so she basically rolls 19d10+8d10 fice times every day. Should be rather quick.

BUT if she gets a fumble, I roll secretly and the car gets an extra advantage of flaw, and if she gets 2 fumbles, the whole thing is trashed. It will probably be faster if I roll on open and copy paste the rolls here instead of asking you guys to roll 5 times for every day of work since sadly we can only roll once per post, hold on.
I think both is a good idea.
I think I can follow that math. Since we're doing this, we may as well get the best car possible
And yeah, her hair automatically animates and blocks attacks. Its how I fluffed her armor power.

(0) Lyann: Proyect LOLA: [19d10] => [2,7,10,1,10,7,8,10,9,9,4,2,5,10,6,5,6,2,3] result of (9) success + [8d10] => [8,4,10,9,10,6,10,7] result of (6) success
(0) Lyann: Proyect LOLA: [19d10] => [5,2,4,4,9,7,10,8,10,10,4,5,4,5,5,2,2,5,8] result of (7) success + [8d10] => [4,5,8,3,1,2,3,3] result of (1) success
(0) Lyann: Proyect LOLA: [19d10] => [3,1,4,7,3,1,5,8,6,6,2,5,8,2,3,10,10,3,10] result of (6) success + [8d10] => [4,10,2,9,3,6,7,8] result of (4) success
(0) Lyann: Proyect LOLA: [19d10] => [7,2,2,4,5,1,7,10,4,9,2,4,9,3,5,6,8,2,5] result of (6) success + [8d10] => [10,3,3,9,6,9,8,4] result of (4) success
(0) Lyann: Proyect LOLA: [19d10] => [9,1,5,7,2,6,2,2,1,4,3,9,1,5,9,4,7,7,4] result of (6) success + [8d10] => [1,2,2,10,2,5,9,5] result of (2) success

Day 1: 85 successes, no fumbles. All goes as planned. Total Lyann time spent: 120 hours

(0) Lyann: Proyect LOLA: [19d10] => [1,2,3,2,2,9,10,5,5,5,5,6,6,4,5,4,3,5,7] result of (3) success + [8d10] => [8,4,10,4,10,2,8,10] result of (5) success
(0) Lyann: Proyect LOLA: [19d10] => [8,7,9,9,9,2,9,6,3,1,5,3,4,8,5,6,4,8,2] result of (8) success + [8d10] => [4,7,2,6,5,8,9,7] result of (4) success
(0) Lyann: Proyect LOLA: [19d10] => [2,10,7,1,8,3,4,5,2,8,4,5,10,9,6,10,5,10,4] result of (8) success + [8d10] => [8,8,7,6,3,3,4,8] result of (4) success
(0) Lyann: Proyect LOLA: [19d10] => [5,7,8,8,10,6,10,7,10,1,5,4,10,4,5,2,1,2,7] result of (9) success + [8d10] => [10,10,6,1,6,1,1,3] result of (2) success
(0) Lyann: Proyect LOLA: [19d10] => [6,9,10,4,7,5,4,9,3,3,8,4,10,8,5,1,2,6,3] result of (7) success + [8d10] => [4,2,6,10,1,1,8,3] result of (2) success

No fumbles, and the project is completed with 240 Lyann hours.

The car has a base armor of 50 (if only 3 hp, can give it +1 hp at the cost of 2 more successes, so since we got a lot of successes leftover, lets use them for that, I guess. hp 21)
That went well
As I was saying
Base soak of 30 vs bashing and lethal (yes, 30 not 50, my bad sorry)
Hp 21
Forcefield adds +25 bashing vs bashing, lethal AND aggravated to the car itself and the passengers
AI pilots the car by rolling 10d10 (Pilot). You can use your own pilot skill if you want. The AI has 1 auto success base so its more like 9d10 + 1 extra success

It will take the Lyann team 2 days to go from blackboard to working car, assuming you can throw about 80 million dollars to the project, for materials and manufacturing facilities.

Lyann has a foundry and workshop in Europe, so lets see...

2 days to go from blackboard to "ready to craft"
About 20 minutes for the Lyanns in Europe (france, btw) to make the parts and assemble the car
The car flies at mach 4 top speed... I have no idea what that is in kilometers of what that translates to time flying from Paris to LA
At the end
Armor adds +30 soak vs bashing and lethal to the car
Forcefield adds +25 soak vs everything to the car and passengers
Car HP: 21

2 days to design, 20 minutes to assemle... and I have no idea how long to make it from Paris to LA. But trying to fly the car sounds like it would cause the pentagon to go to DEFCON 5 (since it probably looks like a missile on the radar). It may be safer to just ship it by boat, so, 2 weeks?
Sounds about right.
Lyann: "Like I was saying, I have a very important question about the car. Vital, even" -she looks very serious-

Ned: "W-what is it?"

Lyann: "What color do you want us to paint it?"

Ned: "...red."

Lyann: "Alright" -she calls one of her clones over and tells her that "Lola is a go". The clone nods, gives a thumbs up and goes to make a phonecall.

Ned: "That was the important question?"

Lyann: "Of course. I doubt you'd want it to get here and then have to send it to a garage somewhere to have it repainted. It needs a special paint, you know?"

Ned: ":..I imagine"

Lyann: "Oh, right. What type of personality do you want for the AI? that's kind of important too, I guess?"


[] Serious
[] Motherly
[] Playful/sexy
[] Cowboy/girl-like
>[] Playful/sexy
"Teasing Mako is fun."
It always is.
Lyann: "I'll have Aura write the lines and have Mako voice them."

Mako: "W-why me!?"

Lyann: "It's Ned's fault."

Mako: -looks at you, bright red- "Why me!?"
"because you're cute when you're embarrassed

Mako: "Eeep! ... y-you are both meanies!"

Lyann: -hugs her- "C'mon you are a professional actress, right? you can read some lines."

Lyann: "Ned, are you planning to go back home tonight? why don't you stay with us for a few days, just in case? I can have someone go pick up anything you need."

Want to spend the night or go home? Also I just realized we can probably have the AI go to Mexico and from there just drive normally to LA
Lets stay the night.

You enjoy the evening with the girls. Hearing Mako speak is enjoyable by itself, beyond whatever she may be talking about at the time. Still, you do nod and make polite comments at the right moments.

A few hours later, a Lyann comes back from your house with fresh clothes and the like. Lyann could probably have tailored you everything you need, but you have the feeling the clothes would end up wearing you instead if you let her.

At some point in the evening, Mako excuses herself since she has volunteer work at a shelter, and you are left alone with Lyann once more.

Lyann: -once Mako is gone- "Ned, want me to stay in touch with Thomas and monitor the Teragen for you? Oh, and do you really want Mako to voice the car? I could do it without a problem, and I think Aura would have fun doing it, too"
thats your cue btw
"Nah, you or Aura can do it if you want."
She nods- "And the Teragen? I could instead ask Thomas to drop by for a visit if you'd rather talk with him yourself."
You can handle that

With that, you spend the evening working from Lyann's place for a bit while she goes about her day.

Its rather fun seeing her talk and argue with her own clones about this or that. The talk is well over your head at some points, but that's probably normal when she starts discussing hypotetical or conceptual math.

They all talk while gesturing with their hands and eyes. It's quite beautiful to watch.

The next day, you have the lunch meeting with the lawyer for the prosecution. Are you going to go to work in the morning, as usual, or stay at Lyann's place for a bit more and then go to the lawyer directly?
Lets go in like normal.
Eh, we have work. Go inside. Plus, I seem to recall we need to hire a few more staff anyway.

You do notice more guards than usual, and they seem to be keeping an eye on you.

This morning, however, rather than Aritsu waiting for you as usual, you find your boss, Rick Flair.

Rick: "Hey Ned. Good to see you are alright."

He leads you to his office instead of going with you.

Ned: "Well, it wasn't as serious as it could have been."

Rick: "Still, I wanted to talk with you about a few things. For example, I moved some guards towards your side of the building, and posted one outside your office. Other than that, there's that promotion I mentioned some time ago..."

Ned: "Yes?"

Rick: "Well, I had been thinking about sending you to start our branch in russia, but with all that has happened here, perhaps we should wait until after Bomber's trial is done with, so I'm sending someone else. I want you to know that the job will be yours in the future. Its a done thing, alright?"

Ned: "Well... alright."

Rick: "Instead, I want you to be in charge of our worldwide communications department. NASA is late on those satellites they promised me. It's not about the money, so don't worry about that, alright? you have charte blanche to do what you think has to be done, but I want full planetary satellite cover as soon as possible, understood? I want the penguins to be able to watch our boys in the ring in super high definition and real time! I want full, high speed, complete planetary coverage, and I think you are the man who can make it happen!"

[] I'll get right into it!
[] I have a full plate right now.
[] Other
>[] I'll get right into it!
"I'm probably going to need a larger staff though.

Rick: "Of course, of course. But you aren't jumping into a void, you know? the telecommunications department is well over a thousand people."

Ned: "No, I meant, as assistants. I'm going to need people I can assign to act as liaisons between me and all the projects we are doing right now."

Rick: "No problem, feel free to just tell human resources and they will send people to you. Or you can hire them yourself if you need more specialized folks."

Ned: "Alright, I'll get to it"

Shortly after, you reach your office. Okaba is waiting for you, talking with Aritsu. You exchange the obvious greetings and sit to talk with him for a while.

Okaba: "I spoke with the local Utopia agents. They have someone lurking in the area right now, just in case, so if you see a guy with blue hair and a blue and yellow uniform, don't freak out. He's on our side."

Ned: "The Utopia guys really love their costumes, uh?"

Okaba: "Well, it's not that different from the XWF in that sense. And since I'm here, I wanted to ask you about something else. Brass showed me that sculpture series of himself, Python and Ami. Do you think we could do a new series? I wanted to sponsor some hospitals in African, and will need more money for that."

[] I doubt that will be enough, lets also [insert here] to raise the money
[] Sure
[] Right now it's a bad time, can it wait until the trial is over with?
[] Other
(well, even if he says hospitals, he means Field Clinics. You know, large tents with doctors and emergency supplies and the like
Yeah. Maybe we could announce a "Secret" DLC for our fighting game? A storyline where two Utopia agents go undercover in a wrestling federation to ferret out evil teregen agents with the most foolproof cover imaginable: Openly being utopia agents here to kick teregen out of the League, as everyone would "know" its just a PR campaign.
Oh right Okaba actually did say that he was came to the XWF to kick out Teregen scum in his first match. Pity BL didn't pay attention.

Well, roll Biz product placement, either way. And are we doing the DLC only, or also doing a second series of sulptures? now we also have the girls from Flux! and Ahmed (Hyperbeast) as well as Aura, Okaba and all the silver league fighters so it would be a larger series.

And should it be a limited edition, or the beginning of an action figure line?
Rolled 9, 9, 8, 8, 5, 8, 4, 1, 6, 10, 1, 6, 5, 8, 3, 4 = 95

8 successes so far and roll exploding dice, tho its already quite successful as it is.

You agree with Okaba and assure him that it will be more than enough to actually build small, but numerous clinics all over the african countryside.

Your ad campaign takes advantage of the 5 star rating the critics have given to the game's beta.

There are some gameplay videos on the OPnet, which go against the confidentiality agreement of the beta testers, but the fans are going crazy about them so the legal department advised you not to sue those users, and just admonish them somehow.

Indeed, as thanks for participating in the beta testing, all testers are already invited to try the incoming DLC. Except the ones that leaked videos.

The japanese sculptors and hobby houses basically line up in order to travel to america, all of them already well aware of just how profitable the last series of figures turned out to be,

Profitable as it is, of course, its not going to be enough to raise your resources another dot (thats going to take a ridiculous amount of money) of course.

Want the sculptures to be a little more risqué this time, or skip on the detachable clothing?
Rolled 1, 6, 2, 3, 1, 6, 7, 6, 3, 9, 2, 1, 5, 8, 10, 1 = 71

I'll roll the second I guess
5 successes on the action figures, and roll 1 exploding dice
Rolled 7

>Want the sculptures to be a little more risqué this time, or skip on the detachable clothing?
Lets skip the detachable clothing.
I get the feeling Aura and Euphry wouldnt mind, tho.

Anyway, want to start hiring people from outside, doing a headhunt for excellent, recently graduated students, or want to ask human resources at the XWF to send you staff?

Also, we probably should stop here for today. Tomorrow there is a chance there won't be a thread since I have to go downtown. Just letting you guys know.

Well, we can have the thread if you dont mind me going away for an hour or so and then coming back, I guess
We can end it here I guess
Alright, I'll see you guys tomorrow. Take care

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