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Hey guys sorry to be late. Let me know if youre around
Howdy, sorry about being late. I thought maybe I could still show up yesterday but it wasnt possible.

Anyway, where were we,,,?
Lunch, car... ah right, the next day we went to work and ran into our boss, who gave us extra responsibilities, putting us in charge of getting satellite coverage however we wanted.

So, after going back to the office, what do you want to do?
I'm here

So, recruit staff yourself or ask for it on Human Resources?
Recruit ourself. If we farm it out we'll probably get a bunch of Terregen minions.
Alright, how do you want to go about it? any ideas? also brb going to prepare myself some scrambled eggs, should be like 5 minutes
Put out an add on the OP-net, ask our current secretary for advice, maybe see if MTV has an internal canditate.
Hi King! For once I have the morning off so I'm psyched to see this. Still, I'm juggling a crapton of errands, so don't be too surprised if I'm mostly lurking today.

Also, totally agree with Book about handling the recruitment personally.
Oh right, name...

Alright, it should be at least a couple of hours until you start getting applicants, and lets say a couple of days until Aritsu gets through reading everyone's resum├ęs?

So in the morning, want to do business or go check on your people? want to check on the Flux! members, or on the fighters?
Let's check up on flux
Alright, lets see... in order

I am ashamed to admit I forgot the name of the male member.
Aura is in the gym area of the XWF complex
Bella is at the studio, according to her GPS
Euphry is at her place. Again, according to her GPS
Lyann is... actually her datapad GPS says she's at the studio too so shes a few blocks away
Mako is filming her kid's show with Sinoe
Stella just came back from shooting the documentary a few days ago
who do you want to go to, first? or just a call?
Alexander's the male member. I'm thinking checking up on Aura first.
heh. Remember her flaw is that she can't help it

http://youtu.be/qC-zFVour8o <-- it

You are familiar enough with the place the GPS is pointing to. You certainly have found your fighters there often enough.

A few minutes later, at the XWF gym, you find Aura working out while a number of fighters swarm around her, chatting with them without any worries.

Ned: "Aura, I didin't know you actually... you know, worked out."

Aura: "Okaba beat me..." -she means about the satuday fight- "I knew he was going to win, but he made it look easy!" -she's slightly embarrassed about that, it seems.

Want to step into her training, and if so...
[] Send her to do more martial arts training at Mai's
[] Let her develop some mega strenght at the XWF gym
[] Have her work on her powers at the Quantum labs
>[] Let her develop some mega strenght at the XWF gym
brb washing dishes. Also I think the other guys went afk watching the video and its links :P
am actually cooking lunch, but that works too.
She is working on the weight machines, lying down as she does reps with normal weights. Well, she's not a power type and while she has peak-human strenght packed into her delicious form, that is all. Peak human, so the fact she's lifting 110lbs its fairly good, all things considered.

Ned: "Well, I think its commendable that you want to make yourself stronger, but have you tried training yourself before? why don't you ask Brass for assistance? or one of the staff members here at the gym?"

Aura: "Oh, I guess you are right. Thanks"

Ned: "Just take it easy, alright?"

Want to talk with her about the band, music ideas, and such, or move to someone else?
From what I recall we have a bunch of records backed up right? Just ask if she sees any problems with the band or anything else.
Yes, the band has already recorded enough tracks for three or five more full records. It's just a matter of releasing them at a steady pace.

And probably keep quiet about it, or the fans would riot asking for them

Totally unrelated, but I started reading a sword and sorcery manga lastnight... it has a pretty fresh feeling


Anyway, want to checl with Alexander now? or maybe Bella?
Alexander works.

As it turns out, his GPS says he's on the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens... somehow, that does seem a place he would hang out at.

It takes you almost an hour to get to him, and then find him surrounded by students.

Alexander: "Hey Ned. You could have called me over instead of coming all this way."

Ned: "that's fine. I get the feeling this is the sort of place you creative types would work at."

He excuses himself from the crowd of kids, and starts walking with you.

Alexander: "So, what brings you to my office, then?"

Ned: "I'm just checking on you. Mako has her children's show and her charity, Lyann has her... science... things. Aura is working out... I'm generally seeing how everyone is doing,"

Alexander: "Well, I'm not a fighter, nor am I the least bit interested in throwing a punch... I enjoy teaching, but can't see myself working with children regularly. I guess I'm just playing around right now, looking for inspiration and ideas."

The two of you walk over the moon bridge in one of the gardens, and Alexander pauses to see the fish swimming in its dhadow.

Alexander: "Uhmm... that does give me an idea..."

Ned: "What does?"

Alexander: "The fish. Ah, sorry, I guess I'm just a few steps shorts of sounding like a hippie, uh?"

Ned: "Don't worry, after arguing over money, contracts and the incoming trial all day every day, this sort of thing is not half bad."

Alexander: "Is it? ah, did you know the japanese garden here celebrated 100 years a couple of decades ago? It has its own traditional tea house, maybe we could gather the girls some time. Call a break."

Is there anything specific you want to talk with him about? mention the figures? something else?
Mention the figures. Ask if he thinks we are scheduling the release schedule too far apart. any suggestions he may have, ect.

Alexander: "So I'm going to be an action figure soon? I'm really not the type..."

Ned: "No, no, its more a miniature sculpture. Its a collector's item, not a toy."

Alexander: "Who in God's name would want a sculpture of me? what would they even do with one?"

Ned: "Your fans, to begin with, and collectors, certainly! Besides, we are using a percetage of the profits to help Okaba start emergency clinics in Africa."

Alexander: "Oh! oooh, well, that's fine, then. Maybe we could do a charity event, or release an album as well?"

Ned: "I guess that could be arranged. I'll see what the girls feel about it."

As you talk with Alexander, he seems completely on board with helping Okaba. It is agreed that after the next album is released, the band will gather at the botanical gardens tea house for a small celebration, albeit you are not quite sure how to get Euphry to observe etiquette during the event.

Who do you want to talk with, now?
Go to Euphry and try to figure out how to get her to observe etiquette. Maybe if she agrees we'll get her a concert in space. I know sound can't travel in space, but I bet she'll find a way anyway.
>Alex enjoys teaching

That's really good to know. We should ask him more about that, try to figure out if it's the feed back from the kids that he finds rewarding or if it's the experience of effectively communicating knowledge that he himself finds valuable. Either way this is something that we should encourage, but if it's the latter I think I can come up with some programming ideas for MTV that he might actually like to be involved in.
Can they file a noise complaint if we're on the moon?
Depends on how high Euphy got the Lyanns before they built the sound system...

Remember the speakers Lyann made transmit sound by quantum, not air, so as long as there exists a universe it can travel through, it doesnt lets little things like space get in the way.

The little speakers range is only 2 kilometers, tho

And speaking of going to the moon, you should at some point take a look at the satellite situation.

"Learn to play [instrument] with Alexander"?
>"Learn to play [instrument] with Alexander"?
Don't we have lunch with that lawyer?

You will probably make it on time if you leave now.

Ned: "Well, this place sure is nice, but sadly, I have a lunch appointment. Can you please stop by the office tomorrow morning? I think we could talk about some extra projects."

Alexander: "Sure. Let me walk you to your car."

A little later, you are waiting for mr Nonymous at a... family restaurant?
this a prompt?
If you want to say/do something, feel free. It's just that I'm also GMing for a friend and reading One Punch Man so i'm going slower than usual. Plus the eyedrops are making my eyesight blurry as a side effect so im reading slowly
Nah, I'm good
Fuck I got retarded, kept trying to type action text on italic font before I remembered I cant here.

The place is indeed a family restaurant, albeit obviously a high class one. The games for the children are spotlessly clean, and it even looks as if the sand had just recently been changed.

The tables are made of very bright and colorful fragments of rock encased in a transparent, hard and smooth substance. The chairs are quite heavy and have their legs spread slightly to keep children from balancing on them,

The burgers actually look better than the pictures on the menu, and the drinks have no ice.

It is definitively a superior cut, as far as family restaurants go.

There is even a waited at the entrance, that politely asks you for your name, and then scorts you to your table.

Andrew looks like a man in his mid to late twenties, wearing a very expensive italian suit, tailor made. His tie is black, with crayon(?) scribblings all over it, and its the only colorful bit on his clothing.

Andrew: "Ah, mister Salter, right? nice to meet you, please sit down. How can I help you?"
thats a prompt, btw
"Nice to meet you Andrew. I wanted to talk to you about the upcoming case, and what my information says Teregen will do about the trial. And what possible countermeasures we might need to prepare"
Basically, he should expect extreamists to do the traditional jail braking, evidence tampering and witness intimidating that the mafia has tried in the past. Also that they will likley have a nova lawyer.
Andrew: "I thought as much. I already made special arrangements with Team Tomorrow to have dampeners at the court. There will be no powers during the trial. Once I finished reading the case file, I knew I couldn't take any chances, but, why are you so interested on this case?"

A toddler comes running to the table with a "patapatapata" sound. A petite girl with a soft-looking overcoat with cat ears and tail. She runs over to Andrew and he lifts her up to sit her on his lap.

The child stares at you. She's rather cute, and her hair has is almost white, albeit with a very pink tone.

Andrew: "Greet mister Salter, Ishtar."

Ishtar: "Hello, mister Saldher." -she's not very interested on you, tho. She's already playing with the breadsticks.
brb answer meanwhile
"I was the one who initially hired private investigators to look into Bomber Lord. I was expecting to find evidence that after his second Championship defeat he used his mental abilities to get Brass addicted to several highly dangerous Nova drugs in a successful effort to weaken him. I did find that, and other things I did not expect to find. Since this became public I have had a half a dozen kidnapping attempts on me. So yeah, I'm interested in seeing he get behind bars. I'm worried about what a terregen lawyer can accomplish even without powers. Trust me when I say a nova can get quite far just by being really, really good at something."
Andrew: "I see. Is there a chance I could contact those investigators?"

Ishtar: "Andrew, I want duck." -she points at some chicken legs on the menu

Andrew: "That's chicken, love."

Ishtar: "Duck!"

Andrew: "Fine. We'll get you duck." -looks at you- "Ever since she learned the word duck from a picture book, all birds are duck, you see? and all bugs are bee"

Ned: "Ah, I see. Well, sure, I thought they had already turned in all evidence to your office, however."

Andrew: "That's news to me. I haven't seen it."

It seems at some point, plenty of evidence is already going missing.

1) Arrange a meeting between Andrew and the private investigators
2) Ask them to just send him a copy of everything
3) Other
>1) Arrange a meeting between Andrew and the private investigators
Though obviously we make copies of everything first.

You chat with Andrew for a bit. He feels confident about his skills in court. As long as the dampeners work, it will be a fair trial, he hopes.

Andrew: "Well, I am still somewhat worried about his star power. You heard of the OJ case? But I still need to see the evidence your people has."

Ishtar: "Andrew, can we have icecream?"

Andrew: "No, love. You don't want to miss on Nana's dessert, right? you know she made you your favorite today."

The child nods, and nibbles on her fried chi-duck. She offers you a bit. It's amazingly good. There's no way this counts as fast food.

Andrew: "Well, since we are here, how about something for lunch?"

You get a fairly good impression from Andrew, and have a nice lunch before having to go back to the office.

Ishtar: "Bye bye" -the child blows you a kiss and waves as you drive off.

Aritsu: -later, at the office- "How did it go?"

your cue
"Okay I believe. He apparently wasn't furnished with the evidence our private investigators had furnished, which is troublesome. I'd like you to arrange a meeting for him and our investigators sometime this week. Also, send him some information on the superior treatment and inform him that I will provide pay for it if he feels it would help.
Alright, its about the time we usually end, I think.
Were you able to find anything about a good blog site? I havent tried them before, but I imagine they are something like a public journal?
yeah. there are a couple of free ones. I'm on my phone so I don't have my list handy

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