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Hey guys, let me know when you are here. I thought it was saturday today so im late, sorry about that
Its fine
So where were we... ah right, met Andrew, went back to the office. Made a call for potential employees to send their resumés, I guess? want to keep checking on the band?

In alphabetic order, it would now be Bella's turn, I think
By the time you are done with mr Nonymous, you notice that Bella's GPS points back to her apartment together with Stella, so that's where you go.

The soundproofing in the building is excellent, you hear nothing while in the elevator, but as soon as you step down on her floor, the sound of drums pushes you backwards and raises your hair.

Both drummers are practicing or perhaps just improvising, and the sound flows back and forth between rythms and beats.

Walking in, you find Stella down in her underwear as she sits behind the drums, and Bella in her birthday suit as she does the same, having arranged her battery behind Stella so they are facing away from eachother while they practice.

Stella notices you first, and stops as she greets you, which clues in Bella to do the same.

The blonde norwegian beauty has enough common sense by now to at least don a short robe as she walks around, now.

Stella: "Hey Ned, want a drink? did you have lunch already?"

Ned: "I'm fine, thanks. I wanted to check on the both of you and see how you were doing."

Stella: "Ah, right, we didin't have a chance to talk since I came back yet, had we? London was cloudy and cold, but the locals say that is perfectly normal, good english weather, so... anyway, the film crew and I did some traveling, of course, but most of the audio was added in the studio...."

Bella: "I really think you'll need a drink if you are going to listen to her whole story." -she hands you a glass of fruit liquor.

From what Stella tells you, she'd like the chance to spend a semester in Africa following a pack of hipopotamus. Since her abilities let her mix in with the dangerous creatures, and her defenses are high enough that they pose no grave danger to her, it is a rare chance to learn about Africa's most dangerous giant.

Your cue
"Sounds good to me. We're ahead of schedule for music, so filming some documentaries for national geographic or what have you is certainly possible."
Bella: "Maybe if she could clone herself. Aren't we supposed to go on a concert tour this month, and in two months, again?"

Stella: "Lyann can. I bet she could clone me if I asked her to."

Bella: "Oh God please don't go there. Can you imagine if it catches on and we get 4 or more Euphry because of it?"

Stella: "C'mon Ned, surely you can arrange for fast transport between Africa and wherever?"
"possibly. Easyiest way is to probably hire an elite to port you there and back."

Stella: "That... could scare the animals... and I guess it would be even more disruptive if I had to win entry into the herd over and over... I'll pass, how now." -sigh- "So, anyway, what else is happening? when's the trial? I don't know that bomber character but I saw the news."

Ned: "Soon, hopefully. Also, we are going to start a collective sculpture series to help Okaba raise funds for hospitals, and, well, it's good business, of course."

Bella: "Collective sculpture? can I see one="

Ned: "ah, we haven't even done the molds for it yet, but you can see online samples of the previous series... hold on."

You show the girls on your datapad, and they seem to find the idea fun enough.

Stella: "Could we make them sing?"

Ned: "Then it wouldnt be a sculpture, it would be more of a toy or a doll, I think."

Bella: "It seems interesting. Ours would be on stage outfits? can mine be nude?"

Ned: "Normally, that would be something you'd want to avoid, no?"

Bella: "My fans know what to expect." -she says holding a hand to her chest

Stella: "I'll pass on the nude, but can I pick my figure's outfit?"

Ned: "I suppose...?"

The girls seem alright with the figures, and quite content with their current situation.

Bella: "Ah, I was wondering if I could do a solo special for the conservation of the whales."

Stella: "And I was wondering about asking Lyann to help design some improved farming systems for back home. Could you do that for me? you seem quite chummy with her."
"I can probably arrange the Solo special. As for the farming, I'll ask her, though no promises obviously. Though I probably could arrange to sell the design to other potential buyers as well..."
It would be rather odd to design a revolutionary new device and then sell it to only a small number of people.
File: ralf bach.jpg (118 KB, 991x816)
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Lyann: "I call it the G.E.C.K.."


Stella: "thankyou Ned."

Bella: "Oh, and of course, we'll get a full set of sculptures when they come out, right?"

Ned: "Sure, I¿ll see about that. Anyway, It's about time Mako is done with her show, so I'll pick her up and drive her to Lyann, that way I can talk to them about this at the same time."

Stella: "Talk? is that all you three do?" -she smiles like a cat

Ned: "Yes, quite."

As you board your car, you get a call from Aritsu. Your car's holo is small, but high quality, so you can see a diminutive Aritsu holo sitting at her desk as she talks with you.

Aritsu: "Sir? a Ralf Bach wanted an appointment..." -she talks with someone outside the holo's range, and then back to you- "Ralf Bach wants to see you. He doesn't need or does appointments. apparently...." -you can tell she's being ironic, and talking with someone outside the holo again- "...Ralf Bach is a genius, a well rounded complete entertainer, and wishes to see you today. Now"

[] Ralf Bach will HAVE TO make an appointment, I'm busy right now
[] Tell him I'll see him tomorrow
[] Other
>[] Ralf Bach will HAVE TO make an appointment, I'm busy right now
>[] Ralf Bach will HAVE TO make an appointment, I'm busy right now
Not off to a great start here boy.

Aritsu: "Yes, sir." -she is talking with someone as she ends the call

You arrive at the studio, and find Sinoe and Mako talking by the entrance. Sinoe is a perfect image of Aritsu, except for her much more relaxed expression and sligthly exagerated mannerisms.

She is wearing a long white dress full of frills and bows, with her shoulders exposed, and a large white hat on top of her. Her golden hair cascading freely behind her. She stands on white pumps and sways softly between standing on her left or right feet as she talks with Mako.

Makp is wearing a simpler, sligthly shorter fress (probably Lyan's influence) with short boots. The dress covers her completely up to the knees, and her midnight black hair floats softly on what little breeze passing people make as they walk.

Predictably enough, the girls have gathered a small group of admirers that try their best to watch from nearby without daring approach them.

As you drive by, you push the horn once and greet them, offering Sinoe a ride as well.

Sinoe: "Thank you mister Salter, but now that Mako is going with you, I will go to the office and head home with my sister."

The girls exchange a kiss on the cheek and say goodbye before Mako walks over to the car.

As usual, you descend to open the door for her and see her in, then go back behind the wheel.

Ned: "How was your day?"

Mako: "It was very fun. We taight the children tocombine colors, and about why electric plugs are dangerous."

Ned just enjoys letting Mako talk until they arrive at Lyann's building.

A little bit later, you are inside, greeting the redhead as she welcomes Mako back.

Do you want to tell her about mr Bach? assuming you remembered where you heard about him before. Not sure if it would be more interesting if you did or didint
Batch was her rival/counterpart right?
Right. As a musician, he's talented in the "max human" level, and with his social mega attributes, the audience loves him. He tends to compete with Lyann and beats her constantly on festivals and the like.
I'm fine with mentioning it. Trying to conceal it from her strikes me as a bad idea.

Lyann sends you word that she's in the 6th floor lab, so you head there after leaving Mako in the living room.

She's ...laying down on a bed, herself covered in sensors, wearing a large, soft shirt and little else while a couple of her clones register and keep track of data nearby.

Lyann: "Hi Ned" -she smiles from the bed.- "This is actually a good time, climb up. We are trying a new mattress."

Clone 1: "We haven't entered more weight yet"

Lyann: "It's fine, isin't it? it'll have to handle more than just 1 person at the time, eventually."

Clone 2: "Oh, perhaps mr Salter could help with more vigorous testing?"

Lyann: "Ned? do you have a few hours? for science?"

Ned: "Right, I, science! No, wait, I have work still... " -you climb unto the bed- "Actually, I just came by to check on you on an official quality as your manager."

Lyann: "Alright, what is it?" -she rolls unto a side to look at you

You mention the figures, ask about her future plans, and finally mention mr Bach.

Lyann: "Oh... the figures are fine, will they be posable?"

She seems quite calm until you realize she's trying to place her right foot on a left shoe when she gets up from the bed.
your cue
"You okay? You seem nervous."

Lyann: "No, I'm fine. Why would I be nervous...? these shoes are surprisingly uncomfortable?" -she somehow is wearing the shoes on the wrong foot

Ned: "Lyann, calm down, alright?" -Ned gently pulls her back on the strangely comfortable bed, and takes her shoes off, then slips them back properly

Lyann: "Thanks."

Ned: "This guy really bothers you that much?"

Lyann: "Well, it's not like he tries to, I think? it's more like it just happens."

Ned: "Well, I still haven't meet him. And... I don't think the figures will be possable. We'll get some japanese sculptors here next week so they can take a look at everyone, pictures, measurements, all that."

Lyann: "Alright, ah, do you like the bed?"

Ned: "Yes, it's a nice bed, but my opinion may be affected because you are on it."

Lyann: "Ned!" -she blushes just a little

Ned: "There, you are even prettier when you don't worry so much."

[] Calm her down with some tender loving
[] Take her upstairs and talk with Mako as well
[] Stay in ned and inquire about her current projects
[] Other
>[] Take her upstairs and talk with Mako as well

You calm her down, and take her upstairs. There, you explain to Mako about the sculptures. She has seen that kind of collectible before, so she understands you right away.

Ned: "There will be a crew of artists and technicians here in a week to work on the sculptures...."

Lyann seems quite nervous still, but you promise to take her and Mako out again, and that cheers her up.

Wondering just why could she be so worried, you leave them as you finally go home.

I need to go, mate. This time for certain, I'll see you on monday.

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