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You're cursed, stripped of the rest of your years, you don't age you don't grow, you get younger cursed to regress until your nothing.
Probably, thats what the evidence points to anyways, but fuck that you can fix this!

Last thread : http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/33815206/

>tldr? your a wizard apprentice, other apprentice got jelly stabbed you and cursed you, you walked down a road, found a town and failed to hit on the local tailor in your way oversized clothes.

Continuing next post.
sadly it was not.
You stroll up to the counter and wrap on it twice to catch her attention and wake her up from the day dream
At first she looks angry then she sees you, she tries miserably to hold in a giggle.
You ask
>"Hey, names Relius, you seem like you know what your doing, can you recommend me something to wear?"
shes got a big grin on her face right now
>"Sure can little guy, i remember my first time shopping alone.."
She gets up and walks over to the table with the clothes your size layed out.
You ignore the first time alone comment and say
>"How'd a pretty girl like you wind up in a store like this?"
She pauses only to giggle at your attempts to hit on her, feelsbadman.
She casually says.
>"It was my dads, he died a while back, hey do you like brown?"
You clear your throat and harden your resolve, okay Relius first time talking to a girl that didn't try to murder you in years, you got this
>m-maybe you should check my measurements first...
She gives her trademark giggle and responds
>"Chill out romeo, i don't need that unless i'm tailoring you something personal anyways.
She hands you some comfortable looking clothing with a cloak and hood.
>"Try that on, if you like it fifteen gold."
It fits good, its tough and easy to move in.
You buy it and leave the store with a wave grumbling internally about your lack of moves.
She tells you to come again on the way out, while you mull over the idea of making yourself irresistible to the opposite sex with pheromones, you need to figure out where to go.

>go to the inn your hungry and could use some rest
>go to the adventurers pub, maybe you could pick up some scantily clad adventurer chick or do some quests for quick cash.
>wander the streets alone at night like a retard.
>MORE SHOPPING!, maybe get some shit for a ritual.
>go explore the wilderness maybe camp out, catch some game, play with magic.
>write in, always encouraged
Didn't mean to paste the sadly it was not part.

Anyone here or should i wait till the same time i posted last thread?
>Turn into the little girl
I'm here OP good quest
Lets get the stuff for the communication ritual, the lock of hair can let us communicate with queen bitch right?
Thats one of the reasons you have it.
>go to the adventurers pub, maybe you could pick up some scantily clad adventurer chick or do some quests for quick cash.

we can totally form a party or something

or we could try asking around the pub if anyone has seen a flying wizard tower go by
I'm going to wait a little to gather some intrest
>go explore the wilderness maybe camp out, catch some game, play with magic.
Rolled 2


Alright rolling to decide
No use standing out in the cold now that you don't look silly anymore.
With a slight spring in your step courtesy of these new clothes, you head for the adventurers guild you saw on your way into town.
The walk is uneventful if not boring, you think your taking this whole cursed thing a little too well.

You let yourself into the pub, and let yourself take it all in, its pretty loud this time of night, the pub itself looks good for what you'd expect a run down adventurers bar to look like in a remote village.

You see
>a job board nailed to the left side of the building, probably with some boring quests like, find this kitty, kill twenty slimes, maybe it has something interesting though.
>the bartender a fat grizzly looking man sliding drinks down the counter.
>an elf with dark skin sitting on a stool her hand moving through the pockets of anyone who passes her in a swift motion.
>an intense looking dude covered in dragon tattoos punching the air in a corner
>two guys wispering next to you about a map to a hidden cave.
>a waitress with huge knockers
Everyone else seems to be chatting with eachother and drinking themselves silly, you have 35 gold.
sorry it took so long stuff happened
>Talk to the waitress and hope she is into ss
>elf thief
>steal map with us
Also remember to ask if shes seen a flying wizard tower around here, and keep our hands on our wallet.
>wanting to ignore main quest for lewd with wench
I'm sure we can come to a compromise anon
>Implying lewd with people won't become the new quest
>implying we want to die
>implying we don't want to get revenge on that tease who cursed us
>implying we don't want to fuck an elf
>implying lewd can't be a nice side dish
>implying at all
Rolled 49

I jest, i'll wait for a tie breaker rolling for waitress being into ss
Rolled 38

I do this in-front of you because we have the skill to read people, shes kinda open to it but afraid of what people will think or that she'd hurt you.
I demand we hit on the waitress!
Rolled 25

Tie broken

You gaze at the crowd for a second, you don't feel like doing anything important, right now top priority, your stomach.
You walk up to an empty table near the bar and plop down, you wave the waitress over to you once she gets close, you just can't take your eyes off her chest as she walks, holy shit are you going through puberty again?

Awkward erection under the table says
She gets to the table and bends town to eye level with you.
>"Oh hey kid, do you need anything?"
She seems pretty welcoming for someone talking to what appears to be a child in a bar.

>What say?
lonely QM feel
Thanks for playing but i'm gunna take another brake and see if another player or two won't fall in this is too quiet, i guess its my fault though.

If noone wants to play i might end this quest for now
"I'm a wizard trapped in a boy's body, only the (physical) love of a beautiful woman can save me"
Holy shit shes close to your face, you can feel her breath, its fucking hot.
You feel a cold sweat, your boner is raging what the fuck body?
Be cool, be cool, second girl in years you talked to, the other was just a warm up you got this.
>"I-I'm a w-wizard!, T-trapped in-"
And then you stammer the rest out in about two seconds
Fucking smooth.

She lets out a high pitch very feminine laugh, and says
>"Oh gosh, your really funny,i like you kid whats your name?"

You're hungry
>What say?
>Give name
>Ask for stew?
You give back a nervous laugh and say.
>"Haa, yeah, i'm hungr-i mean Relius"
Your a stone cold mutherfucking ladykiller you are.
She gives you a warm smile and says.
>" My names Felicity, nice to meet you Relius, So can i get you anything to eat or drink?"
You order some of the stew that you saw someone else eating, she leaves for a second and comes back laying it on your table.
>"If you need anything else just call okay"
And then shes gone back to waiting tables and carrying drinks.

The stew is pretty fucking good and meaty.

>you could probably rent a room here and hit on her more later.
>most of the same people are still here exept dragon guy and one of the map dudes.
>use blood magic to hide our shame?
Also she didn't charge for the meal, she probably likes you.

>What do?
Go talk to thief elf, maybe she can help you steal the map guys map, because who doesn't love maps to hidden caves am i right?

Also are we going to sling spaghetti every time we talk to a girl?

last moment idea, tuck our boner into our pocket so if she tries to pickpocket us she touches our dick.

>Time to go child mode - you know go "I don't think stealing is good" to the elf or something better but still you know.. "cute"

BAH I feel violated but I just wanna see what happens.

and this >>33836273
Well thats a creative approach.
No we won't every time, one anon said stutter the other gave that line so i figured, why not combine them.
the boner thing is too clever

Anyone else in the thread though?
Yay anon i missed you~

Something along the lines of
>"stealing is bad!, So help me steal this guys map!"
:) This is getting good
>last moment idea, tuck our boner into our pocket so if she tries to pickpocket us she touches our dick.
idea is good
And when I finally get here it dies?
You spy the elf from your table, shes stalking waiting for prey, the whole time you had your face in the bowl of stew the thought of that map tugged at you, What if its treasure?, What if it has something that could help fix this curse?
What if its filled with catgirls in heat?
Wait what...why would you even think that.

Your soon to be mark is face down in what is probably his seventh ale, you "adjust" yourself under the table, your little wizard now snug in your pocket, wallet resting in your boot, you set off for the tan elf at the bar.

Almost the second you approach, You didn't even see her hand move, but you felt it, you let out a small squeek when her hand darted into your pocket hoping to find something of value, only to grab you, and pull firmly.

Shes completely frozen, hand in pocket for the longest ten seconds of your life, as she slowly lets go and turns her head to face you, he voice low as can be she stammers,
>"W-what the f-fuck"
In almost a whisper you say.
>"I don't think stealing is very nice"
She is completely silent, this has to be the most awkward moment of her life.

Shes also blushing, you heard elves were kind-of repressed but.

>Sit down try to talk her into your deal like it never happened
>laugh at her
>Say something else?
>Smooth ass moves?
>Write in.
Its not dead i just needed to get a coffee before i got to writing.
Cry, get her to take us somewhere/ play up the little kid act as much as possible.
Well that ruins the map idea, as funny as it would be i was hoping for some action, and some reward, maybe a reason to use our magic
Oh crap I forgot that - ummm how to work that in.... I mean uh... I dunno ideas anyone? We need to get the map too...
You're standing infront of a mortified elf who thinks she just molested a child in public.
>Disregard prospects of treasure and dungeoneering.
>Ruin elfs day
Alright we can do that
I'll give it a second if anyone else wants to vote.

I need a dice roll for bluff 1d100 shes freaking the fuck out internally and shes not good with people anyways so low DC just roll higher than 20 first dice only since your not skilled in bluff
Rolled 46

sorry for ruining the treasure plan.... say we have magic right? whats to say we can't majick the map a copy?
Go ahead and roll your not missing out on too much, and this is just really fucking funny.
Rolled 25

Rolled 51

Rolled 23

I'm actually surprised I thought of crying. I still believe it's a good idea
Your staring her straight in the eyes, you can see the bartender shifting closer to you both out of the corner of your eye.
You don't care much though, an amazing idea hit you, you're about to pull the best prank since you magically changed every vowel that backstabbing bitch knew with the word dick in her sleep, sure your master made you fix her but it was one of the funniest days you can recall.

Time is frozen for her, that is untill you force out some tears, then you scrunch up face and begin to sob.

The second you let that single sob out, your up off your feet with a hand over your mouth being held under the elfs arm.
You hear the bartender shout.
>"Hey get the fuck back here right now!"
A bottle sails past her head as she dives out a window with you in toe, she lands with massive fucking grace and takes off through the alley ways of the town.
She keeps repeating to herself
>"Oh no oh no oh no oh shit no no no no"
Try as you might you can't manage to say anything with her hand so tight over your mouth.

Soon all the houses are gone, your in the middle of the woods, she drops you but keeps a firm grip on your cloak.
She says.
>" Oh gods oh gods no please i'm not a molester, this can't be happening!, It was an accident okay!?"
Shes seriously in hysterics you'd expect a thief with such skill to be a bit more, well collected and maybe more level headed in this situation.

Well what do/say?
File: wtf-1.gif (250 KB, 200x164)
250 KB
250 KB GIF
Oh shit I didn't think this far! NEED HELP
Say what's our powerlevel? I mean I actually have no idea. We graduated apprentice does that mean we're a wizard?
She might have been the worst possible person to pull this on since she looses her shit quickly shes also afraid of people in general, really big spaghetti factory
Are we going to be able to do edgy stuff or something? I mean a wizard vs. spaghetti elf is pretty winnable...

If not wait for her to do something
Rolled 26

Explain to her your situation but also claim to be from a very wealthy family and offer her some riches in exchange for her help.
Make sure to speak in a way that no child would to make her more likely to believe you.

Am I doing this right?
We immediately man the fuck up, hoping she;ll respect our clever ruse, and tell her about the map.

Also, comment on how smooth her hands were and there was much more of that if she was interested *wink*
Your better than apprentice but not quite wizard, he sent you off so you could close the distance yourself and become your own wizard like he did
Take advantage of the confusion eh? good idea
You can burn down an orphanage if you really want, this is sorta a sandbox with a long time limit that can be extended

She dosen't want to kidnap or kill you
She just flipped the fuck out

Okay what do

>Man up and tell her it was a ruse
>Explain her your situation as an adult stuck in a childs body
>Think up a clever lie?
>Keep up the molested child act.
>stare at her like a retard.
As I said earlier

Sandbox with some goals in mind anyways
Sandbox? Does its not rape if its an elf apply?
Alright one vote for man the fuck up, Anyone else?

Anything specific to say or how to phrase it?
No elf rape is still rape and thats okay but shes pretty tricky.
Get in close (hug), man up, tell her about map most lewd way possible and lick her ear.

>inb4 1 on seduction
Make sure we have a predatory grin
Combine with

And after we lick her ear, whisper

>>"You're hands were very smooth, there is always more if your interested"

In the huskiest tone we can
Fuck you guys, you give me great material to work with and i already had some shit set up to go down.

Something like 3 samefags have quite a bit of creativity.
File: mysterious.jpg (18 KB, 212x254)
18 KB
Well, you took things a "little" too far maybe, while your down here may as-well come clean an-waitaminute shes an elf!
With pointy long ears, and a slender but somehow strong body, you're going to worm your-way out of this one alright, no more messing up, she obviously drug you out here to molest you.
So lets kill two birds with one stone
>"Shhh calm its okay i know, it was a ruse, to get you to help me."
you say in a whispering tone, while you throw your arms around her, edging closer and closer to those pointy tasty ears.
She lets out a gasp and stops you and almost shouts.
>"W-What the fuck! W-what do you mean a ruse?! Fuc-"
She stops what shes saying mid sentence, she throws you off her and rolls behind a tree.
Theres an arrow where you both were previously you instinctively activate wizard sight.

You see the aura of three men, hidden around the tree line moving to surround you, Fuck.

Remember the dude that was described as >a rough and shady looking dude staring right at you leaning on the side of a building, the first time you got to town? i made you take a perception check to notice him you failed all but that one time when you first got to town, in the bar he was sitting at a table looking at you, DC check for seeing him was 55, Tailor shop he had his face pressed up against the window like the let me in im a fairy guy, DC for seeing him was 30, You rolled a fucking 17, hes been stalking you for some reason.
Rolled 68

Bloodbend him in the most painful way possible
Rolled 49

Kick his ass
Rolled 44

Let me get a little indepth with combat here, You can do cool shit with your magic but, every "spell" requires a bit of a cool down and your not a full on good wizard yet, so you can't fling them around like the sacks of flesh they are and make them explode yet, You can do things like

Horribly gore and maim a body part shit like the head requires a higher DC though, Closer you are lower the DC, you can drain their blood and flesh to heal yourself, You could use blood magic to gore open an exosed body part and make his blood coil around him and strangle him, Or heal you, Or make it into a weapon
You can also "freeze" blood and paralyze someone for a while, or cause extream pain and make them take a penalty on rolls
You can cast simple shit like fireball magic missile and stuff whatever you can think of thats not TOO OP really, be creative roll 1d100 for goreing something then another for stealing the blood and yada yada
Now onto the combat

Elf lady crouches behind the tree trying to get a location on the archer, You already see him behind a big oak tree about twenty yards away.
One man is attempting to flank you from the right hes currently sixteen yards away moving across bushes, the other is trying to get the drop on the elf hes eighteen yards away from you, ten yards away from her.

You close your third eye, it burns

>What say to elf lady?
>What murder first?
If anyone knows a good combat system for quests i'll take it otherwise i'll just work on making this one decentish and bearable
Rolled 98

Say, all this blood magic sounds weak. But since you mentioned distance can we pull of something like the Full Metal Alchemist? Get the earth to sprout spikes like the old fashioned #1 counter to charging enemies.
Yup definitely this.
You might as well just add FMA style into this as it seems to be what you're describing
Rolled 9

Tell her to focus on protecting herself and maybe put down some suppressing fire on the guy who is trying to flank us if she can.

Rolling to gore the guts of the shade guy(that should immobilize him with pain)
File: Wrath_Spike.jpg (92 KB, 715x468)
92 KB
Rolled 22

I'm pretty sure I was beaten by
Yeah you can sprout spikes blood magics not really that weak, Fuck up a guys weapon arm? he can't attack you nearly as good, Get hurt? Heal yourself, make bloody razor sharp whips sprout from corpses and lash out at anyone near and fuck them up
Cause extream pain? They could pass out from the pain anyways, Someone shooting at you? Wall of flesh maybe launch spears made of bone, cool shit like that it does decent damage your just not at instakill levels yet

Also you can raise thralls and skeletons for a while
Dude you may have never read Full Metal Alchemist but it sounds EXACTLY like the concepts of Construction/Reconstruction. Still going for the 98 on spikes though
Rolled 27

You see the bushes rustle, he probably thinks hes solid snake right now, you move in a little let him think your open.

He jumps out to rush you with a short sword!
You so called it, you slap your hands to the ground feeling the hungry earth, hearing its sounds, YOU COMMAND THAT SHIT.
Spikes shoot from the ground stabbing through his legs, holding him in place, all he can do now is scream in pain and desperatly slap at the hard rock with his sword, you hear a scream that sounds like the brown elf.
Probably coulda told her about that guy.

Rolling for her to not die/get maimed/ kill the attacker
Rolled 42

Rolled 68

Shes alive at least. Or the meaning of.
Rolled 17

>slap your hands
so you have read it
Rolled 72

Nope never read that.

You rolled for her i rolled for the attacker by the way

Archer knocks back an arrow and lets it fly in your general direction DC 70 you got some coverage.

You hear a man yell and a loud "Fuck you" in brown elfs direction, Shes probably okay.

>What do about the archer?
>Kill the guy you knee spiked before he can pull himself out? or let him live so you may interrogate him?
the arrow imbeds itself in your forearm it was peaking over the edge, god damn it hurts.

>kill trapped guy and use his flesh to heal yourself?
>Kill trapped guy and use his flesh to heal yourself
We can interrogate the archer i guess
Alright one vote for this, its not too bad of a wound, it just hurts and we will be unable to use that arm without passing a will check.
For a short while anyways it'll heal on its own with our magic and a day or two.

still need a plan for the archer

meat shield?

If my combat sucks tell me and i'll swap shit around and do things diffrently
I watched the anime. years ago
Everyone left because you wen't romancing brown elf, you fucked up son.
File: oh god y.jpg (1.25 MB, 2048x3976)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
Nah I needed to shower
Throw his arrow back in his face. I assume some strength, guiding or something magic? Just a stopgap
Bye the way the kill guy thing is a tiny bit of a moral choice situation, i was thinking how our character would react to that, And by all means if you want to you can just bolt

But if this is the end i just want you to know we were actually getting close to seducing brown elf
Roll two d100's

One for pulling the arrow out

One for throwing it back with the help of alteration to increase the force of the arrow
mfw i just killed someone on dwarf fortress by throwing arrows at them with my bare hands
Yea until a wild mood whiplash hurricane appeared. It should've been a you see them first for a chance to sneak with elf scene.
File: 1397585653424.jpg (232 KB, 1024x768)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
Forgot picture

It should have, to be a bit fair though you were failing your hidden perception rolls hard.
Nice roll.

type dice+2d100
Rolled 59

Rolled 44, 22 = 66

Rolled 9, 89 = 98

Failing is fair. Did you roll for elf perception?
I did not because i am dumb and she was having a panic attack.

You grit your teeth and pry pulling the arrow free from your arm, with a howl, your crying right now this is the most pain you have ever experienced in your life.

But that just fuels your anger, Since i can tell you guys want to get this over with i'll use >>33839184
's roll along with the first guy

You open your third eye, you can see him glowing pulsing with spiritual energy, hes not a mage, hes just a puppet for a spirit, rolled high on wiz sight

You charge the air around you untill you feel like its going to explode, reality bends and warps around the arrow when it leaves your hand, it fly's at frightening speeds straight into the archers head.
Oh shit, Oh shit wait, you killed him?, i mean he was a puppet of a spirit you think.. but you killed him, what did you expect the arrow to do?

>Your wiz sight shows you the aura of the survivor, human untouched by magic.
What now?
>Tend your wound with bloodmagic?
>Tend the survivors wounds?
>interrogate survivor?
>Loot them?
>Look for brown elf?

Give me your answers and i'll be back in a little bit
Rolled 53, 33 = 86

>Loot them
>Tend survivor
>look for brown elf with the injured guy restrained somehow
>look for elf
You tie the cloak around you to serve as an improv sling for your arm witch is slowing down to a dull pain, You look over at the survivor with the magled legs, and order.
>"Stay there or you'll bleed to death"
You walk over to the corpse of the archer, Oh shit your going to be sick, sure you've disected your share of animals before but... brains everywhere.
You kick aside his quiver and take his satchel trying not to look at the hole in his skull, as you walk back you call out,
>"Hey elf you can come out now, its safe"
You can hear her in the bush next to you.
She says in a whisper.
>"Shhh you don't know that one could be hiding in a tree, waiting to strike!"
You don't sense anyone nothing but the fast pace beats of your hearts, and the dull thump of the man laying face first in the ground groaning in agony.

You peak inside of the bag, A bottle of salt, Chalk, three white and black candles, and a parchment with a symble on it, the most you can figure of it is that it has the symbolical pillars of life and death on each end, so it must be of spiritual origins.

>What say to brown elf? Maybe you should learn her name sometime
>What do about dying man? Close his wounds with blood magic? Ask him questions?

>attempt to decode the ritual in the bag?
>fuck this your in too deep fuck off to the inn and blow town in the morning?
>you need to get to the bottom of this?
>What do about dying man? Close his wounds with blood magic? Ask him questions?
Close his wounds and ask her name
About the bottom three choices,

>fuck this blow town
You can take brownelf with you if she wants to go, shes basically been kicked out of town for kidnapping you anyways.
Spooky spirit cultists will loose track of you for a considerable amount of time, and its back to messing around and mulling over what to do again.

>attempt to decode the ritual in the bag
I'll give you some choices on how to set it up and you wing it and hope for the best. it could give you the answers to the spooky spirit cult right away if you do it right.
>you need to get to the bottom of this
use hard-boiled investigation skills you probably don't have and your sharp mind a whit to make sense of this mess.

Brown elf is very confused and afraid right now.
get the fuck outta here, apologize to elf
Decoding time.
Keep the elf near.
Lets try and decode the thing, and keep the elf
Well you feel kinda bad now, not because of the hole in your arm or the blood on your new cloak.
You feel like a dick, it was self defense though, jerks were asking for it.
You sigh as you wave brown elf over, you bend down and begin to use your magic to mend his flesh wounds into something less lethal.

Your hand glows red as your body pulses, you feel his flesh contort and fumble as you hover your hand over the wounds, you shut your eyes.
Its a little grusome, at first brown elf was amazed, then when his flesh started warping she became disgusted.

Well his legs still have a few holes in them, and are now covered in scar tissue, but he'll live.

Your turn to her and ask.
>"Can i have your name?"
She pauses for a moment, and finally says
>"Its Arwen Felicitie Worthington-Smythe."
Odd name, well.
What say?

>I'm really sorry about all this
>Put on the moves, (perfect moment right?)
>Write in, Pleeease?
>"Look, this isn't at all how I planned this to turn out, sorry about that."
"I know a few areas of magic so, If you want some help with anything just ask, I'll be more than willing to try and help"
She dosen't seem to be in a talkative mood right now, but thats understand able, she doesn't know your name, if you want to keep her you better make her like you.

She won't be able to enter this village with you, if you decide to stay here your going to have to camp out inna woods.
Well, tell her our name then.
And can't we go back into the village and sort out the issue? Since, y'know, it was our fault?
You sigh, and say to her
>"Look, this isn't at all how i planned this to turn out, sorry about that."
You take a good look at her face in the moonlight, she looks like someone just took a piss on her hopes and dreams.
She says.
>"Planned what?, You haven't told me ANYTHING i accidently touched your dick!, You started CRYING i was CHASED OUT OF TOWN WITH YOU and ATTACKED and almost KILLED!"
She grabs your shirt and shakes you.
>"What the fuck are you! What the fuck is going on!?"
Rolled 36, 53 = 89

I'm batman, Now bring me my chocolate milk!
I got stabbed by a bitch
Bitch did some spooky shit and now I'm twelve
This has seemingly pissed of spirit fuckers or something
You touched my dick
I cried
Here we are
"I seem to have people intent on taking my life and you merely got caught up with it"
"I'm sorry that you got chased out of town, I can try to get you back inside it if you wish"
Something like this just more informative.
Actually, fuck, lets just tell her everything.
File: 1382748557922.png (22 KB, 109x128)
22 KB

You grab her and shake her back, you shout.
>"You think your confused?!"
>"Just fucking today i got sent off on a quest of self enlightenment by my master!"
>"Two fucking steps out the door i get FUCKING STABBED"
>" I wake up a child!"
>"This apparently has angered spooky FUCKING spirits who want me dead!"
>" And yeah, I fucking cried. here we fucking are!"

You gasp and take in a deep breath, and continue to stair at eachother.

then you mumble
>"and my names Relius.."
This. May as well I guess.
She says, just that, then a long pause.
>"this is the worst day of my life"
She states.
You retort with
"You and me both."

Now what?
>your probably in this too now we should stick together
>You want to just, go, with me?
>I guess this is goodbye
>Write in.
>I would offer to try and make peace with the town for what happened earlier, but to be honest they've seen us together now.
>I'm not sure they only have their eyes on me
>that image
>that whole rant

Two votes for that anyone else?
You look at her with a serious expression and say.
>"Look, what if i went back to town with you, and we made peace about the whole kidnapping incident, but, they've seen us together now.
>"I'm not sure its just me their looking for."
She lets out a sigh, and says.
>"Who are they?, you sound like you know more than you let on."
Who are They?
>Wild notions
>Make up some shit?

>Tell her you think you have the means to find out?
>Let her help you with the ritual?
>she thinks we know shit
Enforcers of the god of time? probably wouldn't like the fact that we're twelve
"Well, I imagine they have something to do with Spirit magic. Maybe they're even disciples of the bitch who stabbed me, but that's all I know"

>Tell her we can try and help
Liches exist.
So do vampires and things immortal.
you've heard stories of wizard who can time travel though.

If you can figure up the ritual you could probably get your answers
Anon sthap your too close for comfort
Well gee, consider how long we were out for and how slowly we're de-aging it was the most likely possibility that she's gained a power base around herself and despite basically sentencing us to re-birth-death it wouldn't be too out of the question for her to decide "Hey, while don't I have him killed, AS WELL?"
You scratch your head and say.
>"Well, I imagine they have something to do with Spirit magic. Maybe they're even disciples of the bitch who stabbed me, but that's all I know"
You put your hand on her shoulder, and say.
>"Hey i can help you okay?, We can get this mess sorted out"
She looks at your hand and says.
>"Alright i guess we don't have much of a choice, but thank you.

>what say now?
>go for a hug?
>whats your plan to put the villagers fears of their children being molested by a thief away?
I'll let you in on a big part of the curse, if your ever knocked unconscious as in bonk or passing out due to blood-loss and anything besides sleep you will de-age at a rapid rate, it may seem like a minor detail but its important.
>Go for a hug
"Sorry about this again Arwen"
>whats your plan to put the villagers fears of their children being molested by a thief away
Well, first of all lets decode that ritual thing.
She looks like shes doing better, circumstances considered.
You pull her into a hug and say.
>"Sorry about this again Arwen"
She half returns the hug trying not to cause pain to your injured arm, and says.
>"Thanks, just try to fix this please."

Your one sleepy mutherfucker and you can bet Arwen is too.

>make camp away from dead bodies?
>why the fuck didn't you bring a sleeping bag or even a blanket?
>you still have those oversized robes you guess
>Walk back into town looking like shit?
>fuck off onto the road towards the city?
>Write in?
Oh shit almost forgot, you wana do anything about the guy who can't walk currently passed out on the ground near you?

>Do you guys want me to continue this thread for longer? (i don't mind)
>are you too sleepy?
You can try to decode the ritual anywhere, be it at an inn or a log in the woods
Draw a dicks on him
You step over to the unconscious man, and roll him over onto his back.

>draw a dick with chalk
>perminatly scar a dick onto his head with fleshcrafting
>pussy out
>perminatly scar a dick onto his head with fleshcrafting
Fuck this asshole, trying to stab you and shit.
while Arwen isn't paying attention, your finger glows red, you press it onto his forehead, you can hear it. all the dying little cells trying to avoid your finger his flesh actively twist and contort to avoid you but it cannot escape.

When your done you step back to admire your art, Almost as good as that bitch who diddled in your notebook
Alright i guess if i don't see you tomorrow i'll probably see you the next day, if not then, then the next day.

i have a plane to catch and shit i'm going to call it here for now since its so slow, i had alot of fun.

Maybe we can score next episode, who knows?
Quest archived, remember to give it a + if you like it.

Sweet thread Argo, looking forward to the next.

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