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I'm designing a setting and I was wondering if anyone could help me come up with ideas.

in this setting, the land is dividing up into a giant checkerboard pattern. In each of these square plots of land, one person is designated as a "god" and can design their area and rule it in whatever way they see fit.

If you were one of these "Gods", what type of land would you create and how would you rule it? (specific details to follow)
>The Specifics:
Each square plot of land extends 5 miles by 5 miles wide, and 2 miles tall. Each "god" can choose how many humans they want to populate their land, along with criteria such as the age, gender, and appearance of the occupants. These humans can all automatically speak, read, and write (for simplicity sake we'll say it's in English). Each area is required to have at least one usable exit to an adjoining plot of land.

"Gods" have several unique powers. In the beginning, they get to design what they would like their land to be like, however once their world is created they cannot make major changes. They are completely immortal. At any given time they can choose to manifest in a spiritual form (which allows them to be invisible and easily move anywhere in their world), or they can create an avatar of any shape or size to interact directly with their land and people. They also can telekinetically move any object or person in their land. However, the one major downside is that they are unable to leave their land.

When designing their land, Gods can create unique life-forms, but they should not have mental ability beyond that of animals. As a rule of thumb no magic should exist and the technology level should never surpass roughly Renaissance-level.

This world is a vast, possibly endless flat plane. There are no celestial bodies, instead there is a blanket of luminescent clouds high in the air. It changes color in a seven-day cycle (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and grey), forming a week. The overall brightness increases and decreases as the days go on in a cycle (like the winter and summer solstices), which approximates a year.
I'll post some ideas that people have come up with previously include:

>"Cash Crop" land
This world is designed solely to create and harvest a useful cash crop. This plant will only grow at a specific temperature, on a specific type of soil, watered with a particular type of water, etc. It can be brewed to make a tea-like beverage, smoked like tobacco, chewed like gum, mixed with water and fermented to make alcohol, grated onto food for seasoning, and many other useful commodities. This plant is usually compressed into small bricks, the size and shape of a mahjong piece, which can be stored for years without spoiling. Since the economy of these various lands will likely be based on bartering, these bricks are also designed to be used as a common and simple form of currency. The people native to this land use the crop as a way to amass power, wealth, and influence in other worlds.
>"City" land
This land is a series of stone towers extending from the ground up to the sky, designed to absolutely maximize liveable space. Each tower has an orderly series of rooms which can be occupied by anyone who wants them. It is completely lawless, designed to be a sort of libertarian utopia where people from everywhere can come to trade and live, but as a result it can be very dangerous and unpredictable.
Bizzaro land.
Pick 2 or 3 laws of physics/nature, they don't work, or work oddly.
Ex: water flows uphill, trees made of piss, mountains/hills grow over night, fish swim through the air and attack people for food, animals talk but people don't, fire causes plants to grow faster.
File: magical realm.jpg (11 KB, 184x184)
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>trees made of piss
File: pw4t5Wc.jpg (297 KB, 1250x868)
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297 KB JPG
>"Library" land
This world looks like an an ancient academy with clean white marble pillars. The "god" of this world takes an active role in the organization and structure of it, organizing it somewhat like a University. It designed as a place of learning, and the permanent occupants act as librarians, curators, researchers, teachers, etc. They are responsible for exploring, documenting, and mapping the different lands. They also offer free classes to the public on a variety of subjects.

No "I'm gonna fuck you up with my nightmarish creations" land? I'm sure an evil and imaginative enough "God" could somehow invade and conquer other adjacent squares.
>>33898471 (OP)
I'm thinking a custom minecraft server.

Each player gets a 4x4 chunk square.

You can only talk to players on adjacent squares to yours.

You're initially restricted to your square, and to move around, you have to get permission from the player who owns the square you're trying to move to.
File: 1393695753176.gif (496 KB, 226x200)
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496 KB GIF
>"Carnival" land
The entire world is one big carnival, with several shows and entertainment venues. The "god" of this world is the Ringleader, putting on a show for all humans. There are chimeralike animals that are trained to do amazing tricks, and a select few have grown intelligent enough to work in the "Monster Manor" attraction to scare visitors or run some of the vending booths. Most food consists of carnival foods, i.e. hot dogs, burgers, cotton candy, etc., but how and where they are made is unknown. The humans here are eternally happy, but no visitors know where they sleep, or IF they sleep. Every night, there is a fireworks show that lasts until dawn.

P.S. I'm ignoring the intelligence limit for creatures and the tech limit because it kills the creativity.
Technology Farm

Get two factions of equal size, strength, brutality etc. on each half of the 5 miles (2.5x5x2 for red team, 2.5x5x2 for blue), give them the highest technology possible, and wait for them to design new technology to fight their foes.
File: 2007-17971-800.jpg (304 KB, 800x676)
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304 KB JPG
>"Messenger" land
Since gods cannot leave their lands, it is hard for gods to communicate with one another. This can partially make them feel lonely, and it also makes coordinating with other worlds difficult. One world is designed as the solution to these problems.

It's native people, known as The Messengers (or something like that), operate similarly to a monastic order, and their main purpose is to deliver messages between the various "gods". These messengers dress in unique, gaudy clothing and are tattooed on their face so that they are easily identifiable. The messages they deliver are coded and written on thin gold foil (to prevent forgeries). The only payment they ask for is 1.) safe passage through the "god's" land, 2.) to be allowed a small outpost in that land where they are given food and such, 3.) that the local god will protect their printing devices and not allow anyone to steal them, and 4.) that if anyone defects from the messengers, they are killed on sight. In their free time they also publish items on paper such as news periodicals, magazines, books, etc. Because of this they often work closely with the "Library" land (>>33899778). However all correspondences between gods are kept completely secret. Most gods are so grateful for their services that they pamper the messengers who are stationed in their world.

The world itself is very utilitarian, and full of raw materials for constructing their portable small printing-press type devices, along with animals that produce large amounts of ink and glue for bookbinding, and plants which produce large amounts of natural paper. Their technology, although relatively simple by modern standers, is kept extremely secret and anyone who steals it typically has their life forfeit in most lands.
>"Dungeon" land
One idea that several people came up with was a world that is extremely dangerous for a variety of reasons, but which had vast amounts of treasure hidden inside to attract adventurers.

A world like this might potentially be made like the inside of a cave, lit by be designed with one entrance where there is a small village. From the village, dozens of smaller paths branch out in different directions, each one with a particular type of obstacles, and particular types of rewards. It would be best if these resources were self-renewing, like aggressive animals with naturally-forming bones made of iron, copper, silver, or gold ores, etc. I'm not sure about what other types of resources would be good though.
Some of my ideas might come off as a bit perverse, just as a heads up.

>Giant stone walls on the outside blocking all directions except for one exit
>The exit is located in a small gated enclave that keeps unwanted visitors from entering, but provides enough
>The land is divided into different mini-biomes (snowy mountain, desert, forest, tropical beach, etc. The ground level is relatively high, and underneath are giant vaulted rooms for living quarters. the ground has large slabs of quartz built into it which serve as skylights for the room underneath.
>Instead of grass there is small but colorful grains in a variety of colors, visually similar to canola plants. These can be ground to make flour for baking. Plentiful and diverse fruits, veggies, herbs, and spices. Plentiful animals similar to all the ones I like to eat
>However all the food effects the normal human occupants. It cures all disease and keeps them in peak physical shape. It makes the females extra fertile, and feminizes the men.
>All occupants are beautiful girls and boys ranging from very young to mid-twenties
>I'd probably want to divide them into different groups which I visit a different group each day.
>I'd be worshiped as a god and stuff, you know the drill
Almost Fantasy Land

It's a world where the visitor's most desired dreams come true, but with noticeable faults to each wish. Soul mates don't look as intended, or they constantly seem aloof or distance. Physical or magical power "shorts out" frequently or escapes the wielder's control. Treasures and material goods feel unsubstantial to the touch, as though they were made from cheap components. Idealized landscapes are interrupted with inclement weather or vandals.

It's a world where nobody's dream comes perfectly true, and yet those who experience it become too enthralled to want to give it up.
I fill my land with lolis. Cute little lolis in cute little villages.

My land will be populated by children. Nobody ages past 12 in this land and nobody dies of age-related causes. People who visit from other lands stop aging while they're here, but continue to age normally when they leave. Natives (ANYONE born here) who leave will rapidly age biologically up to their chronological age and in extreme cases can wither away to skeletons in minutes.

The race of children from this world appear to outsiders as members of their own race. They never mature in any way (emotional, intellectual, etc.) past the usual maturity level for 12 or so. Not even if they leave and start aging normally (this means androgynous adults because no puberty).

The culture of the indigenous kid race is one of childlike things: games and imagination, etc. Sometimes they split off into boys and girls to have a war, but they suck at combat so death is rare.

They will attack with extreme prejudice anyone trying to introduce adult concepts, discipline, or guidance, however.
>no puberty
12 or so. Puberty is generally considered the cutoff when you start to change from being a kid. Where I grew up people started hitting puberty at the earliest near the end of 12.
Better make it 10 or so then. Puberty starts at 10-11 for girls.
OK. 12 seemed normal for girls where I was. Boys usually started at 14. I guess there's something in the water here.

The Invasive Property:

One God got a bit miffed at the thought of being stuck in his tiny land forever. What if he designed it to take over neighboring lands?

A land of easily domesticated, giant dinosaur-like beasts, that are attracted to the smell and skin tones of the local human population, who are, besides some pheromones and particular olive skin tones, entirely normal. The land is rich in iron, coal, saltpeter, sulfur, minerals in general.

His people have a bible, written in iron, carried by himself as an avatar of war, that explains the need to consume the other lands. They seek out lands that the other gods have grown weary and tired of, and sublimate them, because if they rule it, their god may one day be able to walk across yet more lands.
If this was something existing people got to do suddenly, I would expect to see at least a few each of:

Hot bitches world (someone's gotta be a perv), possibly also it's male-populated equivalent.
Paradise tropical island world
Slackers smoking weed world
Gambling world
Probably some kind of farm world
Upper-class luxury world (personal chef, butler, etc)
crazy old hermit world
Lego/Minecraft world
Also at least one that ran afoul of the rules (boatload of money world but his neighbors have all they want and now he can't change it enough to make it something better)
Also maybe some kind of world apparently run by a dog or something.
Oh, and arena world.

Now I kinda want to run this myself.
File: 1371088270575.jpg (240 KB, 3000x2400)
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240 KB JPG
I don't like what I'm seeing here.
I like this idea a lot. The home land could have the raw materials for creating weapons and vast quantities of food. The enormous dinosaurs could be used in Dinotopia-style war animals. You could have native foods that increase fertility, speed up childbirth to only a couple of months, and make children grow to adult hood in just a couple years. Women could stay behind to craft the weapons, farm, and give birth - and men could continue pushing the front lines forward in an ever-increasing wave of carnage.

I do question how much of a hindrance the local gods would be in the invaded lands though. Based on >>33898493 (You) they'd almost certainly be impossible to imprison, and depending on how strong their telekinetic powers are they might be able to massacre any invaders.

>Also at least one that ran afoul of the rules (boatload of money world but his neighbors have all they want and now he can't change it enough to make it something better)
I also really like that. Something like a world the creator filled with diamonds and gold, only to discover that they had no value in the surrounding areas and now children just use them as toys. I mean something more creative than that, but yeah.

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