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Hey guys my business yesterday took way longer than I expected, sorry. Let me know when you come back

Hello. Let me see... where were we...?
lunch with the lawyer... ah right

You go back to the office, and find an 80 rock star-looking guy waiting in the lobby. Or perhaps Fabio-like would be a better description.

Flowing blonde hair, california tan, a half open white shirt with embroided details and an actual shine in his smile.

Ralf Bach: "Pleasure to meet you. You are identical to how you look on the OPnet, mister Salter." -he offers you his hand. You could swear a unseen breeze is playing with his hair

Want to shake his hand and see what he wants, or just greet him and tell him you are busy so you can go into your office? or something else?
Eh, shake his hand and see what he wants.
Aritsu makes a little pout, which looks slightly adorable and reminds you of her little sister. She starts a pot of coffee and goes back to her desk when you go into the office with mister Bach.

Ralf: "Thankyou for your time." -he seems so honest, as if he was glowing from the inside or had a devoted crew pointing a spotlight at him, "I know you are probably busy, so I will try and be brief."

Ned: "Appreciate it. So, what can I do for you?" -you invite him to seat

Ralf: "Well, it has recently come to my attention that a ver special dear friend of mine has hired you as her manager, and ever since, she has finally seen the level of successful, positive exposure she SO rightly deserves!" -he sounds so brutally honest and happy for his friend.- "So, I was wondering if you could work with me, and assist the launch of my next novel."

Ned: "I... actually only manage people related to the XWF in a way or another. If you are talking about Lyann, she is still under contract with us, albeit with a different branch than the wrestling division, of course."

Ralf: "Naturally. And see, that is why I thought you could help me. Your people do jobs other than merely punching people according to a script, right? I have seen successful ad campaigns involving cars, clothing, and even sports equipment and perfumes." -he leans back, that unseen breeze causing his hair to wave gently

Ned: "Yes, that is correct."

Ralf: "So, I thought to myself, this is a promoter who knows when he has a chance, surely he would be the man to help with my newest project."

Ned: "I... still don't see why you would come to me. I am certainly not an editorial house."

Ralf: "Well, you know money, and you know product placement. In fact, I'd dare say you are one of the best, if not the best, at the moment."

Aritsu: "Mister Salter, it's time I leave and pick up my sister from the studio. Will you need anything else before then?" -she brings you and your guest a cup of hot coffee
File: every sapy novel ever.png (2.21 MB, 1272x714)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB PNG
Ned: "No, that will be all. I'll see you tomorrow."

Aritsu: "Until tomorrow, sir."

Ralf: -checks her out as she walks away and out of the office.- "Charming young woman, very gifted."

Ned: "Yes, she's a great asset."

Ralf: "Indeed! -he chuckles a bit, with a hoarse manly laugh that comes as if riding a flower rich breeze that is his breath- Well, you may or not know this, but my personal research, and that of course means I cannot be wrong, shows that every legendary love novel ever published has had a clear structure to it, which I have of course improved upon carefully, and now I am missing but one thing for the perfect romantic novel."

Ned: "Which is?"

Ralf: "An attractive redhead in a submissive or suggestive pose, for the cover photo. And of course, we both know the most beautiful specimen filling that description, right?"

He holds his datapad high, his muscles rolling slowly under his skin, like a jaguar ready to pounce. Caressing the bud on his device, he spurts its information all over his new partner.

Indeed, looking at the covers he's sent you, they... do resemble his observations.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm making his description more and more sappy like in a bad romance novel. Now I just need to start calling him adonis and mention he glows under sunlight, and we'll have the newest teen cult.

Ralf: "So, would you be interested in managing the newer, improved Twilight?"

[] Eh, money it's money, and if this thing sells as well as he says, it would help a lot to cement your position as the new Midas

[] "Get the fuck out of my office" -or something like that

[] Other
>[] Other
"I'll have to look into it. Get back to you in a week?"
By which we mean hell no, but no need to be rude.
btw, when a friend brought to my attention that the huge majority of sappy novels had redheads, and I laughed for a good bit about it.


Ralf: "Well, I'll leave you a copy of the manuscript, and hope to hear from you within a week, then" -he offers you his large, calloused hand, a hand that could easily hold a girl by the waist with a strong manly grip.

After a handshake, he leaves, and Brass knocks your open door as he comes in.

Brass: "Uh, who was that funny looking guy?" -he's carrying a large beanbag backpack, and wearing his street clothes.

Ned: "Ah, someone who wanted Lyann to do... modeling work, I guess?"

Brass: "Really? I thought that girl had trouble appealing to baselines?"

Ned: "I suspect it may just be a excuse for something else... what brings you over?"

Brass: "Well, I know it's months in advance, but I was thinking in going to check a wedding present for Samuel and Stella. Want to come?"

* Sure
* No, I think Im going to go home, feed my pet fish and crash until tomrrow, it's been a weird two days
* Other
>* Sure
Brass: "So, any ideas?"

Ned: "Well, usually you give things they will use in their new life, right? like a washing machine or a set of dishes, but it's not as if Samuel will need economic help to start his new life. Maybe a entertainment system? or something funy."

Brass: "Ah, I saw some musical condoms once."

Ned: "Really now?"

Brass: "Yeah, motion triggered the 1812 overture... I thought it was pretty funny. You know the one... TA, TA, TA TA TA TA TA..."

Ned: -almost spurts out his coffee- "Jesus. That would be funny, but let's think of something else."

Brass: "Well, finish your coffee and let's go. I'll drive, so we can go in my car since I'll come back to the gym later anyway, then you can pick your car."

Ned: "sure"

http://youtu.be/0F5k70xwGSk?t=9m54s start at 9 minutes 54 seconds. Dont know who came up with the idea, but its genius

A few minutes later, on the jeep.

Brass: "So, this guy just wants her as a cover girl?"

Ned: "Well, it sounds harmless enough. Just a picture, but.."

Brass: "Wekk, it's her long time rival right? and he wants to appear on a picture with her in a submissive pose while he's all open shirt and stuff? Sounds more like an ego boost."

Ned: "Well, could be good to have her face him. Anyway, a car?"

Brass: "Eh, he has cars. A vicuña wool carpet?"

Ned: "What's a vicuña?"

Brass: "It's like a tiny cammel, I guess? they are a protected species in southamerica. You can't keep them in captivity and the natives there gather them once every 3 years to get their wool"

Ned: "How the hell do you know that!?"

Brass: "Hey, I know stuff."

Ned: "Sure, but how do you know that"

Brass: "Remember when Ami went to Bolivia some time ago? brought me back a vicula blanket. It was interesting so I looked it up. Did you know only the inca emperor was allowed to use that wool? also, it's stupidly expensive, and it's the finest wool in the world. You can get 20 or more fibers of vicuña wool in the same space as a single sheep fiber. Each fiber has scales that trap air, so it's much, much warmer than a regular blanket."

Ned: "You don't actually need that tho, do you?"

Brass: "Of course not, cold or heat, doesn't bothers me. It has a nice pattern hand woven into it, tho, so I had it framed and have it on my lobby."

Ned: "Well, wouldn't it be a bit of a waste to make a carpet with that?"

Brass: "Eh, I know Samuel longer than you do. It would end in front of his chimmey and he would put it to good use with Stella."

Ned: "Alright.. that is better than a lifetime supply of musical condoms."

Brass: "The condoms are funnier, tho."

suggestions for gifts?
An all expenses paid trip to some ludicrously expensive resort? Or his old Boxing belts. That would be a good present I think.
how would you get the belts?
Also, I feel weird now about having a vicuña blanket I inherited

Through careful media manipulation and public pressure of course. From what I understand Python's reputation has been built up as an honest sportsman type, so starting a viral campaign to give him his belts back wouldn't be hard. What public pressure takes away, it can give back
Oh, that does sound good. I like it

As it turns out, there's no such thing as a vicuña rug in LA, so you help Brass get in contact with someone in Perú to get one.

Brass: "Well, that was more expensive than I thought. I bought it, of course, but I'm going to admonish Ami about buying that blanket for me. One thing is a wedding gift and another is a souvenir."

Ned: "Well, you know she adores you."

Brass: -sigh- "I was worried there for a bit until eldric managed to get her attention, really. I'm old enough to be her dad."

Ned: "I think that's what she thought about it, too."

Brass: "Uh?

Ned: "Nothing. I'll see you tomorrow."

Brass: "alright, take care man."

Brass stops his vehicle and watches you board yours and take off, wanting to keep an eye on you in case anything else happens.

Once your car gets out of view, he steps down, looks up and faces the six armored, green skinned, reptilian looking guy on the roof of the parking lot like a giant gecko.

Brass: "You can get lost, or I can jump up and make you wish you had."

The teran goes away.
Current number of kidnapping attempts: 4

Brass calls Lyann and lets her know she was right. Unknown to Ned, Okaba keeps an eye on him on the way back to his place, and Mai hurries up evacuating the place, having taken out another Terat in ambush.

Mai: "I need evac."

Okaba: "Can you lower his weight along with yours?"

Mai: "Sure."

Okaba flies both of them out of your apartment/floor before you arrive. The place looks spotless, but for some reason it makes you miss Mai. Something in the air, perhaps?

Mai: "You know I can't keep watch forever, right? I'm not supposed to leave the ranch. Makes people nervous."

Okaba: "That's okay, after tomorrow, a T2M agent is going to be on watch over Ned."

Mai: "Alright. Oh, I can take it from here." -she says as Okaba flies over the ranch, high enough that the house is a little dot.

Mai just lets go of Okaba's hand, and falls down carrying the massive Terat like a cannonball, then changes her density and weight to that of a feather a few moments before landing on her house's roof.

Mai: "Welcome to casa de Morgan. You and I are going to have so much fun."

Terat: "Ugh... you can't keep me here. My friends will come for me."

Okaba lands by the house's backdoor, and Mai gracefully hops down from the roof to his side, still carrying the bound terat.

Okaba: "We aren't keeping you here. Once miss Morgan is done with you, I'm taking you to T2M for breaking and entering. Won't keep you behind bars for long, but I'm hoping for a couple of weeks so you can't try it again before the trial is over."

Want to skip forth to the next day?
Sure. Ned might want to invest in a private bodyguard though.

The next morning, Ami surprises you as she's waiting for you at your door.

Ami: "Hello!" -She greets you with a radiant smile. She's dressed in shorts and a sports bra, with a small backpack over her right shoulder.

Ned: "Ami? what are you doing here?"

Ami: "Was jogging, when I noticed I was nearby. You are going to the office, right? care you give me a lift?"

Ned: "Ah, sure. I guess."

As usual, Aritsu is waiting for you at the XWF lobby. She greets you as usual, then Ami, and scorts you to the office while Ami looks at your backs, and then heads to the gym.

Ned: "They're treating me like a crystal egg."

Aritsu: "Sir?"

Ned: "I mean, I had my doubts at first, but Ami is lousy at subtle. Are you secretly a badass acting as my bodyguard?"

Aritsu: "Not at all sir. We pay security for that."

Ned: "Sorry. Their concern is touching, but it's starting to feel condescending. What do we have for today?"

Aritsu: "Mister Wolfside wanted you to go with him to his ad shooting for GM, and then miss Morgan wanted your help with her and mister Lightbringer's beach wear campaign."

Ned: "...should I be angry or touched?"

Aritsu: "Touched, I think."

Ned: "Who's mister Lightbringer?"

Aritsu: "Ah... Eldric. He got his surname changed from greek to english last week."

Ned: "And that's the actual translation?"

Aritsu: "Yes sir."

Ned: "Well, that can't be bad for his white knight persona."

Roll product placement for Brass' campaign
Rolled 6, 7, 7, 1, 10, 10, 8, 4, 5, 1, 4, 1, 6, 6, 8, 2 = 86

8 successes total

You come up with several ideas for the timing of the ads, as well as arranging to have Brass be spotted driving the car to his favorite BBQ and grill restaurant.

The ad campaign becomes a meme, something along the lines of "I don't always beat super villains, but after I do, I go home driving a GM"

And "Because flying is a fag superpower"

Brass: "Thanks Ned. Want to have lunch with me? I was on my way to have some meat, really."

Ned: "Ah, sure. Let me call Ami and Eldric to tell them I'll be with them after lunch."

Brass: "Why not invite them to lunch with us? you can go with them to the beach later."

Ned: "ARE they filming on the beach?"

Brass: "Honestly I don't know."

You meet Ami and Eldric at the restaurant, and of course the press gets wind of it. Soon the place if full, albeit its almost all paparazzi taking pictures from the other tables.

The owner doesnt seems to mind since they all order food, but forbids them from using flash since it would bother the actual customers.

He does apologize to your group, and offers you a private cabin, after all the press orders their food.

Eldric: "Maybe we should just let them. They're doing their job after all. They can "witness" our friendship" -bops his nose

Brass: "ah, right, sure."

Ami: "I don't... oooh."

* Explode
* Laugh and let it be
* Other
Well im gonna go grab some food. Back in a bit
back. Typing, how long until you have to go?

You sigh and let them keep their "secret". Lunch is nice and filling, although you would have feared having a heart attack if you ate so much meat in the past.

The filming is going on at a private beach. Everyone else on the beach is a crew member or an extra, but it's still understandable for members of either group to stop and stare as Ami plays around in her swimsuit, her natural energy and charisma oozing all over the beach, luring people as naturally as a fragant flower draws working bees.

Roll Biz (Product placement). Its 13d10 IIRC
Uhmm I guess you guys are gone. Ill save the thread and see you tomorrow

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